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  1. rockpopandchips

    Fly swat grass applicator?

    Thanks. Thanks This is what I did with it on it first proper use and i'm quite happy with the outcome.
  2. rockpopandchips

    75mm Dark Elf dio.

    Managed to get the elf washed pinned and glued, also trying out sizes of beads to use as the glowing crista ball and setteled on this size. It's not definet as I might use a skull instead of a ball. Cheers Jim.
  3. rockpopandchips

    75mm Dark Elf dio.

    Well I think that's about finished.
  4. rockpopandchips

    75mm Dark Elf dio.

    And now with some grass. A bit on an experiment with some modpodge, going see if it ends up looking like edge of a stream
  5. rockpopandchips

    75mm Dark Elf dio.

    I wasn't sure where to start this thread, here or in the diorama section so it ended up there, I have this 75mm elf that I'm going to have a go at lighting with a LED and adding a base to it, I'm still very new to figure paint so the base might end up better than the figure. The figure i'm going to try and paint in blacks and purples and add the LED to her right to make a glowing crystal ball or may be a Bob skull ( like the one from the Dresden files). Started the base of with a plastic lid that was a nice size and shape and sculpted a old oak tree stump to it from air drying clay, this turned out better than I thought it would, then added a bit of foam to build the shape of the base covered that in plasted and added a few small rocks and made a start on adding some paint. Ive not done much to the figure as it didn't need much doing to it, I'm waiting for the really thing magnetic wire to turn up so I can have a go at fitting the LED to here hand...eeeeeek! I could have just had a go at that fancy painting technique ( that I have never done before) but I have not seen any figures lit up with LED`s before and its got to be easier than painting in the light. Keeping it all dark at this piont as I will be adding some static grass and lot of other ground cover. The tree stump needs some more greyish washes to I think.
  6. rockpopandchips

    Bobba Fett (35mm)

    Fantastic, love the smoke and flames.
  7. rockpopandchips

    Fly swat grass applicator?

    Well that seems to work OK, first quick test using some 4mm grass and hobby craft spray glue both cheep stuff and it looks OK.
  8. rockpopandchips

    Fly swat grass applicator?

    @PlastoGood to have that confirmed, I just removed one of the green wires, added the long wire and they are now ready to soldier to the pin and sieve.
  9. rockpopandchips

    Fly swat grass applicator?

    @Plasto Yes they do, so was thinking of just removing one of them.
  10. rockpopandchips

    Fly swat grass applicator?

    Fly zapper turned up today and I cracked it open to have a look inside. Looks much like all the others on the Web apart from the two green wires going to the bat. More tomorrow I think.
  11. Not sure Im up to lighting the 1/600 scale kit myself and the basic kit on ebay is only £25 but does anyone know if they are OK or not? Not after anything fancy so figured it might save me a load of time. It's this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LIGHTING-FOR-REVELL-STAR-TREK-ENTERPRISE-TOS-1-600-MODEL-NOT-INCLUDED-/282691498433 Cheers for you help.
  12. rockpopandchips

    Fly swat grass applicator?

    Cheers Will, that the way I would normally do it as well, just thought I would try something different for short grass that hard to grip. @Badder Thanks good to know, the gauze is a great idea. No sign of my fly zapper this weekend so made a start on a figure base that I will try it out on first, when they are both ready to. Hopefully the narly old oak tree stump will look better painted...
  13. rockpopandchips

    Warhammer undead diorama - 2ft square!!

    The first of many figures is looking good, I bet it feels good getting some paint down after all the building and cleaning of parts.
  14. Jaw dropping! Really very impressive build and it look amazing.