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  1. It was said on the Airfix live Q and A that Portuguese schemes are under consideration for a future release.
  2. Will be produced in the UK, confirmed on Airfix live Q and A
  3. Nice to see some good progress! I think the fuselage is indeed a little over engineered, mine fitted decently enough but it did need some filler. I also had some gaps around the engine nacelles but as in your case, nothing a bit of filler didn't fix. I found the best solution for the awkward engine fronts was to bend a paperclip in just the right way. If you want to take a look at mine to compare to:
  4. Looking good Enzo. I believe this kit is being reissued later this year, shame it's too late for this GB
  5. Love a Lancaster! The extra detailing in the turret looks great. We currently have the Big and British Group Build running on the group builds section and this would be a great fit if you would like to move the build over to there.
  6. Big in its day certainly qualifies it. I did see your post on here but got bogged down in uni revision and forgot to reply
  7. Yes those are the ones. The way I would approach it is simple, just don't cut holes. Sand off the two teardrop shaped blisters on the wing and line the front edge of the pylon up with the remaining dome shaped blister just in front. Also remove the larger dome shaped blister about where the pylon's rear edge is. If you glue it in place there it will be correctly positioned, with the necessary hardpoint covers removed.
  8. Welcome to the GB, this kit will be a good fit. The Super VC10 is huge! I recently got the same kit, although I might try to convert mine to a VC10 C1, not an easy task.
  9. On the theme of the subpar landing gear, I wouldn't say it's the most accurate part of the kit. On the main gear, there is a fairly prominent feature entirely missing. My new tool Vulcan has the ones off my old tool. They also molded that red support in place, but it wouldn't be on any Vulcan ready to fly. It's easy enough to remove however so it's not a major issue. Got plenty more landing gear reference images if you want any
  10. Welcome aboard the group build! I love a Short Sunderland so this should be good
  11. Good news! The decals are back in stock and I've ordered some. I decided that I will continue now in whatever spare time I have between exams and gliding so that I can get straight onto building a Do215 in the Do17 STGB after exams finish
  12. They are pitots. The Vulcan B1 and Vickers Valiant had a similar arrangement. The Vulcan B2 moved them under the nose.
  13. Looks like it's too late now, but you fell right into one of the traps of this kit. Its so inaccurate they got the number of clear panels on the canopy wrong. The middle one is nowhere to be seen on the kit. The camo work looks great. Can't wait to see all the orange markings finished. I've used printscale decals before, on a 1/144 Vulcan but even then I only used the generic markings. The quality of the decals themselves is pretty good and they perform well but the design is just.... lacking. Colours all wrong, detail just about acceptable for 1/144 but miles behind other available options and those details that were there were more often than not wrong in some way. They made those decals in 1/72 as well... avoid! I saw that for an equally inaccurate 3D printed Vulcan that was being produced and listed for a few hundred, they simply scaled up those decals which are just about OK in 1/144 to 1/48!
  14. Not currently showing as available
  15. The Comet sounds tempting, I don't see the Welsh Models correction though. I was looking at a Comet 1 kit the other day, a later Comet would probably be my preference
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