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  1. Thanks! I did not know that 11 cylidber in row ever existed. One learn something every day :). Cheers J-W
  2. Still, with a lot of efforts of course, some are doing a nice model out of this kit: what makes my hat off! Regards J-W
  3. Why not follow this: https://forum.ww1aircraftmodels.com/index.php?topic=9638.0 http://aviadejavu.ru/Site/Crafts/Craft20114.htm Hope to see it on RFI soon Cheers J-W
  4. I think that decals are not the biggest problem of this kit unfortunatelly J-W
  5. JWM

    Luftwaffe Tires

    Very iteresting is that song "Lily Marleen" singed by Marlene Dietrich was during WWII the top hit on both sides ! Cheers J-W
  6. JWM

    Luftwaffe Tires

    The most obvious both side fighter for me is Curtiss 75. In Dakar as Vichy and in Finland on Axis side, French in 1940, US, Netherland and UK on Allied. BTW - do not forget that Soviets, French and Italy as well as Romania and Bulgaria changed sides during war... And if you think on captured machines - the list will be really long. Starting from all ex-Polish used by Romania (mostly) on eastern front. Cheers J-W
  7. JWM

    Luftwaffe Tires

    "By the third quarter of 1932, the all-black SS uniform was designed by SS members Karl Diebitsch (artist) and Walter Heck (graphic designer). The Hugo Boss company was one of the companies that produced these black uniforms for the SS. By 1938, the firm was focused on producing Wehrmacht uniforms and later also uniforms for the Waffen-SS ". (Quted via Wikipedia from Köster, Roman. "Hugo Boss, 1924-1945. A Clothing Factory During the Weimar Republic and Third Reich" (PDF). Hugoboss.com. )
  8. Of course "Kiev 46" in not fictional location for a Soviet machine, but "Montpellier" would be. You can be sure - any such model would be questiond in similar way by me Both those system has a huge lake of human blood on hands. I can understand doing models of some projects or even non-existing machines in an apearance of prototype, just as a kind of a tribute to technical ideas. But in such what-ifs as here ( so without even saying that it is a false or fake history) there are to many of political, historical and other associactions immediately which I cannot accept in some way... Regards J-W.
  9. I wonder what is in mind of 12-years kids facing this model and reading description "Montpelier, 1946" or "Kiev 1946". How many of them will feel sorry that it never happend? Who of them saw/will see "Pianist" by Roman Polanski or who will read Anna Frank's dairy? ... Cheers J-W
  10. Hi, Kagero re-issued modified previous monography of PZL P-24 by A.Glass and T,Katsikas. Here is a review: https://www.modellingnews.gr/el/νέα-μοντελισμού/pzl-p24a-g-andrzej-glass-tassos-katsikas-3d-monograph-no66-κagero?fbclid=IwAR0pNuExxMPV9ur5IzeE9cMiIi9bL2Wi41XeUlMNuSx5bP0yxlnCEWIx3f8 Very valuable for all interesting in Polish and Balkan countries air forces from WWII! Cheers J-W
  11. JWM

    Silverplate B-29's

    P,S, Some (?) other B29 has red front wheel hub:
  12. JWM

    Silverplate B-29's

    Maybe not yellow but inside paint - chrome green? Cheers J-W
  13. The Salmson from SCW is very likely! Yhere were few airplanes used on Ethiopian (Abyssinian) side in war with Italy. Here are some photos of Abyssinian airplanes including Fokker F VII/1 and Junkers W 33 https://thomasesimmons.net/books/the-man-called-brown-condor/ I have in stash Broplan's Fokker F VII with Lorrain engine and I will go with this red-cross machine from Abyssinia... Cheers J-W
  14. Sad that not Salmson, but on other hand - some field for building a scratch conversion! Another field for conversion is hydroplane, from Indochine 1939: Cheers J-W
  15. Perhaps another one for Abyssinian-Italy war? http://www.crezan.net/pag_aby/abyssinia_avi_po25.html Cheers J-W
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