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  2. 1:48 Eduard Nieuport 17

    Excellent Nieuport 👍 ... I say that in full confidence because my one attempt at a biplane in 31 yrs. isn't even rigged.
  3. MTO B-25J Colour question

    Micheal, It was on one of the many different Facebook sites but I could not tell you which one. If you are wondering about copyright, from the markings on the bottom of neg/ image, One can tell that it was an official USAAF photo and thus in the public domain. Steve
  4. Trumpeter 1/48 MiG-19PM Farmer E

    Thanks for the tape dispenser link! Got one ordered! It'll definitely help with organizing the bench. Looking forward to the rest of your build!
  5. [yet another] 1:48 Tamiya F4U-1a

    I think those belts turned out great, remember we can't always see the belts from this angle to pick out the bend around the seat edge, when closed into the cockpit those will look great. Great painting work by the way and I really like the twisted belt. That's one thing you can't do with PE belts.
  6. 1:72 Zvezda MiG-21bis Soviet Union

    Nice and proper build! For my personal taste, perhaps even a bit too proper. ;-) An all grey scheme has a tendency to look a bit bland and uninteresting to me, without some discreet panel shading and judicial weathering. But, de gustibus non est disputandum… Kind regards, Joachim
  7. absolutely amazing, wonderful work. i was hesitating if i need to buy these kits since the price is pretty high. but from your great work, i think this is worth to buy.
  8. Sabre Mk. VI

    I just ordered the 1/72 Hobbycraft F-86F-10/ Mk 6 kit. I am going to model a Golden Hawk Mk. VI and was curious if the kit is pretty accurate and if it isn't what "tweaks" does it need? I am thinking maybe the scoops for the fuselage? Not really sure as I have no real knowledge on Canadair Sabres. Thanks---John
  9. Today
  10. A beautiful build. And a pilot! Thanks heaven someone else likes to put figures in their machines. Michael
  11. Wingnut Wings

    The finest of work. There is a lot of time and talent there. Michael
  12. Grumman Albatross ASW colours....???

    Don't have any sourced information, but it sure looks like Dark Gull Gray FS 36231 over white. Logical, also, since Dark Gull Gray over white was the standard USN anti-sub scheme during the later part of WWII. The color in the photo is too dark for Light Gull Gray but Dark Gull Gray is in the same family, only darker, as the name so cleverly implies. I believe the same scheme was used for a while on Lockheed Neptunes supplied to the Dutch.
  13. It is very difficult to put masking tape onto BMF. Based on experience, the tape tends to lift the foil. Since I am foiling the fuselage panel by panel, it is not a problem to paint first. I have painted foil in the past. Paint does stick to foil without a problem. I will be using pre-painted foil to cover the joint at the wing root.
  14. What a cool project, and it is looking just great! Great job, lil miss!
  15. RAF Harvard Post War Colours and Markings

    Wez, I think this is the one I remembered reading about- is this a version that would interest UK modelers? No release date, though....I'm still waiting for the revised Bristol M1C they have announced ages ago! Does this help? Mike https://www.modelhobbies.co.uk/shop/images/images020312/CMR-CS68.jpg
  16. I kind of have a little crush on my dentist; she's a cute Indian woman, very short, with the faintest of accents. (Which just goes to show how ungrateful I am that the universe presented me with a tall, beautiful wife.) She also makes a lot of jokes, (which I appreciate), many about how badly my gums were getting cut up during the surgery (which I didn't). Consequently, my mouth is in a bit of pain now. Women, they always find a way to get you. Yes, a slight but very welcome detour on our national journey to the bottom. Especially since my late grandmother, whose funeral was, as you know, yesterday as well, was impregnated and married at fifteen by a much older seminary student whose views inclined profoundly towards the regressive, and who beat their children and far, far worse before abandoning her with five of their children and taking the sixth (his favourite) off with him, not to be seen again by them for another forty years. I know it's irrational, but on some level it feels as if my grandfather, who I've never met, but whose malign specter haunted my own childhood, was beaten a little last night as well. And he deserves all the beatings he can get. In happier news, my Haynes Manual on the Wellington came, and it is GREAT. I had sort of adopted the snobbish position that the Haynes Manuals were rather lightweight texts on their subjects, but as a modelling reference, it's superb. I wish I'd had it when I started the kit.
  17. No i can't afford fancy riveting tools so i make do with my saw blades. If you pinch the blade between thumb and forefinger and place it on one side of a curve. Then start to move it slowly with even pressure. It will rotate following the curve and give you straight lines on round areas. Its hard to explain but if you practice it over time it gets easy to do. Dennis
  18. Thanks everybody,...glad you like it; Cheers Bill,.... it is the Academy Minicraft kit,....got it 2nd hand quite cheap so thought I`d have a go at it,.....looking forward to doing the 48th scale Revell kit in a similar scheme! Cheers Paul,.....yes the upper wing roundels are small but correct,... the home based RCAF liked their teeny weeny roundels and 162 Sqn was deployed from Canada to Iceland. Here is a pic showing how small the upper wing roundels were; Regarding Aviaology,.... the details are on their website mate; http://myemail.constantcontact.com/New-Decals--n-Docs-releases---Eagle-Sqn-Spitfires---RCAF-Overseas-Catalinas---RCAF-Canso-As.html?soid=1105493007759&aid=MULIelKQF34 All the best Tony
  19. Yesterday
  20. Very nice Dornier 👍
  21. Classic Airfix 1/72 Ju88A

