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  1. Counterpart to my RG Sazabi now I have the RG Nu Gundam, looking farward to building this one.
  2. Just catching up on the build Pete, it's looking absolutely fantastic mate, reminds me of Ma.k version of the the pelican from Halo.
  3. Feet and shoulders ready for decals, you can just about see the frame details and I have made a start on painting the sheild.
  4. You can just about make out the two tones of red used on the kit.
  5. Some time a kit is just so good paint it not to add anything, the reds are so nice I'm just going to add the decals and flat coat it.
  6. You might like to paint a bit of Tamiya clear paints a mix of smoke, blue and green might help to muddy the water but the dio is fantastic for your first one, what happened to the trees?
  7. Very well done. Some cool kits the one by Geoff using the arms from a ball kit painted red was definitely my favourite.
  8. Maybe some signs for pan galactic gargle blasters or service your astromech droid here or no Storm troopers allowed! Sounds like a great idea.
  9. Still working on the Sazabi frame.
  10. This is the special Ops full assault RX-79-G. For when you need all your fire ready to go. I normally add lot of decals and weather my gundam kits but not this time. I tried out lots of paint fade, shadow and general colour modulating, to bring out the details, I had some fun. This the old kit so there's not much in the way of movement from the joints but it's still a great looking kit, if you can get one cheep it's recommended.
  11. Well it's actually a puffball but just had to post this as it's the mother of all fungi we have ever found... I give you the Gaint puffball 2.75kg 100cm around. That's my little one the dog and puffball pizza we made when we got home.
  12. Now do I do my normal weathering and decals? I quite like him like this.
  13. Leg and waist parts fitted together.
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