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  1. Mike

    The Alien 1979

    Nice finish - you've nailed those brownish tones too
  2. Mike

    A very understanding wife !!

    The manic smile on the dood on the left is a bit bothersome
  3. Mike

    Laws you never knew existed

    you'd better hope they don't also have a maximum speed limit set, or you'll get a ticket anyway! It would be fun to park up, go through a few hours later, and see if you get a ticket for being too slow Mind you, they'd probably just ticket you for parking up on a highway anyway
  4. I give it 10 minutes after you've finished before HB bring one out I'm just about at the paint stage with mine too, but a huge task for the server has cropped up that's taking all my awake time up
  5. Mike

    F-35A Meng, 1:48

    Saw this last night, but didn't have time to comment - very nice work!
  6. - Hi Mike,

    - As you may have seen on WIP, I'm in the process of bulding my second PAK-FA with the prospect of building an up-dated version corresponding to one of the preserie machine. I've discovered your former un finished WIP project and I 'm desapointed to find  you've stopped your post. Your WIP are always inspiring. I remember your post about your Foxhound.

    -With this one, my first main problem is to determine the shape of the main gear doors , as the ones of the kit are adapted to one of the first protoype, I even have  some doubt about their actual shape. 

    - Second problem is the length of the intakes. Eximining photos it seems they are too short by 2,5 m/m by comparison of the position of the side small grid in regard of the gear well and with the trailing edge of the canard

    -I will be happy to have your advice about these problems. Thank you for your answer.

    - With regards  ----J.M/ C  - AKA   IPMS19

  7. Mike

    Any point in buying 0,2 airbrush?

    Maybe initially until you get used to it? I've got 3 x 0.2 brushes on my hooks at the moment - two Infinities and one Gunze PS-270, and of all of them I love the Gunze brush the most these days. The Infinities are starting to show their age around the edges, but they're still going strong
  8. Merged two topics down
  9. I'd have thought Tiger Hobby would have been a shoe-in for that I've noticed the vendors on ebay, and that the prices vary wildly, from quite reasonable upwards. What would be the difference between the Swedish ones and the ones in the grey livery, or is it just colours and markings?
  10. Mike

    1/48 F-14A Tomcat in 2016 and F-14D in 2018!

    Well, we have let him still sound a little bit excited
  11. What is this 'hair' of which you speak?
  12. I've been mulling over a better idea than just pinning things to the top, as eventually the top of every forum would be full of this type of thread. If someone reminds me, I'll implement what I've been thinking about and preserve these resources without clogging up the main forum space
  13. Mike

    Rivet decals 1/48

    I use Archer 3D rivets and have no problems to report. They're in an incredibly thin carrier film, which disappears under a coat of primer. All you have to do is cut the width and length of rivets at the pitch you need (there are usually a few pitches at least), dip them in water for a sec, then a few seconds later you can peel them off and apply them to your model. I use Mr Mark Softer to aid it settling in, and then you're off and running. They're expensive for us UK folks, but they're the best solution I've found so far
  14. Anyone got one of these? I saw a pic of one in the forum a few minutes ago and immediately fell in like with it. I have a fondness for Swedish military design, and it's a good scale