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  1. A couple of beautiful F4U-1A Corsairs of VF-17 have been presented here recently. It definitely is a very popular subject. No Corsair expert by any means, I'd nevertheless like to share a few tips about the F4U-1A version that I traced when I built my model. The first batch received by VF-17 didn't have the closed top cooling flap, it still opened up like all the others. The red border of the stars & bars had already been overpainted with intermediate blue while still aboard USS Bunker Hill. The F4U-1A didn't have bomb pylons under the wing centre section and could therefore not carry two auxiliary fuel tanks. The inner wheel door of all versions didn't open to a vertical position, it stayed slightly tilted inwards. Internal colours (most common interpretation): cockpit - Interior Green; main wheel well and engine compartment - underside colour, i.e. White; tailwheel well - Yellow Zinc Chromate and doors - White; landing gear struts - Light Gray. Very early F4U-1A may still have been painted like the F4U-1. Enough! There are certainly more details that I have overlooked - not an expert as I said, just a modeller striving for accuracy - and I apologise for not refraining from presenting my modest creation again. Happy (Corsair) modelling, Michael
  2. The new pictures bring a lot of life to this wonderful model. Great dio and figures, too! Is there really such nice sunshine in Brittany at this time of the year, Jean? I should bring my models to have the photos done there...
  3. Great rendition of a less frequently presented plane. You hit the nail on the head with the orange trainer/experimental colour. Very well done!
  4. OK - I first thought I was too conservative and didn't have anything. But when reviewing my stash I found the following - Nakajima J1N1-S Gekko https://www.vectorstock.com/royalty-free-vector/nakajima-j1n1-gekko-irving-vector-30016009 Grumman J2F Duck https://www.pinterest.com/pin/profiles-pics-wwii-aircraft--291959988336897304/ Curtiss A-8 Shrike https://www.the-blueprints.com/blueprints/ww2planes/ww2-curtiss/48802/view/curtiss_a-8_shrike/ What do you think - put me on the list?
  5. Hi Steve, They folded their wings while in transit to the war zone on USS Bunker Hill. This would also explain the perfectly clean camouflage of @Heart Failure's model (no victory symbols of course!). However, they had the red border of the stars & bars overpainted with intermediate blue before arriving in the Solomon Is. following the latest US Navy directive. Very nice build Heart Failure! Cheers, Michael
  6. Lovely racer! You did an excellent job on the conversion and the detail, and the finish is very smart. I like the leather straps, by the way.
  7. Among the top 1% of wartime vehicles that I've seen here. Breathtaking detail and finish! I wouldn't be able to copy that, let alone create it.
  8. Beautiful result from the old kit. To add the photos for comparison is a nice addition. They show what a perfect job you did!
  9. Why, they are excellent. Superb paint work! What do you need an airbrush for - money wasted! I wish I had your fat fingers...
  10. Another one that I can think of, Col. Next to the Hawk III for the Asia GB (radial engine) I would also have a Curtiss P-6E and a P-1/F6C with a V-12 Conquerer engine. Nearly forgot that one: a Curtiss A-8 Shrike.
  11. Toryu

    Asia GB

    Yes, that's one for me. I'd consider a ROCAF Hawk III that I've got in the stash.
  12. Very nice! It looks like it was meant to be shot to the moon atop Apollo 13. The dio and figure give a perfect atmosphere.
  13. Great job on this small model! The scratched red cross markings look very convincing. I wished the MIG 1/48 WC 54 was still available...
  14. Another winner from Nenad! Absolutely stunning finish. You know that I like your thorough research, but also how you size your pictures so that they don't need ages to appear - everybody else hear the message! Michael
  15. You built an excellent replica of this well-known Thunderbolt. I do like the colourful 9th AF markings, too. Well done!
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