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  1. Many thanks everyone for the overwhelming show of support and the appreciation for my build. Thanks for the comment Mark, unfortunately it's melted solid to the frame with Tamiya Extra Thin! I have tried to remove it but don't want to damage the sorrounding paintwork so opted to leave it for now
  2. Good evening, This has to be my best completed kit to date. Italeri's 1/72 Short Stirling Mk.1, purchased for 30£ a few years back from a hardware store in Cornwall. A kit I've wanted to completed for some time but slightly deterred by it's complex appearance in the box. Finished out of the box, using Tamiya Acylic paints, I have tried to replicate the build as best as possible using the limited information available on this aircraft type and in an appearance that represents a well worn and used example. An extra few coats of Halfords Primer were applied in
  3. Thanks for all the feedback, I'm wondering whether the primer is too thick for the scale, or applied to thick, as it didn't happen on the other B17 which wasn't primed... Many thanks, I've tried sticking a cotton bud up the through the side windos for the gun mounts but it was a little short, so will try again soon. I thought i'd only tacked the nose on but it appears the tamiya extra thin may have flowed a little further than I wanted...
  4. Really nice job... much better than my effort, but I do agree it needs patience, it's quite a fiddly complicated kit for it's size.
  5. Hi all, Originally destined for commission into RAF service as a Fortress Mk.II of Coastal Command (to compliment my Mk.III build) and having already purchased a Kit World decal sheet for the privilege, the build didn't quite go as planned. Having rectified the dihedral issue with the Academy tool and subsequently using a large amount of filler on the fuselage, I regrettably decided that the finish was not pristine enough for a white base coat, which in my experience is a difficult enough challenge to get right as it is... so built out of the box using kit decals and unmodified.
  6. I've dropped him a message as I'm keen for a kit in this as 1/72. That resin 3D print in 1/144 looks brilliant.
  7. Hi all, thanks again for the comments. Tony I agree and sadly I never saw your posts and if I'm honest I was slightly neive to any possible errors in the instructions. I normally take care to research a subject before construction and this case was no different. Unfortunately there appears to be very little information in circulation about RAF B17's so ended up taking the kit instructions as gospel. Slightly annoyed my build is now hindered in terms of historical accuracy, but a lesson learnt!
  8. Many thanks for all the nice comments. It's much appreciated! The display base is a WWII Bomber Base by Noy Minatures. Bought from Hannants for about 8£!
  9. Evening all, A very enjoyable, if not complex build of a WWII legend, the Boeing B17G, or lesser known as the RAF variant of the Fortress Mk.III. I am not normally a fan of building "non UK built" WWII aircraft, but as my current theme is along the lines of Coastal Command, I couldn't overlook this airframe. Finished out of the box using Tamiya and Vallejo paints, some gun barrels were replaced with Quickboost versions. The base is by Noys Minatures from Hannants and the ground vehicles is Airfix's wonderful Bomber Supply Set. Model was built with the wings detachable i
  10. Thanks all for the comments, wasn't expecting this much detail. When I mentioned riveting in my original post, I was actually referring to the ribbing detail of the fabric that I wasn't sure if Airfix would accurately replicate. I'm pretty set on a Coastal Command variant that served at RAF St Eval and looks like Trumpeter might be the only manufacturer to issue the variant with the "bulge" under the nose. Believe this may be a GR.Mk.XIV.
  11. Hi all, I'm looking to build a Vickers Wellington in 1/72. Whilst the question is quite broad, I'm aware there are several different manufacturers that have kit offerings available. Airfix, Revell, Italeri and Trumpeter all have kits available on the market, but I'm looking for suggestions as to which is the nicest and most accurate build. Airfix I'd imagine is the cleanest build and would build well, but I always find that surface detail (like rivets) is a bit bare with them. Any suggestions appreciated.
  12. Afternoon all, Here is my HeliOps Sea King, made from the Revell HAS.6 kit. Whilst not exact, it builds up nicely into something that resembles the HU.5, minus some attenna and probes. This example is used by Heli Operations in Portland, nicknamed Damien due to it's registration XV666 being linked to the devil. Decals from Xtradecal, otherwise out of the box. Painted with Revell Aqua Colors.
  13. Many thanks for all the comments. Its very encouraging!
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