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  1. Great models! I also fancy the early Migs, up to Mig23. After that, they lost their style. Volker
  2. Great model! And your next one will eben be better. The Eduard Mig-21s are much better kits! Looking forward to your PF! Volker
  3. Impressive! Beautiful model and superb skills! Volker
  4. The canopy sealants impressed me too. How did you achieve that? Great Phantom! Volker
  5. I cant believe its 1/144! Congratulations! Volker
  6. I use imgbox.com which seems to work fine up to now. Volker
  7. Here is Italeri`s rebox of Hasegawa`s Macchi 205, in 1/48 as always. There are smokering decals in the boxing but I decided to be brave an give it a try with the airbrush. Paint is Tamiya, underside XF25 (light sea grey) upper side desert yellow (XF-57) with olive rings. The build is easy, the fit is very good. I used exhausts from the spare box (of a Me 109) which seem to be a bit oversized but look much better than the kit parts. In the cockpit there is some Eduard PE, which is very good but unfortunately invisible. Thanks for looking. Volker
  8. Looks great! Was it a tailsitter? You lowered the arrestor hook. Volker
  9. The problem with these gaps can be easily avoided. You first glue the cowling parts (Trimaster: C13,14,3 and 4) together. When you join the fuselage halves, you only glue behind the cockpit. Do not use the spreader (C22). Join the fuselage, the wings and the cowling at the same time in one step. You will see that everything fits well and very little filler is required. Volker
  10. Thank you. I was never aware of that. Volker
  11. Beautiful. But why did you use the Tamiya canopy? The ones from Eduard seemed pretty good to me. Volker
  12. Great job! I especially like the canopy. Did you paint that or came it tinted in the kit? Volker
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