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As a result of the close-down of the UK by the British Government last night, we have made all the Buy/Sell areas read-only until we open back up again, so please have a look at the announcement linked here.

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  1. Alright my lovelies. After Greg having to close this thread down for being a bit political, I'm reopening it now to impart a little news. Although we were thinking about reopening on the 1st June in line with several other aspects of "normal" life, I think we're going to hold out until the 15th June when most of the non-essential shops etc. reopen for business. Many Post Offices are probably still closed, and I have a funny feeling we'll be back in lockdown if a spike is caused by the return to business. Can people refrain from taking it down the Politics route this time please, and I have to admit a little bit of fault lies with me on that one. Bear in mind that your safety is paramout to us, and although it's inconvenient we'd rather you were frustrated than dead. It's as simple as that, and I don't care if it sounds a little over-cautious or any other caustic comment some people might come up with. That's how it is. Note: When we reopen we're going to have a good old clear-out, so you'll be given a week to update and clean out your thread, and if you haven't posted on your thread within that time limit, it's going in the BIN! Fret not - we'll post up a warning across the top of the forum in the run-up, which you can dismiss once you've read it. N'kay?
  2. Mike


    You should be able to mix and match links, text and pics in any post unless Google is giving you some iffy code that's screwing things up. Try pasting their URL into a text editor and see what it gives you. If it's anything nastier than the following sort of thing, then we have a likely candidate for all the trouble. You should have something like this (not exact of course): https://www.google.com/folder/possiblyanother/kjmhwsrefbwehjkfgwefjbsefsef2323.jpg
  3. Mike


    I'm afraid Google isn't a reliable host for photos that you want to remain visible, as eventually their links expire and that's when you lose persistency. You will have to think about a different host unless they've changed things somewhat. The forum software is set up to add one URL at a time, but you can get round that by pasting your pre-formed URLs into a text editor (or Word), and then paste them in en masse. Then you go through them formatting them in the centre (if you want), and if you position your cursor at the end of each line, pressing enter will cause the forum to parse the URL into a picture, one at a time. As to deleting them, sometimes failed links will cause some funny glitching in the software (nonsense HTML etc.), so the best bet is to highlight the area around the messed-up link and delete that. It usually gets rid of the mess, but it's not infallible. Position your cursor to the right of the image and press enter. That should take you down to the next line and you'll be able to type. Going back to formatting, I've noticed that in tablet mode the text editor has "quirks", and I'm not fond of entering anything other than a quick reply from there for that reason. They're working on this at Invision, and there's going to be an App that's free for use that will hopefully do a better job than they've managed with mobile device browsers. This won't be going anywhere near the Tapatalk nuisance value of reminding you all the time, even in your browser (one reason we'll never use them). It'll just be an alternative to the browser, and will hopefully have the same functionality as the desktop, with only two apps needing writing/maintaining, rather than continual bug-fixes when the various versions of Firefox, Chrome, Sahara, Opera etc. on various platforms show up issues. I think there are just too many variables with Browsers OSes, and versions thereof, so despite their best efforts, they're tacitly admitting failure and moving on to an App. I'm sure it'll be a bit buggy initially, but hopefully we'll get a decent app out of it in the end. Now as to hosts, sadly we can't be experts on every (or any TBH) host that's available out there, so can't supply more than suggestions base on common-sense, or direct you toward the FAQ for choosing hosts. All the BM staff have web space here on the BM server, so very few of us have any current experience of the various ever-changing hosts out there. After the Photobucket (don't Spoonerise that) debacle it was clear that after some years of stability, we were in for some tough times head with mergers, massive changes of names, service specs, and the introduction of monthly or annual fees for using these previously free hosts. I don't think that's quite over yet, and the general trend is that most reliable commercial grade photo hosting with direct linking is not going to be free anymore, with a few exceptions at the behemoths Google and so forth.
  4. I hope it goes smoothly for all concerned
  5. I've just run that photo through Photoshop, and it comes out at 82kb optimised for web. All those blocks of colour should lead to a very compact file, as the same colours are usually tokenised during the compression process. How that's come out to 354kb is a mystery. Here's my version: 82kb 106kb It just goes to show that somewhere along the line, your photos are being stored using an inefficient and data consuming manner, even though they are being saved as a .jpg. Maybe the compression on the .jpg is set too low, or quality too high? Not having access to an iPhone, I can't really help in too much depth, but if you can find a way of shrinking your pics down, the server and your fellow Britmodellers will thank you Maybe post up a question in Help & Support in the hope that an iPhone user will have had some experiences similar to yours, and to avoid diluting your thread any more
  6. I'm back now after throwing the spanner against the pigeons for you Dennis What phone OS are you using? iOS (Apple), or Android? That might give us a clue on what software to suggest. Also, do you have any kind of PC/Mac to play with, or are you cell phone only? I'll check your photo host in a minute, as they might have some tools to shrinkie-dink your photos for you, as I'd imagine it'd be in their best interests to reduce the storage being used. It's Imgur, and I had a quick look at their help area. There's a bit about sizing, optimising & stuff here: https://help.imgur.com/hc/en-us/articles/210077233-Editing-Images If you're using the App (which I suspect you will be), look for some similar sorts of functions on your phone.
  7. If anything it's slightly worse Have a look on Play/app store for an app to optimise photos for web
  8. Evening I tested some of the pics, and they were 600kb+ in size, which is huge when posting up on the internet. You should be aiming to save your files to around 200kb optimally, give or take a bit. To accomplish this, you can reduce the size of your pics, as anything over the recommended 1024 x 800 maximum we advise, it's wasted bandwidth and storage space useage. Most people view these pics on phones, tablets and 1080p screens, so huge photos of 4000 x 3000 px will have to be shrunk down by the forum software (load on the server and delay for the user), as well as the extra bandwidth that is uses up (10x what's necessary). The downsides of this from a viewer's point of view is the waiting time before you can view the pics, and some people might get bored and click away. From the server's point of view, it's wasteful of bandwidth, storage size (we cache images to improve speed), and it's also wasteful of the server's resources, which means a slower experience for all of us. This isn't meant as a "telling off" BTW, more of a bit of useful advice to help you as well as help us. If you can size your pics to the recommended limits, we'll be really happy, and so will the members
  9. Did I see Jon Conehead Tambour-Drawer in the background there?
  10. He already knew. It was the picture that attracted his attention though!
  11. Glad to see you've got going again Martian (just had to explain to the Lad why you're called Martian, not Martin). I'll be restarting mine once I've recovered it from the bulging "existing projects" box it was put in toward the end of last year when everything got packed up.
  12. Hey Phil - I've moved your topic to the same area in the AFV section, which also includes softskins. You'll get more opinions and hopefully info here
  13. Mike

    New or returning

    aboard Guy - that's a nice looking 2CV, so I don't know why you think it's not as good as others?
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