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  1. Great work, that's an impressive beast.
  2. Fantastic model, not a great fan of CAG birds generally, but this looks great.
  3. Absolute stunner, that's brilliantly executed, great shots.
  4. Phenomenal work... superbly realistic!
  5. Great stuff, be sad to see them go next year.
  6. Brilliantly done, I too thought it was in a larger scale, not 'gentleman's scale'! Very effective.
  7. Great pics, really highlights that it's not just 'a' pilot that makes these jets able to take to the sky. Lovely stuff.
  8. A fine build of this magnificat! Careful, they are addictive! Good to see you're contemplating building another. The Hobby Boss Tomcat can be a little fiddly in places, but is still miles easier (you don't need three extra hands) than the Hasegawa Cat.
  9. Brilliant pics, what a great day out. Those are some great planes love the pic of the lone Mustang coming in to land.
  10. The hits keep coming... some excellent pics there AD, I keep scrolling down and keep getting rewarded by the variety and the quality of the pics, thank you for sharing these pics.
  11. Excellent pics, what a great variety to see! Love the Hind, impressive beast.
  12. A veritable Smörgåsbord of aircraft! Great pics, nice to see all of these planes.
  13. Very nice, the Aardvark is one of those distinctive planes and you've made a great rendition of it.
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