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  1. Nocoolname

    Vote Grump!

    There’s an update to my grump in that I’ve been put on even more morphine on top of a cocktail of other meds (I’m turning into Renton from Trainspotters) with the plan that I get stupefied out of action enough for my internals to repair themselves, hopefully over days rather than weeks. I can’t even go to bed and am restricted to a special recliner I’m the front room. With this in mind any suggestions from fellow B’merss as to what documentaries (naval, flying, military, that kind of gig) that I could catatonically drool in front of would be most welcome
  2. Yep, I too am perked up by this. Other companies should take note
  3. I emailed them and that’s what they told me. Said they’d announce soon how to obtain the parts.
  4. They’re releasing a corrected set of parts with the new kits and offering the same for those who have already received the G for the cost of postage only.
  5. Nocoolname

    Vote Grump!

    I'm in the midst of a global thermonuclear grump. Having been in and out of hospital twice in under 24 hrs I'm currently slumped in front of the computer barely able to see other's builds let alone do any of my own while slowly descending into the haze induced by a range of steadily escalating pain medication which is topped off by morphine in order to help manage pain that makes my six days of appendicitis 22 years ago feel like a scuffed knee. So I'm typing up before I descend into catatonia. Like... Moulder and Scully
  6. Checks watch... drums fingers... checks watch again... drums fingers... Sighs...
  7. Hey @Duncan B does this mean we'll be seeing your stock soon?
  8. Wow! Not only were you able to point out their mistake but you managed to enlist the help of an actual B-52 crew, with one of them placing a MASSIVE red arrow below the cockpit to make sure. Now that's what I call 'going the extra mile'.
  9. I think some pictures of the kit parts might help, though that picture shown by @Caerbannog looks like Vader if he'd been designed by Futurama. I've never built 'any' stand-alone Star Wars figures before though given Bandai's superlative creations I am very tempted to dip my toe in the water with the R2 and C3PO kits.
  10. Nocoolname

    What have you purchased / been given

    Three house plants.
  11. Nocoolname

    It's been a busy time for BlackMike Models

    “Hunting down new and exciting kits”. I think there might be an Attenborough episode to be had here. Maybe start with a wide shot of modellers foraging across the Telford Savannah and then suddenly switch the camera to track a kit hunter that has burst out of the burger stall to bring down their prey (oh... its ‘another’ Spitfire... never mind...). Anyway, I bet Channel 5 would buy it Anyway, if on your hunts you come across: 1/48 AMK F-14D (at least 4) 1/48 GWH F-15E 1/72 Modelcollect B-52D Then I’ll be happy
  12. Nocoolname

    Revell 1/144 AN-225 Mriya??

    Ooo! Hope they do a 1/48 version!
  13. Nocoolname

    HMS Ark Royal 1977 1/700

    Brilliant stuff!! It’s really annoying that no company has thought to produce a proper IM kit of such an iconic ship in her final (and arguably most celebrated) configuration, whether 1/700 or 1/350 (Airfix... are you listening?) or even 1/200 (Go on Trumpeter... you know you want to...!)
  14. Nocoolname

    1\48 Skyray

    Wow! I’ve never been much interested in the Skyray but this may have just changed that. Absolutely inspirational build!
  15. Shelf space already cleared. In fact July’s space reclamation stash reduction exercise paid off twice in freeing up existing space while giving me cash to buy a new set of shelves. Which obviously need filling. After all, nothing threatens the fate of the universe more than empty shelves.