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  2. 1:72 Airfix BAC TSR.2

    Beautiful work on a fascinating aircraft, Bill! I don't know if looking at yours makes me want to get back to mine, or simply hide it at the bottom of a stack somewhere as there's no way I can approach the quality of your build. Knowing me, I'll just keep it in a place where I can easily get to it, but ignore it anyway. Regards, Jason

    Jings they are going fast! Time for an SE5a Viper boxing I think The Fee and the Bristol can't be too far from Sold Out either I reckon and maybe the J.1
  4. 1/48 Tamiya F-16c "Misawa"

    beautifully done,great weathering
  5. Hello John, I just came across this. If you'll ever come into this area, you should visit that. I don't know, if you can watch this in the U.K: http://www.ardmediathek.de/tv/hauptsache-kultur/Das-Staumauermuseum-am-Edersee/hr-fernsehen/Video?bcastId=3469854&documentId=42248284 By the way it's really nice area. Cheers
  6. PBM-3 Mariner

    But Minicraft model is then PBM-5A, the amphibia I think... https://www.scalemates.com/kits/199639-minicraft-model-kits-11669-pbm-5a-mariner They are going to release PBM-5, accordingly to Scalemates. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/310202-minicraft-model-kits-11684-martin-mariner-pbm-5 It is not available yet Regards J-W
  7. Read it in Airfix Modelworld. Very nice. Pete
  8. All the B-25B/C/D questions you wanted to ask

    Chris, Yes- all of the choices illustrated can be used on the Airfix kit, but be sure to check the armament and window fit with a photo, if possible, to confirm what is shown on the profiles for the one you want to model. Mike
  9. My Telford sin... Supermarine Walrus

    Hello Dears, Our dear @Martian Hale's pet grew from weird to weirder, See... Here's another Strange story of teeth (Sorry Mr PC) And there's a window finished with a glass that came from a cake blister ! Of course, I also worked on my Seafire FR 47 but Nothing worthy of a pic And fixed some bits of painting on my March's RFI Tomorrow, I'll work on my Feb's RFI, it will not be published in this part of the forum ! since it will be too heavy and no wings.... Have a great modelling time and take care ! sincerely. CC
  10. Thank you Peter for your FROG memories, reading other modellers reminiscences of FROG kits has been one of my favourite bits of this topic. Back in the 1960s and early 1970s if you wanted an AIRFIX kit you just went to the nearest Woolworths store or the toy shop in the High Street. FROG kits on the other hand appeared in the most obscure places in small quantities. Post Offices, newsagents, hardware shops, cycle shops and gift shops are some examples I know of. The village Post Office in Alderton, Suffolk was where I was first introduced to FROG kits, the window always had a display of Black, Red, Green and later Yellow series kits. But the first time I saw a FROG Shackleton was in the toy shop in Woodbridge Main Street. In Whitby in the early 1970s there was the West Parade Post Office, Stakesby Grocery Stores and Andersons Newsagents who all sold FROG kits. Many an early Sunday morning I would cycle to the Parade Post Office to buy a bagged FROG kit which I would have built, painted and decalled that same day. Models I remember building from here include the Sea Fury, MS406, Fokker D21, Mustang II, Gloster Whittle, Fiat G55, Hurricane and others. Stakesby Stores was where I first saw the giant FROGs, a Renzan and a B-47. A cycle ride down into Whitby town just across the river bridge would find me at Andersons newsagents where models such as the Shark, Gannet, P38, and Humbrol paints came from. For my 13th birthday my dad drove me the twenty miles to Scarborough where he took me to a small model shop hidden away on Bar Street and where I came away from with the FROG Emily flying boat in its massive box. I could not wait to get home and open that box........... Seeing a bagged FROG HP Herald in Malaysian Air Force colours hanging up in a Whitby gift shop and a FROG Whitley just sat up on a high shelf in a Scarborough gift shop looking quite out of place are some other childhood memories I have of the unexpected places that FROG kits appeared in. Adey
  11. 1/72 Hawker Hurricane Mk2c

    The box top actually has a de-cannoned IIc* on it. The kit and markings represent the de-cannoned IIc flown by the BBMF * you can see the artist included the IIc wing bumps and it actually says IIc on the box
  12. Am I Screwed?

