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  1. I‘m pretty sure no RNAS Squadron flew Attackers 😉 Which McLelland book is this? I‘m interested - the Attacker is underrepresented in my library, but it’s rather underrepresented in print.
  2. Hello


    Can you help me obtaining TA-4S scale drawings? You said you had scans of them.


    Thank you so much


    Best Regards

    Ricardo Santos



  3. Yes, seriously - Airfix and Heller were affiliated brands under Humbrol from 1986 to 2006. As the Jaguar was used both by the RAF and the Armée de l'Air, it was a perfect subject for being distributed as an A by Heller and a GR.1(A) by Airfix, with the respective version-specific parts. Apparently the mould was technically a Heller asset, so remained with Heller after their insolvency forced insolvency upon Humbrol and Heller's and Humbrol's assets were sold to different acquirers. The same apparently is the case for the 1/72 Concorde - hence e.g Concorde and Jaguar were released in Revell boxes for some time - around 2016?
  4. I was there twice - the first and the last time, on the same occasion... But if I am at a shop with a wallet full of cash, obviously willing to buy stuff on the shelf for almost 20 years, and keep being told "no, it costs 2.5 times of what is written on the label", it makes me keep my wallet in the pocket.
  5. @Santti - you're a brave man! This kit is really ancient and it definitely shows... Not least by what looks to be the outline of the ejector seat warning triangles in rivets. And quite a bit of mould mismatch. Not wanting to spoil anything, but one big problem of this kit is that it is a IIIC and lacks the extra 50-something cm (?) behind the cockpit for the additional avionics bay, and hence the intakes protrude into the cockpit area. All other single seaters have the leading edge of the intake roughly in line with the rear canopy edge. You are too far gone to do anything about it - but you should consider taking out the blanking plates, or at least adding the tips of the "mice" (the intake shock cones, those little conical pieces) - paint the flat front of the intakes red, and it will look good! You have done some great things to this old horse, but this IMHO is amongst the worst of the moulds bought by Crovetto way back when in the 80s. POR FAVOR do yourself a favour and pick a more modern kit like the J-35 Draken (admittedly no Argentine connection) for your next project after you finished this one, it will give you much more modelling pleasure. But for the moment, persevere with this one!
  6. Every type of aircraft or fighter aircraft? Does fighter aircraft include "heavies" as well? If we're talking about late war - the Me 163 to my knowledge was only used by JG 400 and EJG 2 (marginally), so my candidate would be the latter, which fits with its character of OTU/OCU.
  7. I have both in the stash but not built either (yet...would want to) - the Revell has highly superior detail, but is engineered to have mostly flat parts, and to accommodate maximum mileage, version-wise, so has a lot of joints to line up properly. The Italeri is a lot more simple overall, has slightly pebbly surfaces, panels lines some may not find sharp enough, and some sinkage where the u/c well liner guides are situated. It is some 30 years old now, and I don't think was considered cutting-edge technology right back then. But it looks quite good in the box and should be comparably cheap. My boxing (which should be the initial one, as it's from the estate of a mag editor and probably a review kit) has Cartograf decals, including Gulf Killer and Snoopy Airlines. They are printed sharply, but very matt, and the girls have a single-pink skin. Apparently the main cockpit parts are the same for IDS and 4 boxings, but the 4 should be much more easily available anyway. The LRMTS is also in the IDS boxing.
  8. That would leave out (more or less) prominent night fighters like Ju 88G and He 219 I think were available at the time? But I admire your knowledge. And that you did not spell it "Nacktjagdgeschwader" (which I have seen - now, that would be a sight! But rather not...).
  9. Wow, nice do they look indeed! But that means only very few Hase parts are actually required. He should consider doing a full kit. But then I will never again visit his brick & mortar shop and make that suggestion to him...
  10. Understood - but I still do not see "visible 97 times"; 97 squadriglia did not have 97 planes.
  11. Easy solution: always fire both! (But then it's not a problem)
  12. That would be interesting! For posting pics, you need an external photohost.
  13. The two He 50 pics are apparently from a landscape A4 publication, so not any of the Hoffmann-published Ries books, or mm/Flugzeug/J&P Foto archiv. Waffen Arsenal would be possible, but I do not have many of them, and would be hard pressed for an idea from which one. The caption of the first one looks like it has no source quoted, so identifying the publication would not help much (unless they are from a series provided by the same source quoted in the first caption). @Kari Lumppio - have you tried contacting Axel Urbanke? He may be able to put you on a lead.
  14. Do AV-8Bs have operable cannon in their LIDs, or if not, have a cleared wing gun pod? A small drone would be a perfect target for a short burst from a Vulcan or even Minigun.
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