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  1. From 1969 to 1971 used to see the USAF version at Andersen AFB, Guam. Always had one in orbit around the base whenever the B-52Ds would launch.
  2. That is my next project, the Wagon Queen Family Truckster version of the early Marine Harrier. Hope mine looks 10% as good as yours.
  3. So jealous. A F-111B based on the Hasegawa kit has always been a dream. Fantastic conversion with excellent eye for detail. Amazing job!
  4. It was my fervent hope you'd get the joke. I know everyone gets to build and paint how they want. But I really get puzzled when I see an exceptionally well built and detailed model finished in a patchwork quilt scheme. Now, having said that, I am sure folks can produce a photo of a real F-100F that looks like a patchwork paint job, but I've never seen the point. It almost feels as though they enjoyed the effect and just kept going. But again, I get it and folks can weather or not weather how ever they want. They do not need my approval for sure. But I do like to applaud the efforts of someone who weathers realistically. It's kinda rare.
  5. Fantastic job. This would be a good 1/72 project for Special Hobby.
  6. Highly disappointed you failed to uniformly spread a black wash in each panel like and then failed to spray a lighter tone of the camo paint in the center of each panel. You've completely missed the patchwork quilt look required of today's modeling and rendered a faithfully realistically weathered war machine. Please go back and study on how to obtain the patchwork quilt look so your effort will reflect today's aesthetic. Thanks.
  7. Man, I had no idea a Sea Stallion could land on a battleship. Well, done!
  8. Added an in flight version (without a pilot!) Article today, December 4, at aircraftresourcecenter.com with over 20 pictures.
  9. Kind of tough. Wings fit the fuselage like a dream. But getting the air brakes into the fuselage and the engine cowls on the wings was a chore.
  10. Painted with a brush? Come on! You’re pulling my leg. That’s the best gloss paint job I’ve ever seen. Asombroso!
  11. I edited, so hopefully it will show.
  12. Just finished. Yeah, no pilot. I suck at painting pilots in 1/48. Besides, none was included. Maybe it’s a drone.
  13. Ad-4N

    1/48 Roden OV-1A Mohawk

    https://imgur.com/gallery/Kn4ALdY Almost done. It’s quittin’ time at Tara.
  14. Built a Mach II PBM over a dozen years ago, at least. Clear pieces were nearly opaque. No amount of polishing helped. Never again. Life’s too short for that sort of misery. You Comet-heads go on ahead. I’ll just watch from the sidelines. Good luck.
  15. Great job. I wish I could find one of these Hasegawa PBJs. Pretty rare these days. I'd be happy if mine turned out 7% as nice.