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    herpetology, botany, geology, and almost forgot... aircraft models, with a weakness for US Navy aircraft. Again, nobody is perfect.

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  1. Hi Steve, this looks like a stunning-looking kit. Shape problems be damned! You did a super job building it, and the checkerboard is not missed! Congratulations! JR
  2. jean

    New member

    Hi there, having a great affinity with the Scots (must be the single malts...) all I can say is WELCOME! A modelling Scot is a hell of a bonus! I am sure you'll have a lot of fun on BM. JR
  3. jean


    Hi SouthViper, nothing wrong with studying and working hard. Been there too and still am! The most difficult part is to find time for modelling... I am sure you will find the company of our fellow Bmers absolutely fine! Welcome! JR
  4. jean


    Hi Arca, welcome to BM! I cannot say I understood what you were trying to build, but if it modelling and if it is about planes, it is perfect! Have fun! JR
  5. Buonasera Giuseppe, glad you joined BM, as it is the best modelling forum you can ever find. A lot of incredible talents! You do not need a lot of time to be part of the family, and I am sure you will enjoy. Where are you living in Italy? Cheers from the African bush. JR
  6. Hi Dermot, it may be an oldie Hasegawa, but it looks damn good to me! And as you say, it is now looking like a Hoover, so you must be doing something right! You did mention sticking the decals in your window, I assume to try and remove the yellow hue of the decals' surround,,,, I have actually never tried it... just used other decals! But I am curious: have you had any success with this method before? Furthermore, if this works in Ireland, where the sun is mostly found in its liquid form, then I assume it should work anywhere in the known universe! Keep at it, you are doing great! JR
  7. Bonsoir Patrice, another fast build of what would seen to be a very nice kit. That is another kit I have never been able to come across. But I will snatch it when I see it! Super well done! Have fun! JR
  8. The resin cockpit does look good! The final result should be fantastic. Have fun! JR
  9. Hi Steve, and I get depressed when I have to paint 6 aircraft wheels.... I must atone of my impure thoughts! By sometime next year you should have finished painting the rims... Didn't you once said something about life being too short, or something like that? Having had my bitch, this GB really gives me the itch to build a tank again... Have a lot of fun. JR
  10. Hi Steve, yes indeed it seems to be the consensus about the spinner's color, and you are very right to mention this. I have never tried the Humbrol 100 for this use. I only use it for Spitfire bakelite seats... A tinlet should last several life times. For the brick red of the roundels I stick to my trusted formula, all in Humbrol, of course: Red 60 +Dark Earth 29 + White 33: it usually is spot on with a minor bit of trial and error! Have a great day! JR
  11. Hi Peter, reading Dazzio's post above brought to mind the biggest mistake of this paint scheme: Airfix would like us to believe the prop spinner is black, when in reality it was red... So, be warned! Have fun! JR
  12. Excellent model! It looks as if the Academy decals behaved rather well, which is never a given! Lucky you. Beautiful paint work as well. Congrats! JR
  13. Hi Clive, great result indeed. I love the finish of your MiG-15! Which Airfix kit is this? The hallowed relic that came out around the time of the battle of Borodino, or the "new tool"? Whatever, I am impressed. Super well done! JR
  14. Hi Steve, for a small increment, you could get a 100 W bulb... Just mentioning the obvious! Agreed: painting everything first takes way too long in my opinion. Too much fiddly painting with a paint brush that goes into the dark corners of the cockpit. Have fun! JR
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