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  1. I like what you have done. Having owned a number of planes myself over the years My own experience is that the top of the wings, cowling, prop, prop and leading edge and windshield would get wiped off or cleaned after every flight. Not scrubbed but went over decently. Thus the young lady could sit on the wing and not get her dress dirty. However the bottom of the plane just gets to be a complete mess, like you show. All piston planes leak oil and is comes out everywhere but mostly under the cowling so I like how yours look, it seems very realistic to me.
  2. Well this appears to be officially released as it is up on their web sit at € 240.79, which as noted previously should include VAT. So non VAT buyers this may look to be a bit more appealing (like to me for instance). This really looks to be a beautiful model: https://www.copperstatemodels.com/main/productsCS/1/3
  3. Love the squiggles! Nice job on the kit, it certainly looks the part.
  4. Thanks for posting these pictures, the model looks great. And in particular it shows that you do not have to spend a lot to enjoy this hobby and get great results, you just need patience and skill, which comes with practice. Anyway, great kit you have here and in particular the decals came out great.
  5. Beautiful job! Love the weathering you have done.
  6. I just love late war British props, there is something about the lines that just makes them appealing. And you have done an excellent job on this one. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Very nicely done, great natural metal finish! Like the base you are using also, looks very realistic.
  8. I just love it! The harnesses you made really make a difference and look great and I just love the rotors. I will have to go through your whip and see how you did those red lines on the rotors.
  9. Very nice job on these models! Great paint job an excellent pictures too.
  10. This is a beautiful model you have here. This aircraft was important and given the large number of possible schemes I have always thought a good kit would come out in 1/48 (Ford trimotor also) but no such luck yet. But we can always hope.
  11. Harold55

    Rigging for a novice

    Couldn't agree more with this suggestion. My scale of choice is 1/48 and there are lots of cheap WWI models in this scale to work with. Any Eduard weekend edition are good inexpensive kits to cut your teeth on. My other suggestion is initially go for kits that have struts that are easier to get right. Neiuports, Fokker D.VII, Fokker Dr.I, Siemens-Schuckert D.III (newer version of the Eduard model). DML/Dragon wwi models are nice also. Good luck and have fun!
  12. My only hope is that when they decide on how the parts will break down (and they will almost certainly have a multi-piece fuselage) please make the parts mate on a panel line!
  13. Excellent job and as a reward you get a Hasegawa. That is the only way I can finish the occasional awful model I tackle, I promise myself a Tamiya or Hasegawa next up on the work bench. But seriously the model does look great and particularly so as it has a NMF.
  14. So much for trying to reduce my stash, this is definitely a must have!
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