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  1. You've got a great theme going there with some masterful builds. Next stop the Pacific theatre??
  2. Can the Monogram AV8B Harrier be built as a GR7?? T.I.A.
  3. Good to see you getting some modelling time in despite work trying to get in the way. But the way my mind works, I was wondering how you'll get them home safely??
  4. Great job on the Typhoon, love the intake cover. Is it home made? Now how about a Hurricane to go with it?
  5. Nothing would say FAA collection than a row of aircraft with folded wings - I say do it.
  6. How about a 73 squadron machine in desert camo with a nice splash of colour in the markings...........or any Hurricane will do for me.
  7. Great job on those models Logan.I particularly like the Hurricane which is my favourite.
  8. Ooh tasty! May have to purchase another Airfix kit.
  9. Have you decided on scale yet tnuag??
  10. mackem01

    How Exciting!!!!

    Used to deal with them alot many years ago. They had a great rep at the time and had many a good night out with him when he came "oop north". Also very helpful when I needed Shorts and ATR spares in a hurry.
  11. mackem01

    How Exciting!!!!

    Are those boxes from AJ Walter Aviation??
  12. That Neptune would save me a whole lot of heartache! Priority kit please!
  13. I'm in too for spying purposes, I have one of these too.
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