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  1. One of Airfix's better efforts from the old days and you have done it justice, great work
  2. Some pictures of HMS Kent entering Portsmouth on the 18/09/2020, she seems to have grown some new aerials on the hanger roof I believe they are to do with the forthcoming Carrier Strike Group deployment next year. HMS Kent by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr HMS Kent by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr Satcom Aerial by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr IMGP5378 by Phillip Wilmshurst, on Flickr
  3. Great looking Mirage 2000, very nice finish
  4. Great work so far, but I think the Orange objects are indicator buoys released from inside the boat by the crew in the event of sinking and the light grey circles are the mating seals for rescue submarines its about the only common thing with all submarines around the world.
  5. Lovely looking Bucc, really should start on mine
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