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  1. But may have made an effective trials and test platform with the A&AEE even if it only saw a limited front line service. Plants the seed of the idea of an eye-catching red, white and blue "Raspberry Ripple" scheme and then quietly walks away ………..
  2. I think that's the highest accolade you can get.
  3. Very smart Stu, that wouldn't look out of place parked on the ramp at Brize Norton.
  4. You will probably find it's a cunning way of avoiding any licencing or copyright issues in the same way that Tamiya's Opel Blitz is marketed as a "German 3 ton 4x2 Cargo Truck" and omits any manufacturer's badging.
  5. Visually it looks more like an Ekranoplan than a flying machine: now that could be an interesting concept !
  6. A figure with some real character Simon: that's a face that's definitely lived a life.
  7. An idea borrowed from @Andy Moore I use a thin sausage of Therapy Putty (available from Amazon) instead of tape.
  8. If it was listed on a "certain internet auction site" I think I was watching it as well - will be interesting to see what you make of it
  9. Fantastic job, a section of the Fulda Gap recreated in 1/35th scale: you can almost hear the sound of the engine working to haul fifty plus tons of wagon up the slope !
  10. A Mail On-line article so the first port of call is to read the "Worst Rated" comments
  11. I believe Master Box's figures have a reputation for being slightly overscale when compared to over manufacturers' wares - you might find that Dragon's figures are closer to the "right" size.
  12. Excellent build Matt coupled with a very neat display stand as well Although it's in the GR Mk.4 guise (below) RAF Tornados did sometimes fly with BOZ Pods fitted to both outboard pylons which may also be the fit represented in your photograph: More knowledgeable heads can probably confirm this but you may find that the only the port side pylon is wired for the Sky Shadow pod.
  13. It's quality not quantity though General Sahhhh I'd be happy to produce a quarter to your output which was half the quality
  14. @Matt P has produced a perfect example of a wooden base: here:
  15. Wonderful shots of a classic aircraft - thanks for sharing Sven Those of us who grew up with 35mm film will be nodding knowingly remembering an experience now lost to the DSLR and Smart Phone generation. Out of interest are you scanning your images from negatives or prints and do you do any additional processing before you upload them: it's just struck me that the quality of your images is indistinguishable from digital images.
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