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  1. It has been nine months to the day since I conceded that the B-25 project had ground to a halt. I guess I made that official this evening as I boxed up the various sub assemblies and reluctantly relegated the Mitchell to the "Shelf of Doom" Maybe one of the group builds (KUTA?) will see this project rise from the ashes, but no time soon I'm afraid. Sigh. On the bright side, the workbench got a little cleaning and maybe another group build will stoke the fire again. We'll see!
  2. Oooooh, so shiny. Really shows off the yellow and green. In the text, they mention a couple crews that flew her. Given a little time I can come up with all crews (and crew members) that flew her on each specific mission if anyone really wants to get technical with a build of that Century Ship from the 447th. There were several planes from Rattlesden that hit the 100-mission mark. A bunch of heroes there and all over England at the time!
  3. I lost motivation in the Mediterranean build simply because it strayed from the "Single Topic" part of the group build. It was nice seeing a diverse variety armor and cars and ships and planes -- but nothing like the amount of combined research and learning progress when everyone was building essentially the same subject! I learned more about Lancasters in a couple months by watching other solutions to Lanc challenges than I could have hoped. The previous B-17 GB was also amazing that there were such creative techniques that actually applied to each other's projects. My vote would be to keep it "Single Topic" ... maybe make them a little shorter ... and string them one after the other. If you absolutely need to be wider spread, do something like an 8thAF GB parts A, B and C. Go for these clumps: 8thAF heavies (B-17/B-24) followed by 8thAF single seat fighters (Mustang/Thunderbolt/Lightning,etc.) followed by 8th AF Mediums (A-20/B-26/B-25, etc.) 2 months each, 6 months total, everyone working on similar projects and sharing ideas/advice... Could let the groups overlap a bit since the heavies might warrant more time so the "Little Friends" builds start before the Heavy's deadline. Just my take on what has been so nice about taking part in the STGBs. ------------------------- Edit: with some more thought, I like the "clump" idea best as the B-17s and B-24 projects would have a lot in common, as would fighters and mediums... Instead of STGB "Single Topic Group Build" go for a DCRGB "Damn Closely Related Group Build"
  4. That is a hard YES for me... I'll build three if it helps bring the project count over the threshold (more if needed!) This may help support my answer...
  5. Before you tear out the structure for the ball turret just to have it attached for display like the real turret often is, consider that there is something fascinating about the turret being just the ball as you have it now. It definitely catches my eye being solo like you have it now. If you are going to construct a support frame like the blue one under Champaign Lady, maybe just stretch the vertical dimensions so the plane sits higher off the surface and display the ball turret in the space directly below where it would be mounted in the plane so that the view can easily see the relation of the turret and the support structure inside the plane. I worry that if you remove the support it will make the fuselage artificially seem "open and spacious" instead of capturing the cramped situation in that area. I look forward to planning a trip to California to see it in person once it is safely on display at the craftsmanship museum. We might be able to plan a future 447th BG reunion in that area. Maybe you should plan to bring it in person to eliminate the problem of having "someone else" to the final assembly and also get a chance to visit Fuddy Duddy just a few miles down the road from the museum. I wouldn't be surprised if the Lyon Foundation couldn't be convinced to fly up for a PR opportunity when your project is there. I'm sure whatever you decide to do will be amazing.
  6. I hope that Phoenix does rise eventually. It looks like you took care of that serious wing warping. For inspiration, here is the one I saw at the Planes of Fame museum in Chino You could probably go heavy on the putty and justify that with capturing the "texture" of the real deal. Finish it up when you get the chance.
  7. Nice project Pat. Jean, lovely vintage photos and it is a shame what time can do to these treasured prints. I hop you do not mind that I took a stab at bringing some of the old life back into the ones you posted. No altering, no resizing, no "fixing" -- just boosting some of the levels and contrast to see more of the original. - - - Ooops. I had to upload to get a hyperlink for the shots and it looks like my site did scale down the images in the process. Hope these look a little closer to your memory of that experience.
