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  1. BAe SeaHarrier FRS1. 899 R.N.A.S.
  2. Bottled it and decided not to use the Decalsoft. But no matter - she's finished now and will be up in the gallery in a few minutes if you fancy a chuckle! Many thanks to Rob G, JOCKNEY, and Col for an entertaining group build.
  3. Me neither, but all I was armed with was a pint
  4. Not the house, but sitting in the beer garden of the Ferry Inn in Shoreham and stright over the top chunters a Kamov Ka-26(?). It was red and white so more than likely one of the Swiss machines.
  5. Steady progress these past few days. I've started filling the 'pit, most noticeably the seat is now in; but there's more to be seen under the wings: I've just noticedwhile posting these that the missile pylons are on the wrong sides (you can't see the warning triangles!), so there's an extra job! So missles are ready, two extra decals to add, pitot is ready, then my favourite - the windscreen and canopy That concludes this week's update folks, hope you approve. BTW: Revell Decalsoft on clear parts - a yes, or very big no??
  6. While I appreciate that this is a sad loss for modellers, and very hard timesfor the guys at Scratch, does anyone know if the Northrop orders are being despatched? I know this sounds very callous and it's not meant to be, but I have a one on order for a good friend who uses modelling as a way to overcome his depression. I know he really fancied one and so I ordered it on the qt. Sorry to sound so cold......
  7. Welcome along and enjoy your stay here. Looking forward to seeing some of your big'uns when you get settled in. Looking forward to yor posts.....
  8. Okey-Dokey gang, got a midweek update for you, or a bit of midweek comedy depending on your point of view! Since the last time, there's been work and painting on the smaller bits and pieces ready to go on the airframe. The main focus however has been on decalling, and as of tonight, the big bit looks like this: It was a best guess situation as regards the underwing roundels as I couldn't find a decent image showing their whereabouts. I was going to detail the undercart and airbrake bays, but changed my mind when I realised there's not much open to see. The pylons, outriggers, and airbrake are all ready to attach later. Here we have a top view showing the most ill-behaved decal I have ever placed - that red engine bay marking was - it made on in three pieces despite starting out as one! I seperated the flaps from the wings and have only just put them back on. They will need a couple more coats of paint and the same for the Quickshine. There's also more paint detail to add. Finally, a bit of colour has started to appear and these decals were much better behaved than the red one. I thought it would be better to leave the 'pit until last, that's why it looks a bit bare. Last one for tonight showing the staarboard side. I'm really well pleased with my progress, even though at times it's been a little slow. As ever, plodding on to the finish line! Hope that keeps you entertained for tonight and as ever - thanks for popping in. Cheers.....
  9. That was the scheme I had bookmarked for my Revell FGR2. Not much point now seeing as you've made such a cracking job with yours. Great work and lovely finish.
  10. This is fantastic modelling..............absolute joy to watch, tinged with a bit of jealousy. Enough of this compliment stuff, now crack on!
  11. Great start Beazer, some of these old kits have stood the test of time and build up really well. As regards your colour scheme, didn't some of your F-104's have a NMF with white/orange panels?? Just putting it out there. Look forward to watching this one come together...............Carry on!
  12. Gems like these don't come along to often, thanks for sharing them.
  13. Hi guys, decalling is proceeding ready for my next show and tell, however I've hit a problem concerning the underwing roundels. Did the 899NAS anniversary machines have underwing roundels and if so where were they positioned? T'interweb images do not show me - does anyone have the Airfix instructions or any other way of letting me know? T.I.A....
  14. Great job.........every inch a Brick.
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