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Found 2,056 results

  1. Hi all, After just stumbling upon this group build and feeling the urge to participate, I realised the choice of model was already made for me. The delivery time of new kits measures in many weeks, and the only kit I have hidden at home that could be built to an RAF machine is an Airfix Gladiator. It fits well though, since I can build it to represent a plane from the unfortunate but valiant No. 263 squadron sent on almost sacrificial missions here in Norway. The decision on which particular airframe it will be will have to wait until I find suitable decals... In addition to the Swedish/Finnish plane on the front cover, the box comes with decals for a machine of No. 605 squadron, which refitted with Hurricanes before the fighting began, and the machine in question was transferred to met duties before crashing in a tree. It does have the same squadron code as No. 263 so there is a backup plan. I just opened the red box, enjoying a moment of boyish enthusiasm probably driven as much by nostalgia as anything else. The kit contains parts for both a Mk I and II, which leaves all possibilities open for choice of stickers.
  2. This kit is the 11-12-2013 issue of the iconic English Electric Lightning F.2A. The F Mk 2/2A was not designed as a replacement for the F Mk 1/1A, but for a different scenario from the outset. The final F Mk 2A standard was first reached on XN726 (c/n 95098). It retained the AI.23 radar, Firestreak armament and nose guns of the F Mk 2, while in every other way it looked like an F Mk 6. It was flown in this form for the first time by J.L. Dell on 28-3-68 and was passed on to No. 19 Squadron on 7-6-68. Of all the Lightning versions, the F Mk 2A was to become the best all-round performer. Its engine was optimised to the aircraft’s air intake, and although some 2,000lb (910kg) heavier than the F Mk 1A it could carry an extra 3,100lb (1405kg) of fuel. It still weighed some 500lb (230kg) lighter than the F Mk 6, and it was claimed to fly up to two hours at high level on internal fuel alone. Both Nos. 19 and 92 Squadrons soldiered on with the F Mk 2A until they were eventually replaced by the Phantom in the early months of 1977. Some F Mk 2/2As were delivered to BAC for its Saudi Arabian contract. XN793 was flown by Wing Commander J. B. Mitchell, Commanding Officer No. 92 Squadron, R.A.F. Gutersloh, August 1972.
  3. I’ve been in the modelling doldrums recently due to a variety of reasons. I have a few weeks of extended leave so to get things going I thought a quick build would help. I dug this one out of the stash. Fairly straight forward paint job Sprue shot: Old style “square” sprues, so I am guessing this is a relatively old kit. Not much flash though. Busy decal sheet: I am going to do one of the black options. Ok, to work. Nothing fancy, just a quick build out of the box. First the cockpit, which went together quickly. The seats were a tight squeeze. Just some painted Tamiya tape for seatbelts. Didn’t spend too much time on the cockpit, the canopy is pretty thick and distorting. I gather this one is a real tail sitter, so I stuffed the front with as many lead fishing weights as I could. Then in almost no time at all I was glueing the fuselage together. I’ll be putting more lead in under the cockpit tub. While waiting for the fuselage to cure, I hollowed out the exhausts with a pin vice and hobby knife. That's it for now.
  4. I am proposing (if not to late) a group build covering the kits first produced in the years in which Airfix was still an independent company. Airfix ceased being an independent company in 1981. The rules would be simple, any item that was included in Airfix catalogues up to and including 1980. This would include kits first released by other companies, such as some of the larger cars and military vehicles. I would be largely depending on peoples honesty as to what was included in these catalogues, a makers mark inside the kit such as Airfix 1962 would be ideal. It doesn't matter if the kit you would like to build is a 2017 reboxing, the only thing that matters is that it was first boxed no later than 1980. Pre 1981 kits still available from Airfix include the 1/72 scale Mosquito, Halifax, Sherman and Tiger tanks. The use of after market parts and decals is permitted. Later releases of old kits with added sprues for different variants also welcome. If anyone would care to lend a hand with this I would grateful. CLARIFICATION OF RULES What's allowed? 1) Any kit included in any Airfix catalogue up to and including the 1980 catalogue. 2) For aircraft, All after market parts and decals with the exception of wings and fuselages. 3) Airfix kits first released no later than 1980 but in modern day boxings. 4) Updated versions of pre-1981 kits. Airfix occasionally added extra sprues of parts to update it's pre 1981 kits. All such parts with the exception of wings and fuselages are permitted. 5) For builds other than aircraft please use discretion and common sense when considering the use of aftermarket parts. For example aftermarket tracks, wheels or decking would be acceptable for a vehicle or ship while a aftermarket turret, hull or car body would not. The rule of thumb is that the bare bones or carcass of the model needs to be pre-1981 Airfix, whatever flesh is added to the bones is the choice of the builder. Notes. I believe or suspect that Airfix adopted a number of larger armour and other vehicle kits from extinct manufacturers. If these kits were present in the pre-1981 Airfix range then they are considered acceptable. This is largely to avoid any arguments over pedigree or dna. If interested names below please.
  5. At the risk of over-stretching myself (I already have four builds on the go in the Group Build), I'm going to start this some time this week. Using these transfers: In particular this one: There were some goodies in the box: and two sets of canopy masks... I'll add the obligatory sprue shots later. Thanks for looking.
  6. I have just repainted my Airfix Waterloo French Infantry as grenadiers. I know they're not 100% accurate, but they fill a need at this time. Here are just one of each pose. The set will be allocated to various regiments in due course.
  7. IanHx

