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  1. The IIIC is a bit of a nightmare due to the way the forward fuselage is set up. There are precious few glueing surfaces and so the nose section becomes easily misaligned as a result. Cleaning that up removes a lot of the nicely moulded surface detail. However, the IIIE nose is set up differently so I believe it will be less tricky.
  2. And we're finished! First the Me 210. Then the Me 410 A family photo. And in best Blue Peter fashion, here's one I made earlier. Looking forward to the release of the bomber versions.
  3. Messerschmitt Me 210C-1a Z1+17 102/2 Tigris Squadron Magyar Királyi Honvéd Légierő (Royal Hungarian Air Force) 1944 Kit: Airfix 1/72 04066 Decals: HADmodels 72168 Build thread: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235134314-converting-the-airfix-me-410/
  4. Messerschmitt Me 410B-2/U2 Wk Nr 410082 6./ZG76 Wien-Seyring, Austria June 1944 Kit: Airfix 1/72 04066 Decals: Xtradecal X72286 Build thread: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235134314-converting-the-airfix-me-410/
  5. Bristol Beaufort Mk.I L9866, MW-J, 217 Sqn RAF St Eval 1 February 1941 Flown in an attack on the heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper. Kit: Airfix 1/72 04021 Build thread: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235137047-bristol-beaufort/
  6. The wings are easy to assemble - four parts for each one. I temporarily closed up the fuselage to see how well the wings fit. As you can see - perfectly! The instruction sequence shows the wings to be fitted pretty much last - even after the undercarriage. I'll follow the recommended sequence (for once ) but I think I will paint and decal the wings before I attach them. Back to the wheel bay. Here are some of the components painted up ready for fitment. Not shown are all the struts. As you can see, the wheel bay is very busy. The struts are so well engineered that they simply fall into the correct place. They can then be secured with a tiny dab of superglue.
  7. Like my other entry in this GB, the Accurate Miniatures SB2U, there is a lot of interior detail in this kit. Hear are the components for the cockpit. I used Lifecolor UA-819 to represent bronze green. The wheel bay area was sprayed aluminium from a rattle can which is correct for this early pre-war version. The later options in the kit have light grey wheel bays. Again there is a lot of detail in the wheel bay and we can see the first problem. The firewall assembly is intended to be built up from a number of small parts including lots of fragile struts. I managed to break the first strut that I cut from the sprue! So I'm not going to follow the instruction sequence. Instead I will buid the wheel bay structure up in the fuselage working from starboard to port. Here is the firewall in place, allowing me to glue the broken strut into place on the fuseage side.
  8. Windscreen fitted and masked, using the Academy masks in the kit. The cockpit area has also been masked using tissue paper and masking tape, sealed with Copydex. I have purposely not fitted the greenhouse centre section yet as I want to display the model with the canopies open. The gunner's canopies need to be fitted underneath the centre section, which will be easier if it is fitted last. The kit parts show the machine gun in the port wing, which is incorrect. I filled the ejection slots and sanded off the access door. The Techmod decals have a small PE fret allowing one to add the access door in the correct position under the starboard wing. The model was then primed using my usual technique of a coat of clear laquer from a rattle can followed by a coat of grey plastic primer, also from a rattle can. Now comes the fun part!
  9. Utterly insane! But you'll have this running round in your head all week!
  10. The valve gear was then added. As a Hornby spare, it all comes as two seperate assemblies. They were easy to fit, once I had opened up the slots in the cylinder rear faces. I still need to close the gap above the Cartazzi truck. Let's move on to the tender. The wheels were painted with Lifecolor UA-821. The buffer beam on the tender chassis was masked off and the chassis assembly was given a coat of Tamiya XF-69 to take away the plasticky sheen. The tender components ready to be joined. Just visible is the semi-depleted coal load. I will show better photos of that later on. Preliminary assembly. That bent handrail really needs some attention!
  11. This is scary. I seem to be approaching the event horizon of a particularly deep rabbit hole. I started off with a Kfir and a Falcão. All well and good. Then peer pressure forced me to add a Mirage. Well... not forced exactly... While looking for other things in The Stash I found a Mig-15, Mig-17 and Sea Fury. I know I have Cuban decals for all three. F-16A. I have Venezuelan decals Numerous Meteor F8s. I have Brazilian decals. This could get out of hand very quickly...
  12. The Deltic engines are visible through the windows on the sides of the engine. However, you can't see any detail. Just a huge grey bulk. There are resin engines available, but it seemed rather extravagant to buy two engines when they will never been properly seen - not to mention a shame to hide all that lovely detail. So instead I crudely fashioned a blanking block from foam and cardboard. The bearings were painted yellow with a red decal stripe. Decals applied to both bodyshells. I'm awaiting delivery of etched nameplates for each of them. The headcodes were taken from a photocopy of the headcode sheet in the Accurascale RTR model. The Green Howards (the blue one) is hauling a King's Cross - Newcastle train in 1974 while The Fife And Forfar Yeomanry is heading the down Flying Scotsman in 1963.
  13. Originally, I intended to build a Mirage in this GB. I then changed my mind and decided to build a Kfir instead. Not that they are very different... But my change of mind didn't go down very well. The general consensus is that I should build them both. Suddenly, there I was - hoist by my own petard. So here, by popular demand, is an Argentinian Mirage IIIEA. This is the Modelsvit kit.
  14. I have them on a south facing window sill. They get direct sunlight during the day. I water them five days a week and feed them some tomato food from the local gardening centre once a week. They are like little chilli factories. They always have three or four on the go.
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