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  1. I think the issue is that with acrylics it’s almost like a moody kind of alchemy. They always seem to need some kind of fiddling with and just when you think you’ve got the formula down it all goes sideways. I tried acrylics for 6 years, taking out 3 airbrushes in the process before moving on. I did get some good results but the amount of faffery involved was just absurd. For what would take 6 hours using acrylics I could do in less than 1 with enamel and unlike the ‘ready to spray’ acrylics I’ve tried, Mil-Spec really is and doesn’t need an added dose of thinner. And since the changeover all of my airbrushes have remained tip top with far less maintenance needed. And the notion of having to use a flow improver? My acrylics - especially the Revell and Tamiya - are still used but only for fine detail brush work and for making up washes.
  2. Agreed! Tried Tamiya, Vallejo and Revell acrylics and had a ton of trouble getting them to do what I wanted. Started using enamels again after many years - AK Metals followed by Alclad Mil-Spec and haven't looked back since. Excellent results and far easier cleanup from my airbrushes.
  3. One for each day of the week?
  4. People ruining the weekend with a lawn mower
  5. 6 in total: Badger 250 (for large area jobs) Paasche Copy (for general uncomplicated work and priming) Aztek 470 (for general use with acrylics) H&S Ultra (for general use but good for cammo) Neo Iwata (as above) H&S Infinity CR Plus (for finest detail)
  6. It's been birthday time for me... so... I might have gone a 'little bit' overboard... Kits: 1/48 Italeri F-104G Special Colours (I really like the star covered version) 1/48 Revell Eurofighter Typhoon single seater (silly price on Amazon and hope to build as Ghost Tiger after I do my 1435 version) 1/48 Tamiya F-16C (to be modified as a F-16AM at the Belgian 'Solo display - Dark falcon' 1/48 Eduard Bunny Fighter Club Bf-109G-6 Dual Combo Special 1/48 Heller Tiger Helicopter 1/48 Eduard Fw-190D JV44 Dual Combo 1/48 Kitty Hawk Saab Gripen 1/48 Hasegawa Harrier GR.5 1/48 Hobbyboss Tucano AM: 1/48 Aires F/A-18F Big Set 1/48 Eduard F-14D Brassin Cockpit x 2 1/48 Eduard Harrier GR.7/9 Brassin Set x 2 1/48 CMK Gripen Cockpit 1/48 Big Ed F-15E GWH 1/48 Big Ed MH-53 Academy 1/48 F-4K/M Seamless Intake Set 1/48 SyHart Decals Belgian F-16AM 'Solo display - Dark falcon' 1/48 Twobobs 48-065 A-10A 'Black Lightning Bolt' 1/48 Twobobs F-15E Maximum Effect Eagles 1/48 Shorts Tucano Display Markings Books: Danny Coremans Uncovering the F-4 Phantom Duke Hawkins - Panavia Tornado F-16 Fighting Falcon - Viper under the skin special edition
  7. Is it possible to print white images using a laser printer?
  8. Double congratulations! First for such a great build. Second for managing to bag the Brigade Models conversion. So elusive I had to settle for a Unicorn instead.
  9. Am I imagining things or does it appear the Eduard are gradually replacing their back catalogue of PE with new sets created with greater fidelity? I've noticed recently with updated sets for the F-15 and the new sets for the Tornado ADV included in the special edition. I've also noticed the new sets have clear 'blobs' over the instrument dials, presumably to simulate glass. I still prefer to use acetate but it's nice to see the improvements.
  10. Still haven't heard owt from Revell about their alleged QM2 Platinum Edition nor much about the release date for their 1/48 Lancer Platinum Edition other than its on pre-order. Wish they'd at least crank these out before pushing out HB kits.
  11. I have the previous release but I want to buy that one also just for that snake decal!
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