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  1. rockpopandchips

    New show! IPMS Keighley, W. Yorkshire - 23 Sep 2018

    Just checking your all paying attention...... of course it's 10, cheers Harry_the_Spider.
  2. rockpopandchips

    New show! IPMS Keighley, W. Yorkshire - 23 Sep 2018

    I think we the club are getting there at about 07:30-8am and I think the vendors are arriving at the same time, show opens at 11am. There is lots of parking for cars and vans. I'm not sure what going on with bands and free places but what you said about 4 places etc sounds about right. Cheers Brian.
  3. rockpopandchips

    New show! IPMS Keighley, W. Yorkshire - 23 Sep 2018

    My box of plastic ready for tomorrow's show...... #IMPSKeighley #Keighleyplasticmodelclub
  4. rockpopandchips

    R5-DP and Mara Jade 1/12 scale

    Bit more done pleased with the belt.
  5. rockpopandchips

    Kill Team/Space Wolves

    looking good, like all the cables and lights. I'm starting to look at the GW stuff in a different light, from a modeling and painting viewpoint a small kit can keep you occupied for quite some time, making then have a good cost/interest/enjoyment/time spent ratios, if you know what I mean........
  6. rockpopandchips

    1/48 Patlabor/Bandai

    It's no Unicorn Gundam but still cool, thanks for posting that.
  7. rockpopandchips

    R5-DP and Mara Jade 1/12 scale

    I have painted the belt and buckle, added a bit more to the helmet and had a go at some hair tonight.
  8. rockpopandchips

    1/60 Halcyon Alien Space Jockey

    Really nice Lee, the effort you put in to the back wall really make the overall finish absolutely stunning.
  9. rockpopandchips

    Are all Airbrush needles the same?

    I ask as I have ordered a very cheap brush from China ( before they close the borders in the UK) just for fun really. One of These And I was thinking how much difference does the needle make, so I ordered the 0.2 brush so I can try out my H&S needle in the cheep brush and the cheep needle in the H&S. Not even sure they will fit but what the hell, anyone know if needles of the same size are interchangeable? Brian.
  10. rockpopandchips

    Krieger Lunadiver variant - MANTA

    You just know this is going to be good! Need to see more,
  11. rockpopandchips

    1/48 Patlabor/Bandai

    Looks good so far, you going to work your weathering magic next?
  12. rockpopandchips

    R5-DP and Mara Jade 1/12 scale

    Da Cheers James, thanks for that I will look into the brush thing a bit more as a W&N No7 can be picked up here for around £10 so not to expensive. I have gone with it last night and added a few more base colours and she is looking slightly better, a dab of gloss in the eye helped a lot.
  13. rockpopandchips

    1/60 Halcyon Alien Space Jockey

    Dame! That's looking amazing, the casting turned out fantastic.
  14. rockpopandchips

    B-Wing - Bandai 1/72

    Stunning as usual, I really want have a go at painting like that, I would have probably stopped at the highlights, so it great to see how it's done probably.
  15. rockpopandchips

    R5-DP and Mara Jade 1/12 scale

    Cheers for your help Will, so I tried the dark skin and it's still looked naff, so I cleaned the eyes out with thinners and tried to thin the paint a bit more and I got to this 3rd time around. I think I need to practise on paper or something. The brush I'm using is the small detail brush from GW. So it's not great but it's a bit better, I might add the light reflective white and it than even it up a bit and go with the darker skin around the eye again. Thoughts please anyone?