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  1. Top work Rich. A stunning build. James
  2. Great paint job, love it! Thanks for sharing James
  3. Great work there Reini Did your dad use a gloss varnish before decalling or just go straight onto the paint? Thanks James
  4. franky boy

    Minion's Comrade Mitchell "Mstitely"

    Great work Craig, love the paint job! James
  5. franky boy

    KPM SU-7 fitter kit

    Let us have a few pics of what’s in the box if you get one Tony. James
  6. franky boy

    RAF Phantom F-4J(UK)

    Nice work. She's coming along very quickly. James
  7. franky boy

    Eduard F-8 Crusader

    Thanks Rich Its a lovely kit, I'd recommend it to most and the decals are great too. Thanks again James
  8. franky boy

    Eduard F-8 Crusader

    Hi everyone Decals are on. They’re printed by cartograph so quality is assured. The fun started with two of these monsters on the tail. And in progress. They actually went down pretty well with lots of micro set and sol. All of the other decals performed flawlessly. And one side of the fuselage finished. And the other just requiring the stencils. And the top of the wing This is my favourite. Thats all for now. Thanks for looking. James
  9. franky boy

    Its a Bomber!!

    Just came across your build Greg. A great choice. I remember building one of these in the early nineties about age 12 and painting it in a very thick layer of gloss black! Then having it from the bedroom ceiling to collect dust. Watching with interest James
  10. franky boy

    KPM SU-7 fitter kit

    Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone has got their hands on the KPM boxing of the old OEZ/Smer Fitter kit yet? I was toying with the idea of building one of these for the upcoming NATO/Warsaw Pact 60s GB. I read elsewhere on BM that the new boxing has new parts for the fuselage included. If so how do these compare to the older kits? Thanks in advance James
  11. franky boy

    Mystery P47 at Duxford

    Thanks for the answers everyone. Uts great to see this Jug back in the UK. I'll look forward to seeing her at Flying Legends. James
  12. franky boy

    Mystery P47 at Duxford

    Hi everyone I had a trip to Duxford a couple of weeks ago and came across this P47 in the second part of hanger 1, the one where the Fighter Collection lives. Was wondering if anyone has any details of it. It looks airworthy. Sorry the pictures aren’t great they’re just from my phone. Thanks in advance James
  13. Great airbrush work Rich. Ill definitely be giving the Tamiya lacquer thinner a try as a change to Gunze self levelling thinner. Look forward to more progress. James
  14. Lovely work Tony. Enjoying following your progress. Id completely forgotten that Alley Cat do this conversion and as you said at the start of the thread the Vc wore much more varied markings than the Vb. Makes you wonder why kit manufacturers have never gone down this route? James
  15. franky boy


    Lovely work Michael Thanks for sharing. James