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  1. That's very very nice, I have a BM one to do from a Welsh kit but the AA decals make all the difference. Accompanying jets are a bonus
  2. Very Nice mate, like the weathering, must grab mine out of the loft and get it pictured....... Great base as well
  3. Absolutely phabulous , Just needs a lightning to go with it now ..............
  4. A few more details added, wheels and prop, about time for rigging.... Donated Pilot figure painted , just needs a little flat varnish, still cant work out why Airfix didn't include crew in this one , must be a first ??
  5. That is stunning, always loved the F8, it just looks like a beefed up A7. I always thing these should be titled 'What could have been'. This is the great benefit of being a modeller to produce what could have worked so well...……..
  6. That looks excellent, given the very basic starting parts you had.
  7. Excellent finish, I have one of these to start with a Spit for the 80th Anniversary . A classic example of pick a particular airframe at a particular time and build it to as it was then as any machine that needed repairs at the height of the battle would have been done to what was quickly to hand. I love to see combat worn A/C that have had panels replaced from other machines and areas locally repainted. Very nicely done and love the trio picture
  8. That is stunning, that backdrop is amazing . Very nice finish, just need to get mine rigged.
  9. They all look very nice Heather, I do like some of the French subjects for 'via la difference' !! I build display models for my good frend JP, from model art and they make a nice change in colours.
  10. Sad thing is though if it was remoulded today it would be all scribed panel lines and no rivet's but it should come under maybe a 'classic mould' banner for those not in the know. If you bought one of these straight after building say one of the beautiful new Blenheim's you'd get a shocker …...
  11. One of my favourite kits built many of them and there hard to beat, worth investing in a couple of resin Mk7's quickboost in stock at Hannants make a massive difference.
  12. Does make you wonder just how many times that mould has been run though...…...
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