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  1. A beautiful looking Mirage, excellent NMF finish
  2. I don't think Parche carried the DSRV lockout chamber after its refit to lengthen it as it didn't need it, the lockout chamber was incorporated in the extra length of the hull.
  3. Great looking Wessex, looks suitably hard worked well done
  4. Wonderful work and great work on the props, I don't know if it is me but the engine fronts look like they are upside down ?
  5. It has been shortend a tad, wasn't helped that the surface it was stood on wasn't completly flat.
  6. Its a Mirage, whats not to like, nice work
  7. A couple of views of the open nose showing a bit of the internals of the nose, might be of help IMGP3017 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr IMG_0170 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr
  8. Massimo, a couple of pictures I have of the PR9 nose, one is a preserved nose section the other is XH135, they might be of use ref the navigators ejection seat IMGP3016 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr img338 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr Willy
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