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  1. Just to check David you haven't got your pictures of the finished kit mixed up with your reference pictures of the real aircraft ? Exceptional presentation of a very well finished model.
  2. Richard E

    Super Etendard Falklands "wot " it carried ?

    Hi Laurie If I've understood you correctly, the aircraft wore a the same Gloss Dark Blue Grey and white colour scheme throughout the campaign
  3. Richard E

    Super Etendard Falklands "wot " it carried ?

    Hi Laurie You are correct in saying that the aircraft only carried a single Exocet missile on its starboard wing pylon balanced by a single external tank under the port wing; I think the aircraft may have also carried a smaller external tank under its fuselage centreline. The five aircraft delivered to Argentina before the start of the Falklands campaign were finished in the same scheme as the French Navy's aircraft: Gloss Dark Blue Grey (FS16176) upper surfaces and white under surfaces, they wore national markings in conventional locations and a stylised Argentine flag on the top of the fin and rudder. The individual aircraft's serial number (0751 to 0755) was applied to the fin in white characters and the corresponding unit code 3-A-201 to 3-A-205 was positioned mid-fuselage ahead of the "ARMADA" title; the last two digits of the code was repeated in white on the aircraft's nose ahead of the 2 Escuadrilla unit badge ahead of the nose. Three of the aircraft 02, 03 and 04 also wore "kill markings" on the nose. Source: Airfile Publication "Air War Over the Falklands"
  4. Richard E

    Scrap Yard Gems

    Very evocative shots and the quality of the scanned images only adds to their atmospheric effect.
  5. Richard E

    RAF C-130 Question

    According to Fighter Control there are a number of RAF, Swedish and Austrian Hercules at Cambridge together with single examples of Bharani, Norwegian and Bangladeshi aircraft.
  6. Richard E

    RAF C-130 Question

    The refuelling probe was added to the RAF Hercules Fleet during the Falklands campaign in 1982 - check your references though as some aircraft were also fitted with underwing tanks, The RAF's first "stretched" Hercules C Mk.3 aircraft were modified from the original C Mk.1/C-130K variant and entered service from 1979; the "J" model Hercules is the second generation aircraft and was introduced into RAF service in 1999, the RAF operated two versions of this Hercules aircraft: the longer C Mk.4 and the shorter C Mk.5 which are being/have been withdrawn from use.
  7. Excellent model, a very realistic representation of the real thing and probably some of the best weathering I've seen - just enough restrained grime, wear and tear to make it look like a working wagon.
  8. Having watched all of the work @Massimo has done on his Buccaneer don't tell him about this one
  9. Fantastic figure work displaying a very realistic "follow me to the firefight" expression
  10. Richard E

    48th TFW F-4D loadouts

    Can I suggest these pods produced by Modern Hobbies from Canada: Modern Hobbies Baggage Pod
  11. My Grandfather had an identical model, fortunately without sawdust in the gear box, and I remember feeling very important when he gave me a lift to school every Thursday morning whilst he smoked his pipe. Needless to say: different times !!
  12. Richard E

    Blockade Runner

    Poised to follow this one with interest. I am wondering if the designer of the smaller craft docked with the Tantive in the final image spent some time in the Convair Drawing Office working on the plans for the B-36 in a previous life though ??
  13. As the man said - inspirational model making of the highest order
  14. Richard E

    The song YOU want played at your funeral

    I'm going to offer U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For."
  15. Richard E

    Edwards AFB Ducks

    More unique pictures shared from Sven's gold mine. Whenever I look at them I can't help wishing there was a willing decal manufacturer out there who could reproduce them.