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  1. Just curious as to how this is progressing - keep looking for updates but nothing yet.
  2. Despite not posting as often as I should work is still progressing with the pics a bit behind the actual progress. Here's the last lot I took after all the filling and sanding which I haven't pictured as I know you are all too familiar with: One really annoying thing which I should have realised is that I've had to remove the aileron control cable horns to allow me to place the decals. Bit of a rookie mistake there but all's OK. She has since had three coats of Quickshine and decalling has commenced. More later. Thanks for looking.
  3. Great job on a kit I found a bit basic. You've worked wonders with it.
  4. That's a beauty, lovely colour scheme. I would love to attempt something with stripes but I'm put off by the multicoloured stripes. Great job though.
  5. Had a quick look in the LMS Yesterday and they only have H74 so might try adding a little brown to tone it down, what do you think?
  6. Good grief! Is BM manned 24/7/365. That's one heck of a prompt reply. Thanks very much gents, much appreciated.
  7. mackem01

    Quick question...

    Do Humbrol or Revell do a 'colour' representation of Clear Doped Linen? Preferably in enamels. T.I.A...
  8. Great finish and what good eyesight you have! I can barely see the kit!!!
  9. Great job - guess why I think so......
  10. Great finish and I love the way she's tooled up! Bit of an unusual subject for someone from Ohio though. Did it just take your fancy as I cant imagine you see them everyday?
  11. Great job for so many reasons not least of all the inclusion of a little known operator. you always seem to find those unusual subjects for your bench. Liking the silver finish too.
  12. I had intended to begin posting earlier but my last PC decide to leave for the great "PC World in the sky". Happily my new one has now arrived so I can get on with showing this build. I'd decided I was going to build a Bristol F2b and chose Revell's 1/48 offering as the chosen kit. I believe this was originally an Eduard offering and the lovely moulding of the kit would seem to bear that out (although I could be wrong in which case - sorry Revell). Most of the week has been spent preparing the kit an painting the smaller items - there are alot of those. I have however finally started sticking bits together the results of which are shown below. I am now ready to close up the fuselage: Please excuse the poor photos, I haven't got the new PC set up yet. Finally I'd like to say there's some great work going on here with Beaus and Blenheims leading the way but I've a feeling the Bulldogs are the ones to watch. Happy building everyone......
  13. Troy is correct, but you've done a great job anyway. Besides - you can never do a Hurricane "to death" - the more , the better.
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