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  1. This thread has got me thinking. I've previously used poster sized images of scenes (countryside, seascapes etc) with a suitable base to give an attempt at 'realism' to my pictures. The North Sea usually looks like this doesn't it?? But I'm going to have a go at mixing that up a bit now. Think I'll start by having a look at one of those hobbycraft rolls suggested by @RobL Mark
  2. Yes - I watched again during lockdown as I'd previously only seen a few episodes. That's a shame. I rather liked her character - nicely complex. Had to look that up - think I'll get a copy - thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Twin Peaks - I'm currently exercising a lot of willpower to not quite yet watch it for the third time. Anyone else read the book by Mark Frost? Battlestar Galactica - shame about the ending though. Apollo off to climb some mountains and what was Starbuck supposed to be? Band of Brothers Hill Street Blues - let's be careful out there Dr Who - to say I'm a bit excited about Russell T Davies returning is . . . . and Bad Wolf as the production company The Expanse Bosch and I might regret saying this but: Clarkson's Farm - I was never into Top Gear but this is great telly
  4. This? http://www.partworkmodels.co.uk/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=9072&p=163564&hilit=top+studio+chain#p163564
  5. According to Scalemates the NF Mk II boxing is based on the NF Mk XIII. Would that mean that the parts for a XIII are in the current box??
  6. Avoid direct sunlight (far too bright) and have more than one light source. I have four lamps illuminating my work area plus a set of ceiling lights. The window has horizontal blinds which allow me to block out any direct sunlight. Mark
  7. You are probably right but that background is the decal. Viewed up close it looks like a representation of bare metal. Another Trumpeter 'ignore' as I didn't have the energy to create a new background area and fit individual decal serials.
  8. Pilot Officer Robert 'Butch' Jeffries of the RAAF was posted to RAF 112 Squadron, from the Middle East Pool, on 30th August 1941. 112 sqn was then in Egypt in the process of converting to Curtis Tomahawks from their Gloster Gladiators which they had flown in Greece. July had seen many of the Tomahawks arriving and their last two Gladiators being flown away. Two US pilots and four 'others' arrived at the beginning of the month to 'give technical and flying advice'. Official permission was received to convert to the Tomahawks on the 8th August and that started the next day. The first Tomahawk crashed and had to be returned to the Maintenance Unit but fortunately the pilot was not hurt and this didn't turn out to be an omen for the future. P.O. Jeffries first operational sortie in a Tomahawk then was for a 'local protective patrol' on 14th September 1941 and over the next three months he flew 65 sorties in 15 different planes although over half of those were in AK541. September itself was relatively quiet for the squadron, with the sorties being mostly uneventful patrols, although on three occasions planes were dispatched on interceptions only to find Blenheims. Squadron records state “someone will catch it one of these days” - fortunately it seems they didn't. October was similar although on the 12th 10 Tomahawks on an army protection patrol 'ran into' 10 Fiat G.50s and 15 Bf109s. Three enemy aircraft were shot down with P/O Jeffries accounting for a Bf109F. November brought an increase in activity with bomber escorts, fighter sweeps, cover for advancing tanks and ground straffing. On the 20th a Fighter Sweep surprised 6 Bf110s with predicable results: 2 destroyed, 1 probable and two damaged. P/O Jeffries engaged and damaged one of the Bf110s but his plane was 'severely hit' - however he 'brought it home and landed succesfully'. This was Tomahawk IIB s/n AN413 which he was to fly twice more. AN413 had previously been the regular mount of P.O. Bartle (also from the RAAF) with P.O. Duke (yes, that one) recorded as having two sorties – both on 19th November. Following the damage on the 20th November AN413 next appears in squadron records on 12th December. A period of repair perhaps. December started in a similar fashion with fighter sweeps and patrols. On the 9th a Wing fighter sweep with 3 squadron was lead by Wing Commander Jefferies (similar surname – but with the extra 'e') 12th December 1941 was to be a fateful day. At 07.40 P.O. Jeffries took off in AN413 again for a patrol, landing two hours later. At 11.00 AN413 was piloted by Sgt William E. Houston of the RNZAF on an interception – this was uneventful and he landed again twenty minutes later. Mid afternoon on the 12th Wing Commander Jefferies was again leading a wing fighter sweep with 3 sqn which 'ran into' a large enemy formation of Bf109s and Macchi 202s. P.O. Jeffries was piloting AN413 and Sgt Houston AK457. Squadron records refer to this action as “our first serious reverse”. P.O. Jeffries and Sgt Houston didn't return. They were reported missing with their names recorded on the Alamein Memorial. Throughout his short time with the squadron P/O. Jeffries