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  1. Ben Brown

    1/48 F-100 comparisons/issues

    I have the Aires exhaust for the Monogram kit. I haven’t done any test fitting but it looks great in the box! A friend (ex-F-100 pilot) has used it and spoke highly of it. Sorry I can’t help with the closed canopy. I haven’t tried to build the kit with the canopy closed. 72modeler’s suggestion sounds like a good plan. If you guys keep talking F-100s, I might be tempted to drag one of my Monogram kits out and dive in! I haven’t wanted to even look at an F-100 since the 1/32 Trumpeter kit almost beat me a few years ago. Ben
  2. Ben Brown

    Scale model racing kit questions

    I was in the same boat as you when I started building race cars about a year ago. I knew where to find all of the airplane stuff, but nothing about cars. A Japanese company called Nunu has started releasing fairly current GT3 cars. They have several 1/24 versions of the BMW M6 GT3 and have announced a 1/24 Porsche 911 GT3R and RSR, Audi A8 GT3, and BMW M8 GT3, all from the 2016-2018 seasons. I'm still hoping they'll release GT3 versions of the Lamborghini Gallardo and Huracan and NSX, too. Fujimi has a few good subjects, too. Most of the aftermarket decals will be for Japanese or European series cars, but Racing Decals 43 has some IMSA decals for the M6 and Ford GTs. Indycals also has a lot of IMSA decals for various cars. Just like with tanks and airplanes, Scalemates is a good source to see if there has ever been a kit of a particular car type. Spot Models (from Spain), BNA Model World (Australia), and Hiroboy (UK) are good sources to see what's available right now or coming soon. All three are good companies to trade with. There are transkits ("conversions" to us airplane guys ) for various cars, too. Sadly, they're not cheap. Another possibility that I've been a little too intimidated to try yet is to convert a slot car body to a static model. They seem to have an endless variety of slot car bodies. For instance, take a look at Slotfabrik's selection. Ben
  3. Ben Brown

    Eagle Transporter

    LOL! I should try using that logic and get the 1/350 K’Tinga. Ben
  4. Ben Brown

    Eagle Transporter

    Oooo, I hope they do release a smaller Eagle! I’d love to build the big Eagle, but I don’t have the shelf space or the money for one. @MarkSH, I like your progress on the little Eagle (Eaglet? )! Ben
  5. Ben Brown

    Eastern Express kits any good?

    Hi John, Thanks for the links! I’m glad your in-progress photos for the Airfix -200 are back. I completely missed your -100 build and the 737 group build. I was actually building two -200s at the time! Ben
  6. Ben Brown

    Eastern Express kits any good?

    I’m not familiar with EE’s 737 engines but I think the Airfix engines’ length is correct for the early version fitted with the 727-style cascade reverses and are ~4 mm too short for the later style of reverser. Forum member Viking showed how to fix them by adding a plug just forward of the reverser, but I think his photos died in The Great Photobucket Fiasco. Once fixed, the Airfix engines are pretty good representations of the early engines with the narrow pylons and blow-in doors. The best Advancd engines are from Authentic Airliners. Braz’s are much too short and too fat and can’t be easily fixed. I’ve tried. Back to the original question, I can say that building EE’s Short 330 and 360 has had me wondering if I would have been better off wrestling with the Welsh kits. Ben
  7. Ben Brown

    Goodyear Eagle 1/20 decals

    Check with Michael at Indycals. LINK He has tire decals that he can print in various scales. Ben
  8. It’s perfect for the silver parts of oleo struts. I was thinking it might work for something highly polished, like an F-104 fuselage, but it might be a little too “bright” for most other aluminum finishes. Somewhere on YouTube, there is a video where the guy experiments with an airbrush and a P-51 wing and has pretty good results. Ben
  9. Ben Brown

    F-86H wings - slatted but not drooped!

    Duncan can confirm, but I think the slats had to be pinned for them to remain up like that. Same as the F-100. You can see the Remove Before Flight flags for the pins in the middle photo. Ben
  10. Ben Brown


    That’s the old War Eagle kit that was sold by Hobbycraft back in the ‘80s. It wasn’t bad for its day, especially if you added some Aeroclub landing gear, Squadron canopy, and replaced the decals. IIRC, it wasn’t quite 1/48 scale but it built into a good looking model with a little work. Ben
  11. Ben Brown

    RF-101C auxiliary tanks

    Hi All, I agree that the skinny tanks on the F-101 might have been the same as the F-84F's tanks, but I don't have anything to confirm that. I can add a little more info about the the fat 450s made by Sargent-Fletcher. They are indeed the same shape as the ferry tanks used on the F-100 (and the CH-21 Shawnee helicopter!). While they were the same shape/capacity, I don't think they were interchangeable between aircraft types, much like the F-15-style tanks couldn't be swapped between Eagles and Phantoms. The 450s on the F-101 had the same rounded taper at the rear as pointed out about the F-100 tanks. Monogram just got that little detail wrong, and Kitty Hawk copied the error in their "research" on the F-101. Regarding the F-100, years ago, I had the pleasure of corresponding often with the late Dave Menard about F-100s. According to Dave, the F-100 drawings in D&S are actually pretty accurate, even catching the difference in the length of the F-100A/C fin cap vs that of the D/F. Trumpeter would have done well to have used those drawings when they designed their F-100s. Another item in D&S, is where it says the 275-gal drop tanks in the Monogram kit are 1/4" too short. They're actually spot on. While we were discussing the then new 1/32 F-100D kit, Dave made a trip to the Air Force Museum in Dayton and measured the full sized tanks, discovering his mistake from when he helped with the D&S book. Trumpeter's F-100 tanks in all scales are a little too fat and the nose is too blunt. They got the fact that the upper fins are larger than the lower ones (Monogram missed that), but they got the shapes wrong. The 275s were modified to 335-gal capacity in the mid-60s by adding a 28" plug to the joint just forward of the pylon leading edge. In the above photos, 56-3040 is carrying 335s, while 56-3004 has 275s. Cheers! Ben
  12. Ben Brown

    gravity colours?

    I like their paint, too. I haven't read any negative comments about the Spanish version's quality, communication, or shipping speed. I have found posts on other car-related forums about Gravity USA having the same paint problems he's accusing the Spanish company of having. I understand the need to protect one's brand, but this public back and forth is unprofessional, which makes it hard to justify supporting either. Both companies would do well to change their names to something else, since the name "Gravity Colors" is rapidly earning such a negative reputation. Ben
  13. Ben Brown

    gravity colours?

    Even if Gravity USA’s paint is better, he still has a problem with timely shipping and a complete lack of communication. I agree, based on my own experience and with Splash and Zero available, there’s little reason for me to deal with either of these companies. It’s a shame, because they have a good, reasonably priced product. Ben
  14. Ben Brown

    F-86A in 1/48

    Amazing work, Duncan! Ben
  15. I wish I could afford an MFH kit. They look like great models. They have the only 1/24 Ferrari 488 GTE available. Ben