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  1. Without saying too much as I would like to respect the privacy of the individuals concerned, I personally know one of the family members who is part of my club and was close with the pilot who sadly lost his life. Although I and most of my club's members never met the pilot involved, he has helped our club directly in the past couple of years. From what I have heard of him, he sounded like a kind and fun individual, a real loss to the gliding world, his family and his friends who will be sorely missed by many. I would say blue skies and fly high, but for a glider pilot I feel nicely scattered cumulus clouds and strong thermals is more appropriate.
  2. It's an ASK21. They've been in production since the 1970s, with the original ASK21 only being replaced by the slightly improved ASK21B a few years ago. The Grob 103 family of gliders all look very similar to this as well, particularly the G103A Twin II, which I also fly. The Air Cadets have the Twin II Acro, the exact same variant as NU2 here, under the name Viking T.1. Best way to tell them apart if you can't distinguish between the shape at a glance would be the Grobs have side opening canopies, but the K21 has front and rear opening canopies. The other good way to tell them apart is the amount of swearing coming from the people who have to rig them. The Twin II is a pain to put the wings on, and I've had to do it twice this week
  3. Might as well post a new photo on here. Me after my first hour long solo flight in a glider back in August, got up to 7,695ft
  4. That would be much appreciated! If you ever need any of my spare decals, consider them yours! Yes plenty of bumps to get rid of on this one. XL444 as with most XL Vulcans had no Skybolt hardpoints, so they all need to be gotten rid of. As a 202 Vulcan you'll also want to get rid of the anti icing blisters (check my thread if you don't know where these are). No X Band Jammer under the tail, so no need to worry about if you use that. Looks like it still has Red Steer Mk1 fitted in the pictures so no need to chop off the tailcone tip and use the alternate part either. Aerials appear to be the later type. You should use both ECM plates as Trouble Four was one of the Blue Steel Vulcans fitted with the second one. Take note of the camouflage pattern around the back end of the radome panel. No green is painted over it as with almost all Vulcans of that era, but this is one of the ones where the radome cover was removed or masked when the green was applied resulting in a distinctive hard, squared edge.
  5. Vulcan b1 and Victor b1 if I had my way. But I'm sure I won't get my way
  6. I didn't know any of trouble four survives! Nice to know. Heard plenty of stories about that Vulcan, and its nicknames Rare photos of 444 in a serviceable state.... the kit does include 202 jetpipes which is what you want. How rivet counter-ish do you want to go with this build? I've got a good chunk of the research needed to model this airframe done. It's on my list of Vulcans to do as it's I've of the more notorious ones
  7. If you need any other decals I'm happy to offer up some of my collection of Vulcan decals to trade for the 9 Sqn XL385 ones you have. I've misplaced the decals I was planning on using on my current WIP to do that scheme
  8. On the bright side... well, not actively bad side.... After the 2009 Victor incident, I can't see this changing any rules about fast taxiing
  9. You can add the Christmas Bullet to the list of eligible aircraft... 100% fatality rate for flying it
  10. Since T31s are being talked about, haven't got in one myself but I did pass on the opportunity to a couple of months ago in favour of doing some exercises in a Perkoz. Intended to do an exercise where I fly a circuit with my altimeter convered (and the electronic vario since that also displays altitude), but I really wanted to do spin training. The tow was just so expensive to get high enough though so we went for the circuit exercise .. until we hit a 1kt thermal which went painfully slowly up to 4000ft. Got all the spin training i needed done off a winch. Anyway, back to the T31 it gave us a good laugh when the instructor in the back made downwind calls.... without a radio. Just shouted them
  11. Hi all, I've been looking for a KP 1/72 Grob Astir CS77 to build as my university's one, G-CFTR/NU. The only place I can find that has them, or at least the only place selling them in GBP, is https://www.super-hobby.co.uk/products/Glob-Astir-CS-77.html. They appear to be based in Poland. Never bought from them before, anyone bought from them and happy to say they're alright? Can I expect any issues related to shipping from the EU?
  12. I think a subforum looking for critique and criticism is a really good idea, I'd certainly be posting a lot there. Up to the forum admins though not me, hope they see this as a good idea also
  13. Starting on the cockpit, the sides have been painted in a dark grey and the structure around the seats a lighter, slightly blue tinted grey. The seats themselves are padded with blue fabric on R21, so these were painted blue. In the nose I applied a mix of paint roughly the colour of the bare fibreglass. The small silver bit at on the framing between the front and back cockpit is a linkage which prevents the front canopy from being locked if the rear canopy is unlocked. It's a good safety feature, but importantly cannot be relied on instead of physically checking both canopies. The original linkages were nylon and there are cases of them wearing to the point where the front canopy can be locked with the rear unlocked. Many, including both K21s at Cranwell, have metal linkages instead which are less prone to wear, but still not a substitute for proper checks. And all of a sudden, finished cockpit installed The various controls are painted appropriately. Dark blue = airbrakes Yellow = cable release Red = canopy release/jettison Green = trim Control column = black The black bit next to the mic is the air vent. Not the best in a K21 in my experience, the Acro's is better. I usually end up opening the DV panel instead. I missed that the radio transmit button on the control column is red on R21, I painted it in silver. This was corrected as soon as I noticed. A line of dark paint was added to represent the gap present on R21 for a hand rudder to be fitted for disabled student glider pilots, I've seen a few K21s with this modification. Doesn't get much use at Cranwell but there is one at Portmoak which gets a lot of use. https://flic.kr/p/2nJLgHR https://flic.kr/p/2nJLgGJ I changed the position of the radio mic as it was different in the kit to R21
  14. I thought I had all the reference material I needed, turns out I've missed a few bits... oh well, i can just go get more photos of the very aircraft I'm modelling next weekend
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