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  1. 1930 Ford Model A Phaeton driving through Saltaire this afternoon. Identified with the help of the DVLA web site, because it’s a pretty generic design (as you might expect for a ubiquitous Ford). It must have been very dated looking in period… best, M.
  2. Darn it! Two weeks in Norfolk earlier this month and I didn’t know this existed. That’ll teach me to ALWAYS check W&R before I go on holiday… best, M.
  3. Figured we might have a few members of the BM hive mind with experience of mobility scooters, either as users or friends and family of people who are. Mother in law, post hip operation, has come round to the idea that she might need one to get round Ilkley without taking the car. She has a lounge chair that lifts to “eject” her, so I think ease of getting in and out of the scooter is an important criterion. She’ll want to do shopping so some basket/“boot” capacity will be important, and my instinct is that larger wheels will cope better with the environment. Ilkley isn’t big and she’s reasonably central, so I don’t think she needs a GT 8mph top speed. I don’t think price is that important, though I do note from browsing some second hand ads that I could buy a pretty nice MX-5 for what they’re asking Any recommendations, advice, questions to ask much appreciated. (And, no, she doesn’t _need_ one that looks like a motorbike…) best, M.
  4. That looks to me as though the rudder hinge line is still orthogonal to the fuselage, which makes sense to me. Unless the whole aircraft flies nose down, like a Whitley, which I can’t find any evidence of online, then any deflection of a canted rudder would also result in a pivot of the whole aircraft down to one side or up to the other…. best, M.
  5. I think Orbital Sciences in the 90s (and Virgin Orbit) already proved the scope for 1 1/2 stage to orbit launches. Virgin Galactic’s “sizeable and man capable vehicle” is not “launched” in any meaningful way since it’s nowhere close to achieving orbit. The it would be a lot more sizeable if it was carrying the energy and propellant needed for insertion, or had the structural capability to re-enter from orbital speed. It’s smoke and mirrors, teaching us nothing valuable about addressing an air launch to orbit… best, M.
  6. As far as I’m concerned, the criteria for “into space” is whatever the FAI says it is, just as it was when X-15 pilots flew into space in the late 60s. However… Virgin Galactic is just a thrill ride. Altitude is no substitute for insertion. It does nothing to help us exploit space; it teaches us nothing about lifting re-entry orre-usable launchers; and it has no capability to deliver payloads. The whole billionaires big willy contest leaves me cold, but Musk and Bezos at least bring _something_ useful to the table. SpaceX boosters landing are far more interesting and significant than Branson’s private vomit comet… Virgin Galactic is a complete dead end… best, M.
  7. That looks absolutely superb. Great build, great details and great display. It’s not going to start if you leave it in the garage with the lights on, though.., best, M.
  8. Nice one, John. The figures are very nice as well, and worth taking time over. best, M.
  9. Check out the various Master Box 1/24 figures... there's bound to be something A-Peel-ing... best, M.
  10. Very nicely done! They are quite a flexible pair: I think there’s at least one set that has the lady as the driver… best, M.
  11. @Colin W @CliffB https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1788704150/ best, M.
  12. That McMurtry lightweight is just a Batmobile, isn’t it? I must admit, I’ve never got the love for the Cheetah: handles like a dog, fries the driver, and looks like a Palmer caricature of a Daytona Cobra that’s been beaten with the ugly stick… best, M.
  13. https://classicretromodern.com/ Just bought the first issue of this new one online, to try it out. First impressions good — excellent articles by Richard Heseltine on Citroen GS, Mini 1275GT, Maserati BiTurbo, plus in depth pieces on the Panda and Cortina Lotus Mk2. Shout out to the designer, who is doing a great job making the whole thing look stylish, a la Magneto or TheRoadRat. I like it, but I’ll be intrigued how it pans out in a world that couldn’t keep Modern Classic alive… Still, it’ll be fun while it lasts, and good luck to them… best, M.
  14. That looks great. I’m very much looking forward to that re-release! Having just finished Tom Karen’s excellent autobiography, I’m wishing hard for the Bond Bug to follow next year… best, M.
  15. It depends very much on your airbrush. There’s a vast difference between the amount of airflow through my Iwata HP-BCS and trusty old Badger 200 at the same pressure from the compressor. I think Ultimate Primer is the same as Stynylrez, which is great but in my experience does need a good blast to get it moving. If 30 works in your airbrush for the primer, then I’d try 20 for properly thinned Revell Aqua. I’d experiment on some paper… see how low you can go and still get proper atomisation (not sputtering)… best, M.
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