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    herpetology, botany, geology, and almost forgot... aircraft models, with a weakness for US Navy aircraft. Again, nobody is perfect.

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  1. Hi again Jerzy, yes, usable photos are not legions. The MS 225 in use by the Aeronavale (French Navy) make a nice difference from the ubiquitous pre-war green. They did not get fitted with an arrester hook. Humbrol 125 would be perfect for them. Re the additional tanks fitted under the top wing, my memory seems to bring back the words"flotation devices", rather than tanks. I stand to be corrected, but this is what I kind of remember. They cover part of the large alpha-numeric underwing code. Whatever, these Morane Saulnier aircraft are really iconic in the French air force history. You must build more of them! JR
  2. Hi John, 1/144 has never turned me on, but you have a knack to build really attractive models that make me wonder why I don't like this scale!!! This one is no exception. I really like it! Superb job!!! JR
  3. Hi Ratch, great build! The 109 E is such a good looking plane that any type of camouflage will look great! I love it. JR
  4. Hi Jerzy, these two models are really nice and they scrub up well in camo paint. I have never seen pictures of these planes painted that way, but it suits them. Period documents are indeed not easy to come by. Your spoked wheels are impressive! Congratulations. JR
  5. Bad influence is my middle name! Prior to WW2, French aircraft, mainly because of the ineptitude of the powers that were, have always been in a class of their own. Another proof that ridicule does not kill, except the ones who tried to fly them. So you should be happy to be given such a chance to broaden your horizons. As to your mate in Africa, anybody I may know? Have a great, lazy day! JR
  6. Hi Pat, as we all know, the past always catches up with us... The Loire 130 curse is one of the most powerful and only used by a handful of illuminati at their risks and perils... This is way above my pay grade! Knowing that indeed the lost cockpit will reappear once a new one has been scratched, would you like me to send you some photos of the office, in the event none can be found at the Oban library? Just let me know. Plus you have the colonial (dirty word that, nowadays!), as I said you have the COLONIAL version, which will give you the pleasure of a bigger radiator! If you managed to build the Late 298, this one will be a breeze. OK, almost a breeze. OK, it's going to be hell!!!!! Have fun! JR
  7. Hi everyone, life has reared its usual head and modelling has to go on the back burner for a while. My A-4B is nonetheless progressing, even if rather slowly. So decalling is now almost finished. I cursed the vortex thingies on the wings, as they made a usually pleasant task, far less so. But the problems were beaten into submission! So things are moving, but not really fast. There will be quite a few micro touch-ups, especially on the checkered tail. Here is a picture of the progress: Have fun! JR.
  8. Hi, put my name down for a 190. I am already building one in the Matchbox GB, and that leaves two more. This will be fun! JR
  9. Hi Pat, this is not a good evening for me, having just discovered this Frog GB.... I have 10 kits that qualify, mostly original Frog plastic. So yes please, count me in!!! JR
  10. Hi Tony, as if I didn't already have too many kits on the go, Pat aka @JOCKNEY has just now twisted my arm from very far away! As I am genetically 200% Italian, I cannot see how I could get out of it! I just checked and I have 6 kits that can fit the bill. Alas the same Pat Gambino had some persuasive arguments, and an Italeri CANT 501 Gabbiano will be the sacrificial capra... So please enter my name in this GB. Cheers JR
  11. In real life, there was no obstruction at the back of the canopy. Fresh air was flowing freely! I guess nobody will ever notice your home-made blockage. Yes, Supermodel kits were ahead of their time. I still have Fiat CR 32 in the stash, and it is a beautiful little kit. Have fun! JR
  12. These are great planes you have modeled, and they look really good, so congratulations are definitely in order! Re the fit of the canopies at their rear ends, it is quite correct. They do not conform to the cross section of the fuselage, so no panic! I just hope you did not try to sand them to shape! Bottom line, they look great, and Supermodel did make great Italian kits. JR
  13. Hi, this is a superb Thud! Your paint work is great and the weathering just right! All the ingredients for a masterpiece. Congrats! JR
  14. Hi Steve, this is fast work indeed! You seem to have minimized the use of putty and the seams look fairly clean already. Way to go with twin booms! I have done a serious introspection, and have come to the conclusion that I am loosing it! I am getting totally mixed up and the French Navy never had Mistral, but Aquilon... Twin boom plane as well. Damn! Anyway, your Mistral is going to look great. JR
  15. Hi Steve, Nice plane, nice kit and a great build so far. I have a complete blank as to whether there were Mistral in the French Navy!!!! Brain freeze... For some reason I can see dark blue Aeronavale Mistral.... I must stop stop smoking origanum. Great job Steve, keep at it! JR
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