    RNZAF Strikemaster

    This kit has been sitting on the shelf a bit... hmm, wonder if I can bag two group builds with 1 entry ? [ assuming the answer is a resounding 'no' , so choosing this one as it has longer dates ! ] Here's the obligatory "look ma, it ain't started" shot :
  8. I recently finished this off in the B-25 STGB and thought I'd share the results here. It's the new Airfix B-25C/D converted to a J and then converted again to a firebomber that crash-landed in Alaska, and is now being restored to flight. It was a lot of work to do the conversion (there's more differences between the D and the J than I thought!) but I thoroughly enjoyed it You can find the build here: Anyway, on with the pictures!! Some details: And finally, some more artistic shots with the piece of the real aircraft, and on a VFR sectional chart of Alaska: For reference, here's what the real thing looked like: Thanks for looking! Beggsy
  9. Jb65rams

    1/72 Meteor III

    My entry will be the Airfix 1/72 Meteor III, this is the kit that started it all for me. My first kit, I built this is the mid 70's with some (a lot) of help from my Dad. It was memorable at it was painted with enamels and placed on the mantelpiece overnight to dry. Came down in the morning to find the heat from the fire had caused the wings to soften and droop, but I was hooked. So best part of 45 years later I am going to have another go. As per my first go, this will be built in flight. Missing a pilot so will need to find one from the spares box. Also decals are past it so have procured some replacements from a later Airfix boxing.
  10. Once I decided to build The Trident and bought old Airfix kit on eBay, but it happened to be incomplete. After I contacted the seller he sent me another, this time complete kit so I ended up with 1.1/2 kits of Trident. I have started building it as per https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235016958-1144-airfix-hawker-siddley-trident-hs-dh but it ended on the shelf of doom. Recently I rediscovered the box with parts, sanding here, rescribing there and all of a sudden I found myself in full steam ahead Trident building mode again, so the pictures will soon follow in the thread mentioned. I thought 'what could I do with remaining half of the kit, I have a body but no wings, engines or stabiliser. So the idea came up that immediately started to being realised. The legend so far, I will polish it later: during the development of Trident 3 there was an attempt to avoid installing of boost engine, one of possible ways to solve the problem was forward swept wing configuration that allowed higher takeoff angles of attack. One of Trident 1Cs was modified and took to the sky. The results of trials were very promising until 12th flight when the test article crashed during landing (no fatalities). The investigation has shown that the reason of the crash was torsional fatigue of the wing roots. the problem that was not solvable that time. Eventually 4th 'boost' engine was installed to what eventually become Trident 3.
  11. I'm sure we all know about the PFT, here's a short history if you don't- http://www.polishsquadronsremembered.com/PFT/PFT.html I'll be using the Airfix MkIX, I fancy something quick and have had this hanging around in the stash for a while (I think it was one of the first kits I bought on my return to aircraft modelling). Box top: Sprues: (The mote observant amongst you will notice that I've made a start by giving some parts a black undercoat.) I've made a start with the interior, by giving it a coat of Colourcoats Interior Green: Because the Airfix IX has a lack of detail (to say the least), I'll be adding these bits from the spares box: I'm off to fondle the sprues of an Eduard Spitfire MkVIII and decide if I should make a start on it. Thanks for looking.
