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  1. Nick away! Looking at yours, I’m wondering if I’ve done enough filling and sanding. It’s going to look great with primer
  2. Hi All, I've just come across the following site and had to share it. It may be known to you already but if not, it's amazing: http://www.theworldwars.net/resources/index.php Aircraft Colors and Camouflage - Royal Air Force (World War II) Aircraft Colors and Camouflage - Royal Air Force (Modern) Aircraft Colors and Camouflage - Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Aircraft Colors and Camouflage - Soviet/Russian Air Force and Navy (World War II) Aircraft Colors and Camouflage - Soviet/Russian Air Force and Navy (Modern) Aircraft Colors and Camouflage - US Air Force Aircraft Colors and Camouflage - US Army Air Force Aircraft Colors and Camouflage - US Army Aviation Aircraft Colors and Camouflage - US Marine Corps Aircraft Colors and Camouflage - US Navy It provides a list of the above aircraft and details their colours right down to tail bands and leading edges. Underneath each you'll find the colour codes for many of the available paint brands out there. It's my new 'go to' reference. Hope it's of use Cheers P.S. It's loaded with other info too
  3. Thanks Dave - Almost too smooth!! I won't be scribing any lines but hopefully the camo and black nose will break it up nicely Wait until you catch your first trout off the top with a self-tied fly. Magic!! Many thanks - I used the Deluxe Perfect Plastic Putty for the first time; it's amazing stuff.
  4. You weren't wrong about that join and I couldn't let it go. I had another round of filler and this is as good as it's going to get. Next is the tailplane followed by the top coats (after the primer has been left a day or two).
  5. So after the primer, the only major joint imperfections were the nose and upper back-end of the fuselage but as you can see, they've been rubbed back ready for a tad more filler (which is also required in some other minor areas). Oh, and the 'cockpit' join but I'm not sure whether to live with that I'll see what the day brings !!
  6. Quick update as she's ready for some primer. I've decided to leave the tailplane off at present just in case she needs more filling and sanding; this might get in the way so will be installed later.
  7. I've always fancied doing one of those American trucks so might look out for a Peterbilt or Kenworth at a reasonable price
  8. Haha - Yep - I went with it in the spirit of the 'Matchbox' theme. Think I'll call it Pinocchio!
  9. Hi Steve, Apologies if this has already been asked but what if it's an early tooling in a new box; does that count or does the box need to be old too?
  10. If I recall correctly, I said this would be a good excuse for something on 2 wheels. I was thinking at the time of a track bike (full fairing and lots of decals) but after having a meander through eBay, I settled on a Tamiya Yamaha Virago XV1000. I've always fancied building one and as it was on offer, it's been purchased in readiness for April
  11. OK - So after an evening of filling and sanding, this is what I have: Next on the list is to give the canopy the 'Klear' treatment
  12. Just thought, I also have a Dapol 'Schools Class' locomotive if the lifeboat doesn't qualify
  13. Mostly coarse and it tends mainly to be carp due to the local venues. I still have sea and fly gear but not used either for a fair few years now.
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