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  1. You've got a good spread of kits there. Next how about something WW1 as these kits are relatively inexpensive in 72nd. If you want stick to jets then you missing a Hunter.
  2. Hi gang, I'm looking for some decent plans for the Lockheed Neptune (UK version). Does anyone know if Aviation News did a set and if so where can I get back copies? TIA...
  3. Would this not be one for the 3D printer gang?
  4. As well as British postwar jets, Airfix seem to be growing a nice line in RAF trainers - 1/48 Balliol or Jetstream down the road maybe??
  5. Excellent work - wish my Hurris looked something like yours. Brush painting tutorial anyone??
  6. Looking in on this regularly and have to say I'm impressed with all that conveyor belt kit surgery! Takes me all my time to alter control surfaces! That pier is going to look pretty dammed impressive with a lick of paint. Push on lad!
  7. With four users and a host of colour schemes, how about a 48th Gloster Gauntlet. The only one kitted is now like Hens teeth.
  8. This is a cracking Whif - I just hope that Soda Bread was just as good! Nice to see she's got an identity too.
  9. Welcome aboard Ian. Lots of advice and guidance can be found here from the many helpful members, all you need to do is ask. Enjoy - looking forward to seeing your completed kits.
  10. That's a fantastic Javelin and in illustrious company too with that Canberra.
  11. Perhaps something else to bear in mind - greases and lubricants from gun maintenance may heat up and find their way out when the gun is fired. Depending on how much is used may produce a dirtier stain.
  12. Just a quick catch up as I seem to have gone from 0 to 60! Thought I had taken more pics than I actually have. I had initial problems where try as I might, the nose just would not go together even though all was where it should be. In the end my cure was to sand back the cockpit tub fairly substantially. It seems to have worked and I see no ill-effects: The internals are in and plenty of weigh has been added before the fuselage was joined: The first casualty on the aftermarket bits is the seat - I think the kit rendition is way better than the item I
  13. Beautiful finish, and great pics - both things I try to aspire too! Be a long time, if ever, I get to your standard. Top job.
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