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  1. Quite remarkable, that's some serious attention to detail.
  2. Very good, that is a most realistic interior! Super model, you can tell by the improvements that you have studied this closely, it looks very realistic.
  3. Absolutely brilliant work, what a stunner. The attention to detail is jaw dropping. I have to agree with you - line jets definitely have the 'menace factor'. Great to see an early Delta with some high speed argument resolvers (I still love a Bombcat as much as anyone). Very impressive.
  4. Parabat

    Zero Paints woes

    I'm a huge fan of their matt white paint for undercarriage and uc bays/doors. Covers really well, doesn't pool. Can't say I've ever masked over it, so can't speak on that score. I use enamels so I'm used to waiting before masking though. It does seem to dry quicker than enamels and is quite robust to handling I've found.
  5. That is stunning! Phenomenal modelling, that is without a doubt the best Intruder I have seen yet. The weathering is subtle but realistic from what I have seen of the photos of real ones. Simply superb, well done.
  6. That.is.incredible. Those prop root rings - wow! And the rest... Stunning work.
  7. Fantastic work, love the details and the rivets add some great reality to the plane.
  8. Superb work, I'm not usually a fan of the early schemes, but the 'Pukin Dogs' is the best one to my eye. Very nicely done, that's a looker.
  9. Outstanding, that camo is brilliant.
  10. Any paints, just get an equivalent FS matched paint off a chart. The ones you're after are light ghost grey FS 36375 (undersides) and dark ghost grey FS 36320 (topsides).
  11. Here we go....
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