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  1. Ooh and just one other thing. Did RAF Sabres have those fancy re leather headrest too? Pictures I've seen are pretty non- conclusive.
  2. A moment of your time chaps and chapesses - can anyone tell me the roundel sizes used on RAF F86's please. Thanks for your indulgence.
  3. "It's so simple, it's genius" great tip that I could have used on several occasions.
  4. Wow, this is moving along at a fair kick. Would take me weeks to get that far. You decided on the finish yet? You'll need to at this rate.
  5. Thanks for an informative potted history of the Herc. Hope your build is half as good then we're all in for a treat. Looking forward to this.
  6. This has the makings of a very unusual beast. I was wondering of your going to cobble some nose art together in keeping with her sister Tonkas??
  7. The aircraft in Granby weathered badly so I think that finish is fine as it is. It's a well used beast.
  8. Watching this with some interest as I have a one of these also. I'll use yours as a build guide if you don't mind. Haven't got the kit to hand - do you know what mark it is??
  9. Great redition of a classic machine, nicely done.
  10. Great model and a lovely finish. I keep looking at mine wanting to start it, but when I open the box I lose my bottle! Very welldone.
  11. Lovely build of a most unusual subject. May have to copy you and get one of these in 48th. Off now to find out more.
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