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  1. Here are two photos for you. The first is from an early G at Munster and the second is from a mid G at Meppen. I can't tell you much more about how far they were into the rebuild because most of the book is Japanese with only little bits in English. The book is from 95 so it may have been very early stages.
  2. Aber's instructions are very vague so I needed some details under the fenders and other parts that are usually hidden by the tools. A nearly perfect walk around.
  3. Fireball is an interesting nickname for a driver. Lovely model and the colouring is great. Nice one.
  4. I have some photos in the old Achtung Panzer book of Gs in different states of restoration. It's difficult to figure how far they have got but the colouring looks more authentic, with aged rust and primer red showing through the scratches. As you say a couple have a green breach, red floor, but white is also used. When I get a chance in the next couple of days I will scan a few photos and let you decide.
  5. No worries. If you get some spare time maybe put it in the car sections RFI too. Anyway, all the best and I look forward to your next project.
  6. Sometimes, looking for answers to certain questions, you stumble on something that does everything you need.
  7. Very nicely done. The painting, detailing and weathering is spot on and the figures highlight what a big beast it is. Great stuff.
  8. Wonderful. A brilliant finish and very well done for sticking with it. Well worth it.
  9. Wonderful. A kit I have waiting in the stash and it looks better fit and detail wise than the one I am currently doing. Will follow for some hints and tips. All the best.
  10. This'll teach me for buying a very old kit. A few bits too tweak and add so it's a bit slow progress. The top hatch is for a later version so it has to come out. It came out easy enough with a little gap left which will be easy enough to fill. The other hatches fitted poorly and needed fettling to get them to sit better. Not perfect but should be ok with a bit of engraving and paint. The barrel was a generic fit so a large chunk of plastic had to be removed and the hole enlarged quite a bit. It fits snugly now but have to consult many drawings to see how long it should be. I added a weld line around a part of the barrel and shield using stretched sprue and plenty of glue. Thanks to whoever gave that tip. The photo highlights a lot more gaps that I need to sort. A bit too raggedy at the moment.
  11. Nice paintwork with a good amount of wear and tear. Liking it a lot.
  12. I saw it had moulded on zimmerit so suspected an old Dragon kit re-badged and boxed and it looks like it. Scalemates has it as a 2008 version originally.
  13. Blimey Michael, a brilliant collection. Loving the other whitewashed Sherman especially.
  14. Definitely worth the struggle and perseverance. A gorgeous looking bike. Well done Slippers.
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