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  1. Gents, Thank you ! Hopefully she's not too far away, Dave. Pat, I have a couple more for you below So I mailed Revell a number of weeks ago re. obtaining a later decal set and had put the idea of it arriving to bed. However, it turned up today, FoC!! (Many thanks to Revelll ) I had originally liked the idea of the gauges but I've decided to stick with what I have below (unless consensus says otherwise). However, the smaller decals will be used (possibly the tire decals too but I'm open to comment) so I've an extra job before final assembly
  2. Thanks Glynn, It's quite a labourious process with all the cleaning up to do but quite rewarding at the same time Hoping that she's rounding the final corner. You're very kind, Rob. Thank you Much appreciated, Tim. Thank you
  3. Slow but steady and looking great!!
  4. Unless you build models, I don't think you can appreciate the work that goes into them. I'm pretty sure everyone on the site can empathise with what you say here
  5. A little detail goes a long way. Nicely done!!
  6. Wow - That build is so clean!! Take a picture on it's own and there's not a single sign that's it's a model. Outstanding!
  7. Hi reini, She's looking superb and I'm looking forward to the final pics
  8. Very nice!! Did they do them in grey? Wait, have I already asked that??
  9. Hi Craig, She's looks rather imposing!! Fantastic build and fantastic result mate. Looks awesome
  10. Lots more cleaning, priming and paining this weekend! I also decided to add a wooden floor to the front of the cabin. Once the colour goes on the last of the parts, it should be just a case of a few decals and assembly
  11. The wood looks good so far. I've found that a coat of thinned 'clear orange' (Tamiya x26) helps to bring it out; bit like on oil treatment on the real thing.
  12. Thanks Pat! Haha - Definitely just a temporary handle I was toying with the idea of some oil and grease but most pictures I've found are bright and shiny hence decided to go for the 'collectors' look.
  13. Thanks All - It's coming along slowly as there is quite a lot of cleaning up to do on each part but I'm pleased so far I'm also having to primer every part as the plastic doesn't like a thinned acrylic; a bit like it didn't like the Tamiya thin cement Anyhow, the body is painted with a base coat of Brunswick and I think it contrasts OK with the BRG. I've used the templates for the numbers but I'll be using the decals for the Union Flag!! Excuse the sprue; I've glued it on as a handle for now. Once it's removed, the rear seat will hide the mark when installed. I'm th
  14. Sorry to jump in here but it had me wondering also. I don't believe there's any link to Pontiac hence as there is a 'Monte Carlo' version, I'm guessing that it is indeed depicted as stationed in the town of Bonneville. I'm sure someone will confirm
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