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  1. Hi folks I've been absent from the forum for a while due to 'life' but have progressed with some builds, albeit at a glacial pace. These include Revell 1/48 Tornado IDS, Trumpeter 1/24 Hurricane and Tamiya 1/48 F-14A Tomcat. Here's a couple of pics of the latter so far. The cockpit and forward undercarriage/fuselage are done and assembled and it's just moving to the next stage. I'll post pics of the other builds that are coming along also. Thanks for looking
  2. Eduard’s ‘Camel & Co’ and a heap of Quinta Studios sets for 1/48 aircraft: Tamiya F-117A Tamiya F-4B x 2 Minibase Su-33 Hasegawa F-104G Hobbyboss MV-22 and as much as I’m interested in the forthcoming sets for the A-6 family I wish, just once, they’d park some of the obvious stuff and do some British subjects for a change. Something for the Revell Tornadoes, kinetic Harriers etc.
  3. I saw the video by Jamie Hood where he showed off a number of prototypes including the Razer Crest in many of its component parts with all the glorious detail. It even comes with a tiny scale figure of Grogu. Looks like another expensive Christmas on the way.
  4. First thing I thought on reading your post was why are your roads made of carpet? As for the item, looks like one of the tiny push button LED's you can pick up at festivals. I had a couple over my sunny's at a festival years back.
  5. You might try this: https://culturehustle.com/products/mirror I saw some examples shared by @Mike on BM a while back and your topic just reminded me to order some.
  6. That would go nicely alongside one of my Fine Molds 1/72 Slave One's.
  7. Today's grump. Movie companies further delaying the release of films because they insist on a cinema release. Like the huge number of people that were quite happy 'not' turning back the clock on the more progressive things to emerge from lockdown, I was quite enjoying 'not' having the 'cinema experience' and instead of the usual melee (mobile phones, talking over the film and all manner of disruptions) actually started to get used to enjoying watching the new releases without disruption. But no, this was no sign of a brave new world but just a mere blip before reality was dragged back to the 20th century. Grump ends!
  8. Looks like an SR-71. 1/48 scale. 2021 tooling with modern details. I know how to use Zap-a-Gap.
  9. A bunch of AM stuff from the Big H - Eduard Big Ed B-17F Part III, LooK and Lancaster Mk I LooK along with the Xtradecal set for the Chipmunk I flew in at RAF Woodvale a long time ago!
  10. AMT/Round 2 are also due to release a kit in 1/72
  11. The Big H has some interesting Eduard subjects listed for future release including a 1/48 Tornado IDS and another 1/48 Spitfire special covering the Va and Vb but I can't find any details listed with Eduard?
  12. Actually just checked mine again and found a similar issue in the wheel department as mentioned above. Not a major issue given I'll likely display as aircraft on the ground but this kind of thing really shouldn't be happening. Also now worried that I might yet discover a problem with my Vulcan kit. Will be avoiding Airfix until they sort their QC.
  13. First impressions... wrong size, shape, etc. the nose looks too nosey, the engines look too enginey, why is the plastic grey? No one ever uses grey plastic, not even for grey plastic things. And that round thing is the wrong kind of round. Just getting my tuppence worth in first... LOL!!
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