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  1. A few more photos would go down well Bertie. I like the tank, the chipping and the metal effects but would like to see more of the desert scenery. Cheers.
  2. That's the one with the spooky old church. My mate thought it would be fun to drive us up there one night.
  3. Norfolk has a few odd place names pronounced very differently to how they are spelled, see Happisburgh and Costessey for example. It helps to spot the non-locals.
  4. I thought this was a joke name for comedic effect. Having driven through the village t'other day I can guarantee it exists. https://youtu.be/IbmsYBPJLdU
  5. Very nice, clean build. The body work has a great finish and a special mention for the wheels. Top work.
  6. I think that camo painting is spot on Lee. The colours and the fading are perfectly done. A bit of weathering and detailing will finish it off brilliantly.
  7. Excellently done. Painting and weathering expertly done. Well done on mastering that old kit. Nice one.
  8. Just checked the Alfa Marco and it does come with an engine. In an unbuilt state it looks to be pretty good too.
  9. Aye, that blue is a very good colour. I like the red with black interior but that has piqued my interest. Cheers.
  10. Glad you got the links working as that's a great looking collection of modern AFVs. Top work.
  11. Had to pop to another shop across the way from the Stevenage Hobbycraft so I had a quick look to see what they had done. All Revell paints,sundries and a lot of their easy snap-together kits are in.Hornby brands definitely out, even the Humbrol remainders have gone. Still have Tamiya paint, must be a good seller, and a few Italeri kits but Revell have got the gig.
  12. I promised myself I wouldn't be buying anything, purely in the shop for a mooch. But that was too nice and not expensive.
  13. Picked this up on my little travels. Nice little kit by the looks of it. Update of an old Protar kit.
  14. The rain is coming over down here too. Hope Frank did his garden chores because,as it's the start of the holiday season, the weather is turning for the worse. May need a new kit.
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