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  1. I would start with Eduard weekend edition. Excellent kits and no photo etch to worry about. And generally they include plastic parts for some of the critical photo etch. But if you don't mind the photo etch jump right into their profipack. They are excellent kits. Next up is a toss up between Roden and DML. both are good and Roden has planes that Eduard never came out with. Both fit very well but older Roden kits will give you guys with their decals. Special Hobby are also good but will require more work, but subjects are very interesting. I would check scalemates on some of the others in your stash to see who made them. Sometime Revell reboxed Eduard kits and they were good deals. Older Gavia kits are generally good too but you don't see them much. The others can be built but they are not where I would start. I would bin the Smer kits for sure. I have built them but not worth the effort. We only can build so many kits so start with the better ones.
  2. How about sporting clays? Pull that lever and let them fly one last time until the 12 gauge AA takes them out.
  3. I understand the predicament, at some point mine will for the most part get tossed. Yes a few could be donated but mostly no. They mean a lot to me because I built them but not to my kids or grand kids.
  4. This seems to be progressing if they have gotten as far as putting it on their website. This is a very welcome kit as it was an important plane in French service during WWI and there were lots made.
  5. I really like how you did your weathering, particularly the tires and how they kick up mud and the filthy back of the vehicle - it looks perfect! You have a very nice looking kit!
  6. This is an amazing build! Beautifully done all around, from the wood grain, weathering, rigging and all the fine details. Just fantastic! I don't recall seeing a Lukgraph kit actually built and would love to hear what you have to say about their kits.
  7. Very nice job and I am not sure I would have notice the backward prop but glad you did and fixed it with an aftermarket. And I concur on your paint choices. Maybe HB was thinking it was a latter war prototype and just failed to do their research but what you did makes sense. Beautiful job and thanks for posting!
  8. Wow, a Classic Airframe kit actually built. I think there are a lot of these lurking in stashed intimidating builders. This should encourage them to get built. - yours turned out great. Like the pictures with you hand as you can see how really small these aircraft really were.
  9. Love the finish on this and the weathering is excellent! I like Airfix kits myself, they build up great.
  10. I love the L-1011 and you have done a fantastic job on these two aircraft. I believe this to be the most beautiful of all the wide body jets. Thanks for posting!
  11. This is an impressive model and I think their strategy of using a mix of materials is smart. Looked at the price and yes it is expensive but it is no where near what I thought it would be, it actually seems very reasonable give the size of this kit. I am excited to see their B-2.
  12. I just love these! I hope you find something special in your Easter basket come Sunday morning!
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