  12. Morning all So I have ended up with 3 kits on the go at once, not planned this way just happened. I started with the Airfix ME262 for which I also have the Eduard etch set, started out promisingly but the more I have done the less enjoyable this one has become for several reasons, firstly the kit fit has not been up to the recent new tool standards, wings halves not mating correctly, wing to body and engine to wing fit... well I'm still working on that. As you can see from the pictures this one has taken more filler so far than the last 3 kits put together! IMGA0209 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0211 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0210 by neil Connor, on Flickr Because the Airfix kit was starting to get under my skin I started the Eduard Spitfire mk9, this is a Profipack so no after market needed but I picked up some Techmod decals for Israeli and Egyptian aircraft, this is a fantastic kit, extremely detailed and overly complicated. IMGA0207 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0212 by neil Connor, on Flickr This one although going together nicely, does not lend itself for a quick build so I started a third kit. This being Revell P47 Thunderbolt 2013 rebox from 1990's moulds from what I can work out, So far I have spent maybe 60 minutes on this one so far and have been surprised how good the fit and detail is for such an old kit. Better than the new tool ME262? we'll see as I get further into it. IMGA0208 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0213 by neil Connor, on Flickr The only disappointment so far is the box art shows the aircraft with bombs and centre line fuel tank but the kit has 10 rocket and P38 fuel tanks on the wings, I may have to find replacements.
  13. Hi, After years of looking at the Airfix Sea Hawk 1/72 kit, and slowly buying some after market goodies for it, I decided to jump into the deep end. I got that kit in the 1970s as a "free gift" with a subscription for a French modelling magazine (mPm if I recall correctly... time does fly!). This is a very rough kit, with many sink marks, ejection pin marks, a lot of flash, etc... And no cockpit to speak of. But I have wanted to build it since I was a brat, so here is my chance. The few thingies that I will try and use. Decals from Model Art. And the kit, in all its glory! Some of the doc I have on that gorgeous plane. Many more photos spread around hundreds of magazines and book... Such fun! Hopefully I will get somewhere with this antiquity of a kit! JR
  14. It is known that I probably have the worst self control on this side of @corsaircorp but this is actually @Roger Newsome s fault. I was looking at his Whitley build thread when it dawned upon me that this bomber should not been named for a suburb in Coventry, it should have been named after the king of the woods, the moose! After all, someone must have taken a close look on the muzzle of the moose when designing the nose of the Whitley. spot the difference? Atleast I cannot unsee it anymore But I digress... Vacation is getting closer by the minute, and the need to start another summer kit grows equally fast or even faster. Yesterday I couldn't stop myself anymore, I just HAD to cut some plastic and stick a few bits together, and whoops, another kit was started. But who's counting? Anyway, I started with the wings since I'm still waiting for some Eduard Etch to complicate the office a bit. After a happy evening snipping plastic and shoot some primer I arrived here. Very novel approach to the rear fuselage I'd say (it was called corridor, right?) Can't wait to shoot some grey-green on it and see how it looks... The engine nacelles was both tricky and great at the same time, but that's typical of moderin Airfix IMHO. There's a nasty ejector pin mark on the firewall and I didn't take the time to fix it since my judgement is that it'll be impossible to see! Right, lets try to work for a few more hours before heading home to start spraying.
  15. Shelliecool

