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  1. Well, it should not be grey, unless the mottling was done in RLM74, what is one of possible options. Otherwise, it is suggested the mottles were done in one of the RLM81 variations, so even the brownish hue (which I can’t see on my Ipad) would be possible. Cheers to all, Libor
  2. Hi fellow modelers, this kit I built recently for a book project using the Hasegawa kit with some extras, e.g. Master brass radar dipoles or Quickboost stuff for gun barrels and engine intakes. The kit should represent Oblt. Werner Briegleb machine from 7./NJG2 in March 1945 known from two period photos I was able to find (e.g. Nachtjäger book from Classic). The kit was painted with Gunze acrylics in RLM75/76 colors with RLM81 mottles, while the decals came from AIMS decal sheet. Cheers Libor
  3. A great choice from company that is a leader in 1/72 scale recently, can't wait to have it on my table.
  4. Thanks everyone for kind comments! Patrick, Jason: the Republican "mosca" is my obvious choice as well, but I guess I will wait a little for etched, especially the undercarriage covers would deserve them. Anyway, wish you good luck with yours and I'm eager to see them finished! Cheers, Libor
  5. Hi fellow modellers, this is the new Clear Prop I built as a "test" build as there several others are waiting in my build plan. The kit is not aimed at inexperienced what the build proved, but I enjoyed a bit it anyway. The most important is careful alignment and trial fitting. The kit was finished in the markings of Chinese Air Force as flown in 1938, and painted with AK Real Colors. Cheers Libor
  6. Hi Jackson, sure I have! Usually one or two kits per year above my ability (or patience), so these either end up in the shelf of doom or are binned. Cheers Libor
  7. Hi Bill, I used Alclad II White Aluminium for the wing and for NMF areas the Gunze SM07 Plate Silver toned to various shades with black or dark blue. Cheers Libor
  8. Hi fellow modellers, this is my second attempt at the Arma Hobby kit, this time in the recon version. The markings was chosen from the box and it depicts Lt. Col. E.O.McComas machine flown in late 1944 over China. The was painted with Gunze SM and Aclad II shades. This time I can't avoid using some aftermarkets: Eduard direct print of the exhausts and resin wheels. The opened canopy sections were replaced for vacformed items I scratch built from a clear foil. Cheers Libor
  9. Hi folks, this time no guns, bombs, rockets or camouflage colors, just a peaceful agricultural airplane from 1970's, built as per a photograph taken at a Slovak field in 1975. This is the excellent Eduard kit built from the Profipack edition, I only opted for a different livery coming from their separate decal sheet. Cheers, Libor
  10. Thanks Kari, I guess many of us built (or struggled with) the old KP kit in that times… A piece of nostalgia, but the Eduard kit is totally different level. Cheers, Libor
  11. Hi folks, after completion of the S-199 I could not resist and built the two-seater training version of the same. The kit obviously shares the same parts except a new frame with fuselage and some smaller details. Avias were painted with mixture of lacquer varnish with aluminium pigment in it, so I followed the same approch for the kit. It was airbrushed with Gunze SM07 with about 20% of light grey. The machine belonged to a training unit located in 1952 in Slovak area of the Czechoslovakia and it is documented with this markings after a crash landing (quite usual fate of many aiframes given the rather poor handling characteristics). Cheers Libor
  12. Thanks Patrick! Then you need to go for the Quickboost replacement - btw it is included in the Hobby2000 kit. Cheers Libor
  13. Yes, it was a bit tricky at my end too. The key point was a flat on inside of the wing centre part which set up the height of the cockpit section with the fuselage. Adjusting the height of this flat I was able to match both sections pretty much OK. Good luck with your A-4B! I tried to make them a bit restrained indeed as the rivets were not much apparent at the real and really worn machines I saw at Hatzerim. Thanks everyone for nice comments! Cheers Libor
  14. Hi fellow britmodellers, this is the reboxing of the Fujimi kit that recently appeared under the Hobby2000 label. The kit was enhanced a bit with modified or scratchbuilt items as landing gear legs, airframe antennas, racks etc. as well as with Quickboost or Aires resin aftermarkets as refueling probe, wheels and cannon barels. Since I was not fully satisfied with the kit's decals I went for Armycast replacement. The kit depicts one of the "The Flying Tigers" machine as flown by IAF Flying School at Hatzerim AB at her final appoitment. Cheers, Libor
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