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  1. To echo my learn'd friend, that is a museum quality piece Steve, you are a uniquely skilled craftsman.
  2. Looks good as a stand alone display piece Wiesiek. I'm just wondering if "Health and Safety" would suggest that the operator's seat was fitted with a safety harness?
  3. Excellent model making and excellent photography as well. With some fettling in Photoshop your pictures could probably be taken for pictures of the real HMS Jupiter.
  4. I use my Optivisor with my reading glasses and find that the combination works very well - well for me at least.
  5. It's been a pleasure to follow this build - the one feature which stands out is how clean and precise it is. Thank you for sharing.
  6. Interesting and very well finished - it looks like something you might find on a sheep station in the back of the Australian outback
  7. That's an exquisite build Pete and a fitting tribute to your friend. Thanks for remedying the problem with the pictures, it was worth the wait.
  8. Am I alone in not being able to see the pictures in the original post, just a series of "spacer.png" icons?
  9. The subjects on Xtradecal's three Post War Lancaster sheets might give you some extra inspiration.
  10. I hope I'm not a lone voice but I think the finish and colour of the resin pour actually looks quite effective and in keeping with the "Industrial Wasteland" scene you have created in the top half of the vignette; the bubbles also provide a degree of animation and help bring the scene to life. Could you add some floating debris in the water and break up the surface finish with some stains or washes to replicate oil or chemical slicks, perhaps leaking from some drums on the base ? Please don't - you've put far too much work into your display base to get it to this point. Or from an unidentified "critter" lurking in the mud ?
  11. That's very neat - all it needs now is a 1/32nd scale jobbing builder.
  12. That's rather good and it's been a pleasure to follow your build. When I first saw your RFI thread I looked at the first picture of the Kinetic kit which you had posted and I assumed that you had found an in flight picture of the subject aircraft.
  13. Curious - it must be a stealth 'copter as I can see it: here's helpful link to the original.
  14. Hi Howard If I've understood your question correctly and with the health warning that "absence of proof is not proof of absence" the answer might be "no". Looking that the picture (below) it looks like all of the obvious blanks fitted to the aircraft are flying Remove Before Flight flags and there do not appear to be any flags at the rear of the engine pod there the exhaust is mounted:
  15. Very smart - that brings back very happy memories of days spent at various USAFE Air Days across East Anglia in the Eighties and early Nineties.
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