    Another superb job. Love it.
  22. Boeing 747-400F 1/72

    Just caught up. You’re doing a full interior! Mind blowing
  23. @Johnny1000 I place a drop of the paint straight from the bottle on a piece of used aluminium tape backing (I really should invest in a proper palette at some point ) then paint by dipping the brush in water first then loading it with a little paint. It's not an exact process but it seems to work well for me, just be sure to brush a few test strokes to check the consistency and re-dip the tip in water or load more paint as required. It sometimes takes a few tries to get the consistency in the range I like. I think in general these paints don't need a lot of water to thin to a good workable consistency. If anything I prefer to paint with slightly thicker paint to prevent globs of paint from running off the brush into crevices and difficult spots. The small brush may also help but I have used a similar method with a size 0 brush as well. Hope that helps,
  24. Firefly 5, SH 1.72

    Nice job! The Special Hobby kits are quite nice, and I really enjoyed building my two. Typical short run kits, but the resin cockpits are nicely detailed and the rest provides a great canvas for making a nice replica. Wouldn't mind a thoroughly modern kit though... Cheers, Bill
  25. Early B-17 internal colours

    Thanks Tom, I believed that the Bombardiers compartment was also alleged to have been a control zone too - although I was backing this up from photos in Black and White of an early B-17 model - whether it was a B,C or indeed D, I have no idea. What I could genuinely say was that the photo quality wasn't too great, and relied heavily on interpretation - hence the assumption that I had come up with. Could this be the soundproofing? Also the photo sites this is from a B-17E. Which in my honest, and humble opinion, it is not. It could have been from a prototype E maybe? But my suspicion is this is more likely to be a B-D model? Thoughts?
  26. With the assistance of a wee can of fizz I got a bit more of Gannet2s innards glued together In the process of setting out the destructions for ready reference I took a closer look Some might notice the right hand panel on the centre section names the section being worked on I didn't notice but there (or LO!) is a reference to the driver's mate's postition Nuff said! You get stupid little levers for any odd shaped in-cabin protrusions to stick in Lookit this Would you believe throttle and some other (Prop pitch?) levers too? Barmy but... The radar op's position is now completed, there's even a small control box in there with a curved loop of cables leading to another panel and the main part of the i.p. is in place, there's a second panel to insert with the main blind flying type panel to add over the top, later night all
  27. 1/48 Fairey Firefly Mk4/5

    I have the 1/48 Flightpath Fairey Firefly Mk4/5 which I intend to build as a Royal Australian Navy target tug. I have the decals to do the job but I would like to display the model with the wings folded. My aim is to modify the Airwaves wing fold set for the Firefly Mk 1 to suit the Mk4/5. To assist my build, would any members have clear diagrams of the wing fold of the Mk4/5? I've scoured the Net but without success. Any and all assistance would be appreciated. RAL Downunder
  28. 2 Stage Merlins for Mosquito

    Ivand, keep us posted at to your success.... always interested, glad to have been of some help.. Jeff
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