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  1. you all here debating Spitfires but all I want is a Tin Triangle that's a bit more..... trianglular or at least a bit more triangular than the B2 the previous toolings of both of these were 1950s era Only way I can see one any time soon is Mikromir 1:144, maybe at a stretch one of the manufacturers who have some fairly big kits want in on the success of the Airfix one in 1:72.... I wish....
  2. I live in Hinckley, which of course is right next to Burbage. I see the memorial plaque in Burbage fairly often as I often cycle past it. I'd quite like to build a 72 scale version of this Wellington as it's a bit of local history.
  3. Love it! Wouldn't mind one of these... how was the build? I built their Victor B1 a bit over a year ago, which is a decent enough kit, and I want to build another, hopefully a lot better than my previous build. I've heard some pretty negative reviews of their other kits (the Valiant looks like a fun build), so I suspect the Victor is a particularly good kit in the range (and I eagerly await the day they do a Vulcan B1 to finish the set!), I hope the Canberra is of the same quality....
  4. these look great! Especially the mossie, more pictures perhaps?
  5. now that would go nicely alongside my v force aircraft....
  6. seems to be happening to one of my threads now... probably just Pinterest being Pinterest
  7. Following the disappointing news of the new tool 72nd scale Vulcan being delayed until next year, I’m glad I started this! On the bright side of things, at least I have an excuse to buy who knows how many 1:144 v bombers! Annoyingly I’d started buying the aftermarket decals for the new tool kit already, so they’ll just be sitting in a box for a while unless I see an old tool and Flightpath B1 conversion set going at a good price. I’m not sure if there will be any sanity left in me at the end of doing a project like that but it sounds fun! I have clipped together the kit, a nice feature of this one because you can find anywhere where the fit isn’t perfect very easily. I’m used to having the wings in pieces by this point on the build of this kit, and having a thing halfway to a Vulcan B1 on my desk, so just dealing with the kit’s normal gals is quite nice for a change. The decals arrived, along with a bunch of other stuff for other projects, today. They look pretty good, I might have an excuse to build a few more white Vulcans now... I’m not complaining! I’ve also been thinking about which airframe I will make this, and I like to have a photo to go off for all my Vulcans. It seems the majority of the white painted 301 powered Vulcans were blue steel aircraft, but I’m doing one in the same configuration as Woodford’s XM603 which I visited a month ago. I’m not doing 603 as I want that in 1/72 so I will wait for a new tool one. 607 which there is a good picture of in white I’m not doing either as I already have 607 in the black buck scheme. 605 and 606 served with I think 35 Sqn and would have been in white, but no photos I can find, but I can make a good guess at what they looked like, but I’ll have to check the source for which Sqn it was again... XM599 and XM600 are options also, but again, it seems photos of the relevant scheme aren’t easy to come by for certain airframes. The one the is suitable on the decal sheet is XM604, which crashed in Rutland in 1968, which is about an hour drive from where I live. The pilots got out but the rear crew was killed, as was all too common on Vulcans. I usually don’t like to build crash aircraft but 604 is a bit of not quite local history, and I like the scheme. Other thing I need to do is pick up some more primer, with the Covid situation looking a little grim I wouldn’t be surprised to have a lot of time to work on models soon.... I do not want to run out of primer, and I’m out of white anyway.
  8. I recently got an IKEA Pax Wardrobe with glass doors and shelves to display my V Bombers
  9. Having had some recent disasters with modelling on other kits, I’ve decided to build a 1:144 scale GWH Vulcan as a mojo booster. I’m going to do this as close to out of the box as I’ll probably ever go on a vulcan kit, with only a few mods and unnecessary complications..... except that I’m going to use Trumpeter Vulcan jetpipes on the Great Wall Hobby kit because I want Olympus 301s and the GWH ones are currently attached to my most recent Vulcan, XH561, which is based on a Trumpeter kit. I ordered a decal set for this from Hannants, despite my large collection of Vulcan decals I never seem to have the right roundels in the right scales. The set I’ve ordered is Printscale’s 1:144 Anti Flash Vulcan sheet with markings for a B1, a B1a and three B2s. I only need this for he roundels and I could do with some more serials in pale blue, I don’t plan to go with any of the schemes provided in the decal set. Link here Some rather nice box art, although this is the box from the previous GWH Vulcan I butchered to make a B1a This is the one from this kit, same plastic just an extra frame of plastic and more decals. K2 parts stashed for future plans First thing for an anti flash Vulcan is to get rid of the RWR fairing on the tail. Very simple to do that. Some filler around the joint between the halves of the tail may be required.
  10. They literally have the kit in production though...... They showed off a test build!
  11. yep. All four pipes are fitted, and the ECM plate should only be on the right wing.
  12. Me..... in a year for uni..... The new tool Vulcans will probably be my last big project before that haha well that will definitely happen for a photo! Although I'm not sure 6 will fit into 360 degrees...... I'm going to be looking into this for something soon, currently just finding sources for any info
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