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  1. Occa: actually, they had, although not a regular kit in the box, but a sort of limited edition in a bag with decals for postwar Czechoslovak AF. It might be issued under Kopro (not KP) label in turbulent early 90's. The kit was based on a horrible russian tooling. This new issue could be based on new fuselage combined with Smer tooling of the single seat version.
  2. Redboost

    New Tool Tamiya 1/72nd Spitfire Mk1

    They are just converting into money the data they collected for 1/48 scale kits, what is strange on that. Pity the 3D came too late for Swordfish, P-51B, Storch and others ...
  3. Redboost

    Libor's 1/72 scale flies...

    Thanks for kind feedback gents! Hobo: well, never say never, but for the time being I don't plan switching to larger scales. Since I'm building larger collections (up to 500-800 kits in the pipeline), the 1/72 suits the best. Cheers Libor
  4. Hobo: yes, I added the rivets in my usual fashion. The SBS decals are excellent, I can recommend them. Procopius: thanks for feedback, my experience is different. Cheers Libor
  5. Salut Patrice, je ne sais pas exactement... Toujours je crois cette année Cheers Libor
  6. Redboost

    Arma Hobby 1/72 Hurricane

    The same on my side. First insert the main leg in the slot and then put the smaller brace through the bracket to fit the opening (do remember to re-drilled it a little bit). The plastic is rather soft and flexible, so it should not break. Cheers Libor
  7. Attack Squadron has been sold to Brengun, but the timeline of release is not know yet. I would bet they may put it off due to coming Special Hobby kits. Anyway, the Blackbird Models conversion worked fine for me, here is the result (coupled with Tamiya kit). Even better if they're working on an improvent! Cheers Libor
  8. Basuroy: added by myself. Tony: good for you, then you have to be lucky! Cheers Libor
  9. Thanks chaps! FAAMAN: we say here the hares should be counted just after the hunting. Reading all those inbox previews etc., especially from people which obviously haven’t built anything, does not make sense. The issue is too tight fit for most componets, the most tricky being closing the wing with wheel bay box inside, wing to fuselage assembly, and adjusting almost every part to fit properly. Really not a pleasure to build, but eventually you can get there. Wish Arma will pay more attention to this for future release,as the surface details and some design features are really excellent. Cheers Libor
  10. Hi folks, this is the Arma Hobby kit updated to one of the Finnish machines using SBS Decals. The kit is rather nice, but the fit leaves a lot to be desired for a modern kit, so lot dry-fitting, scraping, beveling etc. was the order of the day. Anyway, pretty good kit overall, but one is enough for me for the time being. Cheers, Libor
  11. Redboost

    Libor's 1/72 scale flies...

    Thanks Steve, I'm quite happy with it. Just the number of unfinished and partially-built kits was higher than usually... Cheers Libor
  12. Hi folks, this are my kits built last year, posted as they're coming along... Cheers, Libor 1. D-520 Hasegawa 2. Kittyhawk Mk.III Special Hobby 3. Heinkel He-111H Hasegawa 4. Spitfire Mk.IXE Eduard 5. Zlin Z-226M AZ Model 6. Zlin Z-42 Hobbyboss 7. MiG-21MF Eduard 8. Fiat G.50 SBS 9. Dornier Do-17Z ICM 10+11. Avia B-534. I and II series, Eduard 12. Renard R-31 FRROM 13. KFIC C.7 AMK 14. MiG-21MF Eduard 15. Beaufighter Mk.X Airfix 16. Bf 110 G-4 Eduard 17. Fw 190A-8 Eduard
  13. Redboost


    Nice kit! Reversed-enegineering is pretty decent expression for something what has been stolen:-)
  14. Thanks gents! Duncan: right, the period pictures are sometimes interpreted in this way. But personally, I think this was just fresh RLM76. Cheers Libor
  15. Thanks for kind comments gents, much appreciated! Yes, it is safe to say the Eduard 110's are the best in 1/72 scale. Hobo: sorry sir, majority of them ended up only in my display cabinet. I'm no longer interested doing stuff for mags, the only exception is my cooperation with Valiant Wings. Btw, this year we will bring up some news more related to modelling, so watch out their website. The aerials were kept at the 45deg angle using a template cut from hard paper. Cheers Libor