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  1. I'm always interested in these threads where the merits of different A10 kits are discussed. I'd generally agree about most of he comments about the Italeri kit, but the more I look at the canopy the more it just looks way to falt, without the bubble effect toward the rear. For that reason alone, I'd tend toward the Hasegawa kit. Cheers, R
  2. Hallo all, I've bought the AZ Gloster Gauntlet with a view to doing a silver schemed 74 sqn example. I've seen some models with grey engine cowling and forward fuselage sides, and some completely silver. The few photos of the real thing I've found seem to vary; does anyone have anything definitive on this? Cheers, R
  3. Hallo there, five years ago Xtradecal released some super decal sheets for the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Might there be any possibility of some more for the 80th? Can think of a range of markings (both RAF and Luftwaffe) that could fit the bill! Regards, Ralph
  4. Hallo there,

    would be very interested in purchasing your book. How do I go about it?

    Best regards, R


    1. Red Dot

      Red Dot

      Hi Ralph,


      Send an e-mail to andrewbinks@btinternet.com and I will let you have more details




  5. Super diorama! Love the blurring effects.
  6. Always a highlight when Sven posts some more top pictures. Given the time period, the subjects and the quality of the pics I would be very interested in buying books using his material. How about it Sven? Thanks for posting, R
  7. Well, I shan't be using the Mig Ammo paints, leastways not the three USAF greys. Have followed the recommended method for using them, and just can't get on with them. The lighter greys keep beading (think water on glass), while the dark grey leaves a rough surface. Shame, as the colours look good. Have tried different thinners, lowering the PSI etc but no joy; when Tamiya and Lifecolour are literally pour, thin and spray for a perfectly smooth, matt finish without fuss I really can't be bothered to faff around. Pity as my local model shop has introduced the complete range, as well as AK paints. Anyone had any joy with the latter? Moan over, I'll be posting some update pictures shortly, including a homemade intake plug that I am quite pleased with - the Hasegawa intake design leading to some very difficult seams, it seems much easier to block it all up!
  8. I'm trying out Mig Ammo paints, with which I seem to be getting on reasonably well. It'd be easier if Tamiya made FS equivalent paints though!
  9. Dear reader, In the summer of 1989 (30 years ago!) I had just left the VIth form in that fab summer break before university and adulthood (notionally at least)and I had attended the IAT at Fairford. Then, like now, it was in the middle of a very hot spell; I think Fairford was in the mid 30s! I had come away with one of my favourite kits of all time - the Hasegawa 1/48 F-16c Block 30 Misawa Japan. Great box art, great kit, and destined to be my first 'grown-up' model, with canopy open and wheels down. I was particularly taken with the Wing Commander's jet from the 432TFW, and this remains one of my favourite F-16 schemes - the combination of the owl marking behind the cockpit, full colour badges, shadowed tail codes etc were top notch in my humble opinion. Anyway, the resulting model was the best I had ever done; pity it only lasted about3 weeks before I ruined it by titivating the paint job - leave well alone! Anyway, 30 years on, there's been a lot of water under the bridge, and a bit like then things are at a bit of a cross roads, professionally speaking. I recently managed to snag the Night Falcon boxing off Ebay for about £12; lo and behold it also had the decals for the original Misawa block 30 boxing. This is therefore going to be a homage to a modelling project 30 years ago, albeit with hopefully 30years worth of improved skills and equipment! Pics to get things going, including a shot of the original plane.
  10. Thanks all - very informative, and those Tamiya mixes are just the job. However, very disappointed that the gold in the Xtradecal Qatari hunters is wrong - that was what I liked in the first place! Oh well... Cheers, R
  11. Hi all, Am rather taken by the Xtradecal set for a Qatari Hawker Hunter. The decals specify a 'deep sky blue' for the undersides with which I am not familiar, at least not as an RAF colour; does anyone have any good acrylic paint matches for it? Thanks for any guidance! Cheers R
  12. I'd agree with the comments above in general. However, I'd be very interested to know which of the Revell or Hasegawa has the correct canopy dimensions. There was a review of the 1/32 Revell kit that reckoned that the windscreen was about 3mm too long, and the main canopy too short by the same amount. I've spent a lot of time trying to scale off side-on pictures, and have a nagging suspicion that they may be right, and that would apply to all of their models from 1/32 to 1/48 and 1/72. That said I think the Hasegawa windscreen may be too short. From what I can see, the rearmost corner of the windscreen lines up fractionally behind the canards on the real thing; Revell has it behind the canards, but Hasegawa has the rearmost edge of the windscreen finishing level with the canard rear edge. What would be really handy would be the length of the windscreen of the real thing but I have been unable to find that out. Anyone got that measurement that they could pass on without being arrested?;) Best, R
  13. Having been in the 2010 and 2015 BoB GBs (albeit under a username I can no longer access), I rather think I need to be in for this. Too many potential kits to mention, but can feel a diorama in 1/72 with an Amera mouldings E-blast pen coming on, and deffo individual planes that either claimed kills or were involved in the action on the 'Hardest Day' the 18th August - Doe's Spitfire from 234 sqn, or Gray's Rotol propeller Mk1 from 54 sqn maybe. Arma's new hurricanes might make an appearance as well...have just finished Gun Button to Fire, so maybe Tom Neil's GN*F...he was involved in an action with Eric Lock, whose Spitfire I've already made; some sort of dogfight double? Who knows!
  14. Always very interesting to see kits compared with their pros and cons. However, is 0.8mm really a deal breaker, particularly as this is a maximum difference at one point? Am not sure that I could spot the difference side by side? Thanks anyway for taking the time to have a look! Best, R
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