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  1. This is hilarious. Modelers say “Oh, it’s brush painted.” Come on man, no human can brush paint that smoothly. Just tell us use an Iwata!
  2. With all HB, I've learned to wait until trusted experts review the plastic.
  3. Anyone know which is a more accurate kit? Great Wall or Academy? Talking about the plastic, I don't care about paint schemes or decals.
  4. Anyone know where in the USA you can pick up the F-4EJKai or any of the Fine Molds Phantoms that have been released? It seems they are only available in Japan? I tried HLJ.com but was too slow.
  5. I was all ready to say "No way were Walleyes used in DS!!!" Then . . . smack . . . . there is a photo of a Walleye on a Hornet. Amazing. I thought for sure those things would have been retired by '91. Just goes to show how little I know. As for your model? Fantastic. I wish I could have a Hornet 1/10 as good as yours. Well done, expert weathering.
  6. Come on man, I need explicit details on how you weathered that Harrier!!!!! It is fantastic.
  7. Love that scheme. I really wanted a 1/72 FM F-4EJ in the Sea Scheme but they seemed to sellout in about 17 minutes. Great job.
  8. Lordy, some great work going on there. Well done. As soon as I start my Dynavector kit, Airfix will announce one, correct?
  9. Goodness me, some He-Man level modeling effort going on there. Well done.
  10. What sorcery is this? No human can brush paint dark blue that smoothly.
  11. My goodness, that is SO ABSOLUTELY WRONG it is fantastic! Amazingly good job!
  12. First model in 20 years? Come on, you are pulling my leg! That's fantastic!
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