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  1. It's all a moo point, as I don't want to complicate matters by linking to sites other than BM.
  2. There will be when I buy one! Now, which groupbuild will it fit into?
  3. In 1/48 the Airfix kit is excellent. But you will need to find a source of depleted uranium to provide the nose balance. Alternative you could put some Cavorite in the rear fuselage.
  4. Sadly, that's troo! I know that I should carry out a full audit of The Stash and allow Gideon to track it all. The problem is that each time I start an audit, I get distracted by buildage.
  5. Are we sure? Wikipedia states: The development program was abandoned in 1986 after three prototypes had been built and a fourth partially completed.
  6. I've mentioned before that I plan to build an F-111K Merlin. I was planning to use the Airfix F-111E but upon inspection of the kit I have found that it is missing a lot of parts, including one wing and both tailplanes. Now that I think about it, I recall that I bought it from a charity shop for - literally - a couple of quid. But all is not lost. I have an Italeri EF-111A in The Stash. I can graft the Airfix fin and intakes onto it to produce my Merlin B.1A.
  7. I've already committed to a Westland Whirlwind. I'm thoroughly enjoying building the new Airfix Messerschmitt Me 410 at the moment, so another one is very much on the cards. Then... I had another rummage through The Stash this aternoon and came across an AZ Models HP Hampden. It's the Valom kit with new transparencies. I feel that I really want to build it.
  8. The undersurfaces were sprayed with Xtracrylix XA1208 RLM 76. The uppersurfaces were then sprayed with Xtracrylx XA1207 RLM 75. A quick coat of clear lacquer and then I'm off and running. This type of camouflage always puts me into a bit of an airbrush frenzy. Once it is started, I cannot leave it alone. So, I masked the disruptive pattern. And sprayed with Xtracrylix XA1206 RLM 74. It seems to me that the Me 410 had a distinct edge to the camouflage demarcation on the fuselage side. Not exactly hard edged, but certainly more distinct than on other aircraft. So I cleaned up the edge with another application of XA1208. Then it was time to mottle. This is quite a heavy mottle of RLM 75. It will compare nicely when I build further Me 410s which had much lighter mottling. I'm quite pleased how it all turned out. .
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