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  1. Hi Stix, I'm well thanks; hope you are too. It's not very detailed but it's fun Glad you like her so far. The lights make it more interesting (as you'll know from your Star Trek builds). Just hoping I finish this one! Hi and thank you. It's a fun build so you should have double the pleasure (building and then giving to your Dad). I picked this up quite cheaply on eBay; good luck with the search!!
  2. More decks done now. Here are some 'before', one 'during and a few 'after' photos (all parts are dry fitted for now). I have to say that I believe these wooden decks transform this basic kit. They must look outstanding on larger, more detailed models!!
  3. Holes now drilled and a tad more progress. Here's the 'before and after' pictures of the first deck. Having not used the wood decking before, I thought I'd opt for the piece that would be seen the least. Transpires it was probably the most awkward to fit but I'm hoping the rest is all downhill from here
  4. Just worth a mention that your link is for a 'Brabham Honda BT18 F2 1966 Champion'. The Lotus is out of stock hence I might stick with the 'Bargain' theory
  5. Spoke too soon about everything being drilled out!! These sections of the bow and stern need some assistance
  6. Thanks Valkerie The bench has been mentioned before; along with 'slight OCD' Right, you had better cover your eyes if lights scare you!!
  7. All good thanks Stix Just trying to get back to the bench in-between everything else going on at the mo!!
  8. Congrats to the winners as well as those who completed their entries. Some cracking builds across the GB - Well done all!!
  9. Hi Murdo, Yep, everything drilled out! It's not hugely detailed and I'm sure the Titanic aficionados would have lots to say about it but this one is a bit of modelling fun from my perspective so I won't be stressing over the 'authenticity' of the finished build Right, I've kicked off with the stand and the hull. Lights are also installed and tested OK
  10. Have you tried refreshing the page, Dennis. Maybe the phone has cached the original post??
  11. OK - So having failed the D-Day GB and foregoing the Year Born GB (late start meaning I wouldn't have time to do the planned kit justice), I'm looking to kick-start myself here with the planned Titanic build; it's the kit with the light set and I have a wooden decking kit (lights and wood are both firsts for me). I was going to switch tack and build a London Cab under "The Knowledge" but decided to stay on course so lets see what the next few weeks bring
  12. Thought so!!!! That said, If I list mine for £250, someone might think it's a bargain to be had
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