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  1. The DH9 is a bit smaller then Wapiti (which is DH9A size) but Vildebeest is bigger indeed. And floats makes him much taller. For me that is also true - the Bristol radial engines looks a bit like an addition, not natural. But therefor it is also very characteristic and one of a kind. BTW - I started the radial one Thanks for comments Cheers J-W
  2. BTW - how deeply weathered the wing roundel is on above photo! What colour came from beneeth? No one is brave enough to do soemthing like that on the model... J-W
  3. JWM

    Japanese Navy carrier aviation

    Thank you for sharing. I have found your web site already before but now the access is harder to forgot welcome to BM! J-W
  4. Really superb! Regarding Spanish registration - it looks (I am not sure, but I guess this from table in link here http://www.airhistory.org.uk/gy/reg_EC-.html) that EC replaced M in 1930/ 1931. J-W P.S. On second page of above register it is that Nationalist returned in civil machines to "M" - so you can find Ju-52 with register M!
  5. Many thanks Gents, I am answering with delay because I am on a duty few days lasting trip to Cambridge, UK. I have not too much time to look at the forum those days . I appreciete all comments. I hope to continue series of biplanes alredy outside this GB after return home soon. Best regards Jerzy Wojtek
  6. JWM

    1/72 AirKits Tupolev ANT-7

    Ugly, I mean beautiful model but ugly airplane, or not - just pretty airplane also but a bit diferently Cheers J-W
  7. JWM

    Sunderland into Empire

    Thank you for this advice, of course prior to start any sculpturing of the plastic I always study drowings.... More by the phone Best regards JWM
  8. Thank you Phoenix. Still I have some 8 next in stash to do Many thanks Arturo. It is very kind of you, I have just sent you PM. If you need something from Poland in revange... Regards J-W
  9. John and Patrick - many thanks. Here is Vildebeest among other Britts in SCW And here is my full set (so far) from SCW still some free space on shelves! Regards J-W
  10. Moa, that is really beautiful and trully original collection! am impressed Regards and congratulations J-W
  11. Both very nice, but PR-5, which is an evolution of Polikarpov R-5 I like the most ! Excellent painting work! Regards J-W
  12. JWM

    Sunderland into Empire

    It makes work a bit more difficult, but still it is feasible. You cut out entirely naceles and glue them on other angle... Perhaps another few grams of putty... Thank you for awaring about this difference. What I was surprised - the redan (is it in English? - the hull step) positionin relation to wing, Both are determined by position of center of gravity (but from aerodynamic or hydrdynamic rasons) so their relative position should be the same, but it is different between Sunderland and Empire. But the info on swept wings removes this paradox - the center of aaerodynamic force move backward for swept wings... Cheers J-W
  13. I think that currently in my stash seven SCW left: Nationalists: 1. Savoia SM 55X 2. Dornier Wal 3. Heinkel He 59 4. Heinkel He 70 5. Bf 109 A 6. Romeo Ro 37 bis Republicans 1. Koolhoven FK 51 Plus I want to do scratch comversion of RWD-9. I am planning to buy soon also Dewoitine D 27/53 by Kora. I will do some of them likely before GB will be launched but I am still in! My current shelvs with SCW or second take Still there is room there... Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  14. Nice set! Each individual is a great machine. Delta is very interesting as model to me. I was eeger to have Delta in my collection and I was too nervous so I made scratch conversion from William Bross Gamma 2b, maybe you remeber it it was here on RFI I think in 2015... Cheers J-W
  15. Hi, CASA factory was building under licence early variant of Vickers Vildebeest with Hispano Suiza V-engine (Vickers type 245, whereas Vildebeest Mk I is type 244 and Mk II is type 258 as given in instuction for model by Special Hobby). 25 of them were produced in Getafa (Spain) with exchangeable wheel/float u/c. I build this model with GB "Britts abroad". Model presents machine with serial T-17, blonging to Grupo 72 Defensa de Costas in 1938, based close to Barcelona. I have painted in my interpretation of her scheme, which is know only from this photo. Please note that floats for sure has three colours patterns whereas fiselage rather only two... Therfore I did not agree with interpretation from Molina-Mercado book followed by SH instruction, or Here is my model : I have introduced some changies to kit during build - here is thread from build (this Vickers plus two other machines) Comments welcome Regards Jerzy-Wojtek