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  1. I'll try and build on what Keith suggested, as this topic piqued my interest. Links to vendor sites are purely for illustration and not intended to endorse any particular product or seller. I would guess that any of these coaches would be suitable, certainly anything with a clerestory roof will look the part; https://www.hattons.co.uk/stocklist/3095876/1000588/1000636/0/parkside_models_oo_gauge_1_76_scale_coaches/prodlist.aspx City of Truro as a loco would certainly be right since (IIRC) it pre-dates the 1914-18 war by a few years. A train pack with one of CoT's classmates was offered at one time https://www.hattons.co.uk/71907/bachmann_branchline_30_325_ambulance_train_no_40_train_pack_with_gwr_class_3700_no_3711_city_of_birmingham_/stockdetail.aspx I'm only familiar with trains in 1:76 scale, which is OO, or possibly 00; think Hornby railways, that size. I don't know if anything is done in 1:72 to suit military models.
  2. One thing to point out, with my E-type anorak on, you only need the "JAGUAR" script for the boot lid. The interior detail for this car isn't correct for the 4.2 Series 1 E-type that was introduced in 1964. I suspect the gearbox might look different as would other under-bonnet details. You'd even need a new decal for the gear lever markings as 3.8-etypes with the Moss gearbox had reverse to the left of first gear (and easy to select by mistake). The 4.2-litre (and 5.3, V12) cars had Jaguar's own gearbox with reverse to the left of second gear (and very difficult to engage with the handbrake on, because both levers want to occupy the same space). I am nevertheless impressed that the decals extend to the gear lever markings. None of this has stopped me buying this kit to go with the Revell E-type coupé.
  3. A couple more from the last couple of days. Another Porsche 944. I think I've mentioned this one before, but finally managed to get a photo. It's a Bentley and I'd guess it's a Mk.VI or R-Type. I don't think that's the standard steel saloon body, so it will be coachbuilt but I don't know by whom.
  4. Looking good so far. I didn't realise that MGBs came with three wipers until I watched Jay Leno's Garage on YouTube tonight. It seems it was an American market thing, because the law said that the wipers had to clear a certain percentage of the windscreen. What colour are you going for? I hope something suitably 1970s, maybe a brown?
  5. Thanks Pat. My plans are nothing like that simple. I think the body is an American specification Scirocco, with the side marker lights. I don't like the way those marker lights look, so they have to go, which means painting. I don't like the molded color so I'll try painting it something nicer, or at least more to my taste.
  6. A few more bits done. A bit of clear yellow on the carburettors and the Shelby V8 has some fresh satin black on the rocker covers. Steering wheels, patching the gap in the Mach 1's steering wheel and painting up the Shelby's wheel rim. Shelby floor and interior painted Revell Aqua Colour "Anthracite". I like the colour and the paint seems to go on really nicely. The sides and parcel shelf on the interior are supposed to be satin black, so it doesn't matter about the paint coverage in those areas. Mach 1 "wood" panels for the interior. These had a coat of light beige sprayed on, then some clear orange. That didn't look dark enough so I dry brushed some darker brown and I'll give it another coat of orange. Still fighting mould lines on the Mach 1 Even the Shelby seems to throw up new seams with each coat of primer. I swear the plastic regrows when paint is applied.
  7. Thanks John. I used a fine scalpel to remove the wipers on my Shelby Mustang. It's not the neatest job in the world but I hope that the presence of some 3D wipers will hide the worst bits. As for keeping things apart, it's probably the only good thing about the 1971 Mustang being moulded in red; I know all the red parts belong to that kit and anything white is the Shelby.
  8. They were marking the 25th anniversary of the MGF at Gaydon this weekend.
  9. I don't know if the roof needs a bit more texture or a bit of matt varnish (just my view)? The seams have turned out well and it might be that, as Marco said, once the chrome trim is added it will look more like vinyl. I've got every confidence that the finished model will look great. I know you could buy scale adhesive vinyl, which I've seen applied to 1:18 scale American cars to good effect. But I've never seen it on sale in the UK and I don't know if it would be too thick and over-scale for 1:24 models. Plus I bet it's a nightmare to stick down smoothly, so I think going for paint is the right thing to do.
  10. A couple of German modern classics spotted today. Porsche 944 S2. Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet (automatic).
  11. A lot of effort has been expended today, which doesn't seem to have manifested itself in visible results. Still, progress is progress. Shelby body, mostly sanding down seam lines and rough places. I decided it would be easier to add the front suspension before painting the underside. As I'm painting I decided to prime the interior tub too. As you can see there's a gap where the transmission tunnel goes, Which means I've also had to prime the underside of the interior so that it can be painted. Not painted but I've glued the tachometer pod to the top of the dashboard as I hope it reduces the risk of messing up the paint finish later. The seats have been separated from the sprue to make them easier to spray. A little colour on the steering wheel, it will eventually get a coat of clear orange to simulate the wood grain effect of the wheel rim. There is more wood grain on the 1971 Mustang, so that's all masked up and sprayed. I might try dry brushing a little dark brown to bring out the grain before adding the orange. Or maybe not as I don't know how visible it will actually be. I've also tackled the ejector pin marks on the rear parcel shelf and on the underside of the bonnet. Other work includes more primer on various parts and I've stripped the chrome from some of the Shelby's engine parts including the alternator and air cleaner. I wasn't happy that the air filter element looked chrome. Tomorrow will probably involve more primer and maybe various shades of black paint.
  12. It's well known that the best way to find any lost item is to buy a replacement
  13. I missed out on an Austin Healey 100-6 auction this week as I completely forgot to bid.
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