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  1. Hi From the excellent book coastal dawn by andrew bird well recommended it is a good read and well researched cheers jerry
  2. Hi classic kits frog, airfix, the first matchbox kits i like them warts n all time travel it takes me back to when i was in my early teens cheers jerry
  3. Hi PM me your e mail, i have something that should answer some of your questions but can never work out how to post/upload here cheers jerry
  4. Hi What it needs is for a greek member to photograph and measure this might be the only existing raf blenheim IVf gun pack ? http://www.ww2wrecks.com/portfolio/found-salvaged-and-preserved-a-blenheim-shot-down-in-crete-by-friendly-fire-on-april-28-1941/ or maybe when i retire in a few years i can do a trip to greece cheers jerry
  5. Hi thought this may interest a few no ideas where it was thou ' cheers jerry
  6. Hi Wonder if it is a dummy bomb as 32OTU was mainly a training unit on vancouver island cheers jerry
  7. Hi Thought our hobby was just that building small scale models most likely not authorised of a manufacturers/designers work not to even mention the use of national markings lol :-) jerry
  8. Hi an interesting read here maybe possibly ? https://clarencesimonsen745590793.wordpress.com/category/rcaf-bella-bella/ some photos and one is three blade prop captioned as 1942 cheers J
  9. Hi Saw an interesting auction on ‘the bay’ 1:32 HK lancs for 18USD with free shipping from hong kong all 26 of them sold real fast so scam ? or is HK off loading the lancs and some people got a bargain the listers selling list looked like a list of a close out sale pretty much all non related items cheers J
  10. HI This maybe of interest, can be viewed free online https://www.avialogs.com/aircraft-b/boeing/item/3573-an-01-20eg-2-erection-ad-maintenance-instructions-for-b-17g-part-1-2 main b-17 page https://www.avialogs.com/aircraft-b/boeing/itemlist/category/166-b-17flyingfortress cheers jerry
  11. Hi Any ASR aircraft on the sheet ? cheers J
  12. Hi I always liked these in flight formation photos almost every hurricane is painted a slightly different way with the demarcation lines, to me it shows what really went on when aircraft left the factory & MU , and then went into squadron use, and it was up to the painters at squadron level to interpret the camo painting instructions cheers Jerry
  13. Hi wondering if this is TSS camo I have a set of the DK decals on the way from hannants cheers jerry
  14. Hi if you want something different there is a four bladed mossie in a photo linked here http://aircrewremembered.com/morgan-john-perenera.html cheers jerry
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