  8. WOW! great job making the paper shapes come together into the compound curves so nicely.
  9. That resemblance leaped out at me right away. I will have to do a bit more reading on this plane and share with some of my B-17 circle. I certainly look forward to seeing your progress on this project.
  10. I've had the opportunity to shoot a few of those in various markings. Hope these might be of some help either as reference or as simple inspiration. 1974 Nanchang CJ-6A #2951240 HFF, Paine Field - ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Nanchang CJ-6A #4532014 Paine Field ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1973 Nanchang CJ-6A #2432061 HFF, Paine Field / Olympic Flight Museum - - ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1975 Nanchang CJ-6A #1832035 HFF, Paine Field / Olympic Flight Museum - - - Hopefully these will be helpful
  11. I also saw that in York a couple years ago. Sorry for the poor quality of this pic. The tragedy of that visit is that I was so excited by the impressive display that I failed to notice my camera had mysteriously switched from shooting RAW images to low-resolution jpgs. I'm almost in tears that I'll probably never get the chance to re-visit England to see these again and the vast majority of my photos are essentially rubbish compared to what I expected to have. I look forward to seeing this build.
  12. I have photographed many Texan/Harvard/SNJ aircraft and will share some of my shots here --- hopefully something will be an inspiration for the nice projects I see underway. Please note: these are from museums and air shows so use your own judgement as far as reference. *************************************************************************** AT-6D 88-18053 “Playtime” Was also registered as TG-6 42-86272 HFF, Paine Field - - - *************************************************************************** AT-16 Harvard IIB Noorduyn built lend-lease Harvards IWM Duxford - *************************************************************************** AT-6G Texan 49-3402 (marked as SNJ) Palm Springs Air Museum - - *************************************************************************** SNJ-4 88-10185 McChord AFB & Paine Field - - - *************************************************************************** T-6J Harvard II 51-17110 Imperial War Museum, Duxford - *************************************************************************** SNJ-4 88-13627 (possibly) March AFB - *************************************************************************** SNJ-4 88-13466 Evergreen Aviation Museum - *************************************************************************** SNJ-5 90608 Planes of Fame, Chino - *************************************************************************** AT-6D Texan IWM Duxford - *************************************************************************** AT-6G Texan 49-3330 HFF, Paine Field - *************************************************************************** SNJ-5 90790 Planes of Fame, Chino - *************************************************************************** 1960 SNJ-5 Texan #88-15173 Sometimes listed as AT-6D 51985 Paine Field - - *************************************************************************** AT-6D 88-15762 (as an SNJ-5) Yanks Air Museum, Chino - *************************************************************************** SNJ-6 121-43077 “Any Time” Detroit 2010 - - *************************************************************************** Harvard MK IV #CCF4-124 Olympic Flight Museum - *************************************************************************** AT-6A 88-9421 “Checkers” Paine Field - *************************************************************************** T-6G Texan 168-430 Erickson Collection, Madras - *************************************************************************** AT-6F 44-81753 Museum of Flight’s Restoration Hangar - *************************************************************************** T-6 Harvard Mk.4 #CCF4-116 HFF, Paine Field - - *************************************************************************** AT-6C 88-13587 McChord AFB & Paine Field - - *************************************************************************** AT-6B Texan 41-17246 Pima Air Museum - - *************************************************************************** Again, enjoy these for reference or inspiration
  13. Well folks, I definitely have made some progress on the Mitchell, but I'm embarrassed to admit that even with the extended deadline this one just slipped away on me. I will finish it up soon and post some pics here in the coming days, but wrapping it up by tomorrow would take a miracle.
  14. Hmmmmmmmmmmm... I think I might be a go for a B-17 in this... maybe LUCKY STEHLEY BOY -- but TUXEDO TOMIE would work as well. Are there dates for this? (I followed the link to VPP's tag, so I haven't read the full details yet.)
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