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  1. Nice, quick build. Could you snap a pic next to something to give a feel for the size of the car please? I imagine it's quite small?
  2. Lovely E-type Binks. May I ask, are those the kit wheels?
  3. Hmmm..... significantly better than the ones I scratch built out of a couple of 1000lbers for my 1/72nd scale Airfix Jag as a yoof Nice one Steve.
  4. Tremendous Tomcat Rod. Hard to tell from the real thing. Brilliant work.
  5. Very cool. I understand exactly how you feel about an actual book of your photos rather than the virtual thing. Thanks for sharing the images, they are very impressive. Happy holidays.
  6. Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated. That's quite a list of aftermarket stuff that's been available over the years. I wonder how much benefit the HU-5 sets would be for this earlier bird? More thinking and research is in order perhaps. Many thanks once again. Hope everyone enjoys the festivities. Cheers.
  7. Good morning all, hope everyone is well. Season's greetings. I am hoping someone might be able to help me with the world of 1/72nd scale Westland Wessex helicopters. I'm totally unfamiliar with what's available in this area but I know there are many knowledgeable folk on here. I recently spotted an ideal candidate for a little diorama and since I have an old Frog 1/72nd scale Wessex hidden in the depths of my stash thought it might re-kindle some modelling mojo. I think the area that is likely to require most work would be the rotor heads, main and tail. Are there any manufacturers on the market who offer resin/photoetch upgrades for a 72nd scale Wessex? The cockpit isn't a huge concern as the photos I've taken show the glazing covered by condensation so much of the visibility into the cockpit will be obscured. Likewise the rear deck and cabin interior. The full sized aircraft has a tarp conveniently draped over those areas. I have searched t'interweb and seen some upgraded resin wheels so may treat myself to a set of those. Also, the aircraft I would like to depict is in a bit of a sorry state at present which is exactly what appeals to me. Recreating the aged appearance of the markings would be easier with masks so if anyone knows of suitable Royal Navy marking masks that could help create the roundels and numbers I'd be interested in those too. Here's a snap of the candidate in all her patinated glory Thanks for any help you're able to offer. Cheers.
  8. Is that a paper book? I wouldn't mind seeing a few pages from that if you have the time. Cheers and a very Happy Christmas.
  9. So many fabulous photographs. The light at Duxford can be a real challenge but you've coped beautifully. Like many others I'm glad you included the atmospheric and moody misty shots. All too often aircraft photography can feel a smidge clinical. Those images show artistic flair too. One that caught my eye among the myriad classy pics is the Sioux dripping with condensation. The bubble is perfectly delineated by the trickling water. Smashing. Isn't the Whirlwind such a cheery Helicopter? Thanks for sharing these rather lovely captures.
  10. Nice rivets bro' Question: What's with the serials in the last pic? They look like they've been hand drawn. It should help folk from worrying too much about getting everything on their models perfectly square, even and neat looking though.
  11. I fully understand why the B-One is your favourite aircraft Shaun, it's a beautiful machine and that's for sure. This is an amazing set of photos, thanks so much for sharing them. Thoroughly enjoyed each and every one. Looking at the burner shots I can almost feel the rumble in my tummy. That last shot shows just how sleek the B-1 is. Brilliant.
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