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  1. Hss would certainly fit in with the practice of the day. It’s on my to build list to. James
  2. Great link Chris. Thanks for sharing. Is the aircraft in nmf or high speed silver? It looks like nmf to me but I’m happy to be proved wrong. James
  3. Nice work Dave. I also have same mag on British Phantoms. It’s a cracking read. James
  4. Hi everyone More progress to share with you all on this wettest of days here in the UK. So more bits from the Daco set. The centre line pylon and Orpheus pod. I think that you could use most of what's in the Daco set for this Kinetic to. There's a cavity where the pylon fits which is as per the real thing and if you dont want to use the pylon there's a photo etched plate to fit over the cavity. Again as per the real aircraft. I filled this in with scrap plastic and sanded it smooth to have something to stick the pylon to. There isn't supplied in the kit. 5A
  5. A Lancaster Bii going for just £24 on Amazon. A decent price I thought. And an Airfix Tiger Moth in 1/48. The Tiger Moth smuggled in under the radar, the Lancaster well and truly busted! James
  6. Nice work Paul. I enjoy ‘working from home to’. Im building a single seat Kinetic 104 at the moment. It’s a lovely kit and although the older hasegawa kit is still nice this ones way ahead imho. James
  7. Nice start. Is this aircraft basically a Zero with floats on? James
  8. Thanks Martin. That’s a big help. Great photo. James
  9. Hello chaps. Just wondering if someone could tell me what colour Italian Orpheous were painted when hung underneath Starfighters? I don't think they're the same colour as the underside of the aircraft i.e. silver or silver/grey. Would a very light grey such as FS36375more appropriate? Thanks James
  10. As I’ve already said it’s not unexpected following airfixs recent policy of British Cold War jets but I’m absolutely chuffed to bits about this one. Especially when I saw a classic airframes vampire go for £55 on evil bay last week. Hopefully airfix will get good returns on this one. Put me down for several! James
  11. Nice start Matt As said above it’s always good to start something new to stop burn out and there’s always the Kuta gb for unfinished kits. It looks like you got that kit for a very good price. Will follow along with interest. James
  12. Hi everyone and happy new year. Now that I've finished my Hurricane for the Med GB I thought it's about time that I kicked this one of again. So here's a small update. The canopy - First masked and glued in place. The fit was first rate. A4EFE3C8-6A8B-4D8C-BBB3-F08037BC23D7 by James Halls, on Flickr And then covered in Microscale Micro Mask fluid. I like that shade of blue. These were then sprayed with Hataka dark gull grey as per the rest of the cockpit and also the tubing for the canopy de-misting system supplied in the kit. Sorry n
  13. Well done Airfix. This is long overdue in any scale. I think I’m going to need some overtime with this years kit announcements! James
  14. At last! I had a feeling this would happen this year. Great news with the Classic Airframes kit going for £50 plus e bay. Well done airfix James
  15. Great work Ray. This is kit and CWS resin nose are in my to build pile so it’s goos to follow along and see how you’ve tackled it. Look forward to to the next update. James
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