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    herpetology, botany, geology, and almost forgot... aircraft models, with a weakness for US Navy aircraft. Again, nobody is perfect.

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  1. Hi again Marklo, Please chalk me in this GB. My victim will be the 1/72 FROG P-47D Bubble top. Not a young one as it was born in the mid-seventies, but I am fed up looking at it and doing nothing about building it! Here is a photo: Cheers JR
  2. Hi Marklo, Please count me in with a run of the mill 1/72 Revell FW 190 A-8. Supposed to be a pretty good kit. It can't be worse than the 1/72 Airfix offering I am just finishing. Cheers JR
  3. Hi Pat, yes, I think I will join this GB. Tempting, deliciously tempting... I will go double Japanese: someone (name withheld for the moment) gave me a 1983 Fujimi B6N1 "Jill". Small, easy-looking, not to mention very good looking. The perfect candidate. Put me in please! Cheers mate. JR
  4. Impressively ambitious project! I wish you all the fortitude required for so many builds! All the best. JR
  5. jean

    Ooooo Betty !

    At least the Betty's paint scheme will not be too stressful. Will you display the Okha by the side or half swallowed by the Betty? JR
  6. Hi Martin, not bad for the dreaded O color. Not too far to go IMHO. I have to say that I am full of admiration for brave folk like you who rig a model that is only 75-odd percent built. If it were me, I know exactly what would happen to this spider web. All the best!!! JR
  7. Oh boy, don't we all know this feeling. JR
  8. Hi everyone, This is another model I am ashamed to still see on the shelf of so-called doom. Like the Etendard IV M of my other KUTA thread, it is very close to completion. A few photos to prove I sometimes tell the truth: Funny enough, and at the risk of repeating myself, I must be the only modeler in the known universe who did not find this kit a shake'n bake. Thanks for watching. JR
  9. Well, this model keeps coming back like a bad smell. It was kindly sent to me by @JOCKNEY two Christmas ago... It has already made two appearances on BM, and the worst of it is, that it is almost finished. Well, it would be finished if I knew what the acronym OOB meant... This is it: if I do not finish it this time I will go back to knitting. Here are a couple photos to show the advancement of this beautiful kit: Quite a bit of tidying up and some small details to add... That it is not yet finished is a disgrace! I will start it in the new year, when the other kits I am finishing will be on display. JR
  10. Are you kidding me? I am not that fast: these are the 3 from the year before that. JR
  11. Hi Dennis, this is a great classic plastic build. And a really original paint scheme. I love it and congrats! JR
  12. Hi Pat, thanks mate. And yes, the finish line is near. And yes again: the wayward strut in in shackle inside the kit's box. Unfortunately, I am going away tomorrow for over a week, so modelling will have to wait a bit. Rather frustrating! I have three models close to the finish, and all shall be finished before Christmas! That is my New Year resolution... Cheers JR
  13. Well done, and the paint scheme looks pretty spot on. JR
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