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  1. Hi, Returned to the Thunderflash today. Masked Canopy, did some filling and sanding on the external tanks. Re-scribed some of the panel lines and riveting which were lost due to sanding. The plan is to use black primer/microfiller from AK tomorrow. Once cured a coat of Mr color ueno black and then AK polished Alu. I have never been able to properly airbrush a metallic finish. Any advice is welcome. If messed up, then I shall overcoat with either Belgian or Dutch camouflage colors. For now I am planning for the all metallic Dutch version with red areas around wing tips, rudder and nose. Fingers crossed it will turn out similar to the coloured version of below image. Thanks for watching,
  2. Nice job. Like the paint job. Excellent display
  3. Not much to report. Worked on external fuel tanks and flaps etc. and on my parallel build. Off to work for a couple of weeks, nearing the end of my leave, so no posts for a couple of weeks. Thanks for your comments so far. To be continued........
  4. Thanks. I must admit it was all self inflicted................. Indeed it is better to add the clear parts.... much.... later!
  5. Thanks. Combination of dust and moist due to wet sanding. Amazingly resilient. Appreciate all the comments though. As a newbie, you simply don't always realize all of the tricks of the trade available.
  6. After sanding and despite trying to seal windows and camera bay as best as I could, some dust had gathered in the camera compartment and settled on the windows. Therefore decided to remove most of the windows and remove the dust........ And polish and glue to windows back in. Still managed to make some progress and attached the wings, which needed some sanding adjustment in order to slot in, but no big deal. To be continued.....
  7. Thank you for the heads up concerning underwing pylons. Nice looking model you have there.
  8. A little more progress, Joined the two fuselage halves together and filled and layered where necessary CA-mix filler to cover the seams. Thanks to the quick drying time..........off to sand for a while now ! Rgds
  9. F-15 is a challenge on its own, but no damage. I have thought about leaving the bay open, but I like the clean shape of the f-84. Thanks for your comment.
  10. Never thought of that. Good point. Guess that is why it is good to post your builds for the additional input. Thanks!
  11. The camera bay is challenging. The bracket for camera 2, 3 & 4 is fragile and I had to glue camera's 3&4 to the front camera bulkhead. The camera windows fit ok apart from the very aft bottom one which was way to oversized. After overdoing sanding, I made a new window cut from a 1/24 Malcom hood which had some curvature. bottom window was sanded to shape afterwards and polished. Windows have been inserted using gator glue. When dry fitting the fuselage halves the air inlet holes are best sanded tapered for a good fit. that's all for now.....
  12. Got distracted today with decaling my other project. Knocked over a bottle of micro set followed by a bottle of micro set. Good product, which they would change to Tamiya type bottles.......
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