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  1. It is easy to apply with a brush - which avoids all that airbrush cleaning effort. Use a wide flat bush. Any pooling can be wicked up with a bit of kitchen towel. The brush can be cleaned with Windowlene (the clear blue stuff which may be the same as Windex) and then under a tap. Works a treat. Mark
  2. Most of the final result depends on the preparation - metallic paint is very unforgiving and will show every blemish underneath. So plenty of cleaning and polishing of the plastic really pays dividends. Having said that, being an acrylics guy, I use the Vallejo Metal Color range - which I can definitely recommend. And use a gloss black primer as they suggest - not quite sure why that is so effective but it really works. Good luck Mark
  3. It is always worth checking the Hannants search engine. They have it in stock: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/HLX48398
  4. I have a set from Tamiya which claim to be 0.1mm. These: The handle part is folded. Mark
  5. Yes that'll work fine. It is really worth putting effort into cleaning and polishing before applying the metallic paint. Get the plastic as shiny as you can first. And then post it of course Mark
  6. I have used these paints and they are great. Follow the instructions on the bottle and you'll be fine. I strongly recommend that you don't use matt black. The reason for gloss black is that it gives a smooth surface for the metallic paint. Metallics are unforgiving and will show all the blemishes underneath so give the plastic a good clean and if you don't have a gloss black then use a primer and give that a gentle polish. You don't need to use a varnish afterwards as decals can go straight on to the aluminium paint. Good luck Mark
  7. Not quite sure what you are looking for (sorry if I've got it wrong) but this is one of the first modelling books I bought on re-entering the hobby and I found it very useful. Helpfully it is spiral bound so it can be kept open on a desk. I can happily recommend it. Mark https://www.amazon.co.uk/Airbrushing-Finishing-Models-Modelling-Masterclass/dp/1846031990/ref=sr_1_1?crid=5CICBB6Q7AYE&dchild=1&keywords=brett+green&qid=1616879338&s=books&sprefix=brett+gree%2Caps%2C144&sr=1-1
  8. How about an Eduard Spitfire Mk IX weekend edition. Their weekend editions are the basic kit without any photo-etch or resin extras. Everyone should start with a Spitfire Yours for £17.30 from Hannants: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/EDK84138?result-token=i75B7 Good luck Mark
  9. Thanks. Glad I could have helped. It's somehow comforting to know that your Grandfather and my Dad were at Leuchars at the same time. Mark
  10. I use artists pastel chalks and have two sets - one with a range of grey pastels and one with browns. I use a small piece of sandpaper and rub the chalk onto that. An old brush then applies it to the model - a cotton bud works well too. Having the range of browns and greys allows me to build up a slightly varied stain. You can buy packs of modelling pastel chalks ready for use but my pastel chalks will last me forever. Mark
  11. I got it from Wikipedia - maybe that's why there's no logo. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leigh_Light
  12. Thanks. Yes - that photo gave me the idea. It's an official RAF phot from the IWM so I'm fairly sure it's ok to reproduce here:
  13. Thank you - and thanks for all the background info. Great stuff. And of course I have to ask: is that Wing Commander Fleetwood the same chap as the Sqn Leader J.J.K. Fleetwood who flew the first Liberator operational flight for 206 sqn and who was later father to Michael (that well known drummer with his own band) ??
  14. On the 13th January 1945 Liberator GR VI 'J' EW310 took off from RAF Leuchars at 09.23hrs for a patrol off the coast of Norway. They returned at 20.55 hrs. Piloted by F/O M.J. Frost there was a crew of 9 including air-gunner Sgt D.V. Harmsworth (my dad). The Operations Record Book states: “ . . . . nothing sighted”. That's a lot of flying to see nothing but that was not uncommon at this stage of the war as Coastal Command was hunting U-boats off the coast of Norway and into the Baltic. Dad died getting on for 30 years ago and we never really talked much about his wartim
  15. This doesn't answer your question directly but a while ago I decided that using an airbrush for exhaust (and gun) stains was too tricky for me and required more cleaning of the airbrush (not my favourite job). So I started using pastel chalks and haven't regretted that at all - in fact it's one of the little tasks that I enjoy. Are you definitely going the airbrush route? Mark
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