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  1. Welcome along MrGudz, you'll not find a better place to rekindle your hobby.
  2. Looking great - those are some nifty seat harnesses you've used, who's are they??
  3. WOAH! Despite rumours, I'm still around and beavering away.Not much to report as when I've been at the bench it's mostly been filling and sanding - it doesn't half sap the enthusiasm though. Despite that I seem to be over the worst of it and I have a couple of pics of my progress: I had most trouble where the resin wing joins the fuselage. Underneath, the fuselage to wing joint took a bit of sorting but it seems OK now. It's a really heavy piece and despite my best efforts I'm sure it's going to be a tail-sitter. The fuselage to wing root join was just as bad but it's sorted now. Starting to look like a Meteor now. I've started on all the bits and pieces that will soon be needed. Nacelles and rear canopy are on now and she does look impressive if I do say so myself. Got a free day tomorrow so I may get some more bench time in now that I've left the filler behind! See you later...
  4. Evening my fellow plastic manglers! Another little update for you all. As you can see the fuselage has been joined to facilitate work on the wing. Instructions say how to trim the fuselage but when I did, I found there were large gaps that needed some plastic card to be inserted as a back for filler which I think may be needed. The wings have also been cleaned up and are ready for the nacelles. Tamiya provide quite a hefty weight which is now fixed in place. There are also some extra Lead strips in the upper fuselage behind the cockpit - and I'm still not sure if that's enough. Forward facing view of the cockpit showing the use of Henry Ford's rule "any colour you want as long as it's black". There's only a few bits to it but it's a reasonable representataion so I'll stick with it. I used the decal that came with the kit for the seat belts and now I'm not so sure - think I'll be revisiting that one! So far I'm more than happy with how its going. Next time she may even have wings. Finally - what do you recommend for an enamel that's a reasonable match for High Speed Silver? I would like this to look 'right' when it's finished so any suggestions are most welcome. Hope what you see meets with your approval, so until next time...
  5. Good evening Folks, a little late to the party but here none-the-less. When this GB was first touted I knew I had to join in. I thought about my Sword NF14 and my Classic Airframes T7 but decided on a little bit of this: And a little bit of this: would make for something a little out of the ordinary in 48th. Work has started today with the mundane stuff like readying the new wings and painting of the smaller kit parts. So just going to leave this here until I have something a little more interesting to show. Good luck and happy new GB to you all.
  6. Good job but I think the pilot's beer glass is way over scale
  7. Could you not use some red decal sheet for that?
  8. After a mojo loss I've finally got this back on the bench. I am slowly approaching the painting stage and I have a question for the knowledgeable amongst us. So these P40's would have arrived in the UK painted in US equivalents of DE/DG/Sky. Would the rear fuselage Sky ID band and spinner then have been applied in the UK with the correct paints or would they have arrived already done??
  9. Lovely colour scheme and very well built. Great job.
  10. Not a USAF man myself but I really like this. Beautiful finish.
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