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  1. That's rather good - agree with everyone else's comments about the crew figures, they're as good as many of the standalone figures which are featured in the Figure Modelling Sub-forum.
  2. Excellent - I think you've captured the hard worked look of the original perfectly.
  3. My contribution: https://youtu.be/Kv0noMoJKPE
  4. Matchbox's vintage Noorduyn Norseman (also reboxed by Revell as the UC-64A Norseman) is another option in 1/72nd scale for you. If you are looking for alternative markings can I point you towards Arctic Decals
  5. And Series Espanolas will give you some options for Spanish Phantoms.
  6. Sorry it's got to be said - you've created a "Boy Band" Excellent paint work on the exhausts - you have captured the tired and rusted metal look perfectly.
  7. Unfortunately the pictures have been deleted but there's a simple "how to" description in this thread
  8. Excellent work. I can never work out how helpful the rack of fire extinguishers attached to the front of the launcher would be though if they were ever needed in a real emergency.
  9. It was the Clark River in Montana in July 2014 although the picture does a bit like a still from a fifties' Ray Harryhausen monster movie And the fuselages also seem to be a popular cargo within the model railway community
  10. If you are able to find a copy, Ewan Southby-Tailyour's Reasons in Writing - E S-T is the Royal Marines officer who planned the amphibious landings during the campaign.
  11. Richard E

    Work Bench

    I believe posts in the Chat Forum don't count towards a member's post count ...?
  12. Not in plastic but Accurate Armour produce one in resin.
  13. Another "moment in time" captured in model form thanks to your painting, weathering and presentation. The placement of the figures is the icing on the cake; it looks like they are actually doing real work and haven't just been added for effect.
  14. Hi Dave If I've understood your question correctly, the Have Glass scheme was first introduced to the F-16 fleet in 2012. Supporting reference: here
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