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  1. Great pics again, lovely effect with the black and white.
  2. Great photos, as you say, some varied aircraft. Very nice to see these.
  3. Wow, quite some stunning pictures on display. Very nice selection of aircraft to have seen and fantastic record taken by yourself again. Top notch.
  4. Very nice shots, very atmospheric too! That Hercules looks quite veteran and imposing. Great stuff.
  5. Absolutely nailed it in my opinion, that is a cracker. Very nicely done.
  6. Always good to see one of these lesser spotted cats, that is very nicely done. Top notch.
  7. A truly stunning model, very precise and it looks exceptional to me.
  8. They are doing both a two (three)piece canopy and frame and a single piece canopy. There are no pilot figures, I don't see this as a problem as you can get much better bespoke figures to match the kit level of detail.
  9. That does look really good, nicely done.
  10. Great idea, as the saying goes, 'a picture paints a thousand words'.
  11. I love a Tomcat, this is brilliant. I can't remember seeing a model version of the F-14 prototypes before, great attention to detail with all of this. Very effective and glad she has survived so well.
  12. Looks good, what paints did you use for the ADC grey? The 102 and 106 just have that 'fast' look about them, very nice.
  13. Looking good, big fan of the mottling!
  14. Up to you with the 'on or off the sprue' option, I've seen both done but I would prefer to do it off, to allow part clean up and even partial assembly where appropriate to aid priming.
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