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  1. mackem01

    Chequered SE5a's.....

    Thanks tomcervo and Steve. Already seen it and added it to the shopping list!
  2. After some research (not very successful) and lots of help and advice from you guys I've rather blindly set off on an adventure. It's a case of I know what I want but don't know how to get there! I did originally want to build an early 504 but the old Merit kit that I'm using was proving very difficult to modify. So I've decided to go with the kit variant and add some bits and pieces. I have the Airwaves detail set which I can use quite a lot of, and a couple of Brassin Lewis guns and if I can find a suitable subject I'd like to finish her as an armed "Zeppelin killer". If you chaps know of any good schemes I would appreciate a heads up. Got a couple of starting photos to show tonight: I've given the inners a coat of greyish fabric with the red representing the scuffing through to the dope. The ribs either side of the lower wing cut out set the height of the cockpit floor so I couldn't take them out to alter the fuselage sides to represent an earlier mark. Next I cut off and repositioned the control surfaces, a personal choice as I think it makes the model look more dynamic. It's a strange plastic to work with as it's both rigid and workable at the same time. You can tell it's an old kit when you cut the stuff. Also made a start on the coockpit using some of the Airwaves bits. It works well despite having to be cut about to fit the limited space available. I have since gotten a little further with the build, but I'll keep that until the next episode. Any profferings of advice will be greatly accepted. Once again, thanks for dropping by. Cheers.....
  3. Phenomenal work - well done to everyone concerned. It's like RIAT 1914-2018!
  4. Started this a while back and well, just got distracted. I think the thing that put me off was reading into the camo colours and paint variations. Rekindled my interest last week and used it as a carrot, in the sense that I cannot start anything new until I finish one that's been lanquishing. So, try and enjoy the pics: She's finished in the markings of 135 Sqn based in Chittagong in India. Although it doesn't show up well in the pictures, I have tried to replicate the distressed paintwork. The kit was the 1/48 Revell P47D Razorback, with Quickboost gun barrels and the Illiad decal sheet. All comments welcome. Thanks for looking in.....
  5. That's one fetching colour scheme - look forward to seeing this cross the finish line. Good luck.
  6. That's one beauty of a kit and an absolutely fantastic build. May have to invest in one of those - you sold it to me!
  7. Beautiful little beast - very well bulit. Great job.
  8. mackem01

    Avro 504 - differences between early machines and the 'K

    Unfortunately, the way this old kit is moulded with internal structure and the like , it's preventing me from making any alterations. So for the time being an early 504 is off the cards. I'll still be building the kit but as a 'K version. Work will commence very soon. I would like to thank everyone for all the time and effort you have all expended, but I'm just taking the easy route with this one! Cheers.....
  9. mackem01

    Avro 504 - differences between early machines and the 'K

    Cheers Graham, I thought the name was familiar. And thanks for further reference material Jure.
  10. mackem01

    Avro 504 - differences between early machines and the 'K

    Many thanks for the input Jure, it's very helpful. I think the plans in the link may be of an early 504 but I'm not too sure but they are going to be very udeful when construction begins. I know some of you chaps aren't keen on the Wings Pallette site but there is a profile of an early 504 serialled 383 and with an unusually mounted Lewis gun that fires rearwards from the front cockpit! that'll be the one I'll be modelling and was flown by a Lt. Strange - can anyone shed any other info on this machine please?
  11. Having thoroughly enjoyed building a couple of biplanes for the R.A.F. Centenary GB, I've decided to crack open another. I'm looking to build an early 504 (in the 201-800 serial range) using an old Merit 504K as the base kit. This brings us to the crux of this request - does anyone know what the major differences were? I don't have alot of reference material on the subject so any pointers would be greatfully received. This will be mynext build once I've cleared a subject from the S.o.D. Many thanks in advance.....
  12. Beautiful Tempest....and all bulled up too. Now I need to go in search of one of these magic tables if it'll help me and my cohorts of hairy sticks paint as good as that!
  13. mackem01

    Neptunes, can someone enlighten me please.....

    Cheers T.T. - those links are right on target, especially the one concerning internal layout. Many thanks....
  14. mackem01

    Neptunes, can someone enlighten me please.....

    Cheers Tony, that's just the sort of info I need, That's in the notebook!