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  1. Richard E

    VF-1 Tomcats - Various

    Fantastic old school F-14s thanks for sharing them. The "Adversary" schemes certainly have shades of the Ferris scheme about them, if someone wants to produce the decals they've got one customer waiting for them.
  2. Richard E

    1/48 Fleet Air Arm Figure

    Skunkworks produce a set containing two Royal Navy Deck Tractors and tow bars and four figures: Skunkworks Tractor
  3. Richard E

    Britmodeller banner

    You should simply be able to "press" one of the icons on the right hand side of the banner but they don't appear to be working at the moment.
  4. Richard E

    Bonus Buys

    Is that a bonus or "cruel and unnatural punishment" ?
  5. Richard E

    1/4 Scale Alien "Big chap"

    That's different - it would probably scare the whatever out of any intruder who stumbled over him/her in a dark room !
  6. Although it's not quite the same version the 5th Law of Modelling suggests that the Seahawk will be released two days after @shark64 declares his Academy Sea Hawk build finished. For some reason I'm tempted by MH-60 and hopefully it will be followed by an HH-60 version - if there is enough demand I wonder if these will be followed by an AH-64 Apache and UH-72 Latoka ?
  7. Richard E

    RAF Phantom snow camo?

    That could be the one Richard, certainly it gives a good indication of what one of Her Majesty's Phinest Phantoms could look like in its winter plumage.
  8. Richard E

    RAF Phantom snow camo?

    Unfortunately I can't find Richard's @Gekko_1 alternative Phantom colour schemes thread but I'm fairly sure it contained a snow camouflaged example
  9. Richard E

    Mars probe launch live NOW!!!

    Thanks for the heads up Graham - the start of another fascinating mission to the Red Planet
  10. Richard E

    "Since my last visit" has stopped working

    Well I've just logged out of the forum and signed in again and I'm now seeing all of the posts made in the last 41 minutes so, hopefully, the patch is having the desired effect.
  11. Richard E

    "Since my last visit" has stopped working

    Unfortunately it looks like this condition is still occurring, I've just accessed the forum for the first time since last night and, when I select "View New Content" the only thread which is returned is HL-10's "Northrop HL-10 1:24th Scale Accurate Models." thread which was updated 1 minute ago; when I select "Load more activity" no further activity is returned. I'm accessing the site using Microsoft Edge running under Windows 10.
  12. Richard E

    A-10B thunderbolt II

    One of those "What Ifs" that looks right; whilst it might not be your next project it would be interesting to see it parked next to a single seat A-10A.
  13. Richard E

    1/72 Airfix F-111E

    The spirit of Alan W Hall's Airfix Magazine conversions lives on... Following with interest as this was one of the first kits I built after I returned to aircraft modelling: the worrying bit is that I think I took some of my inspiration for the build from Operation Eldorado Canyon.
  14. Richard E

    Simple tank dio

    You'd probably find that the lenses could be stained in the way that you have depicted them if the glass had simply cracked or their seals perished. A good build !
  15. Richard E

    MAN - Burnt Out Cab

    Another masterpiece: having seen quite a few similar wrecks on the hard shoulders of the M20 and M25 in my past life it looks very realistic.