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  1. cmatthewbacon

    Golden Hind

    It looks absolutely fantastic... brilliant job! My only worry is that it's a "ghost ship", sailing proudly through the rolling ocean with no one on board! I think you need some of these guys: https://shop.1-72depot.com/miniatures/1-72/figures/red-box/red-box-72081-english-sailors-16-17-century/ best, M.
  2. cmatthewbacon

    Morgan Plus 8...

    Hi, all... has anyone tried fitting the SE Finecast Rover V8 (available separately from the MGB kit) into a Tamiya Mog? It looks like for an early Plus 8 in 1:1, the chassis was modified but not widened, so in theory it should work, but any voice of experience would be much appreciated before I plonk down £25 for a metal motor for a £30 kit... All the best, M.
  3. cmatthewbacon

    Lamborghini Espada

    ...and definitely the hardest to find as a kit, of that list. I've heard very good things about those SMP24 kits, but as Steve implies, it's best to get them as soon as they come out, if they do something that you want, because they vanish pretty quickly... [edit] Looks like you're in luck (;-P). The plave to buy them from is Keystone Models, a Japanese site that is happy to deal with overseas customers in English (the guy behind SMP24 doesn't speak English, and recommends people to go via Keystone, it seems). Anyway, look what's in their "New Kits" listing: https://xb114.secure.ne.jp/~xb114003/newkittop-english.htm best, M.
  4. cmatthewbacon

    Saga Noren's Porsche 911S

    Thanks! ...and always going the extra mile ;-P, you want Porsche Olive (1970), paint code 414 from Mr Hiroboy to get it looking right... best, M.
  5. cmatthewbacon

    1/72 Revell Concorde

    What's particularly odd is that Heller has a 1/125 Concorde which by most accounts is the best of all of them in terms of detail and accuracy. It's recently been re-issued, and thanks to this thread and a few online reviews, I'm now £24 lighter of wallet... best, M.
  6. cmatthewbacon

    1/72 Revell Concorde

    Oh, boy.... good luck. No matter what you do, the nose mechanism will break. Whoever decided to mould significant parts of it on the clear sprues, which is always the most brittle type of polystyrene, was way off their game that day. and all the other days they worked on designing this kit! The visor is the wrong size and shape, so for full Concorde beauty, you might as well decide to make it with the nose up, and get the visor right. I built mine, contrary to the instructions, by assembling complete fuselages halves, and joining them more conventionally. That way you end up with some seam filling top and bottom, but not three tubes of different diameters to blend. The front edge of the tail is the wrong shape, and needs re-profiling. The nose wheel bay is in the wrong place, by some distance, and the U/C legs are wrong for an aircraft on the ground. But the WORST bit is the fit of the engine nacelles to the wing. It's obvious from pictures where the jet nozzles are supposed to sit relative to the wing, and you'll need heroic amounts of sanding of the nacelles and thinning of the wing to get them up high enough. So all in all, it's probably the worst kit I've ever built, and the biggest missed opportunity (by the widest margin) in kit design history! But it'll certainly take enough time to make what you paid for it feel like value per hour expended... best, M.
  7. cmatthewbacon

    Airfix 2019

    I think they'd do better with a 1/24 Camel: British icon, could be done even better than WNW, not too huge in 1/24 scale, and they could incorporate some of the clever tricks they've developed for aligning biplane wings to make it easier to build. Plus it could be in the range forever, with little fear of anyone else bringing out a more "state of the art" direct competitor... best, M.
  8. cmatthewbacon

    What CAR/BIKE kits have you recently bought 2?

    Is that a CAR or is that a BIKE? No... ...and be very careful what you do with it. If it's a 1:1 scale you can get into all kinds of trouble even for a model... best, M.
  9. cmatthewbacon

    Best boot sale or other bargain model?

    Unstarted and in a reasonably good box 1960s Airfix 1/24 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 with all the spy gadgets... for £7 in a charity shop in Ilkley. And yes, I am going to build it one day... best, M.
  10. cmatthewbacon

    Saga Noren's Porsche 911S

    Actually, looking at the stash, if you can find one of these: It's probably as close as you can get in one box, if you can ignore the slight extra flare on the rear arches compared to Saga's ride... best, M.
  11. cmatthewbacon

    Saga Noren's Porsche 911S

    How badly do you want to build one, Nigel? The bad news is that as you've found, there's nothing you can build to replicate that car out of the box. The "good" news is that, like the real thing, Fujimi kits are eminently cross-kittable. You're going to need to take the "concertina" bumpers from the 930 Turbo '85 and to fit them to a non-flared body. Which is where the "How badly?" question comes in... As far as I know, the only early non-flared body kits that Fujimi does are the '67 911R and the '69 911S, which is the right size. Unfortunately, although most of the later models can be found in Enthusiast Model and regular boxings, and many in extremely good value versions associated with Japanese anime properties (with exactly the same kit inside), Fujimi hasn't issued the 69 911S for a while, and they are fetching silly prices on the 'bay, and are generally very hard to find... best, M.
  12. cmatthewbacon

    Viggen LIDARed at Newark

    It's a pretty long way from "Viggen LIDARed at Newark" to "I think the Airfix 1/72 Viggen that is definitely coming out is going to be overpriced at more than £21..." Personally, I doubt that a 1/72 Viggen fits into Airfix's range strategy anyway... so we're left with the possibility that the LIDARing was done by *any other model kit company in the world*, for a model *in any scale* or for a Corgi diecast *or any other die-cast company in the world* and it will be sold for *any price between £15 and £1200 (for a 1/24 scale model sold a few pieces at a time on the front of a partwork)* Not so much jumping to conclusions as taking a run-up followed by a flying leap in the general direction of the Archipelago of Conclusions, missing the landing completely and falling over the edge of the world... best, M.
  13. cmatthewbacon

    Airfix 2019

    Find me a WH Smiths or The Works or Wilkos that sells Tamiya and I'll agree. Hobbycraft sells Tamiya, but BOY are they expensive compared to the Airfix and Revell gift sets just next door on the shelf, or the Italeri kits on Clearance..? best, M.
  14. cmatthewbacon

    Airfix 2019

    Why imagine (though this one is 2.4m long, which makes her around 1/28 scale)? best, M.
  15. cmatthewbacon

    Airfix 2019

    Exactly: try playing golf, keeping horses, running a classic car or even playing the fixed-odds betting terminal... So what if a new tool large size Airfix kit costs £25.00 or £50? How many hours of research and time at the workbench would that detailed Shackleton interior, or a new-tool Hunter occupy? That Tamiya FXX-K I just finished cost about £40, with £10 more on the carbon decal sheet. But it took the best part of three months to finish, so I see that as reasonable return on investment in modelling time... best, M.