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  1. rockpopandchips

    1/6 Spacebase 2000 Inspired Astronaut Sculpt

    Looking good so far, but has it drawn blood already?
  2. rockpopandchips

    1/20 │ Scope Dog │ Bandai

    He look fantastic, really like the colour and your subtle weathering. Nice one on the second place as well.
  3. No idea at all but it looks cool. It was from Aliexpress. BIKE Its 1/20 scale so I might add a M.ak tech to a small dio around it or I might add it to my TY build and scratch a nuclear warhead on a sidecar.
  4. rockpopandchips

    3D printed kits

    Cheers Thud. I guess i have been lucky with the resin kits i have made have been ok. I have been watching YT for info on acetone vapor baths to save time on some on some of the work. Looks a bit scary but im getting a few extra bits, so might try it out on.
  5. rockpopandchips

    3D printed kits

    Si I have just ordered my first 3D printed kit and know nothing about working with these kits. I have been doing my home work on these kits but I wanted know if anyone here has an good first hand experiences and can offer any tips for gluing sanding using acetone, that sort of thing. The kit I have ordered is a 26cm tall kit of the Iron Giant, i think it works out about 1/58 scale. Cheers Brian.
  6. rockpopandchips

    Heidi's Ride

    That is very nice, what scale is it?
  7. Well done on a top finish and a fantastic build, i enjoyed watching this come together.
  8. rockpopandchips

    1/20 scale YT figure from Snow Crash.

    YT's had a satin coat and the her deck jas some very ordinary wheels......boooo! Poon looks ok. I got a little side tracked, when i was picking up some new paint i allso picked up a tamiya 1/100 English Lightning, its a teribel kit lots gaps and flash but i really like the looks and sound of these.
  9. 1/20 scale motor bike, a very nice resast
  10. rockpopandchips

    Silent Running Drones

    I got all excited to see these but the Im at work and can see the pictures.........dame those IT departmtents! Ok got to see them, absolutely fantastic love them, top work!
  11. rockpopandchips

    Pratchett's Figurines

    Death looks fantastic, really very nice.
  12. rockpopandchips

    1/144 Z'Gok diorama.

    Sorry for the late reply, not going to get to Cosford ( I have never been to be honest) but mostly because I'm not a member of a club, I have just noticed that IPMS have a Keighley branch and are putting on a show at the end of Sep, so I have and to sort myself out a membership and get involved a bit more. Cheers Brian
  13. rockpopandchips

    1/20 scale YT figure from Snow Crash.

  14. rockpopandchips

    1/6 Spacebase 2000 Inspired Astronaut Sculpt

    Wow i bet that was scary cutting him off the bolt ,he is looking to have a lot more movement now he is not attached and definitely looking forward to seeing some paint.
  15. rockpopandchips

    1/20 scale YT figure from Snow Crash.

    The wheels are not going well............ But TY is getting close to being finished, a few things to clean up. using a brush again for all the painting was a steep re learning but im having fun with it. Not sure if im going to clean the lines up on the bag or paint over them. Really pleased with how the extra pockets jave come out.