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  1. Thanks Julien, plenty to go at there !
  2. So having found my tiny whitemetal GPMG and discovered that it's actually an LA86 Light Support Weapon, I then discovered that the Airfix HC4 Sea King (which I'd forgotten I had) includes the GPMG and the pintle mount. So there you are Pappy, rob one from an Airfix HC4 kit !
  3. Thank you very much. Now all I have to do (apart from finish the Sea King) is remember which safe place my tiny whitemetal GPMG is in !
  4. Second one usually has the HEMS doctor or aneasthetist/similar on board. Round here (Yorks) they quite often get sent to accidents where there us no need for helicopter transfer because the AA carries morphine which road ambulances don't.
  5. Thanks TotD. Like I say, it's half remembered from years ago and I can't remember where from ! It could even have been somewhere completely off the wall like the Mail on Sunday colour section (they did an article on QRA Phantoms I recall). I was an RAF obsessed 14yo at the time and read everything I could get my hands on ! "Certainly possible" will be good enough I think, thank you
  6. I'm currently building Revell's Mk41 as an RAF HAR.3 in immediate post-conflict condition. I'm using Modeldecal sheet 71 which has decals for XZ592 and ZA105 and some December 1982 photos showing the lifting frames fitted underneath and the various extra lumps, bumps and aerials fitted. However, I'm reasonably sure that I once saw a photo of one with a door- mounted GPMG as well. Where I saw it I now have no idea of course ! If I'm right I'm assuming it would have been the same mounting as fitted to the HC4s. Is this ringing any bells with anyone ? I don't think I imag
  7. Love it ! "Of course we knew we wouldn't be going. Tornados only go to war at Armageddon, everyone knew that".
  8. I built the Academy SuE in Argentine markings years ago and I don't recall any issues with the decals. Every other Academy kit I've built, but not that one. It includes the Exocet. Ward's book goes further into the command decisions and compromises required to fight the war than Morgan's does (unsurprisingly), but usually from the viewpoint that Ward was right and everybody else was either wrong, incompetent or empire building. He could be right, I don't know, but it was more annoying than the poetry.
  9. Thank you, I think I can just about follow those ! I need more SBCs...
  10. Superb, thank you ! Cookie and lots of SBCs then
  11. I'm normally a Cold War modeller so apologies if this is a stupid question. I'm currently building Airfix's BIII as LM486 BH-C, 300 (Polish) Sqn, shot down returning from a raid on Karlsruhe 25/4/44. It occurs to me that Karlsuhe is quite a long way from Lincolnshire, although not quite as far as Berlin or Nuremberg. Would that have restricted the bomb load carried or can I load it up with the usual cookie + 250lbs or incendiaries ? I'm assuming it would have been an area bombing raid. Thanks all
  12. Very nice, none of the stepping which sometimes characterizes 3D prints. I wouldn't like to accidentally lean on the door in flight though.
  13. Thanks both for the compliments, and thank you for the steer towards a Blazer ! I'm a bit out of touch on kit sources these days, I found this while looking for something else ! Yes, it either needs paint sploshes or Wiltshire mud or both plastered on it but for now it can stay 'just washed'. I really enjoyed building this, I might just buy one of the M1013 tractors (with the crane on, the bits are on the M1014 sprue) and paint it on MERDC 'summer verdant' as an alternative, there seems to have been some mixing and matching. 'Returning to base' could be an interesting look, there are some pics
  14. Not my first post but it is my first completed build, and to this confirmed if only occasional aero-modeller's chagrin, it's not even an aeroplane ! It's also not quite finished, but I've been here ten years (I think) and not posted a build yet so I thought I'd better get on with it. This is Modelcollect's GLCM with MAN M1014 tractor. Stationed in the UK from 1982, at RAF Greenham Common and later RAF Molesworth, each TEL carried 4 missiles, each carrying a nuclear warhead. 96 warheads were deployed at Greenham Common and a further 64 at Molesworth. They were withdrawn in 1991 fol
  15. Quite. Interesting building but where are the exhibits ? I thought museums were supposed to have 'stuff' in them ? I suspect the demise of the MOSI rail connection is being overplayed, it is significant in historical terms being part of the original Liverpool and Manchester Railway but it is of limited use in getting exhibits in and out. Moving anything by rail these days which isn't in perfect working order with all its various certification in date is an administrative nightmare and prohibitively expensive, for getting the odd loco or carriage moved in or out it is far cheaper and easier t
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