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  1. Hi Slightly off topic but i have a bomb fusing panel off one of the argentine pucaras, can’t recall the serial at the moment, it is in the storage cheers jerry
  2. Hi I have a pdf of the E-1 Teil8A, it has a drawing of the Rustsatz W4, (the disc that was fitted in place of the MG131 PM me if you want a copy cheers jerry
  3. Hi Yes Yes Yes just take my money cheers jerry
  4. Hi I visited quite a few years back the news in a paper was https://www.heraldnet.com/news/flying-heritage-combat-armor-museum-will-close-for-now/ “The announcement leaves the popular visitor site’s fate up in the air. “We will spend the months ahead reassessing if, how and when to reopen,” the group said.” list of collection http://flyingheritage.org/Explore/The-Collection.aspx the is also the https://www.museumofflight.org which has a spitfire I
  5. Hi Never knew they had black under surfaces Cheers Jerry
  6. Hi there is the mosquito FB.24 https://www.communitystories.ca/v1/pm_v2.php?id=display_original&lg=English&fl=0&rd=109368 cheers jerry
  7. Hi i may have to buy straight from SH for some strange reason items that i buy from mainland europe usually get hit with import duties items from hannants usually do not cheers jerry
  8. Hi Yes i did miss it thanks for the info hopefully hannants can resume shipping to canada by then cheers jerry
  9. Hi hopefully it comes early this year cheers jerry
  10. Hi Time to scrap my stalled beaufort vacuform cross kit beaufighter build then perhaps i should start my 1/32 vacuform beaufort , so someone can release an injection one cheers jerry P.S. I just put one on backorder with hannants, having previously cancelled my airfix backorder
  11. Hi sorry for thread drift, i thought the manchester 1A fuselage was basically the same as a lancaster fuselage except for the turrets & bomb aimers glass any info on the fuselage differences would be appreciated as i have a future conversion project in the pipeline cheers jerry
  12. Hi thanks message sent cheers jerry
  13. Hi A nice 1:72 manchester might be a better option for airfix to sell and make money cheers jerry
  14. Hi many thanks tried but the BM messenger says you cant receive messages cheers jerry
  15. Hi do you still have any ‘Z nose ‘ conversions left ? cheers jerry
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