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  1. Only managed an hour or two this weekwhat with one thing and another. Most of that time was spent under the desk wrestling smaller pieces from the vice like grip of the laminate monster (a close relative of the dreaded carpet monster). The Shagbat took a back seat with only a little bit of paint thrown at it: The little time left was spent making a little headway with the Seafire internals: And who doesn't like to get the saw out every once and a while! A couple of questions if I may: Colour of the undercart legs and bays - the same as the undersurface camoflage colour? And the same for the oil cooler intakes? Cheers..... intakes
  2. Welcome aboard Florian - nice to see you rejoining the fold. I would also recommend Flickr as does Arnold as it's free and user friendly.
  3. Tonight's little update as I ploda little further forward. The first thing I noticed while trial fitting pieces was an awful see-through look in the front of the engine nacelle, fortunately one of the wheel hubs that will not be used took care of that: I then started putting the 'pits together to see what I had to work with, it's not alot but what's forms a useful base for a little embellishment. I'll be adding bits to make it look busier: I started work on the seats. The kit parts were two basic seats, but looking online I found them to be completely different. Out with the plastic card and file and a few minutes later I had something looking a little better: Observers seat on the leftand pilots on the right, still a little more to do, Also while the plastic card was out I took the chance to add a bit of framing where it may be seen: I'm off now to add more detail and maybe slap some interior green on............................................Ciao for now!
  4. Good choice and some great interwar schemes too.
  5. Nice entry.......I hope you do the box top scheme - "go gaudy or go home!" As the saying goes.
  6. So.........my first question - would you ever see a Seafire with wings folded and flaps down? Does anyone have any pictorial evidence please.
  7. Lovely job, and in markings you don't see too often. Well done.
  8. Hi all, a day late but here non-the-less. My plan was to be a straight build of the old Smer Walrus - no box, no instructions, no decals - no problem! Also in my last post I mentioned how all my current builds had come to a stop for one reason or another so I started a Seafire XV, so I may throw this into the mix and hope to get one finished! Onto some pictures: It's a basic kit, and I've started by sanding off all the overpowering rivet detail, and glued the wings ready for a sanding: This is the rest of what I'll have the pleasure of working with - what a box of delights: This arrived last week to dress it up a bit: Secondly the Seafire - this one even has its own box: This is what I've done with it so far, I'm sure it doesn't contravene the percentage rule - let me know if it's OK: Looking forward to this one as I'm not a big navy man (don't know why). Happy building everyone - see you at the finish line! More later.
  9. Hi gang, I'm going through a bit of a frustrating time at the mo with my projects. My Tonkas are on hold because I'm sick of filling and sanding, Ninak is on hold until I can find some rudder striping to match the roundels, and the Sabre is stymied until the warm weather arrives and I can get her outside for the application of the well known camouflage colour - Rattle Can White. In the meantime I've started an old Hobbycraft Seafire Mk.XV and I would like to cut and fold the wings if the wing breaks are not overly complicated. So I was wondering if anyone has any clear pics or plans of the break lines when the wing is folded? I'm plodding on with the interior for the time being so any help would be much appreciated - hoping someone in our Supermarine faction is feeling generous enough to help. Many thanks in advance.
  10. Sad that the museum has closed, but that airframe must be saved. If they have closed for good , then I hope they will consider donating the airframe to somewhere capable of doing it justice.
  11. I may be being a bit picky, but the bombs in the second image just don't look right. Love your renditions of the main subject though.
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