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  1. Great looking 190, beautifully finished.
  2. Some outstanding pics, really beautiful planes. Standout pics for me are the shots from the tail of the Spitfire, looking over to the wooded hill. Nice to see all these warbirds in one place.
  3. Beautiful planes, thanks for posting these pics.
  4. Wonderful shots, I had wondered what the day would be like with the high winds. I'm sure they could have got the Storch to fly backwards! No such thing as too many pics of the Dakota.
  5. Outstanding story and outstanding pics, what an experience! Superb day, and the weather was perfect too. Nice one.
  6. Top notch, great pics and I'll bet that sound will stay with you for a while!
  7. Great pics, the black and white unknown grave marker is particularly poignant.
  8. Brilliant pictures, there is always something more to see the more you look. Lovely stuff, what an excellent day out.
  9. Great stuff again, nice to see 'Grosvenor House' out and about. Enjoy Duxford!
  10. Great pics, that NHS Spit must have flown over before or after the Silverstone F1. Nice to see that Huey as well.
  11. Brilliantly done, that looks suitably menacing!
  12. Excellent pictures from a lovely day out. Some of those biplane side-on shots look like you were at 3,000ft in formation alongside! Great stuff, thanks for sharing.
  13. Quite remarkable, that's some serious attention to detail.
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