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  1. Bravo for attempting something new Steve but, I'm inclined to favour your idea of masking and painting the canopy frame, especially in this scale. The cream coloured inner framing should present you with a suitably challenging .......umm.......challenge.
  2. Terrific job on your Knight Wayne. that's top class finishing, well done mate. Hi Will, glad you like the pics too. No need for apologies as I'm also fond of these Knights. The Adeptus Titanicus models might be the only way I could ever afford a Warlord Titan. Posing that model with a full sized Knight might offer some interesting forced perspective shots.... DalekCheese, Wayne's idea of using magnets is popular and gives you the option to switch out the weaponry whenever you want. If you but the Knight Warden offering you get the additional sprue for the top mounted weapons too. Alternatively, go for the big boys, Valiant or Castellan for even more guns and armour. The model that Will showed is pretty cool too, especially with that interior to display. Finally, perhaps a Chaos Knight might float your boat? Not sure they're out yet but I think they're coming. Forgeworld already offer resin alternative components for Chaos Knights
  3. Hi Wayne, apologies for the very late response. Did you ever get one of these Knights? Of course, GW have released even more brutal versions now with bigger weapon loads. I was bored recently so snapped my Knight outside then had a play with PS. See what you all think.
  4. Deleted - not the wanted area
  5. It did n't retain that scheme for very long Corsairfoxfouruncle. You may have seen 71-0291 in her more familiar schemes of the red, white and blue bi-centennial scheme similar to the USAF Thunderbirds or the camouflaged "Lizard" scheme adopted by A-10's early in their career.
  6. Oh yay! Thank you hairystick. I like the snow feature. It's Christmassy and I'm all for it.......but.......it was giving me motion sickness! The hard work to get it re-instated is much appreciated Mods, it's just not for me.
  7. Here we go.... Hope these help. Low-res 100kB per pic gallery If you'd like larger files PM me your e-mail and I'll send over a ZIP file. Cheers.
  8. Hendie, I had a poke around "Argonaut" at the Newark Air museum a while ago and took quite a few pics. She's listed as an HC2 on their aircraft list so if you think it'll be any help I could see if I can find them for you? Birketts Pete? Gurgle search for J. Birketts Cheers. Edit. Found the pics. Plenty of external shots too if they're of any use.
  9. Hi Rob, Just a few things regarding the wire MDC option if you go that way. It is possible to get very fine lead wire but in my experience it is quite fragile. Also, it does n't seem to like paint or glue very much so you may need to wash it before you do anything with it. Corsairfoxfouruncle's suggestion of copper wire might prove more usable. Using the thinnest wire you can from electrical stuff would be good. If possible anneal it first by passing it through a flame until it glows orange. (Try not to melt it). After that it becomes very maleable and easy to bend but it remains less fragile than lead wire. It also seems to take paint and glue better. If you have n't got any wire that you can strip for this use then PM me and I'll send you some. I've been keeping bits of wire of all different thicknesses for ages and have plenty HTH Cheers.
  10. Hello folks, Here's the latest from the Imperial Knight stables. In order to push the lower limbs closer to the finish line I needed to add the codpiece armour and the banner that dangles between the Knight's legs. As usual I felt the need to dabble. For the codpiece I considered adding some relief again but decided not to on this occasion. Instead I scratched a few marks into the lower armour plate in an attempt to create a kind of engraved effect. This was left as a bare bronze colour. The uppermost plate was painted orange then some fading was applied. In my mind my inspiration is the faded dayglo orange seen on many aircraft. This colour seems to be particularly susceptible to the sun's rays and fades alot. A small amount of damage by way of surface scratching was added but this was kept light since this armour plate is rather shielded. The chain used to suspend the banner is a replacement. The plastic chain links are quite thick and solid looking as can be seen in the image below of an ootb build. This time I used real jewellery chain which I've painted in a slightly rusted tint. I also replaced the thick plastic banner with one made from metal foil. This was painted with a design before being weathered. Seeing these pics has reminded me that I still need to paint the mounting brackets so that goes on the "to do" list. The next step in the build process begins work on the torso. This is quite an involved component with alot of detail that I'd like to "finesse". More on that in due course...... Cheers.
  11. She's a beauty hairystick, top notch job mate. Glad you've restored your mojo. I would enjoy hearing more about the Moltaw liquid chrome. I have n't come across it before. Did you use it on the front suspension oleo and tailpipes? If so it looks superb. Beautiful shine you've achieved too. Well done. Cheers.
  12. Nice job on such a tiny model. You've really made the surface detail pop. It looks like a much larger scale model when there is nothing to compare it's size to. Good job. cheers.
  13. Nice one Chris. Can't go wrong with a woman in tight black leather Cheers.
  14. She's a beauty Richard. Fabulous weathering and detailing. You've really captured the used look to perfection. Very fond of the rust patches and runs in the dirt. Nicely done mate. I hope it is n't another eight years before we see another from you. Cheers.
  15. Hello Hunter Rose, nice to see you again. Very grateful for your support and kind words, thanks. Nice work Mart. I smile when I think of you rushing to get your new army to the gaming table but having to wait for the enamels to dry. Thank goodness for modern acrylics even if they are less durable. Cheers
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