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  1. Help me Obi-Wan! Can someone tell by the sprues if we're getting a MiG-23UB Wagon Queen Family Truckster?
  2. C-135A and 727-200 with Tamiya AS-12 Bare Metal Silver with some panels in Testors silver tinted with blue and gray.
  3. Yeah, once I build that the only place I could display it would be in the south wing of my house next to George Clooney's mansion at Lake Como.
  4. Fantastic work. The end of the Dynavector line of vacs was second only to the end of Echelon's 1/32 kits.
  5. Atlantis models has re-released the 990, so now is the time to snag one. Great job on your 990, by the way.
  6. https://tailhooktopics.blogspot.com/2019/11/douglas-ad-4waew1-antenna-configurations.html Looks like the same one on an AD-4W, APX-6 antenna.
  7. Lookin' fantastic, but that bad boy is going to need some weathering. My dad was a crewmember on AD-4Ns with the USN in Korea.
  8. Still, no 1/48 A-4B or A-4C re-release. Sad.
  9. More Natural Light. Hasegawa Hurricane Mk.1 with Xtradecals. 1/48 Roden OV-1A Mohawk 1/72 AModel Piaggio P.180 Avanti 1/35 Italeri conversion AS1 Leopard
  10. I'm afraid of what this will cost. But I am a weak, weak man. I must have it. Koster Aero Enterprises for years listed a vac 1/48 P2V on his upcoming kits list, but alas with his passing we'll never see it.
  11. Man, ain't that a fact 1/48 A-4Bs going for $150 USD on ebay and they give us tables and chairs for dolls? I don't even know what they are for. Who runs Hasegawa anymore? What happened to the days of Aardvarks and Skywarriors?
  12. Amazing. You could give a masterclass on Hellenic weathering. And full marks for adapting the Hasegawa nose to the HB kit. That had to be a handful. How HB screwed up the nose and canopy on such a well-documented machine is one of the top five modelling mysteries of the early 21st Century.
  13. Great job. I love the Skyknight. Two humble suggestions: a. The Sword fuselage has molded-on exterior conduits that were added to only a few jets used by Raytheon in the 1970s for missile tests. Too late to do anything about it now, but if you build another F3D, shave them off. b. I would have used semi-gloss on the final step as opposed to flat. USN blue jets from the 1950s are always a bit glossy.
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