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  1. Very, very nice especially the subtle weathering around the wheels
  2. Nice work Matt, although I have to agree with some of the comments about quality... My kit was missing a whole sprue and one side of the tail was a short shot. Took numerous e-mails and two weeks to sort the parts sent the sprue but not the tail until another e-mail was sent. I have always been a advocate for Airfix but they could do better !!!
  3. It did, but not like the Pink Harrier............
  4. Apparently it was done with cans of Car spray paint bought 'down the Road'..... Now there's an Idea for a diorama..........
  5. Nice work Matt, I have started the major assemblies on mine , was just trying to decide which A/C to complete ??? Newark's 594 was logical, as I am only 20 minutes from there but I have a bigger version in mind for that...... However a visit across the runway on Sunday has brought the decision to 575 resident in East Midlands Aeropark in Wrap round DSG / Green. By the way Newark's Vulcan is Medium Sea Grey on top. I can get to either fairly easily (20) minutes if you want any other references Regards Paul
  6. I think this great account highlights the old adage of check your references and model to a photo. Given the length of service of the Vulcan and the numerous changes to each airframe I think about any permutation is possible. For example I think XH558 must have appeared in about half a dozen different guises throughout its service. Thanks for the WIP Adam, now I will just crack on and build mine. Paul
  7. That is seriously great work, don't often see this scheme and the fact you have used Modeldecals , even better.... Often wonder how the Falklands war would have played out if the Old carrier had been in, guess it wouldn't have happened no doubt the Bucc's would have been streaking across the Argentine Airbases to deliver bad news !!! Might want to check but I don't think RN Buccs had the nose landing light...... Ask me how I found out ........
  8. Hannants, Xtracolor X016, is a perfect match to a colour chip I have from a Victor, Regards Paul
  9. I had never thought of tinting klear !! Always used thinned Tamyia smoke for the same effect......
  10. I totally get what your saying about the proportions , Huge engines and massive wings , defiantly a long haul bird !! Very nicely done especially with the windows , I always go down the decal route.
  11. That looks and excellent result. Take it they are resin engine intakes. Love the hangar shots looks the business...
  12. That's very nice , another one in my retirement stash !!!
  13. You did a cracking job on this mate, this is the first time I have seen it, Kind regards Paul
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