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  1. Any chance this will be the S&M Westland Wasp? I was looking at converting the Airfix Scout as my next project but will hold out otherwise.
  2. Many thanks for that post. I'll try and recreate the framework based on your photos.
  3. Absolutely gorgeous build of a HM.2, it looks great. I would very much be interested in some close up images of your Crownest mounting structure, I intend to build the variant very shortly and am interested to know how you achieved it...
  4. Sorry to resurrect this thread... Following on from the post above of aircraft lost during the war, does a definitive list exist anywhere of all the registrations of naval aircraft deployed to the Falklands in '82? Specifically the Sea Kings and Wessex'....
  5. Excellent finish. Did you airbrush the shaders?
  6. Many thanks all. I knew I was going mad with the blue topside.
  7. Hi all, I've searched the group to great extend but was unable to find any information amongst the vast spread of Buccaneer threads about an S.1 conversion... I'm eager to convert the Airfix 1/72 Buccaneer S.2 into the earlier S1 with the white belly and blue topside livery. I believe there may be an Aerocraft resin set available but is it an easy conversion and if so, what else would need to be altered? I *assume* this livery was only worn on the earlier S.1? If there is an existing thread on the subject then I apologise, so please point me in the right direction!
  8. Excellent job on what I thought was a pig of a kit... nothing fitted, especially the underside fuselage insert.
  9. This is absolutely stunning and the very subject I intent to build. How did you find the fit of the replacement nose section? I assume the fuselage cut has to be VERY precise...
  10. Quite possibly the best built Vulcan I have seen to date, stunning finish.
  11. NavyWessex

    Tacky Gloss

    Hi all, Quick question... I work away for 6 months of the year on a ship and whilst I have most of the modelling supplies with me, I tend to stay away from alcohol or lacquer based paints/gloss as the mist they generate can set off smoke detectors. As an alternative, I'd been using a rattle can of Revell Acrylic Gloss Varnish from their spray can range and have not encountered an issue with it before. Recently however, I found that after 1-2 coats, even 72hrs + after application, the gloss is still tacky with fingers prints and dirt clinging to the surface. I assume over time, the gloss will cure fully but is there anything I can do to speed up the drying time please? Any advice appreciated!
  12. I like the addition of the extended air step on the port side, although the RAM tape still looks heavy and the wheels are heavily bulged like their 1/72 offering.
  13. Very pleased to see both the Harrier and Wessex released, even if it's the 1/48th kit. Shame to see they couldn't correct the name on the Wessex box art though.
  14. So, can someone confirm, decals and instructions aside, what variant this plastic actually builds up as please?
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