    Dornier Do17z

    My next build will be the first German bomber I have attempted, and looking inside the box I'm already eager to get started! I am building Airfix's 1:72 Dornier Do17z, the box contains detailed instructions and decal instruction sheet, and 2 varients of decals. There are 4 detailed sprues, with no flash and a clear sprue (lots of canopy to mask!) All in all it looks a lovely little kit. I plan to build the aircraft flown by Croatian voulenteers of 15/ Kampfgeschwader 53 in 1941, and aim for an out of the box build with gear down. Doing a little bit of online research this morning, I have found several documentaries online about the surviving Dornier found off the coast of Margate, now at RAF Cosford under restoration. Definitely worth a watch. Anyway, back to business......the kit is washed and awaiting attention.
  16. Hi Guys, This is a subject that has appeared more by accident than by design. A recent and out-of-the-blue PM from a BM’er, offered me a 1/72 Airfix Buccaneer kit with resin bits to build up. Needless to say, I accepted his offer and here it is…partially started. This will be a relatively slow build that will done during lunchtime at work The parts supplied look like they’re from an early and later boxing of the Airfix kit, kit decal set and a pile of smaller stuff, some of it resin. Here we have the fuselage halves; the lower half is fitted with a resin bomb bay that is screaming for something to put in it. Wheel wells are looking a bit anemic and will need to be detailed a little. The upper fuselage contains something that is meant to resemble a cockpit but is way out. and when you’ve got a nice pair of MB resin ejection seats, it’s a must to do the cockpit and will be a mixture of scratch and decals. There is a resin tail plane and a vacform canopy included; wonder if these are corrections? The pitot tube is already fitted, the refuelling probe is ‘pants’ and as already discussed, these parts will most probably be replaced. The undercarriage looks basic and will get some attention. Q1: With the bomb bay exposed, can I still build an S.2D and if so what can I hang in there as I have a number of bombs? Q2: I have been informed that the bomb bay should have some kind of 'fairing' to aid airflow when open? First things to do: As always, the cockpit, especially when you’ve got a pair of resin MB ejection seats. Add detail to anemic wheel wells. Get data on tail plane and canopy Purchase probe/ pitot set. Fiddle away at undercarriage. So until the next update, it's over to you guys. Regards, Stuart
  17. Well, it's been a little while since my last WIP and I think I'm far enough along with the interior to start a post for it. I'm not a big fan of Spitfires, but something about the FR.47 with its contra props really sings to me! That and Spits with the Griffon engine. I have some PE and resin to go along with it, some that will go unused and some that will be mixed. Pics! The first construction pic is of the fuselage from the second kit that I have. I botched up taking off the cowl and then decided there will be less hassle just cleaning up the seam on the kit part. I also decided to not cut out the square opening to fit the clear part for the camera. I'll use MM Klear at the end. You can see where I repaired the hole. Then I scraped out the inner details and started adding the metal. After that it was onto the pedals, seat and firewall. I did build up the whole PE seat frame, but it seamed so fragile and I had concerns about it surviving construction that I went with durability and used a mix of the kit parts with the metal instead. Then there is this part... I assume it goes between the firewall and the seat. There were two guides for the plastic rods from the pedals, but they were not in line and ended up bending the rods out to the sides. So I snipped off part of the guides and built a plastic copy. Then I sandwiched them together. Seems to fit alright now. Back to the interior, since I'l be seeing the floor, I decided to rib it. And then extend the walls down with plastic and rib that too. For the oxygen hose, I took out some guitar string and bent it to shape with some small pliers. Then secured it with some scrap PE and CA. Realizing the plastic extends too far forward and will interfere with the firewall, I trimmed it back and then ribbed it. Not done yet but getting there!
  18. Source: https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2018/hawker-hunter-f6-1-48.html Airfix is to release in October 2018 (?) a new tool 1/48th Hawker Hunter F.6/F.6A kit - ref. A09185 Schemes: 1) XF418 - 4 FTS Brawdy 2) XF509 - 4 FTS 3) Dutch AF V.P.
  19. What seems like an eternity the Bucc build is complete. WiP here. This is my rendition of a Buccaneer S2D of the FAA. The partially started Airfix kit was started some months ago, and came with the resin bomb bay fitted, some resin seats and lots of resin bits-n-bobs. The cockpit was scratch built as were the wheel bays and slipper tanks moved inboard to correct position to avoid wing fold. Refueling probe and pitot were replaced by those from Master. Painted with enamels from Colourcoats and finished off with kit decals. Not mt best but not my worst. Glad it's finished and it's time to move on. Thanks for looking. Stuart
  20. Good evening Despite my best efforts to avoid joining this GB, I have been bullied into joining by stevej60 ! I threw myself on the mercy of the moderators in this GB hoping for a reprieve, but those hopes were sadly dashed. Therefore despite numerous unfinished builds littering all the current GBs I will be entering the kit below. Its the black plastic version which was all the rage at the time. I have a horrible feeling this may be one of the kits I've had the longest, so all the more fitting to build it for this historical GB Good luck to everyone in this GB. cheers Pat
  21. 1903flight

