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  1. Superb, some excellent shots there, particularly the line up of Spitfire spinners. The contrasts and colours on the C-47 from behind is spectacular as well. Great shot of the Spit and the Typhoon.
  2. Excellent work, great looking little fighter, spot on.
  3. Fantastic modelling and photographic skills. That's a lovely build, very nicely done on the sawtooth camo.
  4. Amazing stuff, that Fw190 is beautiful, my favourite WW2 fighter.
  5. Very nice so far, I really wouldn't worry about the spinner spiral, most of them were applied very roughly in the field. Close up pics show they can be pretty wonky!
  6. One of the best looking Doras and your rendition is excellent, absolutely top job. A stunning finish and the photos are brilliant too. Great stuff.
  7. Top notch, what a result! Very impressive build and so realistic too.
  8. Some nice detailing and painting, effective weathering. These are big birds in 1:48!
  9. Wow wow wow, that is excellent. One of my favourite 109 variants, superbly executed.
  10. Brilliant pictures, there certainly is something special about a Phantom at low level.
  11. Excellent Tomcat, very nicely done.
  12. Great looking 190, beautifully finished.
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