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  1. well spotted Jack, good eyes - I hadn't noticed that slight difference in my excitement at having thought I'd solved the problem. Masking the black disc then slicing up some white decal strips to suit will probably be the cheapest and easiest solution.
  2. I was watching Warplane Workshop last night, the episode on the Spanish Civil War Bucker Jungmeister, and the penny dropped. This marking on the rear fuselage of White 14 is the Legion Condor marking! So, on to the Hannants website this morning, and I think if I used these in 1/144 scale, they'd *probably* be the right size to go on the fuselage at 1/48 scale instead of the wings at 1/144 - or at least close enough anyway. LF Models Aircraft decals - LFMC44109 | Hannants https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/LFMC44109?result-token=TJ2zu
  3. The only things you need to watch out for are the instructions! To make the movie star version, you need to trim the wing tips down, and there's no reference line to use. I was lucky with how mine turned out. You also need to remove the cannon fairings from the wing pieces. The parts you need to use for the cannon barrels are wrong on the instructions, It shows to use part no.39, but this is wrong, you need to use part no. 40. I didn't fit the wing fences or horizontal stabiliser struts either, again they're not on my actual subject.
  4. Thanks chaps. Its not the most detailed kit, but goes together nicely enough, with hardly any filler or persuasion needed
  5. Here's my representation of the Buchon HA-1112M-1L "Yellow 10", as currently operated by Aerial Collective out of IWM Duxford, portayed as she was (mostly) when used in the filming of the Battle of Britain film. 1/72 scale AZ Model kit, not a bad little kit for the money, typical of their quality. I used the new AK Interactive 3rd Generation Early Luftwaffe paint set, which went on nicely. The RLM71 wasn't quite the shade I needed, being more olive drab than the more green shade the real aircraft seems to be in, so I added just a drop or two of RAF Dark Green. The kit only comes with a four bladed prop, as most of the Buchons use. Yellow 10 however has a three blade prop, so I used a Quick Boost Rotol Spitfire mk.5 resin item. Decals are out of the box, along with the numbers kindly provided to me by @SafetyDad I used just a little weathering with pencils and powder, as she is kept pretty clean by AC.
  6. thanks for that. I did also find some, but they're the HGW wet transfer variety which I don't fancy using, and nearly £18 which is a daft amount of money to spend on two small decals.
  7. that's what I had in mind, was just a little unsure over how crisp the masking would leave the segmented black circle. May try a practice one on my mule kit.
  8. I'm going to be building an example in 1/48 scale of the Bf109E4 which resides at the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar, which is painted to represent the aircraft when it was flown by H-J Marseille. I've got the kit, and most of the decals, but am struggling with the decal for the fuselage aft of the Balkenkreuz. Simple enough to mask the black circle, but getting the white cross over it is a little trickier, and it would be easier to do it in one decal. There's a photo calibration marking I've seen recently in a book about test and development aircraft which would fit the bill, and Fineline did a pack which featured it, but its long out of production. Any ideas or advice please, fine folks of Britmodeller? https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-109E/LG2-I/pages/Airworthy-Bf-109E4-1.LG2-White-14-Hans-Joachim-Marseille-France-1940-02.html
  9. My first flight should have been with '434, but she went technical on the day. When we rescheduled, it was alongside TA805, which kickstarted my whole relationship with Biggin Hill! Coincidentally, thats where I first saw RW382, back when she was still her 322 Dutch squadron colours.
  10. Thank you. It was definitely enhanced by knowing the aircraft and owner/pilot.
  11. Thank you. I was lucky I'd booked the Saturday, as all the Sunday flights were scrubbed due to the weather. I hung around with them afterwards too, as George did a display practice flight, so that was an added bonus!
  12. I've posted some pictures earlier this year, when I had the chance to spend the day hanging out with The Suffolk Spitfire at IWM Duxford. Last Saturday, I managed to round off the season with an amazing "fly alongside" experience with what is now my favourite Spitfire! They've been operating the aircraft on the Classic Wings flight experiences this year to earn its keep, and this weekend was going to be the last flights of the season before the winter downtime, so I decided to spend the money on a seat. Glad I did! This is the 3rd such flight I've done (one from Duxford with TA805, and one from Biggin Hill with TE308), but I have to say, it was by far the best. George flew beautifully and dynamically, not just straight and level alongside the DH Dragon Rapide - he was almost "dogfighting" with it, swooping up and down from ahead and astern, really showing off how graceful a Spitfire is in the air. To top it off, the Dragon Rapide was flown by none other than Dan Griffith, so I've had the honour of being flown by one of the pre-eminant Warbird pilots currently operating in the UK. Here's a few of my pics.
  13. I was quite pleased with the nice full disc prop blur on that one! Just wish i had a shot from tip to tip like it
  14. I only have a basic Nikon D3200 DSLR, so not the latest, most capable camera. The lighting set-up Darren provided was excellent, so with a tripod, remote shutter release, and taking my time to play around with shutter speed and ISO, I managed to get some half decent shots. A few little tweaks in NX Studio was all it needed afterwards, they're not heavily photoshopped. Thanks for the kind words.
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