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  1. Fantastic model, really interesting to have the history of the real plane too.
  2. That's great, you can see why it was called 'The Fin'!
  3. Very nice indeed, that camo scheme is excellently done.
  4. Superb work, not often one sees some USMC aircraft. Great display, in flight models have a powerful look to them, great to see this.
  5. Great stuff, the Grumman Intruder has a strong place in my favourite USN planes. Cracking model and your attention to the details shows throughout.
  6. Exceptional work, I would not have thought twice if you had said it was 1/48. A lot of details, all very well finished. Lovely.
  7. Top notch paintwork, that's a great looking plane. The irony of being 'Panther One' wearing Tiger stripes!
  8. That is great, having seen these up close and personal before, your colouration looks spot on to me. Excellent work, looks great with the extra tanks.
  9. Very nice, the low vis scheme.suits it very well.
  10. Nice pics and great setting! Painting looks great.
  11. Looking good, first I have seen of this plane by Meng.
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