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  2. There are so many variables with the light and shadows when looking at objects in photographs. I came across this 'illusion' about a year or so ago, when discussing F-15C camouflage colours with a decal manufacturer. It's good for showing the effects of surrounding colours on the colour you're trying to pinpoint. I didn't believe it was the same shade until I cut a square of colour from one area and physically moved it onto the other one.
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  4. Looking good your progeress. I like the scene you are intended to build. Jan Remco
  5. Thanks everybody! Yes, it's a simple and quick way to check for seams. Just brush on a little metalizer, you don't even have to clean the brush afterwards. I've used the same brush for a year or two now. Just shake up the bottle and load the brush from the lid - this is important, because getting too much of the lacquer can result in eating away at the plastic and just absorbing what's left in the lid is always a safe amount. The Airfix wings are now attached to the Sword fuselage. It took a bit more to convince the plastic to fit than I expected. I ended up detaching the aft portion of the wing and fit it separate. It'll take some putty and sanding to get it all straightened out. In other news, the new hatch has been scribed in the Airfix Mk 24. Now I need to remove the old hatch behind it. Ooooh, I'm realizing that I may need to make some more labels for these three - sorry Ced, I'll get on that.
  6. And make all the correct lines also till flash.
  7. Hi Tony, just checking in. Page 5 and not very far into the actual build, it looks like one of Ced's epics. I'll go back to the beginning and read it properly now. Cheers John
  8. Very nice work but such a shame that it's necessary.. in this day and age that should not be happening.. Keep up the good work!
  9. Workers spent 2,000 hours and used 200 liters of blue paint to complete the task of repainting Sierra Delta in the new Pepsi scheme. The task of transforming Sierra Delta was completed at Air France’s maintenance facility at Paris Orly Airport in strict secrecy, with workers obscuring the completed paint job by covering the jet in brown wrapping paper. So you could do a model Concorde and just wrap it in brown paper Imagine the comments at Telford about that
  10. Good preparation here Tony, it will serve you well as the build progresses. Martian
  11. Falcon/Squadron canopies are excellent and I have found Rob Taurus to be pretty good as well. Martian Clarifying the Clear Parts
  12. Thanks Beardie, the Pup has been added to my site. I'm thinking of the Snipe next? Or maybe an LVG C VI? US DH-4, perhaps...
  13. about the same as peace in the middle east
  14. Reshaping the inside of tractor so my figure doesn't like a little child driving it since this is 1/32 scale and deck crews are in 1/35...I hope this will work.
  15. If the RAAF aircraft are any indication, the wheel wells, components and wheels would've been aluminium lacquer. Flight Deck interior was a mix of light tan and the green you mentioned (I have some painting drawings somewhere). Not sure on the props (if they had painted leading edges, they'd have been on both faces) - most C-130s with Hamilton Standard 54H60 props (dash numbers varied between models and operators) had electrically heated leading edge boots at the blade roots which were black, like the blade cuffs and were almost indistinguishable from the cuff itself. The RAF ones may have had an additional de-ice boot along the leading edges - I very much doubt it was paint.
  16. Swordfish weathering pic: Chris
  17. Calling all Spitfire experts..... What period were the port wings of Spitfires painted black? Was this applied at the factory, or while in service? Also, once the decision to chance to sky undersides was made, were black wings overpainted, or was it left to attrition and replacements to ring in the changes? Secondly, from what date/serial was IFF a standard fit? (Basically, I'm trying to figure out how to build/paint Spit R6835 of 603 Sqn as at late Aug 1940....) Thanks in advance John
  18. That is definitely a very strange looking aircraft, but as usual, a beautifully executed model. Very, very, nice! Ian
  19. Hughes, You nailed it! Beautiful build of a beautiful jet! Yours is the best 1/72 FGA9 I have seen so far- I hope mine will turn out half as good as yours...soooo, when will we see an F6? Mike
  20. That colour scheme is just beautiful. I'm not a modern jet fan but somehow that, combined with the indigenous artwork, comes together Beautifully! Congrats! Ian
  21. Yet another beautifully finished model from the Tonyot bench. Absolutely gorgeous! Ian
  22. Fanflippingtastic Ian. For once awesome is the right word when applied to the job you've done on this. Steve.
  23. That's a real poke in the eye. Great Skyrays! Kind regards, Joachim
  24. That's a stunning photo recce Draken! Very impressed. Kind regards, Joachim
  25. Superb NMF, and I do agree about the MiG-15 looking good. Also, thanks a lot for the application tips! Quoting Dazey above – are thos Gunze metallics acrylic or solven based? Excellent modelling! Kind regards, Joachim
  26. All those tones are graded tones of Intermediate Blue, the middle color in the three tone scheme. The same thing was used on a few PBY's. Obviously a lot of work, and not an efficient method, so the simpler way prevailed.
  27. What a monster! Fantastic build, from all respects! I'd almost say 'fanatic' build… ;-) A minor maybe nit pick: a bit hard to see from the photos, but it looks like the aft pointing arm of the wing crosses is covering the aileron gap? In that case, easy to remedy with a quick scalpel cut… Amazing modelling. Kind regards, Joachim
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