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  1. A bit of a brainwave and thought I'd check the car modelling firms as they are normally in the larger scales and found this. Can't guarantee if they are any good or not. https://www.hiroboy.com/112_124_Weld_Lines--product--13305.html
  2. Aber do bits of photo etched for that scale but there isn't much choice and it is cost prohibitve.
  3. Archer Fine Transfers do a range of weld seams in various sizes. Might be worth a try. https://www.archertransfers.com/SurfaceDetailsArmor.html
  4. Really nice job there. Painting and weathering are spot on and it's displayed very well.
  5. While waiting for some decals to finish off a bike I thought I'd crack open the box and give my Chally a start. So far so good. It didn't look too complicated at first but then I looked at the many parts on the sprue.
  6. Stef N.

    Covid Jab

    Sorted.Really well planned and executed by the NHS and volunteers. You can not fault these legends in stepping up when needed. They are fantastic.
  7. Stef N.

    Covid Jab

    Exactly the same as me. Could have got one a few weeks earlier but I thought the phone call was a scammer so ignored it. NHS website was really good and simple too. Good luck.
  8. I'd highly recommend Iwata brushes personally but I have been hearing a lot of good things about Mr Hobby brushes, which are a bit cheaper. And Sparmax make great compressors (I have the 501). Would recommend too.
  9. Just had a quick nosey at your Waterloo build and it looks great. Good luck with it and hope to see the Chally finished at some time.
  10. Love the subtle but effective dusty weathering. Really nice modelling. Nice one.
  11. I've said it before and I'll repeat that these old tamiya kits have aged well. Nice job. How did you find using the hairspray technique? It's something I've promised myself I'll give a try and seeing more people using it wets my whistle.
  12. Interesting project Carius. Will follow along and watch this progress. All the best on your build.
  13. In fairness if you didn't ask the question we wouldn't have got Jonners brilliant answer. And as I am veering to lacquers a lot more it comes in handy to know my shelf of old tamiya acrylics are not as redundant as I thought.
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