is referred to in the records as “Jefferies” (with that extra 'e'). I found that rather sad. ============ This is the Trumpeter 1:48 P40B Warhawk / Tomahawk IIA which might be described as classic Trumpeter in that there are a number of oddities to either deal with or ignore. AN413 is one of two decal options in the kit but was a Tomahawk IIB. Fortunately the IIB was externally almost identical to the IIA so this was an 'ignore'. The most obvious issue is the undersized cockpit sidewalls, seat and instrument panel which are all about 2/3rds the size they should be. I understand from some reviews that this is an issue brought forward from their 1:32 scale P40. So I purchased a cockpit set from Aires - this picture shows the issue clearly. The instrument panel is also transparent - which should be a good thing - but the dial faces are holes. And there's no decal for the instruments. That's all a bit bizare even for Trumpeter. The Aires set includes a nice replacement. Some of the external fuselage panels are shown as (very) raised so I reduced those down a lot. The kit does not include the RAF aerial (for the mid rear fuselage) so I had a go at producing one. It's a bit over scale but at least it's there. The pitot tube is probably wrong for an RAF plane but I've ignored that. Trumpeter's instructions for AN413 show dark green / dark earth over sky but that would probably have been as delivered to the Maintenance Units where there would have been a re-paint in the desert scheme prior to delivery. Strangely the box art has that right. The decals are from Cartograph but I thought the red in the roundels and fin flash too bright (rather like pre / early war) so I used xtradecals for those. AN413 is often described as having the outline of a kangaroo with the word 'Nan' below the cockpit. Both are shown on the box art but the decal sheet does not provide 'Nan' which is a shame. The kit is provided with the individual 'K' but without the squadron codes of 'GA'. My interpretation is that showing this plane without the squadron codes could place it before the damage taken in the combat of 20th November. Paints are Xtracrylics over Ultimate primer with some chalk pastels for the exhaust stain and a bit of muck on the wheels. I've made a mistake with the colour of the main wheel outer hubs as the gear folded up to show the inner wheel hubs (not the outer as I first thought) – so these may have been blue instead. A job for later. Maybe. All the best Mark
  9. Welcome aboard Lew. It looks like you're going to make quite a contribution to this forum. I'd never heard of 'muralist' before (maybe I lead a sheltered life!) but that sounds like a fascinating profession and a great basis for this hobby. I'm a WW2 aviation guy as well and I can certainly appreciate those pictures. all the best Mark
  10. I think you might be right. It looks very much like those images - similar dimensions and location.
  11. That's great. Fantastic work on the canopy which really shows off the interior. Mark
  12. Yes. Osprey's 'American Spitfire Aces of World War 2' has a picture of Ginger on page 74. It looks similar to that Eduard profile with the addition of overpainting of the RAF fin flash showing quite clearly. It is a fairly clear b&w image from the same side although interpretation is hindered a little by bright sunshine and shadow. There is something lighter and rectangular below the cockpit (a US flag??) which is difficult to make out and is in the partial shadow of someone standing on the wing. The caption states: "1st Lt George Loving's first Spitfire was this Mk Vc which he names Ginger after his girlfriend. It received a non-standard camouflage scheme of dark, possibly olive, green on the top surfaces. Loving may have scored a victory in the Spitfire, although none was actually credited. He later 'made ace' flying P-51s (GG Loving via Norman Franks)" The profile in the Osprey book has a darker greenish hue to the upper surface with the undersurface being a darker / deeper blue than the Eduard version Mark
  13. Their facebook page states: "Today we are releasing our first 1/32nd aircraft BF010 Avro Lancaster w/full Interior." Although I think they might mean "announcing" rather than "releasing" as they go on to state: "Due to many production troubles and mold maintenance issues, the product will be sold in limited quantities worldwide and will not be produced again for a certain period of time afterwards. This Christmas season, it will be available for pre-order all over the world!"
  14. Wonderful. Just wonderful. Scratch built loveliness. And all in that teeny scale. Gosh. Mark
  15. According to Modelers Datafile 6 by Richard Franks the target tug's first flight was May 1948 with NT913 and the 36 TTs were converted from TF Mk Xs. 287 sqn is shown as being equipped with the Mk VIf from September 1944 and re-equipping with the Spitfire Mk XVI in July 1945. No idea if this info is correct but it is the only reference I have on the Beaufighter. Not sure if this helps but the RAFCommands site has this image for NT913: http://www.rafcommands.com/database/serials/details.php?uniq=NT913 Mark
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