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  1. Looks like the AP-2H will be back in stock soon; https://www.facebook.com/Blackbird-Models-173300159429640/ Get them while they are hot
  2. Probably well beyond my skills too. It looks like Wolfpack at least planned to make the upgrades. All the decal layout drawings show the squared off wing and tail tips, the straight leading edge and the ventral fin. And they even had decals for the fin. For some reason they never followed through. Thanks Howard
  3. The gloss orange was a pain and took multiple coats to get it to look good. Thanks
  4. And they are not really difficult. I am just surprised that Sword hasn't come out with an improved version. Thanks Howard
  5. It's a cool looking 'plane especially with the white and orange color scheme Thanks
  6. This is my build of the Wolfpack/Italeri 1/72 Boeing (formerly McDonnell-Douglas) T-45c Goshawk. It is basically the Italeri kit with some photoetch for the cockpit, canopy mask and very complete and detailed decals added. For an Italeri kit the fit was very decent, but the problem is that Italeri modeled the prototype, not the production aircraft and there are several differenced between them. I basically followed the Paul Boyer October 2009 article to make the corrections which are I square off the wing tips Straighten the leading edge. I did not use his method of pouring super
  7. Assets up for auction https://www.rosensystems.com/upcoming-auctions/1675
  8. Your Monogram B-52D is pretty spectacular too. I also like that plexiglass case. It will keep the dust off of it. Thanks
  9. This is my build of the Decarli 1/72 Diamond DA-20-C1 Falcon. The DA-20 is the de-facto USAF primary training aircraft. As I understand it the USAF no longer trains personnel how to fly. Instead it contracts that job out to Doss Aviation under the Initial Flight Training (IFT) program for personnel that do not already have a pilot's license and Doss uses the DA-20.-C1. Since it is a civilian contractor it does not have military markings of a military designation. The Declari kit is an excellent resin offering with the parts having a nice smooth finish and no pinholes. There were however some b
  10. According to scalemates.com the Revell and Airfix kits are derived from the Heller tooling, while the Academy kit is their own tooling and not related
  11. I have a Hobby Boss F-14A that I loaded up with all Phoenixes, so I figured I would do this one with more of a variety of ordnance. Thanks
  12. This is my build of the Great Wall Hobbies' Grumman F-14D Tomcat. I was actually a little intimidated by the number of parts in this kit, but this is a really great kit with a ton of options (see Paul Boyers FSM review for a complete list at https://finescale.com/product-info/kit-reviews/2020/08/workbench-review-gwh-f14-tomcat), and more parts left over than most kits have in total. Fit was excellent requiring minimal filler and sanding. The only fit issue I had was with the nose radome. One of the of the possible options was to display it open showing the radar and I guess they really want yo
  13. For some reason I had gotten it into my head that they would just do one boxing with all the options included. I hope they come out with the US version soon.
  14. Decals https://www.specialhobby.net/2021/03/sh72447-harvard-mkiiiiaiib-obtiskovy.html I am disappointed that there are no US AT-6 decals, or will there be a separate boxing of the early AT-6?
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