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  1. Are they aware that they only released once the EF-2000B as a limited edition? Are they aware that they only release a certain Osprey variant just once and once again as a limited edition? Luigi
  2. the way it's molded gives a very clear hint that they are not planning to make other variants, at this point I would rather buy more AZ or FineMolds kits than a single swan Luigi
  3. something can be seen here, I'm aware they had a fuel tank installed on that area, but since there are many versions I suppose on some had the tank cells moved elsewhere Wikimedia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QUEnjqI49o Luigi
  4. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/292043-f-111e-armament-options/ Luigi
  5. thought in the past they made nearly everything British from WW2 on both scale, guess I was wrong Luigi
  6. EF-111A B/N 66 0041 in the prototype phase with black stripes along the fuselage with red inflight refuel spot markings flew with two drop tanks installed on the outer wing pylons Regarding Sidewinders there it was a discussion on ARC forums and possibly something on F-111.net in any case if you decide to pick the whif route while keeping it loadoutically correct the Aim-9M fins do not have clearance for shoulder mounting, so you have to put them and their dedicate launcher where the usual ground ordnance and its pylon goes otherwise you can slap a Papa at the shoulder station Luigi
  7. My gripe with Airfix is that they potentially have a backyard filled with Cold War Era jets and they barely nailed them. They made a caricature of a Mig-15 The F-86 tooling wanted to be half of this and half of that still something went off Messed up their opportunities with Harrier FRS1 and FA2 variants, I would like to keep my mouth shut for GR and AV-8A variants as I just bought them to maybe steal some parts and slap them on the Esci kits. GR7/9 are kinda ok and I guess I'll use Hasegawa parts to convert two of them into AV-8B N/A and + standards I know they hate them but ffs how can you make a banana out of a Skyhawk especially when B and C are rarer due Fujimi kits being AWOL since 10 years if not more? Hobbyboss didn't make a GR out of their Jaguars despite fuselage arrangement suggesting so and the only game in town is still the Hasegawa kit with lots of resin I suppose they also hate the Tornado and its variants especially the F3 Their FW-190A/F made me purchase more Hasegawa kits, should have said Eduard yet they refuse to make anything past the A8/F8 and as long I will not see Nachtjager variants, A9/F9 and everything between A5/A8 plus ofc Dora variants from them I'll just stick with Hasegawa kits The 262 seems ok yet I kinda like Hasegawa + Revell fix than theirs There is a good helicopter compartment in the middle especially the Westland Sea King and frankly I still don't know how many variants they made with the newer tooling I'll buy a couple of their FG Phantoms, cause I need a solid template of the wing reinforcement straps What else they made? Mustang?Not interested Typhoon, Tempest and Hurricanes? Beaufort? Mosquito? Spitfires? I was interested but it seems some are not that much issue free and I was after two kinds of recce birds, the one with tear drop canopy, something something MK VIII and its very own mess, a Seafire and a Trop or MKVB? frankly I don't remember variant 109? I guess AZ of FineMolds plus fixes for G2 and G6 variants, another AZ or FineMolds for the F variant, whoever makes the best E4 has now my attention, no interest with anything else, not even for Tamiya as they will probably just release the G6, call it a day and forget about other variants or maybe release them in the other scale like they did for the F-16 block 32 TSR-2? Are they planning to add it back to their catalogue or they are planning to do so when ModelSvit will steal the show? Luigi
  8. did Airfix at least made the windshield middle portion shorter as per short nose F-4s or they slapped the longer one like everyone did and still do? Luigi
  9. In 1/72 scale added parts for IDF Eagle are a different sprue for weapons then they added the exhausts plus whatever that dome behind the cockpit does Luigi
  10. Thanks gentleman! Scavenged the web even more it seems like their habit of playing hide and seek with Draken kits worked like this BP-1 No BP-2 Yes BP-3 Yes BP-101 No BP-106 No 00047 01929 01968 02004 and 02281 Yes 00386 No All SP boxes for Area88 (both old and new), Ace Combat and Idolmaster do come with them, ditto for Revell boxes Luiigi
  11. I'm just after Hasegawa stupidity of choosing to omit said pylons ONLY from certain boxes while including it on the others, I scavenged the web but I can't find pictures of the contents of said boxes... call it OCD Luigi
  12. For everyone with boxes: BP-1 BP-3 BP-101 Red Dragon BP-106 Austrian Millennium Can please confirm the presence or the absence of Aim-9 pylons? Luigi
  13. Revell base fuselage is for the A version, if you don't care you can dress it up as C/D and other variants, if not rescribing and other touch ups are required. Tamiya offers you a C fuselage straight from the box Fujimi, Italeri and Esci have common fuselage and sprue breakouts, a couple of things need to be added anyway Fujimi: pylons, drop tanks and weapons are a joke, you can probably save Penguin missiles and its launchers (need some fixes anyway) but everything it's off, Sidewinders are too skinny and small, drop tanks seems to be inspired by F-2A ones 'cept they are still skinny and shorter, wing pylons do look something good for Ace Combat series F-5, F-20 and X-29 airplanes, aligning the cockpit part it's not as messy as doing that on AMT/ERTL and Italeri kits but still on some boxes and I had around 20 spanning from early ones to later ones not only cover sometimes was shorter, it was also asymmetrical in both width and height Italeri made different revisions of their kits...the first batch aka #130 box with green or orange stripe contained longer drop tanks as per prototype and F-16XL variants, GBUs and Sparrow missiles, second revision aka #130 box with sometimes a dark orange striple or no band at all replaced the sprue with longer drop tanks and weapons with a simple A option sprue, 2,5ndish revision that happened when they released the #188 box added some extra sprue for lantirn pods etc, 3rdish revision was when they added ADF parts on #1271 box. Italeri kit comes with its own set of faults, yet is a good source of decals cause Hasegawa is way too lazy to change markings on catalogue boxes let alone doing anything that it's not another overpriced special limited edition variant and Revell is sadly too focused on releasing markings for flying beer cans with no stencils or with plan B markings Esci detail is more finer than Italeri and Fujimi kits, aligning the cockpit cover it's not an hard task, you glue it without worrying about asymmetry, seal the gaps with putty, rescribe and you are gold, yet AMT/ERTL boxes which are basically Esci kits with softer plastic, extra weapons and nozzle sprue shenanigans are mostly to be avoided Luigi
  14. Hasegawa is smaller, if the central section of both F-2 and F-16 is the same the error will probably go through to the upper fuselage section, comparing Tamiya and Revell sections with Hasegawa's F-2 the MLG and tail hook kinda lay at the same place. Problem with Tamiya kit is that AS PER USUAL they freaking pulled another bait & switch, they released the P&W kit only in the wrong scale and I doubt they will ever care enough to ever release an A version. Luigi
  15. So they pulled an Harrier FRS1 without its errors I just have box 72183 FGR2 I doubt they changed anything more during the years, so for lower fuselage part you mean part C40 or the two halves? Both halves are kinda flat and straight and the curvature it's only present on part C40 and starts straight at the beginning of Sparrow's well Luigi
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