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  1. It's slow going but still going. First bit of orange; just need to find some time away from work and gardening for more!!
  2. Haha - Thank you!! You're very kind Erik; Thank you. Don't forget a WIP when you start her!! Thank you Weather no so good since photos taken
  3. Have seen her in the gallery - looks wonderful; especially considering you went 'old school'. Kudos
  4. Thanks Col - This GB was an absolute pleasure - Thank you You are very kind - Thanks Bertie Thanks Toryo I have to admit to just getting lucky with my old iphone 7 when it comes to the photos Thank you
  5. Hi Steve / Gordon, Thank you Glad you like her. The kit is such a pleasure to build! I thoroughly recommend it!! Cheers
  6. Thanks Jeroen Thanks Mike I totally agree re BM being a bad influence Thank you Norman Thanks Dave I've realised it's your BM thread I took most info from. Very much appreciated However, I sooooooo like the removable bulkhead option - Bit late now though
  7. Sun is out again so I've taken some pictures today
  8. Hi All, Here's my 'Dambuster'. Build is here if you're interested:
  9. Hi All, I've build this for the Bomber GB so thought I'd share here too. Cheers Nigel
  10. Quick update going into the weekend. What with some planned gardening and the first Grand Prix of the year, I'm not sure how much time I'll get to spend on this over the next 48 hours!
  11. Hi All, Does anyone use Amazon Photos? Just wondered how to post to here from there as they don't seem to have a 'BBCode' option as offered by Flickr (which I believe is what's required by BM and what I currently use)? Cheers Nigel
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