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  1. Totally agree. These are 'scale representations' using the tools available to the manufacturers and based on a whole host of design compromises and yet in almost every regard they blow the toolings of previous years out of the water in terms of engineering and options. They look the shape, they have at least as many, but generally far or more options available than their predecessors while the potential for super detailing - not just through AM but now 3D printing - can take them to heights never before available. If it doesn't look right to people then don't buy it. If it doesn't
  2. Ooooooo..... I've held that pose for a 'very' long time I can tell you...
  3. Hi folks! Was wondering if anyone out there had any experience of making the hinges workable for undercarriage bay doors and canopies? I know this isn't everyone's bag but I have been trying to find a way of producing scale hinges but my engineering brain seems to struggle these days with conjuring the ideas to make this work. The canopy hinges for the F-4 Phantom are a particular challenge but so too are the hinges for the landing gear doors on the F-15. Neither having a simple loop and close approach. I saw a really good video on YouTube of a 1/48 F-35 with workable hinges but th
  4. It's real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks amazing. I'm going to have to get two.
  5. Not for the AK's. I have the entire range plus several bottles of the Black Base which makes a fantastic gloss black in its own right. I've had them sat in the cup for a while as I've been faffing about with the model but they still sprayed fine.
  6. Nope! As fast and pretty reliable as it always has been where I live and I'm pretty rural. Bought an item on Sunday, posted Monday, delivered today.
  7. ...and then said seller promptly cancelled my order yesterday morning, citing incorrect pricing as the reason and initiating refund of my payment. So I then placed a new order at the 'correct' pricing with an ETA of Thursday. Only to be told today that they didn't actually have the item to be able to dispatch. I remember the good old days when buying a thing meant being given the thing.
  8. Aside from the box art and racy postcards was there much difference between this and the original release?
  9. Parts from Shapeways for two kits on the go - moveable parts for the wings, nosecone and refueling probe for a 1/48 F-4N and an AI.24 Foxhunter kit for a 1/48 Tornado ADV, along with a few enhancements for their ejection seats.
  10. Just managed to bag one via a certain seller via a certain site with an ETA of Wednesday 3 March. And I've no idea what I'm going to do with it. I suppose I could just stare at the parts in fear for a few months?
  11. Well they snap out surprised us with their new tool Superbug so why not?
  12. Oh yea? So where is the 1/35 scale figure of 'me looking worried over another unfinished model' that I've been hoping for?
  13. Wow... this thread makes me feel young...
  14. Um... how many SR-71 kits in 1/72? Academy? Hasegawa? Testors/Italeri? Monogram/Revell? How many SR-71 kits in 1/48? Testors/Italeri I'm sure there's room for another, shinier, 1/72 kit but lets at least allow just a second quarter scale kit to creep out of the stable doors first...? Hmmm...?
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