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  1. Oh, come on... the Fujimi kits are badged GT40, as is the Haynes Manual I have and the Octane article I’m using as build reference. I have a Union kit described as a Ford GT MkIV, but I think it’s safe to say most people would know what you’re selling if you call it a GT40, not so much a “Ford Mk.2” For some reason, people do seem to want to take a pop at Meng for these kits, and are finding increasingly sketchy ways to do it... beat, M.
  2. Depending how much it is, if all you want is an engine then it might be better to buy one of scaleproduction’s exquisite 3D printed ones... https://www.scaleproduction.de/product_info.php?info=p2467_engine-kits---1----12.html best, M.
  3. I’ve grabbed a couple of these obscurities cheap on the ‘bay as 964 underside donors for planned Singer builds. This Fujimi sub-family seem to the only game in town for that particular architecture... best, M.
  4. For... reasons, I have some pictures of the built beast without weathering. So here they are. There's still work to do,but I'm quite happy with where we are. On the home straight now... proper RFIs later in the week! best, M.
  5. So you have many treats in store, then... best, M.
  6. Dredged is about right for these, I’d say. I had high hopes when I started reading the first one, but frankly, it was awful. Dreadfully written attempt to blend Commando comics with Flashman without the narrative momentum of the former or literally anything of what makes the latter so great. Now, I may be biased, given that GM Fraser is up there with Len Deighton and Patrick O’Brian in my pantheon of authors I’ll go back to again and again. But Delingpole seems to me to have completely missed the essence and point of his oh so obvious sources, and to be completely tone deaf to how flat his att
  7. Thanks chaps! @Jo NZ that’s useful! I must admit none of the photos I have clearly show a colour, so I figured I was only deciding between silver (light in pictures) and black (dark)! Fortunately, that part pops off easily for a respray. @Pouln I’d estimate somewhere between 25 and 30 hours bench time. The most challenging aspect is actually juggling the very sizeable main body parts through the paint booth and drying, hence the apparently big jump between the latest photos and the chassis stage before! It’s a really well engineered kit with excellent fit. It helped that I’d tried
  8. Just more evidence of the “terrible decline in our hobby...” I genuinely never expected to see a kit of this beastie, which I’ve known about since I saw it in one of those slim illustrated large format books (Purnell Jet Bombers, maybe) in the 1970s... best, M.
  9. Because if spreading false rumours about a company has an effect on iits business (say reducing the value of its shares) then that business may take action against the source(s) of those rumours. And they won’t come after individual posters, they’ll come after the much more easily identified site owners. So ill informed speculation is dangerous for Mike and BM, not just for the speculators... best, M.
  10. You can find the engine instructions in the hi res images for this version of the kit at HobbySearch: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/m/image/10107434 Best, M.
  11. Another great job with an astonishing result, especially on something so tiny! I bet that Heller GB doubled the number of 1/43 70s classics being built worldwide in the last year! best, M.
  12. And that's pretty much it for the basic build: It's a big beastie! Time to get to work on the decals, and then probably some light "track" weathering to bring it all together: I quite like the images of the 66 car at the finish, where you can see the road grime, and also the bright marks where it's been wiped off by working hands... best, M.
  13. He looks great... lovely painting. I think it’s a very characterful sculpt, though nothing at all like the bruiser on the box art! Excellent work... best, M.
  14. I’m disappointed by the lack of new 1/16 figures. For a while they had a line of late c19/early c20 Russian and Austro-Hungarian guards literally pencilled in the catalogue, but they seem to have gone. ICM seem to be making all the running in this genre now, with some great choices of subjects across several genres.. best, M.
  15. I’m pretty sure it did not. When I built mine I extended the tunnels to match pictures of the real missions using wiring conduit from the diy store, which happened to be the right diameter in 1/72. The rearward positioning is for CoG reasons on reentry and landing... not that many Shuttle missions landed with cargo aboard but it was designed to be able to carry up to 32 tonnes into orbit and return with 16... best, M.
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