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  1. This is my build of a 1/72 Lockheed P2V-5 Neptune using the Hasegawa P2V-7 kit and the Blackbird P2V-5 conversion set. In addition I also used a combination of the Pavla and Eduard interior sets, . Finally I used the Blackbird P2V-5 decal set along with a couple of bits and pieces of the Caracal Neptune decal sheet. The Pavla and Eduad set are for a -7 and required a little backdating to better reflect a -5. Pavla interior fit the Blackbird nose better then it does the Hasegawa one This was similar to my recent OP-2E build The Blackbird conversion consists
  2. This is my build of the Italeri 1/72 Vought F4U-5N Corsair night fighter. This is a nice kit with the only problem being that the fuselage is 10 scale inches too short for the -5 and later Corsairs. As with my AU-1 build I wrapped a .125x.040 Evergreen styrene strip around a 9/16 socket to make a plug that was then inserted behind the cowl flaps Note that I had to reconture the exhaust ports. With that it now matches the drawings I also replaced the kit engine the leftover resin R-2800 engine from my Special Hobby F2G-1 build and added Eduard Brassin H
  3. I have to get that book. Thanks Mike. Most helpful as usual. Howard
  4. I am going to be building a Lockheed P2V-5 Neptune using the Hasegawa kit and the Blackbird conversion. I plan on building it in a gloss Sea Blue color scheme. Does anyone know what color I should paint the wheel wells and landing gear? Thanks
  5. The cost of the aftermarket was well more than the kit price but as you say; worth it Thanks
  6. If I can build it, anyone can. The problem is getting the Fisher nose and radomes since it doesn't look like they have recovered from the fire. Thanks
  7. The sharp eyed among you might have noticed that on the squadron on the left side the "VS" was messed up. I didn't notice this myself until I looked at the pictures. Luckily I still had a good VS on the decal sheet so, after little bit of effort; scraping off the bad VS touching up the paint, reapplying the VS and hitting it with "light sheen" overcoat, I have now fixed it. Thanks for all the kind comments even with the defect.
  8. I guess that means I'm not crazy...maybe. Thanks again for the decals
  9. I read somewhere that the crews used to call it a turkey because it was such a big bird Thanks
  10. I don't know why they didn't do matching squadrons I wasn't sure what color to paint it. The instructions said blue, but all the pictures I saw looked like white so I went for that. Thanks
  11. This is my build of the recently released Sword 1/72 Grumman TBM-3S2 Avenger. This is the "killer" half of the late 40's TBM-3W/TBM-3S2 Hunter/Killer Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) team. Sword had earlier released the TBM-3W. This is not Swords best work with some flash and fit issues. The worst fit problem was the wing to fuselage joint with the slots in the fuselage being much smaller than the tabs on the wings. On the plus side there is a fairly complete interior. Also on the plus side the decals which have proved to be very problematic in the past worked much better than previous Sword deca
  12. hsr

    TBF-1D Avenger dates

    First ones started appearing in the late January 1944 report. Thanks
  13. I hope not. I especially hope for no more yellow canopies Thanks
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