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  1. I have seen the next in the series for sale but only on Aliexpress and if they don't show up anywhere else I might have to get them from there. £34.14 12%OFF | 1/6 Resin bust model kits figure beauty colorless and self-assembled A-822 https://a.aliexpress.com/_vOhfTE
  2. when i was clearing out some old boxs, found a few of my busted up old 1980's Zoids. This one needed 2 legs, his head, some outer armour and the fin repairing. I couldn't get the motor working so need to look into getting a replacement for that. I then repaint him and then drill out the gun barrels and the vents on the legs cut out. The zoid purists will hate me for it but I'm very happy with the way it has turned out.
  3. Finished hom off last night with a semi gloss top coat.
  4. Hi back again after being without a phone for a bit, was quite nice. So have a bit to update you all on. Git a new airbrush from China as I wanted a bigger brush so this is a 0.3 and I'm really impressed with it. So while I had the yellow paint out I put a base coat for the red to go over. I did some apex shade with spray cans before the yellow, that is why is so spotty looking.
  5. Started added some paint now, going with this on the finns and I will then over spray with a blue purple colour change paint. I might have to redo the brass but I have only just thought about the colour change paint.
  6. So while I’m mucking about with the motor I’m making a few mods and cleaning up this kit. first of is adding the horn onto the head. and making some changes to the legs, drilled out the small thrusters on the top of the legs and replaced the back thrusters on the back legs for larger bells. One was broken so needed to do something. Cutting out the vent details on the legs. fixing a few other broken pats and drilled out the guns.
  7. I wouldn’t want to paint anything that size with a brush. You don’t have a spend a load on airbrush, I have just ordered my second £10 airbrush, they do the job and once they are broken chuck’um out and get a new one. Cheep compressor and your away for the same price as 4 or 5 decent brushes.
  8. So I have decided to keep this one and rebuild and paint it. There are a few thrusters that I will drill out but I think it will be mostly just painting and I’m thinking a more lizard green. There are so great details that I want to bring out and I have also added a few more weapons. all broke down and ready for a much needed bath. The motor doesn’t work so if you have any tip on how to fix this, that would be great.
  9. This weekend I spend quite a bit of time rebuilding this little lot. These have been kicking about in boxes for many year and a good few house moves. Im quite surprised they are in as good condition they are. A few needed a fix of the pegs that hold the legs on and the fins of the big red Zoid needed to be reattached.I will be moving most of these on but I will keep one or two and do a full rebuild and paint, the bear and the big red zoid are top of the keep list at the. I can remember why the 11 year old me kept so many boxes either. I must have been saving the tokens for a poster.
  10. Looking good Bertie, being an acrylic user the oil painting process is a bit foreign to me. A dark wash in the recesses is a great way to cover any mistakes with overlapping colours. Are you going to give him a pink tail like a rats for go with the brown fur?
  11. That a really nice looking figure and I'm sure you can do better than the box art. Are you an air brush or hairy stick person? skin tone ref here, very useful when it come to deciding colour and paint type. Other than that just go for it.
  12. I thought I would a post a link here to my build in the sci fi section, this was my first attempt at a large scale figure. I put some effort into this on and was really pleased with the outcome. cheers Brian
  13. Cheers rusty pipe added and I have decided against the shoulder armour this time. and a bit more of what’s in the box and a few parts you can change about to have an open hatch. You get a total of 4 kids 2 boys and 2 girls.
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