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  1. My plan is - Scandanavia gb - Hasegawa Sabre from Norway Journeys end - Probably an Airfix Spitfire vix BoB - Subject tbc MTO - tbc Interceprors - again tbc There are so many this year that I’d love to join in on but know I just won’t have time. I usually only finish 3 or 4 builds a year and the 5 that I’ve pencilled in are fairly evenly spaced on the gb calendar. And if it all goes wrong as it probably will when some super duper new kit gets released there’s always the kuta gb James
  2. Nice work there Dennis and a very productive year. I especially like the Phantom. James
  3. Crikey Heather That is a busy year! Well done and great worm. James
  4. franky boy

    Lacquer paints

    I second that for Hataka Orange Line. Very nice indeed.
  5. Nice work Jason Good to see this one back. I still have two of those lovely 2 stage merlin sets to play with. Look forward to to more progress. James
  6. I’m in Erwin. Please add me to the list. James
  7. Put me down for this one please Wez. I thoroughly enjoyed the first one, was it 2015? My Spitfire still has pride of place in the cabinet. James
  8. Thanks Dave, that's great info. Especially about which parts to use. I have some sanding to do! Also would the Sparrow missiles be as per the instructions for colours or did these change to? Thanks again James
  9. Hello chaps I’m currently building an F-14 in the markings of an aircraft from late 2001. I’m wondering what colours the Phoenix missiles should be painted? I’m using the Tamiya kit which calls for white bodies and XF-19 sky grey radomes. The decal options for this kit all date from the 80’s with AIM-54a’s so would the missile marque and markings have changed by 2001? Thanks James
  10. As Pin said above experiment with different brands to see what suits you. If you’re brush painting with Tamiya then you’ll need to use flow improver. If you want to stick with enamels then Colour Coats are very nice indeed and well researched and Jamie Duff who owns the company is also a member on here to. HTH James
  11. OMG, just had a look at the list over there. There’s enough to keep me going for a couple of years there before this even join the party!
  12. Is that Humbrol filler ‘cos mine does that. Just squeeze out some of the solid stuff and mix it up. James
  13. Probably a daft question but would that KASL slat set fit a Sabre mk4 or would they be to long? James
  14. Top work Malcolm. You can’t beat a Starfighter! Thanks for sharing James
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