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  1. I'm guilty of slipping the odd kit in for "padding" purposes, but that's a bit extreme /P
  2. Modelsforsale had the Revell boxed Wespe, Priest and M40 as a 3 pack for less than £20 on Ebay. Mine arrived today /P
  3. Almost everything Airfix announced is on my wishlist. I know the Vintage Classics have their issues, but my inner 12 year-old needs feeding. He doesn't care about accuracy. /P
  4. Mine too. It's also one of my favourite soundtrack albums Added to playlist /P
  5. I had fogotten all about the poseable stands with the Matchbox planes until I started looking at the builds here. /P
  6. This list is going to make me very, very poor /P
  7. If this is re-released, I will be happy. Given a Social Media post a couple of months back, I'm also thinking we'll see a Bond Bug /P
  8. Do I detect the cast U/C in one of the bags? Looking forward to seeing how it goes together. /P
  9. Nice plane. I built one of these in the Revell boxing maybe 15 years back. Not sure where it's gone now. Didn't know it was originally a Matchbox. IIRC, the mould quality wasn't great. The engines took a bit of work. Best of luck /P
  10. That's what worries me as well. I have a magnifying headset, I just hope it's strong enough for 1/700th /p
  11. This is my entry for the GB, HMS Ariadne Box, instructions and decal! Sprues, plus reference in the background And, to spice things up, some added jeopardy in the form of PE from Atlantic Models. not sure if the doors & hatches are appropriate for the ship, or even if my eyesight is up to it. We'll find out...... /P
  12. I'd like to join in I assume this is acceptable /P
  13. Thanks for your comments. As you can tell, I don't stick to any specific subject area, just whatever I like the look of. I'm also not limited to plastic. The restaurant is pre-painted photo-etch, similar to Metal Earth. It was 5 sheets of A5 etch. Cut, bend, attach; sounds simple but some Anglo-Saxon was involved in the process I also build what are known as miniature dollhouses. This was one I also completed last year They are paper, card, wood, plastic, fabric and electrics (LED lights). The one above is roughtly A6 sized They can be a nice change or a break if you are struggling with a kit. /P
  14. A more productive year than I originally thought. None of these are on BM except the Twotter. Almost all were kits which would fall into a KUTA GB as they were sitting on the SoD. I wanted to clear my feet as it were First up, a Heller Citroen DS19 started in 2020 Swiftly followed by a Tamiya Jeep started a year or two earlier A small scale Heller L'Occident from 2020 and my first attempt rigging something A 1/144 Fujimi tram from 2019 which stalled because the full-side decals scared the BeeGees-es out of me A Dapol/Kitmaster Cattle truck which just fell by the wayside in 2020 A tiny Airfix U96 from 2019, with multiple parts gone missing Eduard Hellcat Mk I, again from 2020 An Airfix Gnat, I think from 2018 The first fully new-to-completed kit of the year, an Eastern Express BAC 1-11. nice enough kit but expensive for what you get A Tamiya Beetle, my longest shelf queen. Not sure when I started it. Many mistakes were made during the build. Definitely not one of my best. Another full build for the year, the Revell M40 GMC A quick foray into folding metal bits, for the Piececool Chinese Restaurant And finally, my first BM build for the High wing GB, the Revell Twotter Thanks for looking /P
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