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  1. Special Hobby, you've done all the pre-work, now give us the Potez 25TOE in 1/48 too!
  2. Well done Airfix for the 1/72 builders. Now that you've done all the research, how about you scale it up to 1/48 for the rest of us?
  3. The cowling of the 152 is noticeably different. References say the 152 had 2 20mm cannons and 2 mgs vs the 151's 4 mgs, and the 152 had the wingspan increased.
  4. For crying out load Airfix, make a darned 1/48 Beaufort already. It is probably the last operational British aircraft of WWII that nobody has made a 1/48 injected kit of.
  5. Now that you have done all the research, how about releasing the Loire 210 in 1/48 as well. :)
  6. Hope it sells well. There is a wealth of China-Japan War aircraft that have not been kitted in 1/48. The Vought Corsairs and Breda 27 would be good candidates.
  7. Good kit to see. Now if only they will follow it with the last major Italian WWII aircraft still ignored in 1/48 scale, the Caproni Ca.310, Ca.311, Ca.314 series.
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