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  1. I am prepared to bulid some Russians this way - four Petlyakov Pe2 (including Pe3, trainer and radial engine one), two Sukhoi Su2, two Yak bimotor fighterss (Yak 2 and 4), three Tupolev SB2 (+fourth - the Arkhangelsky Ar 2) and five different variants of Po-2 (only five!). It sounds like a year plan, what terrifying me... I have to dilute it with other projects... Seven JU 88,188 and 388 waits many years as five B 24 do also... Now I stacked in Capronis upper wing machines (101 finished, 111 and 133 on the way)... Thank you. I like to do the second liners including the trainer machines, They are so rarely constructed.... Regards J-W
  2. Farman 192, Abyssinia 1935-6, converted from Farman 190 resin kit by SBS More photos o RFI Regards J-W
  3. Hi, Farman 190 was a successful small French transport (both civil and military) aircraft produced in different variants as F.190, F. 192, F. 193, F.194... More on this type one can read here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farman_F.190 , The build tread is here: in belongs to "Unarmed GB" framework. There is very nice resin kit of Farman 190 by Hungarian SBS company. I bought it some time ago not sure what scheme I will apply (Vichy from Indochina and Spanish Civil War were the best candidates) unless I found that two of Farman 192 were used in Ethiopia in early thirties of XX Century. One, the personal airplane of HRH Emperor Haile Selassie crashed in 1932, however the second one was used as liaison and recce machine against Regia Aeronautica during the 1935-36 campaign, being destroyed in January 1936. The whole story one can read here: http://www.crezan.net/pag_aby/abyssinia_avi_f192.html. So I have first opponent to Italian machines from this war, which I have build this year (Fiat CR-20, IMAM Romeo Ro 1, Caproni Ca 101 D2 and which I have already advanced - the Caproni Ca 111). The difference between Farman 192 and F. 190 was in engine (nine cylinder Salmson instead of five cylinder G-R one). I took the engine from the Academy Fi-156 Storch kit, so it was not too sophisticated conversion. More work was with larger fuel tanks, which were introduced in F.192. Here is the result: some close ups: The Lion of Judah on sides are free hand painting (on a decal) The inscription means "Harar" - the name of one of province in Abyssinia, which was titular belonging to son of Haile Selassie, Makonen. The profile suggested the presence of green/yellow/red (order from outside) roundels http://www.crezan.net/images/f190/f192/192-6/192-6_eth1_1935_prd.png However I do not see them on bottom side of that photo http://www.crezan.net/images/f190/f192/192-6/192-6_0007b.jpg And many experts do agree, that Abbysinia during the war against Italy did not used any roundels on few possessed airplanes, if there were national colors they had form of rectangle flag, from top and bottom. Since I did not observed them from bottom I gave up from top either. And here my local incarnation of a lion apparently interesting in the figure of Lion of Judah... Comments welcome Regards J-W
  4. I added control cables And - finished her today! More photos on Gallery and RFI Thank you for watching Regards J-W
  5. Many thanks. This is something what fascinating me - the development of a construction. I am strongly tempted to do all variants and usually I have to fight against it, not to end up with a dozen models of a single specie (resulting in non build any of the others specie) ... But 3 or 5 are still reasonable, I hope, especially concerning a type which was a subject of massive production. Regards J-W
  6. Hi, I modified (corrected) mine RAF Harvard using new SH canopy or rather only last section of it. The family was enlarged also by recent build of NA 50 Regards J-W
  7. It would be very interesting if other CMR rarities will be converted into injected kits. Starting from maybe the most wanted here on BM - Hawker Nimrod Mk II and Westland Wapiti Regards J-W
  8. P.S> Two more drawings: http://www.samolotypolskie.pl/samoloty/2571/126/RWD-82 https://www.mojehobby.pl/products/RWD-8-Samolot-szkolno-lacznikowy.html#gallery_start BTW - the two person on the photo below are Polish pilot ladies pioneers - Wanda Modlibowska (right) and Ewa Korczyńska (left) Regards J-W
  9. Very nice result! This is a movable part for more tight folding of wings for transport/storage of RWD-8. On right wing this element which looks like a flap was moved up, and this enabled very tight folding: https://scontent-waw1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.6435-9/81688021_2413594392085410_410418764044042240_n.jpg?_nc_cat=107&ccb=1-3&_nc_sid=cdbe9c&_nc_ohc=JR930FoZPt8AX-1Aev_&_nc_ht=scontent-waw1-1.xx&oh=6f2159c883b5831b75a0b11f26667fee&oe=60F9C939 Regards J-W
  10. Roman, very nice result! This recalled me mine seven Ju-88/188/388 kits peek on me from stash, asking me silently crying for build... Regards J-W
  11. This will result that (as someone already wrote before) the B 24 was flying with nose down like Whitley... Regrads J-W
  12. Below is link to an interesting page on Uruguayan before WW2 and WW2 times air forces - on drawings different shades of blue are given, on photos the blue parts are much pale then the red bar, but it can be due to use of ortho films. On newer photos (Hellcat, Harvard - page 2) they are navy blue indeed. https://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=ForumsPro&file=viewtopic&t=24767&start=0&finish=15&printertopic=1 Regards J-W
  13. Very sharp looking Bombay! Interesting to see her in TLS colors. Regards J-W
  14. Sorry, the drawing is only drawing, but all photos show that the rudder hing is skewed by the small angle, it is rather perpendicular to the plate of tailplane... Regards J-W
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