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  2. cmatthewbacon

    My sister's Fiat 500C

    That looks great, Jeroen. The pictures outside in the sun look like the real thing. And you’ve risen to the extra challenge of building a miniature replica of a specific real one and knocked it out of the park. Well done! Best, M.
  3. harveyb258

    My sister's Fiat 500C

    Excellent work, Jeroen. That is, indeed, a lovely little model...I'm glad your sis likes it, too. Cheers, H
  4. Alpha Delta 210

    My sister's Fiat 500C

    Wow! That is very impressive. I can understand why you were reluctant to give it away!
  5. Today
  6. Vince1159

    My sister's Fiat 500C

    That's superb,lovely job.....
  7. Vicarage Vee

    Scale model racing kit questions

    You are more likely to find a subject that you are looking for in 1/43 scale from that era (if they are still available). In 1/25 - 1/20 the trends seems to be for current popular/prominent cars, almost any Ferrari and anything with a Japanese connection.
  8. JeroenS

    Fujimi Fiat 500 (C)

    I managed to finish it just in time! The RFI is here:
  9. Hi all, I built this one as a present for my sister's birthday. She has a 500C which she loves very much and I, never knowing what to give her anyway, thought this was a good way to get her a nice gift and have some fun in the process. It's a good thing I started it way back in December of last year, as I managed to complete it just in time. Of course, it could have been done faster but there's so much other stuff to do ... And, also, there is no kit (that I've been able to find) for the 500C which left me with the need to do some scratchbuillding which takes a little more time. Lastly, I found that when you build a car to match an existing 1:1 scale model, you want to represent it as accurately as possible. Luckily, the Fujimi kit that I used is not at all a bad start, but there are a good many different editions of this car driving the roads with minor differences that you really don't notice until you look at them with a modeller's eye. Anyway, time to get to the point. This is the kit: It's a great kit, there's not a whole lot of parts but the car is represented quite faithfully. The body captures the shape of the car really nicely and the interior matches that of the real car almost perfectly. The parts that are not up to par are the front seat headrests, which I modified, and the back seat headrest which are really terrible. They are just two flat discs protruding from the seats, Fujimi definitely took the easy way out there. They could have made some extra parts for the headrests without too much trouble in my opinion. On the other hand, it gave me a chance to build new ones which I rather enjoyed. The front seats themselves are accurate, however not for my sister's car. They are still not 100%, but better once I filled a pattern that was in the seatback and added piping to them under @harveyb258's expert guidance I also added seat belts and retainers, for both front and back seats. However, obviously the most work went into creating a "C" worthy roof. I had already decided early on that I wouldn't go as far as opening up the roof, but I did want to represent the soft top as accurately as I could. To do that I cut out a large section of the roof and then used card to create a new section with a slightly different shape and of course the smaller rear window which is typical for the 500C. I then overlayed the roof with a thin layer of Milliput, after first adding some thin strips to represent the roof's supports which are visible through the soft top (well, not exactly visible but you can tell they are there). Finally, I scratched the break light holder which is on top of the roof. The paint I used is Zero Paints Bianco Gioioso, which is the actual colour of my sister's car. This is a two part pearl effect paint and it went on smooth as silk. It was my first go at Zero paints and I dare say not the last. I also used their 1K clearcoat lacquer which is excellent as well. I polished with Novus nr. 2 which is brilliant stuff. For the chassis, roof, window surrounds, window rubbers and the interior I used Vallejo paints, applied with a brush. Molotow Chrome and a bit of Vallejo Metal Colour for the trim on the body and also on the chassis. The dashboard is part body colour by the way, as is the steering wheel. If you wish to read the WIP thread, it is here: Pictures! The full album is here in case you'd like to see more pics. To sum up: it is a lovely kit to build, of a very likeable car. I learned a lot from building it, especially from the modifications I made. As you can read in the WIP, I also learned that you should not throw plastic parts in cellulose thinner As a present, the little Fiat was very much appreciated. My sister loves it very much and she was really happy with it. It was with a bit of regret that I had to leave it at her place! Well, as we say here: luckily we still have the pictures. Thanks for looking in, please let me know what you think!
  10. Hey all, I'm a major airplane modeller, however recently I have been dipping my fingers into cars, more specifically race cars. I'm an avid SCCA, IMSA, Le Man's, Trans-Am series racing fan and grew up all around that environment. Anyway with that in mind I've already managed to snag a Hasegawa 1988 24 Hour of Daytona winner Jaguar XJR-9 and a Revell 1994 Jack Baldwin Camaro from the Trans Am series, and the new Revell Ford GT Racing Le Man's kit. I have plans on getting more of the Hasegawa/Tamiya 80's, 90's, 2000's era kits of the classic IMSA and Le Mans series plus I'm trying to bag the Revell collection of Mustang GTO's and Corvette C7R. Here's my questions though: Has racing kits pretty much been limited to whatever car is popular at the time? Or perhaps a better way of asking is, can I find a 1/24-25 scale model kit of ANY race car I am looking for? Maybe an example being the 2000s era Dodge Viper GTS-R? I'm asking because I don't know a lot about scale auto modelling and I already get the feeling that it's somewhat limited in scope of subjects to choose from. Thanks fellas.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Well you've made a what could have been a boring straight paint job most eye catching, looking at the pre shading before the paint I had doubts, but and it's a big but, it really looks eye-catching indeed, great job
  13. TheBaron

