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  1. Hi, On my shelf for a while now is trumpeters UH-34. I am not a helicopter expert, but I believe this is the same as an S-58. I gather you should be able to build this as an S-58 as used by the Netherlands Navy. At the time I tried to get the “DutchDecals” sheet, but it had sold out. Did find a set from a company previously unknown to me by the name of Heli Scale. I also ordered a rotor folding set from Scale warships Ltd. designed for use on the Italeri kit. It is actually for the Wessex and I am not sure if they share the same rotor head as on the S-58. However, hopefully I can make it work. The trumpeter kit does allow to fold the tail rotor at first glance, so I hope to display it as shown in the National Military Museum in Soesterberg, The Netherlands. Also plenty of reference material on the IPMS NL website: https://ipms.nl/artikelen/nedmil-luchtvaart/vliegtuigen-s/vliegtuigen-s-sikorsky-s58 That’s all, thanks for watching. Rgds, Rob
  2. Hi, The Voodoo is pretty much done and these are the last WIP images. I am waiting for a metal pitot tube to arrive by mail and still quite haven’t figured out if or how to add more flap detail by means of actuators and I will probably tinker with it every now and then. When completely finished to my satisfaction I will follow up with some images in the ready for inspection section of B.M. The result: Thanks to all who followed this build and thank you for your feedback, likes, critiques, help and comments along the way. Rgds, Rob
  3. Nice start and are already enjoying the write up that goes along with your build. Will follow your build. Rgds, Rob
  4. Hi Rob, Great detail on the underside! Rgds, Rob
  5. Hi, I just couldn’t resist getting one of those as well from flightpath. Just a shame the pilot is facing the other way…. Will use the VMS metal primer which I find quite useful. Plan to paint it yellow with grey rubber steps as advised in the building instructions. Just Awaiting a pitot tube in the mail before I can finish. Rgds, Rob
  6. Thanks Martin Thanks Tony, Well the kit is quite modular to build. If would advise to start with the three challenges of this kit and first modify: - The exhausts, which are fairly straight forward cuts (not required for the Taiwanese version) - The engine air inlets (or accept the way they are) - The Nose and camera bay windows: I sanded the window edges away, so I only had the panes left and glued and filled the edges step by step with thin CA. Window was slightly proud on the outside. Even had some glue spilled on them. Simply sanded it flush and then polished up the transparent part with Tamiya polishing compounds. The rest is not too difficult and it is quite a nice kit to build. It was indeed good to have @quangster ‘s build as a guide. Rgds, Rob
  7. Hi, Been busy with some finishing touches on the Voodoo. Added the top fuselage light, which is not included in the kit. Got it from a mustang clear sprue. Replaced the port and starboard wing tip lights which were previously sanded down. They are from a Spitfire kit, but adjusted in height. Glued on with crystal clear. Added some Eduard photo etch to the canopy. It contained a grab handle, which once folded and with round sprue added, didn’t look quite right. Even though I couldn’t find said handle on any images, I made my own anyway from heat bended rod. It adds a little interest. Attached the airbrakes. I am noticing a little more touch up needed with the paint brush. Nearly at the finish line, Thanks for watching, Rgds Rob
  8. I realise that most if not all images show the flaps up and airbrakes closed when in parked and unmanned condition. However, I really wanted to show these features off. Hence I have been playing with the idea of putting a figure in the driving seat. Bought these 1/48 figures from PJ productions. It doesn’t fit, therefore I am attempting to modify the pilot with the help of some “green stuff”. This is sort of the idea: Note: The ejection seat is still not glued into the cockpit. Oxygen hose is guitar string. Had to reshape the mask, as my drill bit snapped off in his mask Thanks for watching, Rgds Rob
  9. Little bit more progres. Attached the exhausts to the fuselage: Also placed the flaps, but still have to find a solution to represent the actuators. Quite some tidying up to do at the underside: And finally resting on the landing gear: That’s all, thanks for watching. Rgds Rob
  10. Hi, Wasn’t quite satisfied with the depth of colour of the florywash, and repeated everything with Tamiya black panel liner. Normally I find this too stark, but In this case It was needed in my opinion. Masked everything carefully and toned down the anti glare panel, nose cone and walkways with Alclad Matt varnish. Had to remove the windshield as the inside had received some airbrush mist. After it was re-polished, it was glued back in place with Crystal Clear. Weathered the tail area behind the exhausts. Tried to base it on a couple of photographs amongst which: Weathering done with Tamiya weathering sets. Might be a little overdone, but it is easily removed with a damp kitchen towel. Anyway, this is what I have so far: Also revisited the burner cans. Also with Tamiya weathering “make up” sets. All the masking could come off at this stage and reveal the cameras once more. Comments, advise, critique and feedback welcome as always. Rgds, Rob
  11. Hi, Applied the Flory wash, A mix of dark dirt (brown) and black: Applied it twice and I hope the result shows: It is quite subtle, but If compared to yesterday’s pictures, I think there is some difference in appearance. I will have a look again in the morning and with daylight. If unsatisfactory I can try enamel or oil panel washes. Thanks for watching, Rgds Rob
  12. Hi, Managed to decal the entire model. In the process I found out that the previously painted red fuselage band was in the wrong place. Airbrushed the red stripe with chrome silver 2 and it is now a nice contrasting Color. Used some decals from a micro scale phantom sheet to create a new red fuselage band. Looked at some photographs trying to locate the correct position of stencils. For the nose I noticed the “do not paint sign” on the black section. Had a good look in the spare decal box using the magnifying glass of my lamp to identify this text and was lucky, again on a phantom sheet and incorporated those, although barely visible. The result so far and everything coated and sealed in aqua gloss. Will apply a wash tomorrow and once dry and finished will dull down the black nose cone, anti glare panel and grey wing walkways. Also, the area around the exhaust will need further weathering, but will do this with the Tamiya weathering powder sets. That’s all, thanks for watching, Rgds, Rob
  13. Hi, Managed to place the photo etch cockpit canopy latch ( or whatever the correct terminology is), without too much difficulty using gel CA: Also placed the USAF and national insignia using decals from various kits in order to avoid most of the Kittyhawk decals: Hope to finish the decals tomorrow and seal everything with aqua gloss, ready for the Flory wash. Rgds, Rob
  14. Thanks John, Hopefully I can wrap it up by weeks end. Rgds, Rob
  15. Thanks Ivan, I must say the Kittyhawk Voodoo is quite a nice kit overall. I have made extensive use of previous builds covered by @quangster and @Nikolay Polyakov. If you study their builds, you are prepared for a few modifications you may need to make to build a relatively accurate RF-101C or F-101A based on the Kittyhawk kit. I hope you will show your Voodoo build on the WIP forum eventually. Also thanks to @Biggles87, @billn53, @F-32, @mark.au, @Geoffry M, @RidgeRunner, @Mick_Gannon and anyone with a like or other for their comments, critique and feedback, which are always welcome. (and anyone else I forgot to mention so far) Regards, Rob
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