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  1. Nice work. That’s a fairly serious gap. Plastic card is going to be your best friend! Look forward to seeing gape it comes out. James
  2. Coming along very nicely Dennis. In fact so nicely I may well have to add one to the stash soon! James
  3. Nice work Rod Good to see this ones still on the bench. Look forward to seeing more progress. james
  4. Nice work Davey This is definitely one to add to the already very long to build list. James
  5. I had exactly the same issue as you with an Aztec a few years back now. I lost patience with it and went down the Iwata route and have never looked back since. Good luck and let us know what you decide to do. James
  6. That’s actually the one I meant. Sorry got my wires crossed. Again! James
  7. It may also be a worth see if you can get hold of a copy the In Detail and Scale publication on the Tigercat by Bert Kinsey (I think)? Its a good source of reference photos. Make sure you do a WIP. The Tigercat is a great aircraft. James
  8. No idea. Pm your address and I’ll post them this week. It shouldn’t be much for just a letter. James
  9. Nice choice and a little of the beaten track. If it helps with your choices I have these decals below by Model Alliance going spare. I’m probably never going to use them. If you want them they’re yours. No worries either way. 8424E56C-6565-411E-A615-1DBF09B1BAEA by James Halls, on Flickr James
  10. Nice work Dennis. Im tempted to track down one of these kits for stash. It’s good to see a few Italian aircraft being built. James
  11. That looks very nice. As said above it’s such a shame just to rule out a slatted wing version. James
  12. Cracking work Tony A very nice collection. Will we be seeing you in the MTO GB soon? James
  13. Fast progress there Steve. Looking forward to to seeing the final finished model. james
  14. Were rockets ever used at all in the MTO Steve. Just thinking there weren’t many Typhoons in theatre which was the usual mode of delivery and the Americans weren’t very keen on them. Reini, sorry for the thread hijack. James
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