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  1. Give yourself a pat on the back for an absolutely stunning piece of work. Very well done.
  2. Now that's what I call putting a couple of things well on the butchers block!! This being my most ambitious conversion to date I decided to ignore the chord issue - I'm not that skilled. I'll be happy if it has the general characteristics of the particular bird I'm modelling
  3. OK, it's time for that little update I promised last time, and I have to say first of all I lied - I said it would involve a rattle can but it doesn't. It involves two rattle cans!! Thought I would post as I'm excited the way it's going now, she's not gonna win a gold medal at any shows but I'm more than happy. Enough chunter - some pics: Here we have the lower surface of the upper wing with long range tank and lovely colours applied: And the undersides with the same treatment metered out: And the upper surface of the upper wing: Finally, fuselage upperside. There's a bit of a cock-up wher some tissue stuck to the red colour on the leading edge but it's just a little sand back and touch up so should be fine. I think using spray cans shows up the finest of mistakes, however I'm more than happy as this is the most major kit surgery I've ever attempted. C's&C's most welcome. Thanks for looking.
  4. Hi and welcome aboard from a N.E. "ex-pat"
  5. Well done, that's one tasty Cranberry. Sadly we'll not see her likes again on the frontline.
  6. So, being about as good with computers as I am with brain surgery I've decided that Photobucket reckovery is beyond me. Therefore for any of you guys who wanted to see the earlier build pics I've decided just to upload them in their original order. It's not perfect but it will give you an idea of the journey! And that's us pretty much recapped. There was then a long gap in the work until my recent reposts. Hope this helps. *Teaser* - the next post should hopefully involve a rattle can!!
  7. If I can find out how, I'll give it a go this week sometime.
  8. My question also........but it is good to see you up and running again.
  9. So, the long UK weekend has given me some time to scare some plastic. Starting on the downside, all the time spent moulding Milliput in tablet trays turned out to be virtually a complete bust.The moulded Milliput proved to be too small to sand to shape without losing my index finger, but too oversized when sanded. So after a bit of head scratching I decided to use the ends of sprue runs sanded to shape. After the monotony of twenty of these added as cowling intakes this is what I have: Some cleaning up should see these OK. Alas, the only use for the Milliput was the two large intakes on either side of the engine: Using plastic card and more Milliput I shaped and fixed a long range tank to the under surface of the upper wing. The kit item was utterly useless so the whole item needed to be redone as this tank is always seen on Middle-East machines: Mods to the Scarff ring carried out to make it hold a singlegun has resulted in a passable item: The positioning of the wind driven generators on the kit were for the American version with one on the Cabane strut and one on the undercarriage leg. On the -9A they're mounted on poles in front of the pilot. Fortunately I was able to use the kit parts to make the correct items, except for a small cock-up which I wonder if anyone can spot? I'm not telling otherwise! So a little bit more progress in the right direction and a little nearer the goal. She might not be perfect, but I'm more than happy so far. I lost interest in this one for quite sometime but I'm glad I've picked it back up again. As usual - thanks for looking. Until the next update......
  10. Many thanks for that JWM. The machine I'm trying to do is on that sheet which seems to illustrate that it's one overall doped colour.
  11. Believe it or not, this is still on the go! I'm at the stage now where I'm thinking about some colour and the machine I've decided to finish it as is J7124 of 30sqn based at Hinaidi in 1924. It's finished in overall silver with red/orange wing and tail tips. looking at pictures of similar machines there appears to be a colour difference on certain panels in namely the two on the fuselage sides behind the gunner and the start of the serial - is it a trick of the light or actually a different colour? would the silver be a dull doped silver and does anyone know of a close representation from a rattle can? Moving on to the red, I assume it's going to be a faded roundel red - is that a dangerous assumption and again is there a rattle can equivalent?
  12. mackem01

    Luftwaffe Tires

    Who says it's only about modelling!! Fascinating.
  13. Thanks for the input 72modeller. What I should have said is it's for 1/48th.
  14. Anyone have any idea if there's anything in aftermarket suitable for use as a prop for a DH9a? Suggestions please........
  15. Great job on the Hurricane, and excellent research. Choice of football team - meh! not so good!
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