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  1. Very nice looking model! I like how that engine turned out - the added detail really makes a difference.
  2. This is a really nice looking Sukhoi! I have not seen the UB in this scheme, it is perfect.
  3. That is really a great paint job you have done on the fuselage! Thanks for posting.
  4. I for one think this is a great move by Eduard. I for one will absolutely get the Rufe. I hope this generates lots of sales for Eduard and in particular introduces modelers to their kits that might not have bought them in the past. They make great products!
  5. I like this and good to hear about your use of LifeColor for the NMF areas of the plane. I have been using Alclad which is tough to use on anything large due to my ventilation issues so have been looking at a good acrylic to try. Yours looks very good!
  6. This is excellent, good to see such an unusual subject. I don't think I have ever seen this built in any scale. After seeing I think I need to get over my fear and tackle a resin kit.
  7. This really looks great and I love that you really loaded it up with tanks and ordinance. I have always wondered how these actually fly so laden with stuff but the fly great. I have built this kit also and agree that despite its age it is a pretty good kit.
  8. This looks fantastic! I have seen these Kenetic kits at very reasonable prices but often wondered what the catch is and you have answered that question.
  9. Beautiful choice of schemes to do! Very nice job you have done here, great paint job and I like that there is still a bit of subtle weathering you did, which looks right.
  10. Really like this and the background is great. I think Israeli aircraft green is a tough color and maybe lighting makes it tough to duplicate but I think yours looks right on the money.
  11. At one time I had a rule of thumb at $10 per engine but those days are a long ways in the past. It was when I could build a model without glasses. The price at Lucky Model is not bad and works if you can wait for the slow boat, which has worked for me in the past. But anyway we may look back at this in 20 years (or maybe only 2 years ) as a great bargain when Tamiya paint will be $50 a bottle and we are all millionaires.
  12. This is a lovely build and I like the scheme. I have this kit in the stash and was going to do a NMF but given your comments I might have to inspect the kit and reconsider if I also have a bunch of sink marks. Thanks for posting!
  13. This fantastic news as I had dreaded having to build the Revell kit. There are so many really nice color schemes available. I will echo the prior comment just so readers are aware it is a short run kit: from my Hiller Hornet parts need clean-up but the fit is excellent. Generally lack locating pins and expect directions a bit fuzzy at times on part locations. I got photo etch, masks, and a bit of resin so everything you need to make it come out looking pretty good is there with some work. Decals were excellent which was very nice. So I will buy this one and tackle the two more AMP's I have. Also need to post my Hornet!
  14. Beautifully done and great pictures. And since you put it in the pictures I want to see more of that Canberra!
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