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  1. Not the most productive year, but I had a couple of bumps in the road along the way... which are thankfully behind me now. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! Aoshima Lamborghini Huracan Performante in 1/24 Airfix Triumph TR4A, 1/32 Airfix Austin Healey Sprite 1/32 Airfix Ford Escort, 1/32 Matchbox Bugatti Type 59, 1/32 Arii Porsche 911S, 1/32 Matchbox Porsche 935, 1/32 Airfix Little Owl, 1/1 (ish) Gunze Sangyo Lamborghini Silhouette, 1/24 Union/IMC Lola T70 Mk1 Spyder 1/25(ish) Here's hoping for a (at least slightly) more productive year next year! best, M.
  2. My gosh... what a splendid infernal device. I don’t know (or care) about whether it’s accurate or not: it looks like it’s chugged in from a steampunk convention, and none the worse for that! Excellent work! It looks like it could do with a horny handed son of toil (or a Pratchetty dwarf) on the platform at the back, stoking madly... best, M.
  3. It pains me a lot to be defending it, but the “stuff that was always falling off” was the the biological weapon that transformed the surface of Earth into something more Martian. They were Areoforming our planet, as I now know it’s called... That was a theme that they lost track of... that the “Invasion” wasn’t the War Machines, and the “victory” was a defeat. I’m waiting for the adaptation of The Kraken Wakes, where global warming and sea level rise is the work of the Old Gods... best, M.
  4. What scale do you want? If it's 1./48 (ish), this might help: https://www.scalemodelnews.com/2011/07/revell-classic-kit-honest-john-missile.html#more And in 1/72 (ish) this could be a starting point for some conversion work: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/matchbox-pk-174-m-19-tank-transporter-45-tons--130348 You might be able to find this on eBay: [EDIT] Indeed you can: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/REVELL-Vintage-1-48-KENWORTH-TRUCK-TRAILER/233372920044?hash=item36561c28ec:g:PpwAAOSwkeddqcsg best, M.
  5. Trouble with Discworld is that the love people who read the sequence have for it is based on immersing yourself in that world, "getting" the humor, and then seeing how the characters develop and growing with them. It's really hard to choose an entry point for a TV series that will grab an audience, and then they really have to be in for the long haul. Not sure The Colour of Magic would have been my choice... Better The Watch with Philip Glenister as Sam Vimes, the Witches with Maggie Smith as Granny Weatherwax and Judi Dench as Nanny Ogg, the rest of the Moist van Lipwig books continuing with Richard Coyle as Moist, the Death books with Benedict Cumberbatch (it's the voice, right...) or (post-His Dark Materials) the Tiffany Aching series with Dafne Keen as Tiffany... best, M.
  6. I really liked the Sky Hogfather and Going Postal adaptations... It looks like we’re getting a female 00 but not 007 in the new one, which is great, and I’ll add Mad Max Fury Road to the list of a great female-led franchise movies, because it doesn’t do mad Maxine. Black Widow looks pretty good as well. It’s about time we got a movie franchise from Alias, though... best, M.
  7. Well... it was a bit of a battle, but we got there in the end... There's a fair bit of work in getting the doors and clams to fit, and I've added some extra details like the oil coolers in the engine bay and fire extinguisher. But it's the only way you're going to get a 1/24 injection moulded Lola T70 on your shelves. You'd think that Tamiya would scale down their big Mk 3 Coupe, but they haven't yet! best, M.
  8. Frankly, they’d have done us a favour by not showing it in the UK at all after inflicting it on the rest of the world... Personally, I have no problem with the licence fee at all; I think it’s great value, especially compared to the four or five lots of £5-6 a month I’d have to pay Netflix, Prime, Starzplay, Hulu, Disney+ and Britbox to get the programs I want from streaming services... best, M.
  9. Sorry, but I have to laugh at “typically BBC”... what’s that? Strictly? His Dark Materials? Blue Planet? Dickensian? Sherlock? Killing Eve? Gavin and Stacey? We’re extraordinarily lucky to have a broadcaster producing and showing as wide a range of TV... there literally isn’t anything like it anywhere else in the world. Sure, there’s the odd dud, but is every model you or I make worthy of the competition tables? best, M.
  10. To be fair, that bit is actually in the original, albeit referring to Tasmania specifically... Personally, my biggest problem with it is the totally incoherent storytelling: it smacks of something that was once rather different, and has been re-edited by someone with different intentions, no plan, and no sympathy for either the original material or what the director and writer were trying to do in their adaptation. The result reminds me of the lost David Lynch "Dune", which was butchered by the studio into the underwhelming thing that most people remember. OK, it would have run 6 hours, but I'd have watched it (especially in 4 lots of 90 minutes, GoT style...) best, M.
  11. Thanks, guys! On the home straight now: the cowl/scuttle is firmly fixed and blended, after several rounds of filling and sanding, involving microballoons as well as superglue and cement...... Now to see how those rather ancient decals have held up... best, M.
  12. You see, now, this is why I never, NEVER look at the Airtrax catalogue listing... best, M.
  13. I’ve had no serious issues with them, but... if you order something that’s not yet in stock, the status of your order changes to “shipped”, even if it hasn’t been... best, M.
  14. Really nice... and very clean! Great to see someone else building Kitmaster classics, as well... best, M.
  15. Various of the "Flesh" colours from Citadel or Vallejo (Carne Oscura, for example) are good for Ferrari interior leather colours, as are Vallejo Light Sand or Beige... best, M.
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