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  1. Excellent work Patrick, congrats for finishing this beast! Looking forward to seeing her next year in Moson!
  2. Yes, Dominik, 2121 is a realistic deadline.
  3. There are changes in the wing armament, lack of cooling air slots on the fuselage plus other small things on the airframe and canopy. But the most important are good pictures of given airframe as the first production series could differ is some aspects; the is 027 quite well documented. Agree, the building comfort is definetely on the Tamiya side. Thanks everyone for comments and Happy New Year! Cheers Libor
  4. Hi all, this is Tamiya kit conversion built for a book project coming in 2020. Cheers, Libor
  5. Thanks chaps, it is really brilliant kit. I admit it is pricey, in my region between 20-25 EUR, what is for instance above usual Eduard Profipak kit of this size, but in my opinion the delta is worth the money. Jason: you will be excited with that new kit, I bet! Cheers Libor
  6. Hello fellow modellers, this is my recently finished Clear Prop kit. In past years I somehow ignored the Japanese subjects, except excellent Tamiya or Model Graphic A6M's, but this year this my third Japanese kit so obviously something has changed:-) Yes, that was the entry of the Clear Prop kits on the market, which quickly jumped in my personal ranking on the top amongst 1/72 manufacturers. The level of details and moulding quality is simply amazing. This Ki-51 builds nicely and perhaps some of the smallest etched details are redundant, even in the plastic they look sufficient. I tried to model one of the machines operated in China with 6th Hikosentai. Built out of the box except the canopy masks which I replaced for Dead Design product as those in the kit are rather thick and not very precise - at least something what could be improved. Looking forward now for their next WWII fighter kit! P.S. A big thanks to Valerij! Cheers, Libor
  7. Thanks mates! ArmouredSprue: these are Gunze H acrylics as per the instructions. For the KFIR though the green may differs, as at some point in 1980's it changed to a more lighter color similar to British WWII Sky. My own mix is for it is the original H312 Green +H74 Sky in 50:50 ratio. Cheers Libor
  8. Thanks everyone for comments, appreciated! I'm afraid I have almost nothing to report, it is "just" regular mainstream kit which builds nicely without any fit or other issues. I've sweeten the the build with some surgery needed for air brakes and flaps installations, but the kit seems to be pre-designed fot that, so it was also quite straightforward. Exdraken: yes, these are Napalm tanks. Cheers Libor
  9. Hi folks, this is new addition in my IAF collection. Special Hobby made a fine job on this elegant French fighter and it is excellent kit just of ouf the box; in addition I used Eduard etched mainly for the flaps air brakes. This re-engined Sambad flew with no.105 Scorpion squadron in early 1970's. Cheers Libor
  10. For Hobo: yes, the propeller is from the kit; btw there are too many alternative parts like 7 types of radiator, what is really insane
  11. Thanks mates for kind comments, glad I could inspire some of you! That was first time I worked with lozenge decals and except mentioned issues with broken decals it was not that bad. They matched the parts with a reserve and worked fine with settings solutions; e.g. on the upper wing there are four decal layers (base lozenge, rib tapes and two roundel layers) and it does not look thick. Roman, I build the biplanes on regular basis, but this was really a first WWI subject after long time. Cheers Libor
  12. Hi folks, not a stuff I usually build, but this Fokker can't miss in my Czechoslovak AF collection. This sole Fokker D.VII was captured on communist Hungarians in those turbulent times back in 1919, repaired and put in the service with newly born CzAF where flown up to 1925 in the training role. During its service it wore quite a few camouflage and markings guises and armament and propeller installations. This one was seen on autumn 1919, having only the original form of national insignias, no guns and unique four-bladed propeller. The Eduard kit is probably well known now and it builds really nicely. My only trouble were the lozenge decals which disintegrated several times, so hopefully that was just a printing error in my example. Cheers Libor
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