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  1. It's been a pleasure to follow your build and the finished model is definitely something to be proud of.
  2. Gentlemen Indeed it is Cracking build so far Guy !
  3. Excellent: your weathering and overall finish create a very lifelike model but adding a couple of figures are a simple step which bring it to life.
  4. Presuming to offer an alternative suggestion: could you finish it as a hangar queen/spares reclamation source or derelict airframe ?
  5. I'd suggest a restoration job on the Cosworth (or as it's referred to in some parts of Essex the Cozzer). You might be able to get some replacement wheels from Hiroboy and they also have some suitable decals in stock so perhaps you could finish it as a tribute car?
  6. That's very neat @JeroenS - it looks like the sort of trailer my local farmer uses to transport his hay and straw bales
  7. A small tool box or angler's tackle box will probably help you keep all of your stuff organised.
  8. The KC-135T is the re-engined version of the KC-135Q tanker which supported the SR-71 Blackbird fleet: externally they are virtually identical to the more numerous R model but have a different internal tank layout: a legacy of the requirement to separate the Blackbird's high flashpoint JP-7 fuel isolated from the JP-4 fuel used by the tanker and its more conventional customer types. The E-11 isn't an ELINT platform but a carrier for the Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN) system - effectivley a flying datalink.
  9. That's a very smart Jeep and wider scene, if I could suggest one small embilishment: if you have a very steady hand and a small drill, could you hollow out the tip of the Browning's barrel to give it a more true to life effect? Will your next project be the subject of the driver's obvious amusement ?
  10. I think I've seen a couple of references in other threads about the manufacturer being affected by one of the wild fires in the United States last year.
  11. That looks very credible although should it actually be christened USS B&Q ?
  12. Airbus (actually EADS) had partnered with Northrop Grumman and their intention was to build the KC-45 at a new faciliy located in Mobile Alabama.
  13. Very well executed and a perfect example of adding additional menace by letting the observer's imagination fill in what you haven't shown them.
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