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  1. The question of presence or not of mid-upper gunner position in Romanian Potez 651 stopped me a while. Today I did next session of googling and found new for me photo (keyword were Potez romania, without any type specified): Here nothing suggests present of gunner position... Large military doors shows that it is not 62 but 65. So I will not do gunner place. Regards J-W
  2. C17 of Hungarian AF (Poland, Czech and Slovakia participate in), right after strat from Krakow, seen from my garden Cheers J-W
  3. Hi I have closed Potez 651 fuselage from top. The front part was done in form of stripes and then covered with putty. This had to be done that way as it is non-developable surface. You may see the position for gunner, which was a feature of only Romanian the 651 transport-bomber machine (65 did not have it). I started to prepare to do propellers - I cover the blades of RS Do 17 K kit with silicone. To be continued Regards J-W
  4. Very nice! This is something what I want to do one day...when I finished all bizzare WWII rarities. Regards J-W
  5. Very nice. I think this is really the first Arma Hobby Wildcat on RFI! Regards J-W
  6. Great result, especially when I've saw how demanding it was in your build thread... Regards J-W
  7. I have two projects for scratch conversions of Douglas: B23 using DC3 wings and DB7 from Boston III. Both willl be suitable, I think Regards J-W
  8. Still I have plus 30 (? - I have to counts them maybe) Japanese planes in stash, so should come in. There will be still plus 30 afterwards Regards J-W
  9. I am "in" - i have some 20 subjects in stash which fits to above rules, so I will find something for sure, even despite the fact that currently I am constructing French types... Regards J-W
  10. I have in my plans for close future Douglas DB7 from SH Boston III (1/72). But I was thinking on FF '44 scheme, with narrow invasion stripes. So I have to think twice about the MTO subject I will jump into this GB... Some French or German are most likely... Regards J-W
  11. Having over 400 model on shelves I have to confess (ashamed a bit) that I never done in my live any He-111... I have four variants in stash (C & E by Roden, H by Revell and Z by Hasegawa) - so I should jump into this river ....
  12. I have looked into mine stash and found that currently only 3 kits by Heller left there: Two parasol Moranes (MS 225 and MS 230) and Leo 451... I have just finished two Mureaux (the 117 and second, converted into 115), Bloch 210 was a donor of parts for scratch build of Bloch 220 and currently I am constructing Potez 651 from another Heller classic - Potez 540. Earlier this year I did Bucker 133 Jungmeister. So I have just run out of most of Heller kits, which were in mine stash for years... Anyway - please count me "in" most likely with those two small Moranes. Regards J-W
  13. Still, the 1/72 kit is not released yet, isn't ? Regards J-W
  14. Swastika was a symbol used in different cultures from always before Nazi defiled it. Also in North American tribes. However - interesting description appears on photo from 1940 below (found in Net)
  15. OK, now I understand. Few days ago I had cut out Dewoitine 338 parts from vacu plate so I will go with it now, but still I have some French machines to go with them in GB... Thank you for invitation for GB Regards J-W
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