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  1. Perfectly clean finish, like you would expect from a swiss aircraft.
  2. All black is probably the most difficult colour scheme to do. Your finish is perfect!
  3. Here is my Starfighter, built from the old Hasegawa kit. To my opinion it is still a very good kit with excellent surface detail. OOB except for a Quickboost bangseat. Paint of the fuselage is Alclad II. At first I applied a thin layer of airframe aluminium (over a black base), which was far too dark. With another layer of chrome it came out fine. The dark parts of the fuselage and the wings were painted with gunze, panel line wash with Tamiya black wash, panel lines under the decals were highlighted with a soft pencil. Decals were difficult to wok with. They wouldn`t conform to the surface detail, even with decal softener. Photography has never been easy for me. The first photo was taken with artificial light, the others in bright sunlight. Results are varying. Thanks for looking Volker
  4. Great result. Everybody loves a starfighter and yours is awesome.
  5. I can`t believe you decalled the whole thing. Great!
  6. It was worth every minute you spent on it. Awesome!
  7. If you have the money: https://www.ebay.de/itm/133185027408?hash=item1f02723d50:g:jGAAAOSwr7ddjiJZ Volker
  8. Awesome. Paintwork and rigging are excellent.
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