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  1. The only option as far as I know is to make one yourself. Might be worth looking if anyone has designed one for 3D printing
  2. Why not use an external poll on something like Google forms?
  3. Maybe change the heading to remove the words "help and support"? It could be changed to something along the lines of "forum and functionality issues". This seems to be the most frequent source of confusion.
  4. Loving the detailing on this thread! Worth noting that that red bit on the landing gear was not in place on a Vulcan except when parked up for a long period of time
  5. If you need decals I would be happy to send my designs for you to print yourself. No stencil markings though
  6. If you look through my Airfix Vulcan build thread you'll find the details on what's what and where most bits go
  7. Yes you need some basic modifications and options for any XH558 scheme. For XH558 in the display scheme, they are as follows: Basic things: Use the longer Olympus 202 jetpipes Do not add the intake to the tailcone and instead fill the gap Use the nose option with a refuelling probe but no tfr Rectangular fin tip Swap the tailcone tip for the alternate part Right ECM only Piping under the engines should be included Late style aerials with some extras More detailed: Remove rearmost skybolt mounting point Retain twin teardrop skybolt mounting points Remove skybolt coolant feed blister Remove anti icing outlets Add MRR hardpoints Some aerials were added in its return to flight restoration But I see you want to do anti flash white. XH558's scheme in white changed a bit, initially I believe she had full colour insignia but quickly was changed to pale insignia. It never carried underwing serials. The tail sqn marking in this image is for 230OCU For this scheme, Options: Smooth nose tip Smooth fin tip Olympus 201 jetpipes (remove square raised bits and fill so they're smooth) Don't add the piping under the engines Right ECM only No skybolt mods Tail doesn't need the modifications for the display scheme Early style aerials Remove late style doppler radar panel (raised square bit where the tan trapezoidal decal goes, which should be black anyway) Remove anti icing outlet blisters
  8. Well, 2022 didn't see very many completed models from me at all. It was the first full calendar year at uni so I had very limited time to build anything. When at home, usually either exam revision or a job would take up most of my time, and in term time at uni well i have lectures and so on. So here are my four completed scale models from 2022: Mikromir Victor B1 XA935, 1/144 The first completion of the year was a Mikromir Victor B1. I started this over the 2021/22 Christmas break and finished it at Easter. Mikromir is a Ukrainian company, so this build holds additional significance as my first of 2022. This model, in keeping with my usual style of building, had some minor conversion work done to correct some details for this particular airframe. The kit is generally accurate with commendably few notable errors for a short run kit (the main error being the photoetch lower airbrake fairings which need replacing), but I was building it as a plain B1 with the original wing rather than the refitted leading edge in the kit (applicable to some B1 and all K1, K1a and B1aK2p airframes). I also selected this airframe for the early style canopy with two extra panels, plated over on later Victors. My style of painting 1/144 canopies gloss black helped here. Cyberhobby Vulcan B2 XM597, 1/200 After finishing the Victor, I moved straight onto building a Vulcan. This would be the only Vulcan I'd complete in 2022. I'd also have a chance to see the real XM597 only a few months later on a gliding trip to Portmoak in Scotland. This was rivet counted to my usual standard when building Vulcans, so it's about as accurate as this kit can be made to be (which to be fair isn't bad at all if you make only a few minor alterations). I did however make a small mistake in forgetting to add a certain blister to the model which was omitted on one side in the kit for some reason, and made a minor error on the camouflage pattern on the tail. I'm sure most people would never know. The real thing looking a bit worn down Kader Vickers Valiant WZ363, 1/148 The next scale model I completed in 2022 was a Vickers Valiant kit which was contemporary with the real thing. This 1950s kit can build into something quite nice with not too much effort. It wasn't built to be perfect, but I enjoyed it thoroughly and am pleased with the result. It doesn't look too out of place sharing a shelf with my 1/144 V Bombers Revell ASK21 G-CJKJ/R21, 1/32 This is my favorite model of the year. Not because it's necessarily the best one, although I think it's quite good, but because it's one that I've flown the 1:1 scale version of. And not just any K21, this K21 (and a two others). R21 looks a little different to the model of R21 because it's been regelled and has a new scheme. The model scheme is mid to late late 2000s. With unlimited access to the very airframe I was modelling, I of course went to quite some lengths to improve accuracy as much as practical. I rebuilt the entire main gear assembly as the real thing doesn't have a fairing (a common omission on K21s but the kit has no option for this to be removed). Other things from 2022 Thousand Sons In addition to these scale models, I've been building some Warhammer miniatures for the newly released second edition of the prequel game system Age of Darkness/Horus Heresy. I've painted these as the Thousand Sons legion. Technically some were completed in 2023, and some are still waiting for a final varnish, but I'll include them here as the majority were 2022 builds. There are kitbashes and minor conversions throughout the entire collection. All have been painted almost entirely by brush, excluding primer and varnishes. The metallic red is a gold base with a red paint from Citadel's Contrast line over the top. Contrast is a transparent, strongly pigmented paint for speed painting, but it can also be used to create some interesting effects and metallic colours. The guy with the enormous hammer was painted with a tamiya spray can, didn't like the result or how paint didn't like to go on the model over it so I won't be doing that again. Grob Twin II Acro updated livery, 1:1 After taking the university gliding club's Twin II to an inter-uni gliding event in the summer, I decided to take on a project to update its livery as it was previously plain white, no indication that it belongs to the University of Nottingham Gliding Club if you don't realise NU2 and G-NUGC stand for Nottingham uni and Nottingham uni gliding club. I came up with a number of designs, and after discussing with the rest of the committee settled on this one. Best bit is it came in 20 quid underbudget, making me a happy club treasurer. And finally my favorite completion of the year, a 1:1 scale glider pilot. First solo in August and now I'm flying around in the single seat Astir
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