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  1. The H-145 has the US military designation of UH-72A Lakota and is the latest US Army training helicopter, so I will be working on the Heller kit soon.
  2. No, but given the parts break down Revell may have had other variants in mind. I stand corrected. Thanks Howard
  3. So I am calling it done. I was able to mostly blend in the touch up, blow out the dust from the interior with a can of Dust-Off, clean up the windows some with Future and attach the main rotor. For more pictures see the RFI at Thank you to everyone for your comments and encouragement.
  4. The TH-73A Thrasher (named for a North American bird) is the US Navy's newest primary training helicopter, replacing the venerable TH-57x series. It is so new that no kit manufacturer make a kit of it. But the TH-73A is basically a AugustaWestland AW119, and the AW119 is a single engine version of the AugustaWestland AW109, and Revell does make a kit of the AW109 (which they call an A-109). So using that kit, parts from a diecast AW119, and some home made decals I was able to cobble together a TH-73A. For details on the build see: I won't bore you with the gory details here so let's got directly to the pictures Next up in the Hobby 2000 rebox of the Fujimi A-4F Skyhawk. Enjoy
  5. Well things didn't work out as well as I had hoped today. when I went to remove the masking significant patches of orange peeled off with it. I think I have repaired most of the damage and a little bit more touch up tomorrow will finish it. The main rotor is just sitting on top and not glued on yet. Tomorrow is another day
  6. Decals applied! I printed a set of decals using the AMARILLOUSAF 45 degree font that I downloaded from the internet onto Sunnyscopa clear laser decal paper with my HP 1505 laser printer. I gave them a light coat of Testors Decal Bonding Spray and no other coating, and they applied perfectly to the model with no issues I am not crazy about the black stripe that wraps around the nose, but I think it is the best I can get. So tomorrow it will get a coat Alclad Light Sheen and hopefully it will be finished. Until then.
  7. I'm back! After 3 coats of orange and a day of touch up it got its first coat of gloss for the decals today. The black stripes on the wind shield are for the wiper blades. I added a hoist using the hoist from a Hasegawa SH-60 and the brackets from a Testors/Fujimi SH-3H. I also got the main and tail rotors painted And I printed the decals for the markings Hopefully they will work. I printed this sheet on my laser printer and another sheet on my ink jet printer, I'll be back once they are applied
  8. The Amarillo does look better. The NAVY decal I can get from other sheet, but thanks for the offer
  9. Yes. I ordered a couple Thanks
  10. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Howard
  11. I am working on building this aircraft See And I am going to have to print my own decals. Does anyone know what font(s) the Navy uses for it markings, and where I can download a copy? I am not sure if it is a single font or one fro the letters and another for the numbers. The numbers appear to be a block letter with clipped corners and I can't find a similar font in MS Word. Thanks Howard
  12. Yesterday i spayed black in the appropriate areas Then today I masked off the black and gave it a first coat of orange Tomorrow and probably Saturday will be more coats of orange.
  13. My greatest pleasure on a project is when I remove all the mask and see what I have wrought.
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