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  1. I started 3D printing over 7 years ago when I developed a more 'accurate' model of a Space 1999 Eagle Transporter using Tinkercad and Shapeways' FUD resin. I still have the model with all of its parts and aside from a persisting 'coconut' smell (which I believe related to the resin support wax) the parts have retained their shape and are no less brittle than when delivered. At that time the detail was very good and the level of striation depended as much on the resolution of the models (which for me depended on what I could wring out of Tinkercard at the time). I almost jumped into getting what was at the time one of the first consumer SLA printers (Form Labs Form1) but was put off by the £2000+ price tag. But like most technologies things have come on in leaps and bounds while the prices continue to drop. The new materials seem to be of far better quality than those I had to play with and the resolution is superb. I bought an Elegoo Mars a few months ago and look forward to filling in the gaps that the current AM manufacturer's don't, starting with a complete interior for the new Round 2 14" Eagle. That said, it'll never offer the capabilities that I, and I'm sure many others would want, which would be a home injected styrene system. But I guess we can dream...
  2. Good call on the cockpit PE choice. I've been working on an IDS build and found the foot pedals to be particularly bothersome, especially the 'rails'. The next kit is likely to be built around one of the Aires cockpits but if I had to use the plastic part again the furthest I would go would be to remove just the pedals and 'slot' the PE pedals into the existing rails. I also have the 'LooK' GR.1 sets and I remain undecided as to whether these are any better than the PE parts. They seem a little 'toyish' especially when compared with the offerings now coming out from Quinta Studios. Good look with the build!
  3. Just ordered F-14A, F-15A, D, C and F-16C for the remainder of my 1/48 kits.
  4. I'm just about to sell on a factory sealed version of this detail set so it will be nice to see what's in the box and how well it goes down.
  5. Why does Amazon packing paper always smell of sick?
  6. Update! My parcel arrived! No fuss whatsoever! I didn't know how to deal with that. Had to have a lie down.
  7. They are the absolute business! I have sets for Mig-29 and 31 and will be picking up sets for the F-14, F-15, F-16 (Tamiya) and hopefully F/A-18F for the few 1/48 kits I'm keeping.
  8. I just received a message saying that my latest Amazon purchase is being sent through Yodel. So that's that then.
  9. Biggy birthday presents for family, a first proper holiday for myself in 7 years and the last 1/48 kit I'm likely to get (Eduard Spitfire Story) since I'm moving all my stash save for a handful of exceptions.
  10. And why is it that a fly is able to get into my place through a 1mm crack in the curtains but can't get back out again even when I remove an entire side of my house?
  11. The new Vulcan looks amazesome! Hope I can get one!
  12. Absurdity squared! Yesterday I placed a repeat order for 10 packing boxes to help with my stash clear-out. The last batch arrived in nothing more than a plastic mailing bag - all sensible, especially when being left outside. Today, my new batch arrived. Sealed inside a plastic mailing bag but then... placed inside a 'massive' box, plus a load of unnecessary paper packing material. On the upside, should I feel inclined and able to offer combined postage and shipping at some point for a lot of items I have a really good box and packing to do so. On the downside, what utter nonsense!
  13. I get that with online support services and occasionally in retail stores. Again, it feels like someone is playing the 'idiot-side' of the broken customer service record they appear to have been given by an 'engagement consultant'. "Do you need help with anything else today?" "Thanks for asking! Some help paying my mortgage would be an absolute treat thanks!". "Did you find everything you needed on your shop today?" "Not quite - I couldn't find the interdimensional gateway that would allow me to escape from this hell". "Is that all for today?" "Oh no, I've only just started loading things on to your counter! Once I've transferred everything from your shelves and literally walled you in against your till, 'then' my work will be done and I will bid you farewell!"
  14. I feel your pain buddy. I have tinnitus though relatively mild but with ASD I'm also hypersensitive to certain noise (some can be quite painful) so have to wear earplugs for sleep. I think the hardest thing to cope with is the sheer ignorance or even potential arrogance of people living around me. They bought their plot of land and the home its built on. They didn't buy exclusive rights to the air, sky and the sounds that they can facilitate that covers the miles around them. That's shared space and considerate behaviors apply. I do sometimes wonder if these are people who moved from a more built up area because they struggled to live in a place where considerate behaviors were required and think that the world is different for a small hamlet.
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