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  1. Hi in the back of my mind, i keep thinking at sometime i found out that on P7116 the harp and clover was green and white and the tail cone checker marks were green and white but can i find any note in my files ... nope ... but talking to a guy many years ago who built whirlwinds at westlands there was a small metal eel shaped plate made at westlands and attached to the P7116 somewhere near the cockpit for a certain RAF officer for his whirlwind cheers jerry
  2. Hi if they are of any use to anyone i have two AP maintenance manual pages that show the non radar equipped gunners station in the A-20B they are internal photos, one looking forward and one looking to the rear just pm me your e mail, i am unable post photos here cheers jerry
  3. Hi One can only dream that airfix would do a 1:24 scale P-38 I imagine sales would be very good cheers Jerry
  4. Hi nothing in the havoc pilots notes the following is for the P-70, but might be useful, if you find nothing else i think one is based on the british radar https://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/USN/ref/Radar/img/Radar-p58.jpg https://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/USN/ref/Radar/img/Radar-p59.jpg cheers jerry
  5. Hi It would be nice if they use the research and make a new one in 1:32 scale, to replace the old one cheers jerry
  6. Hi I vote all yellow undersurfaces it would look to much like a P-47 to the german ground A/A gunners otherwise cheers jerry
  7. Hi So it might still be before my retirement cheers jerry
  8. Hi Many thanks again for the info Ssems I have so much to learn about RCAF WW2 a/c cheers jerry
  9. Hi Would be nice if it was released before the end of december santa ......... cheers jerry
  10. Hi Thanks, at the end of the article, it mentions brewster bermudas which i never knew were used by the RCAF cheers jerry
  11. Hi Many thanks for the info, i didnt know they were with the Canadian army before Rcaf use cheers jerry
  12. Hi Curiosity again, just found out three airspeed horsa gliders were allocated to the RCAF, TL334, TL349, TL401 as I dont have the Air Brit serial books for this serial range I am wondering if they crossed the ' pond' to Canada ? it might make an interesting model for me cheers jerry
  13. Hi i have been told a few times the colour was unique to westlands, i have never heard if it was used on lysander P6967 the one modified by R-R in sep 40 is in a nice 'BoB' paint scheme, the cowlings are mainly in 'sky' or 'westland blue' as opposed to the normal demarcation line and with the upper cowling ' engine intakes' the is a photo in the old kookaburra book, but it is R-R copyright so i cant find it on the net, and was modified by R-R with different 'engine stuff' neil's and alex's whirlwind books are a good read cheers
  14. Hi this type https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Ju-88/ZG1/pages/Junkers-Ju-88C6-13.KG40-(F8+BX)-Lorient-France-late-1943-01.html cheers jerry
  15. Hi might be worth doing some research, i think the C-6 had two rear guns in both dorsal and ventral positions cheers jerry
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