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  1. Thanks for your kind words ref. my 109. The link is easy: Open the topic that you want to link, copy the www address, go to the topic you want the link in, double-click on 'here' (or any other word) to highlight it, click the little chain in the top tools line, a box opens to paste your link into, click 'insert in the post' - done! You may give it a different colour or not. It even works with photos. Regarding the dihedral: If there is space enough between the wing parts I use a slightly different method by connecting both wing fillets with two parallel pieces of thread
  2. ƎD-1195 is usually attributed to Sadaaki Akamatsu, but it's worth noting that aircraft were flown by different pilots depending on availability and mission roster, and victory symbols are often summed-up successes from different pilots. It seems that ƎD-1195 was piloted by Akamatsu at some time or sometimes or was even his assigned aircraft but he was certainly not its only pilot. He himself often used a Zero from 302 Ku as well. Horizontal tail stripes are not customary with 302 Kokutai. A broad fuselage band may have denoted a Buntai (squadron) leader, a narrow one a Kutai (fligh
  3. The Ki-46-II and -III differed in some relevant areas as others have already commented. I didn't have time to look up all details, but there are - larger engines for the -III with individual exhaust stacks - a different rear cockpit glazing and size - several internal rearrangements - and most important, the round vs. stepped nose. Even the stepped-nose -III has a completely different front office layout, position and canopy size compared with the -II. In view of these major differences I don't think it's possible to convert a -III into a -II, even w
  4. Same here. The first and only one. I grew up with Revell and Airfix 1/72, plus a few Frog when they became available in Germany. So, this Heller kit had the privilege of receiving my best effort almost 50 years later... Thank you and all commentators for your kind words. It's fun to try and make the best from a classic kit. Cheers, Michael
  5. You're a very courageous modeller - another one, hm! Fightersweep = sweeps the stash of all fighters??
  6. I love the figures, and the chains, and the mud, and...
  7. A stunning improvement. Excellent! I built this around 1980 and it's up for restoration. Your built inspires me to make similar modifications.
  8. That's one racy racer! What a shape and what a finish - well done (and the vignette, too).
  9. A very fine result. Looks like it's gonna eat my desert Messerschmitt here. Superb 1/72 modelling!
  10. Excellent work! I loved the Voodoo's shape when I was a kid - always wanted one, but it never happened... You made it look very attractive.
  11. I can see both, your first and your second download. Very skillful modelling - the parts are very nicely cut. I like this kind of scratch-building. I just wished you had weathered it more moderately. A lovely and rare model!
  12. 'White 2' was among the first 'Friedrichs' received by 1./JG 27 towards the end of 1941. This build was beyond my comfort zone. To participate in the Heller Classic groupbuild I retrieved this Messerschmitt from the stash, purchased in early 1972 when I was more accustomed to 1/72 models and Luftwaffe subjects than today. Not surprisingly this antique has its limitations. So I tried my best, which meant copious research and a considerable number of modifications. I'm rather happy with the result although Me 109 experts may still find many points that I overlooked.
  13. White primer or undercoat and matte yellow works well
  14. A very good Hayabusa model that you created there. The classic Otaki still has one of the most accurate outlines. A lot can be done with modelling skills and some accessories as you have proved.
  15. Incredibly well done! The models are perfect, and the dio setting is so realistic. Nice piece of modelling. Grüezi aus Zürich.
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