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  1. Smply cut external parts of wings and after doing reinforcement of joint then glued it with desired dihedral. If you base on elastic properties as you suggest you have to prevent flattering of profile. The second problem is, that external engines should be cut out and set again vertically, what is not very difficult in fact using sharp knife.
  2. Techmod released some years ago the 1/72 decals (and similar in 1/48 and 1/32) to Ju 88 A1 https://www.mojehobby.pl/products/Junkers-Ju-88A-1-1451730.html
  3. Thank you,, meanwhile I have found in Wikipedia that it was in RAF but without all those details and photo! Looks like a V-engine machine, I have to check, but I think it is Renault engine, not Hispano-Suiza nor W-type Lorrain. the French style was that "B-2" means "bomber, crew of two", "A2" means "recce machine, crew of two" (and this is general military style, therfore Douglas DB-7 is in French DB-7B3). So the morphology of A2 and B2 can be the same, difference is in equipment defined by purpose... Regards J-W Lorrain W-type Hispano-Suiza V-type There was a lot of different engines https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bréguet_19 Regards J-W
  4. Was there? I didn't know. A private or military one? What variant? Cheers J-W
  5. Interesting choice! From years I needed it, so some 4 years ago I did a scratch conversion for Nimrod II in Dannish livery, using some parts from A-model Fury. The professional model with IBG quality will outclass it... . That is life! But that is fine, I had a lot of joy building my Nirmrod
  6. On Polish "Allegro" web site which is a local e-buy portal currently there are three Breguets XIX in 1/72 for sale: two extra rare Hit-Kit injected shortruns and one resin kit by Omega. I do not remember any Breguet XIX to be offered since years... It might suggest, that some company works currently on preparing modern injected kit of Breguet XIX and modellers who know it run out from stash old kits counting on getting good price, which later will be not achievable. In similar circumstances I've bought Savoia SM 55 X by Delta2 and very soon afterwards it appeared, that Dora works on SM 55 ... So maybe there is a hope for decent Breguet XIX soon? Cheers J-W
  7. Limited edition ("master") with additional parts apeared in offert of a model shop in Warsaw with price of 289 zl (or 70.49 euro) Standard set has there price 46.10 euro. Cheers J-W
  8. Wing huge indeed, but as surfboard still the size more like that for rat
  9. Is it really? I mean - if it would be written "Alternative HISTORY markings" it will be When one look into dictionary will found: Alternative(ly) means ‘something that is different and unusual and offers a possible choice’: …(https://dictionary.cambridge.org/pl/dictionary/english/alternative) - it does not means "non existing markings" Cheers J-W
  10. After scrolling dozens of Ar-234 photos in net I have found that one https://erenow.net/ww/hitlers-spyplane-over-normandy-1944-worlds-first-jet/6.php Cheers J-W
  11. You can also sand the front frame on windscreen. After getting right shape using piller you have to polish it first using paper "600", then "1200" and "2000" (with water) then piece of cotton finally diluted gloss varnish...
  12. The 850 kg weight as for airplane without fuel (besides the lack of propeller) points to FW 56 more than to FW44, which had maximum take of weight of 885 kg. The FW 56 empty weight was 695 kg. J-W
  13. AW 16 Scimatar between two Hawkers (Hart damily and Fury on top? Left from Hawker Hart (or Demon) is as was said Westland PV6 or Wallace (not Wapiti since there is a ring on engine), next left is I think AW Atlas as @DennisTheBear &@JOCKNEY suggested. Next I do not recognize, she has unusual struts like Shark (or Fiat Cr 32/42 ) but for sure it is British, but Shark made maiden flight in 1933, so year later. Closer to us is Vildebeest Mk I (early - the elevators with triangular ends) J-W
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