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  1. If you're doing XM594 as per the box scheme circa 1966: XM594 received its first camo scheme at Bitteswell, but was repainted in 1966 at St Athen. The At Athen scheme was a reapplication of basically the same scheme with minor changes. You should have a soft edge to the camouflage colours (freehand airbrush is how I'd do it), and around the rear of the radome panel it should have a hard, straight line edge between the grey and green as per the painting guide in the kit. One notable difference between the St Athen scheme and original Bitteswell scheme is that the top of the jetpipes were camouflaged from Bitteswell but this did not get reapplied at St Athen. I've tried both painting the grey first and green first, when masking in smaller scales I actually find it easier to get it right with green first, but in this scale I'd go grey first, especially if freehand airbrushing. Remember that effect should be subtle as this is still only 1/72. Definitely would using the white underside before the camo though, make sure to get the edge in the right place, I've got it wrong enough times to know it can really throw the look of a model.
  2. As per my understanding all the 200 series ones (except XH533) they were all 201s then refitted to 202s but don't quote me on that
  3. Remember to leave the Air Oil Separator pipes off for smooth 201 jetpipes pre c.1962
  4. A bunch of useful reference material for vulcan wheel wells: You can see on XJ823 (top) there are three silver squares, these are painted over on XM594. I also found some images of XM655's wheel wells and these agree with XM594. A bird's nest which needs to be evicted. Don't include this on a model! Nose gear wheel well with anti-bird netting: The whole XJ823, which I visited on my way back from Scotland the other day: Actually why not have a bunch of pictures of different Vulcans I've seen: XM594, Newark Air Museum XJ824, IWM Duxford XH558, RAF Waddington Airshow 2014 XL319, NELSAM XM598, RAF Museum Cosford XL360, Midland Air Museum XM575, East Midlands Aeropark XM607, RAF Waddington. This one was removed from display today, I think the RAF may have actually learned from the scrapping of the Marham Victor (XH673) so it's having XM607 restored in a hangar across the airfield. No doubt it'll be back outside once it's done though... It would be nice if there was an adjacent site with a Falkands War oriented museum, bring in a harrier or two, bunch of other aircraft from that time, build a hangar, and that could be a great little museum. Only problem would be who would be funding it.......... XL318, RAF Museum London. By far the hardest Vulcan to get a decent photo of. It's in a corner, this angle is the only good one easily accessible, but the nose is slightly blocked. The lighting is awful and uneven in there, hence the terrible quality photo. Why can't the RAF museum just put a little more thought into the positioning of its exhibits....
  5. Wheel wells built and painted. They came out a bit darker than intended, but it's underneath so not the end of the world.
  6. I'm going to go for a similar level of weathering as my build of XH562 in 1:144 scale (not as accurate as this one due to the limitations of the GWH kit). I think the problem with Airfix's ones are they they used a wash that's far too dark for the size of panel line, and also didn't correctly eliminate the nose cone seam which really throws off the look.
  7. Adam's morning shower thoughts: I think the Airfix Victor is a much more enjoyable kit and a smoother build than this new Vulcan, but both beat the Valiant kit. Also how am I going to deal with the intakes.... and do I put in the covers in the camo one, white one, or both?
  8. 1970s version of the doppler radar is gone Twin Skybolt blisters are gone and rear mounting blister is gone, leaving only the coolant blister (which is positioned just forward of where the twin blisters were). And I know this is a Vulcan thread, but Victor the hamster needs to make another appearance. So glad to be back home with him after being away, I had a friend taking care of him.
  9. Time to start the modifications! I first marked the blisters which need to go for XM594. I'll leave the Doppler radar panel for now and deal with that later. And also a fair bit of filler is needed around the blue steel bomb bay insert. A little disappointing. I've removed the blisters, but there's a little surface damage which I need to repair. Once that's done I'll get a decent photograph up close
  10. I doubt Airfix would make such an oversight as to not include the PR bomb bay.
  11. Forgot to mention, I bought this for a very good price at Morayvia. Only £50, if I could fit more in the already very full car on the way back I probably would have bought another... maybe 2 more. Definitely will be camouflaged, I don't have a 1/72 camo Victor. If a Mk1 conversion set for the Airfix kit appears by the time this is built, well that would be a tempting option.... camouflaged Mk1 tanker. And also Lossiemouth! There was a display on which I watched from the airfield perimeter... Unfortunately the red arrows couldn't fly due to low cloud which cleared up half an hour after the decision to cancel, but a Eurofighter flew a great display and a Poseidon showed up a few times. Again, decent photos are on cameras, these are just from my phone.
  12. Right so back home tomorrow via XJ823 just outside Carlisle. It's an 8 hour trip not including the stop to see the Vulcan (and I'm literally only going so I can photograph the Vulcan, I'll go back another time to see the rest of that museum). Hopefully I can get some photos of the wheel wells, otherwise I'll be going to Coventry or Newark to rephotograph those ones with better photos of a lot of bits I missed last time I photographed each one. I'm quite looking forward to getting back to building this. Hopefully I can catch up with all the other builds going on pretty quickly, and then get straight onto the second one, back to my and at least finish the fuselage, finish a Frog Vulcan and build a Victor B1 before I go to uni..... That's a lot of modelling to do. Anyway, while I've been up in Scotland I've managed to do pretty much every aviation related thing I wanted to get done. First, the Buccaneer at the site of the now closed Highland Aviation Museum. It's an S1, XK532, which is one of four surviving examples of that variant. Since the museum is closed, and it's the only aircraft left on site, I could only see it through the fence. Oh well, if I want to photograph an S1 up close again I'll go back to Newark. Not a great photo, better ones are on my camera which I can't get the photos off until I get home tomorrow (I can't put the SD card into my laptop and don't have the lead for it with me). Then another Buccaneer, at a petrol station in Elgin, just down the road from Lossiemouth. This one is an S2B, a lot more of these around but this scheme is particularly nice with the shark mouth fuel tanks. It's a 12 Sqn aircraft as well, the fox insignia is pretty much the same as it was on XM602 in her 12 Sqn days. A trip over to Loch Ness, coincidentally where one of the surviving Wellingtons was found. I think it was found about here Unfortunately no sightings of any extinct suropterygians this time. Then off to Morayvia the other day. A few useful surprises there, these V Bomber rear seats were in a display inside. Vulcan for sure Another one! Crew door from XH561, I actually built a model of this Vulcan last year... not my best one but it looks fine in the display cabinet. Instrument panel from an unspecified Vulcan, and an old Airfix Vulcan painted as XM602 in the same scheme as the new kit. A rare Valiant cockpit, unfortunately hidden away out of view so a good photo wasn't possible. I didn't actually know this had been moved to Morayvia until I saw it. XH563, Vulcan B2.MRR. I think it's the only one currently in this scheme, with the combination of a black radome and two shade roundels. Windscreen wipers! Good job Airfix didn't go with this position.... that would be a pain to mask. Because I'm a total Vulcan nerd when it comes to the specifics of each airframe, I remembered that XH563 was never equipped with TFR. So I took this opportunity to photograph the original smooth nose. Of the 30 surviving Vulcans (19 complete, 11 cockpits) only the cockpits of XA893, XA903, XH537 and this one, XH563, have the smooth nose. A slightly rusty pitot, certainly not the worst I've seen (that dubious honour goes to XL319, which needs a new pitot really. I'm sure it'll be dealt with as more is restored on that Vulcan). This aerial was unique to the B2.MRR... and XL361 for some reason (it was used for trialling this, why they didn't just trial it on one of the airframes which was to become an MRR Vulcan I have no idea).
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