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  1. Thanks! Indeed, for final result it is perhaps the most important if the kit is of that quality... I am using paper 600 waterproof and wet sanding. BTW - there is a huge difference between efficiency of wet and dry sanding,,, Cheers J-W
  2. So that is how prototype of Wurger looked like! Excellent! J-W
  3. JWM

    Three amphibias: Duck, Goose, Gosling

    Many thanks ! Today only Gosling. Riging of floats . One have to do it before wings are glued together. Then you glue wings. This is result: And some more of inside Cheers J-W
  4. Many thanks for support! More sandings Cheers J-W
  5. Many thanks! I have some still some doubts if the tailplanse should be really bigger in span then those of Academy kit of early B 17. This is based on the single drawings, not the best one. However tailplanes of early 307 are for sure different than those of B 17C/Din some way. In B17 the control surface goes to the end, whereas in 307 the end of tailplans is not movable, perhaps better you can see below what I mean: Moreover, there are drop-like fairings on tops and bottoms which are not present in early B17. So therefore I belive in some extend to this drawings...And I follow it Regards J-W
  6. So I glued fuselage and later wings. It do require some putty to get shapes. Special attention must be put to fairing betwing wing and fuselage. I used Tamiya tape to protect wing surface, applied Tamiya grey putty and when puttu was still wet removed tapes Another unpleasent finding was with tailplane. The general shape is like that of early B17 (B, C&D), however it is larger. I have the spare tailpane from Academy B17 kit. In Maquette kit the tailplane is from B-17E. Such tail was installed in 1944 on some Boeings 307/C-75. Since I want to do her in livery of about 1942 I have to modify tailplane of Academy. I started this way To be continue Cheers J-W
  7. Graet! Congrats -of achievements. Świetne! Regards and welcome to BM! J-W
  8. JWM

    Three amphibias: Duck, Goose, Gosling

    The riging of small floats I have to do before glueing wings together. So in both Goose and Gosling I drilled holes in floats and glued them to bottom halves of wings: In case of goose i have to study more photos to check more precisely the places for drilling the wings... I made more slim and shaped props of Gosling today also (left after, right before it): That is all for today, let the float get fixed Cheers J-W
  9. JWM

    Vultee Vengeance Cutaway Drawing & Plans

    Here are some Russian drawings (or someone else but on Russian web page) http://www.airwar.ru/other/draw/vulteevengeancekr.html Not very detailed but anyway... Maybe enough for 1/72? Cheers J-W
  10. Excellent result. That recalls me that among 400 modeles on my shelves I still do not have Ju-88, Only six or seven in stash....(incl. 188 and 388) Time to do some of them perhaps... Regards J-W
  11. JWM

    Three amphibias: Duck, Goose, Gosling

    I strated work on Goose and Goslling which will be almost OOBs. Here what I have: Gosling: Goose The Duck will be build a bit later since it will be a conversion to J2F5 (most likely) Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  12. I am affraid that likely I overlooked some of your brillants - there i a lot of them! Just anotoher one... Regards J-W
  13. Mike, many thanks! Maybe, but I used Humbrol 117, as always for Spanish Republican Green... Since on existing rudder the inscription "RWD" exist on one side (apparently on original alu dope) and does not exists on other side (so overpainted by so me light colour) I decided that tehre was ochra background applyied hastitly first. Regards J-W