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  1. Hi, What was done inside (a rows of seats) would be perhaps OK for a civil variant but I have found in net that insides of Valentia was differently furnished, with removable seats along walls https://www.martinwilkinson.co.uk/images/victoria5.jpg https://www.picclickimg.com/d/l400/pict/195058408832_/Vickers-Victoria-Interior-Original-Vintage-Vickers-Charles-E.jpg https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSi8Oc_ESCCey8atVZnhvBKaRkbHZVPVnx2gzyl2jzvkEftfOl2M52LiOGTRRRbpQ_TUXo&usqp=CAU Not too much is seen regarding the cockpit beside that there were arc windows on both sides, and on left side there were doors between the pilot cockpit and cargo/passengers compartment https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSi8Oc_ESCCey8atVZnhvBKaRkbHZVPVnx2gzyl2jzvkEftfOl2M52LiOGTRRRbpQ_TUXo&usqp=CAU Here is suggestion that there were full circle steering wheels http://elpoderdelasgalaxias.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/6a00d83542d51e69e2017c3336b591970b.jpg but of one of photos from previous links it seems that it is a modern style 2x1/4 of circle (so without top and bottom quarters of circle - like it was in Lancaster, for instance) Here it is 3/4 of circle: The instruction ( https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/4/7/4/244474-10-instructions.pdf ) says nothing on this... However finally I have found photo of cockpit! http://www.70squadron.roselake.co.uk/jgwalker/jgw019.jpg So I can go no! Regards J-W
  2. Hi, I focused on Do 17K today Yesterday I glued wings and fuselage together. I have to align fuselage and wings surfaced using a kind of bar clamp Then I have to use filler. Today I sanded all it Some work on engines: I drilled through the resin central part to make room for a propeller shaft. The propellers (two different pitch, typical for GR engines) The Do 17P had some progress as well, a day or two delayed compared to "K". I glued fuselage halves togetehr, before it drilled a circle window opening in fuselage (as was marked) To be continued Regards J-W
  3. Above photo presents Valentia from 31 Sq "T" - with not serial shown (at given quality of picture), However, on this photo taken in 1939, showing also "T" from 31 squadron but in all around alu dope: The description says it is JR 8232 (https://www.raf-in-combat.com/downloads/september-2016-vickers-valentiavictoria-21-photos/ ) So, I think I will not be at high risk of mistake (if any!) when I will do the camouflaged (light earth/dark earth/light blue ?) "T" with that serial! But still it is not clear what is on nose? Is it just small second "T" and some stains? Regards J-W
  4. Some were imposed to RAF in WW2 times http://www.airwar.ru/image/idop/cw1/s16/s16-7.jpg Regards J-W
  5. Sorry for exhumation of this thread but I started work on kit and have more doubts, questions, observations or speculation to be confirmed... For instance there is a photo of SAAF Valentia descrobed as done as late as in May 1942(!) in (East?) Africa. The photo is done likely during a sunset (or sunrise) - sun light goes parallel to ground, so it is in horizon line... Despite this strong sun light (look at the shadows of struts on fuselage) the bottom is very dark - a black? No insignia on bottom side. But the gear is alu. The top look like a desert camo. The descriptions is "South African Air Force Vickers Valentia troop carrier 265 was photographed in May 1942. This was one of seven ex-RAF Valentias serialled 264 to 270, and 633 was another of these primitive inter-war military transports. Basically Victorias with 635 h.p. Bristol Pegasus IIM3 radial engines in place of the Napier Lions, 28 Valentias were built, and 54 Victorias were converted to Valentia standard. The tailwheel that distinguished the Valentia from the Victoria Mk VI is clearly visible here." It came from Aeroplane Monthly 1979-04 via Russian web page http://aviadejavu.ru/Site/Arts/Art35760.htm Here is photo secribed that done in 1941 in New Delhi, India Here another new photo: https://waralbum.ru/298075/ Any more thought/infos/photos available? Regards J-W .
