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  1. So they'll announce the next delay in May? Honestly I don't believe anything I hear regarding the RTF out of Boeing anymore. So since the MAX is a money black hole where did those 2707 plans go.....
  2. Very nice, is there a build thread? Might have to try one of these kits
  3. To be honest with the RAF Museum's track record of scrapping rare or unique aircraft I don't really want them to get this... XA900, XA923 (one of the last remaining Victor B1s but there is one at the IMW), that other Beverly...
  4. I think Duxford has the better restoration facilities and there's that one room the Victor was in for a while before moving to the restoration hanger that was empty last time I was there (almost a year ago)
  5. Or Duxford, Cosford is far more cramped
  6. The museum with the last Blackburn Beverly has suddenly closed with no plans to reopen, the aircraft's future is uncertain. Discuss:
  7. Not my work, I think this is Airfix's studio model Fuselage just looks wrong, too wide perhaps. I'm no expert however
  8. Intakes aren't perfectly accurate like you say but I'd say they're pretty close, certainly close enough in this scale. Looking at how well your build is shaping up I'd like to take a crack at converting one of these to a more accurate model sooner or later... Will you be adding wingtip pitots? Just the one detail on here which is missing now.
  9. I like biplanes but rigging scares me, but hey if I can cut up a Vulcan I can put some string between some wings right? Fancy having a bit of an odd group build? Aircraft with an extra layer of something compared to what is usual now. So we could have biplanes, literal double deckers, aircraft with odd stacked engine configurations like the Sperrin, Mistels from ww2 and probably a lot I can't think of at 1:30 am
  10. Now this is a group build I would be interested in. I would suggest though widening the scope of this group build a bit to a Squadrons Through Time group build, having aircraft from different points in time built. This would allow the inclusion of squadrons that are not around today but had a good few years of service with different aircraft. Count me in for this. Almost certainly a V Bomber and the modern counterpart or if allowed a ww2 aircraft and a v bomber (617 sqn lanc and Vulcan!)
  11. Quite a wide scope on this one, put my name down. I'm sure I can find something with two engines I'd like to build
  12. I would guess 02 on the 86. With 87 my money is on 66. 88 I would guess 02 early on and 66 later. Don't quote me on any of this
  13. Wow amazing! I would like to build one of these one day, and I want to play around a bit with shinier metal finishes because that sounds fun
  14. Very impressive, I've of the best I've seen in a while! Love it! How'd you get the mottling that good?
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