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  1. It's a proof of concept using an extant airframe as the base, so I don't think we need to read too much into the practicalities. We'll work it out eventually, or find a more efficient method of powering aircraft without literally and figuratively costing the earth. Now if people could start being guilted out of going on cruises that would be a step in the right direction. I believe that a cruise is probably one of the polluting holidays you could possibly imagine.
  2. My overall opinion was that it was a waste of my time watching it, and I couldn't recommend it to anymore After episode one, it went rapidly downhill and people started doing stupid things like standing around waiting to be killed for that martyry goodness, Ralph Spall doesn't seem to do well reacting to CGI that's added later, and all he seems to do is stare toward the camera with his eyebrows raised, which inscribes a large wifi logo on his forehead. SPOILERS HEREON IN: When they're trapped in the courtyard with the Allens (why are they always called Allen?), did it not occur to them that courtyards also usually have doors and windows on the outer faces, so there should have been very little to stop them from leaving those dying but still lethal aliens behind. Alien design. It's all very well having swords for legs on hard surfaces, but they'd be utterly stuffed if you took them up onto the moors and they sank tummy-deep in the soft earth. On the subject of legs, unless they also had some hidden secondary armlets, how did they ever design and build any highly advanced technology? Or are those exo-suits? They looked biological to me The walkers/tripods looked good, but why was there always stuff falling off them? Subcontracted the build to China? We don't actually see the tripods coming out of the "meteorite" holes (unless I looked away at the wrong moment), but what is the point of those black spinning orbs that ablate away and seem to make random people burst into flames while the main protagonists stand there dumbstruck for long seconds safely behind their plot armour. They also don't seem to cover what killed them with any sdetailed exposition, it's just mentioned in passing by (I think?) Robert Carlyle (sp?). We never saw whatever gruesomeness lay behind his cloth jowl either, and from certain angles it made him look like a saggy-faced old lady. I'm going to have a go at the other recent series, which appears to be at least partly in French, but I'll wait until I'm feeling a bit more lively so I can concentrate on the subtitles. My French is waaaaaay too rusty to cope without 'em, and if I'm honest it probably always was
  3. Oor Wully is the only one I know.
  4. I'm sure William speaks very highly of you
  5. Not to be picky, but I suspect someone would call foul on that one due to it being self-referencing.
  6. Jesus! That's awful, and totally unexpected as Chris is a really nice, friendly guy that's always got time to chat every time I've seen him at Telford. If anyone is able, please pass on my best regards, and wish him a speedy recovery.
  7. Good to see you getting all benchy after the shock of your heart attacks. You remember what the doctors said, follow their instructions to the letter, especially that bit about the modelling. Make sure you get them to repeat that part being good therapy within earshot of her indoors too
  8. Firstly, to the forums After a moment thinking I might have to move the toopic to Work in Progress (WIP) I've adjusted the title to reflect the subject matter, rather than just your username. It'll get more appropriate traffic as a result, rather than just people wondering what it's about and either clicking from curiosity, or ignoring it because they can't be bothered
  9. Thanks to a reminder from @BIG X, we're pleased to announce that the yearbook for 2019 is open for you to post up your output for the year, the last of this decade In case you don't recall, post your thread with four pics of each completion this year plus a little about them, and maybe a link to your WIP and RFI threads if they exist. One thread per member, so put them all one after another in the initial post Finally, thanks to you all for making the 'teens such a great decade for modelling and Britmodeller. Let's hope that the roaring 20s turns out to be true from our perspective
  10. That's exactly it. There's no point in restricting people's photos (which is just as unenforcable) just to stop people doing a huge photo-quote ending with "good job". It would be better to educate people on the use of the correct methods of posting. It's a piece of cake, and even if you need to quote the text to reference your comment, you can easily do that without including a hoarde of photos. Just tap/click on each photo and hit delete. Remove any remaining white space and any of the text that's not relevant, then click below the quote box and type your reply. Dead easy
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