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  1. What a spread, some lovely shots there. The colours are really good despite the limitations imposed by the the location, really effective shots I think. Lovely to see these in the air.
  2. Phenomenal work! What a stunner, the attention to detail and finish that you've achieved is excellent. Very convincing and one of the best and most distinctive fighters of WW2.
  3. That's very impressive work, reminds me of all the pictures of Tornados in Take Off magazine that I collected in the early 90s.
  4. That's great, bit would it be possible to have a link put up as I can't see any signature (usinga mobile phone).
  5. What a stunner, that's excellent, superbly detailed and finished.
  6. Exceptional work, great finish and detailing.
  7. Lovely stuff, that is a stunner. Very nicely finished and great attention to detail.
  8. That is very smartly turned out, and great to see a Gray Ghosts livery grace the pages too. Excellent work.
  9. Excellent, those Cobras were certainly the thoroughbreds of the day - sleek and deadly. Your model looks brilliant.
  10. Excellent paint, that looks superb.
  11. What a great update, you clearly are a showman, knowing how to leave the crowd wanting more! Great stuff, love the B-17 coming in over the Spitfires in the foreground.
  12. Stunning shots, the US fighter nose line up is most impressive! Absolutely superb, very professional shots.
  13. Top notch aggressor, the F-16 always looks good in camo. Very nicely done for what is apparently not an easy kit.
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