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  1. Where's the one of your big cheesy grin as climb out of the Rapide? But seriously you have some very atmospheric pics there.
  2. I don't want to rain on the parade, but is that O not a D? I'm only seeing two bevelled corners. Sit me at the table in the corner if I'm wrong.
  3. It's your what if, so whatever you fancy. Go for it.
  4. I don't know the exact colours of the Hunter in Danish service, but I love the sound of your project and look forward to your build. FYI, if you go for the Airfix F4 be careful with the leading edge, I had trouble with mine. Good luck with your build.
  5. Beautiful build - Hurricanes always are IMHO. Yours is one of the better ones though.
  6. Great project. I just about ran out of steam with my Apache build so looking forward to seeing how this goes. Enjoy your build, I know we will.
  7. Excellent job, wish my brushing was like that.
  8. I'll have some of this - put my name down.
  9. Hi Mike and welcome aboard. Looking forward to your builds.
  10. Lovely finish on a great build. Your pal will be well pleased with this.
  11. After that lovely photo from Blackjet, I'd like to request some info on the colours. I seem to recall that there were two or three grey schemes throughout the Tornado's service life. Is it possible to id what schemes these would have been for the two aircraft mentioned within the timescale that they wore these markings?
  12. That's a beautifully produced kit and judging by your two finished ones I'm sure you'll do it justice. Looking forward to your build.
  13. Not a huge airliner fan but you decalling work from start to finish is something else! Absolutely great look
  14. Excellent, thanks Blackjet. I will get to use them after all.
  15. Does anyone know with certainty if the following used hindenburgers while in commemorative markings: ZE809/EZ when in 23 sqn 75th anniversary markings. ZH555/CV when in 5 sqn 90th anniversary markings. Just taken them off the shelf of doom Intending to finish them. T.I.A...
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