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  1. I've thinned the top of the wheel bay (i.e. the part that would glue to the plastic upper of the wing) and thinned the plastic it would be glued to, to the translucense you suggest but the part is still too 'thick' to allow for the wings to be cemented together, not withstanding the fact that the contour of the wheel bay part that meets the lower wing section doesn't seem to conform to that of the kit part. Do I need to trim down the 'rim' of the wheel bay part that is to be glued to the lower wing also? Cheers
  2. Hi Folks Has anyone here any experience with fitting the Aires resin wheel bay for the 1/48 Hasegawa F-4 Phantom (any version)? The instructions provide little useful guidance around how much of the resin or the kit to reduce to provide for a decent fit and the searches I've made for builds that have included the parts reveal little about the effort that was needed to ensure a good fit. I've already reduced the resin and the kit parts to the extent that they're now semi-transparent but still no joy. I have emailed Aires for advice and I am awaiting a reply. If anyone has experience
  3. Nocoolname


    Yes, it was a bit of a faff to get it working and to be honest I’m more likely to use just the main Dremel these days.
  4. Nocoolname


    I got the Dremel multi tool plus the flexi-shaft attachment and the operating rig. Ok for heavy, steady jobs but I ended up going for a fairly cheap hand held cordless rotary tool from Amazon for most of the finer work. I think it was originally intended for nail filing/polishing and is the size of a large pen but that makes it ideal for maneuvering around nooks and crannies and its been instrumental in helping me to precision cut the panels from a Tamiya F-16 and a Hasegawa F-14 to open up the internals. Also worth noting, I make sure to use decent goggles to protect my eyes along with a Forc
  5. A stiff neck and tension headache from stress and the first grey hairs plastered around my head.
  6. They were definitely a product of their time and I was quite fond of their Star Wars kits when I was a kid, but with the range of recent toolings from Bandai, Fine Molds and even Revell, it is a little perplexing. I could understand it if it involved subjects poorly served by recent toolings such as the Shuttle Tydirium but the other kits are a bit of a head scratcher. That said I do like the Snowspeeder for its size... just not the crew figures though
  7. Pretty sure Bandai won the Blue Ribband for that model a few years back. I think it would have to be well below the £100 mark to be viable tbh. Most obvious move for R2 to make imho (and would seem reasonably consistent with some of their approaches over the past 10 years) would be to consider a new tool AT-AT in 1/48 along with a new tool Shuttle Tydirium in1/72. Would provide a nice accompaniment to other models available. There's also real scope to go into areas not yet explored in 1/48 IM before, including a B-Wing, Y-Wing, Tie Interceptor and Tie Bomber. The size a
  8. I have painful memories of Southern Comfort from when I was a 19 year old...
  9. I much prefer Hobby Boss and Meng's approach - announce a kit - then 'actually release it' a few months later or at least maintain Good comms with consumer base.
  10. Yep... well... I'm pretty sure they suggested they would be selling (actually putting production kits in hands) a Vulcan kit which is... where...? So the amount of breath ill be holding for their amazing looking Chipmunk is... probably close to zero bar.
  11. I keep thinking about trying that with a kit for which I'm desperate to see a new tool. Just to see if it will work. Guess I'll be starting on my Airfix 1/48 Buccaneer this weekend then.
  12. I learned to disguise most of mine as furniture. Seriously. There’s a whole load that look exactly like a large wardrobe. Stash camouflage.
  13. '...how long to finish your stash?' For anyone else, about 5 years. For me, about 422 years.
  14. Or it's so amazing like the Airfix Vulcan that they can't possibly let the public have it
  15. But have they actually 'produced' and 'shipped' even one complete with tall fin? Taking pre-orders is one thing but producing the actual article is another. I've seen that pre-order rattle around for quite some time without seeing anything of the plastic so far. Do you know if the 'one sold' has actually resulted in the sprues in someone's hands? Cheers
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