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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this kit and it has appeared on some quality WIPs on here if you need some tips.
  2. That's an unusual but splendid looking bike. Excellent painting and detailing. Very well done.
  3. Looking ace at the moment Maddox. I think some washes/pin washes/highlight detailing and some general light filth will bring it all together. Not much work there then. Lovely looking airbrush too.
  4. Agree with Rye Field. Nice kits, well detailed and decently priced. Das Werk are worth checking out too. They are other brands kits, updated or simplified and repackaged.
  5. Thanks for that Kristjan. All tips are very welcome and easily remedied at this stage. I just reacquainted myself with yours and see exactly what you mean. Scissor periscope is fine but that one is wrong. I followed Tamiya's instructions too well. (Your approach was vastly different).
  6. Cheers mate. The stressful paperwork part is done, now it's the packing, lifting and trying not to break things part.
  7. Cheers Ed. I was hoping to get it done this week but the house move is finally on its way so I will have to pack everything up for a short while. What fun.
  8. I forgot to look on ebay for them.I just had a look and guy called PanzerKing is doing them and his prices are good so I will keep that bookmarked.
  9. A small update. The B is pretty much made up. A little brass work for details and some Karaya cables. The wheels I've pinched off the Pz3 L as they were already made up. And an Aber antenna adds a nice touch. Painting next and also trying to figure out what amount of stowage to add.
  10. It turned up and is a good little book. Great models and tips from some of the best in the business. Cheers.
  11. I use HobbyPhotoHost and have had no problems with them.
  12. Maybe a browser issue. I'm on Firefox and they show up clearly.
  13. It looks very good to me. Very nicely built, painted and weathered. Nice one.
  14. John "Tweezer-Fingers" Bullbasket. I can't but echo everyone else on your detailing. Superb.
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