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  1. I have those various widths of Tamiya tape but I mostly just use the widest. Stick a length on to a clean kitchen tile and cut strips off using a steel ruler and a sharp blade. Mark
  2. I can't comment on Vallejo Model Air paint but, when using masks, you need to spray away from the mask otherwise, if you spray towards the mask, a ridge of paint can build up. It's possible that's what's happened rather than being a paint brand problem. Mark
  3. I can't find a review here but there's this build / review over on Hyperscale: http://www.hyperscale.com/2017/features/stirlingmki72rh_1.htm
  4. Definitely the Arma Hobby kit. Get the Expert Set if you can. Here's a review: Mark
  5. Completely agree with using a manufacturers thinner but not sure about cleaner. Did you mean that? And to answer @binbrook87 I can recommend Ultimate Airbrush Cleaner. That's after I had a small problem sorted out: Mark
  6. Here's a review of the Airfix Wellington GR VIII
  7. An update: Two (yes two) replacement bottles arrived today. I did a quick test and it removed un-thinned ultimate primer perfectly. I've sent a 'thank you' email. I took a photo as there seems to be a clear difference between the bottles:
  8. When I've had air bubbling in the paint cup it is because the nozzle isn't screwed on tightly. Mark
  9. Mark Harmsworth


    If the tyres are 'too shiny' maybe some matt varnish?
  10. Mark Harmsworth

    B26 question

    It is there on some - but I don't know which models. For example (this may be a 'G'):
  11. They've replied to my query: "Hi Mark Sorry to hear you’re having a problem with one of our products! It does indeed sound like you may have a duff bottle for some reason! Apologies for that. If you could supply me with your order number or name of the account on our site. Ill get a replacement sent out to you ASAP. All the best Lee Larholt Director" Good customer service I think. Mark
  12. I'm far from an expert on this but I'm aware of two Beaufighters that are being restored to flight. I'd love to see one. In the UK the Fighter Collection's Beaufighter project was rumoured to have restarted although you wouldn't know it from this: http://fighter-collection.com/cft/beaufighter/ And in Australia there's firmer news: https://www.warbirdsonline.com.au/2019/12/09/beaufighter-restoration-in-australia/
  13. Good question. I've always assumed that they weren't re-applied. Better things to do I would've thought. But I'm interested in the answer. Mark
  14. Thanks Mike. I like their products too. I've just contacted them via their website - I'll update this with what happens next.
  15. I have a new bottle of Ultimate airbrush cleaner having been very happy with the last bottle. Now I am having problems that I've not had before in getting the airbrush clean. I use acrylics and my first new problem was that cleaning Xtracylix from the cup caused the paint to disintegrate into little pieces rather than being wiped off. A pain but I stuck with it. This happened several times. Today I've used Ultimate primer straight from the bottle (as recommended on the bottle) and the Ultimate cleaner wouldn't budge it at all from the cup. It was as though the airbrush cup had been primed! In the end I used Ultimate thinner - which shifted some of the paint. At this point I realised I have a problem. My technique is to break the airbrush down as soon as I finish the painting session and to use a cotton bud soaked in the cleaner. I've used this method over almost ten years now with various cleaners and with the previous bottle of the Ultimate cleaner this worked fine. My view at the moment is that I may have a duff bottle (from a duff batch perhaps) and I should contact the supplier (Ultimate Modelling Products). Any thoughts appreciated. Mark
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