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  1. Hi Dennis, The gear wells and the speed brake well on the F-100 were a darkish interior green, approximately FS 34092. Flat Euro 1 Dark Green from your favorite paint manufacturer will work. The insides of the gear doors and speed brake were natural metal or aluminum lacquer. Same with the gear struts. The Voodoo's gear wells were the same green as the F-100, but the door interiors were Insignia Red. The interior of the speed brakes and the wells were also red. HTH. Ben
  2. The only model of an S2/S3 Turbo I've ever seen during years of searching was a sad-looking vacuformed slot car body. Maybe we should lobby that guy on Shapeways to do a Turbo transkit, since he's already partway there with the S3 parts. Ben
  3. Here's one from Airliners.net: Link because no hotlinking And another from a site that doesn't allow hotlinking Just a guess, but I would think carrier-based Phantoms were a little cleaner than shore-based jets because they had to be washed often for corrosion control. Ben
  4. I use cheap wooden plaques from the craft store and acrylic rod from Amazon. If the fuselage is hollow, I add a section of brass tube to accept the rod. Paint or stain the base, drill a hole in it for the rod, and cut the rod to whatever length you need to get the height you want. I use different lengths of rod so I can get several levels of “altitude” to squeeze more models into my limited display space. I use a couple of different diameters of rod, but I can’t recall what they are. I’ll check this afternoon and update my post. Ben
  5. Flown: Some kind of glider, can't recall the type Hang gliders Quicksilver MX ultralight (still questioning that choice 40 years later) Lots of different single engine Cessna, Piper, and Beechcraft types NAVION Baron 55 and 58 Cessna 310, 402, 441 Beech 18 DC-3 Beech Starship All of the King Air versions from the C90 to the 300, except the F90 Mitsubishi Diamond Beechjet Dash-8 CRJ 737 Ridden in: B-17 A320 Fokker 28 & 100 707, 717, 727, 737, 747, 757 (best jump seat ride ever!), and 777 DC-8, DC-9, MD-80 Shorts 360 Metroliner III Jetstream ERJ-145 & 170 Ben
  6. Just to add to the fun, Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) had a different numbering system than the rest of the Air Force. PACAF used the system as described by Finn, while the rest of the Air Force went with the last two of the year plus the last three of the serial. So, 64-0679 would be 66-679 if it were flying out of Lakenheath or Nellis. Ben
  7. I've since learned that the "unknown antenna" under the nose is the datalink antenna for the Bullpup missile. Not used on the Weasels, but I guess the system was already installed on the aircraft when they modified them. Ben
  8. Found it! First production F-106s with tape-style instrument panels were F-106A 57-2465 and F-106B 57-2523. Ben
  9. According to Doug Barbier's World's Fastest Single-Engine Jet Aircraft, all F-106s with the vertical tape-style instrument panels were modified to use the guns. I made a quick glance through the rest of the book to see if I could find what serial number made the change from round to tape-style instruments, but haven't found it, yet. Given Doug's love for the aircraft, I'm sure the info is in there, somewhere. I'll keep looking. Ben
  10. Very interesting about the Blackbird wings. For the amount of time work required to clean up those High Planes parts, you could build slats yourself! Ben
  11. That's looking great! Unless there is something wrong with the resin wings, I'd consider going with those. The Trumpeter wings (in all three scales) are too thin. This has the effect of causing the main gear wells to be too shallow and thus making the main gear struts appear too long. This and the too-large main gear tires cause the Trumpeter kits to sit almost level, instead of having the F-100's characteristic nose-up attitude. I faked it on my 1/32 kit by shortening the main gear struts and replacing the wheels with more correct ones. Ben
  12. 1/144!?!? Yikes! What are you going to rig it with, spider webs? This is going to be cool! Ben
  13. Beautiful job! My favorite of the 911s. BTW, does anyone make a rear spoiler for this kit? Ben
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