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  1. I just love that camo scheme. What a wonderful job you have done!
  2. Thanks and I just got a package from them too, and they are a pretty good deal to boot. My advice for anyone going to tackle this is it will make a big difference, just a little late for my build
  3. Beautiful collection! I would love to see them all together.
  4. This is a fantastic lookin aircraft! I am curious regarding the decals. If you printed them, what font were you using?
  5. Thanks for the kind words but I can take no credit as the garden is 100% my wife's hobby. I move dirt for her but only under close supervision.
  6. Here is the Aeroplast Mi-2 which is my last completion. I have to start out and say overall the kit is great but there are a couple odd things about it, namely that there are no real clues to any colors. The instructions are great with that exception. They have a very nice table with colors at the front of the instructions but no further references to this. The other falt I have is that there are no decals for the instruments and no raised detail on them if you chose to paint them. Given that the decals for the kit are great and you have a large number of options this one addition would have been great. Otherwise a great kit and a great addition to any helicopter collection. This particular chopper flew out of Krakow, Poland in the late 1990's. The reason I did this version is I believe all the Mi-2's were built under contract in Poland so it had to be Polish and I have been to Krakow and it is one of my favorite cities, just a lovely place to go. And I thought I would include a couple shots to see the relative size: in 1/48 is the Special Hobby Mi-1, the Aeroplast Mi-2 (these two are virtually the same size) and the Monogram Mi-24. It is astonishing how large the Mi-24 is .
  7. Here is another one of my lockdown builds, which now that I have taken pictures I realize I need to add the wires from the end of the wings to the antenna mast. No model is ever perfect so it is probably not the only mistake that I have made but at least it is something I can easily add after the fact. The kit itself was somewhat of a struggle as the resin wheels were of no use and did not fit and it was difficult to determine part locations. I used Testor 1110 enamel paint in the little square bottles for the blue as I could not find anything else that seemed closer to the color. This particular aircraft was flying out of Wheeler Field in Hawaii in 1937. Thanks for taking a look!
  8. I love it! Beautifully done with great weathering and a subject we don't often see.
  9. This looks great but I agree you need mor sunlight. I really like the mottling you have done with the green on the underside of the fuselage - I realize how hard it is to get it to look this good.
  10. I actually built this kit myself but have not had the courage to post it. It was some years ago when it was the only game in town if you wanted one in 1/48. Like you, I build for myself mostly and if my wife likes it (generally revolves around nice colors) then its a bonus. And they go into a cabinet so it's not like anyone takes a close look anyway. Yours looks like a Walrus and they were pretty well beat up in practice anyway so yours looks like it should look, at least to me. Thanks for posting this as it looks like you had fun building it.
  11. This is very helpful, I will check with our model club and also put a standing search on ebay. Nothing available right now but you never know. I have a huge stash so I certainly have time on my side to wait. It would not really bug me much if the kit were a bit short provided it looked good once done but I know what you mean about not being a shake and bake kit as I have done other CA kits in the past.
  12. I am going to try and buy the Classic Airframes Yankee Spitfires for a Mk.Vc on the decal sheet of a specific plane for Lt. Lampe that I will build as he is/was related to me. However the debate is if I should then wait on the Eduards release (however long that might be) or just go ahead and tackle the Classic Airframes kit. I know there have been re-releases of the plastic but I need the decals anyway so I think i will end up with the CA kit anyway.
  13. The fact that there is no evidence of any of the putty that would have had to go into this is an accomplishment in my book but then the superb finish, weathering and that amazing cockpit and this is one stunning model!
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