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  1. that was my plan, yet you need to enlarge and lengthen the forward fuselage section and make a new dome out of it Luigi
  2. Just curious How many 1/48 Hasegawa kits are out there with parts permanently marked as unused which hinted future variants that never hit the shelves? Luigi
  3. You can count me in even though I managed to snatch enough (11) Fujimi Skyhawks for my projects Luigi
  4. they should just add the TA 154 4 in 1 in their catalogue as the only difference between the 4 boxes is so minimal (maybe 4 square centimeters worth of plastic) that none will starve do death for the lack of 32874823482348902384238340923834902389023892394239042342390492304923 reboxes of the same kind Luigi
  5. Thought Airfix kit was the old tooling and not a newer one, how come did I miss that Luigi
  6. Maybe they thought Astrokit reboxes are still around and dumped the Italian option or Special edition with Italian decals will be announced for the next year releases All I want to know is what kit it's ok for an HC4 with splinter camouflage and which one it's ok for a USN SAR version Luigi
  7. Completely skipped the part regarding the Super Bug, guess my eye filters are still working You are right about Academy seats, I don't remember if their first F/A-18A had a extra sprue with a different seat or not in any case the aftermarket options got it covered. For the Super Hornet I was aware that Revell did something wrong not only about its engineering but also in terms of shapes?As for Academy SH I still have to buy one, I do have a couple of Hasegawa Super Bugs but I'm not planning to build an empire out of them Luigi
  8. you welcome. pretty sure there are better experts than me as Hornets are not my territory, it ticks me off that I can't track those discussions and also the WIP were the builder brought up those faults and the fixes. For a more later and upgraded Hornet you also have to check wing pylons as there are some A/M options for Austrialian or Canada users, plus everything else which escapes me (cockpit IP, antennas, tip rails etc) Luigi
  9. Struts angle is 90° ish degree on the kit, it should be less or more than it (sorry I'm not a degree person lol) but unfortunately I can't find the discussion on ARC forums, might be as well elsewhere or lost inside my bookmark hell Samples are there, sadly I no longer own any Legacy Hornet from Hasegawa also I forgot to say that Academy MLG wheel wells are not shallow enough https://imgur.com/a/1l325E5 Luigi
  10. Short answer Academy Before Academy it was Hasegawa plus Italeri MLG wells For the Academy kit you need/have to replace MLG struts with Italeri F-18E struts or something else for cheap or fix their error also have to do something for intake trunking and dropped flap/slats thing that no manufacture got it right Fujimi spine proportions are off but it comes with earlier drop tanks and full (?) intake trunking Italeri kit is just too basic and Hasegawa fuselage breakout is kinda problematic especially now that molds are getting old with warping and flash taking over Luigi
  11. Bilek did release a resin? C/D conversion in the past, probably some boxes had it but good luck finding the right one especially if the seller keeps it for him and removes extra instruction parts, also Revell C/D got the wheels wrong, I think you can downgrade it to an A as Italeri needs to be rescribed Luigi
  12. Right now A-7 Corsair, trying to figure out which got it right or not I'm aware that Academy Crusader it's not issue free but since I'm planning to make it configured like Area88 2004 anime fuselage shape and Sidewinder pylon angles do not bother me that much Luigi
  13. Are there any differences between Vought scale drawings and D&S ones? Luigi
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