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  1. L-13 Blanik Planet Models resin 1/32 Custom printed decals, (home laser, Corel Draw and clear decal paper), cheatlines masked and airbrushed. Why YU-5326 ? My first solo in 1982 was on it.
  2. As requested by @Troy Smith , some pics from Belgrade, Radiator, Spinner F-86 Sabre wheel
  3. Yes, gained 100 flying hours of flight testing till the April 6th 1941 and attack on the Kingdom of Yugoslavia by the Axis powers, even do some combat sorties, mainly straffing German collumns in south Serbia. Due the engine overheating , belly landed somewhere in Kosovo region and was abandoned by the pilot. Wreck was scrapped by German units. No photo of the wreck found, but in EBAY we trust , must appear some day. RGDS Nenad
  4. Reason for DB 601 installing on Hurricane, was not a question of choice but lack of sources for reliable engine at this moment (1939-1940). Yugoslavia have contract for licence-build 48 Hurricanes , splitting this process between Zmaj and Rogožarski factories , 24 each . Zmaj started with production first and build all 24 with RR Merlin III engines , while Rogožarski still deal with IK-3 fighters, having another order for IK-Fighters. Nevetheless, Rogožarski managed to start work on airframes, having it mainly done or prepared for assembly , but in 1940. , RR Merlins are u
  5. @Troy Smith RYAF - April 1941 War Diary book says (quoting German sources) that JG 54 Stab captured at least two flyable Hurricanes at Zemun(Belgrade) ZMAJ factory repair shops, both from 4th Fighter Regiment , and flight tested it by Oblt. Werner Pichon Kalau von Hofe , april 24/25th 1941 at Zemun. During one of test flights, april 25th, engine stops at a 100 m height and Von Hofe belly landed safely at the airport. Supposedly , another one is also dammaged during tests. Same is written at Hawker - The Yugoslav Story book at page 144. Could be this one from th
  6. Thanx Markus, Kit is crude, made from brittle resin and have some accuracy issues , but is buildable, with basic resin kit building skills, and is real represent of low range of resin kits from some 10+ years ago. Anyway, i enjoyed this build, and use it to try some new techniques, like mentioned laser pronted decals . Cheers Nenad
  7. THX, @Exdraken 25101 is prototype for 2nd series ORAO's , with hybrid wing ( with strake ) , and more significantly, with afterburned RR Vipers (633-41 type) .. This Orao SY-1 is first (and only) Yugoslav produced plane which broke through the sound barrier , on November 22nd 1984., reaching M 1,04 , flown by Lt Coll. Marjan Jelen from VOC ( Test Centre) , over Batajnica-Belgrade. This plane is now displayed at UTVA Pančevo factory , as gate guardian.
  8. SOKO SY-1 ORAO 1/48 RED STORM / RareResin , OOP kit for a while , finished abandoned project , SY-1 ORAO supersonic prototype, 25101 . Laser printed decals and at some areas decals used for panel lines . Made together with two colorfull AEROPOXY 1/72 ORAO's. Will be presented in separate topic.
  9. JRV- Yugoslav AF never have Mig 21 PF in its inventory. 36 Mig 21 PFM ( Izdeliye 94-Fishbed F) were delivered in four batches (8+10+10+8) , between June and December 1968. All PFM ( and later M and MF ) were delivered from SSSR in NMF scheme. There is no confirmation of overall gray PFM's, they arrived in NMF scheme, and after regular overhauls at ZMAJ (Zagreb) depot, finish is made in silver lacquer coat. Sole known ( at least for me) PFM in Gray overall scheme is 22716 (GTA-007) , but this is memorial-display plane . Overall Gray scheme was introduced wit
  10. Thanx; It's pretty straightforward build, no major fit problems, little filler, some sanding and light surfacer preparring for paintwork. Took me less than two weeks to build it. RGDS
  11. Soko G2 GALEB 1/72 by AIR CAST & LIFT HERE - Resin SFR Yugoslavia , late 1980's, AF Academy. Stay Safe
  12. MIG 21 BIS - 1/48 Eduard - SFR Yugoslavia AF , 1980's , Željava/Bihać underground air base. Lift Here and custom laser printed decals. Stay safe.
  13. @Ed Russell Correct, RYAF and Turkish three tone schemes are quite closely matched. Hence the confusion come. RGDS Nenad
  14. No Yugoslav built Zmaj Hurricanes MK I or imported ones, reached Turkey, few RYAF captured MK I's are repaired in Zmaj Zemun , and were sold by German Occupation forces to Romania.
  15. as @ Troy Smith requested, Post WW II Yugoslav AF acquired in total 19 Hawker Hurricanes MK IV , from 352nd (Yugoslav) RAF SQ. 16 were used in 1st Fighter Regiment ( 1. Lovački Puk ) formed May 18th 1945. in Zadar , serialed 9525-9540 while 3 were used for spare parts. Transfered to Mostar and formed Reconnaissance regiment in 1948. renamed as 103rd Reconnaissance regiment. In 1949. transfered to Pančevo and Batajnica , where Hawker Hurricanes MK IV were withdrawn from use and scrapped in 1952. Sole survivor, 9539, ex LD975 "O" , ( 41H/368368 / 20-925 ) was displayed at
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