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  1. Nocoolname

    The Addiction

    Lol! Just what I thought!
  2. Nocoolname

    Tornado F.3 ADV early

    Thanks. I don't think it perforated as much as disintegrated. Apparently it was a bit of a mess in there and my scar looks like I've been in a shark attack.
  3. Nocoolname

    The Addiction

    Well in terms of kit 'numbers' this thread has proved the perfect panacea for my blood pressure 700 Zero's you say? Well that's multiples of my entire stash I was beginning to get worried that I had developed a Phantom and a Tomcat habit at 11 and 5 respectively That said, I think my obsession may have manifested itself in different ways, like my work on 'improving' my AMT Space 1999 Eagle kit which ended with me designing and producing almost an entire kit in 3D and Brass or even worse, my MPC USS Cygnus ("The Black Hole") for which I created the entire framework in custom etch
  4. Nocoolname

    Tornado F.3 ADV early

    Wowzer! Things must have changed since the days when I had my appendix out. That involved 3 hours of emergency surgery, 1 hour of recovery 2 hours of swearing, 3 days of Pethediene and ‘then’ I was able to use my hands!
  5. Nocoolname

    Trumpeter new tool Avro Vulcan

    Think: It's 1/144 Hope: It's 1/72 Would be ecstatic if: It's 1/48
  6. Shame they couldn't drop the scale down a digit. A 55-59 cm Death Star would be awesome.
  7. Nocoolname

    Tornado F.3 ADV early

    Ah, if only proper decals had been available when I did my prototype. I had to fight long and hard with my own custom versions just to get to this:
  8. It’s not my fault honest. The kits made me buy them.
  9. Nocoolname

    1:200 Trumpeter Titanic 03713

    Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. I'm really going to have to buy this aren't I. Perhaps I could live in it and use my 1/48 U-Boat as an extension.
  10. Thanks Duncan! Can't wait to get them! As for the size, I'll worry about that later. The same thought I had when I bought the 1/48 U-Boat
  11. My resistance broke! Just ordered one Mike along with an SU-34.
  12. Nocoolname

    Tornado F.3 ADV early

    I’ll be following this. I’m looking to date mine back to the operational F.2 - 229OCU - to compliment my F.2 prototype build. It has the same tail scheme as that above but the ‘arrow’ beneath the cockpit is a yellow/orange horizontal split.
  13. Nocoolname

    Tamiya blows everything up! 1/48 F-14 Tomcat in 2016!

    Looks like I’ll be relegating my Hobbyboss kits to the B List.
  14. Nocoolname

    Trying to like Italeri kits. Honest!

    Know how you feel. Their Tornado F.3 fought me every step of the way. The only kit I found harder was the Warp Space 1999 Eagle which would simply break every time I looked at it to the extent that I thought I’d developed a super power. There was an upside to the experience with the Italeri kit in that it taught me an awful lot about overcoming modelling challenges in general and the challenges of this kit in particular. I’ve since picked up a couple of their Italian Airforce IDS anniversary kits which should be a lot easier. I’m also finding my current Academy and Hasegawa builds to be a real delight too.
  15. Nocoolname

    Anechoic Tile Decals?

    Hi folks! Does anyone know if anyone produces decals for the anechoic tiles on modern submarines? Something similar to the decals produced to simulate the HR tiles on the Space Shuttle? cheers