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  1. This is how the pros at Sideshow paint this kit.
  2. Started another project when I have to many on the go already. Trying my hand at another large figure, not done much more than sanding an dry fitted and some pinning at the moment.
  3. And from the bag of 3d cast off and misprints I have managed to put these to together. The girl is made from two figures and she now has 2 right legs and 2 right sides to her bow. The man was really just missing a sword, so I have made one from a sheet of plastic card. I was so happy with then I decided to make a little base for them both to stand on. Just measured then at just under 40mm if anyone is interested. A few WIP photos.
  4. Absolutely love this film, and your repaint looks fantastic.
  5. Cheers, I'm not sure where he's from but now you say that, he does have that DW look about him.
  6. This was in a bag of 3D printed parts that I got given as junk. Though this little figure was a good practice piece. He's about 55mm ish and has a few missing parts. My Sunday afternoon build with minimal paint time or fuss, we have this chap. I do have 2 or 3 other figures from the same bag of scrap and I think I will paint those as well. Did have a go at the eyes...
  7. Just catching up with build and must say it looks really good. Looking forward to some paint. Brian.
  8. That's is outstanding, wouldn't look out of place with a load of space Orks manning it.
  9. Right back to it after spending to much making my kids a room in the loft space. Just about finished glueing odd bits together now. Just the cockpit needs a bit of filling in. At the start I was, still think I might next time.
  10. Thinking about is now, Visionaries were my favourite at the time.
  11. I'm bit older than my broth but had them all, even Bolder Mountain spoilt little poo-poo....
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