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  1. Having thoroughly enjoyed the first Nordic Group Build could you please add my name to the list. Not sure what I'll build yet but I promise I'll try harder to finish it this time
  2. A fantastic build Jerone, very representative of the hard working, owner operated wagons found on sites all over the world. Looking forward to your next project.
  3. I'll float a suggestion without too much background knowledge: what about a modern Soviet/Russian type or if you want to stay in the WW2 era I think Tamiya produce a 1/350 scale Fletcher class destroyer.
  4. Good question Jon I'm trying to represent this scene where the aircraft is preparing to leave/return to its parking stand so need include something in the foreground to hold the pilot's attention. Although he is listed as French Ground Crew I was thinking of recruiting this figure (below) from Reedoak as he looks fairly generic:
  5. A very well used piece of kit and I think you were right beefing up the lifting eye - the second version looks far more like it's up to the job. One small suggestion, could you scatter a few traces of debris or litter on the bed of the bin: in the real world I don't think they would ever be spotlessly clean ?
  6. An excellent rendition which really captures the enclosed environment of the Bocage in which the war was being fought immediately after D Day, it creates a quite uneasy feeling where the viewer knows what's going to happen next. Not second guessing @Ozzy's diorama I don't think you would necessarily target the vehicle at the head of column first in an ambush so the foot patrols may be out of sight to the left.
  7. A question for those "in the know". Would ground crew or any authorised visitors working around a front line jet wear their sleeves up or down ? I'm looking for a couple of figures to finish off my current project but all of the suitable examples I have found are depicted wearing their sleeves rolled up, showing bare arms, but all of the pictures I have found show the crew with their sleeves down.
  8. There's not a lot wrong with that and the welder figure looks fine where he is: I think you might apply heat to a particularly stubborn nut to help release it. It might be on your to do list, the corrugated walls are fine but look a little plain: could you add some "No Entry" or "Danger" signs by the doors and perhaps a bay number over the door ?
  9. The homebased Lakenheath Eagles were undertaking normal local training flights whilst the Mountain Home based 389th FS Eagles were returning from a deployment in the Middle East so were fitted for a ferry flight. Excellent set of photographs @wallyinoz
  10. Could you use teased out cotton wool or a similar soft toy stuffing material ? If you haven't already read it Michael could I recommend Rowland White's book Into the Black, it's the story of the journey to the first Shuttle launch including the Enterprise test landings at Edwards Air Force Base.
  11. Another potential masterpiece on the production line. Give me a minute to grab a cup of coffee and a bacon sandwich to enjoy whilst you finish it
  12. Likewise, I remember staying at school on the last day of term to watch the first launch of the Space Shuttle Columbia Challenger in April 1981. For British viewers: ITV4 have inconveniently scheduled (another) rerun of Tom Hanks' film Apollo 13 at the same time as the Space X launch.
  13. Seeking some help from the collective knowledge of Britmodeller. I currently connect my laptop (fitted with an Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620 card) to a single external monitor using an HDMI cable with an extended display so I can view two separate screen images. Is there a "does not cost the earth" solution I can use to connect the laptop to a second monitor so I can view three separate screen images: I've only been able to find HDMI Splitter Cables which will allow me to switch or duplicate displays, not extend them across multiple screens. Thank you
  14. Another excellent build Guy and I think you've cracked the ensign on this build - the signal flags add an extra splash of colour and detail as well (can't work out what you're signalling though ). You'll have to turn your considerable talents to a seascape next sir.
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