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  1. I looked at one time for conversions for Revell's 1/48 He-111 into a Zwilling. The two kit could be bought cheap enough but the conversion itself was very expensive so I dropped the idea. I don't imagine this will be much more (maybe a bit less) than twice the cost of one of their twin engine versions. If that is the case it will be very doable. And every once and a while their kits are on sale somewhere which will help too.
  2. I have built many of there 1/48 kits and really like them. I only had decal problems with getting Junkers D.1 decals to settle into the coregated areas but other than that I think they are great kits foe the money. I do look for them on sale which helps out. Here is their DH.4 which I had a great time building. Also have done two Fokker D.VII's and they look great with the engine displayed.
  3. Excellent job in bringing this old kit to life! Love your job of rigging.
  4. Harold55


    Welcome to Britmodeller from northern USA. Well below freezing here and expecting 7-12 inches of snow over the next two days, great modeling weather! I did the Airfix Merlin and thought it was a great kit, I think you'll enjoy it.
  5. Although the kit seems expensive it is really a beautiful aircraft and deserving of a place in a collection of between the wars aircraft - and for me this is the right scale. I had hopped to see this as an injection mold kit by someone but at some point you just have to pull the trigger!
  6. You have done a great job on this kit! I may have to move this to the front of my list. Love the scheme and you're right about the need for masks.
  7. Just an overall stunning job! Love the fact that you would have even attempted this scheme let alone pulled it off so beautifully, shows great courage.
  8. Very nice Build! I have built this same kit and although it does not look quite this good I think this is a great.
  9. Well I don't have the Kenetic kit so I suspect this is an easy choice. The sprues look great!
  10. What a wonderful job you have done bringing this aircraft to life! Beautifully painted and weathered. I have experimented with pinning struts on WWI kit and have to say it helps once you get the hang of it, I do however break a lot of those tiny drill bits in the process.
  11. Love the scheme! The underside orange just lights it up
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