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  1. Very tempted but the amount of sanding puts me off a little, can a smooth surface actually be acheived?
  2. Hello all, Well another build complete and this time it's Revells lovely Halifax released in 2011. Built using the kits scheme of an aircraft based at RAF Topcliffe with the Royal Canadian Air Force in July 1942. Having previously completed their B Mk III kit, I was aware of various short comings with this tooling and set about correcting these. The AML resin update set was used for the spinners and air intakes, the exhausts and air vents on the sides of the engines are courtesy of Quickboost and while this doesn't solve the chunkiness of the nacelles, it improves the look. I opted to forgo the AML prop blades and instead made modifications to the kits paddle props to reduce the size of the tips. Lastly, the dorsal turret seemed to sit too high, so this was allowed to sit considerably lower. Only other aftermarket used was the obligatory Eduard mask set to make my life easier. The main wheels were also sanded to give the weight on effect. Painted using Tamiya acrylics and weathered with a variety of washes and oils. I have yet to add any chipping and kept the weathering quite subtle compared to some of my other builds. it is pictured below alongside vehicles from the Airfix RAF Resupply set aswell as Zvezda's new tooled snap fit Hawker Hurricane MK.IIC built from the box to complement the scene (a very nice build aswell by the way...) As with all my builds, I have tried to create a historically accurate representation of the real aircraft and the Haynes Halifax build manual was invaluable.
  3. Very nice build. Havimg worked at Flybe for many years, it's nice to see their legacy lives on through plastic.
  4. Excellent build. I just picked one of these up today to try.. What grade Micromesh do you use out of curiosity?
  5. Absolutely stunning job. I attempted the very same kit conversion a few years back and gave up.
  6. Many thanks all for the positive comments. K replace the images with some better ones over the next few days.
  7. Hi all, Well finally another completed aviation build, having moved to 1/72 armour for a short time. This time round, one of my longest builds to date, about 6 weeks to complete this Italeri tooled Revell 1/72 Junkers Ju52 after struggling to find the enthusiasm to finish it - bought as the Ju52/3 m Civil variant, but contains all the sprues required to make a the military version within reason. Kit went together nicely for it's 1970's vintage and although my rendition is not historically accurate, I'm pleased to have completed this aircraft type. I'd initially finished it with yellow wing tips and outboard engines, but after issues with spraying the yellow, and subsequently problems with the decals, I decided to alter the scheme to improve the final appearance. Finished with Revell Aqua acrylics and decals were aftermarket courtesy of Printscale. Despite these being thin, I just couldn't get them to adhere to the surface. Even after 24hrs they were movable across the corrugated surface detail. After changing the scheme and reapplying a different set, the same issue and silvering occurred. Doh! Nevermind. This aircraft should've had a dorsal turret, and no turret above the cockpit glazing, but parts weren't included for this option so I made a compromise. Overall a bit of a disappointing build for me, not to my usual standard but as with every build, a learning curve non the less.
  8. Dreammodel have just posted over at their Facebook page that a new helicopter product is to be announced soon. Could be the S-61..
  9. Stunning result. I'd ove to know what paints/varnishes were used on this build.
  10. This is absolutely beautiful work, the paint finish on the white is flawless.
  11. Afternoon all, Happy to present my latest offering, a kit I've owned for some time and bought at a bargain price of 21£ brand new from a discount store in Cornwall. I recently visited the Cornwall Aviation Heritage Museum at Newquay and was lucky enough to have been given permission to look around WR985, an Avro Shackleton MR.3 recently arrived in sections from Long Marston, where it had been decaying for years. The build itself was quite straight forward, with no major issues - the size of the fuselage meant the join seams between both sections along the top and bottom were a bit of a pain to fill. Also, despite filling the nose and engine area with significant amounts of weight, she was still a tail sitter. I managed to cram some more in the wings, which inevitably meant she was so heavy that the gear gave way. In the end, some blue tack and ball bearings at the front of the bomb bay solved this! Also, the canopy piece was partly fogged out the box, it took Revell several weeks to dispatch a replacement part, but in the meantime a friend donated his clear sprue to enable me to continue the build, so thanks for that. Although Revell included WR985 as a kit livery, I elected to model XF703 with this being an RAF St Mawgan based example. Photographed outside as the finished kit was just to big to capture nicely indoors. Next up maybe?
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