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  1. Interesting colour choice, I don't think I've seen a Herald like that before. It looks like you've got some glue on the windows (or is that just what the kit windows are like? And is it an illusion or does it not sit on all four wheels? I quite fancy having a go at this kit at some point, I'm not sure my effort would be any better than yours.
  2. Not sure what you're implying Amazon has one fewer kits now... I feel a bit bad for not supporting a proper model shop, but I don't think there's another way I could have got it so cheaply or quickly. I'm a little worried about doing gloss black paint but it's such an iconic colour scheme... I saw this real one just over a year ago
  3. A couple of British classics spotted today; a two-seat Morgan in Old English White and what looked like a freshly restored Land Rover Series 1 in (very shiny) green. I can't quite get my head around shiny Land Rovers, but if that's what owners want then they do look quite smart.
  4. Time for a second update today. Spot the difference with the previous interior picture. Just checking that the hand brake will fit next to the seat. Door cards, the circular items are (I think) for the quarterlights, the 3500GT being a 2+2 it's nice that the back seat passengers can control the ventilation. However, they are in the wrong place; there should be a body colour strip at the top of the door and a bright metal kick plate halfway up the lower section of the door card. On the right, I've scraped off the circular bits. Modified d
  5. A quick online search for MR2 Mk2 and A110 dimensions; Wheelbase: MR2 2400mm, A110 2100mm Length: MR2 4180mm, A110 3850mm Width: MR2 1700mm, A110 1520mm Height: MR2 1240mm, A110 1130mm Weight: MR2 1180kg, A110 790kg So, the MR2 is 30cm longer, 33cm wider, 11cm higher and 390kg heavier if my maths is correct.
  6. That's a great subject and you've done a beautiful job with it. Did you choose that licence plate? I'm impressed with the two-tone paint, was it a challenge to mask? I'd definitely like to add a car like this to my kit collection.
  7. Taking advantage of a day off to make some more progress. Last night I painted masking fluid over the inside of the body. I really hope this is the last coat of primer and I can give it the gentlest rub down without burning through so that I can apply some colour soon. Something that doesn't seem right is the handbrake, which seems too long, mounted in the wrong place and should have a leather gaiter. As supplied it is chrome plated, so that was stripped. Cut down and imbedded in some putty, the gaiter should match the up
  8. Time for a quick, midweek progress update. Ignition wires like some strange millipede. I haven't worked out how to stick the plug leads to the plugs and a few leads have got lost but it's better than nothing. At least I hope it is. Interior window surrounds and the seat back touched up with decanted spray paint, I still need to do the trim on the wheel arches.
  9. I bought a Tamiya Jaguar recently, so it's been interesting seeing how you've tackled yours and I look forward to the conclusion.
  10. Here's a "GTO" that can be thrown around with abandon video here.
  11. Hi Paul, Some bits were excellent; The body and fittings were great; the front bumper, side mirrors and all the lights were a perfect fit with no (or very little) correction needed. I don't think I've even glued some of the front lights as they fitted so securely with friction alone. The interior was mostly good, I think there were a couple of little gaps in the dashboard but nothing you'd notice when it's assembled and it doesn't quite fall together like a Tamiya kit usually does. The underside; well I managed to get it square but it felt like
  12. Sorry, I sometimes wonder if I'm bidding against a fellow forum member. I already have the racing Mk2, so I didn't bid on that one. From memory, the racing kit includes the twin SU carburettors. But I think there are some different sprues depending on whether it is the racing or road car. The grille is the most obvious difference to me. And you get a square of carpet with the road car.
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