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  1. Another very smart pair of figures Dave, well up to your usual high standard. One queston: I'm not sure if its due to the angle that the picture was taken - do the eye pieces of the infantryman's gas mask need a touch of varnish so they catch the light in the same way as the Stormtrooper's do ?
  2. AF1 will probably repeat its movements when the NATO Summit was held in Wales a couple of years ago and operate from RAF Fairford but hopefully you'll still get to see lots of local movements which you can share with us.
  3. You'd bump into an impenetrable world of copyright and intelectual property rights issues trying to get it distributed but that would make a fantastic poster Andy
  4. Esci/Italeri for both Harrier GR Mk.1 and GR Mk.3 and Sea Harrier FRS Mk.1 (could also be used as the basis of a conversion to the F/A Mk.2) I don't think anyone else has mentioned them so Airfix for both land based and sea going Buccaneers and more endorsement here for Fujimi's RAF Phantoms although the Hasegawa offering may be a better option for the F-4Js operated by 74 Squadron.
  5. Hi Phil Interesting idea, the rear yellow platform in your picture resembles a USAF B4 Maintenance Platform (available from Hannants in 1/72nd and 1/48th scales) but the platforms surrounding the nose look like they are bespoke items for the Lockheed production line. However, if you wanted to depict the jet "just rolling off the production line" does this give you an alternative presentation option?
  6. Welcome back ... 'tis very spooky: I was wondering this very morning when you'd be resurecting this project !
  7. Refreshingly excellently bonkers in the best possible way ! The worrying thing is that your behemoth is number 7 so there must be another six of these monsters prowling the planet.
  8. I'm not a ship builder but it's been an enjoyable education to follow this build. If there's one element that sums up the level of detail across the whole project it is that the Steam Pinnace which helps bring the HMS Berwick model replica to life contains enough detail to merit its own RFI
  9. Some of your best work to date Dan.
  10. An excellent replica of a working ship Rob, a model to be proud of.
  11. I've only ever seen pictures of it being used by 4 Squadron during off-airfield operations; the example that you have shown in the other picture seems to be used far more frequently.
  12. If that's meant an example of poor modelling I think someone has snuck in and replaced the pictures with examples of first rate modelling Andy. Excellent work across the different modelling themes: aircraft, vehicles, figures and your scenery, all brought together to tell a very effective story.
  13. Perhaps one for @Selwyn to confirm: I think the seven step ladders were used by the Harrier GR Mk.3, as shown in this picture of a 4 Squadron aircraft. If you can lay hands on them, Davd J Parkins' Flightpath range includes a far more straightforward/less over engineered rendition of the Sea Harrier's ladder.
  14. Good morning @will2017 There's a photograph of a 23 Squadron Tornado F Mk3 ZE969 EU in the 1994 Royal Air Force Year Book which is captioned as being taken on 6 February 1994: the aircraft is carrying four Skyflash missiles, a pair of AIM-9L Sidewinders on the inboard missile rails and Phimat pods on the ouboard rails. This particular aircraft is on my build list as it's also carrying a pair 1,500 litre drop tanks borrowed from the Tornado GR Mk.1 fleet still in their original grey/green camouflage scheme. The article also refers to the first Tornadoes being deployed i
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