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  1. A little update and things to watch out for if you have this kit. This following part I took a while trying to fit as it is very tight. It turns out that removing half the placement wedge clears up most of the problem. Still a bit tight but with a push,sits flush. The instructions are a bit vague on somethings and this part needed to go in before the front part was firmly glued into place. I will have to rig up something so the periscopes can go in now. The front is also a very tight fit and needs some fettling for it to sit flush. As it will get scraped away for zim and a new light holder added it's not too big a problem. If you are doing one of the un-zimmed versions keep this in mind.
  2. Looks fantastic John. A mean looking Mustang and the ride looks perfect to me. Top work.
  3. Great to see it finished John. A real cracker too. Well done indeed.
  4. Thanks Dennis, much appreciated. They're great looking vehicles, real tough looking monsters. Guns in a box.
  5. Cheers John, Stuart, Darryl and Ian. The background is just a large A1 sheet of thick blue paper. Quite cheap and one of the only things Hobbycraft still supplies. The fading is from the position of my light. Bit unintentional but it works I think.
  6. Here are the results of a project I have been doing on and off since the beginning of the year, Dragon's old but good Ferdinand and Tamiya's great Elefant kit, with extra bits like Atak Zimmerit and metal tracks on the Ferdi. My photoing is getting better but some good weather would be nice so I can get some natural daylight involved. As always thanks for looking and thanks for following the WIP and some great tips and history lessons and general chit-chat.
  7. The RFM Sturmtiger can be a fiddly PITA. Glad I'm not doing the whole interior.
  8. Nice kits these. A bit dated but build easily and look good and a good one to learn some airbrush camo techniques when you fancy it. A tip is to add either Tamiya Buff XF57 or Deck Tan XF55 to the dark yellow and use to spray on highlights on some of the more prominent areas.
  9. Very nice indeed Trace, loads of nice little touches. And definitely carry on with your work on figures, he is excellent.
  10. Apologies for being a nag but some lighter photos would be helpful for people to give any advice or tips.
  11. Not a massive amount on sale but a few nice Japanese race/sports cars which I know a few of you like.
  12. Echoing everyone else but that is another brilliant model Mr Lin. Bravo.
  13. A heads up if your stash is getting too low. Jumblies has a bit of sale including nearly 50% off some Hasegawa car kits.
  14. Excellently done and a gorgeous colour scheme. Great work Binks.
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