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  1. Sorry to resurrect the thread, but it seems that I might be doing a very similar or the same conversion sooner or later. I flew on C-GVIX today (has a brand new engine conversion being used, the first one. I believe it is externally identical to what you modelled). I got the copilot seat, which was very enjoyable. Do you still have the molds for the wingtips? Unfortunately, this all depends on me finding a set of markings for the model, I can't find anything on an initial Google search...
  2. I wasn't even building models until about when it went out if production around late 2014. I guess it just didn't sell well enough seeing as the price went so low at the end of production. Maybe if they reissued for ~£35 then it would sell well. Other thing is it's from that early bit of new Airfix when detail was fairly bland especially in the cockpit, and before LiDAR scanning. The kit has a number of inacuracies, but it's the best we have in the scale, even in any scale, for the Valiant.
  3. I was lucky to get one earlier this year, it's about 85% complete in WIP, and painted in white. I'm thinking about this as a second one. During the build I kinda warmed to the idea of doing one in silver. Really wish they would reissue the kit... Preferably with new schemes. XD818 as she is now would be nice, regular white with black and grey nose, a Silver B1 (WZ serial maybe), and a camo aircraft (XD818 again?) would be my choice of schemes.
  4. First thing I've got to do is get hold of another kit.... That's the hardest part of the vague idea to build WB215 at some point
  5. So it shouldn't be too bad to build then. You made a mold of the original wheel wells right?
  6. Ha ha yes the bomb aimer's blister does look very much like a smaller canopy. Reminds me of some of the more interesting modern schemes on I think F18s that have something resembling a canopy painted on underneath. Kind of clever that is. Thank you, I think this is the best of my V Bombers so far. Thing is, I don't really have the room right now. I don't know what I'm going to do with the Valiant once she's done... I might move the Vulcan to a stand on my WIP shelf above my desk for a while. I'm planning on getting two glass cabinets to display models in, ideally 50x50cm or bigger. Unfortunately I can't find any of that size (or 120x50 which is what I really want) so will have to build them from scratch, which will be quite expensive and time consuming. Those will be dedicated to V Bombers mainly as I plan currently to have at least six in 1/72.
  7. For WB215, I have seen photos where she had intake grills like WB210, the first prototype, had (but on the wider style intake). Some photos seem to be missing it, but I can't quite tell. Can anyone confirm if it was removed? The Airfix kit does not include an intake grill of any sort. https://www.airteamimages.com/vickers-valiant_WB215_united-kingdom---royal-air-force_115157.html https://www.baesystems.com/en/heritage/vickers-valiant
  8. You know what sucks about being on the other side of the world to home.... No models to work on. Really want to just sit down and finish the Valiant right now. Anyway, back to letting the mozzies eat me alive and enjoying the view of the Pacific.
  9. Hence why I haven't got one yet... Can't be as bad as the 1/72 Mach2 kit though can it?
  10. I don't think they have to make an amazing kit to compete... Mikromir's Valiant is nothing like their Victor, having looked at reviews. It's got many shape and accuracy issues, and bad clear parts, although it is a buildable kit.
  11. Ok so a few questions: First, the roundels on the model. The instructions say that either regular or low vis. I can't find any images showing which to use on XD857. I want to model the aircraft for mid to late 1963, around when my Victor is modelled for. Other question... For WB215, I have seen photos where she had intake grills like WB210, the first prototype, had (but on the wider style intake). Some photos seem to be missing it, but I can't quite tell. Can anyone confirm if it was removed? The Airfix kit does not include an intake grill of any sort.
  12. Nose wheels painted and attached to the nose gear leg, it was easier to remove the landing gear leg to do this. Thankfully I had forgotten to glue it in. Decals! The bit we all love and never burn out on...... Never..... Not once..... Ever...... Starting with the serials. Gear doors on and more decals applied. Rear serials and roundels Close ups of the gear bays. They look very nice, but unfortunately are quite inaccurate. The shape is wrong.... .... And the outer door is..... Wrong. I think the inaccuracy is because Cosford displays their Valiant, XD818 (the last remaining wish more were around), with the outer gear doors closed so you don't walk into them. I don't mind though, it looks the part. There is a nice looking after market set, but this kit is quite pricey right now as it is (reissue please!) I think I'd buy the aftermarket set if I do another of these. I'll start looking for another at a good price (£60 or less I thinks) in a few months. I'm tempted now to do WB215, but I have a number of questions about that that will need answering first... Under the nose. You can see a tiny bit of glue found its way somewhere it shouldn't have in the bomb aimer's window, but it's barely noticeable. Just a minor slip up with Tamiya Extra thin (use that all the time for clears since I did my 1/72 Airfix Victor)
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