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  1. This is amazing - a very well planned and superbly laid-out diorama, great model and figures with realistic detail, and some atmospheric photography. (I just don't like dead bodies on a model even when it's a war scenery... 😕)
  2. Beautiful water work - I love those soft calm ripples. And the LCT is simply gorgeous!
  3. A brilliant shave, this one! You really deserve having a cigarette.
  4. Fabulous job. Russ! The cats look particularly good in the FAA dress - great idea! I like the carrier deck, too. Which brand is it?
  5. Very well done, Dennis! Sleepy Time Gal and Little Joe make a nice couple in the cabinet.
  6. Cute little piece of art! You did a great job on the wood work.
  7. On the Ki-61-Id with the fuselage-mounted 20 mm Ho-5 guns - which b.t.w. were some of the best 20 mm guns of WWII - the rate of fire was reduced by appr. 50%. (3-blade prop, ca. 750 rpm fire rate). This was much resented by Japanese pilots who would have preferred to have this superior gun in the wing, but not enough space.
  8. Very impressive modelling! I've rarely seen such a well built P-51 in 1/72, and as far as I can judge, you got all the colour details correct - bravo!
  9. Wow, this is a great example of the Shoki, Nick! Very well built and nicely painted. I once deviated from my preferred 1/48 scale and created a Ki-44 in the small scale for my nephew - it's really a dwarfish model. Thanks for referring my Shoki . The 47th Sentai has always been one of my favourite JAAF fighter groups. It's well documented and quite colourfully painted. You're right: the white bands of the JAAF are home defence markers (however not those used by the IJN!). Cheers, Michael
  10. This is an extremely successful rendition of the 'Kate', Cris - bravo! I love the pilots, and the top side camouflage appears very authentic. Nice to read Tomonaga's mission background.
  11. Salut Jean - you're very fast! The kit just emerged, and you turned into such an impressive model, with all the detail, nice riveting and complicated camo. Great job on the antenna wiring. Simplement fantastique! Cheers, Michael
  12. Great work! Not a fan of large scales, I still admire the extra detail that is necessary to make it realistic - 100% achieved!
  13. Excellent! The winter camo looks very realistic. It really fits this time of the year when I look at the snow outside my home. Some nicely highlighted detail, too. The crew must have had their bottoms freeze solid in this open turret...
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