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  1. The machine in link given in first post is FS626. In AZ/Legato model the sister plane with serial FS628 is ib OD/NG, however with SEAC roundels from bottom side, not seen on photo of FS626 (maybe therefore @Dave Fleming suggested repaint in yellow on bottom sides in the second post - thanks! : ) ) . Yesterday I've bumped on perhaps a serious issue regarding both AZ/Legato or Pavla kits. Namely if you looke at this photo: there are two large windows on top of cabin which are absent in both kits. Argus on display in Elvington Air Museum has this windows (I think it is visible here ) https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1c/Fairchild_Argus_II_FK338_(8155195015).jpg Here those windows are seen for me: But on some other machines they could not be observed (but maybe there are there and only are obscured by fuselage curve?) http://aircraftwalkaround.hobbyvista.com/fair_argus/argus_13.jpg Here they are absent Were they present only on some machines or always, and only removed from some by oweners? Regards J-W
  2. BTW - the Argus with Ranger engine on exposition in Brussel museum looks like overall olive green (olive drab???) - is it a true WW2 or fake scheme? http://aircraftwalkaround.hobbyvista.com/fair_argus/fair_argus.htm Regards J-W
  3. There is really nice model of B-18 by Special Hobby, in box you can find more than one set of cowlings for different variants, maybe the good solution would be get spare cowlings from another modeler who do not need them. J-W
  4. Please note that this is Pe 8 with radial engines, not that variant which is in Zvezda kit but in A-model kit. Regards J-W
  5. MB210 - the old Heller is not very accurate indeed, that would be very nice, but the early DB7 will be even more welcomed! J-W
  6. Many thanks for all who tried to help! I am coming back to the question, perhaps meanwhile some new ideas might appeared (this is Fairchild Argus FS 626) ? I was considering the grasshopper like that from a cartoon "Grasshopper and the ants" by Disney: But the person here is too much human-shaped (legs and arms) and that on nose art seem to have six legs... Regards J-W
  7. I have not seen (or I do not remember at least ) that it was reported yet I apologize if I am wrong but I have noticed right now a series of boxes of Klemm-25 by AVI models in 1/72 Ragrads J-W
  8. Terrible, I never heard on this type before, I did not need it and now it looks I will have to buy it.... J-W
  9. The two additional fuselages for early variants are a great bonus!
  10. Unfortunately I cannot see them for some reason... BTW - a bit more that a week ago I've visited the Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington and for the first time seen the real Victor there. This is a magnificent plane... Regards J-W
  11. Very nice! Great that you've modified the surface of both kits engraving the panel lines. That makes them of having a modern look! (besides your excellent weathering, of course) Thank for saving them from Photobucket crisis.... I that time (of crisis) I re-loaded almost 3000 photos to mine old threads... However I think I have found your thread from 2013 outside the BM search engine. I have just used ordinary google tool, writing "Woody37, Frog, Britmodeller, Blenheim " and the 4th from top was that one, Is it what you've been looking for?: I am finding all my old threads just this way, just by googling it Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  12. Just to recall, that SH/MPM concern had a short run kit of Sally both versions issued about 2000, https://www.scalemates.com/pl/kits/mpm-production-72507-ki-21-sally-ii--141298/timeline so I think they have a lot of documentation and experience with it. The technology changed to 3D CAD preparation of forms but this is a good starting point. Many of us will have a bit difficult choice. To wait for SH which is expected more or less soon or to buy ICM one which is already appearing especially that when ICM kit will not sell well the motivation to complete project by SH can vanish... I am very interesting if any of them are planning also to release the transport variant of this machine , the Ki 57 Topsy (or L4M1 in IJN)? Regards J-W
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