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  1. Certainly soon people will be around with more knowledge on the subject, but: No, 5 and 8 fuselages are not identical, versions post the 5 were slightly longer between engine and cockpit, something like 40cm or so. The basic engine should be alright for all three versions I think, especially in 72nd.
  2. IIRC both the ICM 17 and 111 had in-box Reviews on a certain Australian-based site, with plenty of photos to give you an idea of General optics. And I'd be very surprised if there weren't any builds around here commenting on the respective fit and any issues to be Aware of.
  3. I guess a bit less would‘ve sufficed, but then they must have invested quite a bit of effort in producing the scans, and if I was them, I wouldn’t want some enterprising souls selling reprints off those scans. Having had a very brief look, this looks like a terrific resource, and many thanks to @JWM Jerzy for bringing it to our attention.
  4. Markings and box art were retained for the 1973 copyrighted Type 4 box 2055. 125 was not a boxing but a bagging The blue used for the SNB‘s at least was rather pale on all sheets I have seen. 20 years ago you could have woke me at 2 am reciting the markings options for most Airfix kits, but then I am 20 years older now. If memory doesn’t fail as usual the 1979 boxing had Bud Mahurin‘s Spirit of Atlantic City and an RAF SEA bird, so is no help. Would the JoHan decals help? They had Bailey‘s Zombie IIRC (but no Malcolm hood) - but thinking about it the option would have been a bubbletop by necessity. I have a rather early Krasel sheet somewhere, but I guess they would have duplicated kit markings only if they felt they could improve on them - so I won’t go looking unless someone says it’s featured there. Apologies if I have been no help whatsoever...
  5. I am very certain they are, I have Tome 3 and 4 of the Mirage saga in which EM participated, and well, what can I say... As they have gone to self-publishing (Mirage #4 was by Lela, where I would have had a Chance of noticing the range) apparently, I would likely have become Aware of the range when they have gone to Mirage #1 and #2 state - unobtainium... Mail sent to Eric already.
  6. Thanks for making me aware of EM37- while not inexpensive in absolute figures, I think I have a good idea of what to expect, and feel all three tomes will be on their way soon
  7. Wow, that’s a treat! Perhaps they should rather have been spelt „YUK!!“ Probably rather more late 80s, as it likely would have been much easier (though expensive) to get an original Mono kit by around 1992. @Hook André, Modelling for Masochists will be the title of my WIP‘s once I ever get around to building something. Giorgio knows what will be the first project (no 111 though).
  8. The pitot Peter referred to is under the starboard, the airman‘s arm under the port wing. I have no idea how a standard Monospar pitot arrangement looked like, but he evidently refers to the second diagonal probe that is braced to the right of the main (?) one.
  9. Decades ago I built the Matchbox, and its exhaust was a crude thick affair- I can hardly imagine the Revell was even worse? But I don’t want to lead this o/t...
  10. It’s a step training - next lesson is about differentiating it from 340, 380, Globemaster, Galaxy and Starlifter. Helped enormously by the latter two being more or less extinct.
  11. I think there are one or two in the south and there was one in the Ruhrpott some five years ago from which I bought some Craftmaster kits via eBay, but I only encountered the first two I have in mind via eBay (also quite some time ago). You may have luck with some of the few remaining kit Shops if and when they buy a stash/Collection. PM Models in Frankfurt used to have some old kits, but I have never been in it (and not yet bought via eBay as the Prices are too stiff for my taste). Well when I get around to rationalising my Collection you'll be well served (I hope). Your best bet probably would be Modellbau König who I think buy second Hand stuff, but they do not specialise in it. Would Rebell be a place worth visiting if I got around to Stockholm ? He has a nice selection of books I regularly see on Abe, but the s&h is putting me off. He even had a number of the rather rare Ali e Colori at very sensible Prices but I hesitated for too Long...
  12. tempestfan

    CF-5A wheels

    You may find the „in Canadian Service“ Book useful, it looks pretty comprehensive and is much more recent than the Canadian Profile.
  13. As far as I am aware, Revell Bünde neither put the MB nor the Mono in blue boxes, but they kept updating their legacy H-222 mould until they decided a new mould was required.
  14. Not if I was paid hourly rates
  15. Have fun and get yourself the old Revell kit before they deleted the B option. You‘ll have countless hours of fun building that retracting u/c alone...
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