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  1. I really like this! Just an all around great job building the kit and a very original display idea, which also was executed very nicely.
  2. I love it! This is a kit rarely seen built but you have done a great job with it. Great paint job!
  3. This is wonderful job you have done bringing this to life! Great paint job and weathering.
  4. This is a beautiful aircraft and following the link to Hobby East it is very reasonably priced. Next batch of kits I get from China will include this one.
  5. This looks great and now I think I need to dig mine out of the stash seeing what you have done! Nice work.
  6. This is a beautiful job you have done and amazing results given it was an AA kit you were working with.
  7. Lovely aircraft you have built here. I have always liked the Sukhoi SSJ-100 Superjet and followed its development over the years. It is disappointing it was not picked up for use more broadly but it is a very competitive market for this type of aircraft.
  8. This is really a nice looking aircraft and you have done a great job with it!
  9. I like this a lot! Great paint job, it really looks good. I don't know if the nose is wrong or not but who will be looking at the nose with that incredible paint job. This is a seriously nice job you have done.
  10. This came out looking great! I love the light blond colored wood on the struts and prop. I was wondering what paint colors or technique you used to get the effect, it really looks perfect.
  11. This really turned out great and I think you made a good choice in adding the cockpit but sticking with the Airfix kit. I've built the Kitty hawk and the fit is difficult. Great detail but weird design choices. If I built another Jag I think I would go your direction.
  12. Well I like it, it looks great! It does look a bit on the grimy side but I think that is appropriate for many of these in service.
  13. This was posted in the WWI discussion thread by RichieW so I have to give him credit for the scoop but I thought it would be nice to get it on this thread. Copper State Model posted on their facebook page on April 2nd that they are to release a 1/32 Bristol Scout in 2021. Below is a link to their posting (should not need to be a FB member to see it). https://m.facebook.com/copperstatemodels/posts/2720441618244580
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