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    British Cold War aircraft, archaeology, and the Portpatrick & Wigtownshire Joint Railways. Diverse enough ?

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  1. I've got that one in the stash awaiting rebirth as an AAC one ! I noticed that the "prettiest visitor to the ship" got her own photo...
  2. To say I"m astonished would be a mild understatement ! Dave has hit the nail on the head. I worked out that Apollo was affiliated to Scarborough but attempts to chase that down only led to private FB groups and lots of photos of the various HMS Scarborough. Never occurred to me that the gash chute was not a permanent fixture either ! Thank you very much indeed, and to Francis for the pointer to local newspaper archived, I hadn't thought of that. I think this year's railway modelling budget might be going to Fleetscale ...
  3. Hi. I know this is a very very long shot, but I'm trying to find out which RN warship paid a visit to Scarborourgh around 1976-78 or thereabouts. It was anchored offshore and it seemed every boat on the Yorkshire coast with a passenger licence was running trips out to sail round it. I was about 10 or 11 at the time and sailing around this enormous grey thing was quite obviously the most exciting thing that had ever happened on holiday. I can't remember which one it was 43 years later of course. HMS Juno and HMS Apollo are both ringing bells but the only diagnostic feature I can remember was a chute extending over the stern. I asked the ex RN boat owner running our boat what it was, thinking it might be some sort of depth charge dispenser, and was quite disappointed to be told it was the gash chute ! I can't see any evidence of those on the Leanders I've looked at but I'm essentially a railway and aircraft modeller and don't really know where to start with ships. If it was an airshow I'd know exactly where to start with spotter lists ... As I say, a very long shot, but does anyone have any suggestions please ?
  4. Thank you, I was aware that the same team had done Colditz, but I hadn't heard of The Fourth Arm, I'll have a look at that. TV drama and documentaries generally seemed better back then, less gimmicky. I don't think it's just nostalgia !
  5. I'm thoroughly enjoying the re-runs of this on Talking Pictures (Freeview 81), it was one of two programmes I was allowed to stay up late to watch when I was kid (the other was 'Danger UXB'). But my God it's dark ! Clearly it's not going to be a barrel of laughs but I'd forgotten just how bleak it was. Nine episodes in they haven't got anyone out either, although they have murdered an escapee and a French civilian to stop them talking, abandoned another because he turned out to be a pacifist, and killed an ex-pat for giving away another escapee. (Fair enough on the last one but I did feel sorry for the gorgeous Joanna Van Gyseghem playing his wife). And poor Gaston's just been shot. Did they get anyone out ?
  6. Thanks Bob, all noted. According to Brookes the SACEUR Valiants were using Mk28s by 1962 as they were required to carry two, although it's got the kit Blue Danube in it at the moment !
  7. There is a Valiant B1 sitting almost complete on my shelf, the intention is to put it on a base representing one of Marham's SACEUR-assigned aircraft sitting at Cockpit Readiness at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis with a couple of armed guards wandering past. Initially I was going to have two RAFP acting corporals, one with a dog and one cradling a Sterling, then I remembered the USAF custodians for the B28 bombs. The internet has turned up numerous period photos of RAFP and USAFAP bods with and without dogs, so I'm reasonably sure I can get the uniforms right. But bearing in mind the two man rule and no lone zones, which is the most likely scerario ? Two RAFP patrolling together with the custodian somewhere on the edge of the pan outside the NLZ or a joint RAF/USAF guard? And where would the crew chief be while all this was going on ? Standing outside with his headset on on his own, or accompanied ? Some modeller's licence is to inevitable given the dearth of real pics of nuclear armed aircraft on alert (as opposed to posed publicity pics) but I'd like to not drop too many howlers. A diorama of such a tense weekend consisting of just an aeroplane, two blokes and a dog has a certain 'less is more' appeal about it. Thanks
  8. Superb ! Reminds me of Airfix magazine articles from the 1980s where conversions often involved balsa wood, dope and filler, and a lot of sanding !
  9. Personally I don't get it, like filling in all the panel lines with black wash which was all the rage a few years ago. The real thing fades and collects dirt, sure, but for me pre-shading doesn't capture that. Over-spraying panels does, washes do, dry-brushing does (but can also be overdone). I should point out that I'm personally coming at this as a railway modeller who builds the occasional aeroplane, most of my stuff reflects BR 1960s steam - i.e. not cleaned since the day it was last painted.
  10. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002002498614.html Look for US 'O' gauge shipping containers. Beware though - British O gauge is 1:43, US O gauge is 1:48. You're on your own with the differences between 1980s containers and modern ones, sorry. (There are some ...)
  11. Corgi do this in 1:50, I converted a 1/76 one to an RAF fuel bowser a few years ago. They were ubiquitous in the late 70s/198Os until the Scammells appeared. https://www.hattons.co.uk/18364/corgi_collectables_cc10309_d_aec_ergomatic_6_wheel_platform_lorry_pollock_road_transport_contractors/stockdetail.aspx I think I'd be looking in the bargain bin at a swap meet or similar for a battered one rather than paying 'collectable' prices.
  12. Heller did a 109" Series III station wagon in either 1/43 or 1/48, it can be converted easily enough to a Series II and/or 88" wheelbase.
  13. Can I join in please ? Hunter T7 I've been putting off for years (if I can find it !). Ta.
  14. Airfix's first Eurofighter was based on the prototype but, in their defence, it had decals for the prototype ! Same with the MRCA which is, as far as I know, still the only way of getting twin store carriers for a Tornado. In fairness to the manufacturers a lot of respected published reference works (Jane's, Observers books) were using a best guess for some if the Warsaw Pact stuff, often based on not much more than blurry photos. Even for Western equipment a lot of the quality reference material was classified.
  15. It's a damn sight more stylish than some of the gawdy crayon which has appeared in the past - green go faster stripes on grey Buccaneers, almost everything on a Tornado (not painted by a German) etc.
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