  6. I have found, that F1+HH was Z2. so should have guns on sides of canopy Regards J-W
  7. Hi I made a montage of engines in Airfix "Z". It requires only small adjustments . I started work on engines in RS "K" as well I decided to glue fuselage halves together and to add further inside elements already to glued fuselage To be continued Regards J-W
  8. John, you are certainly right that we have similar interest in transport machines, although I maybe like to do Italians in Italian colors - unless like Piaggio P108 T the main user was Luftwaffe. BTW - what about Fiat G-12. IS it available as a kit? SM 95 has a bizarre double tires system (as shown above) what makes this construction unique, I think. Maybe I should re-consider skipping this type, indeed two of them were in Luftwaffe during late phase of WW2. The CANT Z 506 is an Italian ambulance (ASR?) machine http://italiantechtreewt.weebly.com/uploads/2/3/9/5/23957853/847903.jpg?700 or a civil one: https://upload.forumfree.net/i/ff13292734/CANTZ506C.jpg Best regards J-W
  9. I was going through photos of Do 17 Z in net and came to the "working conclusions" (so - it is my current opinion which can be changed if someone will give good arguments) 1. The front canopy is better shaped in Mionogram/Revell kit than in Airfix, where it seems to be too shallow. I based it for example on such photos: https://www.flying-tigers.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/d1-On-March-7th-1945-a-Finnish-Do-17-was-forced-to-land-at-Kalixfors-.jpg https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-HJ-ohAZ4L9g/VtyO8Y3b9KI/AAAAAAAAWAU/m-X0SveFSpU/s1600/1Do17cockpit.jpg 2. However, the propeller blades which are visible much narrow then those of Monogram/Revell kit are rather correct: https://www.worldwarphotos.info/wp-content/gallery/germany/aircrafts/dornier_do17/Dornier_Do17_Z_of_5-KG_3.jpg https://www.worldwarphotos.info/wp-content/gallery/germany/aircrafts/dornier_do17/Dornier_Do_17_Z_summer_1940.jpg So from my idea of kitbashing only the front canopy will be used from Revell/Monogram kit in the Airfix Do 17Z... Regards J-W
  10. Is it know , do they (F1+Fh or F1+HH) had side MGs in canopy or not? Regards J-W
  11. John, Have you posted yours large Italians on BM/RFI? It would be nice to see them. All those transport Italians in my case are yet to be done. I have SM 75 and also SM 74 in stash (both by Broplan) along with also their conversion for Italeri/Supermodel CANT Z 506 (the C variant with passenger fuselage ) . The SM 73 (to be converted from SM81) and Sm 82 will go from Italeri. However I thought, that SM 95 was a sole prototype only during war, so I skipped this. Anyway - with P108T added this looks like well more than half a year project... Regards J-W
  12. Giorgio, many thanks for the info again - I have just bought this conversion for 108T. Regards J-W
  13. Hi, For the last week I had a duty trip, so the progress is only from the week-end. I worked on wings of "P" together with the u/c gondolas and engines nacelles. Similar with the second RS kit - the "K" I also continued filling up the cockpits of both RS kits: However majority of work was on Airfix 'Z". Starting from the same (nacelles/gondolas): And some more details: I am considering some kitbashing. I've read once a review of Airfix Do 17 Z kit in which two problems were addressed: 1. To flat nose glazing 2. to narrow (to small chord) of propellers Since some 15 years ago I did the Do 215 B5 conversion from Monogram /Revell Do 17 a glass nose and props (as well as engines) left with me. I think I can use them here, Please have a look (on left Monogram/Revell. on right Airfix): or here: (bottom to bottom) : How do you think? Is it really a true that the flaws like that are present in Airfix kit? Regards J-W
  14. Thank you, I have wrote them an e-mail with order. We will see... Best regards J-W
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