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  1. Terrific modelling! Realer than real. Being a humble airplane modeller I'm flappergasted by those technical details and the associated building skills!
  2. That's a nice one to embellish an airfield, Adrian. Should fit well into this collection.
  3. Finally the powerplant is bolted to the fuselage - It looks like everything within the gear space converged neatly. I had splayed the KMC cowling ever so slightly when I fitted it to the firewall so that it matches the fuselage diameter. The hollow metal exhausts come from REXx (48038) - very nice pieces by the way - which took me a few tries to fix in the correct attitude. After a week's break I will get the fuselage dressed up. Doesn't the Wildcat have a nice flowing shape despite its plumpness?
  4. Great result on the old beast Eric! Makes me think about advancing the restoration of mine. Congratulations! Michael
  5. @Graham Boak The 20 mm gun in the nose of the Ki-61-I Tei was the Japanese Ho-5, a larger version of the 12.7 mm machine gun based on the Browning design. It required an elongation of the nose by 20 cm. Ironically, the Ho-5 was too large to be installed in the wings which led to the import of 800 MG 151/20 for the interim Ki-61-I Hei. Michael
  6. ... which is described next - (5) The open frame at station # 2 with wing spar and bracing as before (see above). (6) The finished bulkhead minus landing gear is now plugged in. The excellent match of the Aires part with Monogram's fuselage is clearly visible. Just a touch of filler was needed around the lower seam. (7) At this stage I added additional struts and the engine bearer (6 scratch-built pieces as the Aires bits are too flimsy) plus oil tank. (8) The opposite view - engine firewall with accessories and intercoolers. There should be a maze of rods and wires which I spared because they wouldn't show up in the darkness of the confined area, More substantial progress hopefully soon! Michael
  7. Tamiya Camel Yellow is very well suited for the USAAC Orange Yellow, which is not the same as used by the US Navy! A lighter mix will be needed for that. For the differences see here (last picture at the end of my topic) Your model is coming along very nicely, old man!
  8. There is no difference in size (depth) of gun troughs between Ki-61 versions. The Ki-61-Id (Tei) was the one with 20 mm guns and the fuselage extension. The Revell kit is most likely meant to represent a Ki-61-Ic (Hei) of the 244th Sentai. The 1960s box art, however, depicts it with retracted tail wheel which was found on the Ki-61-Ia (Ko) only. More here.
  9. I think you come very close to reality (all other stuff is unlikely to me taking into account other Yokosuka Kokutai Raiden and IJN colour standards of the period). Starboard wing tip replacement noted very well - bravo! - I just wonder whether it included the whole panel or only the forward part. We will never know. Great model and analysis!
  10. Beautiful model - superb detail and weathering! I need to acquire some of those sea-building skills for my floatplanes.
  11. That's cute, and absolutely masterful scratch-building. Another wonder model in your colletion, Roger! Cheers, Michael
  12. Fantastic - the model and the photography! That's the way to exhibit such great work.
  13. Now comes the landing gear compartment. This space is very cramped. I spent several hours brooding over photos and drawings to figure out where the various struts and braces belonged, and which sequence of assembly would be advisable to get everything installed. These are the first steps - (1) Aires 4058 bulkhead enhanced with PE parts from Eduard 48590. (2) Bulkhead painted 'Grumman Gray', washed, and gear retraction chains (Eduard) added. (3) First pieces of the spidery gear test-fitted to prove the assembly concept. The upper elements of the legs (between shock absorber and chain drive) are Aires parts which fit the bulkhead fixtures. The lower assembly and the V-shaped brace are adapted SAC 48285 white-metal parts. (4) Everything painted. The gear can be removed for installation in the fuselage...
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