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  1. cmatthewbacon

    Fujimi 1/72 British Phantom - Nose too short?

    That's irony, right? If not, the list is endless, starting with the fact that it's not a British Phantom in the plastic... best, M.
  2. cmatthewbacon

    Hello from Yorkshire!

    Welcome aboard from someone who started his modelling career with Airfix kits bought at Redgates more years ago than I care to mention! I'm further north these days, but if you're looking for a day trip to stock up and do some sightseeing, then both Halifax Model world in the Piece Hall, and Pennine Models in Haworth are well worth visiting! All the best, M.
  3. cmatthewbacon

    Macchi M.5. Fly. 1/48

    Absolutely beautiful, both plane and water (and pilot!). I worry that the poor chap is going to have some difficulty taking off in that swell, though... All the best, M.
  4. cmatthewbacon

    Hornby secures £18m lifeline

    I imagine a lot of adult Scalextric enthusiasts buy beautifully detailed cars for £40-50 fully expecting to race them, and then just put them on the shelf, and maybe take them out every now and then to look at them more closely before putting them back with a sigh and “when I retire...”. Sound familiar? best, M.
  5. cmatthewbacon

    Airfix Classics Launched

    Let’s see how they distribute these.I agree with the above. But if I was Airfix, I’d sell the Classics mostly through my web shop and strong selling hobby shop partners, not my in my mass market outlets.. Keeping the ranges distinct is part of the rationale for doing them in the first place. The web shop provides a way for Airfix to make money rather than eBay sellers. And I don’t believe the Classics are going to entice nostalgic non modellers back into the hobby... they didn’t when they were just in the regular range, after all. No, they’re tapping into the CBK Sig/Matchbox Group Build vibe, so they’ll sell to people like us who MISS the Beagle Bassett or Beaver, and are prepared to deal with an older kit, especially if they don’t have to pay an eBay premium to get it in the first place. For example, the 1/32 Jaguar 420 wouldn’t sell tens of thousands, but if you could buy a new one for £15.99 from Airfix instead of £180 on eBay, then there are a LOT of car modellers and nostalgic “Airfix Modellers” who would... best, M.
  6. cmatthewbacon


    SJW = Social Justice Warrior. For some reason there's a group of so-called "fans" who don't seem to have noticed that the Rebel Alliance is a multi-racial, multi-species, multi-cultural, rainbow collective led by a Princess, fighting to free the poor and downtrodden from the oppressive yoke of the (white, English) Emperor and his (note: HIS) legions of cloned Stormtroopers (hard to miss the Nazi analogy there...), and have decided that warriors for social justice are somehow a bad thing. All I can say is "weird..." best, M.
  7. cmatthewbacon


    I think what you’re going for is canon, not cannon-fodder. And, err... do you guys not think you’re maybe over analysing this a bit? They’re just baddies, the same way that Mountain Troops in Where Eagles Dare, Afrika Korps in The Desert Fox, and Nazis, I hate those guys in Indiana Jones are... the Empire doesn’t have Poor Bloody Infantry, by definition... best, M.
  8. cmatthewbacon

    IWM London Visit - is it me? Or what is the point..

    You’re being ironic, right? best, M.
  9. cmatthewbacon

    Schools Class Locomotive

    If you want to have it working, I highly recommend a visit to your local bike shop and the purchase of a tube of "plastic parts grease". Needless to say, you need to paint all the parts before any assembly is done, but the silicone grease does two things: first, it lubricates the all the moving parts, but secondly, it also stops any glue getting to places where it shouldn't. With the aid of said substance, and the trick of applying glue with a fine wire to the inside of the hole RECEIVING the bearing pin, rather than to the end of the pin before pushing it through, I managed to build half a dozen Airfix/Dapol and Kitmaster steam locos so they all work... best, M. (PS: something else I learned the hard way: pay attention to the part numbers on the instructions VERY carefully. There are "handed" parts which look completely identical to the untrained eye, but they aren't, quite, and that difference is enough to mess up your functioning gear. Case in point: on the 0-6-0 Saddle Tank the wheels are evenly spaced, but on the rod that connects them the centre bearing is not quite in the middle. You can turn the wheels so it'll fit, but if you mix up left and right, the wheels will jam after half a turn...)
  10. cmatthewbacon

    IWM London Visit - is it me? Or what is the point..

    OK... got to admit I haven't been to the "'perial Woo Museum" in Lambeth since we lived in London in 2000 or so and my 5 year old loved it. BUT, I really like the Cold War HLF Museum at Cosford, and it certainly captured the attention of my (by then) teenagers and engaged them (to the extent we had to go find them and remove them from the multimedia pods a couple of times... Us old farts just have to face it: collections of hardware that we all know the context of, watched every Sunday afternoon on TV in Great British War Movies, read about in Commando comics, and built as an Airfix kit on Saturday afternoon after pocket money was handed over just don't have the same instant appeal for the younger generation. They NEED to be given the explanation, and they EXPECT it to be interactive and on a screen... Just because museums aren't what they used to be doesn't mean they're not what they NEED to be... just try reading up about the history of the Natural History Museum one day to see why... best, M.
  11. cmatthewbacon

    1/8 James Bond Aston Martin DB5

    Take a look here: https://www.fiskens.com/cars-for-sale/Aston-Martin-DB5/12482.htm You don't want the cam covers too shiny and "metallic". Rattle-can 27002 with a light polish, or Tamiya TS-76 Mica Silver, should do the job nicely... best, M.
  12. cmatthewbacon

    Rock group 1/48

    What you need is these OO/HO guys in O gauge: They are made by a company called Noch... best, M.
  13. cmatthewbacon

    Rock group 1/48

    Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band? Seriously... check out "O gauge" (1/43) railway figures (S&D Models did some great ones that might be adaptable..) best, M.
  14. cmatthewbacon

    Wraparound camo Buccaneers?

    Hi, guys... and thanks muchly for the quick response... the Red Flag scheme is cool, but perhaps a bit too far removed; I'm trying to achieve a selection of RAF '78ish aircraft in that grey-green look with heraldry, before lo-viz arrived on the scene. So if that "load of decals" includes a 12 Squadron fox, or something of that ilk, I'm sure Jet Age's funds could be supplemented! best, M.
  15. cmatthewbacon

    Wraparound camo Buccaneers?

    Hi, all... I want to do a 1/72 Bucc in wraparound camo...anyone have any suggestions for interesting variations on the scheme that it's possible to find decals for? All guidance much appreciated! best, M.