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  1. Looks great to me. Did you use prefab masks or were they homemade?
  2. Looks very good, pity you closed it all up. A lot of internal detail is hidden now.
  3. I was really surprised. Great kit, great finish and the decals are a miracle.
  4. That is a great model. Well done. I have one in my stash and would love to build it, but... where can I put it?
  5. Very fine models, all of them, but I really like the Mig-3 best.
  6. Great collection! And fantastic photography, too.
  7. I had a lot of fun with this classic 70ies kit. Detailing is not up to today´s standards, but the fit is great. I had lost a part of the landing gear, so I used a white metal replacement from SAC. Apart from that and Eduard masks it is OOB. One great thing about this kit is that you can attach the wings without glue for better storage. I tried it and it came out perfect. The gap is hardly visible. When everything was finished I made photos and looking at them I saw that I had forgotten to spray the anti-glare in front of the cockpit (see the last photo). So I had to mask and spray again a
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