    Are you in a club? Depending where in our great brown land you're located, there should be at least one within striking distance. Most will make you more than welcome, and you'll learn a lot on techniques from just being there and talking to other members.
  13. You're not kidding around here Bill, are you? and Ciao
  14. A slow progressing Ton's up Lanc !

    wonderfull !! I read in a french review that the problem has been fixed by Tamiya, but I never had the kit itself at hand Whatever, the change of plastic type is already a great improvement regarding the black and hard plastic used in the first batches. I'm very glad for you ! Keep on Photoetching Pal, you did great ! Sincerely. CC
  15. British Caladonian +

    Courtline BAC111 diversions from LTN we’re always a welcome sight at LHR SD
  16. Harrier GR.1 Load

    Thanks Selwyn, getting my imperial and metrics muddled. Have you got any pics of the 4lb one? The info I have so far is that it was identical to the 3kg one in shape and size but a different weight. Thanks Nick
  17. Meng Fiat G.91 R1 1:72

    buonasera pirotti! Your gina project is very, very hot! Please send me a PM, i will need your email address. Sorry, that i am very busy at the moment, i have to edit ModellFan 04/2018 but at weekend i have time for you. Gina 0042 was an italian R1 with early british style colors come il sabre: dark green, dark seagrey, PRU blue undersides. wheel wells green. not german colors, as the other R3 ginas at fort rucker. Red was dayglo color This real plane is at Museo Ford Gratton near Udine/Trieste now (later colors) forza con la gina tua! ciao thomas
  18. Revel 1/48th Tornado ECR?

    I remember when the sprues were first shown at Telford a few years ago, there was a separate sprue with HARM missiles. So I would guess there’s a good chance we’ll see an ECR sometime in the future, but nothing is ever certain of course...
  19. Roden 1/48 Viper SE5a

    And they're off... Well not at an exactly blinding speed but a start is a start and this is a WIP thread so I suppose every little bit counts! I removed the fuselage sides and tidied them up a bit. I haven't worked on a Roden kit for some time and I'd forgotten how the plastic is quite a bit softer than say the Japanese kits. Not a bad thing at all but you just have to adjust how you handle these in relation to removing them from the sprue and you don't need to bring out the heavy artillery when you're sanding and tidying things up. After that I brushed some Humbrol 121 on the fuselage sides, instrument panel pieces, the inside of the top cowling and the parts of the seat that are wood. I use 121 both for CDL and as a base before applying artist's oils to simulate woodgrain so it means I can just paint anything which will be wood or CDL the same colour. I tend to brush paint in fairly thin coats so apologies for the anemic appearance of the paint so far - it'll need at least 3 coats in total. As I said, the progress so far isn't awe-inspiring and the photo isn't going to win any prizes but it's always nice to get a build started.
  20. Buccaneer boys.

    Stealth fighter/bomber/transport/MPA?
  21. I'm still plodding through piles of drawings and photographs! Here's my revised under-plan view on the left, compared with the original plan on the right. You can see there's a number of subtle and not so subtle differences in the size and positioning of the airframe components.
  22. Today
  23. I cracked the Light Slate Grey open just now and applied the first coat. Also, completed the XIX's cockpit: Tamiya tape seatbelts and an Airfix MkI control column from the spares box (I know it's not accurate but the XIX's had gone missing). Instrument panel decal from an Airfix MkI (also not accurate but the XIX only gives you a flat piece of plastic). Hopefully, I'll get all the decals on the MkVBs tomorrow evening and make a start painting the 24. Thanks for looking.
  24. HK Lancaster ?.

    I read somewhere they're tooling up for it, hopefully someone will be along soon with firm news.
  25. Big white triangle

    It looks good in white! Nice work so far
  26. Well remember the Otter (have it saved as a reference when I finally get to mine) and this is equally handsome. Will look great together. Beautifully finished as ever - very very impressive work.
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