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  1. Redboost

    Fiat G.50 1/72 S.B.S. Model

    Can you please state your references, thanks.
  2. Redboost

    Fiat G.50 1/72 S.B.S. Model

    Thanks everyone for kind comments! Hi Roman, just a matter of coincidence Anyway, keeping my rules for quick building allows me to finish two kits per month. In fact, I hate photographing, but if you want to publish you need to go slightly deeply in it. Basically, what you need is a photo boot with good set of lights, fix lens on the camera and some software for basis operations like image cropping, balancing of white and sharping. Yes, airbrushed freehand. Cheers Libor
  3. Hi folks, this is the brand new SBS Model kit I picked up at the Moson show and built it over past couple of weeks. It's resin kit with etched and white metal parts, all done to high quality we have come to expect from this company. It was pretty much straightforward affair except few joints here and there to be addressed with little putty, but nothing really excessive for a resin kit. I replaced the markings for O.Tuominen machine (1/LeLV46, autumn 1941) and followed the coloured profile and pictures from Finnish Fighter Colours book by MMP. Maybe not every scratch or paint touch-up is correct, but I'm quite happy with it. The paint chipping was done using "hair-spray" technique, using a medium-strong hair spray from my wife's stock. Cheers Libor
  4. Redboost

    Spitfire Mk.IXE 1/72 Eduard

    I agree Andrew. Despite I'm big fan of rivets on scale models, I believe without them the kit would come out better. They are too prominent, non-consistent and not placed correctly for late IX's (e.g. filled leading edge up to 30% of profile depth). I believe I could make them more subtle on my own. It's Special Hobby kit. Cheers! Libor
  5. Redboost

    Spitfire Mk.IXE 1/72 Eduard

    Many thanks for all comments chaps! The fuel tank on the PR XIX was part of Armycast resin set.
  6. Hi folks, the Eduard kit been for a while here, but just recently I got to my plan for getting it stripped a bit. Actually, it was built for the upcoming Valiant Wings Supermarine Spitfire Part 1 book. Built with some of the Brassin range accessories plus Master Model brass turned barrels. The last shot shows part of my scrap yard, I guess I need to add some of the earlier marks as well Cheers Libor
  7. Redboost

    Dornier Do 17Z-3 1/72 ICM

    Let's hope for it, Do 217 would definitely deserve a new tooling! Cheers Libor
  8. Redboost

    Dornier Do 17Z-3 1/72 ICM

    Right Jerzy, with 486.50 flying hours the most active machine amongst Finnish Dorniers. I agree Mike, the nacelles seem to be little bit over engineered with an odd assembly sequence . Anyway, I would rate this kit higher than the Airfix kit also for variety of available versions. Good luck with 215B-4! I follow the SBS sheets too, they are of fantastic quality and makes really good job on covering the Finnish subjects. Cheers Libor
  9. Redboost

    Dornier Do 17Z-3 1/72 ICM

    Thanks for comments mates! Have to correct that roundel, it somehow slipped under my radar, got a set of spare roundels. cheers Libor
  10. Hi fellow Britmodellers, this latest addition to my World War 2 Finnish AF collection and since the fighter force is almost completed (having the G.50 and H.75 in the paint shop), I focused my attention to the bombers. The ICM kit is well detailed and went together fairly quickly without major troubles. I used OWL conversion to Z-3 version, which featured the extended ("potty") camera cover and decal sheet for DN-64 from LeLv 46 from around January 1943. Photos show the card emblem being painted on both side of the nose, so I had to source the second one from my spares as it was omitted on the decal sheet. Painted freehand with Gunze Aqueous and kept the weathering to minimum as she looks on period pictures in almost pristine condition. Cheers Libor
  11. It is Hasegawa plastic.
  12. Redboost

    MiG-21MF 1/72 Eduard

    Thanks everyone again, much appreciated! Cheers Libor
  13. Redboost

    MiG-21MF 1/72 Eduard

    Hi Trev, you are right, just wanted to pointed out this item was missing in the kit. Thank all for comments! Cheers Libor
  14. Hi folks, I took a quick exercise on the brand new Eduard kit from "Library" edition. The kit would need few touches here and here, for instance thinning the inlet ring, exhaust nozzle, adding the front altimeter antennas, but the overall fit and level of details is very promising. I will add later the drop tanks once the "overtrees" becomes available. Cheers Libor