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    herpetology, botany, geology, and almost forgot... aircraft models, with a weakness for US Navy aircraft. Again, nobody is perfect.

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  1. Hi Giorgio, this is a kit I almost built. I bought it in a small modelling shop in Milano, but when I arrived at my grandma I noticed that the canopy was missing... So the next day I went back and exchanged it for a Revell P-40... And to this day I have not yet built a Hurricane! Have fun with this super classic. JR
  2. Hi John, I believe many modelers from our generation built at least one Revell P-40 sometimes in the 60s. Ditto re the sliding canopy. I thought this was the coolest thing since the wire to cut the butter. So enjoy the build and have a lot of fun. JR
  3. Hi Tim, impressive Draken! Hard not to love such a scheme. Looking forward to see the finished beauty. JR
  4. Hi Russ, once again, a beautiful build! And it is a great looking plane, so it is a win-win! I have the Fujimi 1/72 in the stash, and I am still circumspect of the red torpedo head. Did you find any evidence of the tip being this color? Congratulations for a stunning build. JR
  5. Great job! A beautiful kit to build. I did build mine in the mid-nineties with the same paint scheme, but unfortunately then I did not use gloss and mat varnish with the decals, and they are now the worst for wear... It needs a rehabilitation work. Yours is smashing and I hope you are proud of it. Congrats. JR
  6. Hi Dansk, you are right re the decals. The decals for my Do 17 are busy doing just that, which is just as well that we live in the middle of nowhere, as visitors seeing all those swastikas in my shed window, may start wondering where they have arrived... Re the F-104, I was kindly sent a good set by a caring BMer during the F-104 GB in... 2018? Can it be already such a long time ago? Surely not. But rather than unearthing them, I took a photo of the kit's decals. Take care. JR
  7. Hi Pat, I hear you and I shall try, but my modelling life has gone out of the window of late, as I have been away most of the time, or busy with visitors (who do you think does the washing up?). Cheers mate. JR
  8. Hi everyone, I am entering this GB with the F-104S from Hasegawa in 1/72. I am only doing this because I said I would. But I should not have! So far this year, I haven't finished a single GB build... And I am entering another one! Lunacy! But I like the F-104, so it is no hardship. The sad thing is that I like pretty much every single Century fighters, although I am not too hot about the F-102... Anyway, here are a few photos of the kit: There you are! It will be strictly an OOB build, with the exception of the seat belts and possibly the brake lines. Being Hasegawa, I do not foresee any waste of time cleaning up the plastic. I have noticed though, some breakage to be fixed, as some of the parts are so ridiculously dainty. But I was told dainty was good! So hopefully this kit will be finished on time. But I have said that so often in the past... Have fun! JR
  9. Hi Ratch, great work and finish on the ugliest of all Harriers! It sure looks beautiful and impressive. Congrats! JR
  10. Hi, lovely build. It really looks the part. Never seen a red one, but it sure attracts the eye. I have many flying hours in K13, and great memories of scratching the alpine cliffs with the wingtip. Congrats! JR
  11. Hi Pat, so, is the S.E. almost finished? I can talk, as life and visitors have kept me away from even looking at a piece of plastic... But that's me. What about your progress? Cheers mate. JR
  12. Hi Pat, So you were serious!!!! OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! Anyway, as repentance is not one of your strong suit, let me give you some paint info, so that you can hang yourself without fail. The Argentinians S.E. were painted like the French Navy ones at the time, that is dark blue over white. Pete has already given you his take, so as usual I will muddy the waters with my interpretation, all in Humbrol enamel, of course: -Dark blue: Hu 104 + a touch of light grey (any light grey will do, but the touch has to be very, very subtle) -White: that's up to you, as long as it's in a spray form... If you think it looks rubbish, send me more hate mails! Take care mate! JR
  13. Hi Jerzy, your self discipline is staggering, only equaled by your dexterity. Congrats to you! JR
  14. Hi Steve, this is truly big and beautiful! Well done! So is it true that you bought your neighbors' home for all the 1/32 kits you are going to mass produce? We don't mind at all, as they all look great. JR
  15. Hi Andy, I am not a great fan of Chipmunks, and I am sure I am missing out a lot, but I can recognize a great model when I see one, and yours is truly outstanding! All my congratulations! JR
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