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  1. Not really a kit as such but it would be great if someone could make some 48th wings for an early "ragwing" Hurricane. As I'm not that technically minded I don't know what would be easier, 3D printed or resin. Who knows the high and mighty ones may see this and think "hmm...."
  2. Evening boys and girls. Just a quick question - can anyone enlighten me on the availability of an OOB 1/48th ragwing MK.I Hurricane?
  3. True........from Worthing.
  4. Why has no one mentioned Pease Pudding yet?
  5. mackem01


    Hi Nightwing and welcome aboard. What's your modelling poison - vehicles, armour, aircraft??
  6. I'll take the King's shilling on this one, sign me up please.
  7. Great progress, looks unusual with the RPs. Will be fantastic when the markings go on.
  8. mackem01


    Hi Larry and welcome to our merry band.
  9. Fantastic - I hope mine looks a quarter as good as that!
  10. mackem01

    Montex masks

    Hi, I've bought one of these for the 48th Boston I'm attempting in a current GB. I've never used these before and assumed they were peel off items - is that correct as mine do not want to come off. Can anyone educate me in the finer points of these things. I need to get it right as there's no instructions in the pack and an awful lot of glazing on a Boston!
  11. Hi MM, if all goes according to plan, I fancy a European intruder in grey/green/night undersides, failing that then something deserty!
  12. OK, so we are just over a week in and a suitable candidate has been selected. I had several options open to me and after much humming and ha-ing I chose this, more on looks alone than anything else: In 48th she's big and impressive and just the sort of thing to keep me busy. With that said I made a start with the usual internal painting and small assemblies Spruced up the cockpit with the Yahu IP, it gives my lack-lustre talent a leg up and makes all the difference: A little bit of paint in the rear crew compartment: Finally the seats and belts were added: Started to put a little detail in the nose compartment as it is noticeably bare and quite visible. As I couldn't find a decent picture this is just guess work! As the kit part on my kit is little more than an amorphous blob of plastic, I will try to fashion a bomb-sight that looks a little better, and I think we should have the fuselage join by the next installment. More later folks.....
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