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  1. Last night I managed to get a good bit of work done on the cockpit. A wash and some paint chipping was applied And then one cockpit side was painted up and attached. Annoyingly the small window at the front of this part is missing in my kit (sixth Airfix kit in three years with missing or unusably moulded parts... grump grump). Nothing worth going through Airfix spares for, easy enough to fill it in with something clear. it's only a small window so this was relatively easy. It's a good job that I looked ahead in the instructions and test fitted the fa
  2. Making an immediate start to this, I've done some of the cockpit. Hopefully I can avoid the mistakes I made with the Lancaster I built last year where poor assembly and stray paint messed up the fit Hataka airbrush paints apply well by hairy stick over a layer of Mr Surfacer
  3. ah good to know, I don't want to do it shiny anyway. Now you need to get one for yourself
  4. After considering a number of options for this group build, I settled on Whitley. I've been looking forward to starting this one for a while, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Obviously I won't be doing the box scheme, that's got guns and bombs so it's no good for this. The secondary scheme though, that's much better. It's A BOAC Whitley in camouflage over bare aluminium. I have only seen a few in this scheme, should be fun. 187 crisply moulded (mostly) flash-free parts. I've heard this is a well engineered kit that fits well, so hopefully it'll be a troubl
  5. First and only time I've been at the controls of an aircraft was a couple of years ago in Piper Pa28A G-COVC, I fully intend to at some point learn to fly. I turn 18 next month so I have plenty of time ahead of me to get around to it. First time I flew aboard an aircraft as a passenger was from the UK to Lanzarote (I have a feeling it might have been from EMA but), although I don't know what aircraft type it was. I was less than 2 so only have very vague memories from that time and the photos only show the interior and the wing out of a window.
  6. I've hit a bit of a motivational block on this model, I might shelve the model for a few weeks to build something for the Unarmed Group Build then return to this and finish it off. This should also give me some time to research the TSR2 a bit more to make a decision on what scheme to go with
  7. 72"? V Bomber roundels on the wings should be 84", unless WB215 has different sizes?
  8. It's a black TSR2 and my camera really doesn't like this. I primed it last night. I think I'm going to go with a white aircraft, but whether that will be a prototype or XS serial I don't know
  9. I got some pictures of an A300 yesterday, for once one flew over before it got dark I am immensely jealous! I love A400Ms
  10. If I can figure out which panels all of those are.... I've done quite a few on stands. Aircraft are supposed to fly Same one with one of my Vulcan B1as next to it Mikromir Victor and a diecast Valiant
  11. Wow! I really like the black nose on the TSR2, I might have to copy that. Info on the serials is quite useful, I can very easily print some in the appropriate size if I need to. I'm still undecided on the scheme I'll paint. With some rare sunny weather the other day I could go outside to take photos again. Control surfaces all on now. Yesterday, masking. Very simple on the TSR-2, not many panels.
  12. So how did you get the fuselage fitted to the wings?... Just testing the fit of one and... yikes, it looks fun
  13. Could you add the warning on the create thread page for the help and support section so it's visible while you write the post?
  14. Looks great! Is there A WIP thread for this one?
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