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  1. There have been a handful more stencil markings added since the last update. I'm heading off to Bristol and Gloucestershire Gliding Club for an event from tonight, so this will be on hold until Monday.
  2. I think some early Do17zs had the three colour splinter camo. Would be interesting to see a model of that. Or if you're brave, you could try the infamously difficult Roden 1/72 early He111
  3. Excellent return. Hope to see your next model on here as well
  4. Must get one of these at some point... it can join my airfix mig17 in the stash
  5. The questionable shape has put me off buying one so far... I'm holding out for an Airfix release
  6. Not as intended - a group build for vehicles used in a role it was not originally designed for (eg PR spitfire, target tug mosquito, etc)
  7. Any more info on this? Seems like an interesting subject if I ever decide to build another blenheim
  8. I've been doing some luftwaffe stuff lately which has got me thinking about luft 46 models again. I'm in, something like a Ho229 probably
  9. My leaky tin can with wheels... Citro├źn C1, 3 years ago. About the only thing you can insure without a black box these days as a new driver without selling a kidney. What's the secret to keeping a black car clean? Don't have a black car.
  10. Model's looking fantastic, excited to see more updates
  11. Certainly is an ugly duckling! Great model model of it, the silver is excellent
  12. Looks great! Just bought some of these how did you find the build?
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