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  1. I must admit I like the figure on the front so persevere with him if you can. It's more work and the agravation of finding another suitable figure but would the commander's pose make more sense if he was talking to someone standing next to the tank ?
  2. That's a much better group of figures that seem to fit comfortably in the scene. One question: are you able to alter the positions of the commander's and gunner's heads so they are looking the same direction as the driver and the figure sitting by the gun barrel? The two figures at the front of the tank both seem to be looking ahead at something which has attracted their attention but in comparison their colleagues in the turret seem to be paying very little attention to their surroundings.
  3. I think we may need to set up a support group, a large part of my stash has its origins in a photograph and/or article found in Air Forces Monthly magazine ....
  4. An excellent model and rendition of the sea but the skyscape and your photography elevates it to a whole new level.
  5. Thanks Matt Thought it might be a Collie or similar breed or even: 2020-04-01-001-(WO) by richard.everett3, on Flickr Meet the Corgi who thinks I work for her Enough of the canine distractions - back to the Tigers...
  6. OK - @Cerberus I've got to ask: what breed is said "cute fluffy dawg" please ?
  7. Good news - and an opportunity to support your local "brick and mortar" model shop as well.
  8. It looks like the SA-N-7 & SA-N-12 kit is now available from another retailer located in the Far East (of Suffolk), and the Kashtan is listed as a future release together with an AK-130 Hope this helps
  9. Perfection in miniature Please save the decapitated telegraph pole idea for your next project though.
  10. I'm going to presume to offer an opinion. An excellent base but I think the height of the single telegraph pole unintentionally overpowers the scene and distracts from the obvious star of the show. Respectfully
  11. That's a very smart example of the type: the Revell kit is still the best example of a Tornado available in 1/72nd scale but you're right it does need a little care and attention to bring it up to the standard of your kit. When you are adding the antennas, remember to include the white GPS receiver on the spine.
  12. I think you've answered your own question - you can always come back to the hobby Enjoy your tabletop gaming in the meantime Respectfully
  13. Hi Ash This thread might help answer your question and will give you some other pictures. The Paveways are probably available from the aftermarket; what scale are you planning to build your version of Pinky in ?
  14. Visiting the long departed Waddington Air Day one year I was talking with the Sentinel crew about their shiny new aircraft when another visitor asked what the aircraft's registion was: after noting it in his book he asked what its engines were, for a second he looked blank after being told they were manufactured by Rolls Royce before adding to his question: "sorry, do you know the engines' serial numbers please?".
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