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  1. Hi Stix, Alas no Peaks and troughs at the moment but progress due soon Hi Scargsy, 100% better!! The part was still on the sprue but had just not been formed correctly (almost not at all). Replacement is just as should be
  2. Oh Pants, does that mean my build won't make it to the vote??
  3. Hi JR, Yep it's a clear part and hopefully already winging it's way to me from Airfix!! The 2-piece section you refer to calls for both 'ends' to be left unpainted (look closely at the arrows). However, the Eduard 'frame' covers this window suggesting it does indeed have a hinged cover (you can just about see it in one of the pictures I've posted). Cheers
  4. Hi Stix, Looks like progress will not be hampered as I have just received the following. Now THAT'S service Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for your email, Further to your communication reference *xxxxxx*** we can confirm your spares order has been sent today. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us at this email address. Kind regards Hornby Hobbies Spares Team
  5. Ah, I see what you mean now, Peter! Thanks for the support I've hit a small stumbling block in that Part No: E04 isn't formed properly. I've just mailed Airfix re. a replacement via their website and have been advised by an automated mail that I can expect a response within 28 DAYS!! Still, lots more to be getting on with in the interim.
  6. Hi Jean, My plan for the stubs is to paint the camo then mask around the stack and dry brush the required colour. Should look OK but time will tell! Something else I thought about was painting the ailerons and flaps prior to fitting due to masking issues around the hinges and rods but I hope that in attacking it upside-down (by painting the upper-sides first; I usually do the underside first), the masking should be quite simple
  7. Hi Jean, Are the air brakes the bits on the lower front of the wing? If so, I've just checked and the decals will slide nicely under them Thanks for the heads up though!!
  8. Couple of quick update pictures. I don't use all the etch at this scale but I'm thinking the hinges / rods on the ailerons / flaps might be a worthwhile upgrade (they are not yet fixed)
  9. Hi Craig, Stix, Ed, Glynn & Jean, Thanks for the support; really appreciated It's a lovely kit to work on; Kudos to Airfix! Jean, I have to admit that I don't have a clue what they are (I just like sticking plastic together) but I'm sure someone with far more subject knowledge will be able to educate us However, here's the Airfix and Eduard instructions as further clues . I didn't add what appear to be handles at this scale as I find pulling ones hair out can be rather painful!
  10. Hi Peter, Thanks for dropping in I know what you mean re. the Eduard parts; the colour does appear to be off. However, I'm fairly pragmatic in the sense that once it's done up, under the human eye (as opposed to the camera lens) and on he shelf, it's not so bad. Here's the latest photos!!
  11. Ikea Malm (As per the rules) Built today for my boys' room Sorry, couldn't resist
  12. Hi Jean, That did just make me laugh out loud! I tend to use Vallejo Air where I can and that's the paint used here. Humbrol called out 240 which translates to 44 in VA. Try not to get too excited!! Cheers Nigel
  13. Wow - This brought back some memories!! I had a die cast version as a kid. The missile was sprung loaded and fired when a button was pushed on the side. The build is fantastic. Thanks for taking me back
  14. I thought I had posted some progress but it seems to have disappeared! Oh well, I probably dumb thumbed it! That aside, here's what I have to date now that the paint has arrived:
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