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  1. Sorry @Nick Belbin if I got your hopes up... it’s 1/25, based on the Revell 68 GT 2 in 1 kit... there was a build in Scale Auto which goes through what you need to do to reproduce the movie car.. best, M.
  2. Heinz Nowarra’s “FW190: a famous German Fighter” published by Harleyford in the 60s is still worth tracking down, and can be had reasonably cheaply from Abebooks... https://www.abebooks.co.uk/book-search/title/the-focke-wulf-190-a-famous-german-fighter/author/nowarra-heinz-j/ best, M.
  3. This is the Aperta: ...and the GTO: The SA Aperta is benefitting from what I learned on the GTO... best, M.
  4. ...while I think of it, one more thing... which hopefully will come BEFORE you find out the hard way! I haven’t built this vanilla 599, but I have built both the Revell 599 GTO and the SA Aperta, which share 95% the same DNA. On both of them the bonnet doesn’t close properly OOB, and you need to fettle it. Look at most builds online, and you’ll see the front left corner of the bonnet has a gap. It’s easy to fix, if you start early (much more of a pain if you’ve painted everything!). First you need to slim down the hooked mountings that go onto the bonnet, and take a sanding stick to the pins until they are round, not square. Then ease the part they fit into until they are a nice loose fit. The bonnet will stay up without friction, but the pin needs to be able to drop down and back so the top edge can slip into place. Then you need to bend the front left corner of the bonnet down just a bit. It’s not by much — keep test fitting and trial the whole assembly while the body shell, mountings and bonnet are all bare plastic... best, M.
  5. They do look a lot better! For next time, if you put some barely-bearable hot water (from the tap, not the kettle) in a bowl, and let the tyres sit in that for a few minutes before putting them on, they’ll be a lot more tractable. And you can put the wheels face down on your cutting mat and push the tyres on from the back to protect them even more... best, M.
  6. Might encourage me to build the Bullitt fastback (and paint) I have, or the Boss 302... I’d be in. best, M.
  7. Tamiya and Fujimi wheels have different “sexes”... on Tamiya wheels, the axle is on the wheel, and the poly cap goes in the brake rotor, whereas on a Fujimi wheel, the poly cap is in the wheel. They’ll fit, but instead of using two poly caps and a short length of plastic rod, I’d glue some sprue into the recess in the brakes and drill it to fit a piece of rod more firmly... best, M.
  8. Not sure what this was... any ideas? A Landrover Defender-like LWB 4x4, towing a boat to the dock in Amble. Looked only somewhat like a Defender, with hints of a G-Wagen, though. Very “origami” shape with sharp edges at all corners, proportions more like a hmmv: low and wide. Quite pronounced wheel arch extensions (again faceted) with a narrower main body. Upper body had an inward slope up to the roof. I wondered if it might be a demilitarised something or other made in Israel, South Africa or Russia... best, M.
  9. Beautifully done... they don’t get any better than that! Such a stylish and iconic original, too... even if it wasn’t quite as nice to drive as it looked: how could it be? best, M.
  10. Well, I like my Small Shop Hold n Fold, but even new today it’s around half Meng’s Hannants price... best, M.
  11. You can find my build notes here: There are a lot of them! The one thing I wished I’d done better is the windscreen. It’s not just the top line that’s wrong, the bottom is as well. It’s not a rectangular body cut out above the dash but a squished semicircle. Really the scuttle needs filling with a plastic card skin, a new curved recess cutting out, and a new windscreen plunge moulded from a balsa master that blends from the new lower edge to the new top line... YMMV of course! best, M.
  12. But not as much as Mr Hiro must love you! Best, M.
  13. You can also ask Steve (aka Hiroboy/Zero) to mix the paint with pearl type flakes rather than metallic flake, which IMHO results in an even better scale appearance.., best, M.
  14. Foamcore board. You can build anything from foamcore board. Or buy a couple of big bags of charcoal from Amazon. The box they come in is big enough to use as a 1:1 Henschel turret... best, M.
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