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  1. cmatthewbacon

    Lamborghini Huracan Performante, Aoshima, 1/24

    Well, finally got to make some more progress... this is what I'm aiming for: And this is where I've got to.... Well, I'm happy... best, M.
  2. cmatthewbacon

    Lamborghini Huracan Performante, Aoshima, 1/24

    Just had to build a uGears Morgan for my Mum’s birthday first. Still working on the body. @Homerlovesbeer look at the image of the green car I’m building above. There is a sharp change of surface, but no triangular wall/wedge above the bulge below. The orange car on your picture is showing very nicely why it’s hard to get the shape right, because the effect of the sun on the metallic paint is confusing. The white one is less so... I’ve seen the real one, so I know that the green pic is how it looks IRL... best, M.
  3. cmatthewbacon

    Revell Porsche 356B Coupe, 1/16 scale

    Time to dig out that Monogram DB4 and some Autumn Gold paint... even if the original never came in that colour, it looks amazing! best, M.
  4. cmatthewbacon

    Revell Porsche 356B Coupe, 1/16 scale

    You must be a master of the English Wheel.... looks fantastic! best, M.
  5. Look for a Revell Stratos, kit number 07235... it’s a rebox of the Hasegawa kit... best, M.
  6. That's really lovely. I had no idea that Williams Bros had such things in their catalogue: I've only come across their 1/32 racing planes. Beautiful job, and I hope there's a model railway that it'll be gracing before long... best, M.
  7. cmatthewbacon


    ...all to be found on 6Music... along with Goat Girl, Parquet Courts, Shooglenifty, Plague Vendor, Behemoth, Beak>>, She Drew the Gun, Ariel Pink, Pictish Trail, Boards of Canada, Temples... and that’s only a sample of discoveries I’ve made from in the last 6 months via Iggy and Maconie’s Freak Zone, and added to my library... if I started listing the stuff Craig Charles’ Funk and Soul show has introduced me to we’d be here all night... beat, M.
  8. cmatthewbacon

    A very Different Morgan

    Looks great... and was so inspiring I found a good excuse to buy one myself (my Mum is a huge Morgan fan, and very difficult to buy presents for, so this year she's getting a "kinetic sculpture" of a Morgan for her birthday!) Just spent a happy couple of hours building. It's really enjoyable to build, the instructions are brilliant, and you can relish the amazing design and engineering skill that's gone into it. I have to second the view that tying the little rubber bands to length is by far the most difficult and annoying aspect of putting it together, though... best, M.
  9. cmatthewbacon


    Nope, just a 55 year old with an open mind, eclectic tastes and an enthusiasm for good music of whatever sort, who wouldn't be caught dead listening to Radio 2, or, God forbid, any kind of "Local Radio" best, M.
  10. cmatthewbacon


    Never looked back since I switched to 6Music. Non-stop good stuff presented by people who know what they're talking about (mostly... the less said about Liz Kershaw, the better) and are passionate about music, in every genre and ranging from blues and jazz only to be found on crackly 78s to not yet released funk and soul or undiscovered indy rockers. Iggy, Cerys, Stuart Maconie, Craig Charles, Lauren Laverne, Amy Lame, Guy Garvie and Huey are the soundtrack to my weekend... best, M.
  11. cmatthewbacon

    What CAR/BIKE kits have you recently bought 2?

    I just acquired exactly the same pair! Plus a Bullitt Mustang fastback... best, M.
  12. cmatthewbacon

    Harder & Steenbeck Evolution - First impressions

    @little-cars The preset handle sounds interesting, Paul. I bought the Evolution Al Plus from you a while back. I can't find a definitive answer on whether the preset handle is compatible with the Al+ (The H&S website accessories list for the Al+ doesn't include it, but it does include a different looking "Quick fix endpiece" part 123664, which looks like it might limit the backward needle travel instead). Will the preset handle fit an Evolution Al+, do you know? all the best, Matt
  13. cmatthewbacon

    Dr.Who ...no one remebers the Daleks??

    I guess it's probably because the teenagers who are watching now were watching Teletubbies or The Night Garden when David Tennant last payed The Doctor, so no, they can't be expected to "know their canon". And because, contrary to apparently popular belief, Doctor Who is not made purely for the benefit of middle-aged men for whom it's "never been as good since...<insert pet rose-tinted nostalgic moment here..>" For every "Girl in the Fireplace", which turned out to be just as good as I remembered, there's a whole lot of "Talons of Weng Chiang" or "City of Death" which really... aren't. best, M.
  14. I think these could become a major part of my paint stash, since I'm often decanting TS spray cans to use in my airbrush... anyone know of a UK stockist? best, M.
  15. cmatthewbacon

    Concorde... this time by Heller in 1/125

    Okay, it looks like I've found a teeny-tiny flaw in my plan to get the decals on this weekend: Despite being numbered FD125-315, and described as "Rescaled from an original 1/144 scale set," I've clearly got the 1/144 sheet. That flag should pretty much fill the tail... I've sent an urgent mail to Mr F-DCAL... best, M.