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  1. Oh, great, more kits I didn’t know I needed (K&R’s TR7 convertible, MGA, TR6)! Thanks @Fastcat! @cmatthewbacon, Scale Production also has a few 15” tyres, IIRC. Ben
  2. Wow, my brain hurts just thinking about all of the effort you put into masking that! Well done! I look forward to seeing the finished model. Ben
  3. Do any of you have any experience with Shapeways' Multi Jet Fusion printed models? Does it have the pronounced layers that some of the other processes have? I've found a 1/1400 Klingon K'Tinga (for almost the same price as the Round 2 1/350 kit!) that would go great with my 1/1400 D-5 and D-7. I'm concerned that a model with such a complex surface detail might be next to impossible to clean up if thickness of the print layers is too large. Thanks! Ben
  4. That’s too bad about the left hand drive. I might have to start cruising eBay for one, anyway. In addition to the Spitfire, I’d love to see a 1/24 chrome bumper MGB GT kit. I drove one of those for a while, too. Ben
  5. Nice! I think the ride height is just right. Ben
  6. Beautiful!!! I didn’t know they did a rubber bumper car. I’ll have to try to track one down. Did it include parts for left-hand drive, too? I drove a ‘78 as my only transportation for 9 years and 186,000 miles. My future wife called it “The Heat Machine.”
  7. Beautiful build! I love the lights. This is a great kit. I recently finished my second one. Ben
  8. It was probably a case of “this is how the tech order says the airplane should be stenciled so this is how we’re going to do it.” Ben
  9. I’ll have to try the Super Clear when I use up my last can of Tamiya clear. I’ve heard good things about it. Ben
  10. Nice!!! What clear coat did you use? It doesn't look like it really needs any polishing. Ben
  11. I’ll be watching this one! I’m hoping to start mine soon. Ben
  12. I wish I had room for the 22" Eagle! As it is, I don't have anywhere to put my smaller one, so it's sitting next to me on my desk. Of course, that makes it easier for me to fly it around my office! Love that video. I think he's done similar ones with the USS Enterprise and Klingon battlecruiser. Ben
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