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  1. Made some further progress, glued the wing halves together and checked the fuselage for imperfections. Think it looks acceptable. The arrow head shaped small inlet vents which come a separate parts on the bottom of the fuselage don’t look quite right and we will see if it needs any further work. The Wings to fuselage fit is quite good. On the images they are dry fitted with only minor gaps with little filling required. That’s all for today. Rgds, Rob
  2. Thanks. Agree it does need some attention. Whilst Dry fitting the landing gear, I noticed it does not seem to have a very positive fit to make it sturdy, so will have to look into that. We’ll see how it turns out. Rgds Rob
  3. Did run into a little bit of trouble. I had damaged the photo etch (what I think are called) exhaust flame stabilisers by Eduard through handling the aft fuselage. Decided to remove them and use the kit stabilisers, but they are chunky: They don’t look anywhere near the original part, but then neither does the Eduard P.E. replacement: So I decided to start thining the kit part down by carving, sanding and drilling: The final result with some lazy Tamiya spray can aluminium applied: Not my best work, but with the nozzles to cover you will only see a faint outline, which will do fine. That’s all for now. Priming of the aft fuselage next, to check for irregularities and glueing the wing halves together. Thanks for watching, Rgds Rob
  4. Hi Quang, Your Voodoo WIP and that of @Nikolay Polyakov are so very useful in building this kit. Great not to have to reinvent the wheel and have various sources right there. It’s quite a nice kit despite a few shortcomings and I am enjoying the build so far. Nice to hear from you. Rgds, Rob
  5. Whilst going to the various threads, I realised the reflective strips on the wing tips also have to be removed. So sanded the wingtips into shape. The nav lights will have to be added at a later stage. Looking at some pics of the undercarriage, the small insert as per below do not show, so the seams were filled with CA and sanded flat: Managed to do some painting as well. Tamiya LP-7 for doors, flaps and housing, air brake. Wheel wells call for FS-34102, which happened to be mr Color 303: That’s it for today. Thanks for watching, Rgds Rob
  6. Hi, last night I addressed the sink marks with CA filler and Tamiya filler: The air brakes had the most prominent distortions, but hopefully addressed after the filler was sanded down (I also have the Eduard PE replacements, but will keep these kit originals as a backup in case they don’t turn out well): The back of the fuselage also had 2 spots on either side where the plastic had sunk a little: And last but not least the various doors etc, now ready for primer: That’s all, thanks for watching, Rgds Rob
  7. Thanks Nikolay, I just went through it with my morning cup of coffee. Very useful and I have picked up a few things along the way to use for my build. Great end result by the way Thanks for pointing this out. Rgds, Rob
  8. Thanks Nikolai. I have seen your posts adding to the Quangster thread and made full use of them. Rgds Rob Yes, I am not sure. Perhaps that is where the slightly longer exhaust from the kit came from. (Which I hade to slightly modify for the RF-101C). So maybe correct in the kit from that perspective? Anyway, not entirely sure. Will have to dig into the Quangster thread again to solve that question. Rgds, Rob
  9. Nice looking cockpit. That fuselage light is nicely fitted in the raised spine. That UV glue has some good uses and the one I use sands real good too. That CA filler makes you move along so much faster through a build I find and hardly visible under a metallic coat. I mix my thin CA with Mig gun metal powder. Method borrowed from another YouTube modeller Got some acrylic nail powder for the same purpose, but yet to try. Will follow your build. Built a Canadian NMF 104 in 1/48 from kinetic once. Will be interesting too see how the Hasegawa 104 builds as I found the Kinetic kit pleasurable but difficult. Looking good so far
  10. Thanks. The top 2 schemes are definitely my favourite. The Sun Run scheme has the benefit of a nice story behind it. See YouTube link below: Thanks for your comments. Rgds, Rob
  11. The main reason for not progressing very well with my Spitfire Mk XIV is partly down to some Home DIY, but mostly the fun distraction that the Kittyhawk Voodoo has presented itself with. Got the kit a couple of months ago from mainland China and soon discovered that it needs quite a few corrections to make it an accurate representation. Luckily there is a great thread here on BM from@quangster and I have pretty much followed his methods for improvements albeit in a different order. So it is not going to be an extensive WIP, because pretty much all of the info is in @quangster ‘s thread below: Nevertheless, I’ll post some of the progress I am making and I first decided to tackle the most difficult modifications: The Exhaust or Burner Cans. Even these shorter ones need to be modified and additionally reduced in length: The intake lips were modified with the 4 unnumbered parts in the kit to represent the correct shape for the RF-101C following @quangster ‘s method. Enlarged the front external splitter plates and inserted new internal intake splitter plates which took multiple efforts to get the contours right. I completely removed and discarded the internal kit splitter plates. The intakes are the most difficult modification and it took me a few hours for a few days in a row to come up with an acceptable result. The lips were very easily damaged and had to be carefully repaired/filled more than once with sprue goo, Tamiya filler, car filler and CA glue. The intakes don’t actually come as separate parts. They were sawn off the wing and will be glued back later with panel and rivet detail scribed on the primer coat. Adding some vents/exhaust on the Starboard fuselage (some tidying up to do still) and removing the reflective strips which have been sanded away with primer applied for checking: Painted some of the jet engine parts: Planning on doing an Natural Metal Finish. Probably one of the top 2 schemes below: That’s all. Thanks for watching. Rgds, Rob
  12. Hi, Did a little bit of work on the interior. Looked at different grey-greens and settled on Tamiya LP-33. The aluminium is mr Color fine silver. Some details to brush paint and some cockpit weathering to do. The seat is MRP Russian Brown AFV. Maybe a little to dark. May re-visit this with a more red-brown colour. The back padding will be black. After looking at a number of photographs of Mk XIVc I decided to fill the hatch on the port side fuselage behind the cockpit and scribe a hatch on the starboard side. Some tiny “miss-scribings”, but filled them with tipex (as well as the rivets inside the new hatch). After the fuselage has received a coat of primer I will make the necessary corrections and return rivet detail. The hatch locations are also in line with the drawings I found and which I am using. In addition, It looks like the 1/32 PC Mk XIVc has them as well, so I assume they did their research and below also an example of the 2nd hatch on the starboard fuselage of a XIVc. That’s all, thanks for watching. Rgds, Rob
  13. Thanks John. I think this build is going to be on a budget since I have already purchased two kits just to make it happen. (Hopefully) So everything I made add will have to be scratch built, moved or from the spare box Just had a look at the ultrafast and barracuda spitfire parts and they do look very nice. Rgds, Rob
  14. I wasn’t going to assuming very little difference. However your query got me to “Google” the differences and for now below is what I could find regarding Mk XIV flight evaluation, so may look for some more info/images to back this up. I may see if it is worthwhile modifying the cockpit. Thanks for your feedback. Would have otherwise not given it any thought. Rgds, Rob Thanks Bob, appreciate the info. Rgds, Rob
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