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  1. I looked at the LM decals, and they would work, but paying £17 to get just 8 decals is crazy. I have a set of the Tigerhead ones on back order with Hannants, but don't know when they may be in stock. So, i may try using some Montex masks instead, and paint them myself. They do sets for the correct size Type A roundels and fin flashes.
  2. Depends....what do the roundels look like?
  3. Thanks for that Graham. The mk.v decals they do should still be the same as a mk.ix. They're ok with posting to the UK in your experience?
  4. I fancy building a version of MJ755 which Biggin Hill restored in 2019 and was the subject of the More4 series last autumn. I've found the right 1/48 LFIXc kit, and can get the lettering for the squadron codes and serial number, but cannot find appropriate roundels! Tigerhead do a decal set which would do the trick, but its out of stock anywhere I look. Are there any other decal sets, even from non-Spitfire aircraft, which would give me the right roundels and tail flashes?
  5. think i've sorted it. Tracked down a Techmod decal set for an FAA Corsair. Did a bit of deadeye reckoning against my 1/48 F4U kit, and I think they're pretty much spot on, so I've ordered them and cancelled the Xtradecal ones.
  6. I have been building the Special Hobbies Seafire mkIII "Last Flights...."1/48 kit for the last couple of weeks, and today started fitting the decals. I'd read others comments about the thinness of the decals, but my god.....they're ridiculous!!! So thin you could see the stencilling beneath, and of course, three out of the four roundels split before I could even set them. I've just ordered a set of Xtradecal Pacific Fleet roundels, but i'm pretty sure they're going to be the wrong size. Any other ideas of where to source them? The kit ones measure about 45mm
  7. thanks Mark, kind of you to say. It's not as good as many on here would achieve, but I'm happy with it.
  8. So, after a bit of deliberation, and procrastinating, I did in the end go for the Fagen Fighters example as inspiration. Its a bit of a hybrid, as its not a genuine WW2 scheme, so it would never look as weathered as I've made it, but it's the look I was after, so heavy artistic license has been applied, even tho it's a "real" aircraft.
  9. I have finally tracked down and decided on a subject! I'd wanted to do the Merlin-engined P-40F/L, but I could only find a P-40E/K in 1/48 scale, so I tried to find examples of that model with the colour scheme I wanted to do. After a bit of digging around, I came across this one, known as the Desert Shark, built by Fagen Fighters. http://www.fagenfighterswwiimuseum.org/aircraft/desertshark/desertshark.html http://courtesyaircraft.com/aircraft/n4420k-curtiss-wright-p-40e/ It's got all the attributes I wanted - Desert camo?
  10. Thanks, for all the suggestions. My Airfix 1/48 Spitfire 22/24 has just turned up, so will do that first and then ponder the P-40 possibilities
  11. I did track down some of the Hobbycraft F models, but as Giorgio says, the postage costs are more than the kit! If i get one, it will be the E, which i'll do in the RAF desert/sharkmouth scheme, and worry about what it gets paired with on the shelf later
  12. Thanks Giorgio. The overall "sand" scheme is an option, i could heavily weather it to add some interest and break up the single colour. I think the only solution to get the two tone desert scheme, and the sharks mouth, is to go for the RAF roundels too, and accept the compromise
  13. Hi all, As a potential future project, I fancy doing a 1/48 scale P-40. The best kit option I can find at the moment is the Italeri P-40E/K. My dilemma at the moment is which colour scheme to choose for it. I like the dark earth/mid stone/azue blue scheme with the shark mouth, which the Italeri kit provides options for, but it's only with RAF decals. As the P-40 would sit on the shelf in the "USN/USAAF" section alongside a Corsair and a P-51D, I'd really prefer it to have USAAF markings. It looks like most E models in the desert scheme were RAF aircraft, and
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