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    herpetology, botany, geology, and almost forgot... aircraft models, with a weakness for US Navy aircraft. Again, nobody is perfect.

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  1. @RidgeRunner Hi Martin, Yes, it is a great little kit, and I must finish it off. The plastic is good, so the rescribing was much easier than on the Frog kits I am busy building. And I was unable to find a AM pitot, so I will have to play with the kit's one I removed before the build. Re the cockpit, it is a very narrow affair, painted black in real life, so nothing much will be seen through the canopy. Buying an AM seat is the easy way. I was lucky to be given access to some great photos by @basket and decided to do some scratch building on the kit's seat. I am very happy with the result. All this to say that if a SMB2 cockpit fits inside the fuselage, go for it. Nobody will notice. Enjoy. JR
  2. Hi guys, the answer to your question is a shameful "Not yet!" I did lose the mojo for a reason already forgotten, but it is getting quite close of the top of the to do list. So that will definitely happen in 2024. I just need to work harder on my self discipline... Thank you for stopping your insane giggle. Cheers guys. JR
  3. Hi Charlie, So far your restoration is ridiculously impressive! I have just finished reading through all your posts and I had difficulties keeping my mouth closed, as my lower jaw kept dropping... Super congrats for the work to date. The finished Lightning promises to be fantastic. JR
  4. Hi, I am now paying some attention to the wings, one at a time. I stupidly (?) opened up the landing and identification lights, so I now have to plug these holes... Unfortunately I only have 3 mm thick plexiglas, so although that will just about work for the wing tip lights, the landing light should be +/- 3.5 mm wide, so I had to insert a 0.5 mm shim on one side. Let me know if you notice that my landing light is about 3 cm to narrow in real life. I am certain that every single one of you will start casting stones in my direction. As you can see, the wing underside looks really messy. Not so the upper wing side. I just hope that everything will end up looking just fine when I am finished with it. The re-scribed panel lines will receive a final big clean-up before primer. And I need to add some scratch-built structure inside the wheel well. Easy but everything takes time. Thanks for watching! JR
  5. I always wondered why they were walking funny... Now I know. JR
  6. Hi Stu, I have only got the Italeri C-47 in my stash, but I can promise you that I will not trash it, because compared to my recalcitrant Beaufort, even that kit looks like a Cadillac. I am sure yours will end up splendid! JR
  7. Hi klr, this is quick and brilliant build. Super well done. On my side, if there is something I really hate, is a kit where machine guns have to be installed right from the beginning. Disaster is never very far.... But I see that your fingers are not as clumsy as mine! Lucky you! Enjoy. JR
  8. Hi everyone, do not believe for a second that I have given up on the Beaufort. Granted, it is the worst and most challenging kit I have ever had the pleasure to get acquainted with... But we all need a reference datum once in a while. So the wings have had a bit more work done: Rounded up the extended air intakes and started on the navigation lights. For some weird reason I decided to look at the engines. My first reaction was to tip everything into the rubbish bin. Then I realized this would have been terribly unkind to Pat, aka @JOCKNEY, who did spend a very long and soul searching time to find the perfect kit for his French mate. So I took everything back to my desk, and went to work. The next photo shows the state of the engines, before (on the left) and after... Have fun! JR
  9. Hi everyone, at long last the half fuselages have been glued together and the horizontal tail planes added. Now is time to get the putty out and work on the skin finish without destroying the re-scribing... There will be some final tiny touch-ups after the primer has been sprayed, but things are moving. The wings will be next. Here is a photo of the state of the kit: Thanks for watching. JR
  10. What can I say? A reply perfectly in line with the overall high IQ one can find in BM... And I can't stop giggling. No comment. JR
  11. Hi, it is a fun little build! Actually the fastest kit I ever built. You will enjoy It. JR
  12. Hi @Black Knight You are doing what I was almost going to do, during a momentary lapse of reason. I then realized that any improvement would still leave the end product far from an accurate model. So I dealt with this 406 as a pure Classic Plastic build. Pure and simple. painless enjoyment. Having said that I admire you for trying, and will follow your efforts to transform this plane into a silk purse. Courage! JR
  13. Bonsoir Patrice, can you please count me in? I have decided to build a 1/72 Academy P-51B, which I intend to finish as a Mustang III of 450 squadron RAAF, using some Xtradecal decals. Apologies for the late decision. Cheers. JR
  14. It is just a green screen in Glasgow Heavy Industrial Zone. Mind boggling. JR
  15. Hi, I built that kit a couple of years ago, and although many people won't believe me, I built it OOB, from start to finish, including the pilot and even using the stand. It was an effortless build and a great walk down memory lane. The decals were horrid and not used. All in all, despite the kit being totally inaccurate, it is a testimony of what was on offer at the time. Nobody spat on the quality then, nor should we spit on it today. It is a FROG kit after all. Have fun! JR PS: Here is a photo of what I ended up with: anonymous MS 406 showing the camo typical of the Bouguenais factory:
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