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  1. Mine arrived from Hannants yesterday... at home, but I'm at uni so I'll have to wait until next week to have a look at the contents
  2. If I'd seen what you were buying for aftermarket decals before you'd bought them I'd have warned you off buying them.... good enough quality for 1/144 but I wouldn't touch them in 1/72. I have some in 1/144 which performed very well but just the detail and print quality doesn't cut it for larger scales. A guy who sells large 3D printed models of somewhat questionable accuracy has had these printed in 1/48
  3. Haven't had much time this week to build, but I should have next week as I have a reading week at uni. I'm going to try and get the wings smoothed out by the end of next week and the intakes done.
  4. I don't remember how much went in mine, just that it rattled around a lot because it was loose
  5. So I take it you've chosen XL391. Bit unusual as it was held back on the production line to be the first Vulcan build from new with Olympus 301. It never carried Blue Steel, most of the preceding XL--- Vulcans did. It was the earliest Vulcan other than the ones directly involved with testing Skybolt to be fully equipped with all the Skybolt attachment points from the factory (hence why it was considered and chosen as the spare for Black Buck, those reused the same attachment points for the pylons)
  6. I think this GB needs a more catchy or interesting title... Maybe "Chop and Change GB " or "Plastic Butchery GB", open to suggestions because if there's one thing I'm terrible at, it's naming things
  7. And that's enough for the Bunfight! Thanks everyone who has signed up so far, now we just need to make it through the Bunfight itself. @Enzo Matrixcan you add us
  8. I was supposed to go gliding at RAF Cranwell today for the second day in a row, but it was raining and the cloud base was around 1000ft which we can't winch launch into. It was called off after 3 hours of waiting for the weather to possibly clear enough. So to salvage something from the day I stopped off halfway back at Newark Air Museum, just where XM594 is preserved.
  9. Wow this was posted on Facebook like 5 minutes ago, you are very quick to post it
  10. Might actually be visiting Newark today, looks like gliding at Cranwell is about to be rained off. Cloud base is 1000ft as well which we can't fly in Thank you!
  11. Wow! This is a very nice model, I love the Ju288 especially the C variant
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