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  1. It's probably the screen failing, the first time I had a screen fail it started with a variety of intermittent problems like this and it took me a while until I figured out what was happening. If it's not the screen and just supports being torn off then try reducing the lifting speed significantly.
  2. Where warping looks likely (usually for thin things like gun barrels) I’ll leave one or two supports in place as bracing during curing. For curing I put the model in a jar of war and put that on a cheap solar powered jewellery display stand. That works really well in getting an even cure - and the stand is activated by either the sun or a uv lamp so it works for winter too! Have fun Finn
  3. It’s not critical but it’s better if it’s level. The main thing is that you might find that if you’re cutting the amount of resin too close then half the vat has enough but the other half is empty resulting in a failed print. Have fun Finn
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