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  1. Hi, on this note I think the much bigger issue with the Airfix canopy that really does make it look too tall is thst horizontal frame is much too high, making the lower panels rectangular rather than square. I've never seen this referenced, which does surprise me.. However, fitting an Arma canopy or a vacform canopy is a 100% improvement. For the record, the Airfix windscreen is the same height as the Arma windscreen, so if one is wrong they both are...
  2. Out of curiosity, how does the Airfix kit compare to the MPM/Xtrakit topliling? I am thinking in specific reference to the thickness of the leading edge of the wings and the depth of the ventral fuel tank. I've always thought that the Xteakit/MPM tooling's ventral tank looked a little top shallow, and it be interesting to see if anyone has the two kits to compare. Best, Ralph
  3. Yes...from pictures the JASDF do seem to keep them very well maintained!
  4. Afternoon all. Have finished this just in time for the close of the F-15 Group Build. It's the Hasegawa F-15DJ desert aggressor boxing with the addition of Aires Exhausts, a Finemold AAM5 acquisition round and an Eduard ALQ131. Great kit to build (and over 30 years old as a tooling-shows how far ahead of the game Hasegawa were!) and despite the tricky and finicky paint scheme (a lot of masking) a great set of markings. Ralph.
  5. Hasegawa F-15DJ 1/72 JASDF desert aggressor! With Aires Exhausts, Finemolds AAM5 and Eduard ALQ131, and finished in AK interactive paints/Windsor and Galleria matt varnish.
  6. And...done in the nick of time! Aires exhausts an indispensable addition (particularly pleased with the off-white ceramic effect achieved) and the Finemolds AAM5 acquisition round unmasked and added on. Done-yay! Really pleased with this, but next project will be something rather easier to paint! Thanks to the GB hosts!
  7. Grinding my way to the finish...decalling complete, no mean feat in itself. Have added the ECM pod that JASDF aggressors seem to carry, and now it's just the nose wheel, varnish....and the Aires exhausts...somewhat fiddly!
  8. Evening Edward, for what it's worth a quick shot of the typhoon I am currently doing....specifically the white fin serial 'last three' that you can do courtesy of the generic RAF numbers/letters in white by Xtradecals...just the job. Ralph
  9. Quick update...major wing and intakes decals on! Beginning to look the part! Am away for the next couple of days but hope to wrap this up for next weekend...thank God for the deadline extension!
  10. Am currently hitting the decals, and they are going on beautifully! Hasegawa have seriously upped their game in this regard! Pics to follow!
  11. Hallo Edward, Hate to put a crimp on the old plans but ZJ924 is a Tranche 1 airframe, which don't carry the Meteor. You can make up current meteor carrying typhoons but nearly all of them are unmarked-you'll need the white RAF fin serials from the xtradecal sheet noted earlier. By hacking about with Xtradecal squadron sheets you could get to a squadron marked ZK serialled machine (which do carry Meteor) -check your references but they won't have the pilots names. I am surprised that Xtradecal haven't done an update sheet for RAF machines/recent export aircraft...and a resin upgrade for the Tranche 3 CFT fuselage bulges from Quickboist or similar. Anyway, am about to finish a Hasegawa Typhoon done up as ZK344, ine of the Typhoons which conducted the first Storm Shadow mission a year ago. Its a top kit...hope you enjoy yours! I'll post pics in RFI in due course. HTH, Ralph
  12. Hallo, interesting point but I don't think twin stick versions of two seat fighters necessarily fits within the spirit of the theme even if it does technically...as you say there's not any visual difference between an F3T and an F3 beyond a serial number if you are in the know and of course an extra stick in the rear! I think fundamentally it needs to look significantly different from its operational sibling - F-106B compared to F-106A, Mig21U compared to Mig21MF -basically an extra seat somewhere and the physical changes associated with that. There may well have been or are twin stick Su24s for example (unless that was standard anyway) and I am reasonably sure that two seater Super Hornets can be reconfigured for a stick in the rear cockpit to facilitate training but again not really the spirit of the GB. I think there are enough two seater versions of single pilot operational aircraft in kit form to have a really good range to choose from. Cheers Ralph That would be very cool! Didn't know that there were two seat camels!
  13. Interesting you should mention the T-37 and T-38...the odd thing with both of them is that they actually actually preceded the A-37 and F-5a operational aircraft not the other way around and therefore out of the scope of this GB proposal. The Gnat T1 (for example) on the other hand derived from the single seat fighter Midge/Gnat F1 so would be eligible -if you follow me?
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