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  1. I could seriously fall out with you Pete, That's another machine I have often looked at whilst at Duxford and thought I must do one of those. Greats job. Harrier to follow......
  2. Stunning build of one of the most capable machines to ever grace the sky's. Hope you can get some pictures outside when the weather allows.
  3. Another stunner of a build from yet another kit in the stash !! Very nice
  4. Of interest....... No that's a super job and if that's a kit option its another one to add to the stash Very Nice , well done
  5. Very nice work, keen to see this one finished as I read Malta Spitfire whilst on holiday there and one of these is on my list of spits to build, rather than collect !! Keep up the good work
  6. That's stunning Tony, that brown looks spot on , Humbrol 29 ? I lightened the Xtracolor Dark earth but yours has that nice reddish tint. Another good job !!
  7. That is just absolutely awesome. A perfect rendition of a late service Tonka, could certainly pass for the real thing with that background. Obviously the kit is worth its price ?
  8. Very nice work, though you might have been tempted to do The Belle at Binbrook ......
  9. Sorry , I'll call the fun Police. Undoubtedly it may not of worked CoG balance and fulcrums and all that but I am talking about a model , just to see what a brute it would look like . Not a classic elegant DH design which they were well known for....
  10. Wooden coffee stirrers for paint , available from all well known outlets , I have a tub of em...... The sprue is better for making internal bracing when you have to spread fuselages etc.....
  11. That's lovely work David on a great aircraft, have to think what it would have looked like with a couple of Griffons and five bladed props......
  12. Off to a great start there, the Airfix Bucc isn't that bad, I must dig mine out which I built to one I got to examine at close quarters in GIB back in 87 !! Don't knock yourself on the figures , my only suggestion would be to give the figures and seats a wash with thinned Tamyia Smoke. This will really make the details 'pop' and once dry just needs a flat coat to bring it all together. I will try and find some I have recently done for comparison. Keep attacking !!!!
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