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  1. An SIHRSC file, which seem to be somewhat legendary in this forum. Let's hope it makes some of the filling/sanding cycle easier. 'twas but 3.30 from ebay, including the handle, so no big loss if it's not. I could always bake it in a cake for a prison breakout.....
  2. I've had it on pre-order since it was announced. Currently it looks like early 2022 arrival, so may get here in time if this one goes through Please sign me up as I have many possible candidates
  3. Not modelling related, Retro 51 Shuttle Enterprise Rollerball
  4. Some progress has been made The interior has been primed Cockpit parts painted clear coated, decalled and attacked with chemicals I'm glad I'm not using the kit decals on the outside of the model The rest of the interior will just be left primed since most of it won't be seen, so hopefully a final clear coat on the decals then close everything up tomorrow, time permitting Peter
  5. If this counts (Canadarm. I know, it's a bit tenuous), I'm in.
  6. Apparently 3 Chinooks (heard but not seen), probably from Leuchars, but only 1 showed up on Flightradar
  7. I'm only following this for all the brain scrambled cracking egg yolks (Not really, I have a soft-boiled spot for egg planes)
  8. Airfix Vintage Classics (not so much of a) Mystery Box, unless the mystery is figuring out the numbers of all the loose parts in the Hurricane
  9. Thanks Boman, I hope it doesn't disappoint
  10. Thanks! I tend to prefer civilian markings on planes which are both civvy and military Thanks! I'm sure it will be an experience to remember Work is slowly progressing Snips, knives and sanding sticks have been employed, and glue has been pointed in the direction of a few parts With hindsight, I should have painted and decalled the cockpit before assembly but, oh well, too late now. Fit isn't too bad but filler will be needed. Maybe by the weekend some primer will have been sprayed in the general vicinity. I also went out at the weekend and acquired a can of what seems to be highly recommended Halfords Appliance White, but should have got a tin of white primer as I only have grey. Thanks for looking Peter
  11. Even though I've been following the build for a while, I looked at that first photo and had to double-check you were building a scale model and not 1:1
  12. A branch of The Works opened recently nearby, so I popped in, hoping to get some flow improver. They didn't have any but while I was there I had a look around (as you do) I saw this They wouldn't let me out of the shop until I bought one, honest.
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