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  1. Thanks Pat, your compliments make me feel even worse. After this photo was taken, I decided to repaint the dark blue grey and the kaki on the port upper wing, to erase the pencil marks. This I did, but being the impatient Frog that I am, I re-applied another coat of gloss too soon, so some of the paint went on holiday... So now part of the left top wing looks not too hot. I knew I should have lived with these few pencil lines, as they were almost invisible in normal light. Damn!!! Next plan: 4000 Micromesh, hoping to flatten the mess and get things back to normal.
  2. Hi Mario, jut found your build! It may have been a short WIP, but it sure was intense! I like the result very much indeed. To fit 4 sets of wheels on the ground at the same time does not need wizardry. It requires serious witchcraft!!!! Great show, and congrats to see your Harrier finished. JR
  3. Hi guys, the rudder has been glued, at long last. I used decal strips for the blue and red bands. On the photo, I have realized the pencil marks I put for the camo are still visible in places. Not good! So I will have to touch up these marks ever so gently with a fine brush, before the mat varnish. Never a dull moment! Cheers. JR
  4. Impressive build, great painting and decalling, and very big!!! How many are you building with all these wheels? Great show. JR
  5. jean

    Tamiya P-51

    Hi Dansk, 1/32 AND Tamiya can only be a gorgeous experience. So far everything looks stunning! Great show! JR
  6. Hi Adrian, I never thought the Frog Whitley was so bad... I remember a friend of mine building the ASW version with aerials all over the fuselage top, and I was impressed! I cannot see your photos... Only URLs and when I click on them, still nothing... Is it me? Or is it you? Cheers JR
  7. Hi Pete, good start! The cockpit is more than sufficient as nothing will indeed be seen! Interesting background story as well. Hard to know where France would be nowadays without the Grand Charles legacy... Looking forward to your IV. JR
  8. Hi, decals all set on the airframe and busy with the rudder tricolor. The finish line is getting closer. Because the kit is a 1963 Frog effort, when they were on the road to greatness, I will not try and depict a specific plane. This Morane is a salute to what plastic models were when I was (very) young, so it is a purely OOB build, without anything having been modified. It is a really nice, fun kit to build, and I am enjoying every second. I have shown the FROG decals and they really missed the boat. For 1963, though, they still did a great job!
  9. Hi there, I don't know enough about Spitfires to spot the flaws. Shame on me! All I can see is a great-looking model that is heading to be a stunner. Superb show. JR
  10. Hi all, model varnished and roundels in progress. You can see that the upper wings' roundels are still in the throws of Micro Sol (I may have overdone it a bit?) I really like the overall result. I have decided to paint the exhaust stubs, radiators, etc. after the roundels. With acrylic black paint on enamel gloss varnish, it should be a walk in the park! Thanks for watching. JR
  11. Hi Adrian, believe me when I believe our home is where all the Scottish midges migrate during winter! Decalling and gloss varnish are only possible at lunch time... a nuisance really, but it's OK. But better a bug under your decals than a hamster stuck under the wall to wall carpet you have jut finished fitting.... although you cannot stand on your decal to flatten the bug. All the sub-elements are pretty much ready, so it should go quite quickly once I have sorted out the radiator and other panels. Cheers JR
  12. Hi Pat do not hold back on your Amiot! I am hunting for photos of the Nieuport's fuselage underside... Not many of that, believe me! Born a catholic, during my youth I did not see many poster girls on my bedroom walls... my mother saw to it, though, that I never ran out of a crucifix to look at, wherever I went in our house!!! I am sure my Nieuport will be fine. The MS 406 will be finished long before the Nieuport. I will add some photos later this evening to prove it. Congrats again on your chocolate Amiot! JR
  13. Hi, have you thought of using a Tarot reader? I know a good one in London... At the end of the day, I am sure that an old salt like you can ad-lib the instructions! A bit like a jazz session... Let your hair down and glue!!!! Don't inhale too many fumes along the way! Good luck with the big baby! JR
  14. A very smart build and beautifully detailed! The flaps' area look superb. I will bee following. Keep having fun! JR
  15. Almost on schedule! Finished all the paint touch ups. Tomorrow evening, gloss varnish and then either decals or all the black(ish) items: exhaust pipes, radiators, etc. depending on how impatient I am! I have already cut the roundels, ready for decaling. Will hopefully finish it before month end. Have fun! JR
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