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  1. I will definitely throw my opti-visor in the ring for this. Not sure what Boeing kit I will still have on the shelf by then but I'll make it happen!
  2. I'm already signed up and eager for the Night & Day, but I haven't seen anything about a Boeing GB. I looked in the Future Group Builds ... where do I find it to sign up? Edit: Nevermind, I found it in the GB Chat section. All signed up. And very nice on the Texas Raiders build PBStu!!!
  3. I took this at the Mighty Eighth AF Museum in Pooler, Georgia, during the 447th BG reunion back in 2013. The text beside it has an interesting story about Miss Lace in Caniff's comic "Male Call" Hope it is readable here:
  4. I looked in the Group Build Banner chat thread and did not see this banner with Miss Lace that you refer to. Where can I find it?
  5. Here's a digital artwork of Ol' Scrapiron (without any nose art at all.) Darn, just realized the cowls aren't blue... guess there's still more work to be done.
  6. Those that still check in here will get to see my rendition of Dreambaby
  7. I will... in fact, there were a few little details that technically still needed to be done to Ol' Scrapiron but I halted work on her because, well, she had been declared "done". I may still do that last little bit and post here for any stragglers that still check in -- you know, for nostalgia's sake.
  8. I have to say it is pretty sad to check back here from time to time and find absolutely no activity. Popping in here to see all the progress was a big part of my morning and evenings for some time.
  9. I think that is the layout that is housed at Freighthouse Square in Tacoma by the Northwest Railroad Society (name might be wrong) -- they have a huge layout based on modules built by club members. They used to bring it to display at the Washington State Fair (was the Puyallup Fair back then) until the buildings got remodeled and there was no open space large enough to accommodate the layout. There also is an incredible layout on permanent display in the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma that is actually inside the historic Grand Central Station. That layout is built to depict all the major regions and rail cities in the state. Absolutely captivating. I've spent hours there with my son when he was younger. Both of those layouts are within 15 minutes of my house but I never visit now that my son has grown out of his train fascination. I still run my healthy Lionel layout in the attic, but when the kids lost that spark it became less of a priority. I'll see if I have some pics somewhere -- might even have video of them in action.
  10. I took Ol' Scrapiron to the Northwest Model Builders Society (club name may be incorrect) that has their meetings at the Museum of Flight (Seattle) in the actual "Red Barn" -- talk about a great place to ponder all things Boeing!!! There were some serious jewel-like builds on the show/tell table so my clunky Fortress was a bit rough in comparison. Of course I forgot to bring the battery pack so I was not able to light it up. Sigh. Also lost one machine gun barrel (which may turn up, who knows?) but I did get to meet some other builders from this area. As a bonus I figured out a way to take the kit on a road trip safely by notching the box to make cradles for wings, nose and tail. It's some crude craftsmanship but does the job... sort of like this build has been.
  11. Hey, since I didn't have any model needs tonight and I wasn't in the mood to actually "work" I decided to throw together this little chart of the B-17 hi-vis markings and thought this particular group would enjoy it. I have long been fascinated by the way the made the markings such that each of the 8th AF's Combat Wings could easily be identified. We've seen how the 1stCW used the red tails in a few builds in this STGB. Note how each CW has a motif (stripes, diagonal slashes, oversized triangles, rudders, etc.) that they stick to so a disoriented crew could know if they had strayed too far from their spot in the formation. Hopefully, this will show up clear enough to appreciate. I built it such that I can make a wall poster out of it, but everything gets reduced to go online.
  12. Put Lassie in the Gallery anyway... looks done to my eye. Call it "Phase 1 complete" and work on "Phase 2" at your own pace.
  13. I am proud to add my 1/48 B-17 to such a great group of Flying Fortress builds in this Gallery. I would say stumbling onto this STGB changed model building for me, and I'm so glad to finally build a tribute to granddad, his crew and the 447th BG. - - -
  14. Outdoor pics... Yesterday was all rainstorm (no complaints, most of the country is in life-threatening deep freeze) and today has been off-and-on light showers. I took advantage of a brief break in the "liquid sunshine" to shoot a few pics out on the back deck. The overcast probably helped diffuse the lighting anyway. So here she is... - - - - - - - - - And a few on the wet hood of my son's car... - By the way, you'll notice I have taken measures so that I'll never mistake my car in the parking lot... -
  15. Last steps before completion... A quick look at the antenna under the rear fuselage. For the aerial up top I used brass wire because I did not want it to break every time I pick up the model... but for the lower antenna I used stretched sprue. The posts are short lengths of .5mm wire set into drilled holes and then trimmed to height. I wanted to be able to heat the stretched sprue and have it 'snap' to straight, but there is a slight bow to it if you look at the right angle. I think I painted it first and that stopped the flexibility of the sprue. I'm not going to try and fix it because odds are greater I would screw it up and it looks passable as-is. - Note: the hole beneath the stabilizer is for the jack that powers the lights inside. There may be a gray plug in that before I take the pics for the Gallery. -------------- The FINAL step (been putting it off to the VERY end) was finishing the cowl flaps. First I had to replace several that had broken off along the way. Orange and grape soda cans to the rescue. - Then I made a pile of tiny (TINY) squares of kitchen foil to add between the flaps. I opted for white glue for this because I knew if I used cyano glue I would wind up pulling off cowl flaps or gluing myself to the model. You have to look hard to see them but it will be a bonus for those that spot them. I used the kitchen foil because it is already (by definition) NMF so I wouldn't need to try and paint the little slivers that are visible between the flaps. Here are engines #1 done and #2 halfway done. - and all the way around. Again, very subtle, but it's there. -------------- A few teaser shots of the complete plane. I will set up the tripod and try to get some nice shots for the Gallery tomorrow. - - Wow, has it been a lifetime since I made that headset for the Radio room... One last pic for tonight -- lights on!!!
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