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  2. All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    Another question about those 73 sqn planes in the photo above. Does anyone know how much of the Airfix stencils I can use bearing in mind Airfix has included markings for a Mk1, 501 sqn Kenley England, 7th October 1940 and the Warbird supposedly from 605sqn Croydon Sept 1940? I've also got Italeri's Mk1 too which also has some comprehensive stencils. I've got some diagrams saved to My Pics but some of them are unclear. Plus what colour should the letter D be (I'm doing the closest aircraft in the photo P2569.
  3. Tamiya 1/48 Beaufighter in black

    I was wrong Trevor, my kit is actually the NOVO boxing !!! In addition to the usual challenges posed, it also has a mis-moulded cockpit/canopy area. The whole port upper area of the forward fuselage is a nice big gap; just where the canopy joins the fuselage I'll try not to think about it and get therapy by watching your build here, to calm the nerves ! Best regards TonyT
  4. Such fine lines...you'd think a main stream manufacturer would take these on and make some new tools. I think it's fun to look at some old models once in while and see how far we've come....hopefully LOL!
  5. Today
  6. Conceptual me dear Martian, conceptual... And in concept, I am expecting to disintegrate any moment Both knees took the long drag south many years ago T'was good then though, happy days
  7. Well whilst the RLM02 is still drying - I've just been late night internet shopping... ... I know that's never a good idea - but hey I'm on holiday and I deserve some treats well that's my excuse. I've even paid extra too for next day delivery - so they should be here on Friday in time to finish this build... I'll keep you posted
  8. Yesterday
  9. Thanks Steve, much appreciated! I hope you've managed to find one since you posted your comment 3 1/2 weeks ago?! Cheers
  10. Skyraider wingtip landing lights?

    Mike, Thanks for the reply. I looked through all my Skyraider books, and couldn't find any info on the landing/taxi lights. I used the plural, because I found a few pics that show what appears to be lights under both wingtips. http://skyraider.org/skyassn/otherpics/fielder/frags.jpg Apparently the Zoukei-Mura 1/32 A-1J Skyraider has the lights under both wingtips, although I haven't seen any pics of the relevant parts. I don't plan on having the light "deployed" on my model, but I do want them to be accurately shaped & positioned. Larry
  11. Academy's F86E Sabre in foil

    I could get in to this.....!😃
  12. I was aware of this book, but I didn't really know what to expect. Anyone already read it?
  13. Hasegawa F-104G USAF/Luftwaffe

    Excellent,the scheme the Starfighter was made for!
  14. Superb build and finish!
  15. Historical note The Venom was one of the first four kits I produced in injection moulded plastic around 1983. I did the masters, made the moulds and did the production. There was by then very limited backup from the mould equipment manufacturers (and since disappeared totally) and the other small competitors using the spray metal system were secretive to the point of paranoia. A contemporary was VeeDay later Merlin. I was using two small machines which I bought dismantled in cardboard boxes and rebuilt my self having previously only worked on cars and aeroplanes. the learning curve was steep. It was all self taught .The machine platern size was so small that the kit had to be broken down into small areas. Even Airfix kits had marginally more detail inside because of the wall thickness . The reason for this was general thinking that to achieve plastic flow at low injection pressures (due to the low clamp pressure limitation of the machines and the frangible nature of the moulds) you had to have wider cavities , and this meant thicker plastic components. I soon realised that this was flawed thinking and when I got larger machines and by mould experimentation i was able to change this around. Merlin never did work it out. John
  16. I liked it before, I like it even more now. Good stuff old bean. Jont
  17. Airfix 1/24 P51D Mustang Wheel Wells.

    I'll be doing a CAC one; I'm still trying to fathom which of the several different tread patterns was on it. The task is not made easier by the fact that it was often the case that an aircraft had different treads on each wheel!
  18. Fairey Barracuda

    Brush painting indeed. Using Xtracrylix, applying thin coats, thinned with Flow Improver. On the main surfaces I use a flat brush with gentle long strokes. It seems to work OK for me. I'll use a small brush for odd corners and near transparencies. Another coats of the DSG and then I'll apply the Extra Dark Sea Grey.
  19. Very nice Tony, as per usual! I have one question - where's the prop(s)? Another great job from the O'Toole Aircraft Works. Cheers!
  20. 1/72 revell DH2

    Wowza! That's pretty amazing. I like everything about this. Johnny
  21. That's a nice set of planned builds Michael. I'm waiting for the new Airfix Wimpy... tempting!
  22. Good stuff - sure and steady would be the name of the game here, I'd say. Rather startling info on the effects of a bit of sunshine on EZ, isn't it? You won't want to be re- rigging this pantechnicon every couple of weeks, I'm guessing....
  23. Special Hobby AH-1G Cobra

    NOTHING looks like a Cobra... they can keep their ugly Apaches, this is a real attack wobblychopter. And you're doing a great job on this one. Nice work.
  24. BBMF Grounded

    Word on the street (from a concern that overhauls Merlins, and has connections with BBMF) Routine inspection of the Hurricane oil filters post flight revealed metal contamination. This has apparently come from the reduction gear housing. These components are mostly O/E, and are now showing signs of wear/use. The housings would be inspected on overhaul, are now being checked BBMF fleet wide. The person making the statement has experience of wear of these items when performing overhauls.
  25. Ced, thanks for your interest in my technique of painting D-Day stripes. It's probably a bit late for your build but I've just re-linked the pictures of the post where I explain the technique in a step-by-step fashion (here). Cheers Jaime
  26. 1/24 Airfix Spitfire query

    It's the iPhone app that's not working Can't even get in to upload anything Thank you for those pictures, they are very helpful Edit:- Flikr app has just updated and working fine. Will start a WIP soon as, will be a slow burner though
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