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  1. When is the Non limited edition i.e. just one kit going on sale. I like the Spitfire Mk1 but I only need one,
  2. Well I am not a big fan of the open engine panels. But I will give them kudos for including the parts to do both the older Su-27P and the newer Su-27SM. I Hope GWH does the same thing. And the MLG wheel wells are molded at the right angle!
  3. I was there in '91! Matter of fact my outfit won the competition! 175th FG MD ANG. From what I was told the F-15E's didn't have a strafing gunsight it was strictly A/A but they tried!
  4. So I take it the kit comes with both the Lockheed C-2 seat and the Martin Baker GQ-7 seats? So can we do about any version of the 104G from this kit? I know there will be slight detail changes but we can do most 104g"s?
  5. OK I see what you are saying, I think they will tighten that up. If not a simple fix , but one that should be caught now and refined in the test shot stage. Good catch.
  6. What gap are you referring to sir? The one directly behind the canopy? that's for the center canopy roller. I'm sure they will tighten up anything small.
  7. Didn't Mr.Sio ask that we not share these? Only for members of the AMK Fan club on FB. I f he gave you permission lease accept my apologies but I think we should respect his wishes.
  8. To take this further off topic! I heard a interview with Mr. Sulc and he stated his favorite era of aircraft are WWII fighters. So as much as I would drool for a accurate 48th scale MiG-23 MLD "Flogger-K" (My personal favorite version" I think we'll see more WWI fighters. I think more than anything they will go where the market takes them.
  9. That was asked in a FB post. Martin stated that it was low quality plastic for test shots.
  10. Did the PD version use the external fuel tank?
  11. Rats, I am not as a big fan of the "narrow-spine"MiG-21's as I am of the MF,MT and bis versions.
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