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  1. Hi folks, this my latest rendition of the well established Eduard kit built from the FAA Dual Combo kit. As usually with my builds, I implemented some aftermarkets that in my opinion improve certain details; this time I went for HGW raised rivets and Res-Im extented flaps. The kit was painted with Gunze Aqueous and AK Real Colors. The full build will be described, along with my other build, in already announced Valiant Wings book on the HELLCAT. Cheers Libor
  2. Happy to see at least someone is utilizing potential of this tooling, if Hasegawa itself fails to do that. Still nice and acceptably accurate kit for 96% modellers.
  3. Perfect job Roman, like it very much! Cheers Libor
  4. Hi Jason, I somehow managed to fix them in with CA glue. Yes, the spine was sanded a little, what was needed anyway to clean the joint line. Good luck with yours! Cheers Libor
  5. Hi Mike, these were highlighted with darker oil wash. These parts are done as etched inserts in the wing bottom part with nice riveting, so this was pretty easy job.
  6. Not at all, I enjoyed it. Of course it is not so straightforward as Arma kit, but still above average amongst short-run kits.
  7. Hi fellow modellers, something fresh from my garden this week. It's the Brengun latest reincarnation built out of the box with only few small corrections, as part a modelling project which I hope will materialize soon. I opted for M.D. Baranov machine from the Battle of Stalingrad period and painted the kit with AK Real Colors. Cheers Libor
  8. Looking damn good in black, good job Roman!
  9. Buffing or polishing is possible to some extent, but these colors do not need that. In this particular case the surface was over sprayed with a semi-gloss varnish, as the actual planes were sprayed with a protective varnish too, i.e. these were not left in NMF. Btw, quite common practice on Soviet and east-block machines.
  10. Hi, it is Uschi van den Rosten elastic thread, the Fine size. These are Mr.Hobby colors. Have that heard too and actually I alteady tested the Acrysion line too, and these seem to work in similar way. Anyway, dropping the Mr. Hobby line is not actual, I heard this may even not happen. But there area available another fantastic paints like AK Real Colors, so you should not worry.
  11. Hi fellow modellers, this my another COVID build finished in a week or so. The AMK kit is pretty nice just out of the box, but I added Eduard etched in the cockpit, Master brass Pitots and Res-Im wheels. The towing bar was scratch built from brass tubes and plastic scraps. Painted with Gunze SM and Mr.Colors. I also slightly shortened the main landing gear legs to get the proper sit of the model, and modeled the kit with extended elevator, as can be seen on a parked machines. The kit is finished in Czechoslovak Air Force markings from early 1970's. Cheers Libor
  12. Hi Ed, all these were in the sole gentleman scale, of course. Sorry for missing pictures, they were uploaded in 2016 and disappeared from Photobucket later on due to their stupid policy. Cheers Libor
  13. Thanks for kind comments gents! Painted with Hobby and Mr. Colors shades according to the instructions, these are pretty much spot on. There are maybe more than 100 of stencils, but these days I have plenty of time. Additionaly, due to HGW transfer specifics I spent on them three night sessions. Cheers Libor
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