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  1. Hi all, for some unknown reason I am entering this A-4 GB. Still haven't figured why... Anyway, here is the guilty party: the 1/72 Airfix A-4B. I am sure very many BMers will enter this very kit. Despite its shortcomings it is a lovely kit to build, and it actually does look like an A-4B. I have another A-4B in the WIP and good sense would have me finish that one before starting another one... That won't happen. Here are a few photos: I did not even remember that I had these few goodies. So will use them, why not! The the d
  2. Etendard moving along, that is one step forward and two backward, mostly due to my own clumsiness... Tidied up areas Heller molded either far too softly, or short shot. The tip of the rudder and the front of the vertical surface where it meets the fuselage back were rounded when hey should be showing sharp angles. Sorted that out with some CA glue and talcum powder. I am adding a photo that shows the work in progress. Getting there! Cheers JR
  3. Hi everyone, the A-4 Skyhawk GB is looming ever so close, and I have stupidly decided to finish this A-4B started eons ago. That is the plan no matter how silly it sounds. Silly because I am trying to finish my Etendard IV M from the Heller GB, and because I am entering another A-4B from Airfix in the A-4 GB... This one is being built almost OOB. I am using a Pavla Escapac seat. As the airframe I am modelling has the new type of rims, I have stolen the wheels from an Esci A-4E. And the underwing tanks a well, as they are better than the Airfix items. I jazzed up the
  4. Hi Roman, as usual, a splendid model! Congrats! JR
  5. Hi everyone, well I did not finish this Etendard IV M in the Heller GB that just ended. Not by a long shot. So I am carrying on and hopefully can finish it in the next few weeks. Here is the WIP to date: Here is the state of the build at this moment: The re-scribing is almost over and sometimes next week fuselage halves and wings can be glued together once I have dealt with some work on the exhaust area. The decals are a bit yellowed and are going to be stuck behind my shed window (when the sun returns, which may take a
  6. Hi George, this is a great looking 109, irrespective of the quality of the initial kit. You did a grand job of it! Re the Peddinghaus decals, I have read a couple of reviews about them, and to be truthful, none of them were complimentory. Quality and accuracy were always the main gripes. But as I said, you did good! JR
  7. Hi Jeroen, outstanding build. Actually looking brand spanking new compared to the 203 of my youth! I am serious. That is why I have been smelling of cabbage and Gauloise since I was a kid! Leaving the cabbages out is a real crying shame, notwithstanding what @JOCKNEY says... Your model is looking alive! Congrats. And have a successful move (do not forget to offer coffee and biscuits to the packers every 15 minutes!!!!) JR
  8. Hi all, here are a few photos of my Nieuport Delage 622. I love these sesquiplanes, but they can be a real challenge to build, unless you have more than two hands! This one was such a challenge and it stumped me for a while, not real sure how to go about getting everything lined up without smashing these fragile legs. Anyway, it gave me great pleasure and I re-learnt things about varnish and aluminium paint that I had forgotten (it was very close to ruin the model...) In all modesty,
  9. Hi everyone, well this little Nieuport is at long last finished! Not any minute too soon... A really beautiful plane, but one of the most fiddly I have built in a long time. Anyway, here are a few pictures. Well, it was a fun GB! My Etendard will hopefully be finished before the start of the A-4 GB!!! Cheers all. JR
  10. Glad you are happy with your re-scribing. And glad I could help. I will post an update on the Etendard later this evening, but no, it will not be finished by Sunday!!! A bit later... The Nieuport is my priority and Life is trying hard to throw spanners in the works, but this one should make it. Enjoy your Crouze! JR
  11. Hi there, I just started applying the decals on one side of the fuselage. Hopefully the other side will go on this evening. These decals are temperamental, or so I feel, so I let them well alone on their backing paper until they slide without a fight. That takes several long minutes! Patience... And they have a tendency to start crumbling if they are moved a bit too much. I stopped the disaster well on time. Lucky. I have re-learnt something I had forgotten while brushing the gloss cote: because I dilute it at +/- 80% with turp, the Metal Cote aluminium start
  12. Hi James, beautiful build and kudos for the chipping! Congrats!!! I believe I did build the same kit years ago under the label Pro Modeller. Very nice kit, but lacking the gull wing effect on the underside fuselage-wing junction. Unless I am blind, I cannot see it on your model, so I believe we have built the same kit. I love the paint scheme you chose. Cheers JR
  13. Hi Ratch, most unusual paint scheme. I like it! Funny indeed they repainted it and nonetheless kept the bomb! Beautiful model. Great show! JR
  14. I never read that.... Good luck! JR
  15. Hi slower progress than planned. SWMBO is around my desk and painting with enamels is therefore not an option. Survival kicks in. Anyway, glued wheels and tail skid, painted exhausts, unmasked rudder, and now ready for gloss after a couple of micro touch ups on the green paint. So pretty much on schedule all in all!
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