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  1. If If you can find the Blackbird conversion it looks pretty good and can be used to convert to any version of the -5 There is a good sized space behind the nose and between the nose wheel well and the cockpit floor. I filled that up on one side with #6 shot and thought that would be enough, but it turned out not to be. The back or the engine cowling below the main wheel well is open so I poured more shot onto both cowlings and that did the trick.
  2. They seem to be harder getting a hold of so get one while you can
  3. This is my rendition of Hasegawa's 1/72 kit of the P2V-7 Neptune. This is my second Neptune, the first being my AP-2H gunship using the Hasegawa kit and the Blackbird conversion. This one is mostly OOB with the exception of a combination of the Pavla and Eduard interiors and Caracal decals. This is an old kit dating back to the '70s and it shows its age with less then the usual Hasegawa great fit, some flash, and raised panel lines, but it went together well in a total of 18 days build time. As always the Caracal decals were excellent, but they were very thin and tended to want to fold on themselves when I tried to maneuver them. I still have a P2V-5 conversion using the Blackbird conversion, and an OP-2E if Blackbird ever releases that conversion. So on to the pictures: Next up will be the Italeri A/ACH-47A Chinook gunship. If it arrives in the mail tomorrow lake it is supposed to. Enjoy.
  4. Yep that's it. I already threw out the flier with the recycling. Seems a bit high to me and I am not sure what the purpose of the Certificate of Authenticity is, And yes the OD/NG don't look right to me.
  5. On the inside of the envelope they do refer to it as a C-47, but someone needs to write "I will proof read the envelope" 100 times
  6. This came in today's mail.
  7. Having just built one of these I agree it is not an easy build. Nice job
  8. The aircraft itself is just 4 inched (10 cm) long so it is pretty small. Thanks
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