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  1. Edith's about to sing
  2. Stickers have been stuckered They've now had a first slosh with MicroSol. I still need to do the red stripes on the canopies. I did a bit of test fitting while I was working. I should have checked this earlier There are 2 or 3 of the big holes in the body which are not used for this design, but they will be visible Since there are decals left over, I may just try to plonk them over the holes to cover them up. More soon(ish) /P
  3. The paint I was waiting for arrived, so work continues I mixed up both the upper and lower body colours. The lower body looks a lot more yellow than the box art but it's OK. The box art seems a more creamy shade. Anyway Paint has been applied Once I paint the upper body, there's very little left to be done. Some detail painting and chrome in places on the body. Then I can give it all a clear coat and start decorating. More soon(ish) /P
  4. I spent a lot of the (short) time I have available cleaning up the crew and very basic cockpit They've now been primed and covered in RLM02 (not the pilots) I need to let that dry off. The instructions have a paper cutout for the IP but fortunately there's a decal thses days, so that will go on after a quick coat of clear. Paint up the pilots then I can button 'er up. More soon(ish) /P
  5. Bits have been blasted with clear. Once that cures, I'll be able to make a start on the decals.. There are a few, so I may be at it for some time ....... More soon(ish) /P
  6. other intoxicants are available
  7. minute, time to go. (who starts the new thread now?)
  8. I've always been ambivalent towards these kits. They look interesting but strike me as a 30 minute slap-together distraction much like the Airfix Quick Builds and similar. Giving it a painted finish has definitely improved the look of the finished kit. It's a superb result I may have to rethink.....
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