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  1. I actually dumped my Revell kit due to it being a monstrosity even with the AM parts and bought the Tamiya version with the Pontos set instead. Hopefully I can get it looking even half as good as this.
  2. Nocoolname

    That retro camouflaged Tonka

    I almost jumped with joy but then realised they were 1/72
  3. Nocoolname

    F-14D “Bombcat” VF-31 CAG “OIF” - Completed

    That's a corker!
  4. Nocoolname

    Revell Phantom FGR2 1/48

    Mine sure ain't Cartograph.
  5. Nocoolname

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    What were "...the 70's.."?
  6. Nocoolname

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    You can't beat em! But you can eat em!
  7. Nocoolname

    Revell Phantom FGR2 1/48

    So mine arrived today. Pro's: It's a good British Phantom that is not a silly price. It's has decals for nice subjects like the 'Blue Special'. Cons: Revell's classic flimsy end opening box. The decals sure ain't Cartograph.
  8. Nocoolname

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

  9. Nocoolname

    Trainers GB, We're on! - Chat

    Oooh! Can I join? I have a Gnat raring to go!
  10. Nocoolname

    The best 1/48 F-14

    Perfect! Thanks Giorgio (and to Roof Rat for asking the question) since I also want to backdate one of my D's to a B. For the cockpit I'm hoping to use one of Eduard's offerings as they are exquisite.
  11. Nocoolname

    Revell Phantom FGR2 1/48

    Thanks to their inclusion of the decals I'm going to build mine as a 'Bluey'! XV408
  12. I do find this pretty frustrating TBH. To find out more, I have to join their 'fan' club and to do that I have to join FB? After everything that has been revealed about FB over the last 12 months? One decent kit for me (Mig-31) makes me someone that is 'interested' in their work and wanting to see more, but it is not yet enough to make me an 'avid fan'. And of all the things that might stop me from even considering becoming one it's trying to force me to rejoin FB.
  13. Please Bandai! No more 'Kinder Surprise' scale!
  14. Nocoolname

    Revell Phantom FGR2 1/48

    Yep, done! And only £4.50 more than the 1/72 Airfix kit.