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  1. Thanks Dennis Just the AIM9-Ls will be used here. Not mad on building missiles so the fewer the better for me! Hi Stix, I've not had a huge amount of luck with modern jet builds but thought I'd have another go. I need the practice; I have a Tamita 1:48 F14-D waiting for me later in the year
  2. Hi Stix, All good thanks but definitely looking to the hobby for a bit of lockdown relief, not stress As much as I pictured this model looking like the box art, it's not to be hence moving onto my planned GBs. I'll check the lists to see if we're taking part in any of the same. Either way, I'll drop by your builds to see some 'magic' Stay well Nigel
  3. Well, I think this may be as far as this one goes. I've spent a tad more time on the decals but I'm not sure my patience is going to hold out. They're not going down great and I've already realised a placement error hence this may end up as a 'what if' some day. Thanks to those who showed interest in this; sorry to disappoint Cheers Nigel
  4. Hi All, This will be my entry. Never built one of these before so all tips and tricks welcome!! Cheers Nigel
  5. Wow!! That's looking seriously impressive I reckon Borat would demand those missiles remain shiny However, definitely worth trying a matt coat first as it would be a shame to have to start again; they look so good!
  6. Just seen this in the gallery and had to drop by to say it's marvelous!! Well done, Cliff.
  7. Hi Col and thank you. Thank you also for the excuse to tackle this kit I've a couple of weeks to find some time for my 'slow burn' Lotus then I'm into the ANZAC GB with an F/A-18 Hornet (my first!) Cheers
  8. And to you Stix - Ditto re. you and yours keeping well You are very kind. I was a tad out out of my comfort zone but happy with the outcome. It was an enjoyable build and that's what it's all about
  9. Well done all!! Fantastic builds and well deserved wins
  10. Hi All, I've just complete this build for the Interceptor GB hence also posting her in the RFI. Build thread below for anyone interested. Cheers Nigel
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