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  1. Hi Patrick, the letters were printed on a transparent decal sheet (I think it was made by Propagtem) on regular office laser printer. The letters were then over sprayed with gloss varnish in order to give them some protection as the laser printed items may be more sensitive whilst handling them on the kit's surface, and eventually I trimmed them out of the sheet. Cheers Libor
  2. Hi fellow modelers, This is a tribute build dedicated to one of our club member, Mr. Zdeněk Bedřich, former Czechoslovak Airlines and sports pilot, great modeler and fellow, who passed away in 2014. On 12th October 1960 he set up the world speed record whilst flying this Let C-11 on closed circuits (3km and 15-25km) of 464 km/h in the trainers category, which lasted for several years and it is still valid up to now on the national level. The kit of the Let C-11 comes from RS Model and it was further enhanced with Brengun etched and Rob Taurus vacformed canopy. The civil regist
  3. Everyone, I thought I may ask if anyone is able to comment on the color scheme of the DD959 "Q" of 217.squadron, which is usually described as Temperate Sea Scheme (e.g. Xtradecal sheet), while on the IWM picture I can see much lighter colors which rather remind DE/MS with Azure Blue or Sky underneath, probably as a result of local repainting. Shouldn't the TSS scheme look more darker on the picture, or perhaps this is a orthochromatic material where the colors are a bit shifted? Thanks for any comments, Libor
  4. Thanks Alex! Honestly I have no clue at the moment, please ask Mark P. @Valiant Wings. Cheers Libor
  5. You are welcome Horatio and thank you! Cheers Libor
  6. Hi Horatio, the former way, i.e. darker color applied first and then the lighter mottling went on. Cheers Libor
  7. Thanks everyone again for kind ffedback, much appreciated. I agree Duncan, this one is really not the best effort from Dragon and I had moments when I almost binned it. Would not build it again and hope for a new tool (what Platz is asking for it is just ridiculous). Anyway, good luck with your and get it finished before we have a new one from Tamiya Cheers Libor
  8. Hi folks, lately I'm on Luftwaffe nighfighters and this time I took on He 219; actually my third night bird in a short period. I built the original A-7 kit it as A-2 with couple of mods and added the Master radar antennas and Rescue Models wheels. The decals come from OWL for W.Nr. 290070 from 1./NJG 1, that was lost in February 1945 after shooting down a Lancaster (one of the gunner seemed to hit the Heinkel with return fire and the crew had to bail out). Airbrushed with Gunze Aqueous. Cheers Libor
  9. ARMYCAST makes some of these, had them in my stash for quite some time waiting for the SH babies to come.
  10. Hi Jackson, the CMK set is pretty sound, although not as sophisticated as for instance Eduard Brassin sets which usually address most of the cabling and wiring as well. So this stuff needs to be added on your own here. As for the WIP, yes, it may appear at a later date in a book Cheers Libor
  11. Thanks everyone for comments! Mike: yes, I'm aware there was a change in the wheel diameter, but in this case I wasn't sure so I used the kit's wheels instead of Eduard Brassin smaller wheels I had at hand as well (saved them for my next "N" where the block can be confirmed). Cheers Libor
  12. Hi folks, this is the Special Hobby kit built with CMK sets (Engine set, Landing flaps) that required some surgery, along with Rescue Models Intake and Cockpit aft that improved rather simplified kit's parts. Markings were airbrushed using custom made masks by Omask.cz, based on Massimo Tessitori Soviet Airplane site. The "White 23" belonged to 78.IAP of VVS SF (North Fleet). I also used great Airone Hobby Fabric effect masks. The kit was painted with Gunze Aqueous, Aeromaster and AK Real Colors. Cheers, Libor
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