    Shorts Skyvan

    I was think about what I could do for this group build - plant of Hawks and Tornados to choose from, but thanks to @Pete in Lincs, this turned up in the post today: I was think about adding this to the Airfix: The Golden Years GB build, but as I already have one in that group build and I will not be starting this until next week, the extra time in this group build could be useful. So as I plan to build this in Austrian colours, in fits here as well. I have tracked down and orders an etch set from IPMS Austria, so hoping to build with the ramp down.
  22. You can not have too many Spitfires! OK, ok, I can not have too many Spitfires ... I have been looking for an excuse to build this one for some time, it is a bit more personal to me than most of my builds ... I used to fly online in the IL2 simulator, primarily allied types, and frequently in Spitfires. LO-P is significant to me, because that was the code usually carried on my fuselage. The box, and source of decals The contents of the box (canopy still in its plastic bag). The Airfix decals will be used to source stencils &c. And the colour scheme

    Its a Bomber!!

    Well folks this one has sneaked up on me a bit! I got a sharp reminder while perusing the GB's for what was happening to see lots of you were piling in with some great choices. So with out further a do here's mine.... IMG_2743 by G DSC, on Flickr Box art from a 1992 issue made in France no less.... IMG_2744 by G DSC, on Flickr A big box full of bits, which i hope to make in to a Stirling shape! IMG_2745 by G DSC, on Flickr And, yes it does have the tractor and bomb trolley too. Looking forward to this immensly as i haven't made a 1/72 4 engine type in years. Cheers Greg
  24. I thought it time to tackle another Spitfire build (everyone loves building a spit.......right??), and couldn't decide which kit to go for so I have decided to build 2 at the same time (along with my Dornier build, already underway). So here goes......2 very different kits, one appearing simple, one sublime, but both recreating a Spitfire (although different variants). My first kit is Airfix's trusty Supermarine Spitfire Mk.1a, I plan to finish this build with the traditional half black underside and as an out of the box build. The kit comprises 2 grey sprues, all nicely detailed with little flash. There aid also a small clear sprue, and decal sheet. The second kit is Eduard's 1:72 Royal class Spitfire Mk.IX. This is part of a kit that gives you 4 Spits to build. The box contains beautiful colour instructions, 14 colour schemes and decals to choose from, pe parts, resin parts, beer mat and beautiful beer glass. I am planning to build Mk.IXe, as flown by Maj. Vasiliy A. Matsyevich, CO of 26th GIAP 1945 (partly because my son loves the paint scheme). There are 5 grey sprues, with no flash and lots of fine detail, and a clear sprue. There is also a small sheet of pe parts, resin wheels, a small decal sheet with common parts, and a larger one with specific decals. It looks a stonking kit, and I can't wait to get started.
  25. bigbadbadge

    Ford Trimotor

    Hi all After finishing the lovely Ventura I have been wanting to build this for a long time and have finally built the bullet. It is OOB really with the seatbelts being added in the cockpit from Tamiya Tape, the control wires will also be added too. Painted in Humbrol 56 by the hairy stick Black paint and red leading edge painted Decals going on. The carrier film on the decals had yellowed. The decals did not break apart which was surprising. They took some work to get them settled though. I have now painted the carrier film Alluminium so that it is not noticeable. I have added the break rods to the U/C legs. Engines and cowls painted and will be added soon. Working on props at the mo with Humbrol metalizer polished ally. I can post some more photos soon. Thanks for looking in Chris