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  1. brewerjerry

    B20 Havoc / Boston

    Hi Those decal options are going to dent my bank account night intruders, havocs, and bostons and a whirlwind intruder... cant wait to see the previews http://www.dkdecals.cz/ cheers jerry
  2. brewerjerry

    Airfix 2019

    Hi 1:24 westland whirlwind fighter, now SH are doing a 1:32 kit cheers jerry
  3. brewerjerry

    conversion sets for 1:32 mosquito

    Hi Well it looks like i may have to try scratchbuilding, using 1:48 parts as guides cheers jerry
  4. brewerjerry

    conversion sets for 1:32 mosquito

    Hi All Anyone seen any available/ in production conversion sets for the 1:32 mossies ? I am not after etch/decals etc,( or old paragon etc ) i am looking more for NF radomes, XV , sea mossie, four blade props, etc, etc in 1:32 and things like that cheers jerry
  5. brewerjerry

    1/72 NMF B-29 with turrets?

    Hi for something different ? a russian b-29, the Tu-4 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tupolev_Tu-4 cheers jerry
  6. brewerjerry

    1/56 - the scale of the future?

    Hi I recall at least one 1/55 kit, i think entex ? made it/them ? in the 60/70’s XP-50 ? cheers jerry
  7. brewerjerry

    My for sale or trade post deleted.

    Hi Sofa's .... ..... now you never know what you can find down the sides of a sofa some say it is where the carpet monster hides the missing model parts : ) cheers jerry
  8. brewerjerry

    Airfix Classics Launched

    Hi Would be nice if they did a re-release of the 1:600 S.S.Canberra cheers jerry
  9. brewerjerry

    P-36 cannibalisation

    Hi Just going to clean out some of my thoughts cheers J
  10. brewerjerry

    A-20 Havoc Questions

    Hi instruction here for the A-20B, might be of help identifying relevant parts https://www.super-hobby.com/products/A-20B-Havoc-MTO.html cheers jerry
  11. brewerjerry

    A-20 Havoc Questions

    Hi Hiplanes do a fairly basic kit of a small tail boston/havoc by cross kitting you may save a bit of scratch building https://www.hpmhobbies.com/high-planes-douglas-havoc-1-raf-intruder-kit-1-72/ this link maybe of interest http://legendsintheirowntime.com/LiTOT/A20/A20_index.html cheers jerry
  12. brewerjerry

    Ju87g on western front?

    Hi Might be worth investigating training units they were active in june 1944, on the western front maybe the units were still operating in 1945,but no longerin the training role ? i.e. thejune 1944 losses http://forum.12oclockhigh.net/showthread.php?t=20172 cheers jerry
  13. brewerjerry

    Halifax BIII Wheels ?

    Hi the halifax AP's ( manuals ) that i have list the same main tyre size for all halifax marks that they cover cheers jerry
  14. brewerjerry

    1/32 Avro Lancaster Mk.III

    Hi I dealt with a usa hobby shop and a preorder about 4yrs ago they promised it would be available with in 6 mths i had to go to my credit card company to get my money back cheers jerry
  15. brewerjerry

    1/32 Avro Lancaster Mk.III

    Well its only been about seven years now, so it should be soon jerry