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  1. Nice idea Ray. I had no idea that the Bulgarians fought against the US bomber campaign. Coming from Italy I’m guessing. Although if they were heading for Romania and Ploesti then they would have had to cross Bulgarian airspace. My 109 stash has also grown during the GB. I have Hasegawa G-4 on the way to be built in Romanian colours on the Eastern Front. I haven’t built a Hasegawa 109 for year’s although I’m not sure it will make it into this GB as I still have an F-2 to paint and finish. James
  2. Cracking work Dave I love that colour scheme. I may have to have a go at that one myself. James
  3. Beautiful work again Ray. I love the trio and the story that they tell. Well done James
  4. Top work Craig. That’s turned out very well. Well done. Im not sure why but I’ve always liked the look of the way the 109 sits when the wheel well covers have been removed. James
  5. Well done Ray, got there in the end! You literally had me on the edge of my seat! Theres not much more satisfying an experience in modelling as when decals go down as they should imho. But when they don’t...... James
  6. I’ve used Gunze GX-100 which worked pretty well. Very thin coats though. HTH James
  7. Nice work Dave, looking good. That’s a seriously quick turnaround! James
  8. Looking good Ray. I totally agree with you that decals are an unknown quantity. Good luck with yours. James
  9. Poor old girl. Great to hear she’s being restored though. James
  10. Thanks for the explanation Craig. It does sound like unusual stuff. James
  11. Thanks Craig I’m quite pleased with how it’s coming along although Ive had more decal issues this week while rubbing off a Flory Model’s wash. Will post up some pics soon. Cheers James
  12. Nice work on the white wash Craig. Just one one question as I’ve never tried one yet. If you go a bit heavy with the sander can you just apply some more over the top or will mess things up? Thanks James
  13. Nice work Ray. Looking forward to seeing how the MRP’s go. Ive never used them either. James
  14. I love the creativity you’ve shown here. Personally id be happy to have just made the jackstands! James
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