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  1. Admins - I think topic should be moved to WW2, pls ....
  2. Indeed, this is a bit unfair or strange... The funny story is that two weeks ago I started work on this Alfa (original) kit (the same reboxed then by Zvezda, Encore, Mistarcraft) which was in my stash for 30 years from cutting the wheel bay doors etc. Yesterday I was gluing it back and filling up the cuttings....So within two weeks I went from position "what they did - why they have not done normal wheel bay like A-model did" to the position "Alfa kit is basicly better then A-model one..." Looks that it is better kit than new A-model one... (if you want to do w regular war time Yak
  3. Many thanks! This clarify whole story, so the retractable u/c is the feature of prototypes. I still can read Russian, however google translator makes it faster in some way .... Regards J-W
  4. I ma not sure about credibility of those profiles - the Battle with "33" which for me seem to be a pre war machine from 33 Squadron is described differently... The VT code on Valentia is said to be the 70 Squadron machine...
  5. Maybe that one (with red lettering):
  6. I did sime fast googling to learn more on this film - it is still available and "Pana" sugggests panchromatic... Interesting is different shape of camo pattern here: and here: I hoped that since light earth replaced dark green the lihjt/dark patches can point if it is dark greek, fk earth or light earth/dark earths... But it does not work here. But the pattern on fuselage in "SJ" looks similar to this Bombay And this Bombay is is TLS or Desert? Because the TLS looks like that So for me both Bombay SH-O and Valentia "SJ" are in des
  7. The shade of gray for red is in middle of roundel - so it is definitely different from the color of "SJ", moreover following the rules it should be gray. The blue on insignia is very light, so either it is ortho film or its is pre-war bright shade.
  8. There are two kits of Yak-6 in 1/72 available. One is a kit originating from Alfa company which issued it in 1990, then the kit was reboxed by Zvezda, Encore and Mistercraft, just to name the most popular companies (https://www.scalemates.com/products/product.php?id=130690&p=timeline ) . The the second one by A-Model, which appeared recently (I mean in XXI century ). There are many diffeence between them regarding quality of surface, details etc, however there is one basic difference (at least as I have noticed it: the old Alfa (Zvezda, Encore, Mistercraft) model has fixed u/c where
  9. Since I am close to start work on Valentia - the critical question to experts: do you think that the K3160 "SJ" of 70 Squadron RAF in 1940 was in light earth/dark earth with alu dope bottom (this is what I think about it). This is a serious question. This recall me the most striking serious children question, which my older daughter asked me when she was in age of 5 pr less (for sure she was not alder because I remember when I was telling this story to colleges in army, when I had to be in in 1985-6 and it was when she was five and half till she was six and half..) So the question was: "
  10. Thank you. The rubber o-rings I have used from the very beginning of my trials with home made spokes. Here is first result on Bulldog. This was hub made of drilled trough stretched sprue, the spokes from more stretched sprues, the alu foil glued inside o ring to make wheel rim. I am still happy with result but this was a couple of days of trials and a lot of lost efforts... Then "discovered" PE spoke set by Part and it became more easy to do The spokes are the most suitable stuff for PE parts, which in general I am not a true follower of, I am sor
  11. The struts configuration is in fact very similar to later Fiat biplanes. the famous CR 32 and CR 42. I was surprised that 4 of CR 20 were for short time in Polish army in 1929, when a search for successor of SPAD 61 was conducted. But even more I was surprised that in Lithuania they stayed in first line till the Soviet invasion in 1940 ... I've learnt on those facts very recently, when I was searching for data on this airplane. So it is really a forgotten type and thanks Kora for recalling it by doing kit. You are certainly right that French and Italian interwar machines are mostly ignored b
  12. Thank you! Some small progress with Romeo - I 've painted black on all struts And I did spoke wheels using the kit PE parts, stretched sprue as axes and rubber o-rings as tires With this magnification I noticed that some correction is needed ... Regards J-W
  13. I would do Cloud with pleasure if I would found any of this machine (both UK or maybe German, ex-Czechoslovak?) from WW2 period. BTW - I know that well after WW2 the Czechoslovak Cloud was converted into a motorboat (later went to Kbely museum and was back convertedto airplane fuselage), but what was her fate during WW2? Regards J-W
  14. Indeed, however a the case of Cloud is specific. As you know a single Saro Cloude was in Czechoslovakia before WW2 (OK-BAK) - so it was favorable in some way (documents, interest) for a Czech company comparing with others rare types. The fuselage is in Kbely museum in Prague! But we can still have hope for Short Singapore (as well as Valentia), for example! Regards J-W
  15. The only company I was (or still I am) counting on is Valom - with series of stuff like Bombay, Harrow, Albatros, Albacore and recently C46. The Virginia will feel herself comfortable in that company Regards J-W
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