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  1. Super job. Well done. Tell me about the decals in the kit? Good to work with?
  2. Breathing taking. Best Whirlwind on the internet. Superb craftsmanship and weathering. Outdoor shots in natural sun are the BEST!
  3. Amazing job!!!!!!!!!!!!! Proof positive photos are the best reference!
  4. I am very concerned you failed to paint this Wildcat blue. Just pulling your leg. Looks amazing, friend.!
  5. While I appreciate the fact you get two Mustangs in a box, doesn't the fuselage of the P-51D look elongated? And what's up with that giant hot dog shaped bomb?
  6. Fantastic!!!! The best paint scheme ever on a C-130.
  7. So tired of this. Every time I come to Britmodeller.com I see another fanciful tale of an extremely well put together model, expertly painted and authentically weathered. And they say, "it's brush painted." Give me a break. Am I to believe there is no electricity in South East Kent to run your Iwata, so you resort to a hairy brush? Please, no sorcery with a brush, no thinning of Humbrol with any magic elixir, no matter how carefully applied coats, could render such an impressive Hurricane.
  8. I noticed the same thing. I don't think it is the fault of Stephen, he did a masterful job. He followed the framing provided in the kit. I think it is a flaw of the Zvezda kit. I looked at the C-130 built on FSM and the first eyebrow window has the same triangular shape. First time I noticed it. Nevertheless, it is one of the best IDF Hercules I've seen in 1/72.
  9. Fantastic modeling and great outdoor shots. Everything looks to much better in natural light.
  10. First 1/48 model in 40 years?????? Aw come on! Something as good looking as the Meteor is only the product of someone who cranks them out once a month.
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