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  1. Hi, I have had this RC model since the mid 80's and it went from it's original blue box markings to a camouflaged version. It has been on the loft for decades until I decided to refurbish it and try to make it as original as possible apart from the new front grill, new rear bumper, windshields and a new transparent RC compartment . The decals are by a Canadian company and got some spares of the internet along the way. I thought of selling it on a auction website, but now I am not so sure, although I will not race it or fit it with r/c equipment. The modern r/c stuff appears to be
  2. Nice looking model and like the photography. Good post!
  3. Very Nice, looks just right with regards to weathering. Great job.
  4. Like your past builds........ another great model. Really like the presentation as well. Great build !
  5. Splendid, love the plane, the livery and the build. Excellent work. Rgds, Rob
  6. Hi, As an FYI There appears to be a rebox coming out of the Kinetic F-5A. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/kinetic-48110-nf-5a-freedom-fighter--1293539 The first issue kit and the Wolfpack was kind of hard to get hold of lately with only the B version readily available. But perhaps I am relaying old news. Anyhow, Regards, Rob
  7. At least there seems to be a re-box coming out soon of the Kinetic (n) f-5a: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/kinetic-48110-nf-5a-freedom-fighter--1293539 Rgds
  8. I was able to see the Lanc and Halifax. (one image only) Nice work. I always find yellow quite a difficult colour as well. I am sure someone on here will advise on an appropriate yellow for you to use. Regards, Rob
  9. Hi, Sorry to jump in this late if at all, just noticed this post when doing a search. FWIW, now looking back, I found this kit to be one of the more enjoyable builds I have done recently. Very affordable. I did address a few things, mainly the deep panel lines and guns/cannon ports. It looks like an(N)F-5A in my cabinet. I did not compare it to a drawing in the end, but the plastic in the kit was easy to work with and it sanded very easily (if you were to address shape issues). Was looking for the Kinetic F-5, but it was expensive and hard to com
  10. Looks very nice. This Arma Hobby kit had quite a good review on hyperscale recently and you have proven it to be correct adding your skill. I hope they will also tap into the 1/48 market at some point. Great job!
  11. Brilliant work. Love the contrast of the old battered look and the freshly applied anniversary markings on tail and tanks. Well done! Rgds, Rob
  12. Thanks Phil, Sure wasn't an easy build. Next time a build one I will just follow the instructions and keep my desk a little tidier Thanks for the comment. Rgds Rob
  13. Nice work. The propeller blades alone must have taken up a good part of the build. Great photographs. Impressive model rgds, Rob
  14. Fully agree with what your saying. I used to avoid NMF's, but since AK XM I find it easier than airbrushing camouflage schemes. It attaches very well to a mr Surfacer or a Tamiya grey rattle can primer. I also use AK's black primer (micro-filler) a lot, not just for NMF's. For polished aluminium I use their black primer, followed by mr Color GX Ueno black gloss (fast drying and hard), followed by AK Pol Alu, I often seal it with Mr color GX2 gloss clear, because it can ever so slightly wear from the black gloss when handling too often near leading edges etc. w
  15. Hi, FWIW, I tried the high pressure with 30 psi through my Iwata HP-CS 0.35 mm nozzle and ended up with too much primer on the subject and despite the self levelling properties even had some build up when all was dry. I now spray it (not-thinned) at a "regular" pressure of 20 psi and I have good control and a lovely primer layer. However, this may just work for me and my equipment. As is explained in the ISM video, initially it is a good practice to build up layers with sufficient drying time between them. Here is a good video of how to use them, but perhaps
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