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  1. cmatthewbacon

    Revell Porsche 356B Coupe, 1/16 scale

    Thanks very much, all... I think we're on the home straight now: If there's one key piece of advice I'd want you to take away from this model if you're building the same kit, this is it: getting the interior tub in using the snap fittings is a complete s*d. First, don't bother putting in the windscreen when they tell you to in the instructions; it will fall out repeatedly as you flex the body to get the interior in. Secondly, cut off the front mounting sockets from the tub and just use the back pair. Finally, what you are trying to do is first, get the top of the dash into the windscreen aperture; secondly, get the doors into the spaces in the side wall of the tub, and thirdly make sure the rear shelf in the tub is inside the back window. With the body and tub upside-down, I'd bring the tub in from the front (into the tapering body), backwards and angled into and downwards towards the back, flexing the body sides outwards to get the doors in place and making sure the rear end sits inside the window, then push the front into the body, with a small screwdriver or similar to ease the top of the dash into the window space (it should be be a millimeter or so above the body edge, and the gap is hidden by the windscreen frame). Then, wiggle it forwards a bit to get the rear mountings into the right place.The tub will snick into place quite firmly without the socket/pillar arrangement coming into play, and the chassis/floor will keep it there. Finally, after a quick clean of the insides of all the windows in case bits of paint have been knocked off during the (quite aggressive) snapping process, you can put the front window in. best, M.
  2. cmatthewbacon

    No NOTAR? Why not?

    If the tail rotor on a helicopter is mechanically complex, potentially vulnerable and, if part of the system fails has the potential for a catastrophic accident (as it seems), why isn't the deflected jet exhaust (NOTAR) solution more popular? Is it because MD have patented it so no one else can use it? best, M.
  3. The AAIB report has all the detail that is known at this time: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5c090ab1e5274a0b64c8a2f4/S2-2018_G-VSKP.pdf It's crystal clear and precise on exactly what happened, in what order, and that there are still many questions remaining about why, and what some unusual findings might tell them about why. Of course, one of the strengths of the AAIB is that they are not concerned about "whose fault is it?", which is why aviation safety culture is seen as model for other activities where accidents and mistakes can happen and people can learn from them. The AAIB has already made several urgent recommendations to operators of AW169s for a close examination of some bearings and regular inspection of a critical nut in the mechanism. With luck, that should prevent any recurrence, and finding another helicopter that shows the same sort of mechanical stress and damage but that hasn't yet failed would be a very helpful step towards answering the "why" question... best, M.
  4. cmatthewbacon

    The Real Color Debacle

    ... I think this thread is why I have bottles of dedicated thinner for each of the paint ranges I use (except Citadel, for which water seems to be good enough!); it's a minefield otherwise ;-( Has anyone found anywhere to buy the Tamiya Lacquer paints in the UK yet? (the ones that are the same stuff as the TS sprays, except not in an aerosol)? best, M.
  5. cmatthewbacon

    Revell Porsche 356B Coupe, 1/16 scale

    Thanks, you two! Dashboard is done now. The instruments are chromed discs that pop into place, with decals over the top, and finished with Citadel 'ardcoat varnish: Clearly there's a version on the way with some kind of console under the dash. There's no sign of it in the regular cabrios I can find online, but it looks like the Dutch Rijkspolizei had a radio down there, which probably also explains why the glovebox door is a separate part. So, that's the interior tub completed. The doors are built around the framing in the bodyshell, so I hope popping the interior in will be straightforward! best, M.
  6. cmatthewbacon

    Unexpected arrival from AMW (I think)...

    A heavy bundle just dropped through the door with 3 of the Airfix Model World "Scale Modelling" Specials: USAAF, Mosquito and Road & Track, couple with an invoice/packing note for the princely sum of £0.00. Now I'm not complaining at all, but there nothing else (like a comp slip saying "Season's Greetings to our Airfix Model World Subscribers"). It's true, I subscribed at Telford, but I don't remember this being part of that promotion (the "pay 2/3 of what you pay at the newsagents, get it reliably every month, AND grab a free brand new 1/72 Airfix Lancaster" was incentive enough...) Anyone else received this pre-Christmas surprise (or is expecting it, unlike me...)? Also, if anyone wants the copy of the "Road and Track" special, send me a PM and I'll pop it in the post: that one, I bought when it came out... best, M.
  7. cmatthewbacon

