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  1. Hi It would fit in well with the way they drive here in metro vancouver area cheers jerry
  2. brewerjerry

    LSP hacked

    Hi Yep appears so a lot of useful info lost unless they can restore it jerry
  3. Hi have you tried a post here ? http://forum.12oclockhigh.net/forumdisplay.php?s=8b8a70665282b6641168c1b506b8d7f6&f=8 cheers jerry
  4. Hi Well we are approaching Q4 2021, hopefully there will be some news soon cheers jerry
  5. Hi Hopefully they corrected the mistakes that were in the early edition one funny one was packard building peregrines, the story started as someones 'what if' on the net I can't recall the rest as i put the book away somewhere cheers jerry
  6. Hi vaguely i think there was a time pre req , unit had to exist for 3yrs or 5yrs ? before a request could be submitted but i could be wrong cheers jerry
  7. Hi I don't have any , but would HK mosquito paddle props be the same ? they turn up on e bay sometimes cheers jerry
  8. Hi getting issues posting replies, hangs up on saving cheers jerry
  9. Hi have you tried a post here ? http://www.aerostories.org/~aeroforums/forumhist/ i have used it in the past, they are very helpful I just post in french first, ( courtesy as it is a french site ) followed by the post again in english it saves any confusion as to what info you are requesting you can always use an online translator to convert your post to french if needs be cheers jerry
  10. Hi there are some ventura colour photos here, from a film https://www.impdb.org/index.php?title=Son_of_Lassie cheers jerryb
  11. Hi No the interest is after the loss, it was sent to 5 OTU at boundary bay BC for use as an instruction airframe 10.6.44 SOC 10.11.45 So I was wondering if it was still in its delivery scheme, as it never left Canada cheers jerry
  12. Hi research for a future project anyone know if liberator III aircraft in 1942 were delivered in US colours and painted in UK to coastal scheme or left the US already in coastal scheme ex 41-1110 FK216 cheers jerry
  13. Hi Another random thought it appears to be in the same position where the AI aerial was fitted on the Havoc, looking at the 1977 plans done by Bentley Did any boston aircraft get the AI fit ? cheers jerry
  14. Hi My random thoughts are most of the aircraft appear to show 'touch up' paint of a slightly different shade of paint in different places maybe this could be covering up markings painted by the previous squadron who had the aircraft before 418 ? or not ? and just prop spray paint wear ? cheers jerry
  15. Hi thanks for posting nice photo of 'victoria' with modified fuselage roundel cheers jerry
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