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  1. Considering the price of the older Tamiya Lanc a HKM version would be most welcome and the price would seem reasonable. Their 1/48 B-17 had great reviews as well as their 1/32 Lanc so I would expect this would be welcomed be the modeler community.
  2. This is a wonderful job you have done. I love the weathering you have done to slightly change the color tone on the side panels. I built the MPM 1/48 one and it is big but no bigger that Monograms B-17 or B-24. Very similar in size as it is actually a 4 engine bomber, just that it is driving only two props.
  3. I love it and I think it was an important link in Russian aircraft design so worth having in your collection. Technology from this was used on the Su-35 and Su-57.
  4. What a beautiful plane and a great job recreating it! Thanks for posting this.
  5. This really looks great. I built the AM Dauntless and loved the kit. The directions seem the vary by boxing for AM kits as I found when I built a pair of their Avengers. One was great and the other was a giant fold-out that was really hard to follow - thankfully I had both.
  6. These are both great kits. I appreciate the work that went in to making these look this good. Love the job you did on the rigging. Thanks for posting these.
  7. Great model and really wonderful NMF. If I recall this is an odd scale, what scale is it?
  8. Beautiful bird! I am always impressed with your work, your planes are fantastic. I have wished for a more modern 1/48 scale version of this aircraft given its importance to the history of aviation but nothing is on the horizon. I do have the Copper State resin in my stash and I think you have inspired be to move it up the line.
  9. This is a fantastic looking model! Superb paint job, really this is a work of art.
  10. Wonderful and thank you for the great write-up on building the kit. Mine is still in the stash and it really helps to have the heads up! Great job you have done and I really like the weathering job.
  11. What a beautiful job you have done! Love the 777 and you have done her justice here. I like the idea of opening up a couple doors as you have, not commonly seen but I think it really adds to the sense of scale ( and nicely executed too).
  12. This is a beautiful job you have done! Great detail, like the inner lining around the cockpit glass, it all looks perfect. And a great choice of schemes, love the blue color.
  13. All 3 of these are beautifully done! Love your airbrushing, it really looks wonderful. Also great photos and I appreciate the write-up. I also really appreciate the history of these aircraft, it adds the story behind them which is a whole other dimension. Thanks for posting!
  14. I just built their 1/48 Caudron G4 and it was probably the best model I have ever built. They do very nice work and this should be a great kit.
  15. This is wonderful and in particular I love the wing fold. Having done the conversion, what do you think of it as I am thinking of doing it for my own that is sitting in my stash.
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