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  1. Any news on decals for this scheme? Cheers.
  2. Hi and good to see you back on your big Spit Charlie. Nice work on the wingtip lights. You got me thinking, do you think it might be possible to use a cylinder of clear sprue of the correct diameter in place of the solid plastic cylinder? I wondered if the sprue was rounded at the end it might be possible to colour it then mask it to spray cammo over it? What do you think? Nice work enhancing the radiators and carb intake. That sort of attention to detail is sure to pay dividends in the long run. Keep at it. Cheers
  3. Gotta love Orkz. there's so much scope for weathering and imagination. Looking forward to your next update. Keep at it.
  4. Hello all, Would anyone know of a source for the DH emblems in 1/32nd scale please? I will probably require some for the struts of a TigerMoth at some point. I plan on modelling a privately owned example that has varnished wooden struts with the DH emblem as decals. Thanks for any help. Cheers.
  5. Probably best to leave it as is Peter but linking back to this thread from your build is a great idea, thanks. I'm eagerly looking forward to you getting started. Stay safe.
  6. Just so we're clear, I didn't ask for the thread to be moved folks. I can understand the reason and agree that we have mentioned aircraft from other eras but I'm not unhappy about the way things have gone. Tbh, buried down here in chat I wouldn't be surprised if this is the last we see of this thread. It took me all my time to find it and I was looking for it Thanks for everyone's contributions and good luck with your builds guys. Cheers.
  7. Do you mean the 1/32nd scale Revell Hawk Si? If so I think you'll enjoy it. @224 PeterPeter, good to hear your thoughts on the kit. I will keep an eye out for your WIP thread.
  8. Lovely result Bill. That turned out beautifully. Well done. For the balance weights, could you dip some wire into CA adhesive a couple of times until you get a hard blob of glue on the tip? I think that's what I did from memory
  9. Looking forward to it Peter. I treated myself to the Airscale IP and a set of Montex masks that WIP suggested earlier in the thread. I'm not sure if I shall get the resin seat but the joystick looks much better than the kit part. Please begin ASAP so that I can crib your ideas. Cheers.
  10. Superb additions Arnaud, well done. You are obviously a big fan of Rafale. perhaps you could produce an entire model for sale one day? No-one makes Rafale in 1/32nd scale.
  11. Superb work as usual Peter. Fascinating to watch. Re: the fabric wing covering. Isn't there a decal manufacturer that makes fabric/canvas effect decals? *Edit: I was thinking of Aviattic https://www.aviattic.co.uk/linen-effect--wood-grain-decals.html Scroll down for clear version for use over silver. Since these are 1/32nd scale I'm not sure if these would suit what you're considering Peter.
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