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  1. Amazingly, the seat building method turned out to be OK... I fixed the base cushions to the ledge along the bottom of the back cushion out of the car, then put the sides into the car and dropped the "bench" between them, wiggled everything into place and ran some thin superglue down the seams, using microballoons to fill bigger gaps at the corners.Once verything had set up, I took them out of the car again, and applied epoxy to the joints from behind and below for strength. These are just resting in place.... I need to
  2. Thanks @Sabrejet I’ve thought about it. My 1/43 instincts basically run to Heller for a Classic Kit reasons. I’ve got more than enough bits n pieces in 1/24 to do one Singer and a couple of Magnus Walker’s... I just need to get on with them! I’ve also got a couple of builds worth of more or less extreme 1/32 934/5s based on Matchbox donors and a very good multi version slot car body kit, which has enough wings and front end alternatives to adapt several chassis... best, M.
  3. I've been thinking, following on from the Brit or Euro cars as kits threads... I have wanted for a few years to build a Singer 911, and I've got very deep into research, but I suddenly had a moment: why do I need to slavishly copy one that exists? I'd still like to make a replica in scale of one of the Singer cars, but I'm going to have more than a few bits left over. Why don't I build my own Outlaw Porsches? Or not-Eagle E-types? Or Alfaholics GTA's? There aren't any rules about building Hot Rods, though believability seems to score as well as artistic flair. So why not Restomods? It's a lot
  4. A man of excellent taste... for my wallet, I’d add an Eagle E-Type, but I don’t know which of your candidates I’d drop... best, M.
  5. Ahhh... that would be going into competition with this baby: https://www.cyanracing.com/volvo-p1800-cyan best, M.
  6. Now we just need some of those ScaleProduction alternative engines re-popped! best, M.
  7. Look what I’ve found: Not my photo, obviously. I’ll take it down if the copyright owner objects... beat, M.
  8. @Bengalensis and I have extra large Humbrol tins especially for these shots... Great modelling and a very realistic result even on on this small scale. I wonder if we’ve got the full set in the GB yet? best, M.
  9. Thanks, Jo... yes I should have said thank you for your advice. I had it on the chassis several times as I got it together, and the seat bulkheads went in with it taped down... I just didn’t think to photograph it at that point! best, M.
  10. Thanks, guys! @Spiny the valve springs are very lightly drybrushed with some Citadel silver, just to bring out the casting detail. The body is under way... I glued the back to the sides first in a U-shape. The mating faces are very well-shaped, once you clean off the moulding pips and small amount of flash. The fit is such that when it's flush, the joint is at 90 degrees. After that had set (I used gel super glue) I put in the front floor. It you're doing one of these yourself, note that the floors sit on top of the moulded ridges
  11. Amazing... the weathering is incredible, as usual... best, M.
  12. Right, that's it: "Stage 3:the engine" is now complete... Boy, am I glad to see that back of this bit... Still, it's a cool engine, and I understand much better how it works having built one. The wires could be thinner, but being black they have less visibility than they might, and I think the engine is much improved by having them in place... Now, on with the body.... best, M.
  13. Looks like a P1800, Alfasud and a Lancia Fulvia are ahead on points... It seems that the head honchos might be “retiring” the Alfa and Lancia brands for actual cars, maybe they should reinvent themselves as a plastic kit company with a fabulous “greatest hits” back catalogue... best, M.
  14. I am quite correctly reminded by @keefr22 that a Skoda 130 GS is not a British car, so I’ve started this thread for a similar discussion on which European cars are crying out for a 1/24 kit... A few from me: Lancia Aurelia B20 Alfa Romeo T33 Stradale Facel Vega Iso Grifo Borgward Isabella Alfasud ...and of course the Skoda 130 GS Best, M.
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