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  1. Go to your profile and edit your signature.
  2. Actually, that's incorrect. I also built this Hasegawa Macchi C.202 Folgore for the MTO GB in 2016. Was that really seven years ago?!?!?
  3. Same for me, so I need to rectify that. I'm just coming down from the madness (maybe not for you, but certainly for me) that was the Dassault GB. I kinda lost control in that one. I was looking forward to getting my "in progress" count down to single figures, but then along comes another GB which has captured my imagination due to the sheer volume of interesting subjects. I've always wanted to build an F-104S. But which scheme? The classic camouflage or the later air defence grey? Simple answer... both! I've also always wanted to build another Fiat G-91. I built the venerable Airfix kit back in the day, but that's over half a century ago, so it's definitely time for another. A German aircraft isn't eligible for this GB. I'm already building two Italian subjects in this GB. So it looks like it will have to be Portuguese... I recall a wonderful detachment in 1988 to Rota in Andalusia, southern Spain. There isn't actually much of Spain that is further south than Rota, so an AV-8S seems to be in order. So far la tea dough this year, I have built six Mirage III/5 and three Mirage F1s, so one would have thought that's the Mirage itch well and truly scratched. But no. I've still got room for a Spanish Mirage IIIEE and a Greek Mirage F1CG in their wonderful Aegean Ghost scheme. So that's it. Off the deep end again. The good news is that I am building entirely from The Stash.
  4. I'm horrified to find that this is the only build I have done that would have qualified for this GB: A Ju 88A operated during the Spanish Civil War. So I'd better rectify that omission PDQ...
  5. Post your reference information here. Please note if posting artwork or photos you must either be the copyright holder or have the copyright holder's permission to post. If you do not hold the copyright or have permission, then a link to the original website is permissible.
  6. Show us your previous builds of subjects from Southern Europe.
  7. Post your completed builds here. No more than five photos per entry. Please do not post comments in this thread. All comments should go in the subject's build thread.
  8. All of my entries * are now complete! Gallery entries tomorrow. (* with the exception of the Mirage 2000s, which were never intended to be finished by the GB end date)
  9. All of my entries are now complete! Gallery entries tomorrow.
  10. So let's get started. These are the cockpit assemblies. The upper one is for the B.XVI with H2S radar. Freightdog provide a very nice resin instrument panel with the additional radar gear. I have added seat harnesses from Eduard. Ready to close up the fuselages. Canopies fitted and masked. The B.XVI has the nose glazing painted over with what looks like a camera installed poking through the glazing flat panel. Freightdog provide a resin part to represent this.
  11. For the sprue shots of these kits, I think the best course of action is to refer you to the reviews on this site.
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