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  1. Thanks Brad! Appreciated Jeroen, I was certain at 10 years old I was going to fly off to California and become a CHiPs officer so I could work with the pair of them; didn't happen though Quick update as I've pieced together the engine. I've left a couple of parts with the kit chrome, just to break up the tones. The rest is Alclad over black.
  2. OK, So I went off piste. I thought if the decals don't play ball then the model is lost; I therefore started with the tank as it's the main focus. The top decal failed miserably hence I painted it but the rest were OK (though the lines were a bit of a struggle) Needs a little touch in but I think I'm OK to crack on with the rest of the build now!
  3. I am indeed thank you Stix; hope the same goes for you. It was reported back that he was rather pleased so that made me even happier!! Thank you for the nice words Hi Glynn, You're very kind sir Hope you're keeping well Cheers
  4. Hi, Thanks Ramtin. However, yours will so much better with the lines scribed!! Do you have a build thread for it? Hi Stix, You're very kind. Not the greatest of builds but very enjoyable
  5. Hi All, Thank you for the kind comments and apologies with such a late reply. @Bedders I'm afraid this is all I have, Justin. The model now resides with it's owner. Cheers Nigel
  6. Thanks for the comments Gidge, I appreciate the information and will bear it in mind for the future. Cheers Nigel
  7. Hi All, This will be my build for the GB. I bought this kit last year for something 'different' and the fact I loved the show as a kid!! There are 4 versions in the manual but I'm going with the earliest. There are also parts for a 'sport' version so I guess I'll be picking my way through the parts I need and will have a fair number of spare parts at the end.
  8. Thanks Dennis. I'm sure that the more experienced would have removed the raised lines and re-scribed them. Pretty certain this kit would be lifted 10 fold by doing so!!
  9. Hi All, Thanks for the nice comments; they are really appreciated I'd normally take much longer to build this but I felt under pressure as it's the lad's birthday. I really enjoy building and having a reason to do it, rather than just picking out the next kit, is quite a motivator!! @cngaero Hi Chris, the paint in Vallejo Model Air with Humbrol Gloss on top. Cheers Nigel
  10. Hi All, This was built for the A&NZ GB. The kit is very basic (though I wasn't a fan of the raised panel lines) so it made for a fun and simple build. Build is here for anyone interested: Cheers Nigel
  11. OK - This is done and in the gallery. Very basic kit with not a lot of detail but it made for a fun build. Thanks to Dennis @Corsairfoxfouruncle and Pat @JOCKNEY for hosting. Cheers Nigel
  12. F/A-18 Hornet RAAF (Italeri 1:72) Hi All, Here's by contribution. Build is here for anyone interested: Cheers Nigel
  13. Just to set the scene, the phone rings and it's my youngest calling from Uni: Dad, will you build a model for one of my mates? Me: Depends, what is it? My son: Dunno, but I gave him our address and it's arriving tomorrow. Oh, and can he have it in time for his birthday on 25th March?? Anyhow, that was 3 weeks ago and this is what he sent me: And this is what he's getting back. Hope he likes it!!
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