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  1. Hi all and looking forward to joining with this one.. Airfix Bf 109E-4_box by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Decals will be from this lovely sheet produced by Southern Expo for the 70th Anniversary with all proceeds going to a local hospice which is wonderful. Airfix Bf 109E-4_BoB by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr For this build, i'm going with 'White 2' of 4./JG51 from August 1940. According to the notes on the sheet, this a/c flown by Ofw. Johann Illner collided with a Spitfire flown by Al Deere on 9 July 1940 but managed to return to France. Illner wa
  2. After a long absence from the hobby I built an Airfix Spitfire Mk Ia. I enjoyed it so much I decided to build another similar Airfix Kit; The P-40B starter set A55101. This is a desert camouflage aircraft flown by Neville Duke of 112 Squadron in Libya 1941. It started nicely. A dry fit of the wings to the fuselage showed that everything fitted together really well with almost no fettling required. I fitted the wings and cockpit. So far, so good….. After I’d painted the cockpit side walls I glued the fuselage halves together with Tamiya Extr
  3. Why build one Bird Dog when you have two? Actually I have three, but one of the two that I bought second-hand on the cheap is missing a couple of parts, although it could probably be salvaged. So that leaves just the two: My intention is simple: Build both the USAF and South Vietnamese subjects represented in the standard boxing: Of course, the first (nay the main hurdle) is the usual one: colour. The grey is presumably meant to be a matt version of ADC Grey, but I don't know if I have anything suitable in my Humbrol and Revell collection. I wil
  4. Here we go then! Really, really wanted to do one of these for a long time now. This will be my first Russian jet, and ashamedly I’m going to finish it Vietnamese style. This is of course Airfix’s new tooled 1/72 offering and I’ll finish it out of the box using their scheme with some home made mods along the way. With sprues inspected and washed, let’s get on with the tub. Nice and straightforward construction. They’ve moulded belts this time which is new to me, well at least for Airfix. They’ll be ok for 1/72 for me, so no need to make them this time, p
  5. I'm starting to build the current/new mould Airfix Lancaster as a very early example without the upper turret coaming, flat black and standard camo etc. etc. with the aim of it being the first Lanc lost on active service, KM+C of 44 Squadron. From pics I have the turrent internals appear to be painted in interior green at this point, subsequently being painted black at some point, presumably to blend in with the overall black appearance of the airframe. However I'm unsure as to the correct colour for the external framings as I've seen for example the front turret in what appears to
  6. Hello there and welcome to my workbench thread - on here I'll post details and photos of my builds as and when they happen, which will be quite slow as I work at the speed of continental drift. Rather than clutter up the Forum with multiple WIP threads, however, my plan is put them all here with an index in this initial post, updating the title and index when I start something new. So, a bit of background about me before getting into the nitty gritty: I started aviation modelling when I was seven or eight years old, my first effort being a Matchbox Westland Lysander, bo
  7. Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Ia (A05126A) 1:48 Airfix The Spitfire is perhaps one of the best known and well-loved aircraft in Britain, and deservedly so for its work in the Battle of Britain alongside the doughty Hurricane. It thrived in its point-defence role, and shone during its finest hour, the through many versions and types to the end of WWII and beyond. The Mk.I was predictably the first in-service type, and sported eight .303 Browning machine guns, and by the time hostilities commenced in 1939 many of them were using the blown canopies that gave the pilot a
  8. Now that the Iraqi Bf110 is finished it is time for the next 2-mot. DSC_0001 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0009 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr DSC_0002 by grimreaper110, auf Flickr
  9. HMS Belfast 1:600 Airfix HMS Belfast is a town-class cruiser, one of ten constructed for the Royal Navy between 1934 and 1939. As of 2019, the ship is probably most famous for being moored on the River Thames where it has served as a popular museum attraction since 1971. HMS Belfast was build by Harlaand and Wolff in Belfast and was commissioned in August 1939. The penultimate of the town-class cruisers, she was originally designed to carry sixteen 6 inch guns in four quadruple turrets, but this proposal was shelved due to the difficulty of designing s
  10. With the Hudson all but complete it's time to move onto another project. For a while I've wanted to do a group of models associated with the Battle of Britain film. One of those is to be Keith Park's Hurricane, except rather than the IIc used in the film I'm going to do a representation of his actual aircraft from the Battle of Britain. I think there is only one known photo of this aircraft - I'm going to use the Airfix rag wing kit along with Alley Cat's tin wing conversion. I'd bought three of these when they came out and want to use them before moving on to the Arma Hobby mo
  11. What with theSpadgent's impressive O/400 and Moa's equally impressive O/700 WIP, I've gone and started on my own Airfix Handley Page, having been in denial for over a week I reckoned I'd start a WIP. If you're looking for the definitive, expert, mastercrafstman approach, this isn't the thread for you, go look at the other two., I will be representing the average modeler (I hope) and bodging my way through to something I'm pleased with and which hopefully won't be entirely unlike a HP O/400 (or 700) I still haven't entirely decided on the colour scheme, but I'm edgin
  12. As my builds for the AFVs are proceeding I thought it time to get on with something with wings. As well as the defence of Malta Sea Gladiators were active in the Med as Fleet fighters for a significant period up until mid 1941. Swordfish pilots formed 813F NAS to give a fighter defence using some of the Sea Gladiators left as a reserve on Malta where they were Eagle's Fighter defence in 1940 until mid 1941. My base kit for this build will be the new mould Airfix Gladiator. A little bit of work will be needed to scratch a dinghy pack and the arrestor hook housing. I'll use some transfers left
  13. Another light tank this time a British one. The Vickers light tank series stretched well back into the 1930s but the Mk VI dated initially from 1937, with the 'c' version with heavier armament being the final version. All three versions a/b/c served on the Home Fromt, with the BEF and in the Western Desert amongst other theatres. This Airfix rendering was originally marketed by JB Models and IIRC in the JB boxing there were two models. in Airfix's box there's only one model on two sprues. The moulding is a little 'soapy' but with a little care and attention should bui
  14. As some very supportive people on the Cold War forum know already, I have started building an Airfix 1/48 Buccaneer while converting it to S.1 standard using the Whirleybird (neé Maintrack) resin intakes. Here are a selection of images showing the latest build state. The fuselage of this kit is known to suffer from warping and this was no exception. Furthermore, removal of the S.2 intakes meant that the lower fuselage in particular was lacking rigidity. Therefore I added the rotating bomb bay door to provide strength and then, as can be seen, I added a pretty extensiv
  15. I now have 5 Harrier's in my display case, (1 AV8A, GR3 x 2, GR9 and AV8B+2) but I need Spanish, Italian and Thai Harriers to complete the line up. So I started another Airfix GR1 kit for the AV1 Matador variant, this will be done using the CTA decal sheet. I have another GR3 kit so I can do the Thai aircraft. Should be a fairly quick build compared to the Eduard Fw190's I been working on. Cockpit, intakes, wing and fuselage already together.
