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  1. I struggled with a 470 for two years until I gave up. Lazermonkey and others were spot on about the various problems that could arise requiring much more invasive cleaning than was ever anticipated given the Aztek concept and while I could occasionally get improvements they were often short lived and rarely consistent. I think a lot of the problems related to the paint as much as the brush itself. The acrylics could be quite tricky given their tendency to dry fast and gunk so my use of the brush, coinciding as it did with my learning curve with acrylics probably didn't help. I've since found a
  2. The Spitfire engine is a welcome addition. I was wondering when the kit was going to get the last bit of 'weight' added to it. But what's this Eduard SPACE stuff all about? Is that their version of what Quinta Studio have been producing??
  3. Reminds me a bit of a TV test card. All they need is the girl, the doll and some nougts and crosses.
  4. Never got round to using my Infinity before I switched to an Iwata Micron but my Evo with a 2.0 was great to use. But the biggest lesson I learned over the years was to invest in a good compressor. I can't say mine (Sparmax 620) is as quiet as Mike's but with a built in air-tank it's as smooth as anything and coupled with a quick connector makes airbrushing a relative piece of cake. And the service from Air-Craft.net is outstanding!
  5. Recently arrived are the Green Strawberry sets for the 1/1000 Defiant and Enterprise B along with the set for the 1/1400 Enterprise D and the Arboretum for the 1/350 Enterprise Refit. I've also just seen that they've released a set for the 1/350 Bird of Prey which unfortunately I'm going to have to buy. Along with the undercarriage detail sets for the 1/32 Viper Mk.II. Now if only GS would think about some detail sets for the 1/72 Space 1999 Eagle. Like, I don't know, a resin cockpit and pod interior and perhaps some movable landing gear?
  6. Not that fussed by the vacuform canopy so long as it is crystal clear. The best thing about the North Wing set is that the cockpit is in two halves that should make painting and detailing a lot easier. I've mulled over the HA cockpit many times trying to figure out how I might do it the justice I could give to one that could be broken down and it all centered upon sawing it in two which caused me to put it straight back in the box. That said, given the cost, I'd much rather have to saw the CMK in half.
  7. Until I have it in my hands I won't know for sure but I have the HA set in my stash and from just the photos above the CMK kits looks way sharper and more detailed.
  8. Finally! That one has been rattling around the listings for an age. Looks fantastic though.
  9. You wait for one bus to arrive and then... Nice to have even more options though. Also nice to see the Eurofighter included, albeit in 1/32 at this time. Now if we could just see some more of the British aircraft included - Tornado, Harrier, Lightning, Buccaneer, perhaps even a helicopter or two - Seaking, Wessex, Merlin.
  10. Not a recent acquisition per se, it was pre-ordered before Lockdown and like my recent Harrier acquisitions, before I started to offload most of my kits, with delivery happening not too long ago, but it's late arrival does constitute my latest thing. It's the Mk.1/KA Models detail set for the Trumpeter 1/200 Titanic. While it doesn't have some of the features of the Pontos set, such as the PE 'skins' for the smoke stacks, it has a whole host of other extras including coloured film for the stained glass windows, a complete set of resin upgrades - from scale figures, to chains, to propellers, to
  11. Hooked on this thread now. My kit has been laid up since the crash in March. I let go of the Pontos set but got hold of the KA Models set which included the figures above along with some other extras. I really like how the addition of the figures helps to bring the model to life. Great stuff. Looking forward to the next instalment.
  12. Err... it's mine gov. Honest. I, er, lost it when I popped over to the shops... in California
  13. That said... they probably wouldn't be harmed by the addition of some aftermarket parts, such as... Quinta Studio cockpit? Resin wheels, bays, nozzles, seat, engine and weapons? A load of PE? A brass pitot? Some more decals such as for the Transatlantic Air Race Harrier? Plus any other stuff?
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