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  1. Hi Eric, great choice and I agree with you about the crisp Frog plastic. Deep down I fully understand your choice of modelling, and you are right, most of what is inside disappears for eternity... Although I try, I find it very difficult to remain "pure and hard" and disregard AM goodies.... self discipline needs to be worked upon! Like you I love Frog kits, so enjoy building it, and we shall enjoy watching! Cheers JR
  2. Hi Pat, Karen is worried as I was in tears of laughter in front of my laptop.... She thought I had finally lost it. So I have been hoisted on my own petard... not the first time... Before a B-36 Contrail build, one must ask for a sizable loan for a massive Tamiya extra thin supply... Don't you dare!!! Take care JR
  3. Hi Pat, a really hands on build! A shame about the silvering, but it does not appear too badly at all on the photos. I feel sorry for anybody who had the great misfortune to be anywhere near such a bomb when it hit the ground... Scary stuff, really. I am impressed by your attention to detail. Congrats are definitely in order!!!! What's next? I am sure you can find a great Monogram B-36 for a song if you look hard enough. Just what you need. And think how proud Mrs Jockney will be when it is finished!!! Take care JR
  4. Hi Mike, just found your interesting thread now for the first time. And I thoroughly enjoyed it! I realize there is an awful lot of work involved in building such a big bird... I did notice in one of your photos how small the crew was against a wheel... Last year, one of those tiny weeny Hyundai car drove over my foot, and for a few minutes I thought my toes had been turned into flippers... A Lancaster wheel may be slightly more interesting in the same circumstances! I thought the Bristish bombs were a sickly yellow only people raised on jelly can enjoy. I did not know green 30 would do. One learns something every day! Great show! Keep it up. JR
  5. Good evening all, the build pace is slow, but steady... Fitted the undercarriage and under-belly bomb rack. Touch ups almost over, and then gloss varnish and an attempt to gently sand the paint ridges off. Well, at least that is the plan! Thanks for watching. Cheers JR
  6. When you do not want a floor, there is always one!!! Kit manufacturers must do that on purpose... The Italeri kit of the same beast has a floor... Go figure. JR
  7. Hi Rafalbert, now this should be interesting! I started this kit years ago and posted my meager efforts on BM. The cold shower was quick to come, and I was actually grateful it did! The main bone of contention is that Italeri provides a whole metal wing, when it should have sections fabric-covered, like the -1A and -1D. At the time I decided against trying to represent the fabric-covered structure, ergo the kit went back into its box! There are a few other inaccuracies, but nothing too serious in my eyes. But hey, it's your build, so you decide how much you want to invest in this -4. All I know is that I am going to follow the build! Have fun. JR
  8. Very impressive result for a Matchbox kit! Keep on impressing us!!! JR
  9. Hi G, I am following this build from now on, as I started the same kit boxing possibly some two decades ago, and I did not go far!!! Still in the stash, begging to be finished... Did buy a decal sheet of "Parson's chariot" and that is the one I will finish it in, one day... Except that there is only one nose art and I suspect there were one on each side! The dragon is a given as far as I am concerned! Re the carpet monster, take solace in the knowledge that they do sometime regurgitate their prey, especially if you scare them bad (like a snake). I recently found a tiny piece of my Stuka swallowed whole two months previously! This is when a glacier-like progress is an advantage! Enjoy! JR
  10. Hi Dansk, these were the happy days before the scourge of political correctness!!!! Cheers JR
  11. Blue, even of the Insignia variety, is nicer than OD!!! Great progress so far. Really enjoying your thread. It must be nice to have a big mansion to park all these ginormous models... Have fun! JR
  12. Hi CJP, Beautiful IV P! Congrats! Painting just right. Now all you need is the Crouze and the IV M!!! And the Rafale, of course... Coming soon, I have the Heller 1/72 kit of the Etendard IV M on my build list. Not as detailed as the 1/48 offering you just built, but it is still an iconic figure of la Royale. Great show and superb line up. JR
  13. Hi Steve, top quality 190! You have done this beautiful bird proud. Super well done. JR
  14. Hi Pat, well, that was swift and nifty! I am always impressed by people who can build a plane, paint it, and spell the word kiwi all within 24 hours! These FAA planes do scrub nicely, and I will concur with you on Frog's decals: perfect colors, and they never die. Congrats mate. JR
  15. Hi Michelle, if the plane itself is not the best looking one (blame the nose!!!), your model is stunningly beautiful. Congrats are definitely in order! Well done. JR
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