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  1. I haven't been to MJ for years!! Did use to shop there back in my previous modelling period, but as a kid I always preferred Rogers toyshop down St Johns Street - spent my pocket money there most weekends! These days I get most of my stuff online either from Modelhobbies or Hannants
  2. Cool, i'll look forward to receiving my 2nd hand copy from my dad!
  3. Had looked at AK Xtreme metal paints, but they're out of stock at modelhobbies
  4. I knew joining here would be bad for my bank balance and strain the structural integrity of my shelves
  5. True....but I already have two 1/48, a 1/72, a 1/32 scale and the mkviii to be built, so....sensible trousers on for a while
  6. Cheers for all the advice chaps. Seeing as I still have a 1/72 scale Eduard mk viii Spitfire to make.....and very little spare shelf space!!!.....good sense has prevailed and I'll wait a while before getting G-IRTY
  7. Lateral thinking, i like it
  8. I do have a pot of that, but from a quick experiment on a spare fuselage, it didnt seem to be that polishable. I had a quick browse on here, and others seemed to have similar findings
  9. The AZ models 1/72 scale kit of G-IRTY, the 'Silver Spitfire', is back in stock, and I'm thinking of getting one. What would peoples recommendations be for a brush-applied polished aluminium paint be? I don't have an airbrush. As she's rocking a bare, polished aluminium finish, she looks fantastic and unique. https://images.app.goo.gl/o33fVCXedExBGodaA
  10. Thank you. Did turn out better than I'd feared in th end
  11. Thanks, kind of you to say
  12. So, now that I've managed to restore 90% of the canopy, I can class this one as finished, and its now on display on the shelf. Gonna take a break, and then at some point in the near future make a start on my next, and for the moment last project due to a lack of display space, an Eduard mk viii Spitfire, which will be done in Grey Nurse RAAF livery
  13. No stress or drama Michael, I took your comment in the spirit it was intended. I wish my ability matched that of some of the members on here, i'm in awe of their skills. I do the best i can, and try to learn all the time....within my limitations!!
  14. I don't have the skills for hyper-accuracy, so I just create the best I can, and that I'm happy with.
  15. I should have guessed you were at the 'heath from your username Ron! I only live about 30 minutes from there, so see the Eagles overhead now and then. Dennis, thanks for the welcome. I've been a Corsair fan since i was a kid and was lucky enough to have a quick guided tour around the old Aeronavale-painted example at IWM Duxford!
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