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  1. The moisture has evaporated so I added a couple of interior shots
  2. It will clear up, just takes a little while Thanks Howard
  3. This is my 1/72 Skale Wings Douglas AD-5W Airborne cinEarly Warning aircraft. This is the first kit from the new company Skale Wings, and unfortunately it shows. The first word that popped into my mind after looking at the sprues was "crude" and it is not for the faint of heart or easily discouraged. I would place it one peg above Mach 2, but just barely. The canopy for this first version of the kit is inaccurate for the -5W in that the -5W has bulges over the radar operators compartment and this kit did not. However to their credit their later folded wings conversion for this kit has a corrected canopy so I purchased that, almost doubling the price of the kit. They now have a complete folded wings kit, and I am assuming that it comes with the correct canopy so I would recommend purchasing it instead of the non folding wings one. The quality of the parts in the conversion seemed to be slightly better also. The decal sheet, which is excellent, contains nice decals for the interior instruments. The seats are made up of 5 parts: a seat cushion, back rest and 2 sides. I you add the 2 side pieces to the seats they will not fit between the consoles so I left them off. They back rests are a little too high and bump against the canopy so needed a little sanding. I added some seat belts. Unfortunately you can't see any of this in my pictures because of humidity build up on the interior of the windows. This will clear up in a day or 2, but I don't have the patience to wait. I tried hitting it with a hair dryer and that cleared them up, but in the time it too to grab the camera it was back. So here are the pictures: Next up will probably be the old Airfix O-1E Bird Dog, but that might change. Enjoy.
  4. Petr, I noticed on scalemates.com and on Hannets an SH72139 O-1 Bird Dog as a future release. Before I start doing battle with the old Airfix kit, is this still something you plan on doing? Near or far future? Thanks Howard
  5. hsr

    B-25, Airfix, 1/72

    Very nice build. Do you know what the Chinese/Japanese text says?
  6. I tried that a while ago and exchanged emails with Linda.. Unfortunately she stopped because the molds kept tearing and she just couldn't make them work.
  7. Nice build. That Engines & Things r-4360 has been out of production for a while and impossible to find. I don't suppose you got 2
  8. Any chance of a 1/72 Douglas B-23 Dragon in the future?
  9. The kit decals are nice, but very hard to work with. Thanks
  10. I have used Kristal Klear, but it drys to slowly for me. I'll try PT56. I have been happy with other Pacer products. Thanks
  11. I have been using liquid plastic glue, which probably caused the problem in this case. I have not had good results with Micro Kristol Klear (white glue) or superglue. I have never thought of Klear as a glue, but I will try it. Thanks
  12. This is my 1/72 Sword FJ-2 Fury. This is a nice kit and it only took 9 days to complete, start to finish. The only fit issue was the upper wing to fuselage seam which had a large gap. The only other issue was rather thick wing trailing edges which I tried to thin down with limited success. The decals were very thin and showed no silvering (of course, how could I tell on a silver model ) with the film totally disappearing, but they had no body, one review called then squishy, and had a tendency to suddenly decide to stick where they were and hold on like glue. This was especially true for the decals that were mostly lettering. This lead to some distortion and only 2 of the No Steps survived I spent a lot of time on getting a good finish for the Alclad aluminum and I think it came out pretty good this time. So on to the pictures. This time the interior was remarkably free of dust, but I am not sure what is going on with the front. Transparencies are always my bane. Next up is the Skale Wings AD-5W Skyraider. Enjoy.
  13. While not perfect it was better then some of the more major kit makers
  14. It's a better paint job then I could do Thanks
  15. I figured it was different then the standard blue, or gray over while Thanks