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  1. Hi Nigel, what paint are you using? I have a fetiche about RLM 02 (Don't ask!) This color often looks completely different from one photo to the next, and I am talking about black and white period shots. Likewise, the paint manufacturers produce everything from a very light grey to a dark grey green... The color you are using is pretty close to the idea I have of what RLM 02 is supposed to look like. I should have joined the Luftwaffe in 1939, and now I would be certain of the hue. Wrong career move! Have fun. JR
  2. Hi Smudge, I did start this same kit at least 20 years ago! Only difference, mine is molded in dark green plastic. It has some decent details for its time, and I am interested to see what it will look like when you are finished with it! Have a lot of fun! JR
  3. Hi Steve, this looks good, although trust the French: they advertise a B-1 and both the box art work and the contents are for a B-2! Sneaky so and so, they are! Or the chap who was charged to write the legend on the box had just graduated from university... Learning how to count comes much later in life! Have fun with it! JR
  4. Hi, The seat support that I stupidly decided to scratch build and install is finally in place and the fuselage is closed! Pheew! The other stupid thing I did, was to decide to use the deeper resin wheel wells... What nobody tells you, is that they are way too thick (the top and bottom of the trailing edge show a gap of almost 5 mm!!!) and that you are going to file the surface of the wells until you can see through... and the bottom of the wheel wells threatens to come off. Disaster averted in extremis by splashing CA glue everywhere (OK, almost everywhere...). I think I have got the hang of it now, but there is still one well to go.... Cheers. JR
  5. Hi Ed, great kit indeed. To be honest, I cannot see the RLM 02, and I thought the plastic was still unpainted... Would that mean that the ModelMaster 02 is the same color as the plastic? Have a lot of fun! JR
  6. Hi Miguel, for such a tiny kit, you did a beautiful job! It must have taken the patience of a saint, not to mention a bionic sight to get such a great result! Congratulations!!! JR
  7. Hi all, finally found the extra goodies I thought I had for the Stuka. I had forgotten most of them! Anyway, here they are: All this search for nothing as I eventually decided not to use any of them! Instead I just used a few Luftwaffe PE seat belts from Airwaves, and decided it would suffice. So the main progress to date: The radio/gunner's seat should be hollow, but I am keeping it and will play with some trompe l'oeil when painting time comes. A bit like @Basilisk experience with the Airfix 1/48 big brother, Airfix have come up with some baffling crudeness in the design, surprising in such a well engineered kit. Nothing that cannot be removed, but totally unexpected. When all is said, the engineering of this kit is nonetheless mind boggling! Thanks for watching! JR
  8. Hi Pat, So you are seriously buildinga Dardo.... Oh well. And then, another vacform?! You may already be past saving, you know that? But homo sapiens has a strong ghoulish side and I, for one, will really enjoy watching you "Dardoing"! You are very welcome to watch my pale attempt at modelling (when compared to a Dardo!) this insignificant Stuka. Have fun! JR
  9. Hi Valkyrie, good on you to have started! I think that the early Ju 87 B-1 and B-2 had their interior painted in RLM 02 instead of RLM 66, which appeared later in the Stuka's life! Not that anybody is going to die from it, but i just thought I'd mention it. Have a lot of fun! JR
  10. Hi Pat, the MS 406 is not forgotten! Tomorrow I am going to put the blue-white-red flag on the rudder, but I am going to use blue and red decals strips on a white-painted rudder for that purpose (Decals from Model Art Decal System, usually quite good!). It is just an admission of inadequacy, as I have tried to paint the damn flag three times, and each time was a disaster of galactic proportions... So wisdom dictates that I try another route. If that fails, I am taking up crocheting instead! The Stuka should be a problem-free build (Oh rats! I have uttered the forbidden words!) And no, I do not really like the Nationalist paint scheme, so Luftwaffe it shall be! I have never been called original, and here is the proof. Are you succumbing to the Stuka fever too? Take care JR
  11. Hi there, great choice! I assume there are going to be quite a few Airfix B-1 built in this GB, and rightly so! We will have to exchange notes!!!! I know I have some PE somewhere for the Ju 87B, possibly for the Fujimi kits, but unfortunately I did store it in a safe place... So it may reappear long after the GB finishes. Why is life always so predictable? Have a lot of fun! jr
  12. Nothing wrong with going back to basics on occasion! Handbrush is good! Cheers JR
  13. Just looked at the sprues in detail, and I was slightly disappointed to find quite a lot of flash on the smaller parts. Nothing deadly, but just some extra cleaning up work I had not been expecting... Detail is a bit soft in places, but all in all, it is still a really exciting kit! Cheers JR
  14. Hi Peter, one thing I have learned over my long and wretched life: Murphy never goes on holidays! Have fun nonetheless. JR
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