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  1. I remember that stuff or was it Colt? Malt Liquor, seem to remember buying a few cans as a lad to try out. Underage who me? what... er...
  2. Harley John

    Our best friends

    Are they Rough Collies? Very bonnie dogs. I lost mine, Biggles, many years ago, still got his collar, the pics and the memories, they never leave you.
  3. So one minute I'm reading all about mottled paint jobs on Me109's and kapow! Five pages of Hurricanes! Whoopee. I've always liked the Hurricane, more than it's ..... I'll get my coat! Great introduction to the build, very moving. Great work on the build so far PC, the detail looks excellent, The kits look very nice, I've got the Airfix Hurricane in 1/72 & 1/48 - almost started the 1/48th one today - seems a trifle complex for my level of bodging so opened an Airfix 1/72 Tornado instead as my mojo deserted me when I discovered the canopy of my Spitfire Vb in bits and that the carpet monster has stolen one of the Master Hispano cannons that I had fitted to it. Good luck with the job hunt. And with the grand tour!
  4. Harley John

    The song YOU want played at your funeral

    Ace Of Spades by Motorhead. Have said for years that I wanted it played. And anyone that knows me will know its the tune that'll bring the biggest smile to my friends and family.
  5. Will certainly help me! Got to love a Tonka. I've more versions of the Tonka in the stash than any other aircraft - although I think I need to get one of the recent 1/48 Italeri GR1's and a 1/72 Hasegawa F3, so will look forward to your builds.
  6. Harley John

    Things to do in England when you're Ed[ward]

    Well since Scotland is off the map for this trip, I'd recommend Lincoln as a base to visit the International Bomber Command Memorial, East Kirkby & Just Jane, the BBMF, many memorials and if you like a beer visit to the Dambusters Inn in the village of Scampton. I'd echo comments made about Norwich being a great base for visiting all the museums & memorials to the 8th & 9th. As mentioned above the Norfolk & Suffolk museum is a little gem packed to the rafters. Elsewhere YAM is excellent, there's a great pub in one of the villages south of the M23 down the hill from Biggen Hill full of Fighter Command memorabilia. Always wanted to drive down the hill to it in an open topped sports car at high speed - wish I could remember the pubs name! But if you're mostly in the Bath area then Yeovilton, Cadbury Camelot, Wells Cathedral and the Rec although other rugby clubs are available! Have a great time whatever you do.
  7. Harley John

    Still buying 2nd hand kits at model shows?

    Well I went to my first show in over twenty-five years this year and bought three kits. Two were new kits but the second hand one was a kit I was looking for -an Airfix B24J. I thought the price I paid for it was reasonable and on a par with what I've seen a couple of the major second hand kit sellers have asked for online. My local LMS doesn't stock second hand stuff and has a fairly limited stock of aircraft so going to the show gave me a chance to look at new and old kits that I wouldn't normally see and if I'm honest I probably spent more time poring over the stock of those stalls selling second hand kits in the hope that I'd find something that I really, really, wanted. A couple of months later I bought a couple of kits during Hobbycraft's Black Friday bonanza because at the prices they were offering it was stupid not to buy something.
  8. Only two pages so far? I think I'll be able to sneak in and stand at the back like I've been here all the time. Looks good PC.
  9. Harley John

    Revell Tornado F.3 pair

    Nice work, very nice work.
  10. Harley John

    The African Queen

    Ooh a 61! Happy memories of Aberdeen Airport back in the day. And at least one or two trips offshore! I'll join the lads at the bar.
  11. Harley John

    Airfix 1/72 Harrier GR9a

    Nice job, well done. I had the look at the instructions on mine the other day and decided it was way too complicated for me to attempt at the moment (where's the two left thumbs emoji???). Just bought the GR1 gift set so might give it a go though I have a feeling that might be beyond me as well!!
  12. Interesting choice. Looks lovely. Not my scale or area of interest but I think it may well sell loads. Well done Airfix for taking a punt on something other than a Spitfire! I'll get my
  13. Lovely work on both models PC, Well done.
  14. Harley John

    Revell Handley Page Halifax Mk.III

    I have this in the stash along with the Airfix one, so I'll settle down and watch how you get on if I may.
  15. Harley John

    1/48 Premier Hawk

    I've got one in the stash that I've tried to start but the fit of the parts put me off. Will watch you build with interest.