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  1. Hi fellow modellers, this is the recent Airfix kit built for upcoming Valiant Wings Me 262 book, where should appear the build report. Overall nice kit with just few small omissions; improvements on my side concerned the Master radar aerials or Eduard wheels. Cheers Libor
  2. Hi John, I think those types are coming soon - saw the renders of I-16 type 10 it looks fabulous. Sorry for OT. Cheers Libor
  3. Actually, they are coming from a third brand too, that’s the reason why KP quickly announced theirs, as usually.
  4. Hi, the markings are from the box (printed by Techmod), as well as the lights. Cheers Libor
  5. Hi folks, this is the RS Models kit built in the colors of Finnish Air Force. The DR-196 served till 31.3.1944 when she had to land after the engine failure on the open sea, but the crew was rescued by Tursas steamer. On 23rd June, 1942 this plane also scored a hit on soviet sub SC-406, which eventually escaped damaged. The kit is pretty good and spot on, but all stands and falls with the proper alignment of the struts system. Unfortunately, some struts had not the correct lenghts or attachement points, but eventually I was able to fix them all (somehow:-). During the b
  6. Done via masks - rolled pieces of Blu-Tack. Yes, those are decals indeed. Cheers, Libor
  7. Actually not a major challenges, it was quite good short-run kit that time. But it means lot of adjusting, sanding, rescribing the shallow panel lines, scratch building etc... simply all what you may expect from this sort of kits. In addition, they missed some of the shapes too, e.g. nose proportions, curvature of the canopy etc. Eager to see if Trumpeter will come one day with scaling down their 1/48, kit, hopefully with better result. Cheers Libor
  8. Hi folks, this is the old Eduard kit I recently built. It was not an experience I would like to soon repeat, but at least this kit shows where Eduard have been 18 years ago and where they are now. Built with many scratch built items as canopies, foot steps, FOD's and various antennas. The cockpit comes from CMK set, while the UB-16 rocket blocks are from Eduard. I also used Master pitots and Reskit wheels. Painted with my own mixes of Gunze Aqueous to match (at least to certain degree, of course) the Czech AF colors. These machines were kept clean and the PUR-based pain
  9. I use Rosie the Riveterer, the smallest wheel, I work freehand, only for extremely long lines I use Dymo type as a guide. I guess the basic technique could be found described online as well. Bill, good luck with your Buffalo and take care! Cheers Libor
  10. I'm really not sure whether this was an official victory or only a claim, but this information can be found across many references. Funny thing the instructions mention a Typhoon in Czech version, whilst in the English one there is stated Tempest. In any case, May 1945, who would care? Cheers Libor
  11. Thanks Patrick, hope you’ll enjoy it! Cheers Libor
  12. To J-W: It was not announced, apparently to avoid someone else jump quickly in, as usually in our small funny pond...
  13. Hi fellow modellers, this is the Special Hobby kit released few months ago. Built out of the box with etched seat belts instead of decals provided in the box and scratchbuilt Pitot of Albion Alloys tubing. Quality of the plastic in terms of details is one of the best I saw so far from them and it also builds really nicely. Painted with Gunze Aqueos and I could'not avoid a shot with a paint can to compare the size. The combat operation of this bird was really very short, but she was flown with 1./JG 1 and Rudolf Schmitt at the controls claimed a Tempest on early May 1
  14. Yes, Gunze Aqueous: base shades are H320 and H77 with RLM65 underneath. Right, I do it on my 109 models in this way, since I just do not like that line on the spine:-) Instead, I put there a rivet line. Thanks everyone for comments, much appreciated! Cheers Libor
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