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  1. Finished and can honestly say this thing spat problems at me constantly! In the end it was thrown together - and it shows! A.A.C. APACHE (the colour of the pilot's canopy here is due to reflection). Thanks for looking, and thnks for great GB - pity I chose something that didn't agree with me!
  2. Every bit as good as I thought it would be! That's a fantastic model - one to be proud of, you kept me entertained too. Great job.
  3. That's a great scheme you've chosen and I think your work more than passes muster. Re the copper coloured cowlings, I usually start with a brownish colour and over stipple with silver and black. Works for me.
  4. On the final leg this weekend, and I have not enjoyed this but I've fought to the end. One question - the rocket pods are not the correct version for the AAC. Should I fit them for dramatic effect??
  5. Cheers Gents, they are both immensely helpful replies and much appreciated.
  6. I too will be keeping an eye on your artistry G - as long as we can see an engine at the end of it and that big glasshouse is left open.
  7. Hi Chaps.......as per title, I'm looking for comparative plans for the radome used on both the AEW Skyraider and the Lockheed P2-V5 Neptune as used by the R.A.F. as the Neptune MR.1. I'm normally a 48th scaler but 1/72 would also suffice as I can scale them up. It's still on the backburner to convert the Tigger models kit.
  8. Do the WnW tell you what unit it was serving with at the time??
  9. What a fantastic finish. That is sublime! Selling my stash now.
  10. Blackburn Ripon or Shark, Avro Bison, Gloster Gauntlet, or Hawker Horsley to name but a few.
  11. I've been quietly following this for some time and despite your trials and tribulations your doing a fantastic job - very convincing. Just hope you'll see it through to the end as it seems to becoming a grudge match.
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