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  1. Thanks! A bit more pottling around today saw the IP decals attached And a bit more coulour in the 'pit It's probably nowhere near accurate, but it's enough to show something other than green or black through the canopy (oops, that last pic toppled over, sorry) And the fuselage halves are joined More soon(ish) /P
  2. or maybe "Yes Dear, I put it on Ebay, but no-one's interested" I have a Meng RR Armored (sic) Car on order, so I'll play along too /P
  3. she's a naughty lass (take your time)
  4. Nice! I remember having a huge (errr...) crush on Diana at the time but then, I was a teenager...................... /P
  5. your least favourite daffodil
  6. maybe a lean year, but they're all superb /P
  7. I had the same problem with masks I bought for the Italeri Ca311 I built last year At least you noticed masks for the interior. I didn't even open the packet until it was all joined up Just remember to remove them before you stick it all together /P
  8. Thanks everyone Quick update, primer was sprayed (yes, there's a Bf110 hiding in the back) Then cockpit green and some additional colours IP decals need to be applied then I think it's ready to join up the fuselage More soon(ish) /P
  9. Quick update Most of the making removed from the airframe It'll do It's also since been clearcoated Some of the greeblies appear to have disappeared. I may need to dig out the platicard After which, decals and final assembly More soon(ish) /P
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