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  1. as long Tamiya goes bait and switch I think nope. Luigi
  2. I would buy one just if by mistake they added the underwing pylon used for AA missiles and for the drop tanks, outside that I would stick with Italeri and place cloned DM parts on it. Otherwise I'll just wait for Wolfpack and hope someone will do something for THAT pylon Luigi
  3. Was the wheel well "question" resolved on past discussions? It was said that early A models had them painted in anti-corrosive paint instead of white but I lost track of said discussion (it was once again on ArcForums) Luigi
  4. found the discussion about sabre not saber drains http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/295433-early-f-15a-from-the-gwh-f-15c/ Luigi
  5. I posted some stuff here and there through the forums, my suggestion is to waste some time on Wikimedia by searching F-15A with a year that doesn't go past 1979/80. Outside that is to search on Flickr and other websites as I don't know if someone has a back-up of what was posted on sukhoi.nl. As people on HS forums stated you have to check out the differences: NLG up to JFS exhaust then saber drains (search on arcforums saber drains cause there it was a discussion about them) I'm not sure if the tailhook housing was different Antennas should be either 2 r
  6. Sure it's not this one? https://kamuflazs-camouflage.blogspot.com/2012/01/usa-desert-iii.html Luigi
  7. No, Hasegawa F-16 bottom fuselage is shorter, if you take Revell and Tamiya MLG doors have pretty much the same length, but if you take Hasegawa doors and compare them with Revell & Tamiya they are indeed shorter Luigi
  8. At car shop of a friend of mine, random french car, torx screws, Bon Jovi Always, yes way Jose! Inside their hangars, french airplane, standard screws? On what kind of twisted world I'm living? Counter clockwise? Luigi
  9. this one should be an A this one too as saber drains are present and there are only two antennas up front this is a C also notice wing plating Another A I think Luigi
  10. Differences for USN and Air Force Phantoms are the IFR probe and a panel that stays nearby the radome slightly above the small intakes, there is also this https://phantomphacts.blogspot.com/2019/02/the-evolution-of-door-19-on-f-4.html and there it was something related to some panels, rivets and dielectric stuff on tail which seems to be gone from their blog but some images can be found here https://phantomphacts.blogspot.com/p/sanders-analq-51-51a-100.html https://phantomphacts.blogspot.com/p/usn-ew-equipment.html https://phantomphacts.blogspot.com/p/anale-29.html C
  11. Don't forget this In their 1/72 catalogue they have/had: F-16A F-16B F-16C F-16C Block 50/52 F-16D F-16I F-16N YF-16CCV Excluding the F-16I with the very ad nausem set of decals which can be found everywhere, all kits never received other decal options, all F-16ADF are limited edition variants, ditto for everything they did with AM/BM/E/F variants, it's the same for their F-15J with MSIP parts, USAF specific MSIP parts can be found only on Ace Combat reboxes and F-15E. When Hasegawa upgraded the F-15E they first released a bunch of F-15E
  12. we have spotters at Decimomannu airfield and I may take a look on the FB page hoping someone captured a glimpse of it, I don't know if they tested them during last year or they are testing it now, I'm sure a couple of years ago they had something bulky (no tanks) under their wings, but I was alone in the middle of a mountain, with no camera, just a binocular and couldn't take any kind of pictures Luigi
  13. That's why I had around 12 F-4C/D on my stash, because the loadouts of certain units were different from others. Ubon and Udorn Phantoms especially the ones used on night mission or with PGM had other gigs installed, Zotz laser designator on RIO/WSO canopy, asymmetric loads and so on Luigi
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