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  1. Hi, recently I've bough this kit also together with Arado 232. Apprently Mach 2 made some now run of them, they were unavailable for long time. So I am looking with interest how it will go. I am intending to convert for solid nose version, as she was used for routine transport filights. Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  2. Really good looking Beau! Cheers J-W
  3. JWM

    Hasegawa Ki-44 Tojo 1:72

    Nice Shioki. She has a look! Cheers J-W
  4. Released but still not available in any shop in Poland J-W
  5. Interesting pre war prototype(s), both build as single machines If someone want more info on real things: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polikarpov_VIT-2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polikarpov_VIT-1 Cheers J-W
  6. JWM

    Shavrov Sh-2

    In link from my previous post indeed there is side view in which machine is alrady with Finnish insignias but on rudder there and just next to yellow band over fuselage there are fresh overpaintings and the number "2" is seen on fuselage which is rather not a Finnish insignie but the orginal one. I was considering doing this scheme but finally I made mine Sh-2 in Finish colours after being re-painted by Finns. Ed, I hope you have got mine PM with drawings. Regards J-W
  7. JWM

    1:72 Hawker Persian Fury

    Nice construction. However It looks that one can do this by himself, just buying standard elements available in any metal shop (construction works shop? - I am not sure proper English name for it) Regards J-W
  8. So I am back with DH9 work on. I did not like the way how linien wing was reproduced by Maquette. So I filled all speces between ribs using epoxy body putty (designed for repair of car bodies) and sanded of course needs some next work on this. To be cont. Regards J-W
  9. So in 50% Sokół doesn;t existed . Anyway you are right, that Luftwaffe 46 is nominally about the machines which might enter service in 1946, however if it cover also Arado 555 for example it is a wider term which include types which might come to live in 1948 or even 1950. We are all lucky, that earlier happend "Hitler kaput" Regards J-W
  10. Not exactly since what is typically Luftwaffe 46 - they are machines sometimes only thought as idea or just drawn, never reaching status of prototype and moreover - a prototype which fought. Comparable with Luft 46 is PZL Miś or PZL Sokół. Machines which never existed. PZL P 11g Kobuz is a gap-filler, only late for some couple of months and therfore existing in single item. Similar like PZl 46 Sum - single prototype used in combat. Anyway - reality or real history, not "what if" Of course if saomone wanted to use them to what if stories, likewith RAF Squadrons Martin Beaker MB 5 - this will be not reality. Cheers J-W
  11. Very good result, nice to see Polish kit constructed in Brazil so well! Especially I like your interpretation of Polish khaki, it has this bit of green hue. Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  12. JWM

    Shavrov Sh-2

    Ed, the best quality takes (beside contemporary photos of musem machines) are those of captured two Sh-2, which had got into Finnish hands. I have some of them in one book on Finnish hydroplanes. Perhaps you/ve note that some months ago I did Sh-2 model from A-model kit. I was basing on them. I think still I have your e-mail address so I will send you if you like some drawings and pictures which I found in net and those from a book. Before it you may have a look here https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/captured-aircraft.24623/page-6 Regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  13. Hi, The Avro 504 is very well known subject - the WW-I fighter which bacame then trainer and in this new role was still in service in some countries at the outbreak of WWII. One of such countries was Belgium. I did it within GB abroad GB and some construction work is documented there. The kit was A-model float version of Avro 504 K, I made the conversion to late variant, the 504 N on wheels. Here she is: The prop is rotating when blowed on Comments welcome BTW - This is mine number 16 this year, Cheers J-W
  14. JWM

    Brits Abroad gallery

    Looks that mine Avro 504 N in Belgian colours from 1940 cames first here. Cheers J-W
  15. It looks that I have finished Avro 504 N Numbers came from drawer (white 43 was from LS Ki-67 if I recognized correctly - so it was 40 years old and in good shape). Black 43 I did from Supermodel CR 42 4 and 14 from I guess some old Heller decal . Avro No43 and immitation of dato on weight for rudder are hand made (with needle) and pinguins are als hand paint wit 00 brush. The cabrio roof is made of alu foil and steel wires. So I potting some 4 takes to gallery and more to RFI DH-9 will be next here To be continue (with two others) Cheers J-W