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  1. I really love this aircraft and think it was an important transitional model - and you have done a beautiful job with her!
  2. Well this certainly looks fantastic. This is my own story for most of my models having to wrestle them into shape, except they don't end up looking this nice when I'm done.
  3. I really love this, and a fantastic job of weathering!
  4. I like it and I hope it sells well for them. Not what I would have chosen but then again I would probably run the company into the ground if they followed my advice. So lucky for everyone they have a mind of their own and their eye on the cash register.
  5. This is a gorgeous build and the cockpit replace ment was certainly with the effort, it looks fantastic!
  6. You did a wonderful job on her! This is in my stash and I need to move it up a couple slots. Then I could load my old Lindberg one with fire crackers and let it sail into the sunset (or about 5 feet into the fire pit). Yours is inspirational, very nice looking.
  7. Lucky Models has a banner add on their website calling this a best seller which I have never seen before for other models but I believe it to be the case here. And I think they went in this direction because the F-14 was so popular and now this is probably exceeding that. Whey wasted no time following the F-14A with the D model so I would put money on follow-up kits for the F4B. Plus this is great business news for Tamiya which should entice them to put out new kits of similar types of common cold war fighters.
  8. This is just fantastic! Love this scheme, and you did a wonderful job on it.
  9. I just finished the 1/48 Nieuport 28c and have never seen decals more out of register than these. But the plastic is good - good detail an good fit. My advice is if it is the only one in that scale at a reasonable price go for it.
  10. Have to agree that this would be great to have in 1/48. There are so many schemes just waiting to be done!
  11. This is just great! Love the rotor head and would love to see a picture of the engine where you have opened up the panel. Nice job!
  12. Great results! And a great idea to do this in Italian scheme, it really looks good.
  13. That is just fantastic! Excellent finish.
  14. I do like what you have done her. I am a big fan of Lockheed and you have done her proud! Have to agree with prior messages, would love to see this from a main stream model company like Airfix - oh an that would be in 1/48 scale too.
  15. I really had thought I could avoid this but I have to get this kit now. Might wait for a shipping deal from Lucky Models but in any case I will get it. I am so impressed with Tamiya and what they have done with this! Their F-14 was very successful and this might top that offering as far as sales go. So what's next - can hardly wait!
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