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Adam Poultney

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  1. Adam Poultney

    Any Vulcan B.i kits?

    What kits of Vulcan B.i are available? Any major scale
  2. Adam Poultney

    Are Hong Kong Models kits over-priced?

    They're a premium product within modelling. I can't afford them personally, but I'm sure they're worth it. If you want to see real overpriced models, look at games workshop
  3. Adam Poultney

    1/144 Valiant

    Are there any kits of the Vickers Valiant available in 1/144?
  4. Adam Poultney

    Tu-144 question

    Does anyone know if both wingtip types are included in the kit, and if so, what parts should be used for which version?
  5. Adam Poultney

    Old Airfix Do17E masks

    Are there any mask sets for the old Airfix Do17E/F, or any other 1/72 Do17E/F that I good adapt to the Airfix kit...
  6. Adam Poultney

    Revell me262 1/72

    I enjoyed the build of mine. I'm not overly concerned with 100% accuracy, as long as it looks the part.
  7. Adam Poultney

    Revell me262 1/72

    My Airfix Me262 did not fit.... I managed to build it to my standards (there is a thread of Britodeller), and I want to get at least the 2 seater and the new boxing coming later this year.
  8. Adam Poultney

    Removing Masking Residue

    My Airfix Lancaster biii rear turret has since very nasty residue on it from masking tape.... Might it be salvageable and how could I go about doing so? Might it just be easier to get a second copy of the kit and build the Lancaster bi option, using the spares (including masking stuff) to fix up the biii I currently have?
  9. Adam Poultney

    Revell me262 1/72

    How good is the kit? Are there many challenges to the kit? It's cheap, and I like Me262s.... May have to get a few and a decal sheet
  10. Adam Poultney

    Airfix 2020

    Why the spit mki? There are no major issues with the current kit as far as I'm aware... Surely a bf109g retooling would be better as their 1/72 one is more like a toy than a scale model
  11. Adam Poultney

    Airfix for 2019

    I don't really mind where a subject is from or who operated it. I'm British and primarily focus on Luftwaffe subjects, and definitely plan on picking up a mig at some point. And two of the new me262 boxing..... And two of the 2 seater one they just released, maybe another of the boxing I have (single seater)....... Tempting....
  12. Adam Poultney

    Airfix 2020

    Well I know they scanned a Vulcan
  13. Adam Poultney

    Airfix 2020

    Yep the one that should be flying
  14. Adam Poultney

    Airfix 2020

    Probably a new Vulcan.... I know they're working on one for a fact.
  15. Adam Poultney

    Airfix for 2019

    I'm fairly happy, new me262 boxing that I'll probably get. Might get a gladiator as well. Sea Vixen and Spitfire are both likely ones to get. The buccaneer is not a favourite, but it's certainly nice.