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  1. Hi Well found my copy of the pilots notes AP 1530A april 1939 it shows that in that position is :- "direct-vision window and air deflector" " an air deflector is fitted outside the windscreen and can be raised " cheers jerry
  2. maybe they are both something made by the 25Sqn groundcrew in the station workshop ? cheers jerry
  3. Intermontane away from the sea, which is a change for me i decided to try out 100 mile in the cariboo if it doesnt workout, in a few years i will just downsize and move back to metro vancouver cheers jerry
  4. Hi All just to update, sold the house, and decided to try out ' country life ' canadian style for a couple of years at least, to see if it works interesting to no longer live in a city, but it is a central hub town for services in the area, so has most things nearby cheers jerry
  5. Hi scroll down the link and you will find a better head on photo of the installation ( sixth photo down ) https://www.keymodelworld.com/article/nocturnal-pioneer is this it closed and it is like an opening window ? IWM CH 1584 cheers jerry
  6. Hi interesting 25 Sqn photo, K7090 thanks for posting cheers jerry
  7. Hi link to page with photos 442 sq mustang NMF in photo KH747 Equivalent to USAAF P-51K. Used by No. 442 (F) Squadron, RCAF, from the UK in 1945, coded "Y2*Y". One of 13 aircraft on the squadron's last operational mission, top cover for task force liberating the Channel Islands on 9 May 1945, flown from Hunsdon, UK. Left this Squadron on 1 August 1945. apparently the P-51K had a different prop from the P-51D seems all the NMF 's in tbe link are P-51K cheers jerry http://www.venturapublications.com/news/publish/442-RCAF-Mustangs.shtml
  8. Hi Nice I might need to buy this one as well, apart from the filters, it seems it may include the ASV aerials cheers jerry
  9. Hi Yep fatally flawed, so i will have to buy two at least just means a bit of modelling, instead of just assembling it cheers jerry
  10. Hi over on LSP, they say it is a series of A-20 aircraft but no early ones quote from thread .......... there will be other versions BUT not the early ones so your looking at Boston V's onwards, that said there are plenty of colour ways for this and plenty of theatres including Russian and French. Also down the line are planned K variants so plenty ......... https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/94946-132nd-a-20g-coming-from-hk-models/page/8/#comments I suppose for those wanting a boston III the ' very basic ' airframe shape is there for a heavy conversion, but it would be a lot of work I might .... try that as a retirement project cheers jerry
  11. Hi I suppose the seperate nose section hints at maybe a A-20J/K or P-70 release in the future ? cheers jerry
  12. Hi interesting , i have a copy of Ju -88A-1, A-5 , juni 1941, Teil 12 G ( only 12G i have a copy of ) gives Rüstsatz B-1 as the bombay fuel tanks I have nothing for the C series or fighter types Anyone know if the Rüstzustand and Rüstsatz numbers were subtype specific ? i.e different for A, C , D, S etc cheers jerry
  13. Hi I haven't got it but maybe someone has who can see if it has any useful info for you cheers jerry
  14. Hi a still from captain in the clouds, but look at the cowling colours on RCAF 6538, Ex RAF W2126 in the link https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Anson/Avro-Anson.html and the one behind with white on the cowling cheers jerry
  15. Hi not sure of windscreen or cowlings but a uk built anson here, appears turret less and yellow N9818 http://espritdecorps.ca/perspectives-1/grisly-and-the-bear-the-search-for-a-drowned-plane-leads-to-some-uninvited-company a good page on canadian ansons https://www.silverhawkauthor.com/post/canadian-warplanes-3-avro-anson cheers jerry
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