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  1. Hi and welcome! Is there any good hooby shop in S Korea which has a website in English? Regards Volker
  2. What an ugly aircraft. But the model is awesome.
  3. I agree on the Zvezda 109 kits. Very underrated, not easy to assemble but very good. I built two and they are great!
  4. If you want to build the "old" version of the 1/48 Eduard kit with the engine open, you better use this: https://www.scalemates.com/de/kits/eduard-48556-fw-190a-8--117537 Fortunately I still have one for my planned build.
  5. The problem with the overwide glass part of the cockpit can be fixed easily: Assemble the cockpit and close the fuselage, but do not glue the cockpit floor on both fuselage sides. Then you insert a small piece of plastic between the floor and the wall. This way you widen the cockpit. Check with the glass part and correct if necessary. Regards Volker
  6. I`d like to join. I have got the old Eduard A-9 and the newer A-8 Weekend. I will build them both, one all buttoned up, the other with the engine exposed.
  7. I am an airplane builder, this is my first excursion into wet territory. I found this kit a while ago as a special offer and could not resist. When I opend the box, I was thrilled. This kit is complete, no AM necessary: Complete wooden and metal decks, lots and lots of metal PE parts and some turned brass for gun barrels and periscopes. Even some thread for the antenna wires was included. Perfect for me to try as a first maritime model. The model is 93cm long. I am no specialist in U-boats, I simply followed the instructions and I chose U-995 as my subject because of its easy paint scheme and the fact, that U-995 survived and is on dry display as a museum in Kiel-Laboe. So please forgive any inaccuracies. Talking about the instructions: They require patient study. There are actually two: One for the original Revell-kit and one for all the "goodies" of the Platinum Edition. You have to work parellel with the two and think a lot about the sequence. A least I had to do that due to my lack of experience and knowledge of subs. But this is a fantastic kit with great detailing. And if you mess up some of the tiny PE parts, there is always the original Revell plastic as a backup. I had to resort to that sometimes. A really enjoyable kit. Here are the photos: Thanks for looking. Volker
  8. I wish I had that patience... Fantastic job, painting and riveting are among the best I have ever seen.
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