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  1. tempestfan

    Help needed to identify a Bf109G-6

    Would the old wheel fit the axle of the „new“ u/c, assuming there was a new one for the thicker wheel? And - would such an aircraft have the wheel bulges (I assume yes)? A very attractive aircraft- and one that could be built from the old Revell 1/32 that gave Beulen but only the asphalt cutter wheels...
  2. tempestfan

    Help needed to identify a Bf109G-6

    It looks to have the E/F/G-1/-2 style "spoked wheels" - was that a common fit on G-5/6 ?
  3. tempestfan

    New questions Looking for a Mk.XVIII WING Panel line diagram ?

    I think a conversion of the Heller should be feasible, especially if you have the Bentley drawings. I just thought about the MB because it’s very accurate (if the Bentley drawings are, as it fits them almost perfectly) and used to be easily available, but then it makes no sense spending big bucks on transatlantic shipment even if you could spare them. I have two or three built „junk box queens“ that I one day intend to rebuild, but that doesn’t help you, either... Yes, the main difference between V and VI are the relocated carb intake and cooler, and I think the interior of the radiator is different somewhat, but IIRC pics with that area clearly visible are hard to find, usually either the angle of the pic is „wrong“, or it’s in the shadow, or a prop blade is in the way. Or all of the above. Not sure if Bentley is all that clear on that aspect either. Not sure if all VI‘s had the filter, but it would seem logical as it was a dedicated trop variant. The fairing is missing from the MB anyway, and the Heller has a somewhat superior u/c. It‘s more than ten years now that I did some prep work for the Queens - time to pick up...
  4. tempestfan

    1/72 Matchbox Phantom Canopy

    +1 for the Fujimi route - as the kits come with two sets, there should be some spares around.
  5. tempestfan

    New questions Looking for a Mk.XVIII WING Panel line diagram ?

    What scale are you building, 1/72? If so, Matchbox has (had) a simple but very good Tempest VI off the shelf- if you can find one.... IIRC, the Tempest sand filter fairing protruded from the rear of the radiator housing on the fuselage underside. Do you have the Bentley drawings?
  6. tempestfan

    Tornado Gr1

    Would the LRMTS transparency be that hard to scratch? I think it’s just a wedge-shaped piece. Not sure what 45 flew when, but do you require the IRLS fairings for a straight 1? And as 45 was the shadow identity of the TWCU (IIRC... at least way back when), you may well get away with a tankless machine, possibly.
  7. tempestfan

    I hope this is a (bad) joke....

    That's right - I don't want to see photos of younger modellers everywhere, I much prefer the scantily clad ladies. I guess we're going full circle her to Ms Stormy... Bligh me - where's the coat when you need it most...
  8. tempestfan

    I hope this is a (bad) joke....

    As this comes from a Chinese company, I wonder if it will be exempted from the US extra tariffs in this special case ...
  9. tempestfan

    RAF Jaguars

    CBLS, I think.
  10. tempestfan

    Best Hurricane Ml.1 1/48

    Some 30 years ago, SMI had a feature comparing all the Hurri kits in all scales. IIRC the reviewer concluded it was „fat“ around the cockpit, possibly also with an excessively thick wing (to accommodate the retracting u/c).
  11. tempestfan

    RAF Jaguars

    There's a quite classic series of BAe official photos taken by Geoff Lee, 1989 woul sound about right, of 3 or 4 6 Sq. birds with varying loadouts, including an LGB on (IIRC) the centreline on one. AT least some of them found their way into print, e.g. the volume in the successor range to Warbirds Illustrated on the Jaguar. The BL755 has "straight" fins with smaller fins in the centre of the thicker fin base (sorry for the desription ...), I think the thinner fins pop out at some point. The standard 1000pdr has "swept" fin leading edges and a cut out at the centre for the arming prop (?).
  12. tempestfan

    1980's wrap-around camo scheme

    The types you look for were covered by four of the first five Aeroguides, which are available as scans on Boxart Den. The pics in them will help you get the sense of the amount of soft edges. IIRC they are fairly pronounced on the Hawk and Bucc used for the cover pics, though of course those are close ups, as Giorgio says this will tend to emphasize them.
  13. tempestfan

    Best ju87

    Mike, the Classic books usually quote the draftsman in the Copyright Block on the page with the bibliographic information, before the book proper starts. The 262, 335 and 200 have drawings by Arthur Bentley, the 88 by some Polish gentlemen. As Graham says, the drawings will only be as accurate as the data they are based on. Junkers „General“ drawings/Data sheets may not necessarily be the ideal source, there are enough cases were kits were based on manufacturers data that wasn’t kept up to date - Airfix Battle, Matchbox Beaufighter for example. Did you get that book at a good price? It seems fairly scarce these days...
  14. tempestfan

    RAF Jaguars

    Jaguars started in Dk. Green/Dk. Sea Grey over Light Aircraft Grey (I think it was LAG). The Aeroguide (actually there are two) is/are very worthwhile. The original one st least is available as a scan on boxart den.
  15. tempestfan

    1920s Fleet Air Arm carrier flight decks

    FAA in Focus I states Illustrious was the first with an armoured deck. Which does not necessarily imply all decks before were wooden. Not a single Bison in sight, must’ve been in one of the other volumes. I‘ll keep looking out. —- Found Pt. 2, Post war mainly. I could have sworn... FAA in Camera has a pic of Darts on Eagle captioned as ca 1928. Deck looks grey, with no visible planking. P.49 Eagle looks to have broad (1.5 m?) longitudinal plating.