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  1. Well this is very exciting news! Its a must have for me to add to my choppers. Interested to see the marking offered as I might need some after market decals for this one.
  2. Lovely build! I love building helicopters and really appreciate a good rotor head and yours look fantastic. Great engines too.
  3. I have the old Blue Max 504 just sitting on the shelf looking at me. Would love to get a new tool replacement that I might actually build.
  4. Let's hope Begemot does a decal set for the Mi-4. I have used them before and they were fantastic and this is just up their alley. And they do great research to back up their sets.
  5. Ruth, Another fantastic looking build you have here!
  6. I am a huge fan of WWI aircraft and looking at this I can see the amount of work that went into it and have to say it turned out spectacular. Love your rigging and the paint job you did to make the ribbing just a bit lighter looks just fantastic. Great work, beautiful model!
  7. Beautifully done! Love the wood grain and that rigging is superb. Congratulations!
  8. Here is my take: Tamiya like every company has limited capacity and I think the scarce resource is probably the talent to design models and molds. So it is not necessarily if they can make money on 1/32 its given the cost and time of design can you make more with 1/48. I was at IPMS Nationals in Omaha and there were more than 20 times the 1/48 kits shown vs. 1/32 and lots of Tamiya F-4, F-14 and P-38 aircraft. I know they can charge more for 1/32 but probably not enough to make up for the shear volume advantage 1/48 kits have. I have no idea what might be next in store for us but they are a great company with great products. But I do think we are due for a new tool B-25 from someone.
  9. That's an amazing build. A museum piece and an award winning model you have there!
  10. I am putting this on the bench next and I appreciate being able to look at your beautiful build for some ideas on detailing. I have the Indycal decals also and nice to know that once applied they look good and the color is true. This will be my first F1 subject and first car for that matter since I was a kid. I know this was posted some time ago but do you recall the paints you used for the Yellow and White? Again, beautiful job you did on this!
  11. Almost all cold war Soviet aircraft were initially released as models based on grainy pictures from air shows. And that did not really hurt sales much until better kits came along. I say more power to them, the 3D modeling looks fantastic!
  12. I picked up one from the Eduard's booth at the IPMS Nationals in Omaha. If the demand at the show is any indication this will sell very nicely for Eduard as they were selling briskly. And looking in the box they are everything you would expect plus. A beautiful kit with numerous options to get the version you are building correct. Bravo Eduard!!
  13. 1/35th scale makes sense for this as it is not a large helicopter. And given all the stuff hanging from it it should make for a great chopper to detail up, which would be tougher in 1/48 (not that I wouldn't love it in that scale).
  14. I see very faint lines too but I can not tell if they are actually straight lines as this is a curved surface so not sure what this is. But it might disappear under a coat of paint if it is even an issue. Once released I would love to see a good review of this kit!!
  15. Personally, and only from the outside I think Eduard is a very well run company. I know where they started as I have a number of their early WWI kits and I know where they are now and it has been an amazing story to see this growth. I think they are justifiable prudent as to new project as limit the number they commit to each year. They have an excellent basis to know what might sell well give their knowledge of aftermarket sales. We can also guess about what sells well when we see reboxings and different versions of kits released. Clearly WWII fighters seem to be cash cows which will generate revenue for them for many years. I just can not be critical of a company that makes good choices, has great products and manages to stay in business. And besides, I am going to get me a Wildcat, Camel, Spit Mk.Vc & and Zero.
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