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  1. Hi anyone know the accuracy of this set ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-48-scale-avro-lancaster-MKII-conversion-kit-Limited-edition-/233193472210 cheers jerry
  2. Hi If you wanted a post war RAF one there is a thread here of a G retro fitted post war with a glass nose cheers jerry
  3. Hi another BM thread link below mentions the extra guns and a photo of the 500Sqn anson 20mm cannon mod cheers jerry
  4. Hi i also have one on back order at hannants i hate to guess the shipping cost to canada my only hope is that it comes in a small box cheers jerry
  5. Hi Go careful with some of the info in the book speaking 'pc' it is not ' always correct ' so best to double check it elsewhere cheers jerry
  6. Hi doh my brain was not in gear cheers jerry
  7. Hi yep different a few links photos credited to IWM cheers jerry
  8. brewerjerry

    W series

    Hi just watched the race, think i will try to watch the rest https://wseries.com/ just need to find a drivers calendar now cheers jerry
  9. Hi 1:48 beaufort ? 1:48 hudson ? 1:72 halifax ? or an unlikely 1:24 whirlwind fighter cheers jerry
  10. Hi at last some indication of progress cheers jerry
  11. Hi I want ..... please update here when it is available cheers jerry
  12. Hi yeah they do look basic, but the price temps me for the 'bigger ' parts of a conversion that are harder to do I ordered a westland whirlwind canopy to see what the quality is like cheers jerry
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