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  2. 36 Sqn Vildebeests - Serial/Code Letter Tie-ups

    Hi Steve, The original postings on RNZAF Proboards went to Photobucket hell but I've asked the originator to rehost them so I can provide links that work. Kind regards, Mark
  3. Bostons/Havocs

    This is AL-452.
  4. Hawker Typhoon Museum Restoration

    A most original take on the subject which is displaying some top class workmanship. Martian
  5. Lovely work Hendie! I can feel myself weakening towards this kit. Somebody stop me! Martian
  6. Yesterday
  7. Thanks Kev, today my tentacles have been completely twisted. I even tried drinking out of a bottle of beer before I took the top off! Just one of those days when I should never have got out of bed. Thanks Bill. That jumbled modelling table is about as tidy as it normally gets. I usually tidy when the available space drops below to square of you Earth inches. Following the hand injury, the Roc won't make Telford, I just lost too much time. It was always an outside chance of it making this year anyway. Cheers Nigel, it will be ready for Telford if it kills me, which, going by today's performance, it may well yet do! You are too kind Sir. I await it with trepidation, I worry that despite my best efforts, some paint will have got under the clear parts resulting in loads of extra time that I don't have being taken up sorting that out. Thanks Ian. You make a very interesting point here. On the real aircraft the blue segment of the roundel is always on the left. That is, except for the underside roundel where it is on the right. Both decal sheets and every picture confirm this to be so and I have modelled it thus accordingly but the reason for this completely escapes me. It doesn't seem to be limited to just one aircraft either. Perhaps one of our Dutch friends can enlighten us because I can't. Puzzled of Mars
  8. Invicta Britannia

    I recently bought a Britannia from Ray at 26decals with Redcoat markings, the Invicta one would have been my next choice, not sure I made the right decision now, still, I can always do an Airfix Vanguard in Invicta colours with decals from Ray. Steve.
  9. With the week-long surgery mostly finished, I'm at a point where I can resume construction (instead of destruction LOL). This update focuses on finishing off the landing gear bays which, you may recall, is where I first started this build. First, the main landing gear bay. The Eduard PE includes a three-piece assembly that goes in the top of the main bay. These represent metal shields on the actual aircraft, whose purpose is to prevent damage should a tire explode in the bay. Here they are, temporarily fitted into the bay: The bays and PE were masked and sprayed with Tamiya Titanium Silver. The exterior of the shields was painted red with a hairy brush: After gluing the PE in place with CA, I gave everything a black wash to bring out the detail and then applied brown and gray pastels to dirty things up. Moving to the nose gear bay, I painted and weathered the Eduard bay (with my hand-built nitrogen tanks)... and carefully CA'd it into place. Big improvement over the original: At this point, I did a test fit of the two fuselage halves and discovered a couple of problems, both easily corrected. First, the nose gear bay interfered with the rear of the cockpit. I fixed this by cutting away a portion of the canopy floor behind the aft bulkhead. This will not be visible when the fuselage is assembled. At the opposite end of the aircraft, I found an injection error on the upper fuselage half. I'll fill in the missing area with putty when I assemble the fuselage. That's my progress report for the weekend. In retrospect, it doesn't seem like much but I assure you it took more time to do than it took to post.
  10. Wonderful news, it's back! Looking good too, though I still think you're nuts! Ian
  11. Airfix Vulcan

    Anyone that can rescribe an Airfix Vulcan that well deserves more than a medal in my opinion. That is truly one outstanding piece of modelling, the only issue that I see is if those lads at Airfix see this, they may think that the current (1983 issue) kit is still too good to replace with a new tool! So thanks for the inspiration, and boo hoo for probably delaying a new Vulcan kit (only joking!). Cheers... Dave
  12. RD.57D-C 1/48 CA B.57 kit bash

    Looking fantastic, another reason I'm sorry I live so far from Telford. Steve.
  13. P40C Tomahawk

    There are photos of wing in NMF finish and camouflaged finish(AAF & RAF) which show the wing before their assembly. The wing area floor was NMF on these three cases but these photos were taken specially for illustration of manual. Two another pics show, the first: painted floor, lighter than camo colour and 2nd: NMF with one coat of Lionoil Prussian Blue as upper wing. Not easy to make a rule. In every case, the wearing plates remain nmf
  14. Lancaster g George decals

    Just picked up an Airfix Lancaster B1 in a red stripe box for less than a tenner.. kits complete but lack decals. Does anyone know of a decal sheet that has this Lancaster included?
  15. Macchi 200 Saetta 150°Gruppo, 1/48

    Really a nice weathering and modification on the windshield!
  16. Trumpeter 1/24 Hurricane

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I love Trumeter kits. I understand that sometimes they get details and shapes wrong, but the fit and details are what I am after. I am not overly worried about the inaccuracies, but Do lean towards a kit if it is more accurate. As Troy has mentioned above the 1/24 Hurricane is one of their best.
  17. That is out of this world,I swear I was fumbling in my poket for one and six for a poly bag kit when I realised it's not 1973 anymore,and I'm very annoyed!
  18. Tornado when "parked",question on the position of the wings

    I read somewhere that German Tornados parked swept at 45 degrees as a routine becasue of the size of their HAS. If you always park sweept at 45 you can't forget to park swept at 45!
  19. Never enough spitfires !, Your is rly. well done, congratulations !.
  20. Kinetic 1/48 T-Harrier...any good?

    Lots of good info here:
  21. Spitfire Mk IX MH434

    This really is looking a bit smart, I'm enjoying it. Steve.
  22. You did a fantastic job on this f-14, congratulations, regards Mirek
  23. Dear Sergiy, Thanks for the reply. I look forward to seeing the finished F4F-3 in RFI too! Regards, David
  24. #892 Squadron Royal Navy Fg.1 Phantom

    There is nothing so good as an RN Phantom Dennis, you've done her full justice. I love it! Cheers John
  25. Too many Hobbyboss 1/72 F-14 Tomcats!

    Lots of progress with the slugger... Ventral fin removal for resin replacememts. Main Assembly done so onto some spot priming and seam checking with good old mr surfacer More of my etch bits going on. All major parts that will be gull grey ready for the paintshop! Just need to remove & polish canopy mold seam, mask it up then tack in place. In other news, these new release oilbrusher colours turned up. Looking forward to seeing what they can do on this build, bought these two as reckon the bone will be a good shade to bleach gull grey with and then the gunmetal for shading exhaust parts 👍🏿
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