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  1. This was really good too. Guy Martin building a replica, working full sized WW1 Mk IV tank. https://www.channel4.com/programmes/guy-martins-wwi-tank http://norfolktankmuseum.co.uk/mk-iv-tank-deborah-ii/
  2. Cheers lads. It's worth getting out of the stash as it is a fun kit to build and,considering it is well over twenty years old, the fit and details still stand up. If I can ever get hold of the Senna livery deatil/decal set I'd happily do another one or two.
  3. One of my favourite Tamiya kits of yore and it stands up well. Nice paint job and the gentle-touch weathering works well.
  4. That finished up really nicely. Well done. How did you find using etched metal in the end?
  5. Looks fantastic and that engine is top quality. Love it.
  6. Another fantastic looking model Filippo.The dustiness and wear and tear looks just right.
  7. Thank you all for your kind comments and likes, and for the tip gamblor, most appreciated.
  8. Cheers lads. They're not terrible model breaking problems, ones that I can only see or know are there, but areas that I can improve on.
  9. Here is my recently finished model of the old, but still very good Tamiya kit straight OOB. After viewing some of the great bikes on here I upped my game somewhat but still managed to make some rookie mistakes, like not letting paint dry properly before installation, not checking the proper positions of decals, not properly filling gaps before painting and finding forgotten parts at the end (the wing mirrors for example). Painted using Tamiya Lacquer and Acrylics, AK Extreme Metal, Humbrol and Uschi powder. Things I've learned: Tamiya Lacquers are great. Really easy to use and leave a great finish. Tamiya Acrylics are limited especially the glitter bomb that is Flat Aluminium Uschi Chrome powder works well over a bad chrome paint job. Tamiya tubing bends rather than flexes so a better aftermarket option is needed. Mr Mark Softer and Setter work well but Tamiya decals are still rather thick.
  10. Everything is of the highest quality. Well done.
  11. You're going to need a bigger house. I look forward to see how this progresses. All the best.
  12. Is this 1/35th scale as well?
  13. Fantastic mate. I could spend ages looking at it and find another new detail. Everything subtly done from the scuffs, scratches and weathering to the painting of the kit and sundries. Well done.
  14. I have just used Tamiya Lacquers properly for the first time and so far, so very good. Use 50/50 with Tamiya thinner with retarder, follow @dnl42 tips for spraying Mr Color and bingo, a really nice finish.
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