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  1. Not a totally scientific result but it looks like wood in the pictures in this link: Clicky here Hope this helps
  2. Which help create a very atmospheric shot. Good model Steve.
  3. And that explains the standard of Dan's projects for the rest of us.
  4. OK - save me a seat on the front row: I've got one of these sitting on the "shelf of doom" which might benefit from some motivation.
  5. Very dramatic box art but I wonder if Hasegawa's in house artist needs to spend some time watching the real thing in the hover ?
  6. Except for the inflight refuelling probe and radar pod, the MH-47's fatter sponsons are the most noticeable difference between the two versions. From memory, I think Italeri kit provides these as separate items and you have to remove the standard sponsons from the fuselage halves as part of the construction process. Watching the news footage it looks like the RAF are using conventional HC Mk.6 ? aircraft the reinforce the dam. Hope you have a safe outcome Chris
  7. One of the US Air Force's "Splinter" Aggressor schemes - possibly 86-295 operated by the 18th Aggressor Squadron from Eielson AFB in Alaska.
  8. Richard E

    What are you reading?

    Hi Matthew Thanks for the pointers, I might start on the O'Brian books once I've exhausted the Alexander Kent series: reading them is something of a sentimental journey as I remember my late grandfather read many of them in the past.
  9. Richard E

    What are you reading?

    Currently working my way through Alexander Kent's (AKA Douglas Reeman) Richard Bolitho series - these are a collection of 30 novels set in the time of "Nelson's Navy" beginning during the American Revolution and concluding after the end of the Napoleonic era. Needless to say my inner modeller has already entered the words "Model Ships of the Line" into everyone's go-to search engine !
  10. Richard E

    Rutger Hauer RIP

    An underrated talent, recalling a series of television commercials from days gone by he also portrayed a pint of a well known glass of Irish Stout in human form very effectively.
  11. Apparently it flew through a hail storm whilst operating from Guam.
  12. Now go and listen to the rest of Public Service Broadcasting's The Race for Space Album and then enjoy the rest of their back catalogue.
  13. Hi Anil Although they are currently out of production Xtradecal produced a number of sets containing markings for Special Scheme Tornados, for instance X018-72 and X020-72. Hope this helps
  14. Even if it was technically possible the updated airframe would probably also have to be tested and recertified as a brand new type/mark.
  15. The best sort of WHIF - it looks right
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