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  1. Hello I am wanting to build George Thompson VC lancaster WS-U PD377 and I was wondering if it was a tallboy lancaster or standard configuration and would the codes be red or red with yellow outlines? thanks Graeme
  2. Hi I was wondering if anyone knows what colour scheme would of been on the 210 Sqn Catalina II in 42. it was coded P. There is a book called Arctic Airmen that tells the story of catalina going to Norway and Russia from Sullom voe.
  3. Hi Thanks very much for the reply's. Regards Graeme
  4. Hi I am looking for the scale plans of the javelin, are the drawings in the warpaint book correct for the faw.9? Cheers Graeme
  5. Many thanks for the help. I appreciate it. Graeme
  6. Hi I was thinking of doing a German destroyer sitting in a fjord hiding from the strike wing. What is the best way to recreate the ice and water. Many thanks Graeme
  7. gmsphoto

    Short seaford

    Hi I have a airfix short sunderland in the stash and was wondering if anyone has converted it to a short seaford( sunderland mkIV) Does anyone have decent plans that i could work from. many thanks Graeme
  8. Hi Is it possible to convert the airfix mk3 to a mk1B, is there any differences apart from the undercarriage? i want to make FP159 which was tested for rocket projectiles. mtia Graeme
  9. gmsphoto

    Flightpath ?

    Hi I just checked dj parkins/flightpath. website looks like there is one available https://www.djparkins.com/product.php?productid=17820&cat=251&page=2 Graeme
  10. I was given a tour and asked the apprentice about the bomb doors that as he was working on it. He said the doors where lowered.
  11. I was wondering if anybody had any information on this otu at Fraserburgh or Dyce. I know they used PR spitfire's and mosquito. Was there any codes or serial known? Mtia Graeme
  12. Hi I forgot about this. There is a v shape channel for the air tail of the torpedo. The bomb doors were lowered by 10 cm so they could cradle the bomb if the release didn't work. The doors where never changed and the ventral turret would of had perspex. I seen the Hampden up close and will post pics later. Graeme
  13. They also where at abbotsinch which is now Glasgow airport in 17 April 44 for a month. So if I did a different code from 7_T as it crashed in march of the same year. Graeme
  14. Hi i was wondering if anybody knew if the sea hurricanes in white in 1944 had sky undersides or did airfix and revell get it wrong? many thanks graeme
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