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  1. That's a stunning build , that minor correction could easily be done as you would only have to repaint the small panel as often happened in service but the yellow doe add some contrast...
  2. Defiantly a beast ! Cracking build and finish .
  3. That's a very nice clean build. Have to admit am waiting to get an Eduard masking set for all that glass, getting lazy in my old age !!
  4. That's an awesome finish, The A4 looks very mean in those colours. Still makes me regret not emigrating to NZ when I had the chance
  5. That's a great result from a very old Airfix kit. I have one of these on the 'in progress' shelf awaiting re paint, that has been rebuilt and re painted at least three times since it was built in 1983 !!
  6. Love to see a dirty Aussie bird !! You have had fun with that
  7. That is very nicely done and not over weathered as some of these didn't get chance to get to dirty unfortunately. Good tip on the transparencies ,I'm waiting for the Airfix re release for one of these
  8. That's a cracker, had to take a double take that first picture looks real. Nice that you've not over weathered it and a fitting tribute.
  9. Great finish, the Esci kits have really stood the test of time to say they were released in 1983 ....
  10. Fantastic finish , would look better in the sights of a lightning .....
  11. Generally it is not the paint I have used Xtra colour enamels for years and often against tight deadlines. Thinned properly with light coats and the secret is curing in a warm environment. I use a plastic storage tub and leave it in the airing cupboard overnight, its never let me down....
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