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  1. hsr

    HO4S ASW Helicoptors

    Great! Thanks Howard
  2. hsr

    HO4S ASW Helicoptors

    Would yo be able to post that picture? Thanks
  3. hsr

    HO4S ASW Helicoptors

    One last question; when the sonar is fully retracted does it hang below the bottom of the fuselage or is it completely retracted into the cabin and if so is there a door that covers the opening or is there just a hole in the bottom of the fuselage? Thanks Howard
  4. Worked better then I had hoped It also worked great blowing the dust out of my laptop
  5. I got a can of Dust-off and a few shots through the opening in the bottom and it really cleared the dust out. It went from this to this
  6. The dust has been a chronic problem of mine. You would this that I would have solved it by now Thanks
  7. I ordered a "Dust-off" can and it comes with a straw attachment. If that doesn't work there is always my nail gun compressor
  8. This is my Italeri Sikorsky HSS-1N Seabat. Italeri is not my favorite model company but, in this case the kit had no major issues and went together in 10 days start to finish. The only issue I did have was that I was not able to completely seal the interior from paint dust infiltration so the cockpit ended up pretty dusty. I was able to partial fix this by using my compressor hose to blow it out, but there is still quite a bit of dust. I have to get one of those compressed air cans used to blow out dust from inside computers and see if it improves things. I also used the Eduard interior and Printscale decals. My last couple of uses with Printscale decals have been problematic with any attempt to position them causing the decal to just roll up into a useless ball but, this set, with care, worked out pretty well I almost lost one decal that way but was able to recover it. The torpedoes are Eduard Mk 44s which I think would be correct. So here it is: Next up is the Anigrand Bell HSL-1. Enjoy
  9. hsr

    HO4S ASW Helicoptors

    That is very helpful. I like the caption on the picture "It is very rare to see a photo which depicts the dunking sonar deployed and the homing torpedo". First one I've seen. Was the sonar lowered from where the hoist would be or through the floor. like the Sea Kings?
  10. According to @Tailspin Turtle's excellent book on the Bell HSL helicopters the Sikorsky HO4S-1 and HO4S-3 helicopters were delivered to the first 4 ASW helicopter squadrons as an interim solution while they waited for the HSL or HSS to go into production. But the book, being about the HSL and not the HO4S, does not go into any details of what they looked like or how they were configured. Searching around I found this site http://wp.scn.ru/en/ww3/v/63/3/4#3 which has some good color drawings and a few dark grainy B&W pictures but, I can't find any data about how they were configured with sonar and weapons. I am guessing that they served as hunter/killer teams with the hunters configured with the sonar and the killer carrying some form of homing torpedo(?). I am also guessing that the killer carried Mk-24 "Fido" torpedoes (?) but I am not sure how many and where, nor how the hunter carried the sonar. Anyone have any better information and/or pictures? Thanks Howard
  11. I wish more manufacturers gave that option Thanks Howard
  12. I don't usually display carrier aircraft with folding wings, but I had a tight space for this one so I figures, "why not" and I like the effect. It just would have been nice if they had supplied the supports. Thanks Howard
  13. I was going to build the Italeri HSS-1 next, but I realized I had not purchased the after market accessories that I wanted for it, so I ordered them and built the Cyber-hobby (Dragon) Sikorsky SH-3D Sea King kit instead. This kit seems closer to a 3A to me with the short horizontal stabilizer and some other features, but it comes with a lot of extra parts so probably several versions could be built. It also gives you the option to display the rotor either open or folded, so I went with the folded version to save space and I never did them before. You get 3 decal options implemented with Cartograf decals that worked excellently with no silvering. Fit was very good and the transparencies were very clear and distortion free. I also used the Eduard interior. The only comment I would make on the decals was they are very tightly packed on the sheet, making cutting out individual ones difficult. They also tended to want to stick to the first position they were placed, but would be coaxed to move with some pursuance. The torpedoes did not come with the kit and are from my spares. So, here it is. Note I noticed while posting the pictures that I forgot to remove the masking from the front landing lights, but I just went and fixed that. Next up will be the Italeri HSS-2 Seabat, and I really mean it this time. Enjoy
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