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  1. The kit was primered with the Grey Primer by Model Master. Then I tried to airbrush some presiding lines on the panel lines. The two greys of the paint scheme were the FS36375 Light Ghost Gray and the FS36320 Dark Ghost Gray. I used Humbrol 127 and Humbrol 128 for those two greys. The paint went on without any problem. There is not a great difference between those two shades but I have seen a few reference pictures that actually look like this. Anyway, the basic painting is over and its time to paint some details!
  2. The nose and gun part also needed al lot of putty, sanding and love... Now that the basic construction was over it was time to look at some details that are missing from the kit... Ready to apply the primer and check for gaps and other unpleasant surprises...
  3. Hi everyone! After a while of silence I am back again with the progress I made on the A-10. The assembly of the airframe, wings, engines, etc was completed and a significant amount of putty and sanding was required to achieve a dissent fit. The chaff/flare dispensers at the wingtips were completely removed as they didn't look any good and new were made. Some work at the rear of the cockpit was also made. I used adhesive aluminium foil and plastic strips and rods to add some detail and not look so empty...
  4. Beautifully modeled additions to your Harrier collection! Fantastic job!
  5. That's a real b@d@ss looking plane ready for trouble!!! Fantastic job.
  6. Very nice built Ian! Well done! Did you have any trouble with the kit? Are there any points of special attention? I have the same with the AIRES and CMK cockpit sets and I am thinking to get started in the next couple of months, as soon as my current CAS model (A-10A) is finished!
  7. Beautiful work! Spitfires are never enough especially when they are so nicely built!
  8. Hi everyone! I thought to give an update on the Thunderbolt progress. Weapons load was one of the first things that I dealt with. The weapons in the kit were 12xMk82, 6xAGM65, 2xMk84, 2xGBU10. To those I added 2xAIM-9L and one AL/ANQ-184 ECM pod. Unfortunately the kit did not provide the rails for the Sidewinders so I made an effort to make them myself. The ECM pod came from the Hasegawa weapons set VIII. Regarding the ECM pod I have a question. The version of the plane will date back to 2003. Is it ok to carry an AL/ANQ-184? Anyway, I have alternatives if it is not! All Mk82s had two de
  9. Thank you very much! I really like this OOTB+ category, believe it suits me fine. Now regarding the gun, I have replaced the front part (the one with the holes) with a new one made from sprue where I drilled seven rows of holes (3 in each row). I also drilled the gun barrels. There is still some work to be done but I think I am getting there! I will post some images as soon as possible. Have a nice weekend!!!
  10. Hello everyone! First topic on WiP and hope it goes well! The kit is the Academy 1/72 A-10A Thunderbolt II. When I bought it I thought it was a real bargain! Only 12Euros, nice engraved panel lines with some rivets on, plenty of weapons, nice plastic, what could possibly go wrong? Well, when the built started I realised that the kit has very poor fit in almost all the important parts (upper and lower wing parts, engine base with rear fuselage, wings with fuselage, etc). I have heard (but it was too late) that the decals are trouble as well... Anyway, I don't like being grouchy so I
  11. Very nice work! How was the kit? I have read that part fitting is not it's strong point!
  12. Fantastic job!!! It looks very realistic. Well done!
  13. Every modeler that respects the hobby must have done a Spit at some point... ...and you have a remarkable couple of those beauties!
  14. I like your work on the model very much. Especially the shades on the greens and brown of the upper camo surface. The heat stains on the brown might be a bit “clear” if you understand what I mean, but to be honest I wouldn’t manage half as good as you...
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