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  1. When that happened to me I bought a pot of copydex to use for those tricky places. I've used it a couple of times and it works perfectly. 125 ml for a fiver. Mark
  2. Thanks for the help. Now I've stumbled across another query. My understanding (which may well be wrong) is that the desert scheme allowed for the undersurfaces to be 'sky, azure or light mediterannean blue'. These two images from the IWM are from the same sqn and period and seem to show a light coloured undersurface - would this be sky? thanks Mark
  3. I've struggled with this as well. Several of my recent builds have been of specific planes which have involved cutting out individual code letters and serial numbers/letters for WW2 planes in 1:72. Code letters aren't too bad but the teeny serial numbers are a challenge - I think it's the surface tension of the water that causes them to have a life of their own. Sometimes I'm just grateful that I can get them on to the airframe. The only answer I've come up with is, like you, to use a thin strip of masking tape plus mark one eyeball. Not hugely satisfactory but, as I don't have a method of printing my own, its' all I've come up with so far. Not at all helpful I know. Mark
  4. I am starting on the Trumpeter 1:48 P-40B Tomahawk and am intending to build AN413 'K' of 112 sqn - one of the two options in the kit. I've done a little research and my understanding is that 112 sqn received their Tomahawks from Curtiss in June / July 1941 and that they were replaced by Kittyhawks around the end of the year. When delivered they were painted in Dark Green / Dark Earth with Sky undersides. At some later point the Green was overpainted with Middle Stone and the Sky with a darker blue. Also, early on they seemed to have had the aircraft code letter on the fuselage but not the squadron code of 'GA' which was added later. Some images suggest that this was done rather haphazardly. There are some good images here: http://raf-112-squadron.org/raf_112_squadron_photos_1941.html The kit instructions have AN413 painted as delivered (DG/DE/Sky) whereas the box art (above) shows the desert scheme - both without the squadron code of GA. To (slightly) complicate things further, according to the RAF Commands site, AN413 seems to have been a Tomahawk IIB and not a IIA. I think that means it was a P-40C but that probably doesn't make that much difference as they seem to have been externally the same (except for bomb racks?). My question then is do we know what the right combination of camouflage scheme and fuselage codes would be for AN413? Any clarification appreciated. Mark
  5. Mark Harmsworth


    This post may help: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234956647-matts-tips-for-painting-cars/
  6. Mark Harmsworth


    Where you are aiming at a smooth paint finish - say on a car or a bare metal plane - it is worth spending time on preparing the plastic before applying paint. Get it as smooth as possible first. Maybe also consider a gloss primer - gloss black works well under metallic paint. Mark
  7. Was this one of the decal options in the Hasegawa 1:72 B-24J 'Coastal Command' boxing? I built it for a different plane but haven't kept any of the details. Mark
  8. Not quite sure what 'tooling up' means here (are you off to a gunfight?) but I'd ask if you are using an airbrush cleaner to clean or just the thinners. I'll use thinners if I'm continuing to paint but when finished I'll strip it down (needle always forwards!) and use an airbrush cleaner. Mark
  9. The vinyl corporation? https://www.thevinylcorporation.co.uk/sticky-back-vinyl/oramask-810-paintmask-stencil/
  10. Thanks. According to Scalemates it was a new tool in 2011: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-04672-junkers-ju-88a-4-bomber--102298
  11. Thanks - although I don't normally use my superhero name in public I found the cockpit a little complex as well and it ended up missing a couple of parts but I am impressed about how much detail Revell put in there. I wish I'd taken a few photos before I closed it up. Mark (from now on aka 'Roger' )
  12. Thanks. The paints are xtracrylics over grey Ultimate primer. Mark
  13. This is the Revell 1/72 Junkers Ju 88A-4 which I decided to build as the box art option as I just liked the look of it – a bit unusual for me as I generally build specific planes that I've done some research on. This plane was with 9./KG 30 in Sicily on an anti-shipping role in June 1941. This is a really good kit with lovely detail. The cockpit is great straight from the box but I'd bought a photo-etch set for the interior from Eduard so used that. I also got some Eduard canopy masks as all that glazing looked more than a bit scary. The one small modification I made was to pose the crew access hatch open (at the rear of the gondola) and I built a little ladder. Many photos of these planes on the ground show that – like this from the cover of the excellent AirDoc reference book: The hatch is also showed open on the box side: But the instructions have you build it closed: It's just a couple of small cuts to have it open and I'm happy with the way it turned out although my ladder is a bit over scale. Then my brain seems to have had a rest when I was finishing: the white fuselage band is too far towards the rear, the swastika (from the spares box - as there are no kit decals for that) is the wrong type – it should have a white surround I think – and lastly (and most daft) the eagle on the nose is diving backwards. Oh well. It still looks good on the shelf. Paints are xtracrylics on top of Ultimate primer, there's a small amount of chalk pastels for the exhaust stains and some oils for making the undercarriage legs, wheels and doors a bit mucky. All the best Mark
  14. This may be of interest - the 'Duxford Diary' forum has photos of the Duxford based planes leaving for (or arriving back from) Headcorn. Scroll down for the post from Friday 25th. Mark https://forums.airshows.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=86801&sid=767d86057a193248c90c3ce5200acd7e&start=100
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