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  1. Thanks very much Craig. And onto the last few days work. I bought a set of Montex masks for the national insignia as I don’t much fancy the decals. I sprayed some white onto the upper wings and when dry applied the masks. The other crosses are black so I’ll do these last. I then laid down the colours for the standard factory applied camo. As this aircraft had a lot of field applied camo oversprayed (pic below) I’m going to do the few decals and stencilling next and then spray the field applied colours as a lot of the markings have overspray on them and the stencils I’m sure will be completely painted out. 28FBD982-F4E9-4762-BB9B-1B08A15923B0 by James Halls, on Flickr The colours look a bit washed out in the pics, must have been my less than good office lights. 352E25EB-B13B-43C6-975A-4F130AA084DF by James Halls, on Flickr The grey and green are a bit patchy tbh but with all the over spraying to come later it’ll be fine. Honestly 434F8D2F-818C-48C9-A28F-E9CA6B4322A0 by James Halls, on Flickr 677A526B-99D2-4F18-A1C0-01C4DA392D05 by James Halls, on Flickr 0141D48F-3E99-4AE8-94DD-4FBF3E7C3D69 by James Halls, on Flickr So the next job is to spray on the black crosses and the area around the exhaust then I’ll be onto decals. Thanks for looking. James
  2. Hello chaps. It’s been a busy few weeks since I last updated this one so here goes. Actually I haven’t done a great deal just a Flory Models wash and some weathering with oils. I added some more mottling to the rear fuselage after decalling. C2AC583D-F8EC-461A-998F-EC80F6B1FD7F by James Halls, on Flickr I didn’t wipe off all,the wash on the underside as I wanted to a bit of streaking. 510F2802-2598-4618-95AE-3053BE7B70F8 by James Halls, on Flickr And then added some exhaust streaks. D472D826-F18A-4199-BF80-2EFB160FEBA1 by James Halls, on Flickr DF7BB7AE-244F-4698-B787-B968A8B628AF by James Halls, on Flickr Thats all for now. Onto the UC next. Thanks for looking. James
  3. Just cartching with this GB. That’s a lot of resin Ray. Looks great once in place though and I look forward to seeing the wing folds when the time comes. James
  4. Nice work Enzo. It’s always good to have some liquid refreshments! Youve made a nice job of the mottling with the Xtracrylics. I’ve never been able to mottle with true acrylics and found I only get half decent results with lacquers. James
  5. Nice work Guy I particularly like the silver Tempest. You can’t beat a silver aeroplane IMHO. James
  6. Nice choice of kit and markings Craig. The Hasegawa Crusader’s a great kit. Will follow with interest. James
  7. Looking very nice Bob. How’s the 190 production line coming along? James
  8. Great work Walter. That’s looking top notch. James
  9. Nice work Stew. Just thinking about the colour of the front of the drop tank fairing. I’ve also seen this but could it maybe exhaust staining?? Just a thought. James
  10. Just catching up with this one after a slow weekend. It’s looking great Ray. As said above the weathering is subtle but very effective. James
  11. Nice work Dick. How did you find the kit in terms of fit? Thanks James
  12. Looking good Ray. I had the same experience with the decals from my A-6 kit which were also printed pre Eduard producing their own. They looked just like yours while still on the backing paper with what looks like water marks. And then the the look of slivering when applied which then disappears under a clear coat. Look forward to more progress. James
  13. Nice work Mark. Is that Hataka orange line or one of the other flavours? James
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