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  1. I found the Quickboost seat to. It’s a thing of beauty but I think it’s more appropriate to a Mk1 to Mkix? Bob. The Barracuda cockpit snapshot is aimed at the Airfix Mk xix but I guess quite a bit could be used in a 22/24. James
  2. Hi Tony I couldn’t ever get panel line washes right, it was a bit hit and miss at best although for different reasons to you I think. Have you tried Flory Model’s washes? They’re clay based so can be applied over any finish left to dry and just wiped off with damp kitchen roll. Job done! It maybe something that’s worth looking at. HTH James
  3. Thanks for the replies @Seawinder and @Scimitar F1 Tbh I was coming round to the idea of finding a replacement resin seat and then doing as you both suggest and piling into the Baracuda resin for the exterior. Thanks again James
  4. Hello chaps Im just about to start a dual build of the Airfix Spitfire F mk22/24 kit in 1:48 using both of the marking options from the box. One in HSS based in the Far East in the early 50’s and the other in the standard day fighter camo from the late 40’s. The one with the big red patches and number 4’s from the air races of that time. My first question is cockpit colour. The instructions call for RAF interior green for both. Is this correct or should they be black by this time as with other aircraft if the day. And secondly I want to replace the seat and IP.
  5. Hi @Brad Just rounding down my options. Will a Spitfire prxix be ok? It’s either that or an Airfix Tiger Moth. TBC Thanks James
  6. Nice work Ben You need a Seafire to sit between them both now James
  7. Great work Roger The mighty Beaufighter certainly looks great in this scheme. Thanks for sharing. James
  8. Wow, that Meteor has seen better days! We used to have a T.7 at our local air cadets centre in Chelmsford for years. It wasn’t quite as bad as that one but still wasn’t great. It was removed for restoration probably getting on for ten years ago now. Not sure where to though. Let’s hope the same happens to that one. James
  9. Great work. Which paints did you use for the nmf? James
  10. I have this boxing in the stash and the decals are pretty much unusable. James
  11. I love a Lightning! You have my undivided attention. Are you going oob or adding any AM goodies? James
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