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  1. Cheers Darryl, top tip. Some great prices on their site.
  2. Brilliant painting and weathering. Excellent job.
  3. Excellent modelling. That paint scheme looks fantastic. Top work.
  4. Brilliant paint job Ernst. Highly impressive indeed. Nice one.
  5. That's an absolute stunner. Really top work Wayne. Bravissimo.
  6. They look good Bob. Very clean. Although I do like the more rougher edged Fruils too. Have you tried out a sample in the burnishing fluid?
  7. You are bringing back bad memories of a Panther G I failed at.
  8. My boss has this exact colour one. Gorgeous car. I did ask in a shop in London if any companies made models of these and he suggested the main problem for manufacturers was the shape of the back window it was very hard to replicate properly. I can't say how accurate his statement was but it seemed plausible at the time. (He could have been simply fobbing me off.)
  9. I am also looking at this kit, the father of them all, to add to the collection. It is butt ugly but it shows the progression of the vehicle. Don't know much about Amusing Hobby but the reviews seem positive.
  10. Definitely going to follow Tamiya's drawings and build up in larger lengths and sections and then paint. It should make life easier, so long as the two kit's measurements aren't way off.
  11. Thanks Bob, I'll keep an eye out for that glue and keep an eye out for my tracks going skewith. It doesn't look like the Dragon wheels are removable so I may have to paint the bottom half seperately and get the tracks in place before attaching the main structure. We shall see.
  12. Thanks Ed and thanks MD for the tip. One of those weeks where work slowed right down on this project. I think we all have those times where it can be a struggle to get motivated. Anyway had to use up some holiday so got the tracks done using more glue as was suggested and they have held up well. Tamiya have a scale drawing for the track shapes which is a tremendous help and their easy release wheels make attachment a breeze. Did an oil filter using umbers and a pinwash tomorrow and while that dries I will start making up the Dragon kit. Quite a minimal set of sprues fo
  13. Mine is the logo of a Canadian hardcore punk band. Due to the no swearing rule I can't say their first name but the second is Up.
  14. Thanks MD. I'll give it another try as I think that I was overly cautious with the glue last time. I'll make sure it reaches every connecting point as well. My airbrush is a 0.3 needle Iwata. It's not fine enough for very thin lines but good for this sort of camo scheme. And thinning the paint a lot cuts down on a lot of the over spray/ speckling that can occur.
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