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  1. This is literally the "make or break" moment, and boy does it seem risky as you do it! The rear end goes in OK, with the exhaust through its slot, and then you have to flex the corners of the body ahead of the rear wheel arches a fair bit to get the floor pan inside, but the real kicker is front valance ahead of the arches. That takes some pretty determined pushing and leverage to get the front end in. I shoved it hard against one side and used a thin wooden stirrer to shoehorn the other side in. With a some quite loud creaks and snaps, it finally popped into place... Just the body decals to do, and then beauty shots tomorrow I hope... best, M.
  2. I suspect Graham is right. The only other possibilities I can think of are Curtiss Hawks or possibly the Hawker Demon family... best, M.
  3. This was inspired by a 50th anniversary magazine article about the Esprit and a celebration of all things Giugiaro. The original Origami production car... Plus I liked the outlandish late 70s colour schemes for the interior.... The tartan panels on the seats and door cards are made using nail art decals. They are true to life, if a bit purple, but if this is a problem you need to solve, I can't recommend "Dippy Cow Nail Art" on Etsy highly enough! It's a pretty quick build. The chassis detail is nice, and made of few parts. I tried to make the box section backbone chassis look a bit like the galvanized original with some sponging of different metallics. The body is crisply detailed, and easy to mask... With luck, I should get it together this weekend... best, M.
  4. I guess it depends on your decal paper, but on the stuff I have, the coated side you print on is matt and slightly more creamy-white than the paper side. Test a small sample in water and see which side comes off as a decal? best, M.
  5. And about 4 times what anyone would pay! best, M.
  6. You can fix the ride height on the Aoshima MGB's easily enough by fitting the chassis so that it sits above rather than below the locating tab inside the body shell... that raises it the requisite mm or so. best, M.
  7. That particular set of Kei cars from Nissan are also known as the Pike cars because of the design centre they came from. They were all introduced in 1989-91 and include the Pao, the Figaro (which we see a lot more of over here), the Be1 (which I've never seen) and the pleasingly named S'Cargo van (which does look like French snail...). I think the idea is that if the specs of the vehicle are so constrained by standards (engine size and power, physical size etc) then the only way to compete is in design. The Pike cars are particularly "post-modern" hence their popularity with architects and hipsters. There are some real gems among the kei cars -- the Honda Beat, which is like a mini S2000, the Suzuki Capuccino, which is like a mini MX-5, and the Autozam AZ-1, which is more on the lines of a mini NSX. Those ones I have kits of.... I don't know what if any of the Pike cars are available as kits, but the chances are that if any are they'll be made by Fujimi or Aoshima and available from Plaza Japan or Kent Models if you're lucky! best, M.
  8. Once upon a time, while researching a magazine article, I was aboard a 202 Sqn Sea King doing a sea search for a container ship crewman who was thought to have gone overboard off Boulmer. We were doing a grid search at about 100-150 feet on a reasonably clear day. A pair of Tornados heading up to the North Sea ranges heaved into view south of us moving at a great rate of knots, and boy did the helicopter crew get on the radio quickly to try and tell someone we were there. I don't think the message got through to the Tornados, though. They were on a level with us, criss-crossing flight paths with each other and came past at full chat, one on each side of us. My pilot and co-pilot were VERY not happy, and many bad words were said, even with radio discipline intact... And this was in a bright yellow Sea King at very slow speed... best, M.
  9. Turns out the clue’s right there on the plate! That’s a 1989-91 Nissan Pao, a JDM kei car. Looks like these guys are the experts: https://algysautos.com/nissan-pao-for-sale/ best, M.
  10. Really liking the new Beth Gibbons (she of Portishead, back in the day) solo album... best< M.
  11. Outstanding job on a beautiful kit. I think it’s probably the best model car kit I’ve ever built, and you’ve done it all justice! best, M.
  12. No, it didn’t. The Meteor and Heinkel 162 “led” to “today’s” Typhoons and Lightnings. The Me163 was an irrelevant technical cul de sac. best, M.
  13. Could you tell if it was the V6? I'd love to have an MX-3 V6, and if it's in Sheffield.... best, M.
  14. I'd be genuinely interested to know what proportion of the supply to German units at the front was by air. Everything I've ever read suggests that it was rail, truck and horse-drawn transport that moved the vast majority of materiel. The Ju52 supported encircled pockets, to varying levels of success, but I've seen no evidence that it provided a significant proportion of the supply effort "throughout the war"... best, M.
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