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  2. On this kit the clear parts fit perfectly. Meant I could paint them separately and glue them on right at the end (in fact there is no glue holding the cockpit in place) Tim
  3. What a great Hurricane - top notch build. Cheers, Michael
  4. landing circles on Type 22s? Umm apart from pretty sure Wasps later years only leanders and type21 why do you need type 22 flight deck dimensions. Apologies if there is a reason for this....i may have misread this. There are one or two ex 829 wasp ratings about still so if you have any questions please shout. Ps looks fab the nimbus
  5. Hi, Vinnie, I am very pleased with Xtracrylixs. RLM74, especially, lacks the excessive greenish hue many brands have. In spite of its name, reports say that only when seen point-blank (and in full scale, of course) any greenish tinge could be discerned. Fernando
  6. New decals arrived yesterday! Mrs S is going out this evening, there's a beer in the fridge and I'm now off work for a few days so there's no excuse, looking forward to pushing on with this. Eng
  7. Superb finish, I like it a lot.
  8. Nice build of a rarely seen aircraft. Well done. Cheers, Michael
  9. Impressive work (as ever!) - the mention of Authentic Airliners decals is useful. Regards Mike
  10. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this so far but I think the thrust line of the Griffon on the MkXII is somewhat different to other Griffon powered Spitfires. This could possibly be because the MkXII's installation was shorter but it is quite noticeable on the Xtrakit model when one compares it to, say a MkXIV.
  11. You're making good progress on this, looks nice. Eng
  12. Great to see this one finished, looks great.
  13. Hey guys, here is my latest work - the kit is very nice Eduard 1/48 Bf 109F-4. It was finished in a bit over a week - on very last minute i have decided to go and see the Moson kit show this year, as it was my dream for some time already. And because i did not want to go there with empty hands, i had to build something.. The kit is amazing, goes together realy well and all problems vere caused just by myself and the limited time i had. I have used the Profipack boxing, so i had some basic PE sheet and canopy masks from the box,on top of that i bought the Eduard Brassin flaps - the flaps in the kit have sadly some sink marks (i have noticed it on the G-6 kit earlier too, which is using the same sprues with little parts) and also the Brassin flaps have some very nice details added. Because of the rushing i did not make any WIP thread around, so hope you wont mind some WIP shots I have added a bit of details on the cockpit sidewalls - mainly in the front areas as these were totaly empty (but as you ll see later, these front areas of the pit are almost not at all visible after the fuselage is glued together). I wanted to create some textures for the basic camouflage as i was not sure how many of it ll be visible later (did not know how much of the white i m going to remove, but on my next winter camouflage model i m going to skip this step as totaly nothing of this is visible later, so it is just waste of time/paint.. + so many paint layers effectively lowers the visible details later. But when i have already put the time in, here we go with the shots The original idea was to make the winter camo scheme and also some snowy base. As a part of it, i wanted to make the canopy glass icy/frozen from inside as i have seen it like that on some photos. So i tried some stuff for re-creating ice on it. At first it looked ok, but in the end.. well.. simply it did not turn as good as i hoped. The snow on the base also did not look good to me, so i have scraped the idea for now... I ll need to practice and try more and more Then the fun with Washable white started (in my case from AK751 as it was in stock in local hobby store). The effects you can achieve with this kind of paint is very nice, also the effect depends on how long you let the white paint dry, before you going to wash it off. Long drying time makes the paint goes off in some kind of chips, after short drying time the paint is washed off in sort of "fuzzy" way First layer of washable white, washed off after long dry time Second layer of washable white, washed off after short dry time Third layer: chipping flow + dusty layer of flat "dirty" white, chipped down after few minutes, followed by brown-ish filters (mainly on wing roots where the crew would be moving) And here it is in the very end I m sorry for so many shots, but you know me guys, i cant decide which shot to use, so i use more of them... And trust me, i have used only like half of the images i have made.. Hope you like the result and thanks for watching guys Have a great day.
  14. stunning early camo recce Canberra model!
  15. Donald, This information is from the Combat Reports relating to 5th August (which I have a copies of). As you say, you can't infer from this that 143/S was Hockley's usual aircraft or that he was flying it on 15th. However, I note that in Sturtivant the individual aircraft history for NN284 ends on 5th August. If the aircraft survived the war there is usually an entry listing details of transfer to another squadron or a note indicating it was SOC. The lack of history post 5th August is consistent with what you'd expect if Hockley was flying NN284 on the 15th and it was lost. Perhaps best to think of it as not ruling NN284 out as a candidate for the aircraft he was flying when he was killed. HTH IG
  16. Today
  17. a nice Tiger aggressor ! good work on camo and cockpit!!
  18. What Mustang kits are made under license by Boeing these day's? I can se Boeing's trademark on Airfix kits but not on Tamiya's. Strange that Boeing can do this concerning an aircraft built by North American under order from UK with an R-R engine and english name and payed by taxmoney for over 75 years ago... Does Airfix (and builders) also pay Boeing for making and bying an RAF Mustang IVa? /André
  19. That's been my experience also Jamie. Each build my paint just gets thinner and thinner now and the pressures lower. Looking forwards to that yellow tutorial. Cookie: hats off on that freehand work there. That looks most excellent. Tony
  20. Just wow - what a great Friedrich - easily one of the best Messerschmitts I have seen lately. Congrats. Cheers, Michael
  21. Martin, if it can be of help I'll have a look at the afterburner included in the Meng F-102 kit and let you know what it's like.
  22. Where are my sunglasses?! Really like these colorful interwar schemes - well done. Cheers, Michael
  23. The ESCI F-4C/J kit still is a reasonable kit, lack of detail notwithstanding - had the plethora of after market goodies that are available now were available when it came out it would have been my preferred kit of choice back in the day. Be careful though of the ESCI 1/72nd long nose Phantom kits, the small intakes on the nose were IIRC, the same as used on the C/J not the more faired in examples applicable to the longer nosed versions. Italeri got this right on their long nosed Phantom.
  24. Right, brain re engaged and reading the post properly. ... I got the impression that the kit supplied decals were no good and that having taken the trouble to paint the aircraft I would be without the titles to finish it. The kit is going together quite well and my only problem so far has been the step through the middle of the flaps underside. I had to do a little thinning on the trailing edge of the lower wing and remove a little of the area on the top wing that it sits on.
  25. Great looking build, a aircraft I had never heard of.
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