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  1. Nice one! I had one of these, then for some daft reason let it go last year, but then found another for the price I let mine go for and nabbed that. It'll make a nice companion to the Thunderfighter I have in the stash.
  2. I'm too lazy for all this new acrylic/enamel switching fiddlery and can barely use a brush for my teeth let alone a model. I just zap everything these days with Alclad Mil-Spec enamels from the air canon and hook my lungs up to a ventilator afterwards
  3. Great build Ben! I have 5 of these in the stash plus detail sets awaiting the improvement of my skills. I just wish R2 would bring out the other Eagle variants in this scale.
  4. Oh for a 1/72 version... and a 1/72 Eagle Freighter... and a Super Swift...
  5. Hi Mark. I sometimes feel pretty ropey too (and by sometimes I mean days not a few minutes). The MH situation had me boiled over the past week. I had need to contact my IAPT only to be informed by the 'robot' that they had 'switched themselves off' and wouldn't be switching themselves back on again until all of the COVID's had left the building. And my Access To Work support is now on hold until the foreseeable for much the same reason. Sometimes I get het up by what's on here. Sometimes I get buoyed up. Sometimes I need a few days break. Other times its like Catnip. But overall its a really good constant. I don't 'have' to contribute in terms of builds and can simply lurk and in an odd sense that's just helped kick me back into actually doing some stuff (just primed two cockpits ready for detailing - one had just been in parts in a plastic bag for a year) that has really got me going but I also want to try and pace myself. Especially since every time I walk into my den I am greeted by the 1/200 Titanic and detail set I bought and think 'whaaaat…?' but then places like this help bring me back to Earth with a soft landing with a nice mix of stuff. I'm still learning. About my MH, about my Dyslexia (despite being diagnosed for 23 years), about my ADHD and ASD only diagnosed in the last 12 months and about all of the above combined. I get things wrong. I got things wrong last week. And today. I'm just going to try and keep at it. Hope you do too buddy!
  6. Ooooh… thought about getting one of those but wasn't sure if the lights would be a bit too big for my scale (1/48).
  7. Mmmm… not really. Mostly my age (ahem...) or older. Unless you count their kids who are just allowed to run all over the shop then yes.
  8. I wish I could afford ‘a’ residence let alone a country one!
  9. I am Schrödinger's resident. I can be both in Telford and London simultaneously
  10. Not far from Telford myself and that article just about sums this place up. In fact its been on the wane for weeks now. I think one of the weirdest things is watching parents (barely attempt to) stand two metres apart while letting their kids play together. Of course, parents these days all have kids that viruses can't stick to so there's no chance that they can pick up anything and transmit it onwards.
  11. Well, the saga continues. Not content with yesterday's antics the FedEx drivers decided to up the ante with my order from Eduard and not only dumped it at the gate of a tractor seller more than 2 miles away but claimed that it had been signed for by a Dan Brown (author of 'The Da Vinci Code' no less!). I only found out when the tractor company phoned me using the number on the label. I then had to break out of lockdown and manage the pickup from the company in the safest way possible for both of us. Needless to say I've explained to the couriers how I'll be taking the matter up officially. I figure they either don't care or think I'll just forget about it. In the meantime, the final part of my birthday haul. The Lysander brings back warm memories of the gluey mess I made of the Matchbox kit as a very young kid
  12. If Aires, CMK or Eduard come out with a full cockpit set then I might go for those otherwise I'll probably hold off on any further upgrades until I see what the Kittyhawk offering looks like which may cause me to ditch the Zvezda.
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