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  1. Yes, all those items are on Sprue B.
  2. I’m sure this will please a segment of UK modelers, but as an enthusiast across the pond, I won’t grab one. That said, it’s Hannants’ money behind the tooling and they’re not in the business to lose money.
  3. In 1/72 the Hobby Boss has a too wide canopy, a misshapen air intake and horrible, elongated, deformed fuel tanks (same as their 1/48 Corsair IIs). If you overlook the canopy and air intake and replace the fuel tanks you can do a TA-7C and A-7K. In order of my preference, in 1/72 it goes: 1. Fujimi 2. ESCI/Italeri 3. A-7K/TA-7C Hobby Boss (because only they make the Wagon Train Family Truckster version)
  4. Those US national insignia are out of proportion and will need to be replaced, for certain. I cannot imagine spending 200 hours on that kit and then slapping those deformed decals on.
  5. I totally get it. I like Xtracolor Light Gull Gray/Grey if you're looking for a good match. I loved Model Master Light Gull Gray by Testors but that brand is now Tango Uniform. If you insist on Tamiya and are not adverse to mixing, I found this on ARC: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/304729-gull-gray-paint-match/
  6. Great depiction. If I ever get around to mine I am thinking of SEA scheme.
  7. Exceptionally well built and weathered. Expert application of decals. However, may I humbly ask what gray paint you used? It seems dark for light gull gray.
  8. Yep, I want a Hasegawa A-4B, but not for $125 USD. I can wait another 15 years.
  9. Those outside pictures could be mistaken for shots of the real bird. Well done!
  10. Superb Phantom. Outdoor photos are the best.
  11. My goodness, that’s gorgeous. It’s the Margot Robbie of DC-10s for sure. Well done, my man.
  12. Man, that’s a good size machine. Very impressive construction going on.
  13. Got mine from Hobby Search and it was painless as well; however, I couldn't find anything else I really needed to help defray the cost so it seems around $60 USD w/ postage is the going rate.
  14. Yeah, that is about what I paid from Japan and I just about passed out. Not used to paying $60 USD for a 1/72 Phantom. Guess I was not screwed over after all.
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