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  1. rockpopandchips

    Imperial Probe Droid

    Another very nice build, the red lights really set it off, you do have quite the droid obsession.
  2. rockpopandchips

    Just a tractor? ~1/56

    I had seen this in the diorama section, really is fantastic.
  3. rockpopandchips

    Biological Oriented Bot v1.0 or Bob.

    He really does....cool and thanks. From the king of sparesbox build that's very kinds of you. I already have my next one in the planning stages, I seam to be looking at kits not to build but to convert to other thing. I really have started a very bad habit. Cheers, my girls wanted him to be cute and rusty and have cute anime eyes but I'm rubbish at painting eyes so I used some decals from a Gundam kit, the MG Ball that I cut up and added the light spot.
  4. rockpopandchips

    Biological Oriented Bot v1.0 or Bob.

    Cheers Thanks and yes earth wire for the elbows I had to remove a few strands to make it fit but it turned out better than I thought it would. Paint really don't like sticking to it thought so have had used a black marker pen for some touch ups. Cheers all for you comments on this one, was a fun little project, I have a 1/35 personnel carrier walking mech or it might be a hover bike that are in the planning stages, will i ever get back to making kits? RFI here.
  5. So BOB was a quick fun scratch mecha build, I had in my head that he would be a fighting mecha like those at the start of the Big hero six film. I hope you like him all comments welcome. Cheers Brian.
  6. rockpopandchips

    Biological Oriented Bot v1.0 or Bob.

    Quick pic of Bob all finished I will do some more for the RFI later.
  7. rockpopandchips

    Biological Oriented Bot v1.0 or Bob.

    Well that didn't work, trying to do a checkerboard on the sheild. I will sand back and try again.
  8. rockpopandchips

    Biological Oriented Bot v1.0 or Bob.

    I would have done that if it wasn't meant to be a very quiet build. I will be weathering him though. He has had a black base and then I had a go at spray the AK wax stuff thinned with turpentine as that's all had to hand and it turned out OK. I might try a bit of dark aluminium over the top to lighten him before I start on the weathering.
  9. rockpopandchips

    Sky Ship - The Amber Bliss.

    Moved this to here where is should be. I thought it best I use my chipping fluid again so layer down some under coat and rust colours, used tamyia Red, orange and hull red for this and I will leave it a good 24 hours before I do anything more with it.
  10. rockpopandchips

    Biological Oriented Bot v1.0 or Bob.

    Old macros kit hand used after some cutting.
  11. rockpopandchips

    Biological Oriented Bot v1.0 or Bob.

    Cheers, just got to find a hand of some sort to hold his sword . The sheild come of some I can paint it other than that I think he is just about finished.
  12. Just for fun this one is a sort big hero 6/Robots sort of way. This sort of fell together when I was rummaging through the parts box but my first scratch mech is being built.
  13. rockpopandchips

    The Alien 1979

    Fantastic looking finish, really nice and I bet she is quite imposing.
  14. rockpopandchips

    1/100 flying truck.

    Wrong place.
  15. rockpopandchips

    1/100 flying truck.

    Moved this to the flying boat thread.