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  1. And MPM Wellington Mk X? - those are also Hercules engines... And I have spare left from doing Mk VI J-W
  2. I think the Academy B17 has double set of engines and props. I will appreciate! The ony drawings I have for this variant is that from that page https://kw.jonkerweb.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=603:glenn-martin-b10-139-166-uk&catid=92&lang=en&showall=1&limitstart=&Itemid=554 and thet poor one Maybe it is enough for 1/72 conversion? Do you have better drawings?
  3. Andrian, you did a great job here! It think this is an original Russian kit not related to KP kit from 1975, although Scalemetes says differenly. They are wrong. I have two of them in stash (I was comparing it once with KP, and KP was more fine in details of surface) - currently I decided to use them only as donnors of parts fro scratching in light of ne ICM kit... So your build is a bit heroic for me, chpeau bas! The KP moulds of main parts (fuselage, wings) looks that way (from net): So you can easily see difference (ribs, rivets on front of fuselage...)
  4. Mike, I am sorry to likely disappoint you, I am also interesting in that variant so I directly e-mail them. The answer was negative, namely so far they did not considered doing this variant... They old me that it is practically a new project with new fuselage, wings, engines and canopies... So we can only do a scratch conversion and I am thinking about it (having WB standard Martin B 10 on shelf). Patrick - I will follow your build with interest, looks very promising! Regards J-W
  5. Thank you. Since I do not have Contrail model I hope not to follow its mistakes What makes me doubtful is shape of fuselage. If one compare the geometry of the fuselage on the photo and on drawings - the drawings shows in more barrel shaped (bulged) whereas the photo suggest almost triangular section, with much less bulged (straight on some height) sides, what results in much narrowed canopy. Ate least for me...P;ease have a look at that I think there is nothing to do with any perspective distortion since the photo looks like taken with long lenses from a distan
  6. The next Hercules driven possible donor of engines is Wellington Mk X (and XIII, XIV). But the props are perhaps different I think. Regarding turrets - I think I have at least two sets of MPM Wellingtons (one converted to Mk VI turretless, the other to early Mk I also turretless) and dome from conversions of Lancaster (Manchester without dorsal turret, York and "Grand Slam" one). So I hope I will find some, maybe even I can share. Here is nice set of photos http://aviadejavu.ru/Site/Crafts/Craft26192.htm And here rised dorsal turret - it looks similar to Lancaster o
  7. In the discussion above we forgot the radial engine Halifax, which can be also a donor of Hercules engines and cowlings. The other question , besides engines, are turrets. It would be nice to know, from which machine you can borrow the turrets? I expect that good turrets will improve the look. I have found about turrets: "For defence, the Lerwick was equipped with three powered gun turrets. The nose turret had a single 0.303 inch Vickers K gun ; the other two had 0.303 Browning machine guns, two guns in the Nash & Thomson FN.8 turret in the dorsal position and four in
  8. Pat, very good result! The shining surface of civil machine (and yellow base) are demanding, but you survived! Regards J-W
  9. Paul, thank you. This Chinese set is not that large as I wish to have (not telling about the Japan side) - the main "gap" is Curtiss Shrike (A12). I still do hope that it will be issued as injection kit so I am not buying resin one by CMR... Of course there could be also Gladiator, Curtiss Hawk III and 75, Fiat CR 32, Hs 123, He 111 a, SB-2, TB-3, R-5, ... - but I have or planning to have most of in other liveries. Doing for instance two TB3 - one Russian another one Chinese seem a bit bizarre to me, people do not live that long to build old possible kits. in all colors.. . So the limite
  10. This is a description after my correction , before it was just repeated "date: about 1940". First I wrote post on BM, after while I have noticed possibility of correction there.... Regards J-W
  11. the description said "approximately 1940", but please note the roundels (without yellow?) and fin flash in late style ("C") so at least 1942, I think. So I suggested correction there... J-W
  12. Thanks, sorry, I apparently skipped some part of discussion J-W
  13. Which exactly Fokker you mean? Indeed they are not well recognized, however they were trying to be updated. At the outbreak of WW2 they have Gladiators And Dewoitines 510 Some own designs - the company ANBO https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php?topic=56837.0, a prototype of tactical bomber: Best regards J-W
  14. Very nice, I did the same machine some time ago using Aviation USK/ Xothic kit, the RS (not "LS" as in topic, BTW!) kit is much more advanced... Regards J-W
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