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  1. I suppose I should probably mention here that I’m painting up four copies of the 3D printed prototype models as examples from 64 Sqn in 1940.
  2. Without getting into the politics as that's not what we're here to discuss, take this comment as a notification of my frustration at the practical implications on things like this. Hopefully everything smooths out in the long run but I can see more of this type of thing incoming in the short term.
  3. Does anyone have any information about this Spitfire? I think it is a replica as it doesn't show up on any list of surviving Spitfires that I can find. I will be building models of four 64 Sqn Spitfire Mk1as: SH-D, SH-G, SH-N and SH-W. Any info on these will be hugely appreciated. https://www.britishpoles.uk/battle-of-britain-day/
  4. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pledge-11182-Revive-Transparent-Liquid/dp/B000ARPH4C/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=klear+floor+polish&qid=1610830123&sr=8-2 Is this the right stuff for canopies?
  5. Good decision, two Valiants are always better than one. Also, only two Valiants were ever bare metal: WB210 and WB215. The rest of the silver ones were painted in high speed silver, a dull shade of silver. WB215 later was repainted in this colour, but WB210 crashed before it was ever applied. The surviving cockpit of XD816 is painted in silver, the only V Bomber in the scheme today, although the cockpit of XA893 should be.
  6. Wings assembled and glued on, I’m thinking that I might replace the pitot with metal ones at some point. Other small details were added
  7. A400M, An12 and An26 in addition to the usual things yesterday. Rarely get the A400 and the one time we do it's at 24000ft above low cloud
  8. despite my fairly good knowledge of the victor and v bombers in general, I still don’t actually know where the serials were on XH668 and XH669 when they were first built. Neither had them in the usual place towards the rear of the fuselage, and they’re not immediately obvious anywhere else. With a brief look on images I can’t find any that confirm if they had 48” serials under the wings either. I guess this is why XH669 is often confused with 668 in photos, but you can tell them apart from knowing that 668 had the B1 APU intake, B1 style canopy with two extra panels (plated over later on
  9. if only it was.... delayed by what seems like forever. I think there saying April now or something. At this rate I'll be lucky to get a build in before I go to uni and have to move to smaller kits
  10. two each of the vulcan and Valiant currently, a long way from the six or so I would have bought if the vulcan released in November. I'll probably increase the Valiants to keep some stashed
  11. everyone should build a Victor, or six like I have now
  12. Sounds like an Avro Atlantic, I'm in. Perhaps I could even justify a 1/72 Skybolt Vulcan in camo
  13. Why do I always miss the good threads.... Work on this looks great so far!
  14. 1/144 Victors, they are a right pain! I could have a well moulded GWH Victor B2 kit, but it has a configuration that was only used by one aircraft, XM717 as a B.Mk.2R with standard bomb bay. With a little effort I could convert it to XH670, the prototype for the B.Mk.2R conversion. The decals are for XM714 in camo, which crashed as a B.Mk.2 never being refitted to the B.Mk.2R version and was still painted in white. Other appropriate decals are included though, but the kit is still missing the entire blue steel missile and bomb bay to go with it. I could try to build an SR2 from the
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