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  1. @Pappy and @Space Ranger, I measured the Italeri cabin. It measures .92" (23.36mm) which comes out to 66.24" or 5' 6 1/4" (1.682 meters). 63" would be .875 (22.22mm) so it is .045" (1.1mm) too big for the TH-13T and way too big for the OH-13S it purports to be. Close enough for me
  2. At 1/72 scale, which is what I am working in, 8" is about 2.8mm or .11". Noticeable, but not obvious. My experience with Italeri is that they could easily be off by that amount, so my hope is that they might by accident be the right size . If not, as you point out, widening the canopy is not practical, at least for my level of skill so I will just ignore the issue, sweep it under the rug, and never mention it again. But it would still be nice to know how much it is off. Thanks Howard
  3. Does anyone have data on the dimensions of the Bell 47/H-13. I am specifically looking for the cabin dimensions. The total length height and rotor width are easy to find, but not the cabin dimension. I have the Italeri OH-13S kit that I want to build as a TH-13T. I have seen that the TH-13T cabin was 8" wider then the -13S, but not an absolute number and I have no idea how accurate the Italeri kit is. Thanks Howard
  4. That's what I thought. Thanks Howard
  5. The TH-1H is the current USAF primary training helicopter; https://www.helis.com/database/modelorg/TH-1H-USAF/. Does anyone know what color they are painted? At first glance I thought Gunship Gray, but it seems a bit lighter and bluer, so I am not sure. Can anyone help? Thanks Howard
  6. Nice build! What did you use to get such good transparency on the sanded canopy? When I do that it is never that clear.
  7. I would love to do a T-2A if I can ever find the Esoteric fuselage for it. Thanks
  8. Yeah. Northrop's next venture was the XP-79, where the pilot flew it laying down with a chin support. On its first flight it took off, started a turn and plunged into the ground, killing the pilot. Thanks
  9. I'm sure it will be better. One thing I forgot to mention was that the canopy fit was excellent, unlike the Sword T-38 Thanks Howard
  10. Here is my build of MPM's Northrop XP-56 Black Bullet. The XP-56 was the result of the US Army Air Forces' Request for Proposals R40C that was for a cutting edge design using cutting edge technology. It also lead to the development of the Vultee XP-54 Swoose (part sawn part goose), the Curtiss XP-55 Ascender (known to its pilots as the bottom-ender) and indirectly to the McDonnell XP-67 Moonbat. The XP-56 was basically a flying wing with a central nacelle for the pilot and pusher engine. It was originally going to used the experimental Pratt & Whitney X-1800 engine but when that was cancelled it used the Pratt & Whitney R-2800 that left it with below expectation performance. The MPM kit was for the first prototype that did not have the upper vertical tail and managed to crash before it ever flew, but it included the parts for the second prototype which did fly. I built this kit many years ago before I started keeping records of when kits were completed, but it had a terrible fall from its display shelf and had to be rebuilt. I used Fantasy Printshop Stars and bars, and yellow letters for the decals. Luckily markings were minimalist. So here it is. Enjoy
  11. Keen to see this, I have one lurking in my stock, it'll be good to see someone else explore the pitfalls, not a kit one sees built that often. No pressure mind. Steve. Done
  12. Here is my build of Wolfpack's North American T-2C Buckeye. The Buckeye was the US Navy's primary jet trainers from 1959 until 2008 when it was replaced by the Boeing T-45. The T-2C version was introduced in 1968. This is my first full kit by Wolfpack. I have previously used their wing upgrades, that I found to be excellent. This kit had generally good fit, but there were some issues, primarily with the fit of the intakes. Included with the kit was a decal sheet printed by Cartograf, that worked excellently and a canopy mask that fit perfectly. I also purchased their "update" (should be upgrade) interior kit that included very nice seats and some photo-etch. Finally I bought a 2 Bobs decal sheet printed by Microscale that was very good. The white was painted with Tamiya Fine Surface primer in a jar and airbrushed. The red was Humbrol 19 and the orange was Humbrol 18. All in all a pleasant build. Next up will the a TH-1H using the Hasegawa UH-1H kit Enjoy
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