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  1. Squadron did this a number of years ago and called it "Fast Frames" and it was not 100% effective. Was hard to get them to stick at the edges as they were pre-cut from some kind of vinyl. If it were pre-cut on kabuki tape it would stick great and conform to curves but the finish is not smooth. But the idea I think is good.
  2. I wish the had a distribution site in the US that would allow them to offer the same deal on free shipping from their web site.
  3. Fantastic job you have done and the ASAT program is very interesting.
  4. First off I want to welcome you back to the hobby! Your first effort on returning is just fantastic! I have seen a number of natural metal US bombers in museums and the finish looks spot on. And I like your choice of this scheme as it really shows off the plane a bit better than than the latter camo schemes. I am looking forward to seeing a B-36 from you and might I also suggest a B-58 hustler to go with the stack. BTW, you are going to need more room for what I am hoping will be an ever expanding collection. Thanks for posting.
  5. This is an amazing accomplishment! Looks great and now I am tempted to try and find that resin job in 1/48. I greatly admire bi-planes in 1/72 but they are beyond my vision to rig at that scale (even with the head gear).
  6. I did the weekend edition of the wheeled version and found it to be a great kit. You model has me on the hunt now for the float plane version to keep it company. Yours came out beautifully.
  7. Love the look of your Tornado. I have this on my work bench as I write this so thanks for the forewarning regarding the fit. I already caught what I think might have been one early mistake thanks to your post. Sure more will follow but I will now be on the lookout!
  8. This is one beautiful Javelin. I have never seen this scheme before and it looks marvelous.
  9. Well I for one wish the the best! The castings look great and depending on the price it would be nice to see it distributed wider.
  10. This really looks great. I love how you varied the color slightly between individual panels, it really came out looking realistic.
  11. This looks great and is a great interpretation for this kit. Nicely done!
  12. I've got the same question on how you got that finish (decal/paint) and have to say this is one gorgeous model.
  13. What a beautiful plane you have here, a centerpiece of any collection!
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