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  1. Man this is nice to see. I am often in touch with the current president of our 447th BG, whose father flew some missions on Fuddy Duddy out of Rattlesden. I will have to send him a link to your project so he can enjoy it as it will have extra special meaning to him. Of course any Fortress with those yellow/green markings catches my eye. Keep up the great work -- I look forward t seeing your progress.
  2. Great looking project and you certainly are putting in the research legwork. Your question as to the accuracy of the tanks in the Eduard set is right there in the instructions you included in your post (#378 above) Note that the front section of the tank has an option... part R4 (where your arrows are pointing) is labeled "Late Version" and has the two filler caps. Just to the right of that is a second nose R3 labeled "Early Version" that has the single cap. So in your later post (#391) you included this set of reference photos... ... where the top right is the Later tank (Eduard part R4 with two caps) and the lower photos are of an Early tank (Eduard part R3 with single cap) Not a case of Eduard being wrong, merely offering option of two different versions. I think you may have overlooked the option on the instruction sheet. I must say that with all the research you are doing we are all getting a wonderful look at the Mustang through your project. Keep up the great work!!!
  3. Now I see the "Insert other media" button. You are in the final stages, so these probably will not affect how you proceed to the finish line... but I have a few personal shots of the elements you mention as still yet to do. (antennas, hatches, lights, exhaust pipes and intakes, etc.) My photos of the Boeing 247D arriving at Museum of Flight in Seattle, so you may not have seen them when you were doing research. The top antenna only went part way back (at least on this example) and not to the fin. Good view of the two rods below the nose and intakes at root of engine nacelle. --- actuators on rudder and elevator trim --- wing landing light detail from both wings ---- wingtip nav lights ---- side door hinges and latch --- note that cockpit antenna is off center to the left and not strait, but leans outward I will limit my tardy offerings to these shots as they address the specific items you mentioned. I wish I had seen your build from the beginning, but it was fun catching up with it all in one sitting. Looking forward to seeing the color scheme you chose.
  4. Great looking project. I got a special fondness for this plane when I photographed the last flying 247D arriving in Seattle and got a chance to shoot the interior and up under the wheel wells where the pilots signed her after the final flight. Just a beautiful airplane, and your project is capturing that quite well. This is my first post here and I haven't figured out how to include a photo for inspiration... but by this stage you've already been inspired enough. Keep up the great work.