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  1. That is a true jewel in your collection! Regards J-W
  2. OK, that I've got, but I miss when the idea of Stadlman appeared? My post was about the aerodynamic or just shape similarity between "Avion" and SM-55. Of course Savoia has two fuselages/floats but the pilot sit also inside wing and no classical fusealage then... Anyway - you are the master of all those small beauties and I have to admire, that in some part you already convience me that civee machines could be more intersting then military ones. Next life I will turn to them as my hobby Regards J-W
  3. Very tasty airplane and model as well! However - was she really so much revolutionary? I've found just out that the machine originates from 1928 and for me it is in aerodynamic concept not very far fro Savoia SM 55 from 1924! OK, Savoia was wooden (or playwooden) but all metallic Junkers saw action in WWI already... Cheers J-W
  4. After polishing of canopy it was also painted with diluted (in etanol) tamiya acryl gloss varnish . I amd adding now frames masking them rather one by one - it is less work since anly stright pices of tape are needed. Meanwhile I started to do a charakteristing enforcement of fuselage, just behind front turret. T do this I put many about 0.8 mm wide strips of Tamiya tape and cover it with putty. After about hour I removed tapes and gently sanded And the result: To be cont. Regards J-W
  5. Hi, I am trying to build version PBM3s, which was a viariant for South Atlantic, where no enemy airplanes were expected and therefore the defence armament was reduced. Some MGs were left since they were suitable in battle with U-boot, however for example a mid-upper fuselage turret was removed. So I had to blind the opening. It was a circle from a plastic sheet a bit formed to follow the radius of upper fuselage, glued in opening and then cover with putty. After first sanding and with new putty on The nose and rear of fuselage gunner positions will involve more efforts, since they are not a turrets and are not provided in kit To be cont J-W
  6. JWM

    Airfix 06018 Mitchell Mk II - same plastic as B-25C/D?

    Techmod decals are different depending on time. Apparently they were working on their technology trying to improve it, and they did some progress for sure. In general I like them, especially that it is in Poland the most obvious choice for aftermarket decals. The old one were a bit stiff, though thin, so some softering was needed. Now it is much better but still it is better to put them on a varnished surface and cover with another layer of varnish. I do not expect that difference of Airfix plastic between those two boxes exists... But I have not seen them. Regards J-W
  7. Excellent indeed! Cheers J-W
  8. Hi, I sterted to work on canopies, but first of all the side floats were glued in position: I glued the canopy It was polished using cotton cloth and then painted from inner side with Tamiya acrylic gloss varnisg diluted in alcohol (etanol, 96%) To be cont. Regards J-W
  9. Hi, After looking at the cockpit photos of Mainer in Net it appeared that the instrument pannel in Mach 2 has is not very comparable with the original. So I painted all blak and will try to do some immitation from decal... It was the same in case of Coronado, BTW. Nevertheless I glued in all small windows using Humbrol Clearfix and glued fuselage halves together As you see the wings were alredy glued and even sanded. The fuselage was also filled and sanded. So I joined all parts: fuselage, tail and wings: A close up to canopy which is not finished. I will work on this more, but nottoo much - it will be limited by transparency of canopy, which I will try to improve, but no miracle is expected anyway... Cheers J-W
  10. JWM

    Polish F-104 1/32

    Unfortunatelly it never happend! When I was about 10, so about 1970, I was drawing F-104 and F-8 Crusader in Polish livery as a kind of a political manifest - and kept it in the botom of the drawer.... Regards J-W
  11. Very nice looking a civvie MS 230! A single seater, moreover... Perfect results as always. J-W
  12. Very interesting! I have my MS 230 and MS 225 not far from the top of the stash Good to learn about the flaws... Regards J-W
  13. Now it is clear, that Fin Flash of Yu Partisan Spitfires had reversed colours regarding RAF (from fin leading edge: deep blue, white, red) On some colour profiles (examples below) it is this way, on others it is like standard RAF. So now it is clear which is correct! Thank you for sharing Regards J-W
  14. Hi, After glueing in all small windows (using Humbrol Clearfix) I glued fuselge together. I had to finish pilot cockpit. Initially I/ve painted the instrument pannel as it was prepred by Mach 2 but then I've looked at photos of cockpit and ound that Mach 2 vision is only a vision... As you see on above I glued alredy wings with fuselage I gleued also tail together but not koined it with fuselage since first the rear turret should be placed in position. I realized, that rear turret of Coronado is same like of B24D and since i want to do my B24 D as CC Liberator Mk V (with BP turret) or early Mk I (with a different gunner position) I have spare Italeri/Academy tail gunner turret, which is far more transparent than the Mach 2 one (left and right, respectivly on photo below) Cheers J-W
  15. JWM

    Gloster Gamecock

    Thank you, indeed I did it Here if anybody interesting in: Regards J-W