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  1. Fit is generally good. I had a hard time with the engine nacelles though. Maybe it was my fault, but I could not get gaps to the wings closed on all four engines. I used some filler in those areas and if you have a close look you can see it. If I were to build a Lancaster again I would put more effort and attention on the nacelles. Or build the HKM kit.
  2. Well done. You do not see the age of the kit.
  3. Since I finished my huge He177 I had to build a display case for big birds. The space available is big enough to accomodate two more heavies. Here is the first one: Tamiya`s Lancaster, finished here as a B I. I used some PE for the cockpit which is completely invisible and Eduard masks for the clear parts. Apart from that, all is OOB. Paints used were Tamiya X-18 (semi-gloss black), XF-81 and MrHobby H-72. Camo was sprayed free-hand. The upper sides were primed in light grey in order to lighten up the camo colours. The plastic of the kit is black so I guess that was a good idea. (Btw.: Black plastic is painful to my old eyes, when you handle it there is nearly any contrast.) The build itself was pleasant, the kit is not up to Tamiya`s recent standard, but with a little bit of filler it came out OK: Thanks for looking! Volker
  4. I love this thread, so much to think about! So here they are, all 1/48, in no particular order: 1. Eduard Mig 21 "Vietnam" 2. Eduard Bf110G-4 Profipack 3. MPM He177 HiTech 4. Academy F-4C Vietnam 5. Dragon Ju88G-6 6. Dragon Ju88A-4 with AIMS conversion set Ju388 7. Eduard P-51 Royal Ed. 8. Eduard FW190A-8 Royal Ed. 9. Revell B-17G 10. Eduard "Rise of the Bubbletops" (190D/Spitfire) Three of my choices are Eduard "Dual Combos", if thats cheating, I leave one kit of each behind.
  5. My stepdaughter has been living with me since the age of 3 and now she is 18. She was diagnosed with "Asperger-Syndrome" years ago, which is the milder form of autism, lower in the spectrum. She is not a trouble kid, in fact a very friendly and rewarding person, but I have met some other parents of autistic children and some of them have to carry an incredible load. My stepdaughter loves art, she makes wonderful paintings in many hours of concentrated effort. Admirable. Unfortunatly she is not interested at all in apprenticeship or study of any kind. In september she will start a second time in a place where kids with any kind of problem (physical, mental, emotional) are supported to find a place in life and economy. We hope for the best. If you ever meet autistic people, do not by shy, they usually are very interesting! Volker
  6. Very nice model. Especially when you look at the blown canopy, which is so much better than Eduard`s. You painted the underside completely in RLM76. Is there evidence for that? I would have guessed that the last production batches had partially unpainted undersides.
  7. Nice result. My first model was not half as good.
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