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  1. Hi years ago airfix magazine did a conversion article using i think either blackburn shark or swordfish floats , it was 1:72, but would SMER 1:48 swordfish floats match the spitfire ones ? or are they to large ? or would 1:48 ar-196 floats work ? cheers jerry
  2. Hi All Many thanks again for all the opinions and taking the time to tell them it helps me a lot in trying to figure out my retirement options cheers jerry
  3. Hi I don't think there was much of that sea hornet left when they got it see bottom three photos in the link cheers jerry https://warbirdsnews.com/aircraft-restoration/de-havilland-sea-hornet-airworthy-restoration-project.html/amp
  4. Hi All, Faintly recalling a memory that tiger and blake were going to be recommisioned & entered dockyard hands in 1982 Just wondered if my memory was correct and what happened ? cheers jerry
  5. Hi A handy site P-40 http://www.p40warhawk.com/Models/Technical/Technical.htm cheers jerry
  6. Hi Yep he is a good old cat about 14yrs + and retired to indoors only now he has actually lived longer than the two dogs i had, but both were old rescue dogs so thankfully he will be ok with me getting a dog in retirement cheers jerry
  7. Hi Again thanks for the input, it all helps with making the decision i sat down & tried talking with my cat, but he just looks and stares at me cheers jerry
  8. Hi ordered the new 1:350 hms conqueror from mikromir, just got the long wait now for crossing the pond and postie to drop it off cheers J
  9. Hi All Thanks for all the replies, all give me things to think of divorced years ago, hence posting here for valued BM input keep the opinions going, good or bad it all helps, as somethings i hadn't even thought of cheers jerry
  10. Hi All Retirement is looming once the house sells has anyone move from city life to country life ? did you cope with the change ok ? my intention is to stay in BC Canada but i imagine a chsnge from city to country anywhere in the world would be a similar experience So anyone done the move ? Country Love it or Hate it ? any regrets ? any thoughts ? cheers jerry
  11. Hi link down the page is a drawing for the fuel tanks locations https://sites.google.com/site/he111handbook/fueltanks cheers J
  12. Hi I am away from my notes, but i seem to recall some HE-111 with the external racks had a Rüstsatz that fitted fuel tanks in the empty space in the internal bombay cheers jerry https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/heinkel-he-111-h-3-h-6-h-16-bombloads.36445/
  13. Hi Jerry,


    I’m not allowed allowed to post in wanted but have the Stirling III kit and won’t be using the H2S radomes so DM me if you’d like me to send them to you



  14. Hi I like the diorama idea you including a king neptune ? cheers jerry
  15. Hi Thanks, i was looking in hannants etc cheers jerry
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