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  1. rockpopandchips

    Steampunk driod.

    Absolutely, I seam to have a reputation in the club i recently joined for odd builds (there mostly traditional aicraft tanks and boats lot) and when I said I was going to make something "normal" they almost seamed disappointed, so playing to the crowd I come up with this little Bot. @Badder cheers, still lots to do.
  2. rockpopandchips

    Steampunk driod.

    At the moment it's just a round hole, why what's going on in your head now??? Great name as well, I think my dio might have a new title, thanks.
  3. rockpopandchips

    The old shed - 1/35 scale

    Finished off this weekends efforts, two buckets, a shovel, Jerry can, 1/2 drum BBQ, binoculars handing on the back of the door, and a driod few...
  4. rockpopandchips

    Steampunk driod.

    Cheers, no name at the moment but he needs one. Tri2-B1...... ?
  5. rockpopandchips

    The old shed - 1/35 scale

    Pleased with the hot coals in the bbq.
  6. rockpopandchips

    Steampunk driod.

    This little 1/32 scale driod is part of a small dio I was making in an a attempt to do a none scifi build but I failed as this little chap got made for it. I wanted a sort of retro looking driod and I'm pleased with the build but think the paint would have looked better chrome and red.
  7. rockpopandchips

    The old shed - 1/35 scale

    Thanks you. I said from the start the was going to be a none scifi built, but today this popped into my head so I had to make it. This is my 1/32 tripod driod, in a steampunk sort of way.
  8. rockpopandchips

    The old shed - 1/35 scale

    I had thought about doing a steam powered UFO.....
  9. rockpopandchips

    The old shed - 1/35 scale

    Nice little score today, while out walking the dog around the local sports field the large rubble bag in the corner of one field that's been there year got the better of so I had a look in side and it looks to full of 1/32 scale coal! It's full of what looks like shredded rubber but it look great in a coal bucket. Yes I helped myself to a hand full in a poo bag.....
  10. rockpopandchips

    1/12 Austin A35 van 'Watch The Birdie'

    That is absolutely fantastic!
  11. rockpopandchips

    The old shed - 1/35 scale

    On with painting some of those bits and bobs and have also made a start on the bike, Dame it fiddle. I decided to paint all the frame parts on the runner and clean them up once they ready to fit to the bike. Hopefully I can mask off the smaller details later for more airbrush painting.
  12. rockpopandchips

    Mara Jade and R5-DP.

    The outfit is not how she looks from most of the SW artwork, this is a bit of a "What if" build. Cheers for the king comments. Thanks Thank you.
  13. rockpopandchips

    The old shed - 1/35 scale

    Oops I have been found out...... I will onec I find the figures I like and that's the problem, I'm not sure who or what to use, at the top of the list at the moment as I don't want to use anything that looks too much like it's from the 40`s, is a boy playing with an RC plane or car, and man cutting the grass with a strimmer ( that one has been used on here fairly recently) and a woman in overalls tied around her waist. At this point i'm also wishing I had made the base a bit bigger now, I'm going to be running out of space once I get some scape, a scooter, a push bike or 2 and a few bit and bobs, bags and tools here and there and 2 or 3 figures but thats my own fault for not sticking to the plan of just to build a loo on a bit of grass. So this one might just end being the practice for a slightly bigger dio, it really is very very addictive.................. Meant to say great idea as this is looking good to me so far. Thanks Brian.
  14. rockpopandchips

    BMX trooper

    MZ mastiff then? Dame ugly brutal thumper. I loved mine but definitely Empire like.
  15. rockpopandchips

    The old shed - 1/35 scale

    Fitted the wet and dry paper to the roof of the shed, it need some weathering. Also had a look at the bike, it looks like I'm going to have to completely build it before painting it and I want to use the airbrush to get a good clean finish on it. This was going to be a rusty wreck but the kit is too nice for that and the PE parts are stunning if a little small. Not sure if I can remove the mud guards to give it a more modern loo yet, its a tad smaller than I'm used to chopping into. As you see the PE wheel spokes and chain set need to be fitted before the right side fork and stays.