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  1. M3 Grant Tank (A1370) 1:35 Airfix The US Army had been remarkably complacent with regard to tank development in the lead-up to WWII, and approached war with precious few tanks that were hopelessly outclassed. This realisation resulted in a frantic clamour to produce a modern tank that could hold its own in combat, with the M3 Lee coming into service as a stop-gap measure within a year of its first design while the M4 Sherman was in development. As a consequence of its rather rushed introduction, it was known to have a number of fairly serious flaws, but it also
  2. LGMDU*s everywhere? How could they keep that quiet? * Little Green Men Disposal Units
  3. What I'd like to know is why they never find lots of mutilated little green men after an aerial encounter?
  4. It's steep, agreed, but it could well last you a modelling lifetime unless you go mad and make a polished aluminium B-29 in 1:32 The first bit of paint (excluding primer) has gone on the cockpit as of last night, and I also made up the props, which needed a little bit of careful tweaking to get them to fit well. It was a combination of slight differences in angles that required some gentle scraping and testing to get them to fit. I used a lot of my patience up for the week on them both, but the results were worth the while, and will sit neatly in place on the prop axle extensio
  5. I used to have one of those for my old Apple Keyboard, but it was a bit like poking dead flesh, and although I had most of the features working with my PC, it would occasionally freak out a bit, so I sold it on. I use a mechanical keyboard these days, and make sure I keep it well away from paint & glue
  6. Looks like it had been disabled. Most likely you'd hit the button by mistake, but it's switched back on again now
  7. TMI!!!! ...and get that keyboard cleaned
  8. Yes - it's very brush-paintable, which I proved by brush painting those small sections. I also used a toothpick to paint the light lenses, as I couldn't be bothered cleaning another brush! Unless you're a better brush painter than me, larger areas might show some brush marks, but it sprays beautifully. Beware. it's fiendishly expensive, but I suspect it's going to go a looooooong way. There's a bit of a blurb about it in my recent Sputnik build here. You might need to scroll a little to read it all, but that was my test model.
  9. I do? Where did I put the list now? back anyway.... you were away?
  10. Airbrush cleaned, and boy did it need it! I'm planning on using Gunze H306, which is FS36270 as the base coat, lightening it a wee bit as I go. That concurs with the instructions, so unless anyone's got any convincing ideas for an alternate, I'm a go on that once I hit the workshop for the enxt session
  11. Hi Gary, I've been following this loosely, as I've got one in my stash... no idea why To link to it, just copy the URL in the top of your browser, minus all the bits after the name of the thread, and paste that in using the little chainlink icon in the toolbar of the posting window. It should look like this: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235081556-belkits-mg-metro-6r4/ Write something like "you can see this here, if you fancy it", then go back, highlight the "here" part, and click the chain icon, then paste in the URL and c
  12. I got the prop bases done, and here there was a bit of mis-matching with the panel lines, so I rescribed a new meet-up point for them to minimise the effect. The parts just slip inside the holes very tightly, and with a bit of seam scraping on the bit that's usually painted blue, they look pretty good. The gear legs and lights got their coat of Mirror as I mentioned earlier, and you can see how nice & shiny they are now. If the oleos go a bit dull under the masking tape, I'll just recoat them after. I'll have to properly clean my airbrush before I attempt to pai
  13. aboard Uwe, and never ever apologise for your English. If we had to type in German, about 95% of us would have to remain silent, 4% would sound like gibbering idiots, and the remaining 1% would probably be able to make themselves understood. You're doing great
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