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  1. Nice collection of Zippers Chris. Great work. James
  2. Excellent work Stu. She looks great. James
  3. Nice to see you’ve made a start on her Craig, and a good one too. James
  4. Great pics as always Shaun. Thanks for sharing. James
  5. Thanks @Rob K. I need to give those a try. I’ve seen people on BM having some great results with them. Thanks again James
  6. Great work Rob. She looks fantastic! Which metallic paint are you using? James
  7. Great work. Despite its age the Tamiya kit still builds into a lovely model. James
  8. Great work @Sabrejet Looking forward to getting hold of one of these kits and having some fun. James
  9. An excellent choice as always Craig. The markings for those aircraft from the 410thBG certainly are eye catching. Hopefully you’ll be able to pin down the nose art. This one will great next next to your A-26 from the Rio Grande GB when finished. James
  10. Nice work Craig I recon you’ve got the balance between detailing the internals adequately and getting on with the build spot on. Look forward to more updates. James
  11. That’s looking great James. Lovely work on the weathering. Not overdone, just right. James
  12. Great work Wlad. You’re doing Hasegawas Corsairs proud. James
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