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  1. Yea that is the hard part. I have Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 Editor. Pretty rudimentary, but it works fine for posting pictures here and elsewhere.
  2. I realized that the white would be a problem after I posted this, but I figured I could get the numbers off a numbers sheet. What I need are the serial number and the red flash. The software I have has a paint brush mode so I spent some time using it to paint white around the markings I want. But in the end I heard back from the manufacturer and he is going to help me out. Thanks Howard
  3. hsr

    MPM X-15A-2 1/72

    Pavla interior, Eduard set and Quick boost engines
  4. hsr

    MPM X-15A-2 1/72

    It's really a nice kit
  5. hsr

    MPM X-15A-2 1/72

    I have a picture of it from the roll out and it is a high gloss midnight blue. But later pictures show it mostly black so I just went with that. Thanks
  6. hsr

    MPM X-15A-2 1/72

    I was going to build it last year but things came up. Since then I have been collection a bunch of after market stuff for it Thanks
  7. This is my 1/72 MPM X-15A-2. This kit was a pleasure to build with very good fit and excellent decals. The only minus was the instructions which were kind of vague about colors and had a few of the decals mis-numbered. Construction only took 9 days from start to finish. I knew you would not be able to see much of the interior with those tiny window, so I took a couple of pictures before I buttoned it up Next up will be the Hasegawa S2F-1 Tracker kit. Enjoy
  8. I have an aircraft kit where instead of printing all the decals on one sheet they printed the right side decals one one sheet and just duplicated that on another sheet for the left side. That would be fine but I got this kit second hand and it only has one sheet. I can scan the sheet and print it with my photo quality ink jet printer, but the decal paper is blue So so when I print it my printer will dutifully print out the blue background. What I need to do is change the blue to clear. The photo editing software I have doesn't have that capability. I found an Photoshop online tool, and I am sure it can do it, but the UI is somewhat opaque and I can't figure out how. This must be a common problem. How do you solve this? What software do you use. I emailed the manufacturer, but the kit is out of production so I don't have high hopes. Any suggestions? Thanks Howard
  9. This is my Muroc Models M2-F1 lifting body. The M2-F1 was the prototype for all the following lifting bodies. It was a wooden unpowered, (except for a small engine to be used for landings if needed) , and was towed aloft either by a ground vehicle or later a C-47. This was an excellent kit by Muroc Models and while not perfect it was a pleasure to build, unlike my last few builds. The resin was beautifully cast with no pinholes, even after sanding. The only exception was the wheels which had some bubbles and I ended up replacing. The decals look to be printed on an ALPS printer on high quality decal paper. They did tend to scratch for no apparent reason so they should be coated with something to seal them. The kit also came with real, detailed, instruction and not just the usual exploded diagram. My only complaint would be that it came with vacuformed transparencies and while most of you love these because of their thinness I hate them because I can never cut them out right and they are too thin and flexible to allow for a solid attachment. Finally it is definitely a tail sitter and I was only able to get it to sit on the front wheel by tilting the surface it was sitting on. So on to the pictures; And here is the whole set From left to right the M2-F1, M2-F2, M2-F3, HL-10, C-24A and X24B. As an historical note such a picture would be impossible in real life sins the M2-F3 was the M2-F2 rebuilt after the crash and the X-24B was the X-24A with a new body. Next up is the MPM X-15A-2 Enjoy.
  10. There are sellers on Ebay who claim to have the 1/72 AMG P-63C in stock, so I guess that means it is released. I ordered one, we will see if and when I get it.
  11. hsr

    AP-2H conversion

    Did it arrive @hsr ? Got it, just a day late. Nice reference on the AP-2H. It will keep me busy while I await the re-release of the conversion set Thanks
  12. I usually use MicroSol and the #11 blade and it might take a few iterations but it will usually make the silvering disappear. The only times it has not worked is with these and Academy decals.
  13. I was thinking of trying to punch some holes in them with a sharp #11 blade and then a dab of the flat coat in the hope it will spread under them and fill the void. I can try the glue too. when I am ready to go back it it. Thanks
  14. OK. AOA makes good decals,