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  1. That's become a wonderful model, Heather! I much enjoyed following your build. The scenary pictures are also very well done! Nice background story about the 'Ju'. On my fiftieth birthday I invited a score of friends to ride on one with me through the Swiss Alps (JuAir, a Swiss private venture, run three of them at that time before a fatal accident a couple of years ago). It was an unforgettable experience how she scratched the mountain peaks with her wings - and all that noise...! Cheers, Michael
  2. Yeah, and flying the monster with your head down and feet in the air would also give you a clearer view of the target...
  3. That looks great. Applause, applause - the fiddly gear and the complex canopy frames are a masterpiece.
  4. Oooh, that's a fine Walfisch! Great modelling throughout. Is it brush-painted?
  5. Wonderful Miguel, as always I admire your superb 1/144 skills. Great to see a rare and beautiful Japanese warbird.
  6. I love to brush-paint whenever possible. With antique enamels you can get the nicest surface without an airbrush. Just look at this wonderful blue coat...!
  7. Very nice! The stars make it special - well done!
  8. That's very unusual and very realistic. Could you make such a nice model of the front door of my home...?
  9. Sweet little Dodge. 100th BG will be happy to have a vehicle to visit downtown amenities... It seems they present some modelling trouble in any scale. I had great difficulties matching chassis and body on my Pilot Replicas 1/48 build.
  10. Chapter 3 - Wingdings Wingding [Am] - party or outburst of rage... Actually neither of the two is descriptive of this modelling segment. It was a diligent and enjoyable piece of work but took longer than expected. I was away for a few days, and another model which I started long before the GB behaved very unseemly (I guess I did have a wingding about that one…) But back to my 109 - Internals added and wing assembled with a 1.5 mm extension at each end. The wheel well floor is a PE section of landing flap left over from an A6M3 Zero model and the side walls
  11. Superb model Dennis. I loved it all along the WIP, and the result is just wonderful. The 109 looks good in this grey frock!
  12. Very nice model! You could have entered it in the current Heller Classic GB - the other freaks would have been delighted. Regarding flat clear over acrylics: That's a problem generally. I had a similar experience with Revell flat over Tamiya acrylics. The flat varnishes are quite aggressive, more so when you add thinner. Acrylics should always be last in the colour coat sequence but often I don't follow this rule either. It works better when you first coat the camouflage with acrylic gloss clear (before decals) and then switch to flat enamal clear. Cheers, Michael
  13. A great collection of late-war Japanese fighters! I'm happy that you hit the right colours throughout and didn't over-weather the poor beasts... Cheers, Michael
  14. That speedy stallion looks fantastic. I admire this thin yellow rim around the canopy - in 1/72!!
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