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  1. But when are they going to Take my money!!!!!!
  2. A package from Eduard which FedEx mucked me about big time with the delivery But it contained my Mig-23BN Special Edition to add to my other special editions (3 in total now - The Black Special, The Hell Fighter and the Grey Tiger) But it was missing one of the two Eduard P-51D Brassin cockpit sets that I had ordered But at least included the new Eduard LööK Mig-23BN cockpit. After the disappointment I felt when I bought the first edition LööK parts (for the Fw-190 and Me-109), which appeared to be quite toy-like with less fidelity than the PE equivalents, Eduard appear to have really raised their game with the latest sets. The console is fantastic, this time looking far more convincing than the PE equivalents and better than the Yahu Mig-23 cockpit. In fact I bought the latter just in case the LööK turned out as disappointing as the earlier versions and this was also the reason I only bought one of the sets this time around. But with what I have seen I will be ordering another two straight away and will have little hesitation buying the P-51 and other new versions as they are released. Very highly recommended!
  3. I'm thinking of using the nose from a Hase F-4G with a ZM F-4S to create a better WW.
  4. I noticed in a number of my early-mid 2000's Hasegawa kits that the whites on the decals appear very 'off-white' to the point of being cream coloured instead. Does anyone know if there was a particular manufacturing problem at that time? More recent and even earlier kits have much sharper whites in the decals. Cheers
  5. Given the number of variants suggested its frustrating that they don't provide multiple options in the box in the way that other manufacturers have done. Or failing that, if they really want to wring every coin out of the series then at least try and aim for as many common parts as possible thereby reducing the time needed to just the 'supplementary' parts for each variant so that each kit could be trotted out all the sooner. With the number of variants involved I'll be in my frail dotage by the time they get round to releasing a 'G' if they stick to their somewhat pedestrian pace and I'll likely have died of old age by the time they even 'think' about releasing a K or M
  6. But it's just the same 3D mockup shown elsewhere. Still no actual plastic to show
  7. ?? The wings are too big on what? The 1/144 kit?
  8. Does this mean I can retire my Airwaves Vac-form kit?
  9. Mine have landed in the UK and are now with customs and this is where the most frustrating part of the process begins. It's not the VAT and other costs - happy to pay what is due; nor even the 'ransom' (handling fee) though this is grating and utterly disproportionate to what is involved and the 'real' processing costs; it is the 'time' taken to process before they slap the charges on top that bothers me. For an item that has managed to wing its way from the supplier through their own customs and then on to an airport on the other side of the world in a few days, the fact that they feel the need to spend a week or more 'handling' the package before charges are then slapped on is what infuriates me.
  10. I miss having pets. I like both cats and dogs. But I need to pass my 'not letting something as simple as a plant die' test before I can consider anything more complex.
  11. Looks very interesting and I hope it becomes a precursor for larger scale styrene models of the subject. Main concern with all of these remains the panel lines (trenches). The lines on the studio models and full scale replica were imperceptible so it would be good if this were better represented. I'll be puttying all of the lines on my Anigrand kit but I'll also be doing my best to replicate the 'aztecing' paint job.
  12. Blimey! I saw Belinda Carlisle at the 80's Rewind Festival about 10 years ago. Except they mis-spelled her name to Belinda Carlise. I think it was an even more surreal experience that the idea of dancing in a submarine.
  13. Lovely build which brings back memories. I flew on an Air Atlantique DC-3 from Liverpool Airport in the late 80's.
  14. Not aware of any changes to the main plastic. From what I gather the main change was around the decals with new schemes including British though there may also have been updates to the ordinance and the PE set. My main interest was in the new UK decals though if Caracal include something similar in their new set I'll just get another version 1.0 kit.
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