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  1. That is my main reason for getting the air to air set. I like to have my options open on what i want to hang on my builds.
  2. I wonder if Finemolds will give us a strike camera. My KotOT F-4E will need one...
  3. I have pre-ordered the F-4C. I wonder which 142 FIG F-4C it will be. I'm really hoping for a 123 FS in Hill 1. I think i'll have to get at least the missile weapons set. I do like to have the option of the different pylons. Being able to do a 32 TFS F-4E with the AIM-4 would be really nice.
  4. ARGH. That is sad. I have their VF-17, 56 FG, and Polish Mustangs books.
  5. Great build! I love their series of books. Just waiting patiently waiting for 56 FG part II...
  6. I got my "early Vietnam" boxing from HLJ on Monday. The detail... the instructions,... just wow. I built a Hasegawa F-4E a few years ago, never again. I hope the FM decals are thin enough, because they look great and there are a lot of them.
  7. You will not catch me trying to persuade you to not build a Dutch model... KNIL Buffalo!
  8. Coolio. Thanks Laurent. That indeed makes it almost certain that it did have them.
  9. I wish they would have told us around what date that was.
  10. I have the Eagle Strike sheet IP7204 "357th Figther Group part 3". I'd like to build "Kit" Carson's Nooky Booky III. I have not found any pictures of it save one. I have seen that some profiles have it with the Invasion stripes on the bottom of the fuselage and others (like the Eagle Strike sheet) do not. The sheet has the plane with 7 kills. I thought it would be easy to google and see when he got his kills and thus narrow down the time frame of the picture/profile, but no such luck. Any guidance on whether i should or should not apply the stripes?
  11. This: http://www.anft.net/f-14/f14-photo-vf103-26.htm looks like the Esci VF-103 Sluggers scheme.
  12. Thanks Giorgio. The Detail and Scale F-14 Colors and Marking vol 2 (Atlantic Squadrons) has a B&W picture of AG110 and a B&W and color picture of AG107. The tail really looks like 35237 and the bottom color has more contrast than i'm used to seeing between 36320 and 36375. The VF-143 was my first choice, but the missing 110 on the wings has thrown me away from it. The Facebook picture up above is in color and you do not have to be on FB to see it. I also have found one picture (in color) of AG110 sitting on the tarmac after the cruise (it has the pilot/WSO names on the
  13. AC112 is listed as 159595 in the 1988 Koku-Fan F-14 Tomcat issue. Here is a picture of it after the cruise (?) https://www.airfighters.com/photo_400_79625.jpg The pictures on the Seaforces website are from the 1986 time period.
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