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  1. Still we do not know exactly, if the Academy of Fujimi shapes are correct. There was a thread on the Stuka nose once in WW2 section of BM and a volunteer who will measure the Ju-87 nose length in museum (Hendon) was desperately needed... Regards J-W
  2. Many thanks for comments! Those are exactly the PE wheels by Part (https://www.mojehobby.pl/products/WWI-spoked-wheels.html) with rubber o-ring and stretched styrene axies. It is already sixth I think model in which I used them (Polikarpov I5, Shavrov Sh2, Romeo Ro-1, Airco DH 9, Potez XXV ToE - maybe I forgotten another one?) That is true, but I think I build already all what I had from Heller in my stash.... Perhaps I have to buy a Constelation for some refreshment! Regards J-W
  3. This DC 6B was on Krakow Balice airport since Friday and today she took off flying back home. The pilot made round and low pass on airfield, so I had doubled opportunity to do photos from mine balcony this time. After low pass. The sun was near sunset,,,Machine was heading right toward light Regards J-W
  4. Nice result on this oldie! It could be maybe interesting to add a short note on the pilot, Stanisław Skarżyński which is here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanisław_Skarżyński. He lost his life returning from a mission over Bremen in summer 1942, as Wellington pilot in 305 (Polish) Squadron RAF.... RIP. Regards J-W
  5. Many thanks! Indeed, the u/c seems to be a bit under engineered regarding the assurance of a proper alignment, but it works in the end. One more problem ocured with mine one - the decals (roundels) were printed with small error - white was shifted with red by some very small (maybe 1/30 of mm) resulting in appearance of white contour on one side. It could be removed by precise cutting out roundels but I have not noticed it before application, so I had to remove them and replace by the other from drawer... Thank you. I do hope - one day you'll finish yours! I appreciate your comments, regards J-W
  6. DC 6 in Red Bull livery!!! (here is about this machine https://www.hangar-7.com/en/the-flying-bulls/aircraft/douglas-dc-6b/ ) I was completely astonished when I saw it over my head today! Regards J-W
  7. For me on photo is all white, the lower part is darker due to shadow. J-W
  8. Hi, My next French machine, this time of extremely short life time in my stash: when I bought the kit about two weeks ago I immediately started build... This is Kovozavody Prostejov new mold kit of D 501 (1/72). I used the paint scheme not from the box. It is machine No 198 (R-228) belonging to GCII/10 in January 1940 ( so still in Phoney War time) based in Rouen-Boos. When this squadron got more modern machines the Dewoitines were phased out to flying schools, it is likely that this particular machine went to Polish training center in Lyon-Bron. I reshaped the wheel spats to unique one seen on some D 501 (including that one). Here she is: Comments welcome Regards J-W
  9. I think some time (few years) ago similar thread was here and AFAIR there was a photo o Ju-88 tire produced by Dunlop... But I cannot find it now. I think that the forms to do tires were the same right before the war and in following war time years, but maybe during war there was no time but also no reason (no need to advertise) to emphasize the producer name in white... The contracts for huge numbers were already signed without it... Regards J-W
  10. Indeed, in description people write like that, however on above photo from Net as well as in book the hook seems to be on position... Thank you for suggestion on Humbrol 125. Is it not a bit too dark? I 've read somewhere that it should be Humbrol 144 with a dash o white ... Many thanks! Regards J-W
  11. Thank you! Hi Jean, Thank you! I was searching for this camo schemes for years, that is why they spent so long in stash... As I mentioned this No 24 (N-523) in war time three colour scheme was seen in photo published in Avions No 78. The alternate for MS 225 was to paint is in grey/grey French Navy scheme as prototype of MS 226 (with arresting hook and additional fuel tanks) for which I had photos from 1940 in a book ("La Debacle de mai-juin 1940..." Avions Hors Series No 24, page 42. ) Below is photo of this machine found in Net, done a bit earlier then in 1940 (photos from 1940 in book has different numbers - smaller white BA 25 on a break of white stripe along fuselage, in description it is said "ex-BA-4"): BTW, in the same book on p. 23 there is another photo from 1940 showing MS 225 (No 64, N 333) but the quality of it and position of airplane not allow to tell is it camouflaged in three tones or a pre-war green/alu scheme. With MS 230 it was much easier, there are plenty of schemes available, not only French but also Greek, Belgian (with another engine) or Spanish Republican, but I chosen that one from aesthetic reasons simply...(wanting to do spoked wheels of course) This profile I was trying to follow was published here: https://www.avionslegendaires.net/avion-militaire/morane-saulnier-ms-230/ Best regards J-W
  12. Many thanks! It is something a bit strange to build a model which you could also do 50 years ago ( but you did not done it ) and for last 20-25 last years it was waiting in your stash... Regards J-W
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