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  1. So most of the block colours are done and I have added a black/brown wash to darken the reassess, and I have made a start picking out out the pistons. I did add a bit of highlight on the left arm just see what it looked like and I think I'm going to go with it. freaky dice rules
  2. Made a start on some colour so I could paint in the shoulder netting but really didn't like it so have ended up going with a slightly boring blue, I might add a green lower leg ( C3PO style) later on and I will be adding a blue/grey into the armour as well. Made some good progress on the netting and I'm quite happy with it but thinking of adding a bit of a brown wash/filter to it.
  3. Had some fun with this but Im very happy with how it all turned out and I will let the pictures do the talking. Cheers for following along in the build thread. Any comments welcome. Brian.
  4. Here are the paints I used, started with a base of light brown, then a good dollop of Guilliman flesh, don't be shy when using this stuff it loves to be splashed all over. Then a working on the shadows while the flesh is still wet blens in some wyldwood. Let dry sponge on some Agrax, Nuln oil in the reassess, let dry then a bit of white pigment powder to highlight then back in with the Wyldwood in the low rips and edges to darken them. I will probably edge highlight with the light brown again. Hope that helps. upload picture online
  5. Cheers, quite happy with it as as today the optician said I need glasses for close up work like reading and painting.... Made a start on the robots cap tonight. A very warn leather cape.
  6. Some really nice work going into this, the wings are looking very nice.
  7. It's been a long time since I painted a figure and I have had this Black Sun Guardian 75mm kicking about for far to long. So over the last few days I have put the figures together and built the base, adding a 3d printed staircase that I have distressed a little and made a small wire tree. I have not added the sleeping pod as I don't really like it. I was a bit heavy handed with the PVA/water mix but I think I will cover the grownd in static grass. First round of primer done.
  8. My quick build, a star trek kitbash using a next gen enterprise kit as the base kit. This is a completely made up ship from the Star Trek universe.
  9. Cheers. On with the hand painting at the moment and a few decals, only done the top of the ship at the moment. Gone with the gold deflector dish/cannon/censor to try and keep it looking star Treckie...
  10. My paint turn up this morning so couldn't resist painting the blue and red, I think lights look OK for a leftover LED strip, they will do for me anyway.
  11. A bit of paint, don't really like the silver but it might look better once it's flat coated and a few decals slapped on. Still waiting for the clear blue to arrive.
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