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  1. That has been my experience with them
  2. He said he would be shipping this week. Probably take mine another week or 2 to make the long journey
  3. I'll save the catapult for something else. It will probably require a ships deck base to keep it from tipping.
  4. I actually build a P6 Catapult by a company called Unique Scale Accessories for it, but being resin it is relatively heavy and cause the catapult to tip over so I decided to go with the beaching gear. Here is is with the catapult propped up
  5. This is my build of the Olimp/ProResin Edo XOSE-1 floatplane. The XOSE-1 was one of several aircraft which might have gone on to fame had WW 2 continued but instead ended in obscurity when the war ended when it did. This is my third Olimp effort and while the previous ones where all pleasant build this one was a terrible disappointment. While the castings look good in the box they turned out to be a veritable Swiss cheese of pinholes that took days of filling, sanding and mor filling to erase. The canopy was a well defined vac and worked well. The decals were useless and would either fall apart or curl up on the model so were replaced from my scrap decal pile. All in all this took 15 days to build and should have take much less. Enough complaining and here are the pictures: Next up is a Boeing PB-1W using the Academy B-17G in the RVHP conversion. Enjoy
  6. hsr

    P-8 Poseidon choices?

    The welch models kit has several issues: The fuselage comes in 4 vacuformed pieced that make up a front and rear half. I found joining the front and rear to be very problematic requiring a lot of filling and sanding. The exact placement if the resin wings is not clear. If you butt them together on the bottom, which seems logical you will end up with anhedral rather then dihedral. if you slide them up on the fuselage you end up with a huge gap to fill and there is no indication how far to slide them up. The front fuselage has the 737 eyebrow window nolded in as well as the window decals. The P-8 doesn't have these window so that is wrong. It used to come with white metal landing gear which may have been strong enough to support the heavy resin wings but it now comes with resin gear which is definitely not. After they collapsed I have to replace them with brass tubing. The front gear is too short giving it a pronounced node do attitude. But after it is all said and done it make a nice model
  7. I was checking the web site several times a day and jumped on the OP-2E the instant it appeared
  8. hsr

    P-8 Poseidon choices?

    This thread has been thoroughly hijacked
  9. hsr

    PB4 Privateer

    Looks like Lone Star will be re-releasing it some time this year Read down in the comments for the 1/72 info
  10. The OP-2E conversion is now available https://www.blackbirdmodels.co.uk/lockheed-op-2e-neptune-conversion-72-2253-p.asp
  11. hsr

    Vultee XA-41

    Looks like Anigrand makes(made) a kit of it in 1/72 https://www.anigrand.com/AA2074_XA-41.htm
  12. hsr

    Beaching gear color

    Thanks everyone. The Edo triangular ones are what I am working on and I think I am going to go with the intermediate blue
  13. I just wish they had included the wire too Thanks
  14. hsr

    Beaching gear color

    Does anyone know the general color of the beaching gear used on US Navy float planes such as the OS2U Kingfisher or SC-1 Seahawk? I've always painted them a dark gray metallic but thinking about it with constant exposure to salt water they must have been painted with some protective coating even if they were aluminum. Thanks Howard
  15. Tiny is almost as hard to work on as huge. Thanks
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