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  1. You might be able to source the rods for the rectangular structure from Albion Alloys.
  2. Just to throw an idea into the ring. Could you make a replacement for the FRIES system from, say, soldered brass rod and then attach the FAST "ropes" to it so the helicopter effectively rests on a frame? You might also be able to add some plates the inside of the replacement FRIES system so you could bolt it to the roof of the helicopter.
  3. Excellent model Steve, I do like the effect you have got on the base.
  4. The SR-71A is 32.74 metres long and has a wingspan of 16.94 metres which convert to 45.4 cm and 23.5 cm in 1/72nd scale.
  5. A very smart Habu Neil, is your next project the KC-135Q the it's just broken away from ?
  6. The best sort of "what if" then. I'd assumed it was a very well executed model from one of the more obscure branches of the Lancaster family tree that I wasn't familiar with.
  7. Considering bringing a late contribution to this Group Build: presumably an AH-64A Apache fits quite easily in the Anti Tank category ?
  8. I think they were used for costal or harbour defence and also to conduct raids on enemy ports.
  9. Very tidy Liam - perhaps the only enhancement it needs is a tray under each engine to catch the inevitable oil drips from the radial engines ?
  10. I might have a copy filed away in the loft - I'll try to mount an expedition have a look for it before the end of the weekend if you can't get any help elsewhere
  11. No pre or post shading either Modelling of the very highest order Jamie.
  12. Very smart Andy - that looks like a proper "working" tractor
  13. Manfred One day in the distant future you will finish this masterpiece. Although you will generously share many images of the completed model, unless it embarks on a world tour of major model shows it's a great shame that most of your "fellow travellers" won't be able to see it in the flesh.
  14. Hi Thomas I'm not aware of any specific decals but you may want to look at manufacturers like Archer Fine Transfers, Star Decals or Bison Decals to see if they have anything suitable. Hope this helps.
  15. But who's going to tell you that you've used the wrong colours. Excellent model built for the best of reasons - hope the lucky recipient liked it and has been inspired by it.
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