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  1. Thanks, for all the suggestions. My Airfix 1/48 Spitfire 22/24 has just turned up, so will do that first and then ponder the P-40 possibilities
  2. I did track down some of the Hobbycraft F models, but as Giorgio says, the postage costs are more than the kit! If i get one, it will be the E, which i'll do in the RAF desert/sharkmouth scheme, and worry about what it gets paired with on the shelf later
  3. Thanks Giorgio. The overall "sand" scheme is an option, i could heavily weather it to add some interest and break up the single colour. I think the only solution to get the two tone desert scheme, and the sharks mouth, is to go for the RAF roundels too, and accept the compromise
  4. Hi all, As a potential future project, I fancy doing a 1/48 scale P-40. The best kit option I can find at the moment is the Italeri P-40E/K. My dilemma at the moment is which colour scheme to choose for it. I like the dark earth/mid stone/azue blue scheme with the shark mouth, which the Italeri kit provides options for, but it's only with RAF decals. As the P-40 would sit on the shelf in the "USN/USAAF" section alongside a Corsair and a P-51D, I'd really prefer it to have USAAF markings. It looks like most E models in the desert scheme were RAF aircraft, and
  5. As its on a spifire, theres not a lot of protruberances to worry about, the undercart on this tamiya kit is an all-in-one single piece (genius idea that, i always struggle to get the legs aligned and secured properly!), so the risk of damage when masking and painting with the canopy insitu is a lot less than on a biplane for example. But, I think i'll probably mask then fit, but will see how i feel when i get to that stage.
  6. Canopy will be closed, so fit then mask seems to be the general consensus. Cheers for the advice.
  7. Sorry, posted in cold war by mistake. Mods feel free to move please
  8. I'm building the new Tamiya MkI 1/48 Spitfire at the mo. I've ordered an Eduard canopy mask, rather than try to hand-cut the box-issue Tamiya one. I've used masks before, but with this one i was wondering if its better to mask and paint the canopy first, then fit to the model at the last minute, or if it's better to fit them to the model first, mask it up, then paint all in one go before removing the mask as the last step? TIA.
  9. Finished the kit today. I appreciate it's probably not 100% historically accurate, but I have taken inspiration from the modern Grey Nurse examples and how they "appear" to be slightly different from the RAF day fighter scheme, but technically they're a lot closer. I wanted something on the shelf that looked a little more unusual compared to the rest of my squadron, and I'm happy with how this turned out. Hope you all approve of the direction I took with it
  10. So, I did a bit of experimenting, and mixed up a shade of dark green which looks acceptably close (to my eyes anyway!) to that in the picture I posted above. WIP pics It definitely looks "different" enough in comparison to my MkIX Spits to mirror the above real life pic
  11. Cheers for the advice. I'm after a modern day interpretation really, rather than the in-theatre touch-up patchwork. Something like this That highlights perfectly the difference between the standard RAF day fighter scheme and the RAAF i want to do....something different to every other spit in my collection!
  12. I'm building a MkVIII Spitfire in the RAAF Grey Nurse colours of Bobby Gibbes. I note from the instructions that in-period it had a half-and-half scheme with slightly different shades of green. I'm not too keen on this look, so will be using consistant colours from nose to tail. The green on todays examples of Grey Nurse Spits is darker than the standard dark green of the RAF european theatre aircraft it seems. Can anyone recommend an appropriate Humbrol acrylic shade for me please?
  13. I haven't been to MJ for years!! Did use to shop there back in my previous modelling period, but as a kid I always preferred Rogers toyshop down St Johns Street - spent my pocket money there most weekends! These days I get most of my stuff online either from Modelhobbies or Hannants
  14. Cool, i'll look forward to receiving my 2nd hand copy from my dad!
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