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  1. Beautiful! Great representation of the scheme - must have been a lot of work.
  2. Looks great. The halftrack conversion is superb, particularly the metal grid on both sidewalls and the hydraulic supports.
  3. That's a nice model! Japanese planes are my favourites - thank you for presenting this rare subject. Very well done, but really deserves a more fitting background
  4. IMHO, the wire is attached to the fuse and primed the depth charge only after dropping the wire length. Maybe the fuse was activated by approaching noise (acustic fuse), and they wanted to make sure that the P-47 vibrations didn't blow it up too early.
  5. Simply excellent! I can't praise the work of a classic kit modeller (improver) highly enough. It's much more fun than assembling, as you say.
  6. Beautiful work! I remember them warmly riding down to Decimomannu a few times. They were great troubleless transports. Not what you seem to say about the kit! Danke für den nostalgischen Moment, den Dein super Modell auslöste. Michael
  7. Beautiful Eileen! The subtle weathering and chipping looks great, and you managed the difficult checkerboard superbly. The gear on the 9th AF P-47 seems a tad too long in comparison??
  8. The presentation is superb! Great models and figures. I love this last picture in sepia colour.
  9. Looks great! Very nice painting for the small scale. The officer sits in the correct seat. In field conditions they preferred to ride in the front because they had a better control of the situation. The rear seat was rather used by general officers in the rear area, and they didn't have Volkswagens, they had a Mercedes or Horch staff car.
  10. That looks great! A nice idea showing it in Hungarian markings and a beautiful variation and finish of colours overall. I enjoy seeing models on a display base, actually they are not parked on a white cloth in reality...
  11. I don‘t know anything about the Humbrol washes, but there‘s no problem with enamel thinner over an enamel paint coat as long as it has cured sufficiently (at least 48 hours). Acrylic paint, however, might be washed away by it! I prefer oil colour washes which can be wiped away with terpentine.
  12. Excellent detail and excellent finish. The late Corsairs look tremendously effective, particularly in Suez markings.
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