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  1. Hi If you are doing aircraft he flew here is an extract from a interview that i found on the net in 2007 CUNNINGHAM: Did you ever fly a twin-engined fighter such as the 'Whirlwind? TUCK: Yes, I flew the Whirlwind. And of course I flew De Havilland Mosquitoes also, but not in combat. I never used them in combat, but I flew them for the hell of it, because I liked them. pm sent also cheers jerry
  2. Hi decals are available at hannants https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/DKD72048 cheers jerry
  3. Hi Thankfully yes, or else i wouldn't have been able to find that 'trenchart' 1:48ish brass whirlwind with a stand made from a 20mm cannon shell and an raf button embeded in the base cheers jerry
  4. Hi from old interviews/chats i did, not just groundcrew, everyone on station, cooks, clerks etc .. using mops and brooms, to complete the job in time cheers jery
  5. Hi All, Many thanks for all the info and replies, most helpful cheers jerry
  6. Hi All, on the linked webpage is a great ( to me ) photo part way down of 9 P-40's, a havard and a hampden at penticton airfield june 42 http://silverhawkauthor.com/canadian-warplanes-3-the-second-world-war-curtiss-p40-kittyhawk_711.html As the P-40's have the early style roundel and fin flash Am i correct in assuming dark earth/dark green ( US paints ) as camo ? and sky spinners apart from one, which appears to me black ? cheers jerry
  7. Hi I gathered from talks years ago with ex raf, it was a way around regulations to chalk things on if 'higher ups' visited suddenly, it could be removed fast Wasn't there a series of press photos of defiants with chalked names ? some of 263's whirlwinds had chalked drawings on them cheers jerry
  8. Hi slightly o/t but one of the lancs had an accident at Gander canada http://www.ganderairporthistoricalsociety.org/_html_4658/lancaster_tragedy.htm jerry
  9. Hi chris, i am to used to ministry abreviations from the old days AP = air publication like a royal navy BR = book , reference cheers jerry
  10. Hi Not sure if it helps but the AP manual states the lanc II props were rotol electric No;6 size ( series R.E.6 ) cheers jerry
  11. Hi this tablelinked here may help with dimensions http://www.wwiiequipment.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=100:50lb-120lb-250lb-500lb-general-purpose-bombs&catid=43:bombs&Itemid=60 cheers jerry
  12. Hi Going from memory i think i was told there was two types of paste one for preventing ice build up on acold morning before take off ? ( cliff top airfields could get cold ) and one for preventing ice build up at higher level, long flights ? but i was told something a long time ago cheers jerry
  13. Hi No probs in the past couple or so years, there are some really good photos that appear ‘colourized’ i knew a guy who ‘colourized’ some whirlwind photos from B/W ones and they were really good I never did ask how he did them or if it was a computer prog’ that did it cheers jerry
  14. Hi Always liked the photo As i understand it, 404Sqn whilst at Davidstowe moor airfield Cornwall but i do wonder sometimes if it was 'colourized' https://www.alamy.com/english-bristol-beaufighter-mk-x-ne255ee-h-of-no-404-squadron-rcaf-at-raf-davidstow-moor-21-august-1944-canadian-forces-canadian-forces-image352372736.html cheers jerry
  15. Hi I found the airfix replacement part service 'hit and miss' before the virus that and because of the poor quality clear parts issue of some of the kits i have, i rarely buy airfix now cheers jerry
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