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  1. Hi guys,


    I do not normally enter new status updates, but as we have just had fun since last Thursday night with cyclone Idai, who had the good idea to pass over our heads in South Eastern Zimbabwe, I decided to share a couple of pictures.

    This is the Turgwe River, that flows just beneath our home. Normally a couple of fairly narrow channels' The other bank is about 350 meters away.

    Thanks to the rains Idai brought along,the river went berserk. After this photo was taken, it raised another 2 meters...


    Turger flood March 2019


    So yesterday morning we decided to see if our only dirt road out of here was usable with a 4 x 4. We drove 10 km with the Land Cruiser and stopped when we found a river running across the road. I went to walk into the water to see whether it would be still possible to drive through, but after the next bend, some 20 m further away. the water was reaching my waist and the current was becoming quite strong. So discretion became the best part of valor and I got back to the car...

    Which I got thoroughly stuck in mud while attempting a U-turn. No comment.


    the way out...



    It took us 1 1/2 hour to get out, with yours truly lying in the mud in bucketing rain, while attempting to jack the stuck rear wheel up... No success doing that as the mud was too thick,

    But we got it out eventually.

    So no driving out for a while! Who said Africa was not fun?





    1. Gorby


      That looks a tiny bit different to where I live. Our idea of a driving headache, is the occasional roadworks – not when the road has washed away!

    2. nimrod54


      Good to know you were able to get the 4x4 out Jean. The rainfall has certainly made up for the drought conditions of the last few years, but I am guessing that it has fallen at the wrong time of year, and that with that amount falling at one time will be of little use.


      Both of you stay safe.


      John and Caron 

  2. jean

    A pair of Hornets -- 1/72

    Hi, if this is not single-mindedness, then I don't know what it is! I like people who never give up. And on top of that the duo is sure to look stunning. The only Hornet I ever built was the 1/72 Hasegawa kit of the prototype, which I remember buying in a Richmond model shop near London, in the early 80s... It did take me a while to build it too. I am no great fan of the Hornet, but I vaguely remember that only the prototypes had the "tooth" in the leading edge of the wings, and that it had been deleted on production aircraft. I do stand to be corrected, but... Super progress! JR
  3. jean

    FW 189 A-1 / A-2

    Hi Michelle, this is shaping up beautifully! And yes, Italeri decals are often manufactured by Cartograph, who have a reputation second to none (like they say in the local press...). I would nonetheless tend to agree with Andre as far as the small stencils are concerned. I doubt the mechanics would have detoured the "No step" areas on the wings, when tasked to throw buckets of white distemper all over the plane. Now your interpretation is something else entirely: the "No step" dotted lines look great on the white paint, and so do the fuel triangles, so heck, why not?!!! I know I really like it! Keep having fun! JR
  4. Hi Werner, outstanding work! The paint work is top class. Congrats JR PS: is there something missing in the exhaust section? I am not a Streak specialist, but I have to ask. Great job!
  5. Hi Pat, all Scotland has to do is decree a sharia law whereby women are not allowed to learn to read. Easy, and there stops your banishment to the bedroom, because book clubs become irrelevant... You could as well include a ban on floral decorations, while you are at it! Oh, and most importantly, ban wine in favor of single malt!!! Do I really want to, one day, rule the world? Digression aside, I am really looking forward to see how the second top paint behaves. Keep having fun, whichever room you happen to be in! JR
  6. One of the sexiest French plane ever! Looks stunning. Congrats JR
  7. jean

    Douglas SBD-5 Dauntless

    Hi Michelle, well done you! Isn't she sexy in French markings? Biased, me?!!! Never! It must have been fun to drill the airbrakes! But it was worth the effort. OOB is one thing, but sometimes a little deviation goes a long way, and in the case of your Dauntless, replacing the undercarriage doors by little rectangles of thin styrene would have made the whole contraption more refined. By now you should know that I will always have one little point to nag about. Just ignore me! End result: a great looking plane the Free French worked wonder with. JR
  8. jean

    Eurofighter Typoon

    Hi Mikey, like @Alpha Delta, I would never had known you struggled with the decals. This surprises me, as the Xtradecals transfers are usually top notch and a pleasure to work with. But Murphy's Law always applies... A great plane and a beautiful model. Well done! JR
  9. Hi Graham, I really find your F-100 smashing! Possibly the most streamlined of the Century fighters! Great build and top paint job. Re the airbrakes, they never were interchangeable. There must be a problem with either the center store or the notch in the a/b. Whatever, nobody will notice! Congrats. JR
  10. Hi Pat, it does look indeed verrrrry big! And as you can imagine, the first thing that hit me when I looked at your post was indeed the missing radio mast!!! Horrid! A couple of question for you, who is happily bathing in RLM 65 heresy, when the rest of the world atones for your sins! Top paint: is this the RLM 73 or the RLM 74 you have painted? Or more to the point: is there another greenish paint to come? Or should I just wind my neck in? 2 - Your RLM 65 is actually far lighter than I remember the H 65 to be. Trick of the light or paint having been tweaked by the manufacturer? Whatever, I like it a lot like that! And 3: I do hope you have pushed the stick well forward to match the horizontal tail surfaces set to near vertical dive? Bottom line: Me like it very much!!! Cheers JR
  11. jean

    Italeri C-47.RAF BBMF.

    Hi Steve, I did find the photo of this Dak long ago. You should have asked! Now, would anybody know what color s the nose, which is definitely not in OD... Great show !!! JR
  12. Hi Ventora, thanks for showing us what these two paints look like on a model. The hue is spot on for the color blind hermit I am. I just have a lighter density in mind: must have been more weathered paint. I am sure I congratulated you on your 115 at the time, but a bit more praise has never hurt anybody. So once more, congrats on a beautiful Matchbox Heinkel!!! JR
  13. Hi Pat, in this hobby of ours, every color is contentious... If you use H65 as is, I will have to PM you the photo of a glove, which, after printing it, you will hit yourself hard on both cheeks with the piece of paper. That will have to do for now. I am sure we will find a place in space and time for the modelling duel. Having said that, if you see a bunch of torch-bearing Dominican monks building a hefty pile of wood in your driveway, I am not the snitch. I am sure one of them checks BM daily. Curious to see what H243 and 244 look like. Keep having fun, and remember one never has enough opprobrium... JR
  14. Hi again Pat, I forgot to mention a small detail re the RLM 72 and RLM 73 paints. I do know that X-tracolor have these 2 paints. I am sure other paint manufacturers have them too, but I am not aware of which ones... Good hunting. JR
  15. Hi Pat, this Condor resurrection is rather impressive and may even make me a believer ! Re RLM 65, I find that Humbrol 65 + 50% white is quite good. Photos usually show the light blue to be very light... I can't believe I just said that. Anyway, with the above you should be in the right ball park. For the upper surfaces, RLM 72 and 73 may be a bit trickier to find in Humbrol... Looking good! JR