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  1. Hi why the answer to life the universe and everything is 42 lol jerry
  2. Hi I have been browsing the net, mainly seeing postwar c-47, lancaster and beech photos, all show red lightning stripes so I will eventually use red in the way as suggested by @Paul Lucas cheers jerry
  3. Hi Thanks what was throwing me was in the B&W photos the fuselage stripe look a different shade to the red prop warning stripes, especially on the photo of 388, and also the one with the beech next to the goose Red it will be, i think roundel red for prop warning stripe, gloss for fuselage stripe cheers jerry
  4. Hi Chris / Carl thanks for posting the photos etc Hi All I am starting to wonder what colour the fuselage prop warning lines are ? if they were red that could make the cowlings & fuselage stripe = deep blue ? or are they orange and the cowlings & fuselage stripe = red ? any ideas cheers jerry
  5. Hi all thanks for the replies seems 392 was with 166 Squadron, RCAF Station Sea Island, BC, from 44 - 45 so it seems the likely candidate and it does seem to have a small letter B behind the cockpit, which my eyesight had missed thanks cheers jerry
  6. Hi All thanks for the replies, i will sit down with a coffee and the list of 31 seials later and try a process of elimination i think it will be an interesting change from a camo one, i will probably go with red as the colour for the stripe and cowlings cheers jerry
  7. Hi can any mods move this to the correct area for this post maybe of interest to some ? i came across these, the prewar rutland airfield, nr kelowna, canada cheers jerry https://www.oldphotos.ca/archivos/collection.php?collectionID=2&folderID=1848672057
  8. Hi Anyone with better eyesight able to make out the serial on this RCAF grumman goose ? is it 392 ? cheers jerry p.s. any suggestions on the fuselage stripe and cowling colours might it be red ? https://www.oldphotos.ca/archivos/record.php?collectionID=2&recordID=845350642
  9. Hi not a book but a nice reference cheers jerry
  10. Hi interesting thread, i have a bagged ventura molded in yellow plastic and a lancaster from donetsk factory, if i recall correctly both and a few others from a hannants ? tent stall at an airshow in the 70/80's cheers jerry
  11. Hi So maybe a luftwaffe bomber re supply set, to go with the raf & usaaf ones cheers jerry
  12. Hi nice review, i bought a 2nd hand airfix herc a couple of years back and by suprise found it had a bloodhound set in the box cheers jerry
  13. Hi only quoted 5 times i was hoping for a record lol cheers jerry
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