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  1. franky boy

    Meteor FR 9

    I’m down to about 15 kits now after flogging a load last year and desperately trying not to add more.
  2. franky boy

    Gloster Meteor Mk.F4 Klu

    Nice choice Will be following with interest. That resin wing section is a big casting! James
  3. franky boy

    Meteor FR 9

    Go on, you know you want too!
  4. franky boy

    Single Blade Nipper 2.0 (ST-A)

    Spot on review Mike. I've had mine for a month now and have been very impressed by them. No more carpet monster problems! James
  5. franky boy

    Meteor FR 9

    Dave Thanks for posting the photo. It's an interesting shot besides having the aircraft that I plan to model in it. Can deffinately see what you mean re the matt finish compared to the other two aircraft. Dark earth and light slate grey would stand out nicely in the modelling cabinet! Thanks again James
  6. franky boy

    Meteor FR 9

    Thanks for interesting info Giorgio. I've seen pictures of FR Meteors and Canberra's before with this camouflage pattern but hadn't realised that the darker colour was slate grey. I always had this down as a FAA colour. Thanks again James
  7. franky boy

    Meteor FR 9

    Thanks Craig. Yes i thought the same re the slate grey. I've done a bit of internet searching and it does look right, it's deffinately not dark green. Thanks Col Yes me too. I haven't seen many finished builds either. Thanks Joseph I'll look that one up. Thanks for the info Steve. Yes I've seen the F8 plastic a while back and agree that this moulding does look better. If that is the case then all the parts for the F8 are in this box and I think at the same price.... Thanks also for the heads up on the windows. Look forward to seeing your finished build in the RFI section. Regards all James
  8. franky boy

    Yugoslav Messerschmitt

    Great idea Craig I really had no idea that the Yugoslavs used such a wide variety of aircraft until this gb. Will follow with interest. James
  9. franky boy

    T-54B, 1/35

    Nice choice Glynn Will be following with interest. James
  10. Hi eveyone So we're of again on another decade of Cold War modelling fun! My entry for this one will be the newish Airfix Gloster Meteor FR 9 in 1/48 scale built straight out of the box. I have to say the plastic lovely. And the box art is pretty good too IMHO. And in the markings of a machine from 2 squadron based at Gutersloh, West Germany in May of 1953. I thought these markings make an interesting change from the normal Meteor markings with the slate grey/medium sea grey uppers with the high demarcation line. The decals also look very nice. Think they're printed by Cartograph? Looking forward to making a start. James
  11. Nice choice Werner Intersting paint Scheme to if go ahead with that option. I have one of these kits in the stash, it looks very nice. James
  12. franky boy

    Sculthorpe Skulker

    A great subject. Will be watching with interest. James
  13. franky boy

    Mosquito NF 36

    Hello chaps Im planning on building a Mosquito NF36 in 1/48 scale for the upcoming NATO/Warsaw Pact 50's GB. Im going to use the Tamiya NF xiii/xvii kit as the base. I have the very nice Pangolin Models two stage merlin engines which covers that base. As far as I can make out the other main external differences for an NF 36 are the shrouded exhaust covers with the gills and the fighter canopy with the bulge on the starboard side only. A bit of internet research leads me to believe that only Paragon Designs produced resin exhausts of the correct type. Another source maybe the Airfix NF 30 kit but I'm loathed to pay around £25 on eBay for one of these purely for the exhausts. Does anyone know something that I don't on this one? And also re the canopy as above I think only Paragon produced a vac form one of the correct type unless there is aldo one in the Airfix kit. I know there are one or two aerials and blisters here and there but they'll be easy enough to scratch. Any info greatly received. Thanks James
  14. Hi all Hope you’ve all had a good Christmas. Just trying to narrow down my choices for this one. The list, all 1/48 - Airfix Spitfire xix Airfix Meteor F8 Hasegawa Skyhawk from the USS Intrepid’s Med cruise of 1958 with a bid green arrow down the side of the fuselage. Tamiya Mosquito converted to an NF36 with Freightdog decals. Belgian or French AF Thunderjet, or both. Tamiya and/or Monogram kits. So far the Spitfire is probably the front runner because it’s straight forward and I’ve got my name down for loads of GB’s this but we’ll see. And then of course there’s always that subject that appears from nowhere at the last minute! What do you think? James
  15. franky boy

    Hasegawa F-8 Crusader 1/48

    Thanks At Sea, I think Father Christmas is bringing me that book? Looking forward to getting started with it. James