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  1. Italeri have now posted their full 2021/22 catalogue on their social media account including the remainder of the range... https://issuu.com/italeri/docs/catalogo_2021_22_ott01?fr=sMzEwYTc4Mjg4MQ
  2. That's quite a small catalogue compared to previous years. I see the HH-101 Ceaser has finally been removed I was hoping for a reissue of either the 1/35 or 1/72 DUKW.
  3. Thanks for the comments. I have both Vallejo Model Air Sky Type S and AMMO Mig Sky Type S - both colours looked identical to me when sprayed, but the Vallejo gave a smoother finish. I can't really comment on the colour accuracy, it looks fairly close to me, especially when weathered.
  4. Evening all, Just completed the fine Airfix 1/72 Bristol Beaufighter TF.10, a brilliant mojo build. Finished out of the box using Vallejo Sky Type S for the underside and Tamiya Dark Sea Grey for the top. Weathered with oils and Vallejo Model Washes. I would usually use a dark dirt clay wash, but decided to try and move away from that on this build using a similarly coloured wash to give a subtle effect to the recessed detail, to complement the base colour. Few small details still to add but very happy with the result. Displayed alongside the Airfix Bomber R
  5. Italeri have been busy updating their 2020 catalogue (not 2021...) additions have labelled as just "New" in the top right corner of each photo and can be found here. https://issuu.com/italeri/docs/catalogue_italeri_2019_2020?fr=sNDVhMTc4Mjg4MQ I haven't listed them all, but having looked at the catalogue in recently months the following have been added recently... 1/9; 7406 Zundapp KS 750 with sidecar 1/72; 1371 HH-101 Caesar (been promised for years) 1388 SM.81 Pipistrello 1399 F-111 Ardvark 1412 SM.79 Spar
  6. Thanks definitely an option, I'll look into what's available. Many thanks for all the kind comments, much appreciated.
  7. Afternoon all, My latest build, and probably last for 2020, is the Airfix 1/72 Vickers Wellington GR MKIII boxing in Coastal Command colours. Representing an airframe based at RAF Chivenor... Airfix' own instructions state there is some ambiguity in the actual scheme carried, so whilst I'm sure the aerials and deice boots on the front of the wings should be a different colour, I am leaving them as is. Built entirely out of the box, using Tamiya acrylics - I am not and never am happy with how the white has laid down and no combination of thinner, ratio, air pressures etc
  8. Was this variant used during WWII as I note the included liveries are for the late 40's?
  9. Just seen that. Has anyone built a Dream Model kit before? They look of a good quality according to images on their Facebook page and stocked by Hannants.
  10. Thanks. It's part of the Airfix RAF Bomber Resupply set.
  11. It's a good job the RAF isn't relying on me to supply ammunition then! Will correct, thanks. The work stand and other accessories you see are part of the Airfix Bomber Resupply set.
  12. Evening all, The second of my recently completed builds is this Academy B24D Liberator, bought as the "Blonde Bomber" variant and finished in Coastal Command colours. A few extras added, including Quickboost engines, propellers, gun barrels and turbo chargers. Some aftermarket wheels where bought but later realised they didn't fit! The scheme represents a unit based at Thorney Island around 1942, courtesy of Xtradecal, although some poetic license has been applied to the actual livery for ease of masking. In my haste to complete, I neglected to
  13. Many thanks for all the comments. It was about 85% Flat Earth/RAF Dark Green to 15% Flat White. I find Tamiya colours a touch too dark, especially after weathering. No problem, I'm away all week so will message you one at the weekend! I used Tamiya Rubber Black as a base and highlighted the center of each panel afterwards with a slightly lightened Base colour. The effect was partly by accident... I used MIG Ammo Medium Grey Panel Liner as an all over sludge wash... being enamel based I removed it from a gloss surface with a p
  14. Evening all, Just finished this Revell Lancaster Mk.I/III in 1/72, picked up cheap from Hobbycraft a few years ago and finished as a Mk.I as per kit decals. Extras include Pavla weighted wheels and Quickboost gun barrels. Nice kit, goes together very well. Airbrushed using Tamiya acrylics and weathered with oils, a first for me - I wanted the kit to look as though it had seen some action, so whilst the finish won't be to everyone's taste I'm quite pleased with the final finish. Photographed on a Noys Miniatures display base and Airfix Bomber Resupply set...
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