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  1. Well, at the end, must explain, why not follow the LUKGRAPH painting and decalling instructions , and chose yellow top wing scheme. First, its more colorful , and to me, represents 1930's Naval aviation "standard". So, i do little research and found , that 7738 , from CV-2, USS Lexington, 1931/32, have few paint scheme incarnations , after some overhauls, and in part of its service life, have yellow topsides, clearly shown at this photo, where wing topside is darker than silver undersides. 7738 photos found at Papermodels forum, explaining source of these pics. Also , was puzzled with paint description given by Lukgraph, Admiral blue ; Silver and Light Gray , generic, but not enough for me. Found this Esoteric 1/72 scale vacuform Boeing F3B-1 kit instructions, and Colorslide decals , where exact FS is given and paints stated as: Orange Yellow FS 13538 ANA 506 Gray FS 16473 ANA 512 Strata Blue FS 15045 Using color conversion charts, closest paints i have in my stock are Revell 310 Lufthansa Yellow, Revell 350 Lufthansa Blue and Humbrol 175. With some scale effect blending , hope this is real representation of Boeing F3B-1 from USS Lexington.
  2. Boeing F3B-1 Command Aircraft by LUKGRAPH 1/32 resin kit. Thanx for looking,
  3. Boeing F3B-1 Command Aircraft by LUKGRAPH bought at 2019. Moson model show , at LUKGRAPH stand , waited till Jan.2020 to start work on it , Overall, nicely enginered , well casted and finely detailed , one of easiest to build resin kits i work on, and i build it a lot , to mention just few labels , Preiser, MDC/RB, HPH, Legato, Fisher, Omega, Planet, NKR, Montex ... Not counting my own, Aeropoxy range kits... (they are out of contention) Starting by the book, nice illustrated 16 pages A4 instruction. Cleaning and assembling, Cockpit, Fuselage, Engine, Subassemblies, Priming with Mr Surfacer, Wings, tail, struts, with copper wire made anchors for bracing , drilled and glued, and painting, Silver, Yellow, Revell 310 Gray, Humbrol 175 (now discontinued , use any Hellgrau 76) Blue, Revell 350 Windscreen, 0.1mm thin clear acetate foil, cuted using provided template and glued to the etched frame with MrColor gloss lacquer. Decalling , over Humbrol Clear gloss varnished surfaces , Somehow, i do not take pics of rigging process, (which take whole sunday afternoon) but this is done in usual way, using 0,2mm fishing line, and microtubing as a turnbuckles, drops of superglue and later spanned with hot screwdriver tip. After decalling, started with final lacquer coats to gain high gloss finish, using recomended MrCollor GX100 ... what a disaster... Dark blue instantly became light gray and dust white..., Almost a month of work , instead of RFI topic, was candidate for RFTB , Ready for trash bin... But, after overnight drying, old, trusty Revell 01 gloss and Humbrol Clear brings salvation. Almost all the traces of dust removed , just few spots i must to overspray with Revell 350. After a subtle wash and weathering, Boeing Command Aircraft was ready for inspection, here:
  4. DUNAV 1255 NEWS update http://mkns-ipmssrbija.com/danube-1255/
  5. 4th DANUBE 1255 Model Show, Novi Sad , SERBIA 21.3.2020.
  6. 25175 was the last overhauled ORAO, in Serbian AF , 98 AB, test flight after overhaul works and prior the paintshop visit, september 2018. and paintwork completed, october 2018.
  7. Less than a two weeks for first completed build. 2NM Resin 1/48 scale Soko J-22 Orao kit, perfectly built by Nikola "Miha" Mihaljčić. Some details improved, scratchbuilt airbrakes . Other, OOB.
  8. 3rd boxing , Orao SY-1 prototype, first Yugoslav plane able to fly faster than the speed of sound , flown by test pilot Marjan Jelen, over Batajnica, November 22nd 1984.
  9. Well, if single seater J22/IAR93 sells well, maybe conversion set with NJ22 /Trainer front fuselage, cockpit and canopy will be released. But not this year.
  10. Romanian IAR-93 , same resin parts as Orao , laser printed decals sheet ( no white color) red outline for squadron numbers, , with markings and BUZZ white squadron numbers airbrushing set included., canopy frame and canopy mask. AGM 65b and BL755 could not be of use for Romanian IAR's, should be replaced with Eastern bloc weaponry. Same CD Rom with books and manuals included.
  11. No difference for the decals/weapons options, two decal sheets cover whole "ORAO" service life span , from SFR Yugoslavia ( roundel with the star) 1970's-1990's, through FR Yugoslavia/Serbia&Montenegro , 1990's "Pepsi" style ones, to contemporary "Kosovo Cross" style ones. Airbrushing vinyl mask set (for white painted wing and fuse serials) and small black tail serial numbers sheet cover all serials and numbers options. Weapons options are two AGM 65b Maverick's , two BL755 Cluster boms and two L-128-04 MD unguided rocket launchers, with one underbelly 500 lit tank. Also, two chaff/flare dispensers. CD Rom with comprehensive PDF book archive, contents Soko J-22 ORAO book , original ORAO manuals and publications .
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