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  1. I've never seen that scheme on a Vulcan. Interesting. Red Flag?
  2. Perfect, now Trumpeter will issue a 1/48 Vulcan (albeit misshapen). It will be the 1/32 Lightning saga all over again. People look in vain for years for an Echelon vac Lightning only to have Trumpeter issue a very dimensionaly challenged kit.
  3. Love your Phantom. That center line tank is SPOT ON!
  4. Goodness me, what a triumph. Guess I will go play with Legos.
  5. I won't buy it until a trusted review takes place. I have a huge stash and kits are very expensive today, for me I have been burned enough by buying "junk" on day one. I can wait.
  6. To each his own, but with the need for so many "real" models of real machines, I do not get the fascination with these super deformed kits. Your mileage may very.
  7. I never never never ever buy a a Trumpeter/HB product until the plastic in hand has been throughly reviewed by experts. Even then I wait one year. Never in in the history of modeldom have so many highly anticipated subjects have been issued by one company only to discover they completely didn't do a very good job in shape, outline and accuracy. Someone once quipped, but it wasn’t me, but I do think it’s highly accurate, that many of the TrumpeterHB kits are tooled as if the toolmaker has never actually seen the subject, but rather someone is looking at a picture of subject X and describing it too him over the phone.
  8. A great job on the best looking bomber of ALL time. Only the TSR.2 comes close.
  9. Modeling Rule 12: As soon as I buy a resin kit, the injection molded version will be released.
  10. Goodness! Some 47th level ninja scratch building going on here. Fantastic! Very realistic markings. Highly plausible alternate reality.
  11. Fantastic. Years ago I tried using the Aeroclub conversion on that kit to make a AEW version. It languishes to this day. Great work, my man.
  12. In one hundred years I couldn't brush paint that well. Superb job!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I love Panthers. Great job. I really, really like the engine gray utility scheme.
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