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  1. Looking great! I never ceased to be impressed by your brush painting ability.
  2. Thanks, the guards came out alright. Not quite as good as yours but good enough for me!
  3. More ups and downs with the Sherman this weekend. On a positive note, I sat down and powered through the two jobs I kept putting off: bending and attaching the light guards and cleaning up the mold seams on all the wheels. On them inus side was that I apparently didn't clean the airbrush as well as I thought the last time I used it and when I was applying a black basecoat, the airbrush wasn't spraying that great and some of the paint went on pretty grainy. I use two airbrushes, with my old Iwata Neo relegated to primer use since I switched out the .35mm nozzle with a .5, so after I was done I did a deep clean and got rid of some gunk I didn't realize was in there. Should be good for next time. The paint isn't too bad and I actually don't mind a little surface texture on the cast metal areas. I used some higher grit sanding sticks to knockdown the grain on the flat surfaces so I think everything should be ok when the OD goes on, just made more work for myself. And then the other minus was inadvertently crushing the driver's periscope guard with my finger, but luckily the Hauler set has a couple extras. But all in all, I got the most time consuming tasks done, and I'm looking forward to getting some color on the tank soon.
  4. Starting to think ahead about how I want to display the tank, so I cheated and bought this pre-made base. I was roaming Ebay last week and found a guy here in the states selling various basic bases like this that he said were good for 1/72, 1/48 or 1/35. This one looked good to me so I bought it. I'll be adding more to it when the tank is finished, since I plan to do a winter scene, but size wise I think it will work perfectly. I want to get into making my own bases in the future but decided to take the easy way out this time.
  5. Sometimes I gotta remember there's limitations to smaller scales and realistically thin parts for armor vehicles in 1/48 is one of those. Once I get past the lightguards it should be smooth sailing! Thanks! It definitely tested my patience, thats for sure.
  6. Frustrating night at the bench but managed to get some more work done. One of the things I like least about this scale for armor is being able to get light guards and periscope guards that look to scale. The kit light guards are too thick and there are no periscope guards. While PE looks better, I hate trying to bend it to the correct shape for light guards, so I was delighted to see that T-Rex Studio made a small update set for this kit of 3D printed parts which included light guards, periscope guards, fender braces, .50 cal travel locks and various other small pieces. My enthusiasm didn't last long though since the pieces are so thin and fragile in 1/48 that a couple pieces were broken inside the tin, and then just about every other pieces broken on me when I was trying to remove it, no matter how careful I was, so the majority of the set is a loss. So, I'm going to have to make due with the Hauler PE for the light and periscope guards. The latter came out ok although I could have gotten the bow gunners' better. All in all, I think things are still looking good, I'm just not looking forward to trying to bend the light guards. I need to remind my self too that the reason I'm doing 1/48 right now is to get used to armor and work out most of the kinks before digging into 1/35, so no need to get all worked up. Most the work was done on the turret. I stippled on some liquid cement with a stiff brush to enhance the cast texture, then added some more Archer casting symbols, a couple bits of PE and then the organgish cream colored parts are the 3D printed parts that didn't break on me. The .50 cal is the one I plan on using on my M10 build, but I stuck it on here for a couple quick photos. Then on the hull, I got the fender braces attached (I'll clean up the sprue attachment points once they're dry) and then drilled out the fuel drainage holes by the fuel caps.
  7. Got some casting symbols on the mantlet and front armor section using Archer resin decals. They go on easily with Micro Set/Sol and will look cast on when the paint goes on. I used the 1/35 Tamiya Easy Eight as a guide as well and the handly little code sheet Archer provides. The mantlet code is correct, but the front armor codes are made up....I didn't see a matching code on the sheet and 1/48 is too small for me to do individual numbers and letters, so I just used a different pre-made code that was on the sheet. Once I add on some more details and cast texture on the turret roof, I'll add some symbols there as well.
  8. Last update for today. The benefits of mother nature deciding to return some winter weather this week has led to more bench time and today it's been raining all day. I chiseled off all the molded grab handles and replaced them with some copper wire. The top hatch was a little tricky as plan to have it open, so I couldn't drill all the way through it, but I managed to not mess it up. I then also started to texture some areas like the front armor plate around the hatches and then the mantlet and turret sides. Also done and cleaned up are the bogeys, but I have yet to start on the road wheels....need to be in the right mood for that type of repetitive work.
  9. Another "simple assembly" update before I start getting into the smaller details on the hull and turret like casting texture, weld seams and casting symbols. The turret went together pretty easily but the RB barrel did give me issues. I think it might have been designed for the Hobby Boss kit because there was just no easy way to mount it to the Tamiya mantlet. The barrels for my M10 and M26 went on fine, but the butt end of the barrel for the Sherman is larger than the hole in the mantlet so I took a knife blade around the hole to widen it a little bit and ultimately stuck a glob of milliput in the hole, followed by the barrel, hoping that would provide a good enough mount. I used the kit barrel to determine how far in I needed to get the RB barrel, and it turned out it didn't need to go in far at all. so I tried to eyeball the straightness of it, then when it was set up a little bit, put a small bead of thin CA where the metal meets the plastic. I think I got it pretty good. Originally when I started this I thought I would just do a simple build with just the vehicle and then possibly attempt to also build a 1/35 Takom M3 I have in the stash, but then I decided I better not rush it and take my time and now I'm thinking I might do a small winter vignette with it. I was surprised to find a brand new unopened US Army GI figure set in my stash (dont remember when I bought that!) and did a quick mockup of the tank commander figure looking through binoculars. Next up? The super fun process of cleaning up all the suspension components
  10. Well, with my M10 build (not part of the GB) going swimmingly and being close to complete, I decided to start the Easy Eight. I like that Tamiya ditched the die cast hull with this model and instead opted for a multi piece plastic hull since the metal hull led to minor fit issues on other kits. The upper hull and lower hull went together pretty quickly and that's all I got for now. Had a small glue mishap on the transmission cover but I planned to enhance the cast texture there anyways, so no issue.
  11. Got the base colors on most of the stowage. All are custom mixes of various Vallejo greens, browns, tans and whites. I'll go in next and add some highlights. I was worried at first that gluing down the stowage before painting it was a mistake but my hand turned out to be steady enough and I should be able to cover up any slip ups with a wash. Then I also got the .50 cal painted and weathered and I liked the way that turned out. I'll take better photos of everything once the model is complete.
  12. A little more progress today. I'm procrastinating painting the rear stowage bundle along with the bits on the right side of the turret but did manage to get the tracks on and the pioneer tools mounted to the rear. At this point all that's really left is to weather the tracks then paint and weather the remaining stowage. The end is getting near!
  13. Continuing with detail painting but I needed a break from that so I started weathering the lower hull and bogeys. All of this is new to me so I purchased a vehicle weathering set from MIG that came with various washes, pigments, mud mixtures and "oil painters". Since the markings I chose are for a vehicle in October of '44, I used that as an excuse to go heavy on mud and dirt so I can test some techniques. The lower hull is a work in progress and I think once everything is dry and I can add some more pigment powders to help feather everything it will look better, but I'm liking how the bogeys are turning out.
  14. Steadily making progress. I've started hand painting the stowage. Still a but to do as well as refining it by cleaning up separation lines and such but getting more color to break up the OD is starting to make it look more "busy".
  15. Got this one in the stash, so looking forward to seeing it come together. Looking good so far! I too am a fan of the duckbills.
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