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  1. Thanks, guys. Slow but steady progress: That's three parts (top, chassis, and exhaust/suspension). This is what I'm aiming for: https://www.adrianflux.co.uk/influx/features/first-jaguar-e-type/ Fantastic Motobitz 3D-printed wheels. Just got to figure out how to mask and paint the chrome rims and spokes... best, M.
  2. ....clearly the postal strike blockage has freed up today! My postie brought this: It's a bit of a Grail kit, and this one was surprisingly affordable. It's beautifully detailed, with full engine and interior, and includes white metal and etched detail parts, plus an accompanying figure. Probably will hit the bench pretty soon. best, M.
  3. Looks beautiful, and as ever, the finishes are marvellous. Probably the first Harley I’ve ever thought looked cool, too…. Though a scale Marianne would add a certain Je Ne Sais Quoi… best, M.
  4. The new small and rather nice E-Type Coupe from Airfix, opening the batting in a new range with the Huayra and Chiron, and who can blame them? Surely they could have tooled up one more part? This is not right: Not so hard to resolve: Then the decals added and a little bit of Citadel 'ardcote for the glass: Interior painted, mostly Tamiya Flat Red and some Citadel Shade Red for the seats: And pop the dash in place: And yes, I noticed that I broke the gear lever, so I fixed that! Last for tonight, the chrome is no longer a weird olive colour... best, M.
  5. Seriously, I wonder if new Revell has figured out there’s no point in doing 1/32 Mustangs if Tamiya has a dog in the fight, but a Hurricane is a very “European” aircraft with a solid UK market, but also Eastern European and Russian, if that existing partnership goes both ways… best, M.
  6. Gosh, what a terrible kit. It just gets worse and worse… best, M.
  7. There’s a recent Revell re-box of the Hasegawa that seems widely available for about £45, so you could almost have two for the price of the Tamiya… best, M.
  8. No. No. Yes. One day, you might be able to make an RAF F-4J(UK) from a Tamiya kit. But you’ve got more chance of Airfix doing a new tool Spey Phantom in 1/48 than converting a Tamiya. You might just get one from Meng or Kinetic when they’ve exhausted all the other options… best, M.
  9. I think it’s the World Cup… I’m getting buffering and slowdowns way worse on streaming services when there are matches on, especially England games, than normal evenings… best, M.
  10. Looks like lopping off the side frames below the middle tube would be easy enough, and not affect how it looks when built very much… I’d also fit the upper wings to the roots before attaching the lower wing, but I tend to do that anyway… best, M.
  11. Might just be a matter of taking better photos… best, M.
  12. …life’s too short to worry about other people’s models. best, M.
  13. ‘Course, the Russians also modified the dihedral of the outer wing panels to improve stability in cold conditions… M.
  14. Given that both Stirling and Berge ended up in Colditz, and the success of the original BBC drama series, I wonder if there’s an SAS:Rogue Heroes spin-off/sequel in the offing? best, M.
  15. On the evidence so far, they are far more likely to kit something Italian (Bugatti notwithstanding...). My money's on an Alfa 159 or Lancia Stratos next, with an outside (but very welcome) chance of a Maserati 250F... best. M.
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