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  1. I made a start on 'Bronty' yesterday. It didn't take long to assemble the legs and body. The legs in particular will need some filler and a lot of sanding to make them look like one piece so I'll be working on them before fitting them to the body. I couldn't resist a quick mock up though.
  2. Impressive work with the PE. I've got an Ar 96 in the stash so I know how small it is.
  3. Sounds like a good idea. I've got loads of kits that cost less than a tenner, ranging from the usual 1/72 aircraft and 1/76 armour up to 1/32 aircraft and 1/24 cars..
  4. TimJ

    GB Chat

    It will always be Brontosaurus to me. It would seem that even the kit subject's name is obsolete.
  5. I think the Pyro and Life Like versions had the cave woman but she was removed from the Lindberg reissue. Shame really, it would have made a nice 'One Million Years BC' diorama if the pair of them were still there. She'd probably need a bit of work to make her look like Raquel Welch though.
  6. TimJ

    GB Chat

    Or, in the case of my Brontosaurus, caveman, hit it with your stone hammer!
  7. TimJ

    Novo Supermarine Attackers

    When I built mine a couple of years ago I used interior grey/green for the wheel wells. Looking forward to seeing what you make of it with the PE set.
  8. I'll be building it from the box in the Free French markings. Unlike the last one I will be using filler (and sprue cutters) on this one. I had planned to do that when it's finished, should be an interesting comparison.
  9. The 1973 crew look like they could be aliens from an early episode of Doctor Who.
  10. My second build for this GB is something a bit different. I have fond memories of these old dinosaur kits from my childhood so when I saw this for a fiver the other week I couldn't resist it. It certainly qualifies on the age front as I remember building one about 40 years ago and as Airfix brought out their own Brontosaurus kit in the early 80s it is obsolete. There aren't that many pieces so it should a fairly quick build. I was pleased to see that the caveman was still included in the kit as his presence makes the kit even more inaccurate.
  11. My first build for this GB will be this Airfix classic. The cockpit interior has been fitted and some work has been done on the turret but that's all so it should be well within the 25% completion limit. I should be able to make a better job of it than the last one I build back in 1970-something, which has somehow survived all these years.
  12. I'd be tempted to go with the camouflaged Belgian example myself just to have something a bit different.
  13. TimJ

    GB Chat

    I know Airfix released a Brontosaurus kit in 1982 so mine should be OK for the GB. It even has the caveman figure included, which makes it even more inaccurate.
  14. TimJ

    GB Chat

    Although I haven't taken part in any GBs here for ages I have been waiting for this to start as, like a few others, I have quite a few old relics hidden away in dark corners. I have to say that I'm surprised that no one seems to have mentioned this one as I'd have thought that it would be a prime candidate. I mean, even the artwork's bad. If this build is open to all subjects I do have a Lindberg (ex Pyro) Brontosaurus I could throw into the mix too.
  15. I built one a couple of years ago and it's quite a nice kit. I did have to find some aftermarket decals though as mine were in the same condition as yours.