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  1. Hi Stix, I’m good thanks but my modelling time is non existent at the minute Work is chewing up so much time lately as is the fact I’m putting a new bathroom into my parents house at weekends. Hope to get back to the bench soon!! Many thanks, Mick. Glad you like it
  2. Hi Craig, I may have to bow out of this GB I'm way behind with the 75th GB and finding bench time is a real challenge at the moment. If I can I will but if not, you have my unreserved apologies. Cheers Nigel
  3. Wow - Just popped in to update a post and saw this in the gallery! She looks superb and in such a short time too!! Amazing
  4. Thank you, Dennis Some of those images are quite amazing!! And here are some not-quite-so-amazing images. This is proving a testing build. Not too much filler required but there is a lot of dry fitting, cutting, filing, repeat process - more than a few times!! Anyhow, This is where she's at currently:
  5. WooHoo - That's the first time I've ever managed a placing in a GB - Thank you for the votes - Feeling rather chuffed! Well done to @Wafu and @spruecutter as well as all those who took part. Thanks again to Craig for a cracking GB. Right, I'm signing off before it turns into a 'Oscar' style speech!! Cheers Nigel
  6. Many thanks. The sun was lovey I purchased some round filing sticks just before we left so they'll hopefully be useful for shaping. Sadly, Anzio never happened There was so much to see in Rome that we decided to stay in the city on Sunday. Another day maybe! Thanks Craig. Was lovely but as above, we never made Anzio Hi, Thank you for the heads up; the gap isn't too bad. I've seen worse so I must be lucky with this box Hi Stix, Thank you. It's proving a little challenging but it's all good learning
  7. There certainly are Craig but the instructions are good in this respect Hi Valkyrie, The shape it what's bothering be at the moment. The cowling / fus / wing joint is proving rather challenging during the the dry fit stage but I'm hoping once liquid is applied, things look better. I can see some filling and sanding in the pipeline!! Anyhow, here's the cockpit with a little colour. It's ready to be installed so the next images will hopefully look more like an aircraft Just for info, the chest straps will have to go in later as they attach to a plate which can't be fitted until the fus is joined! No more updates for a few days as I'm taking a trip to Rome with the Mrs. Have also decided to take the train to Anzio on Sunday for some lunch by the sea and soak up a bit of WW2 history with the sun
  8. Thanks Valkyrie. The etch provided with the kit is certainly a nice touch. Glad to have you along Thanks Mick. Here's a little more progress. The instructions aren't very clear and after a dry fit, I realised I had to remove a section of the lower wing part. What I did like was the option to drill the holes required for the different build version.
  9. Thank you, John. If ever there was a reason to build one, I think yours is top of the list!! Honoured to be part of your reference material Ping me a note when the build starts. Would be great to follow. Cheers. NIgel Hi Stix, Thanks again - way too kind but much appreciated
  10. Hi Nigel, Sorry to see this didn't get across the line. As Craig said, all that hard work!! On the flip side, you've brought a lot of pleasure and learning so thank you See you on another GB Cheers Nigel
  11. Wow!! All those details have made this rather stunning. Molto bene!!!!
  12. OK - So thought it would be good to start on day 1 of the build. Brad's warning re. the cowling was spot on. The fit is very poor with large gaps but some filler will sort that
  13. Hi Rich, Thanks for the info. Personally: Easy = Not so = I like the head-phones version so am hoping for no head-banging
  14. Hi Dennis, Nice to have you along Hi Brad, Thanks for the tips and link. Much appreciated Hi Craig, Looking at the kit, I don't believe it's as good as Dragon 'armour' but I'll have a good bash!! Hi Glynn, I chose it as I needed an excuse to build my first German aircraft. Fingers crossed it turns out a good choice
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