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  3. remember Jordan Highway Miniatures? i'd say you got off easy.
  4. Hewey, the chrome sounds nearly as indestructible as the type Belkits use. Happy to help with the info.
  5. As I said before decals are useless to replicate big Repsol logo of yellow and red, they are too stiff and do not react at all to softening solutions. Luckily I managed to mix the colours so that the smaller decals and big logo match together
  6. That green plastic is so blight I had to put sunglasses on to read the review! Nice review Juilen
  7. Yesterday
  8. I believe ships have funnels but locomotives have chimneys (as do dwellings and power stations) unless one is in America where both ships and locomotives can have stacks instead (think Howlin' Wolf and "Smokestack Lightnin'").
  9. Chimney or Funnel? What’s the difference? Which term is more ‘correct’? Is ‘chimney’ British and ‘funnel’ American? Any advice or thoughts greatly appreciated.
  10. nice save on the not very good drilling operation. I was wondering why you were hammering on about square, true, perpendicularity and accuracy when you had the smokebox in the vice at some weird angle? Probably would have been a lot easier to drill the hole when the wood was square then turn it in the lathe . Did BB give you a good slap ? you're not the only one - it seems to be a bug in the buggy software - I think it happens (randomly) when you scroll in that window
  11. keen eyed people will notice the bottom of the forks and how I've moded them(is in previous pics) getting so close to the finish line with what has to be my favourite build. Not hard work if you love what you are doing and you have good people giving nice advice (thanks my friends) I've really enjoyed looking into it and changed my mind mid way because all I've seen are the norm white ones. Bob hurricane Hanna didn't ride this year of bike cc wise but it wouldn't stop some body making a replica as ive seen in photos so I think that gives me license to do so in this build. Thanks again Joel
  12. Good start @Kibar - more than half done already! W-D
  13. Thanks, but I’m guessing a true craftsman would have put the damned chimney on straight in the first place! I really needed a bigger drill press, but I’m not sure even that would have helped. What I have learned is that its very difficult to drill a hole ‘square-on’ to a circular cylinder - if you take my meaning,
  14. Yes it does, Good pickup! Perhaps the actual rotation was a bit less than the 5 degrees I stated above because the centre of the chimney is only about 2mm misaligned with the centreline that runs along the top of the boiler. So I have traded one error for another. That new error is far less visible than the old one and will be still less visible once the centreline is painted over. Baby Bandsaw is happy she doesn’t have to make a new chimney and smoke box, besides it will add some ‘handmade character’ to the model!
  15. Tank you all for your reactions ! I'm glad you like this old truck. Another one is coming up ! With greetings, JohnHaa
  16. It’s a cracking kit to build, got this and the 4x2 on air. this would have, the option of air or steel rear suspension making it ok to build from the box. Look forward to seeing this come along
  17. But doesn't that put the centre of the funnel off to one side? Ian
  18. Genius save there - the mark of a true craftsman/craftsgirl
  19. I think you are the man to talk to when it comes to "number of kits started" Alan
  20. Bad day with the computer Once again I have somehow managed to accidentally post all of this before I intended to so I'm having to write all of this in the 'edit' function. This never used to happen to me with Britmodeller but it seems to be happening quite frequently at the moment. Don't know why... I'm wondering if some hot-key combination has been changed to make it 'easier' to post...? I've had a bad day with computers at work today too so I'm a bit over it all to be honest... Oh well mustn't grumble... This project is still progressing but BB's busy life has reduced the amount of time she's spending in the shed lately. We do however have a new chimney to show-off, so that's something. First we had to make the chimney on the lathe. That's my hand marking up the job but she did all of the actual wood-turning. Taking all of your safety notes into account @bhouse , thanks for the guidance. Here we are using some dividers to check the width to make sure we get the diameter right. Here BB is drilling a guide hole to ensure that the hole that the chimney gets keyed into is correctly placed. And here goes the actual hole being drilled out by a power drill with a spade-bit. I did the drilling here because this hole had to go in dead straight. Nice! Ready to go. In pops the chimney - with a small amount of surplus wood still attached. Which was soon cut off with a fret saw leaving the top of the chimney to be sanded smooth. Job done! Perfect! NOT! OMG how did I get that hole so crooked? Why did I not check this view before gluing the chimney in place???? What to do?... What to do?... There's a clue in the plans... Yep - cut the smokebox off and... turn the whole smokebox through about 5 degrees until the chimney is upright. Reattach the straightened smokebox to the boiler with araldite. Job done! I wish it was as easy to fix problems with 'bl$%$$y' computers! Bandsaw Steve
  21. I know that feeling ! Cheers, Alan.
  22. Hallo, this is a kit that I bought many years ago and had no courage to start. Originally it should be build as MoviStar machine, but I managed to spoil the decal, so it will be Repsol's bike. Aftermarket decal is from Shunko Models and it is absolute trash. Avoid it! On the positive side is Zeropaints set - absolute joy to work with ))) VG K.
  23. Nice project! Looking forward to see how this progess. The model seems in quite good shape.
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