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  1. This question came up over at LargeScalePlanes last month. One of the posters did get in contact with Mr Roberts: "I talked to Jeff Roberts today. Jeff is recovering from a long illness. He said as soon as he is feeling better he will revive Combat Models and get the business going again." That's from May 18th.
  2. I received my Ebay pre-ordered 1/72 scale kit last week. While pondering how to tackle this new to me medium, I received a new nose section yesterday. The original upper and lower forward nose section has been re-designed into a single piece .... and shipped out free. Great customer service!
  3. As a "non-Facebooker", thank you for the Ebay links. Pre-order in and I'm looking forward to your kit.
  4. I started one years ago using two Ventura kits. I have yet to find a decent plan, so the wing is still a mystery to me. The Air Britain Lockheed Twins book was my main reference. It's just another resident on the shelf of doom for now.
  5. I'm looking forward to this one. National Museum of the US Air Force recently moved the "real deal" to it's new display area. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCOhkp_nOvE The X-3 is at 54 seconds to 2 min 13 seconds if you're in a hurry.
  6. There was some discussion about this regarding the new Revell 1/32 Me-262B nightfighter here: Me-262 nightfighter and trainer
  7. Quite the journey from where you had to start. Magnificent result!!
  8. What an inspiring build of this fascinating subject! I first saw CF-BQM on the way to Quebec where it would get the Belvedere colors. I photographed it later in 1981 at Calgary before restoration. http://www.airliners.net/photo/Untitled/Barkley-Grow-T8P-1/2369585/L I look forward to the rest of your journey.
  9. Thank you, I will pass this on. I have not seen this particular set of drawings, but the other MAP airliners I have show at least a few those section drawings I mention above.
  10. I have a friend looking for Vickers Viscount plans with contour sections in the drawings for a 3D project. Is there a source for MAP plan number 2358 on the Vickers Viscount 700 and 800 (or anything similar)? I have looked at the Aviation News (vol 7 no 4) set, but there are no fuselage or airfoil sections .... and those are not always the most accurate.
  11. Aurora original kit parts. Later releases had the passenger windows filled in. http://imgur.com/gallery/ObbzC
  12. Quoting part of the article at the World Socialist Web Site : "Canada contributed just 18 CF-18 jets to the 800-strong aerial armada NATO deployed against Yugoslavia. But the CAF boasts that Canadian pilots participated in fully ten percent of all bombing missions against Yugoslavia. In two-and-a-half months, Canadian pilots reportedly flew 678 sorties, including 558 bombing missions. Because of bad weather and Yugoslav ground-to-air attacks, Canadian planes actually dropped bombs in just 224 missions, but their targets were spread across the breadth of Serbia and Kosovo. Canadian planes launched 361 laser-guided bombs and 171 regular, 220-kilogram bombs. According to Defence Minister Art Eggleton, so highly did NATO think of Canadian military expertise, that Canadian pilots were asked to lead more than half of the missions in which they took part."
  13. I bought the Elan Cargo one and while it has the small and large thimble noses, it only has the rounded civil rear cargo doors. Gary
  14. Thank you for the quick response - It pays to be an early shopper. My Ebay transaction won't go through as shipping is not specified by the seller (although it shows up as "free" in the summary). I have sent a total request to the seller........ Ebay used to be so simple. Gary
  15. Hi Michael, How much was your shipping to the USA? Wanting one of these, I asked about shipping via Ebay on their listing, but never got an answer. Gary
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