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  1. You’d think that there’s a pretty good chance that someone has the opposite problem... best, M.
  2. This is is done with Tamiya sprays. TS-95 Pure Metallic Red over TS-84 Metallic Gold. Painted gold overall, with light coats of the red to allow the gold sheen to come through... best, M.
  3. Interesting that they call these "test shots" and yet say that they are "slightly larger" than the 1/24 scale of the forthcoming kit. I always assumed "test shots" were pulled from the actual tooling, to check and fine tune if necessary to ensure it all moulds correctly and comes out of the tooling cleanly... best, M.
  4. There’s a new release of the WNW Pup on the way. You can pre-order at Hannants: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/WNW32055 best, M.
  5. So, as luck would have it, I picked up an Eduard 1/48 Spit IXe "Weekend Edition" in a local Age UK charity shop for £4.99, which has to be a good deal. Not sure I fancy the rather specific Czech clipped-wing scheme, though. So, two questions: 1) Are there alternative aftermarket decals for a Mk IXe that I could buy for not too much money? Say, Israeli or Norwegian? 2) I also have a Profipack IXc... are there enough spare parts of the right sort if I rob from both kits to use one of the other schemes from the IXc box to get two IXc/e s from what I now have in the stash? TIA for any guidance! best, M.
  6. Looks great! Such a good kit of a lovely car, beautifully executed. The big bonnet snake is a “must have”, isn’t it? They really should have it as an option for my (I wish) new Giulia QV... bestz, M.
  7. Personally, if I was starting a range of static plastic railway kits, I'd do 1930-1960 British prototypes in O Gauge (more or less 1/48). They're a good size, but not HUGE like the 1/35th WW2 German locos; they'd work as static pieces on O Gauge layouts; but they'd also be compatible with 1/48 armour and aircraft for slightly-more-wieldy-than-1/35 diorama possibilities; and they're close enough to 1/43 to work with diecast collectible cars etc... 1/48 would be big enough for decent detail, and also big enough to make assembling the running gear so that it all turns and works more or less realistically less of a pain than it is in OO/HO. If I was moulding such a kits, I'd also do all the mechanical workings in ABS rather than regular styrene to give you a better chance of a working mechanism that won't break... It can be second range from Pistonhead Plastics, following on from the 1/24 classic British sports cars... best, M.
  8. What with Dapol and eBay, you can still get a fair range of the old Kitmaster kits to work on: These took about six months and not more than £100 all in to acquire on the 'bay, though some were built-ups for restoration and repainting rather than unbuilt kits. There are at least another eight ex-Kitmaster/Airfix that have ended up with Dapol (BoB, Evening Star, Moghul, City of Truro, Schools Class "Harrow", Prairie Tank, 0-4-0 Saddle Tank and Deltic) and are readily available for around £7-8 new... These all ended up on our CBK SIG display at SMW in 2015: I think you could easily spend a couple of years modelling nothing but OO/HO railway kits with what's available today. The building and painting is enjoyable (though "lining" is a monumental pain), but the _weathering_ is brilliant fun! best, M.
  9. Err... Spielberg had nothing to do with Red Tails; it’s a George Lucas film. Spielberg did make Empire of the Sun, Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s List, Lincoln, Munich and Bridge of Spies, all of which IMHO are good/great movies dealing with historical events delivered in powerful, dramatic and moving stories. If you haven’t seen them, you’ve missed out. He goes to great lengths to be as accurate as possible... within the constraints of practical filming. Empire of the Sun for example has a couple of flying sequences that were done with real planes, by Ray Hanna and the Old Flying Machine Company. It took a while and cost a lot, because Spielberg wanted accuracy AND the best shots for the film... IMHO (but I’m not alone) Spielberg is the most _complete_ director working in movies, and has been for 30 years. He’s a master in every genre, and can direct everything from a powerful two-hander scene in a claustrophobic cell (Hanks and Rylance in Bridge of Spies) to a completely immersive large scale battle scene from a hand held point of view (first 20 minutes of SPR). ...and what exactly is your beef with the Nazis in Indiana Jones? “I hate those guys...” obviously, but as cartoon baddies in pure entertainment romp deliberately done in the style of 30s adventure serials, what’s the problem? best, M.
  10. The first 3 volumes of Les Ailes Francaises, which deal with French flying boats, are still available from the publisher: http://artipresse.com/?cat=50&lang=fr The three together would run about £50 posted. You'd end up with 250 pages covering around 50 types, ranging from 2 pages to 6-8 pages depending on the type... Of course, the text is in French... best, M.
  11. This is the relevant post in the WIP thread... best, M.
  12. It's a lovely little kit of a fabulous car... the only thing I would suggest is lowering the "sit" at the rear a little bit. It's very easily done by twirling a drill bit in the sockets on the rear wheel arches where the top of the shock/spring locates. An mm or so makes quite a difference to stance and raciness of the car without being OTT: best, M.
  13. Double click on any jpg picture and it'll open in Preview. Tools>Adjust Size "Fit into 800x..." or "1024x...", File>Export "JPEG" and adjust the slider to give the desired file size... Unfortunately, as far as I know, Preview doesn't have the combined fixing pixel size and file size in one operation that "Save for web" in Photoshop dies, but I'm sure someone will be along any minute to tell me it does... best, M.
  14. If you host your photos on Smugmug, as I do, you can select from a number of different sized links to embed in forum threads. I suspect other photo hosts will have similar functionality. I upload the pics to SM from Photoshop, where I've saved them out at 1000 pixels wide optimised to a file size of 200K. Those are what SM sees as "original" size, and what I use here on BM. The Unofficial Airfix forum limits widths to 800 pixels, so I can just choose those from "XL" link in the sharing menu on SM. If I saved the images on SM in full size (which I have done occasionally with artwork or images for people to download), there's usually a 1000 or 800 wide version somewhere in the Small or Medium links on SM. SM is a paid for service, but it's reasonably priced for a year, and offers a wide range of capabilities that suit forum posting pretty well... best, M.
  15. Have a look at this one, Steve: https://hlj.com/procon-boy-single-action-0-4mm-gnzps-268 I got one for large areas, but it’s actually pretty flexible, and easy to use... best, M.
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