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  1. Top model! Is the real airframe still flying?
  2. Hallo all, Am contemplating doing a cannon armed 19 sqn Spitfire from August 1940 using a 1/72 Spitfire Mk VB kit, but then started to wonder. Can I indeed use a VB wing for this? I've not seen a picture, and I don't actually know if: 1) They had any machine guns 2) If there was a bulge for the cannon breech. I think the problem with the cannon jamming all of the time was solved with changing the position of the breech, necessitating the bulge in the wing, but like I say, I am a bit hazy. Does anybody have any info on this, or better yet a pic or two? Cheers, R
  3. This is a really interesting topic. It's funny to see how many peoples' interests chime with my own... RAF/FAA in general (not entirely surprising given the site!), but also: 1) USAF since the 80s (particularly USAFE and the ANG from the 80s onwards) Liked what Filler said - am keen on anything that appeared at Mildenhall from the early 8Os onwards 2) USN/USMC since the 80s 3) Royal Norwegian Airforce - some seriously interesting types flown, and great markings As far as themes go, my abiding and central interest is the protagonists of the Battle of Britain (about the only time I do Luftwaffe types), but am also drawn to adversary/aggressor aircraft, and increasingly aircraft in Japanese markings. The Battle for Malta is also growing on me! There are also certain aircraft types that I just am drawn to - two seater Hornets (particularly the EA-18G in CAG markings) and two seater Flankers. I think the main thing that runs through all of these is a preference for fighters. On an associated note, I, like many, have a slightly absurd stash of unbuilt kits that must be in the 180+ range. I sometimes find it a bit overwhelming (not to mention a storage issue...) and I feel should 'feng-shui' the whole lot and start again! If you had a blank sheet from which to start, which three kits would you buy? I was struck by lots of references to the Airfix Spitfire Mk 1 in 1/72 - this was a kit that I built as a kid, and am still building it now, so I'd have that...but would probably go for a 1/72 Hasegawa F-15C and a Hasegawa 1/48 EA-18G as well, plus relevant decals of course! Anyway, FWIW. R
  4. Evening all, I was flicking back through previous GBs, and was surprised that there hasn't been a Aggressor themed GB. Could be any aircraft used in an adversary capacity, and plenty of colour schemes. There's obviously the USAF/USN units with A-4s, F16s, F5s, f/a-18s etc etc, but could also look at Japanese aggressors, even to adversary aircraft from WW2 - Spitfire bounce aircraft, or the RP63 'pinball' aircraft? Just a thought! Best, R
  5. Hallo all, Bit of an obscure question but did the 5th FIS F-106s flying out of Minot ever have the 'six shooter' gunpack fitted? Would appreciate any guidance. They didn't phase their Sixes out until 1985, so I am guessing so, but would value any comment from those in the know! Regards, R
  6. Great kit! What Tamiya paint ref did you use for the grey, out of interest, as have exactly this kit to do myself! Cheers R
  7. Evening all, Further to a comment made on one of my RFI posts, might this be an idea for a GB? Namely building two aircraft (or tanks) from a squadron or unit of your choice, showing their current equipment and their equipment from a point in the past. For example, you could build a Typhoon in 29sqn marks, and a 29sqn Blenheim from WW2. Another might be a Minnesota ANG F-16C blk 50, and the same squadron's F-4D from the 80s. The only real restriction is that the unit has exist in the here and now. Would be interested in people's ideas! Cheers R
  8. I've said it once and I'll say it again - I'd pay good money for a book of your pictures Sven! Thanks for sharing! R
  9. Right, mainly aircraft and mainly clearing the shelf of doom! Airfix 1/72 P51... Hasegawa 1/72 F-104G... Airfix 1/72 Swordfish.... Arma 1/72 Hurricane... Airfix 1/48 Old tool Hurricane with Quickboost mirrors, gunsights and Vac canopy... Revell figures.... Hasegawa 1/72 F-35B... Revell Dambuster Lancaster - with its modern counterpart! And finally... Tamiya 1/48 Jagdpanther!
  10. Evening all, Have been finishing up some long standing projects. This one came about by accident - was given the Revell Dambuster Lancaster, and had the Hasegawa F-35B, so it made sense to combine the two! The Revell Lancaster went together very well - all OOB, with Xtracrylix and Tamiya paints. I also used Windsor Galleria varnish, which is the best matt I've come across. The Hasegawa F-35B went together perfectly - the cockpit and canopy are click fits, and I used Hataka Have Glass paint, which again is the most convincing version of this 'stealth' coating I've come across. The 'other' gray on F-35s is again a bit difficult to nail down; I used Tamiya XF-75 which to my eye works well. I did originally plan to use the new F-35B decals from Xtradecal presented as a bonus on their recent C-130 sheet; what they are not is 1/72, and inaccurate to boot. I used the decals from Italeri's new F-35B which while not as good as Hasegawas will make a pretty fine model in its own right - but that's another project! Anyway, here they are!
  11. Many thanks - will check it out!
  12. Evening all, Out of curiousity, does the standard Hasegawa MV22 Osprey kit include the additional parts for the CV22 Special ops version as part of the standard sprues, or are they on dedicated sprues only available in the extortionately expensive CV22 boxings? Inquiring minds want to know... Kind regards, R
  13. I'm always interested in these threads where the merits of different A10 kits are discussed. I'd generally agree about most of he comments about the Italeri kit, but the more I look at the canopy the more it just looks way to falt, without the bubble effect toward the rear. For that reason alone, I'd tend toward the Hasegawa kit. Cheers, R
  14. Hallo all, I've bought the AZ Gloster Gauntlet with a view to doing a silver schemed 74 sqn example. I've seen some models with grey engine cowling and forward fuselage sides, and some completely silver. The few photos of the real thing I've found seem to vary; does anyone have anything definitive on this? Cheers, R
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