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    herpetology, botany, geology, and almost forgot... aircraft models, with a weakness for US Navy aircraft. Again, nobody is perfect.

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  1. Much, much better! Thanks. JR
  2. Hi everyone, preparatory work is ongoing. Panel lines scribed, fabric-covered control surfaces have an exaggerated texture so putty to the rescue. Since this photo has been taken earlier today, all the thick engraved lines have been filled with CA and sanded flush. Plus I have started opening the exhaust hole in between the landing gear wells, These three cavities to close and prepare are going to be a mission. Damn. But it should look a lot better. Have fun. JR
  3. Hi Greg, please, sort the picture snags so that we can see your model bigger. Your P-47 looks really smashing, and it is a shame not to see it clearly in all its glory. I love the paint scheme you have chosen. Great show! Congrats! JR
  4. Well done for daring to tackle a Swordfish. Not for the faint-hearted, especially if rigging is required as well!!! You did a lightning fast job, and it looks great. Congrats. JR
  5. Hi, Out of a whim, I decided to look at the front cowling and prop/spinner assembly. Big mistake! The representation of the cooling fan is a terrible caricature of the real thing and after what must have been a temporary lapse of reason, I realized that I had removed all of the offending item. I felt better, but quickly realized that there was now nowhere to anchor the prop assembly. A quick search through he spare box came up with a very old engine of the right diameter. So now I will not only have to rebuild a cooling fan, but install as well a radial engine! Things are quickly getting complicated. I drilled a hole at the end of the spinner and I am left with thinning the prop blades quite a lot. I knew it should have been OOB. A couple of photos: BEFORE: AND AFTER: This is modelling! JR
  6. Brilliant! I never knew the USCG had such aircraft in their inventory. This is Oh so different! Well built and extremely well painted. Congrats! JR
  7. Hi, I always found this plane sexy... Tastes and colors... I don't know the kit, but I like your model. Well done!!! JR
  8. Hi, did a tad more work this evening. I opened one side, not without difficulties: the plastic is hard and thick and a brand new 11 scalpel blade exploded while trying to open that hole. The front of the hole is going to be thinned to the thickness of the metal sheeting and 4 exhaust pipes are going to be fitted inside. The three cooling vents are going to be drawn and cut in a thin piece of plastic . There is no way they could be drilled accurately in the kit's plastic. Here is a photo of the surgery. Once everything is tidied up, it should look real nice. Or so I hope!!! Have fun! JR
  9. Hi Greg, I have been looking at this kit in my stash for over 40 years, never summoning the courage to build it. Now that I have this opportunity, I want to do it justice. We will see where this leads us! Have fun with your builds! JR
  10. The Durham Stakanov strikes again! The only man I know who builds kits faster than his shadow. I dare say I wonder why I want to faff around so much with my 190. Yours looks rather yummy like this. Great show Steve! JR
  11. Hi all, I shouldn't have, but I started this kit in between putting the finishing touches to my A-4B. By rummaging through my spares' box, I found the spare canopy from the Italeri FW 190 D-9, built eons ago with the blown canopy. The canopy on the Matchbox kit s one of the most contentious parts, so I took the gamble that the Italeri canopy would fit and I removed the canopy frame from the Matchbox fuselage. Lucky, as I think I can make it fit! Rather than scratchbuild a whole cockpit, I decided to try and fit the interior of the Revell FW 190 A-8. Again after a quick check, it should fit nicely. I will try and get an A.M. cockpit when I decide to build the Revell kit! That's how one eventually gets into trouble. The next step is to fill in all the deep panel lines on the kit and sand paper the raised lines. Likewise, the fabric texture on ailerons, rudder and horizontal stabilizers is exaggerated, so all shall disappear. I want a very smooth airframe with fine panel lines... Why make life difficult? Oh, Matchbox, in its infinite wisdom, has molded an aerial mast for an A-4 AND one for the A-1 to A-3... Everybody should be happy! I will remove the A-4 mast, of course. Cheers. JR
  12. Bonjour Patrice, your build has jolted my memory, as I had completely forgotten that I had built this kit in my younger years. I did choose the Arizona ANG scheme and I loved it. It is still in France, no doubt gathering tons of dust in its cabinet... Have fun! JR
  13. Hi Joe, this is a nice build. Love the paint work. Try nonetheless to fit your P-40 on a stand, as it looks somewhat forlorn on the ground... Well done JR
  14. Hi Greg, this FW 190 is a first for me as a Matchbox kit. I have only built 2 long noses in my life: the antediluvian one from Airfix, which I remember building with a ridiculous dihedral and weird green colors. And I was so proud of this build! Then I built the Italeri D-9 when it came out.... A great kit, but so long ago! I want to build this 190 and go to town with it (OK, within reason!). It won't take much scratch to bring this kit several levels up. Looking forward to this GB. Cheers JR
  15. So it's true. You have moved into a mansion! JR
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