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  1. It looks like much of the moisture in the cockpit did evaporate over night
  2. According to the drawing in the Detail & Scale book it is too short for an AU-1 and I believe that the AU-1 and F4U-7 were the same length. Perhaps @Tailspin Turtle can chime in here with better information.
  3. What is Window Maker and where can I find it? Spray paint dust has been one of my nemesis's and I thought I had it pretty well sealed. There are 2 openings at the rear of the LEX that I missed and that it where it probably got in through. Thanks
  4. This is my build of the Hasegawa 1/72 Boeing EA-18G Growler ECM aircraft. For this build I also used the Wolfpack flaps down wings and their cockpit interior. I would not have bothered with the interior, but the kit, wings and interior came as a package off of Ebay so since I had it I may as will use it. The Hasegawa kit is excellent and any issues I had with it were of my own making. The Wolfpack interior is nice, but the instructions it came with were totally lacking in guidance on how to install it in the fuselage. There is some minor surgery needed to the kit but no mention of it in the in
  5. I believe that all the Italari Corsairs have the same length fuselage and I had to lengthen my Italeri AU-1, which is the F4U-7 kit also. Have you laid the 2 fuselages side by side to see if the F4U-7 is actually longer?
  6. Special Hobby and Anigrand do a good job of covering the better known X-Planes, but for the more obscure ones like the X-5 the only alternatives were Mach 2 or vac and both of those can be a bit discouraging. The Whirlybird resin with the single piece fuselage wasn't a bad build. Thanks
  7. Mostly US. The WW I aircraft is from all the combatants. Thanks Howard
  8. I guess I am either the first and/or the only person to use this. So after some trial and error I found that there were 2 places that needed to be cut: These are A the cross piece between the front and read cockpits and B as section of part B10 to allow clearance of the rear cockpit tub. Once done the fir was excellent. They also gice you a slightly mor detailed coaming for infront of the front cockpit and that requires removing the moulded one. Howard
  9. Has anyone here used the Wolfpack EA-18G cockpit set? The instructions are lacking in significant details. It obviously requires some surgery to the upper fuselage part (#3) but no instructions ar given how much or where to cut. Any experience with this? Thanks Howard
  10. Some of the softness of the details is probably my fault between sanding and trying to fill in the deep trenches of the panel lines. Thanks Howard
  11. My first completed build of 2021. This is the Whirlybird Bell X-5. The X-5 was based on the incomplete Messerschmitt P.1101, and was the first variable swing wing aircraft to fly. Unlike modern swing wing aircraft the X-5 wing would move forward and back as the sweep changed to maintain center of gravity and pressure. Despite that it proved a successful test aircraft. Except for vicious spin characteristics which caused the destruction of one aircraft and the life of the test pilot. This is my first Whirlybird kit and I would rate the at or maybe a bit better the Anigrand, with th
  12. Nice build but shouldn't that be F2A, not F2F?
  13. @JPuente54I think this is the one you are referring to at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading, PA http://www.maam.org/p61/p61_begin.htm
  14. This is probably my last completion of the year; the Special Hobby 1/72 Bell X-1A. The X-1A is the follow-on the the Bell X-1 with a longer fuselage to carry more fuel and other improvements. The Special Hobby kit was all butt joints for everything and no alignment pins, but it was still a pleasant build with excellent decals. Not much else to say do here it is: Next up is the Whirlybird Bell X-5. This is a new manufacturer for me but at least in the box the resin looks good. Enjoy
  15. I am what I guess you would call an empty nester, So I have one room set aside as my display room An another as my work room where I display some more Thanks
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