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  1. wimbledon99

    'Jolly Rogers' F-4J Phantom (Revell 1:72)

    Hi Gents, Apologies for my absence. Between the ongoing building work at home and plain old work, I've just had no time to enjoy the better things. Hoping to get moving on this again in a couple of weeks if all goes to plan. Cheers Nigel
  2. wimbledon99

    'Jolly Rogers' F-4J Phantom (Revell 1:72)

    Just need to be careful how I take the final photos. Once it’s hanging from my nephew’s ceiling, it won’t be seen
  3. wimbledon99

    'Jolly Rogers' F-4J Phantom (Revell 1:72)

    Hi Rich, Had a look at the canopy tonight and the Klear has almost emphasised the crack. Hey ho, que sera Thanks Threadbear. Not sure if I'm honest but it's not a bad kit either way
  4. wimbledon99

    'Jolly Rogers' F-4J Phantom (Revell 1:72)

    As planned, I've managed to wrap the cockpit When prepping the canopy, I noticed a crack in the top I'm hoping the 'Klear' treatment does the trick Time will tell
  5. wimbledon99

    'Jolly Rogers' F-4J Phantom (Revell 1:72)

    Here's the 'office'. Hope to wrap it in the fuselage this evening
  6. wimbledon99

    'Jolly Rogers' F-4J Phantom (Revell 1:72)

    Thanks for the welcome Rich I've been itching to get this underway as I was partly through a 1/48 version last year when disaster struck with the decals and I had to abandon the project. However, I'm already wondering whether I should have gone for the Academy kit with its single piece fuselage but I'll crack on and see where the Revell kit leads
  7. wimbledon99

    I-16 Type 10 (Eduard 1:48)

    Thanks Stix - House going OK but will take longer than originally planned I'm sure I'll find a reason to build the I-16 soon enough
  8. wimbledon99

    I-16 Type 10 (Eduard 1:48)

    As this was a 'between builds, build', with the house-build work still soaking up a lot of my time and a desire to start my Phantom, I'm going to bow out of this GB. Good luck to everyone involved. There are some fine builds in progress and the gallery is starting to fill nicely Cheers Nigel
  9. Apologies if this has already been asked but is there a banner for this GB?
  10. wimbledon99

    JGSDF TYPE 10 TANK - Tamiya 1/48

    Hi Stix, This is (as usual) rather wonderful. The 'real' skirts and that uniform are particularly impressive. Cracking job!!
  11. Very nice Stix Those 'skirts' look like they are actually flexible
  12. wimbledon99

    'Jolly Rogers' F-4J Phantom (Revell 1:72)

    Right, now that the F1 is over, here's the usual sprue pics along with one where I've removed the parts for the first few stages
  13. I now have my 'den' back so I thought I'd kick this one off. I still need to spend a lot of time with building work on the house but I'm hoping to squeeze in some hours on this wherever possible.
  14. wimbledon99

    Sgt.Squarehead's 'Shermanicus Genericus'

    They look great Sarge! Thanks again for the GB - It's been brilliant Cheers Nigel
  15. wimbledon99


    Great result Ozzy!! The B&W photo looks particularly convincing!!