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  1. I'll follow if I may. I have just acquired three 1/72 Jugs somehow.
  2. I possess extremely pointy elbows and door supervision skills to disperse the queue -nah mate no jeans. no trainers on a Saturday night!
  3. The Wokka is stunning and Ms Bush...ah be still my beating heart!
  4. Page 5! Dammit Page 6! And I'm down by the potting shed, could someone turn up the volume on the garden speakers please! Great stuff Ced, highly stochastic!
  5. I'm told this is a good whisky shop in Tomintoul: The Whisky Castle. https://www.whiskycastle.com Think I was in it years ago but I have friends who like it. I do know this one in Elgin, Gordon & Macphail: https://www.gordonandmacphail.com They do their own label takes on over 100 distillleries. The blurb says they are an independent family owned & managed firm and they have a nice shop in Elgin centre. I've always liked their stuff but I am a rank amateur in the world of whisky. Whippersnapper!
  6. Hi Dufftown is nice but small, Aviemore & Inverness have more in the way of accommodation as does Elgin. The attraction at Elgin is the nearness of RAF Lossiemouth, Typhoons & P8's based there. Most distilleries these days have some sort of visitor experience, expect to spend a bit of cash! I live in Aberdeenshire which isn't to far away and has some great distilleries. I can try and find some visitor leaflets for individual distilleries if you want. Below is a link to the Visit Scotland page https://www.visitscotland.com/see-do/food-drink/whisky/distilleries/speyside/ Think these guys are local to the Speyside area https://www.highlandspirittours.co.uk And these guys run tours as well https://www.morayfirthtours.co.uk/whisky-tours.php And these guys run a very successful festival. https://www.spiritofspeyside.com Have a great trip whatever you decide to do.
  7. Apologies for the lateness of my arrival, Burns Suppers eh! The season lasts for ever up here. Ooh another heli-me-whirlygig thingy. I'll sit in the more lessons in the black arts the better before I ever embark on my Airfix Puma & Sea King. Don't suppose there's anything dry, white and mostly grapes behind the bar? Chilean or New Zealand I'm not too fussy.
  8. Blimey you go away for a couple of day's and it's Page 3 (ooh er) and a discussion about what the correct state of dress for a young lady while...er...astride a Spitfire is! Think I've a dram or two left in the hip flask after the Burns Supper if anyone fancies a snifter - Talisker Skye if I remember correctly. Nice work so far Ced and the little Sioux was sublime - just caught up on that as well.
  9. Excellent work Ced. Back in the day when I used to have to go offshore (only rarely) one of the highlights for me was flying in a Bell 212 operated I think by Bristows. This version retained the passenger seats that looked out the big sliding doors which I managed to bag. Didn't take much of a leap of imagination from me for that door to be open & yours truly to be hunkered over a heavy machine gun ready to lay down some suppressing fire as we came into the LZ er sorry helipad on the Brent Delta......don't think anyone heard the dagga, dagga, dagga sound effects, honest!
  10. Muscle car and rude pictures! Ooh er, fnarr fnarr (sorry Ced) What a great description! Clearly I need to peruse the choice of after-market transfers at the Big H Thanks for your reassuring words about the Hase kit. I think I'll go for building it first.
  11. Very nice and what a blast from the past. Used to love those little kits with their own base.
  12. I picked up another Airfix B-24J and with it a Hasegawa P-47D from a well known auction site. After checking on here it would appear that the consensus is that the P-47 may not be Hasagawa's finest moment! What to do? Well go and buy a Tamiya P-47D "bubbletop" and a Revell P-47M obviously and why not get a couple of books on the P-47, Roger Freeman's Thunderbolt: The Documentary History Of The Republic P-47 and Edward Shacklady's P-47 Thunderbolt while I'm at it. Still trying to work out what it is about the Thunderbolt that induced such madness but at least they're all safely put past without SWMBO noticing!
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