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  1. brewerjerry


    Hi they never seem to re release the 1:600 SS Canberra cheers J
  2. Hi senseless more so when you consider some may have been refugees from war zones and moved for a life https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-47578798 jerry
  3. brewerjerry

    Are there any Lancaster VI decals in 1/72?

    Hi i forgot about those, one issue had whirlwind photos i had never seen before and never seen since except in that issue often wonder where the airfix mag photo archive went cheers jerry
  4. brewerjerry

    Are there any Lancaster VI decals in 1/72?

    Hi I second eye witness accounts, what bowyer & other spotters saw, they may not have had the exact name for the paint colour, (as we now know), but recorded what they saw sometimes old letters to the editor in airfix magazine held 'gems' as well cheers jerry
  5. brewerjerry

    "Famous" ancestors

    Hi Some say my ancestory goes back as far as adam and eve apologies couldn't resist cheers J
  6. brewerjerry

    all black Whitleys... when did these appear?

    Hi extract from a file at pro/na kew AMO A.513/41 dated 18 july 1941 .......... it is known that in No:4 group night bombers are now being camoulaged black all over .......... cheers jerry
  7. brewerjerry

    Malta based torpedo bombers

    Hi Curious was there torpedo armed beaufighters in malta, or just cannon armed ones cheers jerry
  8. brewerjerry

    Another Boston question

    Hi link to plans Lo rez but might help http://www.albentley-drawings.com/drawings/douglas-boston/douglas-boston-revised-format/ cheers jerry
  9. brewerjerry

    Question about RAF Bostons - 3 crew or 4?

    Hi So a change over date, presumably when they had enough trained aircrew end of 1943 or start of 1944 ? Always something to learn in this hobby cheers jerry
  10. brewerjerry

    Question about RAF Bostons - 3 crew or 4?

    Hi quite possible some squadrons flew with four crew but to confirm the crew size on a particular squadron, in this thread the tag is 88sqn it is best to view the squadron summary of events for accuracy i.e. http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/D8455193 which shows the squadron was flying missions with a three man crew in november 1942 cheers jerry
  11. brewerjerry

    Question about RAF Bostons - 3 crew or 4?

    Hi Best bet is to check 88Sqn records at the NA, for the aircraft or date/s you want this should give a crew list for the mission preview is low def but free i.e. preview shows http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/D8455193 shows three crew in november 1942 cheers jerry
  12. brewerjerry

    Boulton Paul Defiant.

    Hi Just to add info from a copy the AP 1592 manual i have the fairings fore and aft of the turret were wood, as were the undercarriage fairing doors rudder, elevators and ailerons were fabric covered everything else all metal construction cheers jerry
  13. brewerjerry

    Turbinlite Havoc: when and where please?

    Hi My personal theory is that those walking by are from 307Sqn and that the turbinlite belongs to the GRU both of which were based at exeter But as always will gladly be corrected if others know more cheers jerry
  14. brewerjerry

    Available kits of the Hampden?

    Hi presumaby the bilek hampden is the airfix kit ? i often wonder if a hampden will be the subject of a 'new' airfix kit, in a few years time cheers jerry
  15. brewerjerry

    is a 1:48 beaufort coming out ?

    Hi just noticed printscale have produced ' 1:48 beaufort part 1 ' decals Have i missed an announcement of a 1:48 beaufort or do they know something ? cheers jerry