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  1. Well done, I've wanted to buy those 1/72 versions from Sword. You did a bang up job.
  2. Well $#@%.=&$#. After seeing expert work like this, I’ll just go sit on the porch, drink a Diet Coke and work on a crossword puzzle. That’s a level of modeling equal to black belt karate. Amazing.
  3. Great job, best scheme ever on a Chinook. What aftermarket decals?
  4. Well done. Great scheme and workmanship.
  5. Fantastic work man, I have to hand it to you. If I can make a small suggestion. I would replace those US national insignia with some properly proportioned stars and bars from SuperScale or some other reputable decal manufacturer that has done early gray/white Phantoms. You've put soooooooooooo much work into that model, it is a shame the national insignia are so substandard. Then again you are free to tell me to jump off a cliff.
  6. Scratch-built resin engines. Man, there are days I cannot get a seam to disappear on a fuselage. I stand in awe. Great work. I've thought about giving Elton's machine a go, but those over-sized engines put me off.
  7. Man, that is some stone-cold model making skills. Well done.
  8. I'm sorry, but that firewall is painted the wrong shade of Vallejo turquoise. Thought you should know.
  9. Fantastic. Love the outdoor shots. Great work. The Air Force should have put you in charge of paint schemes.
  10. Fanciful scheme or not, I like it. I think the weathering is great. The only area where I would throttle it back a bit is the gray weathering area above the wing roots. Maybe tone it down a bit. Top notch job, my man. But then again, what I say and a $1.38 will get you a coke.
  11. That is the old ESCI 1/72 Phantom, correct? Great job. Love the JASDF scheme.
  12. The dirtiest Helix in the Russian fleet! Fantastic weathering, great seat belts. You nailed it. Makes me want to go out and buy one.
  13. Brush painted? What did your dad tell you about fibbing? My goodness, I couldn't brush paint white that well if my immortal soul depended on it. Well done, my man! Well done.
  14. Well done, great scheme and workmanship!
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