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  1. Hi Pat, you really want to impress us! I know I am already impressed and you haven't yet started. This model will make your :sun room" feel cramped! Looking forward to watching this build. Have fun. JR
  2. Bonsoir Patrice, great little kit and a plethora of exciting paint schemes related to the Algerian war. Have you got some hardware (AA52 gondola, rocket launcher stubs, etc.) to fit under the wings? I could not find any so will finish my own in Aeronavale markings, without anything hanging underneath. Better than nothing! Keep at it! Great work so far. JR
  3. Hi, while masking the airframe for the light gull grey, I started decalling the fuel tanks. The latter are not perfect shape-wise, but they will do. Here is a photo of the result: I suspect sun glasses will be required to look at the finished model!!! Have fun! JR
  4. Hi Bish, this is looking real nice indeed. Great job so far. I have built the B-1 and this one will some day be on the bench. These Stukas are superb kits. Keep enjoying it. JR
  5. Hi everyone, today I decided to get on with the white paint on the A-4. I used a Tamiya mat white rattle can, which I left in hot water for five-odd minutes, on account of a cold front turning sub-tropical Africa into the Arctic. The paint behaved beautifully and I am actually very happy with the result. Over the last couple of nights I have brush painted all the little thingies to hang under the model. So light gull grey next! Thanks for watching. Have a lot of fun! JR
  6. Hi Sturmovik, I am going for the VC-5 scheme (the Checkertails). It is the top scheme on the photo below, the one with the checkered rudder. I hope the tail markings behave! Cheers JR
  7. Hello everyone, today I gave the A-4 a scrub with micromesh and a good brushing with methylated spirit, and then a spray with Tamiya grey primer. I love that stuff. Anyway, it looks good AFAIAC. That's what matters. I realized that I forgot to add a small protection plate at the base of the rudder, but I may just give it a miss. OK, I will see how I feel tomorrow morning... Damn! A quick photo: Tomorrow I will get on with the white... I may even use the Tamiya white primer for that. Cheers all. JR
  8. Hi all, just when I thought I was on the straight line for priming my A-4, I found the following photo. I am going for BuAer 144956, of VA-106 Gladiators. Like the one in the photo, it turns out to be an early A-4B. That is, the air scoop on the side of the fuselage is not yet a feature, In its stead is a flush intake. So I have to remove the air scoop and carve a flush one. Not my forte... Of course I could not touch it, and pretend I missed it, but I have just told you, so it's too late! That will be the last change I make to this model. I
  9. Hi everyone, sorted out the back of the canopy and masked it. Painted a coat of dark gull grey on the canopy framing prior to some primer. Painfully slow some days... Just for fun, the front canopy came off... So I re-glued it using black gloss enamel paint. Hopefully that will d the trick. Cheers and have fun. JR
  10. Bonsoir Patrice. superb result indeed! Congrats! It looks splendid in a diorama. Just one small detail: only the ailerons are white on the upper wings. The spoilers are light gull grey, like the rest of the upper surfaces. I do not think you will want to change that at this late hour. I would personally be tempted to look in the other direction... Great job! A + JR
  11. Hi Pat, more than likely there was only two dials on the IP. A speed indicator and a clock... plus of course a framed A3 photo of the Fuhrer! You are doing a great job with this weird contraption. Cheers JR
  12. Impressive result! Time consuming, no doubt, but really worth it! JR
  13. Hi Steve, you are doing really good! I am curious to see how you are going to paint the details on the wheels and landing gear doors, etc. I have never seen that approach to glue all these thingies that are hanging below the plane before the paint job! I am far too clumsy to even attempt this!!! Anyway, good luck! And as I keep repeating, it is indeed a gorgeous little kit. Keep having fun. JR
  14. Salut Fabrice, Airfix, in my opinion, is full of contradictions. Soft plastic on one hand, so easy to mark and/or destroy, and ridiculously small tolerances, meaning that the slightest layer of paint or drop of glue will throw the whole kit out of kilter... Hard to figure. I still think that even if sometimes painful to work with, soft plastic is better than ridiculously hard and brittle, like I encountered on a ESCI UH-1D in the late helicopter GB. Not sure if I'll ever finish it, for that reason alone. Having had my bitch, I nonetheless think that the Airfix A-4
  15. Hi all, this A-4B is moving pretty much in parallel with my two current other builds, which shows a total lack of self discipline.... Too late to change, I'm afraid. All the main airframe elements are on. I next need to re-scribe all the lines I have erased through the sanding of the seams. This very soft Airfix plastic can be a pain. Then canopy and primer. So all is going (almost) according to plan (read again from the words "lack of self discipline"). Have fun! JR
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