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  1. Well done. Really nice work. It’s a shame about the glazing. I’m sure the frame work on the rear section of the mosquitos canopy should be in the interior too. Never mind we’ll all get round it James
  2. Nice work Rich. This is an amazing kit! Those QS cockpit details look awesome too. James
  3. Hi Aerotechi My first choices would be either the AK Xtreme metal range of paints or Mr Colour Super Metallics. HTH James
  4. Hi Sophie Welcome aboard and nice builds! James
  5. Would love this to happen but I can’t see it. Here’s hoping. James
  6. Very nicely done Adam. Love me your collection of V bombers. James
  7. Great work John! How did you achieve the chipping of the black wing bands! Thanks for sharing. James
  8. Great work Ray. Just catching up with this build. Think I’ll be investing in one of these kits soon. You mentioned a page or so back about getting a Tamiya F-14 for another straight forward build. Seriously go for it. I’m not normally a modern jet builder but I built one a couple a of years ago and loved it. It’s another great kit. Look forward to more progress. James
  9. Great work Erik. I love a 104 but 4 at once! Looking forward to seeing the others in due course. James
  10. Great work Derek. I have this kit nearing ring the top of the to build pile. Can I ask what you used for the rigging? James
  11. Nice start Dave. Deffinately a good idea to start with the weapons, the part that takes the most time at the end of a build. James
  12. Good idea. That would include my second build Do we have a poll yet? James
  13. Great photos Shaun! I was at the show on Sunday. I took our 8 year old son so didn’t get to see as much of the flying as I would have liked but particular favourites were the Spitfire Vc solo display, the helicopters and of course the Bearcat and Corsair. Thanks for sharing. James
  14. If I can jump in with another observation of the new Airfix kits canopy. I thought that the rear rear section of the canopy should have the framing on the inside. I don’t have mine to hand right now but I’m sure that Airfix have moulded it onto the outside. Not a difficult fix with a sanding stick and a polish. Sorry if it’s been mentioned already. James
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