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  1. This is an amazing build, just superb! I love WWI aircraft just because of the intricacies which are way beyond my skill level but you have mastered this. Just fantastic.
  2. Wonderful job on this! Looks great with the weathering and very nice paint job.
  3. These are all very nicely done but starting with a beautiful plane helps, and these really turned out beautifully. I am no expert so only noticed the additional wing budge on the one but I was uncertain if this was added or had been removed from the other one. I would have never noticed the cowling difference in a million years but it was probably worth the effort because you notice it. I have always thought that modeling is primarily done for the happiness of the modeler. For example why would we include rudder pedals that are impossible to see once the model is completed if not because we know they are there and it makes us happy knowing that little bit of detail that only you saw when building it is there. But I really do appreciate your sharing your build!
  4. Harold55

    Il-28 1/48 HpH (Resin)

    Love the job you have done on this! I am waiting on the Bobcat version but had hoped to not do the torpedo one so we will see what's in the box but yours provides great inspiration. And thanks the picture next to the Il-4 as the shows what a beast this will be in the display cabinet.
  5. Harold55

    Blohm & Voss Bv 138

    I have always like this aircraft and you have done it jutice with a great diorama. I have always hoped we would see this aircraft in an up to date tooling in 1/48 scale, maybe your efforts with stir the model gods!
  6. Harold55

    62 OTU 1/72 aircraft fleet

    Love the work you have done, these have came out wonderfully. I have to ask as I think you top brown (earth) color is spot on. What did you use for it?
  7. Great job on a fantastic looking aircraft. I have also completed this kit and highly recommend it, provided you follow the directions.
  8. I just completed HiPM's Pe-2 so my first reaction is to run the other way but it is an interesting subject, particularly with the foreign users so it is possible. But I need some recovery time.
  9. This is great news. I built their Il-4T model and really enjoyed it and will definitely add this no my stash.
  10. Very nice job! Love the NMF and the way you did the different panels, looks very good and realistically weathered.
  11. Harold55

    Monogram 1:48 P-39

    Very nice job indeed, and without an airbrush is even better.
  12. Harold55

    New shelf time ?

    Very nice indeed and it appears most if not all (there might be an exception or two on the lower shelf) are the same scale. I appreciate that as it is fun to see the relative size of different craft, such as how big the CH-53 actually is. Wonderful collection you have here. What do you have in your stash to add to this?
  13. Harold55

    Tamiya 1/48 MM 100th kit ideas?

    In 1/48 this would be fantastic and would appeal to both armor & aircraft modelers. But if it is #100 then there should be the entire launch apparatus, refueling etc. along with some people. Could be multiple kits if they went that way to get the entire diorama but I would be an enthusiastic buyer of this.
  14. Love the fire fighters and their paint schemes. They may require some modifications but they certainly would stand out on the shelf.
  15. Excellent news! This is an important and interesting aircraft that deserves a up to date tooling. Hopefully this will have a complete interior.