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  1. From a quick inspection mine seems to be OK. Other clear parts have finr scratches though, may need to polish them out.
  2. Interesting article, how many are we getting??
  3. Its a bit fiddly, the srt of kit where a third hand would come in useful! I also forgot how strange Revell plastic is to work with - it never seems to clean up properly. But pressing on regardless.
  4. So, I have started. The core of the kit went together fairly well with no gaps. The cockpit took quite some time and was really fiddly. Instructions tell you to mount the main rotors at this time too but I passed on that as it would give me four things to snap off instead of the usual one! It's a suprisingly large machine, seemingly about 25% longer than a Mosquito which is big enough. The rest of the time has been spent assembling and painting the myriads of little bits that are stuck on all over this helicopter. More to follow...
  5. Having just gotten one myself I shall follow closely to see if the kit presents any banana skins. Looking forward to seeing this one finished. Good luck.
  6. Your operator error works better than mine. That is one good looking Mossie, that camo suits it really well. I'm now going to have to purchase one for myself. Great job.
  7. Following - this could get very busy! ALSO.....why not put it in the GB that's just started. plenty of encouragement there.
  8. mackem01

    Fury colours

    @Tripod, that's a great piece of family history. Fantastic conversation piece!
  9. @Col. - concentrating on the Apache but if time allows, you never know.
  10. So far Humbrol matt 66 is the front runner.
  11. Hi All. As high winds and rain have made going outside with my rattle cans a bit of a pointless exercise, you'll just have to make do with a couple of sprue pictures: The kit has been washed (first time I've done this so interesting to see if it makes any difference). @JOCKNEY - I would like to add a couple of AAM's but I've never seen them fitted to AAC Apaches so it's looking like it's going to be 'Apache Lite' Enjoy your GB guys, hopefully next time I'll have something to show!
  12. A little more to report today in that the fuselage halves have gone together without too much trouble: I used acetate sheet for the glazing, cut double size and fixed into one side. When joined together the 'loose' side conformed perfectly. I will add the bars to the windows shortly. Starting to turn my attention to the engines I noticed that the nacelles were a bit skinny: Not being happy with the softness of the detail, I went to my Sanger Halifax where I have hoarded some Tamiya Beaufighter engine nacelles and associated pieces. I think these will make a decent substitute and as a bonus I can get rid of those awful white metal props from the original kit: A certain amount of chopping about will be required but I think they should be passable, especially when I add CMK's lovely resin Pegasus engines: These have also suffered from a little surgery to give me a better fit. Once these are all put together I'll turn my attention to the wings where I think there's a nasty suprise waiting for me. That's it for today, hope you like what I've been up to, C & C's and suggestion are as always most welcome.
  13. Looking at the finish on that Hurricane, I'd say your back up to speed with model making after your ............erm........sabaticle. Enjoy your new-old-hobby, look forward to more of your builds.
  14. Love it - that yellow spinner really sets it off. Nicely done.
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