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  1. I scaled six different drawings of LEO 45/451 to 1/72. With all of them fuselage is too short by about 6 mm. Like here Moreover - the tail - wing distance is too short So the surgery of fuselage connot be skipped... Like in parallel build of Leo 451 was done by @AntoineG (many thanks for putting my attention to this problem) BTW - the drawings suggests 16 mm diamter of wheels - it is exctly size of He-111 Z Hasegawa kit! Regards J-W
  2. Antoine, today finally I scaled all seven different drawings of LEO 45/451 to 1/72. I must tell that you are perfectly right - the difference in length of fuselage is rather huge and not only in conic end of fuselage, the surgery you did was absolutely necessary and I will follow you ! I will show more on my build thread... Regards J-W
  3. To be precise had one on the left (driver) side, and it was no included in new car (at 1968) similar like safety belts (!) which were added during exploitation and were only on front seats. This car was twice (!) in fire, both time lucky extinguished and repaired, the second time with two my children (age two and four) inside, my wife was evacuating them and I was extinguishing fire in engine compartment (with help of some by passing taxi driver...) . That was a time! Regards J-W
  4. I am in with all three Do-17s (K, P and Z, two by RS and Airfix, respectively) from my stash. All in in 1:72. Regards J-W
  5. With three of them in stash (close to top, since the schemes are chosen already) - sure, I am in! regards J-W
  6. Nice to see R8 Gordini so well performing! My first car was a dull older sister of her - the R 10 Major. I used it in 1983-89 dreaming on power of Gordini. I dig out her photo: Extra lamps were the visible sign of a Gordini dreaming on... .A lot of memories... Sometimes I am thinking on conversion of R8 into R10, since there is no model of R10 I think. Regards J-W
  7. I would not be so sure. Of course Ju-88 was a basic of basics for German WWII aviation, comparable only with Me 109. However, if you consider all variants of Do 17 - starting from E & F (Spain, early Blitzkrieg), P &M (Blitzkrieg, Balkans, Eastern Front), K (Yugoslavia 1941, Croatia, Yu Partisan, Bulgaria, Italian ex-Yu and even ex Yu as RAF on exile in Egipt) then Z (Blitzkrieg incl BOB, Balkans, Africa, eastern Front, Finland), 215 (German fighter and bomber as well as Hungary recce) - there is perhaps enough types and schemes for a STGB. I will join it - currently I have 17 E from
  8. Really nice result! I am approaching to do a series of 6 or 7 Ju88-388 variants from my stash, so I watch all 88's with particular interest, specially the more rare types... Regards J-W
  9. Great result, very tide and sharp looking! Regards J-W
  10. Hi Antoine and Martin, I think that what we do is exactly one of the purpose of group build - we are exchanging information what problems are related to particular model and how we think they could be solved. What each of us do with it finally is his choice, and his fun... . I am sure that we are all the time within those borders. Have a happy modelling together! Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  11. Antoine, that is very interesting, I am almost convinced to extend fuselage as well. Still I have kind of feeling, that some of this 6 mm should be before tail and some in the cone....To be sure I have to scale up my drawings to 1/72 and compare them... Nevertheless - I am surprised that this is the only one dimension problem pf LEO 45... The model fit the drawing almost perfectly in your previous post. BTW - I have met two concepts of inside - blue-gray or tan/brown. What do you think on that? Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
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