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  1. Good molds will last longer than I will so if they think they can do better then I say go for it! I am sure if the kit is good they will be able to get decent sales out of it. But it is beyond me why they chose this specific plane but since it is not my investment money I am not particularly concerned. Who thought we really needed another P-51D and the we see what Eduard does and yes I guess we did need another P-51D. So they will have to convince me with their product - I am happy to keep an open mInd.
  2. I was thinking that between Trumpy/HB and Airfix they were slowly working their way through the kits of Classic Airframes. Of all the subjects flown by Britain in numbers, what is left? Avro Anson, Fairey Gannett?
  3. It might be just me but does this set a new standard for aftermarket parts. I have seen very nice afermarkets out there but look closely at the engine, it is amazing and no assembly required of the actual engine. This just amazes me as to what can be done!
  4. I love what you have done. I have looked at this kit but it seemed rather expensive, but tempting. Now that I see what can be done with it I might have to pull the trigger and get one myself. However, I already have way too many old and unbuilt short run kits in the stash.
  5. Very nice job on this kit. I like the choice of the post war scheme, it makes the kit look a bit more streamline and efficient. The job you did on the canopy is spotless and the weathering looks perfect!
  6. I have been an admirer of you talent along with your passion for the aircraft you built. This is an amazing accomplishment. In this current age where commercial aircraft pretty much all look the same, only scalled up or down you have captured the creativity of design that marked these early days of flight. I just want to say I appreciate very much what you do.
  7. Ok, this will necessitate more shelving for my stash but I have always loved this helecopter and have been waiting for a good 1/48 scale offering. Seriously, this has got to be one of the meanest looking choppers out there. Video of the chopper have been around for some time and one scheme is a very interesting deep blue from Russia navel aviation which looks good to me. Also here is a great video of a ka-52 doing a low pass: https://www.military.com/video/aircraft/helicopters/ka-52-performs-slow-low-pass/3479542271001
  8. I had been hoping to see the Annetra kit come out or at least some update from them now that AMK is shipping their Tomcat but no word so I am all in on the Kitty Hawk. I have heard nothing but good things on their other helicopter models so this bodes well. Very Excited do see this release!
  9. This wheel well is very impressive and way beyond my skill level to duplicate. But the kit detail certainly does look excellent and I loved the cockpit he did also. I was going to pass as I only have so much room and have the Tamiya F-14A in my stash but I think I could easily change my mind now. Problem is (not really a problem but an opportunity) is the significant number of great new kits coming out that "I must have". Need more shelves for my stash, that might solve the issue.
  10. I did not realize the Mi 8/17 was in their pipeline but am very excited to see it. Just so many versions and markings that it will be impossible to resist. And of course I. will need the alien version of the Hind and Aligator too. I love helecopter models and this whole thread is getting me revved up!
  11. Airfix has the ability to make very good large kits. The 1/24 kits they have produced are excellent examples of their skills. What I would like to see would be 1/48 British WWII twin or four engine bombers (those currently missing in kits). But given their past abilities it would not be surprise me if they did a new 1/48 C-130 - they would do a nice job of it.
  12. Great job on this kit, paint job looks very nice. I completed this kit a couple years back and It remains one of my favorites, it was a fun build. Nice to see someone else take a crack at it and get such great results.
  13. I had been hoping they would give us more in 1/48 but clearly there is a great market for 1/32. They really make beautiful kits so I would expect thIs new one to do well.
  14. Thanks for posting this! I have never seen it before but it appears it could be very handy indeed.
  15. Great looking aircraft! I am looking forward to your write-up as I am thinking I need to update my F-104 in my collection.
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