    VW type 2 pick up custom build

    Have a good lunch Pete. You've earned a nosh after that pukka update.
  14. Managed to get a bit more done on this little beauty. I did a trial fitting to ensure the added wiring still fitted on the engine bay Happy that it did (just) I moved on to painting the engine and rest of the rear assembly. Also painted the chassis In preparation for the next stages. Managed to get it all fitted and glued, turned the page in the instructions and realised I have to squeeze the exhaust manifolds and the stacks with the engine in situ Also removed the exhaust parts and stacks from the sprue, glued and started to clean them up ready for some primer. The stacks were drilled out and the tubing wire was pin hole drilled and fitted. Still need to bend and run the wire pipes but most of the fiddly stuff is out of the way. Also picked up a nice blue for the shell when I get to that stage. Here are a few pictures of the progress made on the car. Thanks for looking and as always, feel free to comment. Test Fitting Rear assembly painting Stacks drilled and wired Exhaust parts Engine and rear assembly built up
  15. I managed to get hold of this little beauty on Hiroboy for only £17.99, an absolute bargain. There is no engine detail and I intend to build it for my Brothers Christmas/Birthday present (time dependant). We both owned MR2s a few years back and both still have fond memories of the cars and the show days.
  16. Ian T

    VW type 2 pick up custom build

    I’ve just come across this Pete, there’s some lovely work going on there, well done indeed. Regards Ian
  17. kpnuts

    VW type 2 pick up custom build

    Some serious surgery going into this mate, braver man than me.
  18. Impressive reworking. I never knew of this particular charger.
  19. Pete in Lincs

    VW type 2 pick up custom build

    Once again we return to sunny Lincolnshire and the VW works for the latest thrilling update. (probably). Lots and lots of garden stuff got done today. But, after that I got an hour before dinner and hit the workbench. I fitted the new rear doors and the rear cab panel and did a roof job. But first, a close up of the new headlight shells. They remind me of an early 60's American Ford/Dodge? Or possibly the Mystery machine? Scooby Doo! After the glue dried on the doors I did an 'as seen on TV' trick and slathered on the filler. This will be well rubbed down to ensure a nice flat surface. You can also see how I did the window recess. The other side is of course the same as the above. (Just the other way around). Here, obviously, is the rear of the cab. Just to prove that it's all coming back together properly. And of course there's a big hole in the roof to be filled. Plastic card, scribe the ends and they then comply to the curve. Now this will need more layers of card and filler and yet more rubbing down before it becomes ready for paint. The good news is that the shell is now a lot stiffer. During the build I just had the sills to join the front and back. The even better news is that after searching the planet three times I finally found my packet of Slaters microstrip. It was hidden in amongst other packs of similar stuff that I'd already checked. Doh! We're out for Lunch at Guy Martins pub tomorrow, So the next update may be Monday if I can manage it. Thanks for looking in, Please leave comments etc under the doormat with the key. Pete
  20. kpnuts

    Italari 1/24 American wrecker

    Hi all made a start on the dio
  21. limeypilot

    Mercedes Benz SSKL, Matchbox 1:32

    Thanks Hewy, I've ordered some AK and it is waiting for me to pick it up when I'm home next month! I've had a break from this for the last week or so on account of my brother came to visit! We had a great time, and his all too brief visit ended Tuesday night, so I've been able to make a little more progress over the last couple of days. First up was a little weathering on the seats, floor, and side trim panels. Something I'm not used to and am a little hesitant to try, but it has to be done! Flory washes applied.... The floor came out sort of ok, but I wasn't happy with the seats so I have redone them with a grime wash instead of a lighter one. We'll see how that looks.... The next job was to make up some foot pedals with .004" aluminium tube. That was bent to shape and thebrake and clutch were CA'd in place into the holes drilled before hand in the clutch housing. The engine was then attached, and the throttle pedal CA'd into the hole in the rear of the mount. I'm not too worried about the underside, but they are at least in the correct area. The main point is that they look right where they come through the floor. Not too much, but a move in the right direction! Thanks for looking in! Ian
  22. So have I got these nightmares still to come??
  23. Blimey I just had a flashback to masking and painting mine, has it mentally scarred me that much???
  24. corsaircorp

    AEC Routemaster

    Great start Alan !! I'll follow if you don't mind it Then ?? A Parisian bus ?? Sincerely. CC
  25. Saying that at this precise time is the best way to receive anything at hand dead center on your forehead... At CC castle at least Huh.... Now, perhaps I'm not the only one Great save on the Torino Dear Spad !! I know that great feeling of solitude when everything seem to go spinning down !! Sincerely. CC
  26. Ian T

    AEC Routemaster

    Nice work Alan, I’ll be following this one. It makes me think of the “Only Fools and Horses” episode where Delboy was trying to sell guided tours ..... with the inevitable results.
  27. Just a quick update picture following today’s work. The cylinder block is only dry fitted at the moment as all of the other bits shown need to be fitted to the block first. Also complete are the water tank and the front boiler with the front axle/wheels and smoke stack. So it’s getting there bit by bit.
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