    Revell Porsche 356B Coupe, 1/16 scale

    Got the interior together now: Nice little Porsche decal for the gear shift... the decals in this kit are excellent, actually, even though the stickers are probably more what they expect you to use. One important point, which I should have guessed: you need to make sure that the all the tabs and slots for the snap fit parts are paint free. The engineering is very precise, and unforgiving... Bonnet fits very well, opens and closes smoothly, and has pretty tight shut-lines! best, M.
  8. So, no decals for the Royal Syldavian Air Force S-5 Inter-Sceptre, then? Shame... I'll definitely have one of those to sit alongside my Testors and Frog S.6bs. If we really buy a lot, can we get a Gloster VI (and IV) and even a Macchi MC.72? best, M.
  9. cmatthewbacon

    Revell Porsche 356B Coupe, 1/16 scale

    OK, I think I'm calling the engine done: let's open the bonnet... I love the decal for the fan belt... I don't think any amount of detail painting and stickers is going to make this look much like the original... best, M.
  10. cmatthewbacon

    Revell 1/72 Concorde

    As a matter of interest, are the nose mechanism parts still moulded on the clear sprue in the Revell version? It struck me as madness at the time I built mine that Airfix/Heller should have moulded the moving parts in the brittlest type of polystyrene you can get! If I was Revell, I'd have included that sprue twice, one in clear for the visor/screen etc, and once in some tough ABS type plastic for the levers and so on... best, M.
  11. cmatthewbacon

    Revell Porsche 356B Coupe, 1/16 scale

    Back in action: A new thing to try out: Tamiya TS-101. It's specifically designed to cover and seal coloured plastic. It's slightly odd, and definitely different from the regular white primer. It cures to a shiny and very tough coat. Which provides a good base for the Gloss Aluminium... Engine parts taking shape: oil filter/reservoir, oil filler, distributor and coil. Turned in a drill chuck to shape the sprue as needed. Interior parts... mostly painted with Citadel reds and washes, and some drybrushing. best, M.
  12. cmatthewbacon

    What CAR/BIKE kits have you recently bought 2?

    You found a model shop in London? Wow! Where is it... or did you go to the remnants of Hannants at Hendon? best, M.
  13. cmatthewbacon

    Advice required for modelling club subject

    If they do Arrows Hawks, they can display the finished models in formation... best, M.
  14. I think the nose fit issue is in the IIIC kit, but was rectified in the IIIEtc version. I found it very difficult to find a build review of the E, though there are several of the C, but the one I did find (and now can’t, of course) had no fit issues to report... best, M.
  15. cmatthewbacon

    Revell: 50th anniversary Moon landing re-issues

    I think it's not that space isn't newsworthy (Musk's Tesla in space, anyone...?) It's that as subjects, the current generation of launchers are, mostly, boring. Heller did a couple of Arianes, for La Gloire, but a SpaceX Falcon or ULA Delta Heavy or Vulcan are just pointy tubes, without even the benefit that (equally dull-shaped) airliners have of being available in many different liveries. Revell did a Virgin Galactic White Knight and Spaceship 2 recently, which was a much more interesting-looking beastie. I think it'll take the arrival of some new, more interesting and high-profile hardware like helicopter Mars "rovers" or lunar colonisation pods to get the big model companies interested again. (The fact that a model of a Space X booster landing after a flight would reproduce the most revolutionary event in spaceflight since first ISS crew arrived, or maybe even before that, doesn't make it any more interesting to your average model kit buyer...) Meanwhile, even though the big model companies are resting on their existing toolbanks, the likes of RealSpace, NewWare, Horizon and Belcher Bits are continuing to knock out reasonably-priced resin kits with plenty of detail. Hell, there was even a Manned Orbiting Lab build in Airfix Model World not that long ago... I am a bit surprised that Round2, Moebius or Pegasus or Atomic City aren't doing some realspace models of NASA's planetary landers and probes... In the mean time, though, this is free: http://paper-replika.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=6762:mars-rover-curiosity-paper-model&catid=139:space&Itemid=200144 Best, M.