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  1. Great progress Ced you're rattling through this build.
  2. Excellent build Ced and as others have noted, some really nice paint work.
  3. Blimey, what a roller coaster of a build. Just spent an hour or so catching up. Some builds just aren't very lucky. Hope the repairs don't stress you out too much.
  4. Congratulations on some very nice work there Ced.She looks great.
  5. Just had a quick look, looks like a fantastic resource. Thanks for posting the link anf for Mr Bell's son for making them available.
  6. Fantastic and a superb, as others have said, homage to the crew and indeed all the brave Free French. based at RAF Elvington.
  7. A big B Cal Bell Last one for tonight. Back on shift tomorrow but will post some S76 naughtiness when I get a chance. Hope these are of use to somebody. Regards John
  8. As promised some more pics Think that's about it for the 61. I was sure I had more but where they've gone in the intervening years I have no idea.
  9. Absolutely my pleasure to share them Sir. My way of saying thank you and to give something back to you and the BM massive for all I've learned from you all. I'll put some more on tomorow. If that's alright?
  10. As Uniform Uniform Delta Hotel Hotel Hope you find these useful, there are a couple more if needed. If anyone is interested I also have S76's in Bond/North Scottish, B Cal & Bristows colours as well as B Cal's Bell 214. Hope I'm not hijacking your thread with these.
  11. Foxtrot Mike! I'll try and post another BA machine & Some more views of the B Cal & NSH birds tomorrow.
  12. Well that's not working as I had hoped! Trying to share from Google and it doesn't appear to want to share. What's everybody use for sharing pics? I've has a look at Mike's post and tried to follow the instructions for Google! Bah!
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