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  1. cmatthewbacon

    Tamiya 1/24 Ferrari Enzo

    Very nice indeed. The dressed up engine bay looks fantastic. I’m looking forward to the Haynes “Ferrari Engines” manual arriving later this autumn to fit out a few like that myself! best, M.
  2. cmatthewbacon

    The New Doctor Who - NO SPOILERS PLEASE!

    Very much enjoyed it. As for JW "bedding in", let's not forget that up to the point when the Doctor remembered who she was up on the crane, she was playing a Doctor who was still in the process of rebooting and reformatting, as she said. I think she nailed the transition from 12 to "her" Doctor brilliantly (I don't remember any previous regeneration going much beyond a few comments about clothes, chin or not being ginger to mark the switch...). While it's a bit hard to make predictions based on one episode, I think it's pretty clear that casting JW was a fantastic idea, the new "widescreen" cinematic look is top-notch, and the companions have potential... best, M.
  3. No WIP for this one -- a very quick build to try and relight my modelling fire. It's the Revell Snap-tite kit, so pretty simplified, but I'm reliably informed it's the best-shaped C2 Coupe around. Looks good to me, anyway! Paint is Tamiya rattle can black and clear, polished with Novus. Interior mostly Citadel (Games Workshop) red acrylics. All chrome stripped and redone with Molotow. Oddly, unlike other revell Snap-tite kits I've had, this one didn't include regular decals alongside the peel-n-stick emblems, so they've been trimmed back to get rid of excess clear film, and actually don't look so bad, IMHO. best, M.
  4. cmatthewbacon

    Matt's tips for painting cars

    Thanks, Neill! I’ve never tried using regular Tamiya Acrylics (the ones in a glass pot) for bodies. If you can’t get the range of TS-xx sprays and primer locally, I’d try the closest auto store. First, Halfords white or grey (or brick red) PLASTIC primer, lightly wet sanded smooth with 1200 grit wet and dry. Follow with light “spatter” coats of regular car touch up paint (don’t try to do wet coats) until solidly and evenly coloured. Let dry and cure in the airing cupboard a few days, then polish with Meguiars “Scratch-X”(also to be found in Halfords, with wax and shampoo). As with all methods, best to try on a junk model or better yet plastic spoons before applying to your latest WIP... All the best, M.
  5. cmatthewbacon

    1/24 Honda Civic EG & EK Models

    Looks like the Revell 1/25 Fast and Furious kit has an engine (which can be built stock)... if that’s the right kind of Civic. Otherwise there are Fujimi or Hasegawa kits, but my guess is they’ll be curbsides... best, M.
  6. cmatthewbacon

    David Hannant RIP

    I remember those ads on the back pages of Airfix Magazine as a teenager, and when I got back into modelling, trying to build each of the aircraft from my father-in-law's RAF career, those thick paper catalogues were a revelation and an inspiration: in many ways, Hannants WAS modelling for me in the late 90s. I always stopped off at the stand at SMW in more recent years, and occasionally asked David for some obscure decal, which he could almost always lay his hand on. A real pillar of the hobby -- he will be missed. Condolences to family and friends, and RIP, David... Matt
  7. cmatthewbacon

    My local clasic car show

    It’s a Ferrari 250 California Spider “replica,” carefully avoiding any kind of prancing horse badge, though it does carry some pininfarina scripts. Looks like it’s built on BMW Z3 chassis and mechanicals, probably primarily for size reasons plus “sportiness”. Obviously you don’t get the Colombo V12, but you can drive around with 99% of the style for £100K rather than £15m. plus... best, M.
  8. cmatthewbacon

    Driving in France

    Not in the Alpes-Maritimes, or if they did, the message hasn’t got through to the local elderly drivers of Peugeot 205s... best, M.
  9. cmatthewbacon

    Driving in France

    Remember that people approaching ANY intersection from your right have priority, even if you're on the main road and they are pootling up a tiny country lane. Unless there are signs saying explicitly that YOU have priority. Bottom line, assume anyone coming at you from the right might just barge out in front of you... best, M.
  10. cmatthewbacon

    Dementia-friendly holidays/hobbies/communities for ex-RAF pilot?

    Thanks, all... father-in-law is in Northamptonshire, so I think the Kettering Admiral Nurses will be our first port of call. But thanks to all of you for your thoughts and ideas; as always it's wonderful to see how helpful this community can be on matters not involving small pieces of plastic or paint colours for distant theatres (as well as those things, too, obviously!) All the best, M.
  11. cmatthewbacon

    Happy birthday to Katherine Johnson!

    No kidding: what an inspirational woman! The movie was brilliant: imagine doing rocket science; and then think about doing rocket science in the 50s, while they were inventing rocket science; and then imagine doing leading edge rocket science as a woman in the 50s; and THEN think about being a woman doing leading edge rocket science in the 1950s who was also black and lived in the segregated South, where even the washroom you can pee in is half a mile away... The credits sequence of that movie made me tear up, I'll confess: not only doing all the above, but staying married to the same guy for half a century afterwards. So yes, absolutely: Happy 100th Birthday Katherine Johnson. You moved the world. best, M.
  12. It's a tricky one, but given the Britmodeller community and demographic, I'm wondering whether anyone has some experience or advice to share. Father in law is in his early 80s, physically very fit, but suffering from the early stages of dementia. He joined the RAF as a pilot in 1960, flying Hunters for 54 Sqn, and retired in the early 90s as one of 32 Sqn's VIP "chauffeurs". He's bored (and hence unsettled) at home, but equally disorientated and grumpy in completely new surroundings. What we need is a holiday or hobby that would give him some new interest or activity to get to grips with, but enough familiarity that he doesn't feel disturbed by the whole thing. He says he wants to take my mother in law (a certified angel) on a cruise, but everything I read makes me think this is terrible idea, since it's all about unfamiliar new experiences and horizons. We also need to make sure it's something where mother in law herself can get some time off from the keeping an eye out for him, and maybe some time to share experiences with other ladies in the same boat (you 'd never tell to talk to her or look at her, but she'll be 80 this year, and could do with a break!). Any help would be much appreciated, especially if you've "been there, done that" and can plot a course for us newbies... All the best, M.
  13. cmatthewbacon

    My local clasic car show

    We should plan for you and Abby and the smalls to come over for this one next year! best, M.
  14. cmatthewbacon

    Mixing scales......A new trend???

    I wouldn't have any qualms displaying 1/32 aircraft and 1/35 vehicles together (or 1/72 and 1/76)... I'm certainly not "tuned in" enough to the real sizes of things to say much more than "boy, a B-17 is surely a lot bigger than a Jeep...". I don't mind mixing 1/24 and 1/25 cars in the same display case, though probably not of the same car side by side (the Revell 1/25 E-type body shell fits just nicely inside the Gunze 1/24th one...). Usually, though, the 1/25s are American monsters and the 1/24s sophisticated Europeans, so the scale difference is the least of the contrasts... best, M.
  15. cmatthewbacon

    My local clasic car show

    Weather wasn't so great, but the turnout was pretty impressive. a few highlights here, the rest in the full gallery here: https://cmatthewbacon.smugmug.com/Cars/Burley-Car-Sow-2018/ best, M.