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  1. started in january, finished in July, 6 months of work, hard work.... And Czech beer goes well with czech produced kit...
  2. Nope, despite it was intended to be four seater, due the increased wing loading , was used as two seater, using starboard fuselage only . After some 150 hours of testing, whole "thing" was dismantled and again converted to two regular Piper Cubs, PA-11 and J-3-65. This Revell build is in fact, part of publication i work on , about Wagner Twin Piper , with brief history of Wagner TWIN Cub, tech data, history photos, scale drawings, paint schemes and details how to convert and build this Piper Bomber in 1/32 scale from two Revell Piper Super Cub kits.
  3. "The THING" , "Double or Nothing" , "Piper Bomber" , "Twin Piper" , lot of names for this unusual brainchild of Mr. Harold Wagner of the Wagner Aircraft Co. at Troh's Skyport, Portland, Oregon., 1951. 2x Revell PA 18 Piper Cub , 04208 1/32 scale, with some scratchbuilding and DIY decals and airbrushing mask making.
  4. Supercuber

    1/72 SOKO J-22 ORAO's by AEROPOXY

    Two new ORAO boxings released , Single seater and Two seater / Trainer , with SFR Yugoslavia and Serbia AF markings. Generic airbrushing mask for white squadron numbers and black serial numbers decal. Die cut vinyl canopy frame and canopy airbrushing mask. CD Rom with ORAO PDF book and more documents , manuals, photos included. Soko J-22 ORAO Soko NJ-22 ORAO - Trainer Also, Display B/W Eagle J-22 Orao 25207 with LiftHere decals , re-stocked.
  5. Aeropoxy G4 Super Galeb , assembled by friend, Nikola a.k.a." MIHA" , from "Red Storm " resin , And with Red Stars display team one, Airfix HAWK converted to Super Galeb by Nikola, And accompanied by Red Storm 1/48 scale ORAO , OOP resin kit.
  6. To complete this story, just tested VEB Plasticart custom print mug , given by the Lift Here as a present. Rooibos, with drop of rum. Thanx Dragan.
  7. Being impatient , and since paint and decal clear base ( Future a.k.a. PRONTO in my part of the world) are dry, i started and finished decalling this evening, And complete ILYUSHA , Ready for inspection, here :
  8. VEB PLASTICART - DDR , Ilyushin IL-18 1:100 , restoring project. First one in 2018. WIP here :
  9. With some trouble related to plastic-paint/clear cote reaction and some re-sanding and repainting, after the upper part of the fuselage was masked, coat of silver paint was sprayed, in two tone/shades, lighter for the airframe, bit darker to control surfaces and engine nacelles . and dayglo orange wing and horizontal stab tips painted, Now, few days of drying and ready for decalling .
  10. VEB Plasticart kits plastic is brittle and hard to engrave , also, very prone to orange peel effect , if used cellulose or acrylate thinners . Ask me how i learn this :-) Even Mr Surfacer 500/1000 thinner cause some damages on the plastic, and i leave it to dry thoroughly for a few days and completely wet sanded all the surfaces, and primed again with gray enamel paint. After this, vertical tail and upper fuselage was painted in Revell Gloss white. After drying and masking, rest will be sprayed with Aluminium/silver enamel.
  11. Well, Trencher, in seventies & eighties in my part of the world, both eastern and western kits are common on the toy stores shelves, VEB Plasticart, KP and even Frog-Novo from the east and Airfix , Revell and especially ESCI , 'cause ESCI boxes were printed in former Yugoslavia. But VEB Plasticart was first choice for beginners , and i enjoy this restoring work on IL-18 . All the main parts glued, filled and sanded, Coat of filler sprayed, and now, few days for the drying, before another fine sanding pass, and paintwork on the list.
  12. Just started restoring an old VEB Plasticart IL-18 model , for a friend, with idea to bring it to the AEROFLOT livery from 1964 , depicting a plane which sadly crashed near Belgrade , hitting the ground 600 feet below the peak of the Mount Avala , due the missed approach procedures in foggy weather. Passengers were Soviet WW II veterans traveling to Yugoslavia, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the liberation of Belgrade , including high ranked marshals and generals , like Marshal Sergey S. Biryuzov and General Vladimir I. Zhdanov https://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=19641019-0 http://serbianna.com/analysis/archives/3570 Aeroflot livery,IL-18V CCCP-75668 , from postcard Decals were prepared by Lift Here ( https://lifthereserbia.wordpress.com/ ) and printed on clear decal sheet, on home laser printer , sealed with clear cote. Originally , kit contents looks like this, And this model was in bits, ready to be restored, Windows were blanked with styrene sheets from inside, Fuselage halves glued and left to dry and filled with super glue and microbaloons & talcum powder, More to follow, Happy New modelling year
  13. Not exactly scale up, but parts layout are more or less similar , same plane, same disassemble logic.
  14. Thx, G2A Galeb (Gull) or J-21 Jastreb (Hawk) were never considered, there are rumours about research and initial work started on few other regional producers, so, i will stay out of these , for now. J-22 Orao was planned, even decals printed, but looks like IcarAeroDesign from Romania, works on this kit in 1/48 scale, and i was supposedly, late to the party. RGDS