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  1. Markings now available Looks like the USN one is not in the same squadron as their TBM-3W. Bummer.
  2. Just the Monogram as far as I know. It looks like Lone Star Models has an F7F-3N conversion.
  3. This is my build of the Octopus/Pavla 1/72 Grumman F7F-3N Tigercat. I acquired this kit from @Creepy Pete(thanks again) 2 years ago and promised to build it last year. And a year late, here it is. This is my first Octopus build and I have to say I was not impressed and would rank them in the lower tier of injection moulded plastic kits. One step above Mach 2 which is in a class by itself. I have 2 other of their kits in my pile and I shudder to think about building them. The kit is mostly plastic with a few resin parts, vac canopies, a Pavla interior, and decals. The vac canopies were actually pretty good with good demarcation of where to cut and window framing. The Pavla interior, like all the other Pavla interiors I have used, almost, but not quite fit the fuselage halve and the same can be said for the rest of the kit. It also had and eclectic set of parts not included with instructions to scratch build them. This kit required filling the entire large nose with #10 shot to get it to stand on the nose. I was able to find one review of this kit on the net (https://model-scale.com/grumman-f7f-tigercat) and I agree with everything he says including "The Octopus decals were far too thin; brittle; unable to be moved over the surface of the model to their correct position, and simply did not react at all to setting solutions!" I tried giving them a coat of Microscale Micro Superfilm and this appeared to solve most of the problem. That is until they dried when there was massive silvering on an unprecedented scale and after using copious amounts of Micro Sol I was forced to remove them and cobble together most of the markings from my spares. Missing are the "VMF(N)-542" and the data block that goes under the tail. Starfighter made an F7F-3N decal sheet (72-120) but it is discontinued and impossible to find. It will have the pieces I am missing and if it is ever reissued I will grab one up and add them. So if I haven't tired you out complaining here are the pictures: Next up will be the Sword AD-4W which should be a much more pleasant build. Enjoy
  4. Looks like they are sold out already
  5. My late father-in-law was a radio operator in a TBM-3 Thanks
  6. This is my Sword 1/72 TBM-3W Avenger. The TBM-3W was developed as the first US Navy Airborne Early Warning (AEW) aircraft during the latter part of WW II under Project Cadillac (named after the mountain in Maine where tests were performed, not the car). While the TBM proved a little cramped for the AEW task and was superseded by variants of the Douglas AD Skyraider in that role, when teamed up with a TBM-3S it served as part of a hunter/killer team in the Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) role for several years until replaced by the AF-2W/S. While certainly not Hasegawa this Sword kit proved to be a very pleasant build with only the wing to fuselage connection proving problematic. The slots in the fuselage for the wing tabs were a bit undersized and needed some filing and then the joint needed filling, but that is par for the course from these smaller manufacturers. The only other issue was that the otherwise excellent decals wanted to stick for dear life to the first location they were placed. I found that I could work a wet brush under them and once loosened they could be repositioned. But this also had a tendency to make the roll up into a unusable ball. Luckily I had a second set handy and it all turned out in the end. In my net searches I came across this picture of the aircraft that the decals were for So we can see how close I came. I am looking forward to Sword's upcoming release of the TBM-3S2 to build the killer half of this pair but until them next up will be the Octopus/Pavla F7F-3N Enjoy
  7. I am working on the Sword TBM-3W now and I see that they are doing to release a TBM-3S. I hope that notion doesn't escape them. Thanks
  8. Luckily Ace supplies the decals for the 2 that match I have reached a point in my modeling career where I have built all the common stuff, so now I build the obscure. Good luck with it. It really isn't a hard build Thanks
  9. Why would I mind? I use Humbrol 15. I am not sure how accurate it is, but it looks good to me. It is also a gloss so I can decal without giving it an over coat of gloss. Thanks
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