  16. This is back to Plan A for me. I decided a while ago to make the Airfix's 1/24th Spitfire for the BoB GB. But then got distracted by the prospect of Eduard's new 1/48 Mk1 which after a couple of resin Spitfires in the STGB seemed an easier option, which may well be true. But on reflection I expect there will be many of the new Eduard kits appearing here, and better made than I can manage. And there's the challenge of the big Airfix kit which bizarrely has its attractions for me . I made it when it first came out in 1970. The obligatory sprue shots;
  17. Gloster Javelin FAW9/9R (A12007) 1:48 Airfix The Gloster Javelin was an all-weather interceptor that started as an advanced concept just after WWII, but due to protracted design difficulties didn't see service until much later. It took until the FAW7 and the later FAW9 before it was capable of doing its intended job, and even then it was challenging to fly by all accounts. It was an important type for the RAF however, bridging the gap between the first generation and more recent designs by carrying external missiles, having afterburners for extra speed and
  18. Following on from my 1:72 Airfix Handley Page Victor, my next build is Airfix's 1:72 Avro Vulcan B Mk2. This is XH558, and the Vulcan to the sky gift set. Truth be told I have built this kit before, it was my first ever build and started me on my fantastic journey of model aircraft building. The Vulcan is my favourite aircraft of all time, hence the reason I was given the kit as a gift the first time. Because I have past experience with this kit (albeit novice at the time), I can remember how ill fitting the wings are, how much flash there is and all its many other challenges.....
  19. New tool 1/72nd Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc expected in Autumn 2020 - ref. A02108 Source: https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2020/spitfire-mkvc.html 3D render V.P.
  20. Introducing my build of Franz Von Werra's Bf109E, courtesy of the Airfix kit - that's been seen before. Parts, some pre-painted. The starter version of this kit cost me £5.50 at The Works in 2013, then swapped kits with Hepster - I received this one. This being the only decal option, I've got and watched the DVD of his story. And I found the book by Kendall Burt and James Leasor - whilst at school. Oh where is that copy now? Franz Von Werra was a colourful character - as described in Valkyrie's thread. Prone to exageration? - th
  21. Avro Lancaster B.II ( A08001) 1:72 Airfix The Lancaster is without doubt one of the most famous aircraft ever to fly and became the back bone of Bomber Command alongside the Halifax in the latter half of WWII. Development was born out of failure in the guise of the Avro Manchester to which history has been unkind because of the unreliable Vulture engines. Convinced that the basic Manchester airframe with an unobstructed full width bomb bay was basically sound, Roy Chadwick and his team designed the Type 683 Manchester III which used a larger wing supporting 4 Mer
  22. Type 45 Destroyer (A12203) 1:350 Airfix The Daring Class Destroyers have been around now for over a decade, and yet whenever I see one, its angular shapes and thick, top-heavy superstructure still jars my eyes. The six vessels of the class were created to replace the aging Type 42 Sheffield class, and were built by two sub-divisions of BAe Systems in prefabricated sections that were put together in the docks and literally welded together. Gone are the days of thick armour belts around the hull, as modern weapons can take out an armoured ship just as well as one
  23. Here is my first attempt at the excellent Airfix 1/72 Phantom FGR2. After a lot of iffing and butting, I decided to finish it as XV406/CK of 228 OCU, 64(R) Sqn from RAF Leuchars in 1987. (Mainly as I was going to do a 29 Sqn jet from 1981 but on further investigation I realised the pylons and under wing tanks as well as a few other bits were in the wrong colours and I couldn't be bothered repainting it.) Used the Xtradcal set X72294 with the addition of a Flightpath ladder for a bit of extra detailing but apart from that was built OOB. Used Xtraclor enamels with Vallejo model wa
  24. The old Airfix Triumph Herald is getting a bit tired. This is my poor effort.
  25. Airfix’s 1980 kit of the 1/48 Mosquito FB VI converted to a Molins’ 57mm Mk XVIII ‘TseTse' sub-hunter. The main gun was a standard British Army 6 pounder anti-tank gun, fitted with an auto loader and could fire 25 rounds in 20 seconds! The .303 machine guns were reduced to 2 (for sighting purposes) and an additional 900 pounds of armour were added. 26 were so modified. The kit was rescribed, the small scoops and the carb intakes on the engine nacelles were opened up, and a scratch built gunsight, details and wiring were added to the cockpit. The propeller blades were reshaped and t
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