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  1. Agree completely with the others. The detailing is superb.
  2. I gave the Ultimate burnishing fluid a trial tonight and it works rather well. The only problems with it were from my end as it was the first time using such a product. I hadn't dislodged some air bubbles like I had been told so there are a few silver areas left, but nothing that can't be covered up with mud/dust. Also, for personal preference, I should have left them in a bit longer to get a bit darker. I gave them a good half hour or so but a bit longer next time. (I was expecting a strong smell from the fluid but no smell at all.) A product I'd recommend if you need an option in the fu
  3. That is a stunning model. Excellently painted and weathered and so many top notch little details.
  4. To misquote a famous artist, whom I can't remember; "The day I am 100% happy with the weathering process is the day I give up modelling." Stuart is right. If you're worried about taking it too far, put it aside for a while and come at it fresh in a couple of days, weeks or even months. You've got a bit of a stash to get on with in the meantime.
  5. Firstly sorry to hear about your son and all the best to him, you and the family in this tough time. Secondly, that is a mean looking KT. Doing a great job on it.
  6. Cheers Andy. It polishes up rather well. I finally found one tiny complaint though. The lid for the cupola is made from etched steel (?) and it's a pig to cut it off the sprue.
  7. A small update. Wheels painted and ready for a gloss coat. Tank painted in a base dark brown. A mix of Tamiya flat earth, brown, sg black and a touch of blue to cool it a bit. (Tamiya browns are always warm browns). I got to painting the side guards and my airbrush started playing up and I realised it needed a damn good clean. So cleaned and oiled and readied for the base, light base and camo stages. Finally a photo of the remainders of the kit. Good value for money.The spares box is getting a bit filled now though. Thanks for looking in.
  8. I have a cheap plastic one I picked up in a newsagents. It works fine but is slightly out for most wheels I paint. Something more accurate like that one would be ideal and is going on my shopping list. Cheers.
  9. Thanks Bob. That is another detail I hadn't heard of. I'll keep that in mind when/if I go back to finish off my late G.
  10. Thank you Vytautas for the brilliant and comprehensive working list. I'll bookmark that and try and incorporate some of those techniques in my builds.
  11. I don't know how you did it, and would really love to know, but the weathering on the numerals/decals is especially fantastic. Top job.
  12. I've only just started painting the wheels on my first panther....... Great work Lee. Looks like a cracking kit.
  13. Just had a look at mine and they look very clean. One or two filled holes but nothing out of the ordinary. I think you may have to send yours back, if possible, as they sound like the quality control guy was having a tea break.
  14. Lovely. That camo paint job is great and I agree with you on that brighter green. It just gives it that extra lift. Top job Ernst
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