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  1. The canopy masks package includes two canopy masks sets; first you have to apply the first set, airbrush the sealing colour, remove the masks, apply the second masks set and continue with camouflage painting. I did not take the pictures, but hope it is understable. Cheers Libor
  2. By Mark I eyeball the mixing ration is aprrox. 1:5 for the thinner. It is a great kit is terms of fit. Obviously, you have to pay attention to the fuselage structure assembly, which is quite comlex due to the size of the parts and number of bulkheads, and at the area where the separate nose meets the hull, but generally I did not use any filler. Details are fine too and definitely all are useable. The cockpit is well detailed and under the closed hood you can't see much (I just added the scratch built seat belts). On my next project (Soviet RBF) I will be using only the brass Pitot which I always simply can't resist. Cheers Libor
  3. Thanks everyone for kind comments! Hobo: actually, I don't use satin varnish on the final finish, but matte. Lately I experiment with new stuff from Mr.Color called Premium Topcat Matte, which comes in a can, so has to be de-canned for the airbrush. But it is the finest matte varnish I came across so far! Cheers Libor
  4. Hi folks, this is latest addition to my collection of Iraqi AF. Built with few goodies like Quickboost air scoops, Master pitot and New Ware Advanced masks, which helped to airbrush the canopy sealing. Panted with Gunze H, Alclad II and Mr.Color SM for metallic areas. This was kinda test built as I plan to follow soon on with another versions with Soviet/Russian markings. Cheers Libor
  5. Hi folks, I finished lately this predecessor of the famous Zero fighter, which flown in 1938 in China. An easy build, although the extras in the kit as resin engine, etched or brass are perhaps redundant as the plastic is simply fabulous. I only added scratch built open canopy hood. Cheers Libor
  6. For me that’s quite big error as the flaps are major focal point for any SBD kit, although it has been stated the overall outlines are mostly ok.
  7. Well, this may sounds too exaggerated as the overall shapes are fine. But I meant poor rendition of dive flaps, non-existent or complety off cockpit details, poorly represented differences between the versions, wheel bays, ... it reminds me their Fw 190A which looks fine and builds well, but when you closely compare it with Eduard kit, you can see differences and its obsolescence. I would be happy even for an Airfix remake:-) Cheers, Libor
  8. Cheers Patrick, looking forward to it! Nous allons voir la semaine prochaine!
  9. To Jackson: this one is just a contribution to a thematic book. Anyway, more modelling-related stuff is under preparation and should became available at Telford show this year. Cheers Libor
  10. Thanks Jackson, the WIP will be included in a book that is going to be announce soon. Maybe, got it in the stash somewhere. But don't want to see any etched flaps for a while:-) Thanks Ed. I saw quite a few colour WWII pictures and haven't noticed that, but I don't say it was not possible:-) Cheers Libor
  11. Hi fellow modellers, this is my recent attempt at the rather old and not very accurate Hasegawa kit, which needed quite some work and aftermarkets to get the best of it; like Part, Eduard or Rob Taurus to name the few. Cheers Libor
  12. Occa: actually, they had, although not a regular kit in the box, but a sort of limited edition in a bag with decals for postwar Czechoslovak AF. It might be issued under Kopro (not KP) label in turbulent early 90's. The kit was based on a horrible russian tooling. This new issue could be based on new fuselage combined with Smer tooling of the single seat version.
  13. They are just converting into money the data they collected for 1/48 scale kits, what is strange on that. Pity the 3D came too late for Swordfish, P-51B, Storch and others ...
  14. Thanks for kind feedback gents! Hobo: well, never say never, but for the time being I don't plan switching to larger scales. Since I'm building larger collections (up to 500-800 kits in the pipeline), the 1/72 suits the best. Cheers Libor
  15. Hobo: yes, I added the rivets in my usual fashion. The SBS decals are excellent, I can recommend them. Procopius: thanks for feedback, my experience is different. Cheers Libor
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