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  1. Hi Andy Welcome aboard. I’m not a WW1 modeller so I’m afraid I can’t give any kit recommendations but look forward to seeing some of your work. Thanks James
  2. Great work! It’s good to see a P-40F too. Thanks for sharing. James
  3. Great build Anthony. It’s nice to see a mustang in civvies. James
  4. Great work Chris. You’ve got to love a Starfighter and the new Kinetic kits a very nice to boot. James
  5. Thanks again for the help chaps. I have one photo if 547 B stripped down in a hanger which I’ll post later. James
  6. Thanks for the reply @Vulcanicity Thanks for trawling through the books. I need to get myself a copy of Cold War Shield vol. 1. Just need to remortgage first Ive found a pretty good pic of WE885/G on the 74 squadron web pages taken from the rear left quarter along with other shots of other Meteors in flight. All have the earlier style canopy and I’m pretty sure small bore intakes which was what I trying to determine for my subject. Thanks for the offer of the scans. I’ll pm you if needed. Regards James
  7. I don’t have a definitive answer on the seat colour but I remember a thread on here a while back where it was put forward and discussed that the seats may have been Bakelite the same as in Spitfires. Nice work so so far by the way. James
  8. Hello chaps Im just in the middle of sorting out my build for the upcoming Meteor STGB. I’m planning on building VZ547 B, an F8 on the strength of 74 squadron based at Horsham St Faith using an older Xtradecals sheet. I’ve found photos of other Meteors from 74 squadron but not of this specific aircraft. Just wondering if anyone can help with a photo? Thanks James
  9. Great photos. That looks very nice museum. Thanks for sharing. James
  10. Great work and a fantastic collection of Luftwaffe twins. Thanks for sharing. James
  11. A great build of a lovely kit. Well done. Are the national markings painted on or have you used the decals? Thanks for sharing. James
  12. Great work Enzo, a fantastic end result. The box art on that Hasegawa Sabre has been tempting me for sometime now too. James
  13. That is a surprise. Away from possibly dodgy research one thing is for sure that this will most likely be an easy kit to put together. Arma Hobbies new kit is still listed for release in October so although they’re different marks it will still be interesting to see how the two kits compare. James
  14. Nice work Woody A really tidy build. James
  15. Great photos Shaun Thanks for sharing. I went in the Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed it too. James
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