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  1. Osprey had a book by Salvador Mafe Huertas (Osprey Air Combat), sometime around 1990, and I‘m pretty sure it had at least one IP pic. Would have to check which variant and if year and operator are indicated.
  2. As I think it’s a rebox, most likely because it’s the oldest kit on the market, at 40+ years.
  3. If you don’t mind an old kit, the Monogram F-15A may be a choice. Raised details and all, but should be manageable within your budget. You may also get lucky and get an Academy F-15 on sale somewhere in your range, which has recessed surface details. A kit that usually is cheap is the Revell, but this is even older than the Monogram and much less detailed. The Italeri F-16 does not appear to be a very popular kit, but is the most modern of the budget kits. Didn’t Academy also do one? Otherwise, the Revell base kit is 40 years old now, with some updates over time. I think it’s not to
  4. The Airfix F-15s come with three tanks, and used to be available cheaply, possibly cheaper than a single AM tank.
  5. tempestfan

    ICM kits

    As they have the very obscure née Helicopter for Industry (later Aurora) kits, they may also have the Strombeckers that were also with Aurora long before I was born. I'd like those re-released... and Atlantis seems to be doing quite well judging on their re-release schedule, so Revell may have made a big mistake in selling off most of their legacy tools reportedly at scrap value. Anyway, I guess it won't be long until the CR.42 will be available in a Revell box...
  6. tempestfan

    Saintly Fiat

    My somewhat dated "Squadrons of the RAF & Commonwealth" (1988 edition, the book for which I joined Air Britain...) says 16 had Tomahawks, but only between Feb and Apr 43, and they were always stationed in Blighty until well after D-Day. Kittyhawk squadrons listed are: - I: 94, 112, 250, 260, 450, 3 RAAF, 2 and 4 SAAF - II: 250, 260,, 3 RAAF - III: 112, 250, 260, 450, 3 RAAF, 2 and 5 SAAF - IV: 112, 250, 450, 3 RAAF, 5 and 11 SAAF Not that many choices, actually. Looking at the bases, all of them moved very often, so it may not be that easy to pinpoint a location
  7. Actually we had that debate way back when (I was a bit more active). Sorry I can't be of any help re the original question - have you checked the Classic books? At least Vol. 3 was available a couple of weeks ago for something like 20 quid delivered (on Abe), Crécy seems to have cheaply ditched their remaining stock. Smith/Creek are 83 "light/Medium Green" proponents, but anyway, the one in the pic by SD is obviously dark - I can't distinguish anything like demarcations on the wing. Which may ***may*** MAY even mean it was painted in 70/71. Even if it means nothing (re your questi
  8. The reviewer on Hyperscale was slightly underwhelmed of the Trumpeter kit.
  9. Certainly soon people will be around with more knowledge on the subject, but: No, 5 and 8 fuselages are not identical, versions post the 5 were slightly longer between engine and cockpit, something like 40cm or so. The basic engine should be alright for all three versions I think, especially in 72nd.
  10. IIRC both the ICM 17 and 111 had in-box Reviews on a certain Australian-based site, with plenty of photos to give you an idea of General optics. And I'd be very surprised if there weren't any builds around here commenting on the respective fit and any issues to be Aware of.
  11. I guess a bit less would‘ve sufficed, but then they must have invested quite a bit of effort in producing the scans, and if I was them, I wouldn’t want some enterprising souls selling reprints off those scans. Having had a very brief look, this looks like a terrific resource, and many thanks to @JWM Jerzy for bringing it to our attention.
  12. Markings and box art were retained for the 1973 copyrighted Type 4 box 2055. 125 was not a boxing but a bagging The blue used for the SNB‘s at least was rather pale on all sheets I have seen. 20 years ago you could have woke me at 2 am reciting the markings options for most Airfix kits, but then I am 20 years older now. If memory doesn’t fail as usual the 1979 boxing had Bud Mahurin‘s Spirit of Atlantic City and an RAF SEA bird, so is no help. Would the JoHan decals help? They had Bailey‘s Zombie IIRC (but no Malcolm hood) - but thinking about it the option would have been a bu
  13. I am very certain they are, I have Tome 3 and 4 of the Mirage saga in which EM participated, and well, what can I say... As they have gone to self-publishing (Mirage #4 was by Lela, where I would have had a Chance of noticing the range) apparently, I would likely have become Aware of the range when they have gone to Mirage #1 and #2 state - unobtainium... Mail sent to Eric already.
  14. Thanks for making me aware of EM37- while not inexpensive in absolute figures, I think I have a good idea of what to expect, and feel all three tomes will be on their way soon
  15. Wow, that’s a treat! Perhaps they should rather have been spelt „YUK!!“ Probably rather more late 80s, as it likely would have been much easier (though expensive) to get an original Mono kit by around 1992. @Hook André, Modelling for Masochists will be the title of my WIP‘s once I ever get around to building something. Giorgio knows what will be the first project (no 111 though).
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