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  1. Just watched this for the first time and I'm surprised at how scruffy the aircraft are. I always think I overdo weathering - apparently not.
  2. Fantastic Photography. If it was up to me then image 2 would be on the office wall.
  3. Due to the good weather, and some DIY tasking this little update is long overdue. I have been doing some mundane stuff like cleaning up parts and detail painting, but any main work has been on the frustrating cockpit as the pics will show. So I started by readying this: And after a couple of hours work I discovered it would not fit into this without sanding back all the detail: So, annoyingly I then had to use this! After building it up with some filler and some scrap plastic card it now looks a little better: Finally while working on the tail I decided to use some horizontal stabs from a Revell AV8B (a kit I'll never build) and also the heat plates that fit behind the rear nozzles as the Revell items are more detailed than the Tamiya offerings. Suitably altered they look like this: The one one the left is as supplied in the Revell kit with a modded version on the right. The cockpit is done and has been set into the fuselage. So because of the Sea Harrier's awkward shape it,s onto filling and sanding before the wings and tail are added. More to follow - hopefully quicker next time! Thanks for looking and any advice most welcome as always.
  4. Build them all. The older kits are a bit of a challenge but they'll give you some great results with a little patience and maybe a bit of aftermarket stuff. Go for it!
  5. Welcome aboard Dennis enjoy your stay. Don't let age bother you you can still listen to rock!
  6. Glad to have you aboard Gliterden and look forward to your posts and pics.
  7. Cheers Pappy, a well informed answer and less work for me
  8. Just a quick question. Would a Sea Harrier ever have the flaps down when on the ground and unmanned?
  9. After doing some research for my intended subject - ZA192, Dave Morgan's SHAR - I see it's finished in EDSG. As I already have one of these already I'm now looking at the lighter grey airframes. Now eating Humble Pie as I was insistent on doing this machine so hoping someone is happy to drill a 20mm shell-hole through their SHAR's fin as it's a great story.
  10. Fresh from my Typhoon build, here's my place holder for this GB. It's the less than brilliant Tamiya FRS1 - lets see what I can manage to mess up this time! Good luck to us all - let's do this one justice. See you all on Saturday!
  11. Despite an annoying finish with the spinner, I'm happy with the outcome: Thanks for another great GB - some great stuff going on here with lots of unusual entries....................Now, where did I put that SHAR???
  12. Happy to report.............Finished!!
  13. Cheers Dennis, I shall go with the recommendations confirmed in your post. Should be done in a couple of hours.
  14. On the verge of finishing my Hawker Typhoon in the Bomber/Ground attack GB and I've hit a minor bump. Did the Typhoon have downward ID lamps and if so where were they installed and what was the colour sequence. T.I.A...
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